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I got locked out in the middle of the night in the rain and I had to ask a frat dude who was stealing signs under the cover of darkness for help 😂

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When I was in my boss’ condo (it’s like a huge fuckin storage shed thing that can fit A LOT of shit. Including a fuckin boat. It is like a house.) with my twin, her boyfriend and Mum cause of a hurricane. So, we were in DJ’s (my boss) boat where you sleep at in front of the boat, and the boyfriend wanted to open the door cause it was hot as we were watching Bob’s Burger’s on his Switch. As he was trying to open the door, the door was locked from the outside and we couldn’t get out unless you wanna climb out of the top where the window was at to unlock the door. It was pretty creepy. We have no idea how it locked us in. We think it was Faeries. BUT WE DIDN’T DO SHIT TO ‘EM.

That shit was pretty fuckin creepy. I have nothin against the Fae. No bad words.

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Oh, I have this great story for you guys.

Yesterday, I got STUPID high and it was just so damn weird. I felt like I was just in a constant loop whilst I was hanging out with my twin and her boyfriend.

I asked my twin’s boyfriend what happened and he said that I was so damn high that I was freaking out and they told me to go to bed.

I apparently made spaghetti, ate it, but didn’t clean my dish. Then I took his lighter (which looks like a pretty cool taser (I was fidgeting with it) and wireless headphones into my room without even realising it.

And I was apparently looking for my charger for two hours. Nobody helped me for those two hours. Even though my high ass didn’t realise it was in my room, along with my phone.

It was fuckin wild.

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Mum has this REALLY dumb shirt saying something along the lines of, “If you don’t like trump you won’t like me.” or whatever bullshit it said.

We were at the store, and she tried to compliment a BPOCs shirt and they saw hers and walked away from her without saying anything. Completely ignoring her.

She thought it was rude and I just mumbled, “With a shirt like that, I’d ignore you too if I were in their shoes.”

It was honestly embarrassin for her to even wear that damn shirt.

I wanna BLM shirt so badly so I can wear it when she wears that shirt. Or get the red hat that says, “Made you look, Black Lives Matter.”

Cause FUCK Trump. And fuck her support in that racist, sexist, homophobic, fascist fucker.

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yk when worldbuilding is solid? when u see the food of ur world as a wholly established thing,,, like ppl could do those complication posts w just drawings of food i’m 🥺🥺

i can’t get over how cute lil packages of fake food are

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Hey, I don’t know if this’ll work, but I also have a side ask OC blog for my book that I’m writing.


I’ve been writing this book for 12 years and I’m comfortable enough to share with you guys and to ask questions for my OCs. I know I can’t draw, but it’s still a fun thing to do and it’ll help me writing more of my book and get through my writers block.

Go to @askthehybrid and send asks! I also write little stories with my OCs and self inserts of me and my best friend Tim. I know it’s not DC, but I wanted to show you guys the writers side of me. I’m not all just Jason Todd and DC.

I wanna see this blog grow and want my story to grow into a fandom even before the book is published. This is my dream that I wished ever since I was a little Outlaw.

It’ll mean so much for me to see you guys enjoy my work and see my stories grow. I’ll even accept submissions and art of my OCs and that’ll make my day so much!

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