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#not bees

Y'all must REALLY like bees!


It got there in like a month and a half from the last time I looked!

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Thank you for the kind words!

And in regards to Fox, that’d be what lol ^

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reblog if you too, are not a bee

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You can safely move them if you’re careful. Slow and steady movements are best, and sometimes it’s better just to wave them away (so that they’re hovering around) before moving the nest. I usually try to give the structure a slight bump before dealing with nests, in the hopes that they fly away.

I had a relatively large red wasp nest built in one of my bait hives this spring and all I did was slowly pull the frames out until I could get the nest frame by itself, and move it. The ladies all flew away from the nest upon grabbing that frame, so I could move a little quicker.

But yeah wasps are pollinators just like bees, and better yet predators for things that might eat your garden plants too! And since they work in much smaller numbers we need to save as many as possible. (although dirt daubers can buzz off. They almost exclusively eat spiders around here and our mosquito/fly/gnat population is already insane as-is.)

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Baby twins 💕💕

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Having a semi-successful blog on tumblr used to be the most interesting fact about my life, but now there’s stuff that I’m more proud of accomplishing and I like to think that that’s character development.

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can any of you hip youngsters explain goblincore to me?

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you know whats nice to run around on with bare feet? grass

you know what im allergic to? grass

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So I’ve not check my notes properly in quite a while on here, so when I just had a look today I was surprised to see a lot of responses to my “every vegan post about beekeeping” post, and to be honest it seemed to be getting a bit heated.

I’ve deleted the original post, because to be honest it came out of a place of frustration, it wasn’t necessary, and it’s not something I want reflecting this blog as a whole. An issue with tumblr as well is people can interact with something as if you just posted it that day, when in fact this one was from 2016.

I want this blog to be something positive, not bringing down others, regardless of whether I agree with them or not. Put out the kind of energy you want to surround yourself with and all that.

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I think my favorite thing about tumblr is how much everyone on this site fucking hates tumblr

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okay time to buy Harley Davidson Perfume 

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skdkfkc when did this blog hit 1k?

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my boss at the nonprofit I used to work for used to wander the office and repeatedly tell the interns that he was “warm and approachable” and honestly that’s how I feel whenever I post ask memes

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Tumblr keeps trying to trick me into making new posts but i’m still riding the high from my one successful shitpost from 2 years ago

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You asked for my child and you shall receive

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