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deus-lapidis · 20 days ago
Finally got around to watch Encanto and I’ve come to the conclusion that Camilo smiles like knife cat
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Do you see this shit, casita—
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pen-observing · 2 months ago
what the side characters bring you while courting you/wanting to impress you:
Diavolo courting you means that he brings you many different things. He has access to them all; he knows all the secrets and possesses the power and money to make sure you have truly unique gifts.
The first editions of your favorite books, a new gem that is said to shine in colors humans cannot see, the oldest gem worn by his mother; what is that? You think dragons are so fun and cute? He brings you a pet dragon
Diavolo has no control and he never has known a limit when it comes to extravagant gifts and materialistic showings of affection
But really, without you knowing it, the most precious thing diavolo gets you in not the most expensive one or one that lies in the depths of some undiscovered dungeon
The most precious thing Diavolo gives to you is himself
You have this privilege you see.
Diavolo is the hardest man to spend time with; he is always busy.  
You do not know how hard it actually is to get a meeting with him. Everyone can complain about how they were waiting for a case that Diavolo had to judge for 6 months only to see him for 3 minutes on a throne but not you.
He is always there; he rushes to finish the paperwork and hold your hand.
He rushes to show up on dates and make new plans for the two of you.
Really, he does not think that he himself is enough so he brings gifts often so please reassure him that there is no need for extravagant displays.
However, Diavolo sends you red roses every.single. monday morning and he will never stop doing that. It is a tradition he plans to uphold.
Barbatos believes that there are levels to courting and a sequence he has to follow. Wouldn't it be inappropriate for him to give you jewlery after just 4 months? No, it would not.
He believes that you have to be tactical and make sure that the person never feels uncomfortable or returns your gift back.  
All of that takes time, and as we all know, barbatos has plenty.
He has 3 stages.  
Stage number one: giving you homemade gifts.
He knows your favorite food and preferences immediately. Barbatos prides himself on knowing that his tea is not better than anyone else’s and that you always are happy with the food he prepares
He is definitely making sure that the cupcake you get has impeccable frosting and has your favorite animal draw on it.  
Your scarf will be the softest one the Devildom has ever seen
Stage number two: giving you ‘classical’ gifts  
After realizing how serious his feelings are for you he has no issue in using tactics that work by everyone.  
Jewelry? Books? Clothes? Newest shoes? Trips?  
All of that is yours.  
His taste is never risky with these because Barbatos believes he knows you good enough to pick the right things.
Stage number three: gifts that only he could give you
Barbatos is not ashamed to admit that while these gifts are rare; they are the best one of them all.
Nobody else has his power so nobody else can give these things to you.  
He can make you witness your best memories once again. He can find that book that has been lost for centuries and give it to you.  
These stages exist for a reason but as they grow; so do his feelings for you.
Solomon does not give genuine gifts often.  
He does use them as bargaining tools; you give me what I need and I will try to return it through this.
Why not make a pact with me if I give you this as a gift?  
He is smart and sly with these but he has to admit that getting gifts for you is a different kind of feeling.
Solomon really wants you to like them and he really wants to make sure that he is different from everyone else.  
It is a way to prove himself sure; but his gifts to you do not carry any alternative expectation.
That is precisely why Solomon takes so much time to think them over.
And the answer that he arrives to is that he can give you: experience and adventure.
You would go visit dungeons with him and all the 3 realms to create memories, experience the attractions of them all but he would also be sure to balance the excitement with the calm. Did you know that there is a pink beach? Did you know there is this beautiful lake with fairies in the middle of the forest? Oh, and what about going to visit a vampire castle? If you choose one where the vampires no longer live that can be calming too!  
Solomon can give you classic gifts too, and he does sometimes, but these are more precious.
Simeon does not think that he is the purest being he knows but he sure does try to be someone like that for you.  
Because of this his gifts vary but they always have the same underlying message: I love you, and I am trying to make you happy.
Sometimes it is sticky notes with encouraging messages, other times it is a new pen on your desk that has a small lucky charm on the top.  
He would bring you annotated books and quotes that remind him of you but he would also go a step further and write you into the stories that he creates. It would be a fun puzzle for you to figure out if an aspect of a certain character is based off of you.
He would bring you a whole poetry collection on your birthday but he is also the type of guy to do your homework for you.  
Simeon believes that big gestures without the small ones are actually meaningless.  
Simeon tries to give you everything you might need. He gives you a safe space.
But he also gives you a chance to truly know about him and his history. He opens himself up to you and it seems like he is constantly begging you to love him behind it all.  
I love you and I am trying to make you happy. I really love you and I am trying to make you happy.
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khaenriah-ist · 3 days ago
I just have a thing for wlw ships where they throw shade at each other
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bad-genshin-impact-ideas · 20 days ago
Somehow im disappointed theres no homestuck fansrt in my inbox now.
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cor-lapis · a month ago
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from maths
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acloudylight · 5 months ago
The woman accesses the logs of the fallen soldier.
The boy was———————
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finalhaunts · 4 months ago
Dude imagine being me and falling for a character with a name like Floofty fucking Fizzlebean
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transxiao · a month ago
hi i rly appreciate all the support u guys have shown this blog! i made it in october of 2020 as a way to catalogue art i like for myself (kinda like an organized "likes" system) and was surprised so many other ppl seem to like using this blog. 2k of u r even following me which is super cool!!!
the only thing i would like from u guys is for u all to support the artists whose art i reblog here. they are the ones creating it all and puttinfg that time and effort into making gorgeous content and they r the ones who deserve praise. reblog content u like so more ppl see it! commission artists or share their info! i cant keep this blog this busy without all the people who make wonderful content i then get to share, so i really appreciate all of you content creators <3
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that-foul-legacy-lover · 3 days ago
ah yes my favorite Twisted Wonderland character
~✨ Boy with Glasses ✨~
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totally-correct-genshin · 5 months ago
hey guys! mod beidou here!
i am here to announce that through approximately late september and early november, i will be taking a hiatus from this blog to help preserve my mental health.
all of my requests will be open until september 20th, so if you guys have any requests you may request them until them, and i will try to get to them.
during my hiatus, the other mods will still be posting as usual, so au tuesdays and disabled saturdays will remain as normal.
anyways, during the month of october i will still be active on our discord for it is easier for me to try and protect myself there than it is here on tumblr, and for those that follow my other genshin blog, know that i will also be taking a hiatus from that blog too during this time because with how i have to run that blog would put me at a higher risk.
anyways, this is about all you guys really need to know right now, and while i love this blog and community we have built, please respect my privacy and dont ask for more details about why i will be taking a hiatus since it is too personal for me to share on this blog
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alonelysimp · 5 months ago
@hqrbinger u n b l o c k m e y o u f u c k
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deus-lapidis · 18 days ago
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I am most definitely only seeing things, but i want it to be true
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pen-observing · a month ago
Now that thirteen officially uses she/her pronouns if I see one more post about her being 'competition' or hate when y'all don't even know her personality, I will use our tactics for burning solomon's cape to maim you
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kazuhami · 10 days ago
anyways here’s PEAK character design literally my ult fave from fgo
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bad-genshin-impact-ideas · 22 days ago
Hey happy 2022, maybe i'll queue for once in my life
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cor-lapis · 5 months ago
Idk what Kagerou is but it’s pretty cool, what’s it about?
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here's a post that conveniently came up for me earlier! ty OP ^^ my add-on would be that: - my method of consuming the media was just to watch all the music videos and then read up on the wiki about what all that symbolism and imagery actually mean in the story. Probably the most lightweight way of getting into it, and good if you're interested in the animation + music side of the franchise.
- (plus it will hurt your heart more to rewatch Ayano's Theory of Happiness knowing the context) - since there's newer stuff that might not show up in older playlists, my personal recommendations would be to watch additional memory and listen to fireworks in the summer end (original eng cover) once you've gone through a playlist like this with all the songs
- there's a lot of covers, both eng and jp! so you can probably find a version of each song that works best for you :)
- finally here's my dms with my friend whose only source for kagepro is what I've told them about it
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teyvattherapist · 4 months ago
always bein fuckin murdered out here fuck this
at least these two got me
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finalhaunts · 4 months ago
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favoniuscodex · a month ago
spider-man spoilers utc
i wanna show tom holland peter parker madoka magica. it has the same exact ending as nwh. peter is a homura kinnie confirmed?
pov: u rewrite the world and everyone forgets u so u can protect ur girlfriend and so she can live the happy normal life she deserves while you try to move on without her in your life
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that-foul-legacy-lover · a month ago
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