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#not buffy
Okay so I’m never going to like Riley ever, but I will very begrudgingly admit Season 4 Riley is maybe what Season 4 Buffy needed. Before you execute me on sight, please let me defend myself. Season 4 Buffy has of changes going on in her life, moving out of home, going to college, and coming out the other end of two major emotional relationship, Angel and Faith, and Season 4 as a whole is a about change and redirecting lives and dynamics. What Buffy need (or at least thinks she needs) is someone relatively stable. And Riley, no one had ever accused our butterscotch hunk Riley of being wild and exciting. Buffy wants someone normal (but not so normal they can’t contend with her lifestyle) and reliable (enough you don’t have to fear he’ll disappear for a month or be haunted by the ghosts of the people he’s murdered) and Season 4 Riley provides that. He’s polite, he’s respectful, you can bring him home to mom, and that’s good for Buffy at this time in her life. Also, pretty much every sexual experience Buffy has had up until this point has been wildly traumatic, and Riley provides that vanilla safety. And now I’m never going to tell anyone to like Riley (because you probably shouldn’t) but I think Riley had the potential to be good for her.
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veganmikehanlon · a day ago
my bf doesn’t want to watch buffy w me this might be the end we rly might have to break up :/
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That little split-second surprised look on Faith’s face whenever Buffy tells her something sweet (“I’m glad you’re here” “I need you” “I care about you”) . I- I can’t. No words. Faith’s never been loved by anyone before, and Buffy loves her so much!! and Faith looks so shocked that anyone could care about her and ugh they’re babies and I just want Faith to finally be happy!!
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reddit buffy discourse specifically about faith is so icky because you can tell a good majority does not Understand Subtext. like is it not painfully obvious to see she’s a traumatized teen ?? she is literally buffy but bostonian with no friends or family .. disliking her for her obvious issues with consent is totally valid (which i’m still kind of iffy over bc that seems to be the writers go to in order to show Character Bad) but like ?? what else do you have on this poor woman omg
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vamp giles au stuff under the cut, because it’s definitely on the heavier side. this au’s a little darker.
SO LIKE something i’m exploring as i write this thing is the concept of giles absolutely exploiting how much jenny wants to be wanted by him. like, he really plays up this idea of being Only Devoted To Jenny, and in part it absolutely is an authentic thing for him because she genuinely is his top priority, but he’s also playing the long con in order to win her over. because he wants her to be authentically in love with him and he knows he can’t have that AND go around murdering people unless he’s careful about it.
eventually the tables are turned when jenny realizes that this is not, in fact, her boyfriend plus a little extra -- that this is someone who is murderous and vicious and very willing to exploit and manipulate other people, herself included. but she also recognizes that the one authentic thing about him is the fact that he really does love her, and here is where i play into the jenny/buffy parallels a little -- jenny’s response to this is to instigate a sexual relationship, which is something she’s been extremely hesitant about since finding out giles is full vamp. it’s this very convoluted mixture of her attempting to hurt the thing that’s lying to her, her justifying the fact that she’s still in love with giles even as he’s a monster by saying that the sex is Just A Way To Hurt Him (even though it’s really also an attempt to be close to him), and her trying to punish herself for being in love with a vampire that is, like, actively trying to kill people and manipulate her into a relationship with him. it’s very very fucked up.
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I know Spike is still technically evil in season 6, but it makes no sense, emotionally or narratively, to have the Scoobies still be so hostile/suspicious of Spike post-Buffy’s resurrection, especially after them seeing how capable of humanity Spike was in the month’s Buffy was dead. If Spike’s love for Buffy was only obsession, he wouldn’t have stuck around, and he certainly wouldn’t have been so good even to his own detriment. Because Spike had no idea that the Scoobies were planning to bring Buffy back. As far as he knew, Buffy was gone forever, and yet he still tried to protect Buffy’s loved ones over a promise he made. Even if they don’t trust Spike to do the right thing out of love longterm, it still doesn’t make sense that they’d go from trusting Spike to regularly take care of Dawn, to considering him to entirely be a threat. Clearly some bonding, some sliver of deep-down realization that maybe Spike can be good, or at least not evil, occurred during this time, and it so incredibly irks me that Spike’s relationship with the Scoobies not only doesn’t strengthen, but even regresses back to the point it was at before the end of Season 5.
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toytulini · 2 days ago
that reminds me tho so okay in Buffy. vampires are a type of like, demon. right. no soul. all demon. tbey sometimes vaguely treat this like vampires are essentially...possessed dead bodies? i feel like thats how they treat Angelus kinda? as if hes a demon who is possessing Angel. but then they also treat it like they Are Still Who They Were As A Human, like Spike apparently being so profoundly impacted by being rejected by someone as a human. even tho he doesnt have his soul, when Buffy rejects him that same way this apparently cuts him to his core or something (forgive me, i dont have a lot of sympathy for him, especially here)
so im left kinda wondering like...what. is a vampire the same as the human, but just. idk turned evil?? when they get their soul back, like Angel did, what does that mean?? like impulse control? or human part no longer possessed by a dickish, separate, entity, horrified by all it has done?
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toytulini · 2 days ago
oh its cos i find Spike Fucking Annoying as hell. i get it okay thank u post before that was like pointing out that (fictional) murder is fine but its illegal to be annoying. exactly. ur right.
#toy txt post#btvs#if u disagree just keep scrolling im just tagging that for blog organization#yall are valid to like spike. you go ahead. i have no idea the fuck HOW but like you can do that#i. however. fucking hate him. and i want buffy to just. yeet him. away from her. forever. or even just. stop with the#flirting and the uwu will they wont they kissy bLEHDUFGWRG awful i hate it. id rather they just be snarky frenemies#making them ???? sp/uffy??? awful. i want to be clear this isnt a ship war thing. i quite literally hate every man in this show except for#Giles. i hate every man buffy ends up with. i liked oz briefly until. u kno. i want someone to save buffy from joss whedons boys pls#i hate how everytime buffy dates a dude and then He Sucks and then buffy is fault? is it me who is bad actually?#im going to scream. buffy. you are wonderful and amazing im sorry youre just. surrounded by shitty dudes for some reason. riley had the most#potential to be the least shitty. but then. he was army? and then also he was. doing whatever the fuck was going on there at the end#and THEN he fucking did that weird guilt trip ultimatum bullshit on buffy before leaving like FUCK that dude drop him for that alone#i dont know what was going on with the vampires with him. that whole plotline just felt really weird and cursed and the framing of it was so#awkward and uncomfortable???? that was just a wildly uncomfortable writing choice for me#i do also want to punt angel for the record. so far ive found him pretty funny but i hate hate hated all his interactions w buffy#and i haaaaate 'you two can never be friends youre either going to be passionately in love or passionately hating each other' sorry im :////#and xander..oh man. has he gotten less shitty and annoying in later episodes? yea. do i still want to punt him through a window? yes#but he has been promoted to lower on my shitlist by virtue of spike being SO FUCKING ANNOYING i hate his ass. i do not understand how anyone#likes him. i just dont im sorry. he got rejected a little harshly after repeatedly ignoring previous rejections of his advances and then he#was going to show up to her house to try to kill her with a gun and im supposed to be like aw hes so sweet tho bc instead he saw her crying#on the back deck about something else and decided to try to comfort her! idc hes gross and i hate him. his entire reason for being there is#just a massive red flag hes not sweet and romantic hes an edgy dick whos reaction to a rejection was to show up at her house with a gun#gross!!!!! hes gross and i hate him!!!!!!!! fuck him and fuck sp//uffy. eufhhfgdkgeje slimy fucking ass. throw the whole vampire out.#disclaimer again at the end: if u ship it i literally dont care. i mean i care a little and im going to sideeye the fuck out of your taste#but im not gonna harass u about it or anything and im gonna. grit my teeth and try to keep my salt on my own blog#one day im gonna finish this show but god this last season is Rough. im Not Having Fun but im so close to the end...#i have reached the point where im like. olay fine buffy i literally dont care if u fuck him or not but i want u to stop torturing yourself#over it like Jesus christ he is Not worth that much of ur emotional energy. i want her friends to find out and be chill with it so that she#stops torturing herself by making it into this biiiig dramatic secret thags haunting her and wearing on her
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americachavez · 2 days ago
I know this isn’t a new observation but it is criminal—CRIMINAL I SAY that they introduced a character in an episode that has dnd referenced in the title who larps and who GOT THE WINCHESTERS TO LARP and yet we never got an episode where charlie, sam, rowena, dean and cas have a dnd night in the bunker where the game is cursed and comes to life and they are turned into the characters they were playing and have to finish the game in real life
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samwilsons-pillowpecs · 2 days ago
Season Six Dawn is literally the worst. I want to deck her so much. Season Five Dawn is actually okay, I mean she is a bit of a brat but she went through a lot.
Season Six Dawn makes me fucking seethe 😒 whiny little bitch.
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milkymickeyway · 2 days ago
I’ve heard bad stuff about Spike/Buffy’s relationship (and I do care how actors feel about it, and knowing both had issues against it makes me feel uncertain) but so far where I’m at, the pair have hella chemistry?
Also, as of right now, Spike is just so funny to me. I love him 😅
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It’s almost universally acknowledged that Giles is Buffy’s father-figure, but honestly he doesn’t get enough credit for pretty much being the sole adult paying any real attention to the Scoobies, specifically Buffy, Willow, and Xander, and especially in the first three seasons. Joyce is never around and never pays much attention to Buffy and her genuinely concerning behavior, Willow’s parents are extremely neglectful, and Xander’s parents, put lightly, are violent alcoholics. Buffy, Xander, and Willow are constantly out at all hours of the night, and often pretty beat up/physically damaged too, and not one of their parents notices?? I’m sorry, but literally the only person providing anything, (attention, advice, comfort, understand, you name it) for these kids is Giles. Giles it their collective dad, and deserves to be treated as such and worshipped for it, because clearly the only parental/fatherly affection any love the Scoobies ever got was from him.
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candybarrnerd · 3 days ago
Wait. WAIT. Le, I MUST ask this since the gifset you reblogged has sparked curiosity in me. I'd heard of this show but I never knew what it was, so now I must ask. Is THE Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer a woman?? Have I been missing out on Badass Lady Vampire Killer™ this whole time?? AND have I been missing out on DAPHNE BLAKE Badass Lady Vampire Killer™??? I- I must find this show now, mustn't I?
I do not know how long this has sat here as I have not been on my computer for most of the week but I AM SEEING IT NOW AND I AM ANSWERING NOW
Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a woman!!
Tumblr media
oh nonnie i am just honestly delighted to tell you about this because YES Buffy is such a badass but also there ARE MANY MANY badass women in this show
as well as Buffy, we have:
Tumblr media
Best friend, badass, protective, flawed. There from the beginning right till the end
Tumblr media
Buffy’s mum. Trying to raise her daughter, caught up in more than your average teenage raising troubles
Tumblr media
oh faith. yes the queer subtext really is as strong as it appears here. I ship them.
Tumblr media
Tara is a late addition but damn is she amazing. She’s... of the team when she arrives she is the emotional heart. I stand by that.
Tumblr media
I really can’t say too much about Dawn but she is another amazing character!
Basically. Yes it is full of so many badass and complicated women, supporting each other, tearing each other down, attacking each other. For it’s time, Buffy was a really important show I think. it showed a kickass woman who could still wear frilly dresses. It’s definitely aged, and there are aspects of it which are defo problematic.
But I think it has a lot to appreciate in it. I feel like I have been super brief in this, but if you have questions about it, hmu!!
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deanwasalwaysbi · 3 days ago
Supernatural trying to fill the niche of Buffy, then try to avoid being associated with it by making vampires 'endangered or extinct' then a decade and a half later going 'fuck it' and going full hog with the whole 'if you experience even one moment of true happiness' thing.
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menschdean · 3 days ago
call me a cunt and a hater whatever i don’t care neither dean nor cas would ever actually wear a cross and you all know it
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