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#not countdown
where-is-ezra · a day ago
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Despair in the Tags: 2nd edition
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remy-please-come-back · 8 months ago
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*hides from thomas*
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Hi, welcome to the Sanders sides fandom [tumblr] edition. I'll be showing you around the different blogs here on the site.
Here in the front is the art blogs, Thomas' blog, Joan's blog, etc. Right past them is the incorrect quotes and main TS blogs. Over here we've got some positivity blogs, and over there is the awkward picture gang and if you direct your attention over to the right, no your other right , you'll see the countdown blogs..
What's that? Oh, yeah no they do that sometimes..
*countdown blogs being made at the speed of light in the background*
..we let them do as they please as long as they stay in their area. No need to worry.
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oh, quick thing. if you don't want to be included in the perrypocalypse, reblog this!!!! we will make sure that you don't get spammed with the pictures
if you want to spread this post, feel free!! make sure to tag #i don't mind perrypocalypse (or something like that) if you still want to be included but want to spread the post for other people
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I was scared we were gonna hit another 400 . Thank GOD Thomas put the sides in his newest video-
tell me about it
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where-is-romans-sash · 10 months ago
@/chaos family
i just want to see who i summon
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whereisstevethestove · a year ago
POV: You are a fander.  Then a new video is released and suddenly there’s a holy trinity of countdown blogs, awkward blogs and stan accounts.
they’re taking over
they’ve unionized
you don’t know what is happening anymore, but it’s entertaining.
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Au where Nico has his own sides and all the sides can't see eachother until they reach like some bond level or something but ofc it happens at a random time at night when the sides are all doing random shit. What occurs is just a whole morning of the corresponding sides being like:
Tumblr media
And when Nico and Thomas are both up and go to the kitchen and all the sudden they both see what's definitely double the sides they saw when they went to bed and after freaking out a lil the have a wierd conversation trying to piece it together kshafj
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It’s a nice day in the sander sides fandom and you are a horrible countdown
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Tumblr media
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logan-please-smile-again · 5 months ago
Ways to make the angel smile! :)
1. Talk to him about his interests and listen to what he has to say.
2. Give him a soft hug.
3. Rap battle!
4. Tickles! (If he's okay with it.)
5. Ask him about some fun facts about your favourite subject.
6. Offer to help him with a science experiment!
7. Compliments on achievements he's proud of.
8. Tell him you love him. (If you're close.)
9. Buy him Crofters.
10. Tell him his smile is beautiful.
this has been in my inbox for awhile and i apologize but yes this exactly ^
it has been sfjzv&#;#&^&# days since the boy smiled
happy birthday remus u stinky rat <3
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@chaos-family and @logan-please-smile-speaks
*sets the chaos fam house ablaze and disappears into the shadows*
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janus-come-back-to-us · 9 months ago
I swear this is the last thing I’ll post about missing janus outside of countdowns NDNSNNDNX
Tumblr media
/j /lh /nm
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Thomas had to drop an interaction before the countdown hit 69😔🤚
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can-patton-have-his-candy · 11 months ago
My Driver ed teacher said something a few weeks ago that I just remembered. 
For context, I am in literally every advanced course my school offers. I have had several people, when I tell them this, ask me if I want to die before I graduate. That’s how far they push these classes. Anyway, back to mr. teacher man.
I was driving, and he just looks at me and says, “you’re in those advanced classes, aren’t you?” This confused me because this person barely even knew who I was. He technically wasn’t even my teacher, he was just the one with the car since my real teacher was gone. 
I told him that yeah, I was, and then asked how he could tell.
He told me that he can always tell who’s in advanced classes or not because the advanced kids, in his words, “lack any basic common sense.”
He then explained that, “Your parents sent you to school to learn 2+2, and you came back doing algebra. Of course you didn’t learn to pay attention to detail or trust yourself-- they never let you. Your job was to move on quickly and do what they told you to. You never got to work out 2+2.”
And that, I think, is a problem in and of itself.
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whereisstevethestove · a year ago
I spent 34 hours sewing a paravigilance hoodie for a paranoia/anxiety cosplay and I don’t have enough courage to wear it.
If this gets 100 notes I’ll post a photo of the cosplay
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