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#not countdown

Someone really needs to tell me to work on my wips

Like seriously

I’ve almost got 1000 words for the next Scintilla chapter (which needs to be 2k or more)

I have ideas, I have the plot, I just need to write it

Ya boi is all out of motivation today; I’d gladly take some–

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>:0 so rude /j

(Also you don’t have to worry about being mean or anything XD! If i take something seriously i’ll probably ask if you were serious or not dw)

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My dream aesthetic is thus:

soft hoodies, tea and coffee steam in a hot mug, masc/andro presentation, moth-deer cryptids that may or may not exist, antlers and horns, minecraft uwu catboy bastard, dark colours on a pastel background, fairy lights, warm blankets, furries/anthros, being kin and not giving a shit, that feeling at 3 am right before you’re about to go to sleep 

I want to name this but I have no ideas

Part of mw wants to say cringecore as a kind of ironic joke laughing at the stupidity of “cringe”

But also I want to give it serious name

a h h h h h

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