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I’m assuming this is for the fanfic asks.

7: what story or fanfic last made you cry?

It’s been awhile since I’ve cried over a story, but uh.. I think it would’ve been one of @/Cactipri’s stories on Wattpad. They’re country human fan fiction and she was one of my closest friends at one point, and going back through her work and re-reading it makes me sad. She passed away earlier this year, which is why it upsets me.

But overall, based on actual stories, it would probably be Yellowfang’s special edition in the series Warrior Cats. When Brokenkit rejected Yellowfang as a friend since she had to pretend not being his mother and sw(feuhehuhfrrf chaos

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Analogical is my otp and it’s because I love both Logan and Virgil so much and their dynamic is so interesting, like they can communicate wordlessly with each other?!?!

Moxiety, ew sorry, I hate it.  Platonic it’s great, but romantic not so much.  I’ll still write it, but only if people ask.  I don’t really like shipping Patton with anyone tbh.

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bedtime roundup day 1 (29 Oct 2020)

  • Positive 1: I messaged an old high school teacher asking what it was like to teach English in a public school in NC. It was a nice conversation and I think I wanna learn more about switching my major so I can go into education instead of healthcare! (I hate healthcare, I don’t know why I’m in STEM, I can’t do math)
  • Positive 2: She said her favorite part about teaching was “adopting” kids with nowhere to go for lunch and I think that’s great bc she lowkey adopted me and all my gay friends back in high school. Had a whole flock of baby gays in her room for lunchbreak. idk that was just very validating for me to know she liked me being in her space. I wanna be her when I grow up
  • Negative: I have a bunch of late lab work I need to email my TA about and that sucks. The chem department at my school is super strict but maybe he’ll be lenient if I beg
  • Positive 3: My best friend and roommate gave me a kiss on the head and I think that was nice

Feel free to add on! Any format is fine, but I do 2 positives, 1 negative, and finish off with 1 last positive!

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hey i think before i go to bed i’m gonna start listing good things in my life because i’m very stressed and think it will be good for my mental health. block the tag “#bedtime roundup” if you don’t want to see it, but otherwise feel free to add onto the posts i make with good things about your days!

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Ooh love them both! Honestly I love every Virgil ship XD. Platonic prinxiety is like.. perfecttt. They’re bffs and no one can convince me otherwise (I also like them romantically ofc XD). Analogical is sooooo good too!

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Imtruality: love them tbh

Anxceit: okay no but like, this ship? THIS SHIP? I’d die for this ship. Romantic anxceit? 1000/10 Platonic anxceit? 10000/10 FAMILIAL anxceit? 1000000000000000000000000/10

Dukexiety: this boys are so good together ngl XD I tend to see them as like bffs but I’m down for romantic dukexiety any time!

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