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“Now, now. Don’t start what you can’t finish.”

“You don’t think I could mop the damn floor with that shithead?” Holly demanded, offering a look of exaggerated offense. She hung her head, letting out a soft sigh, “Well, shit. You sure know how to crush a girl’s heart. Reckon that’s the meanest thing you’ve ever said to me, Andy.”

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This one isn’t about any problems

I have had alcohol in the past but I have never had enough or any strong enough to be drunk. I’m only posting this here cause I don’t want to tell anyone in my social life and I just really want to let someone know. This was a little get together with my dad so we went to the local pub.

I am now tipsy and it’s pretty interesting. I’m giggly, not really aware of things and my ears are red hot. It feels really nice.

I only had one glass and it wasn’t strong but considering I’ve had almost nothing to eat or drink so far (a coffee doesn’t count) I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to have anything strong.

As I drank I noticed that I was giggling more than I usually do and I just chalked it up to finally being able to relax with someone.

When I was around halfway through the drink (I drink really slow) I realised that I was giggling a lot more than usual and my exact thought was: yeah I’m not sober anymore.

When we finished, I told him that I definitely wasn’t sober anymore and we both laughed. When we walked back to the car I found out that I wasn’t aware of things and didn’t really have the balance I usually do, I wasn’t swaying or anything I just knew that my balance wasn’t perfect. He jokingly asked if I wanted to drive and when I stopped laughing I told him that I wouldn’t drive at gunpoint as I am. I know when I am aware of things and I knew then that I was (and still am) completely unfit to drive.

As he drove we talked about how I felt (first time not being sober remember) and went to the pet shop. I asked if it was really obvious that I was tipsy and he replied “let’s find out.” We didn’t talk much inside but I soon found out that I couldn’t really focus on anything when trying to help choose dog food. Sure I was seeing everything normally, but it wasn’t processing properly. I was slightly disappointed that I couldn’t help but I was really interested in how obvious it felt that I was tipsy.

It’s been around half an hour and my ears are still red hot, I’m gonna google how long this goes for.

My take on being tipsy: pretty cool, I was and still am pretty happy but I would never be in control of a vehicle like this.

Make sure you know how much you ate or drank recently and know your limits. Make sure you know or experiment how much it takes for you to get tipsy cause you could be a lightweight. I don’t condone going out and drinking purely to get drunk so don’t even think about using this post as an excuse.

(thank fuck for autocorrect cause otherwise this would have a lot more spelling mistakes)

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Ooooo I think prob Harry Potter

also i apologize for not understanding this new Blarke wine club asks thing maybe I’ll do it next week but it was too complicated for my drunk brain ln and it’s not Blarke wine club night for me anymore soooo


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