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Anything For You
Tumblr media
Robert 'Bob' Floyd x reader
Warnings: Oh, lawdy. Where do I begin? mentions of alcohol, kissing, fluff, SMUT! oral (f and m receiving), fingering, slightly dom!Bob, unprotected sex, rough sex, breeding kink, cream pie and... I think that's it?
Notes: Shout out to @green-socks and @maggiescarborough for looking this over. It was a huge help 💜
And thanks to @a-reader-and-a-writer for lending me her dividers 💜
And thanks to @serpentssss for the amazing ask 💕
Words: 3.1K
Tumblr media
You’d been with Bob for a little over two years and despite him being away for some of that time, it had been the best years of your life. You could honestly say you’ve never loved anyone like you love Bob and you knew he felt the same. He never missed an opportunity to tell you that, and everything was easy with him. Like it was meant to be.
So when he one day asked if you wanted to move in with him, you said yes even before he finished his sentence. And that’s how you found yourself here in the middle of your housewarming party. Bob had invited some of his Top Gun buddies and you had invited the friends you knew would fly here. Already feeling like a navy wife, you had to move away from home for Bob, but you didn’t mind, you’d follow him anywhere.
The night had been full of drinks, karaoke (where Rooster had laid claim on the mic) and lots of dancing. Bob would often find you and give you sweet kisses, before returning to his buddies. But he always kept you close, smiling every time you caught his eye. He was happier than you’d ever seen him before. And so were you.
Tumblr media
Later you escape the warmth of the living room, joining Laila in the cool night air out on the terrace. Sipping on your drinks, you catch up on everything that has happened with her since you moved away. But it doesn’t take long before she turns her attention back to you.
“Tell me everything. How are things with you and Bob?”
“Everything is good. I’m seriously on cloud nine. I’m so happy.” You pause, smiling wide from ear to ear. “Bob is amazing. The sweetest and most caring guy I’ve ever met. I love him so much.”
You look up, only to find her leaning forward with a raised eyebrow. Fidgeting with the label on your bottle, you just shrug and try to seem indifferent, when you look back into her eyes.
“No buts. Everything is great.”
She just gives you a knowing look, coaxing you to tell more. Damn, she knows you too well and could always spot if there was anything remotely wrong. You really shouldn’t say anything, because it really wasn’t a problem, was it?
“Well, I… Okay, it’s… No, I can’t say that.”
“Come on, sweetie. What is it?”
You almost feel ashamed that you’ve made it seem like there’s a problem. Especially since you should have just talked to Bob about it instead. But he is so sweet and you’re afraid he won’t understand. 
“Okay. It’s… sexual. But before I tell you, I’ll let you know that the sex is great, just so you don’t get any ideas.”
She just nods, ready to listen. You sigh heavily, before turning towards her.
“Okay, so… The problem is that--- Maybe he’s too nice?” you pause, cringing at the way you sound. “Sometimes I just wish he could be a little rougher. Be a little more dominating, take charge. He is so sweet and always makes sure I’m satisfied, but I wish that he just once took charge and… Hell, he doesn’t even have to make me come if he could just grab me by the throat or something. Just once.”
She just nods, knowing exactly what you mean. Your ex was the polar opposite of Bob personality wise, but the sex had been mind-blowing. You love that Bob is a lover, but sometimes you wish he could just be rougher with you. 
Feeling silly over the whole thing, you quickly tell Laila not to say anything and keep quiet. Bob doesn’t need to know about this, cause really, you are happy and would hate if he got hurt over this. Laila gets up and holds out her hand.
“Wanna come back inside with me?”
���In a few. It’s hot as hell in there.”
You give her hand a little squeeze, before she walks to the door. When she steps over the threshold, she almost bumps into Bob. Wide eyed and fidgeting with the little straw in his cup, Laila has no doubt that Bob heard every word.
Tumblr media
A few hours later, the guests are gone and you’re standing in the mess they left. You loved them all, but man, they were messy. Looking towards the bedroom, you see the soft light seeping out between the door and the frame. Bob had already gone to bed as the last guest left. He had seemed a bit off the last couple of hours, but maybe Hangman had just forced him to do a shot. That always seemed to make him go under faster.
But to your surprise, Bob isn’t in the bed when you enter the bedroom. Sitting in the chair in the corner, he looks to the glass in his hand, the liquor swirling around softly. When you call his name, he doesn’t look up, just downs the shot, before putting the glass down next to a bottle of whiskey on the table. It’s not until then his eyes meet yours followed by a dark expression on his face.
“Bob? What's wrong?”
Pushing off the armrests, he stands and slowly makes his way over to you, his gaze intense. As he stops mere inches from you, he reaches up and cups your jaw, his thumb gently caressing the soft flesh of your cheek.
“Do you love me?”
Taken aback by his words, not knowing why he would ever ask you that question like this, it takes you a few seconds to answer. 
“Of course. You know I love you more than anything. Bob, wh-”
It’s not a request, but a straight up order. So you stop, hating how your body is reacting. You should be worried, wondering why Bob is acting weird, but the only thing on your mind is how his words and actions make your body quiver. 
“Get on your knees.”
“But Bob, what’s-”
“Get. On. Your. Knees. That’s an order.”
The heat is already pooling between your thighs as you slowly kneel in front of him. He hasn’t even touched you yet, but you can already feel how soaked you are. His thumb moves over your lower lip, and you feel his finger trembling slightly. 
“You know what I want you to do.”
Trembling at his words, you fumble with his belt, before slowly pulling down the zipper. Letting his pants fall to the ground, you see how his hard cock is, already straining against the fabric of his underwear. You hook your fingertips in the elastic of his boxer briefs and pull a little, looking up into his eyes. Bob is already breathing hard with anticipation, so you pull the briefs down and free his aching cock.
Your mouth is watering at the sight, wanting to suck him so bad, but you already know from his tone that Bob is calling the shots tonight, and you’re not going to risk having this whole thing stopped for doing anything before he tells you to.
“Like what you see, baby?” he pauses, almost sounding nervous, “Be a good girl and… suck my cock.”
You want to start off slow, tease him a little at first, but you can’t help yourself. You surge forward and lap at his cock, licking up his length before taking him into your mouth. 
You’re savoring the slow drag of his dick against your lips, saliva building up in the back of your mouth as you try to take more of it. You moan, deep and low in your throat, Bob’s dick muffling the sound. You moan out loud, and Bob does too. You could cry at how good this feels, wordlessly appreciating how perfect Bob’s cock feels against your tongue.
“So good for me. S-so good for me.”
Bob groans above you, his hand tightening in your hair even more, tipping over the edge of being painful. You whimper at the sensation, but you feel your pussy throb, too. You’re not one to shy away from a little pain with your pleasure.
Breaking away for air, you wrap your hand around him, before taking Bob in your mouth again, short bobs of your head, taking only half of his cock. You hollow out your cheeks and suck hard. He calls your name from above you and thrusts forward, nearly gagging you in the process. You get the hint to take as much of Bob as you can, closing the space between your hand and your lips as your throat loosens.
Bob startles you when he tugs your hair and drags you off his cock. He pulls you back so that you’re looking up at him. You let out a whimper at the sudden loss of contact, but the sight before you is a reward in itself. Bob, your gorgeous, sweet Bob, looks completely wrecked already, beautiful blue eyes blown wide and gazing down on you. Dirty blonde hair damp with sweat and clinging to his forehead.
Panting heavily, he looks into your eyes and wets his lips, before loosening the grip on your hair, but still holding you in place, mere inches from his aching cock.
“Do you know how much I love you?”
Nodding, you give him a soft yes, never breaking eye contact. His free hand runs through his damp locks as he swallows hard.
“I would do anything for you.”
The words hang in the air, the weight of them heavy. Anything for you. It suddenly hits you. He heard you and Laila talking, that’s why he’s doing this, pushing himself out of his comfort zone. He’s doing it for you. The realization makes your heart beat faster and without thinking, you get up and kiss him deeply. You savor the feeling of his lips against yours, positive you’ll never get tired of the softness of them. Bob lets out a small sigh and puts his hands behind your head to pull you closer. His mouth opens a little and he’s licking at your bottom lip, with a hint of teeth. You taste the whiskey on him, your tongue dancing over his.
Bob tugs at your hair again, pulling you away. His lips are already swollen and spit-slick, tempting you to kiss him again. But he holds you in place, as he leans in to whisper in your ear.
“I’m not done yet. Take your clothes off.”
Without question, you follow his order and start stripping down for him. You can feel his eyes burning into you as you slowly expose more skin. It’s funny. You’ve been naked countless times with Bob, but for the first time you truly feel naked, exposed. Once done, you stand there as his eyes roam your form, his eyes dark with lust.
“Get on the bed.”
Eyes never leaving his, you lay down on the bed. He walks up to you, his warm palms slowly running up your legs towards your wet core. You ache for him, dying for him to touch you, but he barely brushes past the small patch of curls before moving his hands down your thighs again. 
Slowly, he pushes your legs apart, spreading you open for him. Wetting his lips, he dives down between your legs and places a soft kiss on your mound, making you moan his name. He licks up your slit, tasting how needy you are for him, flicking his tongue at your clit.
“Fuck, Bob!”
He licks again, painfully slow, teasing you. When you whimper beneath him, he gives in and places his mouth on your clit and starts sucking. Looking down, you see him smirking against your folds.
Bob takes his time, licking, sucking and biting lightly at your clit. You buck against him, needing more, but he moves his hands to your hips, to keep you still. You are trashing under him, trying to get him to speed up, and you can see he’s loving the power he has over you.
“Lay still, sweetheart. Or I’ll stop.”
Biting your lip, you curse under your breath as you try to lay still for him. His mouth finds your core again, eating you like you were his last meal and with a final flick of his tongue, you come undone. As you cry out his name, Bob slides his fingers into you. Pumping his long digits in and out of your wet heat, he keeps you coming while working you open. Getting you ready for him.
The grip on your hip tightens, but you whimper desperately, so Bob doesn’t let go. Hoping it would bruise, hoping you’d later see the imprint of his fingers on your skin, showing that you’re his. Letting you remember what he did tonight.
You swallow, rolling against Bob again, showing how much you need him. Those beautiful eyes of his grow darker, blue irises almost entirely eclipsed by the black holes of his pupils.
You need him. Need him to kiss you until all you can taste is him. Need him inside you. Captivated you watch as he fists himself, giving his cock a few pumps. His muscles tighten with each pass of his fist, making you squirm under his gaze. If he didn’t do something soon, you were going to combust.
“Fuck me… please…”
And with that soft plea falling from your lips, Bob gives in and finally pushes into you. As he sheathes himself in you, inch by delicious inch, you moan out his name. The stretch of him burns, setting your entire body on fire. But you welcome the ache. Bob brings a hand up to gently stroke your hair. A gesture so tender, you fall apart. Caught between the mattress and the man you love. The man you never want to let go.
You close your eyes, whimpering as Bob pulls back and thrusts back into you slowly, spearing you open in the most delicious way. But it wasn’t enough. As if he heard your silent plea, he pulls out of you and both hands move to your hips to flip you over. Laying on your stomach, you feel his hands caress your thighs and ass before pulling you up, face down in the mattress and ass up in the air. He repositions himself behind you and sinks into you.
He pulls back just a little, before pushing back in with a deep groan. He does it again, painfully slow, letting you feel every inch of his cock. But soon he is rutting into you, his hand moving to your shoulder to hold you in place. His other hand grips your hip harder as he sets a punishing pace, his pelvis slapping against you with every thrust. This is unlike all the other times you’d been with Bob. This time he was possessive, needy. As if he couldn’t get you close enough.
“Fuck, sweetheart. You feel so good!”
With each snap of his hips, he sends bolts of pleasure through your entire body, and it doesn’t take much for you to come again. Clamping down on his cock, you feel his pace falter for a second as he grips onto your hips, trying to steady himself. But he keeps fucking you through your orgasm, his pace soon relentless again.
His hands move up and grab you by the shoulder, pulling your back flush against his chest. One hand finds its way between your legs, skillfully playing with your clit, while the other closes around your neck. He kisses your neck, just below your ear, before he whispers through strained breath.
“Is this what you wanted?”
Thrusting hard into you, he makes you whimper, pulling the most sinful noises from you. You’re lost in the feeling of him, lost in the pleasure. Barely able to think, you can barely form a sentence.
“Y-yes… Fu-Oh, God. Please…”
Just as you feel the familiar tightening in the pit of your stomach, Bob pulls away from you. Wide eyed, you stare over your shoulder, begging for him to keep fucking you, to keep using you.
“Please don’t stop.”
“Don’t worry, baby. Lay down on your back.”
Eagerly you lay down, spread open for him. You don’t even care how needy you must look, how desperate. You want him to ruin you completely. He crawls between your legs and buries himself in you with one, hard trust. You whimper, already sore, but God, you want more. He grabs your jaw, forcing you to look at him.
“I want you to look me in the eyes when I come inside you.”
Snapping his hips, harder and faster, he keeps holding your gaze, his beautiful blue eyes gone, now completely black with lust. With each drag of his cock, he brings you closer to yet another earth shattering orgasm. His pace begins to falter again, the thrusts becoming irregular. He is so close, but he fights it.
“God, sweetheart. I-I wanna f-fill you with my cum.”
He stutters, his cock barely leaving your cunt, his thrusts shallow. Looking through heavy lids, he keeps looking into your eyes and he hits that sweet spot in you over and over. You’re so close.
“Fuck, I… I wanna p-put a baby in y-you.”
His name is all that leaves your lips like the sweetest prayer as you come, digging your nails into his shoulders. Bob buries his head in your neck, groaning as he fills you to the brim with his hot release. Thrusting a few more times, he kisses your neck softly, nipping at the tender flesh. You’re completely cock drunk, just lay there completely used with closed eyes.
Bob rolls onto his back and takes you with him, letting your head rest on his chest. Breathing still heavy, he kisses your forehead.
“I, ehm… I hope that was okay?”
Snorting, you hide your face in his chest, giggling like a schoolgirl. How he could even ask that is beyond you. You just look into his eyes, once again seeing your soft sweet Bob, and kiss him. 
“That was more than okay. I guess you heard me and Laila?”
He just nods and kisses you again.
“So… This is why you drank that whiskey?”
“Yeah, I… There’s no way I could have done this without any liquor.”
You both giggle softly, before Bob gently breaks away from you. Thinking he’s going for a cloth to clean up, you’re surprised when he pushes your legs together and shoves a pillow under your butt. Cocking your eyebrow at him, you make him smile, blushing to a deep red.
“Ehm, I… I meant the baby thing.”
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading <3
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💭 stranger things girls when you tell them you're in the mood
feat. robin buckley, nancy wheeler, joyce byers, karen wheeler
cw : allusions to sex
a/n : jdjekdkskd joyce is so cute i wanted to melt while doing her part. also i got kinda carried away for mrs. wheeler im sorry the milf lover in me just jumped out and took over and i couldnt stop writing even if i wanted to
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
family video was usually the least busy during the afternoon, with everyone either grabbing lunch or simply not in the mood to endure the heat of the sun for some video tapes. you decide that taking a few minutes of robin’s time wouldn’t hurt. plus, steve’s shift doesn’t start till later and keith wasn’t around to nag them, basically leaving the two of you alone in the rental store. you call out her name loud enough for her to hear you from between the shelves, announcing that you’re in the mood.
“oh.” she says in a low tone as she turns her head to where you are. “now?” “yes, robin. don’t think i can wait any longer” she runs into your arms to kiss you so hard you knock off a few things as you stumble to the storage room.
robin loves to spoil you, always wanting to give you what you want. it doesn’t matter where you are, when you tell robin you need her, she’s quick to find a way and is dropping whatever she’s doing to give you some love.
you’ve been lounging in nancy’s room for a few hours when you start to get bored, the comic you picked up losing more and more of its appeal as you steal glances at nancy. neither of you have really interacted since you arrived, choosing to spend the evening quietly together. but you figured you’ve had enough of just enjoying each other’s company, wanting to go a step further in your bonding. you put the comic you were flipping through on the bedside table, crawling to nancy’s side and telling her you’re in the mood.
“alright babe let me just get ready.” she heads to the bathroom, fixing herself in the mirror before splashing cool water on her face.
despite having done this already a few times, her inexperience with girls still made nancy nervous. so intimate sessions usually went slow, and you took always took it upon yourself to let her know extra how much you were enjoying, dignity be damned.
you watch the kids leave through the front door, waving goodbyes that were probably a little too happy. but who could blame you? after so long of being away from joyce, you were just glad to be able to spend time with her again. it just so happened that the house were going to be all yours that night, with the kids out and jonathan probably somewhere else doing god knows what. who could blame you for wanting to take the opportunity that appeared once in a blue moon? the door hasn't even been shut for 5 minutes before you're eagerly telling joyce you're in the mood.
“mood? like movie mood?” she asks enthusiastically. “no joyce, the mood.” you quirk an eyebrow. “oh. that mood.” she bites her lip and wiggles her eyebrows as she walks to you with a sway in her hips. you both share a giggle before connecting your lips, fully letting you realize just how much you missed each other.
the kitchen smells of freshly baked pie as you trail behind karen, who's seemingly too busy adjusting the cover on the pie for the nth time to pay you an ounce of attention. you tried to be subtle in showing your neediness, but karen knew you well. even before you say anything, she can already tell what’s up by the way you let your touches linger longer, bat your eyes more often, and lick your lips almost every sentence. but as much as she was an expert in reading you, she was also quite the tease — never making the first move and only riling you up until you take initiative yourself. she just finds so much amusement in your reactions and often plays with you. like she's doing now, eyes twinkling with delight in the way you can barely raise your gaze at this point. 
“mood? for what, honey?” she teases, a seductive lilt on her voice. “you know what mood.” you sputter as clearly as you could, earning a chuckle from the blonde.
“alright, darling, give me a minute. make sure to be prepared when i'm done.”
Tumblr media
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eddie x reader. word count 1.5k. masterlist.
eddie is always there to pick up the pieces when his best friends heart gets broken. best friends to lovers excellence. eddie is smitten and y/n is oblivious.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
eddie had been in love with you for years, in fact he couldn’t remember a time when he wasn't in love with you. all he knew is that it had always been you, that he would drop anything and everything to finally have a chance with you. but instead he was just your best friend, someone there to pick up the pieces when yet another piece of shit shattered your heart. he was sick of the heartbreak, of holding you in his arms and listening as your sobs echoed throughout the room. of course he would never deny you the familiar comfort of his bedroom, he would always let you cry yourself to sleep in his arms if you needed to. he adored you, but that didn’t make it any easier to see you so torn up over some boy when he would do nothing to hurt you. nothing. 
things with your new boyfriend steve had been going well though so far, and while eddie was submerged in a tidal wave of jealousy whenever his name was mentioned, he was happy that you were finally happy, that steve wasn’t a complete asshole to you (though eddie vehemently refused to accept the idea that he was a good guy). and eddie’s fears were confirmed when you stumbled all the way to eddie’s trailer from a party you had assured eddie you would be safe attending – “i won’t let steve take his eyes off of me all night, okay eds?” you were wrong. 
you found yourself practically slamming your fists against the cold door of eddie’s trailer, sobs falling from between your lips as your body shivered from the cold air of the night – you were beginning to regret your choice of short skirt. 
eddie’s eyebrows furrowed together in confusion as he hung his guitar back on his wall and peered at his alarm clock, it was way past 2am at this point. he made his way out of his bedroom to the door, swinging it open to reveal you, his y/n, mascara stained cheeks and a severe lack of any warm clothes. “y/n.” your name fell from his lips in a whisper. “get in here, right now.” he reached out to take your hand in his, guiding you inside and quickly closing the door behind you. 
it didn’t take long for you to practically collapse into your best friend’s arms, burying your face in his bare chest as he wrapped his arms protectively around you, pulling you in to be even closer. “you’re okay, sweetheart. i’m here.” he pressed a small kiss to the top of your head, rocking you back and fourth slightly. 
after a few minutes your cries had managed to subside slightly, giving eds the opportunity to pull away and allow his gaze to meet your teary eyes. “you’re freezing, y/n. let’s get you some warmer clothes, hm? and you can tell me everything that happened… but only if you want to.” you nodded, letting eddie wipe a few tears from your cheeks before he began to lead you to his cluttered, familiar bedroom. “have you been drinking, sweetheart?” 
“mhm.” eds closed his bedroom door, beginning his search for a sweater for you. he began to look through a pile of clothes on his floor as you made your way to his bed, not hesitating to lay atop of his sheets – your arms wrapped around yourself in an attempt to find comfort. 
“and what? you walked all the way here… by yourself?” eddie found a black sweater within the large pile of clothes and turned to face you,  knowing that he was most certainly going to kill steve harrington if he ever saw him. you just nodded again, raising your arms and letting eds help you into the sweater, quietly cursing under his breath as he did so– all uncomplimentary statements regarding steve. “what a fucking asshole. that shit isn’t safe, y/n. especially not when you’ve been drinking.” 
eddie sat besides you, looking everywhere but at you as he pretended to be oblivious to you removing your skirt and kicking it to the floor. the two of you sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes, your hand soon it’s way to his again. 
“he was with another girl, eds.” you finally broke the silence, putting eddie out of his misery – you knew that he was dying to know what happened, that it was taking every part of him to hold in the questions he had. “making out with someone he’s never even met before. i turned my back for one minute to get another drink and…” your voice broke, and before you knew it the tears were suddenly falling again. 
he didn’t hesitate to engulf you in his arms once again, allowing your mascara tears to stain his skin as your sobs filled his ears. eddie shushed you quietly, whispering words of comfort as he held you gently. “you’re okay, sweet girl. just breathe for me, hm? in and out, in and out… there we go.” he cooed, knowing exactly what you needed to hear. you were someone who loved so hard, who fell so suddenly – and so heartbreak practically killed you, no matter how many times it happened or how many assholes took advantage of your kindness, you were always so distraught.
eddie held you in his arms for what felt like hours, allowing you to get all of the emotion out of your system as he gently rocked you back and fourth. you grew sleepy soon enough, the crying having completely exhausted you – your eyelids began to droop, and when eds noticed this he carefully tucked you into his bed, under multiple soft blankets.
 a small whine escaped you at the loss of warmth, missing eddie’s body pressed against yours as soon as he was missing. “shh, it’s okay. i’ll be like – one second.” 
you heard as he shuffled around in his bedroom in search of makeup wipes, eddie had begun to buy them regularly for whenever you slept over. the mattress shifted underneath you as eddie sat besides you once again. “i’m gonna take your makeup off for you, okay?” you let out a noise which sounded close to okay, so eds began to gently wipe your skin. so gently you weren’t entirely sure that he was removing any makeup. a small giggle fell from you, making eds lips turn up into a big smile. “whaaaat? don’t laugh at me, y/n. i’m a good best friend… there we go. all clean.” eddie threw the wipe onto the floor before climbing into bed besides you. he turned the beside lamp off, allowing the room to fall into darkness. 
you shifted your body, turning to face eddie and forcing your eyes to stay open. “i love you, eddie. you’re so good to me… thank you.” eds heart began to race, his cheeks flushing to be a pretty shade of strawberry– he had to remind himself that it wasn’t meant like that. 
“you don’t have to thank me, y/n. someone has to pick up the pieces when assholes break your heart, and i’m more than happy to do it.” he gave you a small smile, watching in amusement as you fought to keep your eyes open. “go to sleep. i’ll be here when you wake up.”
you fidgeted for a few moments, finally curling your body into a little ball and allowing yourself to succumb to the depths of sleep. eds thought that you had fallen asleep, and was doing his best to lay as still as he possibly could – he didn’t want to disturb you, not after how awful your night had been. 
“i really thought steve was different… i thought he was special.” you spoke after a few minutes of silence, your thoughts clearly still bothering you. eddie knew that your experiences had begun to make you doubt your self worth, made you wonder if you were good enough, if you were the problem. eddie knew that wasn’t true, you were better than every shithead that you had the misfortune of deciding to date. 
“no man will ever be special enough to deserve you, sweetheart. you’re better than all of them” eddie whispered, and though you didn’t believe his words, you trusted him with your entire being, your soul.
your thoughts were especially jumbled as you fell deeper and deeper into the grasps of sleep, but you couldn’t help but think of how easy it would be to fall in love with eddie munson… hm. if only he felt the same way.
you shook your head, eyes fluttering open and sleepily meeting his gaze once more. “m’not better than you, eddie. no one is better than you.” the tired words fell from your lips without a second thought, and before eddie could even process them you had fallen asleep – leaving your best friend alone to contemplate and understand the depths of your words.  
“sleep well, y/n.”
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glodessa · 16 hours ago
private lessons - billy hargrove
Tumblr media
gif by @id4ni3​
© glodessa 2022, do not repost, modify or translate!
synopsis: Taking up Billy’s offer to teach you different swimming styles was dangerous for a good girl like you. Yet you didn’t even hesitate to stay with him at the pool after closing hour.
a/n: wow, this one was so much fun to write and idk what got into me at times. pure filth, the build up is a bit longer but bear with me, it’ll be worth it. i think lol.
warnings: reader is a lifeguard, shameless flirting, teasing, SMUT, semi-public sex, handjob, ejaculating in a public pool & on someone’s back, face sitting, overstimulation, bj, no protection, p in v
wc: 5.8k
The sun shone mercilessly down on you as you arrived at the pool for your shift. It was one of the hottest days of the summer in Hawkins today and you were more than ready for someone to nearly drown only so you would have a chance to dive right into the water.
Instead, you got to share your shift with none other than Billy Hargrove today, who already sat on the lifeguard chair, looking perfect as ever in his short red swimming shorts and… no shirt.
“There she is!” He exclaimed when he saw you enter the pool area dressed in only your bathing suit, your hair up in a ponytail. “My favorite coworker in the entire world.”
He climbed down the tall chair and walked towards you with the usual smirk on his face, chewing on his gum with an open mouth as he took off his sunglasses, giving you a more than obvious once over.
Billy never wasted a single opportunity to check you out. He didn’t even bother to hide it, he loved the way it made you all flustered and shy.
You were known to be Hawkins’ little miss perfect, a sweet girl that couldn’t even hurt a fly. And everyone in Hawkins also knew that Billy was the exact opposite. Maybe that’s why the pool’s manager loved to have you two work together on such busy days like these.
Billy came to a halt in front of you, visibly checking you out.
“And just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better, you come walking in,” he shamelessly flirted, but still managing to put a smile on your face.
You cursed yourself for it, for the way he could make you all nervous and flustered so easily.
“You can take the seat, I’ll go check the water pumps for you,” he explained, then leaned forward, his eyes darting down to your tits for a split second. Whether he tried to be inconspicuous about it or not, you didn’t know. But you certainly noticed it every single time.
That boy couldn’t and wouldn’t stop looking at them.
“Wouldn’t wanna let you go down to the dark basement on your own,” he added, then winked at you before he put his sunglasses back on his nose, almost ready to go when he stopped one more time.
“Tststs, forgot your whistle again,” he noted, shaking his head. “Little miss perfect is slacking, I see.” He chuckled, still playing with the gum in his mouth as he removed his own whistle to pull it over your head.
His hands wandered down the band to the metal object, grazing the hills of your chest as he played with it for a few more seconds. The feeling of his fingertips brushing against your breasts made your breath hitch in your throat, your mind becoming hazy for a while until you forcefully pulled yourself out of the fantasy inside your head, and back to reality.
“Thanks,” you said nervously, quickly walking past him before he could do even worse, and more dangerous things to you.
What you didn’t know was that he turned around once you walked away from him, his eyes glued to your ass, hanging out of your bathing suit just enough. You felt his eyes on you, no doubt, but you were too afraid to turn around and see for yourself.
Too afraid of the consequences of both your and his actions.
The first hour of your shift was fairly uneventful. You remained up on the lifeguard chair while Billy walked around the pool once he got back from checking the pumps, yelling at kids jumping into the water from the edge every now and then. He didn’t even need his whistle, using his fingers instead to make a shrill sound that directed everyone’s attention at him in no time.
It shouldn’t have been so attractive to you. But it was.
Anything Billy Hargrove did, was.
Countless of girls and women, older than him or not, flirted with him, shooting their shot regardless of the outcome, and he loved it. You, on the other hand, didn’t.
But you’d never admit that to yourself. You weren’t jealous of other females receiving his undivided attention, weren’t jealous whenever you saw the way he was checking out other girls’ bodies, and certainly weren’t jealous when you overheard him complimenting them.
You tore your gaze away from him and his perfect physique, trying to concentrate on your job as  lifeguard of Hawkins’ Community Pool. Attempting to distract yourself, you made your way down the tall chair to collect some pool noodles scattered on the ground and took them back to the equipment storage room.
You forced yourself not to look at Billy when you walked past him and some woman in her early forties, trying to focus on the general hustle and bustle of the pool when you didn’t wanna hear another pathetic attempt of hers at making an impression on him.
Billy, however, didn’t even listen to the woman as his gaze followed your delicious frame, watching you walk towards the storage room.
You put all noodles in the bucket as your back faced the door. You didn’t even notice him walking up to you until you heard the door snap shut. Almost getting a heart attack, you quickly turned around, half relieved but half on edge to see Billy standing right in front of you.
“Billy, Gosh, you gave me a fucking heart attack,” you chuckled, trying to shake off the tingling feeling that being alone with him in such a small space sent all the way through your body right to your stomach.
“Sorry, doll. Didn’t mean to scare you,” he said, that stupid smirk never leaving his face. “I was wondering if you could take my class on Friday. I have… places to be,” he said the last part with a raised eyebrow, his smirk widening to a mischievous grin.
God, Billy Hargrove was so full of himself. Yet you couldn’t resists his charm, no matter how hard you tried.
“What class?” You asked, totally ignoring the part where he basically told you he’s got a pussy appointment that’s obviously more important than his job, yet him calling you ‘doll’ sent tingles down your spine.
As if you were the only one he used that name for.
“Well, you know. Teaching the kids all those swimming styles. Butterfly, backstroke, sidestroke, crawl… and breaststroke.” His eyes once again wandered down to your chest when he named the last stroke.
Heat immediately shot up your torso, and all the way to your cheeks, as you struggled to hold his intense gaze. Even though the storage room was the coolest place in the pool, it felt like a sauna to you right now with him looking at you like that.
“I umm…,” you hesitated, fidgeting with your fingers as you looked around the room, feeling embarrassed for what you were about to admit. “I actually don’t know all of these. I umm… I only know breaststroke… And maybe a little bit of crawl.”
His grin only widened at your confession, and he cheekily licked his lips as he chuckled. “A lifeguard that only knows breaststroke? And a little bit of crawl? How on earth did you even get that job, doll?”
His comment challenged you for some reason, and you felt a small boost of confidence as you realized how easy it had been for you to get hired when he probably had to show off all his skills to be even considered a suitable candidate.
“Well, I guess they just knew I was the right one for this job. Besides, I don’t teach lessons here anyways. I only do lifeguarding.”
“You could certainly use some lessons for yourself, though,” he laughed, walking closer to you in long, slow strides. He kept chewing his gum in a provocative manner, casually adjusting his swim shorts as he hooked his thumbs under the waistband. Your eyes immediately fell down to his perfectly toned abs, and the V-shaped muscles trailing down into his pants.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” You asked, but only after you swallowed the lump in your throat. Billy Hargrove was dangerous, intimidating even. You knew exactly what he meant, and you told yourself you wouldn’t fall for that cheap trick of his.
“Well, you know. I can teach you. After closing.” His fingers once again played with the whistle hanging in front of your chest, his eyes following his hands down your body to your chest, then back up to your face.
“Give you some private lessons… If you don’t got other plans tonight, of course.”
“Tonight?” You repeated, your nerves fluttering.
“Sure, why not? It’s always good for a lifeguard to know their strokes. And since we’re gonna close together anyways… What’s wrong with having the pool to ourselves for a little longer?” What was wrong with that? Your mind could name countless reasons, the most important one being that Billy Hargrove had anything in mind but actually teaching you swimming styles.
However, your body had other plans.
So you said yes before you even had the chance to think about the consequences of your answer. He smirked with a pleased look on his face, and left the equipment room, leaving you a wreck consisting of nothing else than jumpy nerves and fast-moving butterflies.
The hustle and bustle of the pool slowly calmed down during the last hour, giving Billy way too much time to flirt with literally any female walking around the perimeter. You hated every single one of them for getting all the attention that should’ve been meant for you.
But you had to remind yourself that Billy Hargrove was nothing more than a player, and you deciding to play his game was gonna get you hurt sooner rather than later.
“Y/N,” he called for you, sitting on top of the tall lifeguard chair. “Come here for a sec!”
You stopped cleaning the few empty loungers and walked over to him, trying to ignore the bitchy comments from the group of heartbroken girls that were salty only because Billy gave you the attention they so desperately craved. Arrived at the bottom of the chair you looked up at him, waiting for him to either say something or get down.
Instead, he just sat there, manspreading, one hand hanging loosely over his crotch while the other played with the frame of his sunglasses as he simply observed you. You couldn’t see his eyes but you saw the minimal movement of his head, telling you he was once again checking you out from head to toe.
“Come on, Billy, what is it? I gotta get back to work,” you whined. “Seems like you’re not interested in helping me anyways.”
“Well, someone’s gotta watch over the kids, doll,” he remarked, sending a challenging smile down to you. But you just rolled your eyes at him.
“The kids? Sure, Billy,” you turned around and looked at the pool, not finding a single child in the water. “So what now? Either you say what you want or you’re gonna come down here and help me.”
“I want you to come up here for a sec,” he said, a demanding tone in the way he spoke to you.
“Are you insane? Billy that thing isn’t made for two people, what the fuck.” “I won’t let you fall, doll. Promise.”
You waited for a few moments longer, looking around the area and seeing more and more people leave the pool. Even the group of heartbroken chicks had left by now. And even though you found Billy’s idea extremely unprofessional, you just couldn’t resist his captivating charm, finding yourself on the chair’s ladder before you could even realize that something like this could get the both of you fired.
You swore you could feel your heart in your throat as you climbed one step after the other until you ended up between Billy’s legs and had nothing to hold onto anymore.
“Told you I gotchu,” he chuckled smugly, grabbing your arms as he practically lifted you up and onto his lap, both hands wrapped around your waist as he held onto you with a tight grip.
You felt his toned abs against your back, and the thought of sitting right on his dick had you already clenching around air. His touch sent your mind into overdrive, every little sensation making it harder for you to concentrate.
Fucking hell. You were at work. You couldn’t be sitting on your coworker’s lap like that when there were still guests walking around the area.
“I’ve seen the way you look at every woman here. But don’t you realize they don’t even compare to you, doll?” His lips brushed against your ear with every single syllable he uttered, sending shivers down your spine, making the little hairs on your body stand up straight.
“I’m not looking at anyone, Billy. I don’t know what you’re on about,” you tried to brush it off, but the way he shifted in his seat underneath you, wrapping his arms even tighter around your middle whenever he’d move — you were already putty in his hands.
You had been for a long time.
“Whatever you say, doll,” he said, his hands wandering down your upper body until they rested comfortably on your lower stomach, his fingertips dangerously close to where your legs meet.
You needed to get out of his grip, literally and figuratively. Right now, before he could do even more to your already struggling determination to resist him.
“I need to finish cleaning, Billy,” you announced, moving to free yourself from his grip as you climbed off his lap and down the ladder again.
You didn’t turn around as you walked back to the loungers you’d been cleaning, trying to focus on your task at hand as the last few minutes of the pool being open passed, your shift slowly coming to an end, too. The last few guests left the area, leaving a silence behind that certainly didn’t help your turbulent state of mind.
The sun began to set as you finished your last tasks. Billy was nowhere to be seen. You assumed he went downstairs to check the water pumps one last time as you took the remaining pool noodles and other toys to the equipment room, your shift having officially ended now.
With that, you slowly began to realize that while your shift was over, you wouldn’t be leaving the pool anytime soon. Nervousness started to creep up inside of you at the thought of Billy’s offer.
Private lessons, sure. You were just curious to see how long he would actually be teaching you. Or if he would be teaching you anything at all…
You quickly walked over to the employee’s changing rooms, suddenly feeling the strong urge to take a thorough shower before you’d walk back out to the pool.
And Billy.
Feeling fresher but still not ready to face him, you eventually made your way back to the pool area where Billy was already sitting on one of the clean loungers, leaned back on his hands as he casually spread his legs, his ankles crossed.
“What took you so long, doll?” He commented when he saw you approach him, his signature smirk gracing his outrageously pretty face. “Not ready for your lessons? Scared perhaps?”
“Sure, Billy,” you remarked, faking annoyance, but it was difficult for you to stifle the smile slowly creeping up on your face. You knew he was right.
“So what is the great Billy Hargrove gonna teach me first?”
“I don’t know, I’ll do whatever the pretty princess wants to do first,” he replied, standing up and walking towards you as he held out his hand. “May I take you to the pool?”
You officially couldn’t hold back a stupid smile as you placed your hand in his, letting him lead you to the edge of the pool.
“I’d say ladies first, but a gentleman should test the waters before letting her in,” he announced. “You know, making sure there are no dangerous fish in the sea.”
You laughed at his cheesy comment, shaking your head as he dove head first into the water.
“I think you’re the only dangerous thing in there,” you chuckled as he came back to the surface.
“Oh yeah? Well then how naive of you to jump right into the arms of danger,” he challenged you, holding his arms wide open as he waited for you to join him.
You took one big step forward, letting yourself fall into the water and the arms of Billy who easily caught you before your head got underwater. You intuitively wrapped your arms around his neck, looking into his blue eyes, perfectly framed by those long and dark eyelashes.
His hands grabbed the back of your thighs as he hooked your legs around his middle to steady you, his fingertips digging into the soft flesh. The feeling of being so close to him, and having the pool all to yourself, without any distraction from other girls that felt like unfair competition, made you as nervous as you’ve never been before.
It was just you and Billy now, under the almost completely dark sky, the only light coming from the emergency lamp that stayed on overnight.
But the lack of competition also gave you another strange boost of confidence, knowing that Billy asked you to be here, offered it even — he wouldn’t have done that to any girl. Still, you knew he was a player, and felt like he deserved some teasing about it.
“So, do you ask every girl to come here?” You blurted out and broke the silence.
He didn’t answer at first and the pause immediately stole that confidence from you, scared you even. Made you feel silly for feeling special, even if just for a single moment.
He’s probably taken countless girls here already. What would be different about you?
“Lemme guess. You probably think I’ve already fucked countless girls on every single surface here, don’t you?”
He hit the nail right on the head.
“No,” you scoffed, acting offended as you avoided eye contact.
“See?” He said. “I mean, aren’t we here for some swimming lessons after all? What makes you think this is about sex anyways?”
He moved his hands behind his head, grabbing your wrists as he removed your hands from his shoulders to slowly let you down into the water. Your legs still hooked around his waist, he placed his hands on your hips to steady you as you were floating on your back, your middle pressed firmly against his.
“I guess we’re gonna start with backstroke then.”
Much to your surprise, Billy did actually teach you backstroke, and you were a quick learner, so you moved on to butterfly next.
His hands were on your sides as you practiced the arm movements, struggling a lot more compared to the other style. Billy, however, would take every single opportunity to keep his hands glued to your body.
And that certainly didn’t help your learning process.
The longer you practiced, the further up your chest his hands wandered. Until they were so close to the hills of your breasts that you just couldn’t take it anymore.
“Wait a second,” you said, stopping your movements as you faced him again.
His touch still lingered on your body, making it impossible for you to stay focused any longer. And your mind eventually said fuck it.
You swung your arms around his neck, pressing your lips against his in a moment of crazy courage. He immediately reciprocated it, his kiss much hungrier than yours as he fully claimed you.
He swam back to the edge of the pool, pushing your back against the wall, his arms on either side of you. He licked along your bottom lip and you didn’t hesitate to let him in, being consumed by his tongue in an instant, not even standing a chance to fight for dominance.
One hand of his moved back to your body, pulling on the strap of your bathing suit. Billy surely wasn’t wasting any time. You moaned into his mouth, earning a smug chuckle from him.
He knew he had you right where he wanted you in this moment, compliant and needy for all he had to offer. He pulled the other strap of your bathing suit down, removing the fabric from your chest and exposing your breasts to him.
“What a pretty little thing you are,” he commented, eyes glued to your chest, then moved his hand to grab a handful, pinching your nipple and pulling on it as he went back to kissing you.
His other hand moved to the back of your neck, burying it in your hair as he suddenly tugged on your ponytail, eliciting a surprised shriek from you that quickly turned into a desperate whine when Billy’s lips wandered further down your jaw, then your neck, until he quickly found your sweet spot, sucking on your delicate skin and chuckling at the way you made it so easy for him to turn you into a little pathetic mess.
His mess.
“Billy,” you whimpered when his hand just wouldn’t travel further down your body to where you needed him the most. “Billy, please.”
You tried to move his hand yourself but he was too strong, easily withstanding the little strength you had in you.
“Why don’t you show me first if you have it, doll?” He said once he pulled back, looking right into your eyes with a challenging look on his face. “Everyone says you’re Hawkins’ sweet, little angel… but be honest with me, doll, and tell me I’m right about you.”
He leaned forwards, his lips lightly grazing your ear as he continued talking. “You’re anything from an angel, are you?”
He grabbed your wrist, moving it down to his dick as he pulled it out of his swim shorts, then looking back into your eyes, waiting for you to start jerking him off. “I’m sure you know exactly how to make a man happy, don’t you?”
You didn’t even bother answering his question, instead opting for taking on his little challenge when you started to move your hand up and down his shaft. “Yeah,” he chuckled. “That’s it, doll.”
But soon, his chuckle turned into a low, stifled groan as he tried to keep it together, not wanting to let you win by being the one to turn him into putty in your hands. Billy Hargrove was in charge, always. He had to be.
His breathing got quicker, more uneven as his dick began to throb in your hands. He could barely keep his grunts to himself now as he held onto the edge of the pool behind you, so hard his knuckles turned white.
“Oh, fuuuck, “ he cursed with a strangled voice as he came in the water, quickly engulfing you in a hard, passionate kiss to stifle any more moans. You made sure to keep pumping him until the very last drop of cum, smiling into the kiss when the realization hit you.
You had just given Billy Hargrove a handjob. But not just any, no. A handjob in the middle of the night in the water of Hawkins’ Community Pool. If your swimming lessons were off to a start like this, you could not wait to find out what else he had in store for you.
“Fuck, who taught you this, doll?” He mumbled against your lips as he slowly came down from his high.
“A sweet, little angel doesn’t share her secrets,” you replied with a sheepish grin on your lips, looking into his now much darker eyes as you wrapped your legs around his middle and your arms around his neck again.
“So, tell me, teacher. What else are you gonna teach me tonight?” You asked, surprised about your newfound courage, albeit proudly using it to your advantage. “I don’t think you need any more lessons, doll. However, I do have something in mind,” he remarked teasingly, pulling your bathing suit all the way down before letting it sink to the bottom of the pool. “Can’t do that in the water though. I don’t wanna drown.”
He helped you out of the pool, hungrily staring at your naked body once he skillfully pushed himself up on the edge and out of the water, quickly walking towards you. He lifted you up without warning, two strong hands underneath your thighs as he walked you over to the loungers and sat down on one of them with you straddling his lap.
His hands moved up your legs to your ass, squeezing your flesh as his tongue was already back in your mouth, twirling around yours with a remarkable passion that nearly took your breath away. He slapped one of your cheeks, the contact leaving a sweet sting in its wake, as he chuckled at the fact that his little slap had such a big impact on you.
Even though he had just come in the pool not even five minutes ago, you could already feel his cock starting to press through his shorts against your throbbing core. You were aching for him, needy for any kind of touch, but most desperate for his dick inside you, as you felt your wetness dripping onto his lap.
“Fuck, Billy,” you whined, dragging out the last syllable of his name as you moved your hips against his crotch in a pathetic attempt at finding at least some kind of relief.
“Uh-uh,” he warned you, hands on your hips as he stopped your motions. “I’m in charge.” He lay down on the lounger, pushing your hips up as he guided you up his body until you were sitting on his abs.
“I know I said I didn’t wanna drown, but I don’t think the odds are in my favor with you,” he commented, then took your hands in his as he motioned for you to sit on… his face.
Nervousness spread through your veins. You were scared of hurting him. This was certainly something you’d never done with anybody, not even dreamed of doing actually.
Even though Billy had always challenged the filthiest of dreams your subconscious could produce. “Don’t be afraid, doll. I’ve done this a hundred times. You’ll be more than fine, trust me.”
He pushed your hips down until you were kneeling right above his face. His hands had a strong grip on your ass in order to keep you from trying to hover.
You could already feel his nose brush against your pulsing clit, flinching at the shock of pleasure the contact sent up your spine and all the way through your body. Once he had you all situated on top of him, he licked a broad stroke through your folds, humming against your throbbing cunt at the taste of you.
Billy wrapped his lips around your sensitive bud, sucking on it first before skillfully flicking his tense tongue back and forth at a ruthless pace, not stopping once or slowing down in order for you to catch your breath.
“Oh, fuck, Billy. Fuck!” You cried out, your body shaking from the intense pleasure as you buried your hands in his hair, tugging on it in a desperate attempt at somehow surviving his merciless attack on your aching cunt.
Your juices dribbled down onto his chin, running down his jaw as he kept going on your clit, his hands keeping you steady and continuously pulling you down onto his face whenever you tried to pull away.
“No, Billy, fuck! Stop! I can’t, I can’t, I can’t,” you whimpered, begging him to stop as tears started running down your hot cheeks.
Shortly after, you choked on your own whines, merely letting out weak sobs as Billy pushed you to the very edge of the precipice, the highest you’ve ever been on. Soon, the pleasure turned into sweet pain as you came all over his face, the relentless flicks of his tongue making you scream when the orgasm that washed over you became too much too handle.
Your legs threatened to give in underneath your trembling body but Billy made sure to hold you as he coaxed you through your orgasm, not even considering to slow down on your clit. It felt like everything turned around you as you found yourself in this sweet euphoria.
You were a total mess like you’ve never been before as you slowly came down from that devastating high, your orgasm sending the last few subtle shock waves through your body. Eventually, your breathing slowed down, too, as you came back to your senses.
Billy pushed you off his face and back down on his lap as he got up. He wrapped your arms around his neck for you as he scanned your absolutely fucked-out face. Your vision slowly became clearer as you looked into his face, your eyes immediately darting down to his glistening mouth, chin, even his jaw and a little bit down neck.
“I think I actually nearly drowned, doll. Impressive,” he commented, pushing a loose strand of your hair back as he played with your ponytail. “You’re fun.”
But you still couldn’t talk. You barely even registered his words as your body fell almost limp against his defined abs, the afterglow debilitating as you kept waiting for your heartbeat to slow down.
A few moments later and with your breathing finally back to normal, Billy helped you off his lap, making you kneel in front of him. He placed two fingers under your chin, tilting it up to look at you.
“I think it’s only fair for you to return the favor,” he said, pulling his dick out of his shorts with his other hand. “And show me what else you got.”
He moved the hand underneath your chin to the back of your head, guiding you forwards until your lips touched his already leaking tip. He didn’t push you any further but waited for you to start instead.
You didn’t let him wait for long, almost instantly wrapping your lips around his dick, circling your tongue around his tip first while you jerked the rest of him off with your hand. Billy leaned back on one hand, leaving the other one buried in your ponytail as his breathing slowly got more and more rapid with each passing second.
You took more of him in, so far until it reached the back of your throat, making you nearly gag around his throbbing cock. The hand in your hair moved your head to the rhythm you set, slightly pulling on your roots when he tried to somehow handle the pleasure you sent all the way through his body.
Low grunts and curses escaped his throat as you looked up into his face, observing how it contorted even more when you tended to his balls. You couldn’t help but smirk around him for a short moment as you watched him close his eyes, fighting to keep it together somehow.
“Fuucking he-,” he rasped, and both of you felt how close he was. “You fucki-“
However, you didn’t stop sucking him off just as mercilessly as he licked your clit, wanting to pay him back for the way he absolutely tortured you just moments ago.
But he wouldn’t be Billy Hargrove if he wasn’t in charge. So he abruptly pulled your head away from him before he would come, his dick throbbing and glistening from the small drops of his cum mixed with your saliva.
His thumb brushed along your bottom lip as he looked down at you with a pleased smirk on his face. “Good girl.”
He then moved, standing up to push you back onto the lounger, not saying a word as he pressed your chest down against the surface, holding your hands behind your back as you were once again on your knees for him.
He also didn’t warn you before he pushed into you, rough and fast, without giving you any time to adjust — he knew you were wet enough for him anyways, leaving trails of your juices everywhere you went.
His pace was just as rough and fast as he mercilessly stretched out your walls, pounding into you from behind like he owned your body. His pace stole all the air from your lungs, and being pressed into the lounger didn’t help either — all you could utter were strangled cries and whimpers.
And all you could do was wait for a second push off that obliterating edge.
But also Billy was past the point of keeping any lewd noises to himself now, grunting and groaning as his hand dug deep into the flesh of your hip which continuously slapped against his, filling the silence of the pool with even more lewd sounds.
“Fuck, you feel so good,” he rasped, his thrusts slowly but surely feeling a lot more uneven as he strained against the way your cunt gripped him like a vice.
And you, too, felt your body recklessly chasing the euphoria once again, sensing the arousal shooting through your veins as you headed straight for that sweet high.
“Fuck! You gonna come for me, doll?” Billy asked. “Fuck! I’m fuck- ugh. I’m so fucking close.”
His hand moved from your hip to your clit, rubbing it in tight circles as he finally pushed you over that sweet edge once again, the sheer enormity of your orgasm sending destructive pulses through your body, echoing in your ears as you slumped into devastating obliteration.
Your cunt clenched around him, ultimately pushing him off his own edge, too, as he suddenly pulled out, leaving you feeling empty as you continued to clench around nothing.
Soon after, his hot cum spurted out and onto your back, marking you as his, never letting you forget all the things that he had done to you on this fateful night of private lessons.
Once you came down from your high, you turned around, sitting on the edge of that lounger, however, rather uncomfortable from the soreness he’s left in his wake.
“Thanks, doll. Damn, didn’t think you had it in you, not gonna lie,” he eventually commented, all dressed again, placing a peck on your forehead. “See you next week.”
And with that, Billy Hargrove left you sitting on that lounger.
Once a sweet girl, now turned into a filthy mess, her bathing suit still lying on the bottom of that pool, waiting to be rescued before business would continue as usual in just a few hours.
All just so Billy Hargrove could finally tick you off his list.
i’d be more than happy to receive some feedback, so leave a comment, send in an ask or reblog to share it with others!
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suga4mycoffee · a day ago
The moments of realisation that hit you when re-watching this show are brutal.
Like the moment where Vegas speaks about taking care of the hedgehogs, and all of them dying.
The moment where he speaks about the last one, and how "He still left me, too."
How "I didn't even get to name him.", because if he didn't name him, maybe it wouldn't hurt so much when he died.
How everything he's ever tried to take care of, except Macau, has died. And that he must be terrified that something will happen to Macau, too.
When he says "Everything that I love has left me.", and you realise he's just waiting for that to happen to everyone in his life that he even remotely cares about.
How you realise that, maybe, this is why Vegas tried so hard to treat Pete like a pet at first.
Maybe, this is why he kept calling Pete a pet. "You are such a good pet of the main family."
Perhaps, it's why he tried to make Pete eat from a pet bowl.
Because if Pete was 'just' a pet, like the hedgehogs he's cared for, maybe it wouldn't hurt so much if he died.
But when he sees that Pete might actually die, he panics.
He crumbles, because he's scared he'll lose Pete, just as easily as those hedgehogs.
When he calls Pete's name, no longer calling him a pet of any kind, shaking his arm, tapping his face. Because Pete is so much more than a pet.
How Vegas dresses Pete's wounds, gives him medicine, speaks to him softly.
How he makes him hot food, in a proper bowl with proper utensils, and even eats some of it himself, to not only prove that it isn't poisoned, but to show that it's a bowl he's willing to eat from. That it isn't something he'd give to a pet.
How he's completely fine with Pete having a book to read, until Pete says something that makes him lash out.
How he gave Pete a chance to escape, to leave him, instead of dying under his hands, like all his hedgehogs. Like the one he holds in his hands when he leaves him the key.
The way he sits like his strings have been cut, mourning the last hedgehog, and knows that Pete will be gone by the time he's brushed himself off and gone back inside.
Because "Everything that I love has left me."
Except Pete.
Because Pete doesn't, no, can't leave Vegas while he's suffering.
He was given the perfect opportunity to leave, to go back to the main family, to escape Vegas.
And instead of grasping that opportunity with both hands, he stays. He sees Vegas, alone and in mourning, and decides that he can't leave him.
He gives Vegas an ear, lends his metaphorical shoulder to cry on, because he wants to help ease his suffering.
He sits with Vegas as he gives the hedgehog a little funeral, handing him flowers to lay atop the grave. (If I'm not mistaken, the flowers are plumeria flowers, which have various meanings, one of them being new beginnings.)
When Vegas stands and walks away, Pete follows.
Pete says he doesn't know why he didn't run away, but I don't believe that. I don't think Vegas really believes that, either.
And Vegas opens up to Pete. He tells him about the hedgehogs, about his battle to care for them and keep them alive, and how he failed. How they died over, and over, and over. How he doesn't have any left. How he didn't name the last one, because maybe it would hurt less when that one died too.
He tells Pete how he's always measured against the main family, against Kinn, and found lacking. How, no matter what he does, his efforts will never be noticed, never be given the same weight.
Pete tries to comfort him, tries to stop him from hurting himself.
We're then gifted with an absolute masterpiece of a sex scene, which I'm far from qualified to properly gush about. Plenty of other people have written amazing things about it, so I'll leave it to them.
But after? When Vegas is left staring at Pete, who smiles, giddy and satisfied?
Tumblr media
Vegas is coming to the realisation that he's completely and utterly fucked.
Because Vegas thought he could keep enough distance between them that Pete's inevitable escape wouldn't hurt, that if Pete happened to die it wouldn't be a big deal.
But it was never going to work. Pete already got under his skin long before that, Vegas already cared too much, there was no way he could have made it easier on himself.
Vegas realises, right here in this moment, that when Pete inevitably leaves him, it's going to hurt so much more than he ever imagined. That if Pete dies, it's going to utterly destroy him.
And you realise it, too.
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floydsin · 8 hours ago
long :( distance :( deployed :( hangster with 16. not wanting to let go hugs :( but like ,,, angsty …
oh angst you say? okay. *takes a deep breath*
The silence in their apartment is unbearable.
Bradley sits in the living room, unwilling to turn on the television. He has to leave for the airport in two hours, has all of his stuff packed at the door. It's jarring - the realization that he's the one leaving for an extended period of time for the first time in two years.
The front door opens and Bradley looks up as Jake walks in, still sweating from his run. It's an interesting habit of Jake's, one that Bradley has a love-hate relationship with. Stress runs sound like more work than they're worth, to Bradley.
Jake eyes the bags by the door and Bradley sees his chest jump as he takes in a sudden breath. Before Jake can move, Bradley stands and wraps an arm around his waist, pulling him fully inside. He closes the door and pushes Jake against it.
"Get off me, I'm gross," Jake says, pushing at Bradley. He goes, if only to give Jake room to breath, but doesn't leave his orbit. Jake's staring at his chest, eyes far away.
"Sweetheart," Bradley starts, stopping when Jake takes in another sharp breath and closes his eyes.
"Bradley, I," Jake starts, looking around the apartment. His eyes move from Bradley's back to their bedroom door, lip trembling. "I've really fucked this up, huh?"
Bradley wants to tell him that, yes, he has. He has by picking fights with Bradley all week, leading up to today. He's been prickly and mean and all around unpleasant to be near, and Bradley knows why. He knows that it's easier to say goodbye if you're mad, if you're pushing them out the door with a mean comment. He knows so well how this works. But it's never been him leaving before, never been him going off on a deployment. Not in their time together. He's never had the opportunity to see Jake like this.
"A little, sweetheart," Bradley says, caging Jake in as he makes like he wants to bolt.
"Why are you still being nice to me, I've been a fucking asshole," Jake says, swiping at his eyes. Bradley doesn't touch him but does move a little closer.
"Because I love you, and I'm going to miss you," he says softly, watching as Jakes face crumbles again.
"I hate this," Jake whispers, shoulders shaking. "I knew it was going to happen someday and it still hurts."
"Jake, you've been gone eight months out of our two years together," Bradley reminds him. Jake shakes his head, hand on his face again.
"It's easier, to be the one to leave. I don't have to worry about you when you're here on base, teaching classes and going to bed at 9 p.m." Jake takes a deep breath. "But now I will. Now I'll always have to worry."
"Baby," Bradley whispers, hands coming to rest on Jakes shoulders.
"I also-" Jake hiccups. "I know it's stupid-"
"I bet it's not."
"But I hate the feeling of being left behind."
Bradley feels his heart break a little bit at that. He caves and wraps his arms around Jake, pulling him in tight. Jake holds onto his shoulders, burying his face in Bradley's neck. With an ease Bradley knows, at any other time would make Jake blush, Bradley lifts Jake's legs to wrap around his waist.
"I'm sorry," Jake says against his neck, nearly sobbing. It's the most upset Bradley has ever seen his boyfriend and it tugs at so much in his chest. He errantly thinks about going AWOL before he comes back to himself, sitting down on the couch.
"I love you, it's okay," Bradley whispers, unsure of what else to say. Jake just clings to him, face hidden away, as he tries to calm down.
"We could've been having so much sex," Jake says mournfully, making Bradley laugh softly.
"We could've, maybe," Bradley says, leaning back so Jake will look at him. His face is red and wet and Bradley reaches up to wipe the tears off his cheeks.
"I'm sorry," Jake waves his hands around in a circle, shushing Bradley as he opens his mouth, "for making your last two hours like this instead of, I don't know, more fun."
"I'd gladly spend any two hours available holding you like this," Bradley says, pulling Jake closer again. Jake laughs, shaking his head. He tucks his head onto Bradley's shoulder again and takes a deep breath.
"I'm going to miss you so much," Jake says quietly, hand resting on Bradley's chest. He grips Bradley's shirt a little tighter, then relaxes. Bradley feels that familiar lump in his throat, the one he usually feels after dropping Jake off at the airport.
"I'm going to miss you more."
"Bradshaw, mail."
Bradley takes the little stack of letters with a smile, ducking into his room as he flips through them. The thickest envelope has his own apartment as the return address and he smiles as he rips the envelope open.
Jake's neat handwriting greets him, the date at the top telling him Jake wrote this the day after he shipped out.
The letter starts the same as every other Jake has ever sent him - a playful insult, followed by Jake pouring his heart out. There's something so romantic and endearing about how much Jake writes him, while deployed. Bradley's glad to see it's the same when he's also stuck at home.
He gets to the last page (there are four, front and back) and his heart is in his throat as he reads the last paragraph.
I know you said I don't have to apologize, over and over as I drove you to the airport, but goodness I was such a moron. I really went and made you leaving about me and my silly problems, when I should have been giving you all the home comfort you could stand before leaving. You made me this way, just so you know. It's terrible, how attached I am to you, how much I love you. It's a shame you won't propose already so I have a decent excuse for being such a sap.
Bradley feels his chest flutter at the line, and he's grabbing his phone before he can think it through. The call goes to voicemail after a few rings, but then Jake texts him.
teaching - what's up?
are you really trying to goad me into proposing????
It takes a few seconds for Jake's reply to come through.
only if it works, darlin
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painful-pooch · 2 days ago
Since I've been going through a migraine that has lasted me for about a week or so, I thought of some scenarios that I thought are so whumpy. Enjoy!
Whumpee refusing to tell Caretaker what they are going through, treading along with each step sending an excruciating pain through their body.
Like an ice pick stabbing Whumpee's mind, blindly trying to keep Caretaker in their sights before a flash of light from the sun/streetlamp sends a wave of dread through them.
Whumpee unable to keep following and collapsing, their head hitting the ground with a sickening crack, Caretaker spinning on their heels to see Whumpee sprawled there, barely able to keep their eyes open, hoping that the world could fade away since it's the only way for the pain to go away.
Whumper knowing Whumpee's triggers for migraines and going out to set one off, be it dehydrating them, playing loud music, depriving them of sleep, giving them certain foods. They want Whumpee to writhe in agony even when they aren't there in person.
Caretaker trying their best to take care of Whumpee, but they feel a migraine coming on and getting irrated by accident, snapping at Whumpee for not giving a damn when Caretaker is dealing with their own flavor of hurt.
Imagine Caretaker or Whumpee waking up and feeling the throbbing and aching pain immediately, never spending a waking moment without feeling the tremors of pain behind their eyes, trying to shut it out to no avail.
Whumper beating on Whumpee during a migraine, rattling their already hurting brain within their head, their vision worsening, ears ringing, and wishing nothing more than to deal with said beating when not having a migraine.
Whumpee hiding from Caretaker in the shower, stifling back their pathetic sounds when the migraine worsens to the point they can barely catch themselves from falling... or you can have them fall and have Caretaker finding them in a tub of water mixing with blood.
Whumpee trying to sneak around Caretaker to grab medication, afraid to bother them because how dare they be in pain for more than day and terrified if Caretaker thinks they are just complaining about a little headache.
On that note... Whumper mocking Whumpee by saying "Really? Crying already? Over a little headache? You truly are a hopeless cause. No wonder Caretaker wants nothing to do with a weakling such as you."
Whumpee and Caretaker watching a show, Whumpee unable to enjoy it due to the aura they are getting, their vision obscured and the sound making them wince.
Caretaker growing upset when they can't figure out how to help Whumpee, feeling powerless from their inability to end Whumpee's suffering. Have they not dealt with enough?
Whumper taking the opportunity to shove whumpee in a cramped and dark space to 'help' Whumpee. "Isn't this what you need? I'll be back later. Enjoy being alone!" Bonus points if Whumpee is scared of isolation and is claustrophobic.
I guess to be nice, you can have Caretaker massaging Whumpee's head at their temples, trying to alleviate the pain, even a bit if possible.
Caretaker doing whatever is needed to get Whumpee the right medicine or the best procedure to help them, from getting them a dark room, an eyepatch to help, tea/coffee, or anything else that can help.
Caretaker hugging Whumpee when they are crying and begging for the pain to go away, asking why they are always in pain and if they deserve it.
Feel free to reblog and add more if you think of anything. I just want to bring some awareness and spread some love to those who are like me and suffer from chronic migraines. I love you all!
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words-of-holly · 2 days ago
devil’s on my doorstep (kai anderson x fem!plus-size!oc)
warnings: outdoor sex, public sex, period sex, anal, manipulation, degradation
Tumblr media
Throughout the years of her life, she’d had many loves. A good portion of them were superficial, not deep enough to last or even to make any sort of long-lasting impression, but they had served their temporary purpose; they’d offered up a brief companionship that she’d yearned to have. It just so happened that none of them had been fated to be.
But there had been one person that had entered herr life and changed it forever, one man that had altered herr perception of the world itself. One man that had stuck with her as a permanent fixture in her memories long after he’d walked out of her life: Kai Anderson.
Having met while pursuing the same degree in religious studies, the bond between them had formed relatively quickly; some would say it was there from the moment they’d met, an instantaneous connection. Whether that was true remained irrelevant as the chemistry had been there regardless.
As someone who was considered "heavy” by society, sometimes Isobel found it difficult to have any sort of relationship with someone without feeling as though they were judging her for her weight. That was often the reason she preferred to isolate herself in favor of socializing; over time she’d come to believe that it was just easier to just eliminate running that risk of getting hurt by not giving anyone the opportunity.
But it had never been that way with Kai. With him, it was different; he’d always made her feel accepted, loved. That was something she hadn’t been exactly used to, and she’d found herself soaking up the feeling like a plant basking in the sun.
Looking back on it, she considered herself foolish for being beguiled into thinking someone could ever truly love her for any extended period of time. As with everything else good in her life, Kai had walked from the relationship they had formed, leaving her heartbroken and unable to pick up the pieces.
He had met someone else, someone who was better able to give him what he wanted. Whatever that was, he hadn’t divulged, but she hadn’t needed any further reason. In the back of her mind, she’d always known that day would come. She had always known he would find someone he liked better than her; someone slender, someone pretty. Someone who could keep up with his high intelligence and even give him a mental challenge from time to time.
It was inevitable. Isobel had just let herself be blinded by the positive affections he showed her. They’d been nothing but words, all prettied up to conceal the truth behind them.
It was her fault. Nobody could ever love her.
“Okay, Isobel. Let’s press pause for a moment to reflect on everything we’ve discussed today. I don’t want you walking out of here without having had the time to summarize what you’ve shared with me.”
Dr. Reynolds tapped her pen against the open notebook splayed elegantly on her lap. Isobel sat on the chair across from her, playing with her hands and nodding along as she listed off various points of that day’s session.
Therapy had been a vital aspect of her routine since childhood, but over the past few years, it had become a staple; it held everything together at the ripped seams. If it was removed, everything would fall apart. It was the one thing that kept her - ironically enough - sane.
The woman who had come to know her deepest secrets looked up from her notes and smiled kindly. “For our next session, I would like to go a little further into your time at university. That was obviously a pivotal point for you, but I think we can dig a little deeper, and hopefully we can get to the root.”
Of course, the one time of her life you just wanted to forget and pretend never happened.
As she were exiting the building which housed Dr. Reynolds’ office after a necessary trip to the bathroom pertaining to feminine hygiene, she was already dreading the next session to be held the following week. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t notice the figure rounding the corner until they had collided.
“I’m so sor-”
Her reflexive apology was halted as she lifted your gaze to look at who she had run into. It was like her heart stopped and picked up speed at the same time. She froze, the blood rushing through her veins temporarily crawling with ice.
He offered up a small smile, appearing remorseful. “Isobel. It’s been a while.”
Kai Anderson.
If someone had questioned later how she’d ended up walking along the deserted shoreline of Lake Michigan with the man who had shattered her very sense of being, she wouldn’t be able to tell them. How could she answer something that even she didn’t know the answer to?
Running into her ex-boyfriend had gone from an awkward encounter to a slightly less awkward encounter that was aided by the water lapping at the sand. He had coaxed her into joining him, having said he wished to talk to her, to catch up.
Perhaps it was because she was feeling off due to not having her prescription in a couple of days, or perhaps it was because she still harbored feelings for this man, but she had agreed to the request. It hadn’t taken much convincing; she had almost forgotten how persuasive he had always been, how easily he could beguile her.
“I’m actually running for city council now,” he shared.
Isobel smiled. “That’s great.”
Listening to him speak, she realized how different he was now than he was when she’d last seen him. It wasn’t just his appearance that had changed, though the physical change in him was drastic from how he had last appeared to her. He had grown out the short brown hair and dyed the locks a deep blue, and gone was the lean frame, replaced with coils of strong muscle that bulged beneath his skin.
But even that change was minuscule when compared to the modification in how he spoke and held himself. While he had always spoken with confidence and enthusiasm, there was a much stronger note to his words just from summarizing his life within years following their separation. There was so much more conviction in his tone, he was so much more impassioned.
She found herself drawn to him.
The sun beamed down on the small beach as they sat down by the dunes. Each ray reflected from the cool water, bouncing back to glare into their eyes. Isobel squinted slightly to see past that and idly watch the people enjoying their summer.
“I’m glad I ran into you today, Isobel.” Kai’s voice drew her attention back to him. “I’ve actually been thinking about you lately, and . . . there are some things I need to say.”
Her heart hammered in your chest. “Okay. Like what?”
“Like how dumping you was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done - and I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my life.”
He looked over at her. His dark eyes were intent on hers, as though they wished to tell the story themselves. They bore into her gaze with the focus of a predator.
Her skin crawled at the uncomfortable prospect.
“There’s something about you, Isobel. There’s always been something to you that just . . . drew me in. You had it then, and seeing you today, I know you still have it.” He reached over and grabbed her hand. “Letting you go was a mistake. I want to correct that, Isobel.”
It took a moment for the meaning behind his words to hit. The dent in her brow smoothed itself out as her eyes widened in realization. Was he serious?
She pulled her hand away, shaking her head. “I - I don’t know, Kai . . .”
His hands grabbed the sides of her face, forcing her gaze to his. “Isobel, don’t you see? We’re meant to be together, why else would we have found each other again after all this time? I don’t believe in fate, but you were created to be at my side.”
Kai pushed forward so his lips mashed against hers. The action was sudden, abrupt enough for her mind to temporarily falter as it struggled to process the current turn of events. She held your breath, glancing around as she tried to compute an appropriate response to the unwarranted gesture.
He nipped at her lower lip as he pulled away, resting his forehead against hers. His eyes were closed, his breathing a bit heavier than before as though the action had cost some exertion. Her mouth was open slightly, her lips still parted from the assault.
“No one else can love you, Isobel,” he said, the soft tone a sharp contrast to the harsh words. “I’m the only one who’s ever been able to see past the weight and so-called illness.”
He pulled back to look at her straight on. The near predatory gleam in his eye had been replaced with a much darker, harder glint that was piercing enough to cut through diamond-infused steel.
Her jaw dropped, wounded and at a loss for words. She had been told many times that no one could ever love her because of her larger weight and the combination of depression and anxiety that warred inside her head every day, and of course she believed that and often told herself the same, but hearing it said in such a convicting tone by the man she had given her heart to hurt in a way she’d never before experienced.
“I’m the only one who’s ever going to love you, Isobel. You’re unwanted, unattractive by society’s standards. Nobody will ever love you. But that’s okay, Isobel, because I love you.”
The sting of his words rivaled the burn of the tears accumulating. Seeing the moisture welling, he curled the edges of his mouth into a small smile. His thumb rubbed back and forth over her cheekbone before dropping to trace her lips lightly.
“I love you, Isobel,” he repeated.
He dipped forward to recapture her mouth in a kiss. This one lacked the gracelessness of the first, coming in softer and almost loving. Tender, in a way, as though he genuinely cared. And maybe he did.
Maybe he was right.
The inkling that Kai might very well be the only man to ever love her spurred her forward into not only accepting the advance but reciprocating it as well. Moving her lips with his, returning the kiss, she brought her hands up to curl around his wrists as he continued to cradle her face.
Kissing Kai had memories resurfacing and flickering across her mind like an old movie reel. Old emotions popped back in, and suddenly it was like she was ten years younger, exploring her newfound intimacy with the young man who always sat behind her in their Christianity and Art course.
Despite the gentle start, it didn’t take long for the passion to override the heat of the day. Before she knew it, she waw lying in the hot sand with only a dune to shield their lewd behavior from the public. Kai was nestled perfectly between her legs as they wrapped around his waist, his hands roaming every voluptuous curve of her body while he attacked her neck in a flurry of bites and kisses.
Her teeth embedded into the swollen tissue of her lower lip in an effort for her to remain quiet. Even after all this time, he knew exactly how to work her, where to touch with what amount of pressure to drive her absolutely wild with wanton desire. His impressive bulge rubbing against her covered core was almost enough to make her forget that one, they were on a public venue; and two, she was dealing with a womanly inconvenience.
“Kai,” she sighed, tugging at his hair to get his attention. “Kai, we can’t . . . not here; not right now.”
He sunk his teeth into the soft flesh in the crook of her neck. “No one will see us, Isobel. We just have to be quiet.”
His tongue expertly flicked over the bitten area, muddling the line between pain and pleasure. She groaned and tipped her head further as to give him better access to her skin, inviting him to do as he pleased, to mark her as he saw fit.
She was his. He was the only one who could ever love her.
“N-No, that’s . . . that’s not . . .” She was quickly losing her train of thought, the pleasure he was inflicting upon her blurring her reason into a suspended state. “I - Kai, it’s my time of the m-month . . .”
“I know.” Pulling back, Kai brought his hands to the waistband of her sweatpants. “Do you really think that’s going to stop me?”
He tugged at her pants. Taking a shaky breath, she lifted her hips obediently. She bit her lip as she watched him pull the lightweight polyester down to her knees. The sun-baked sand instantly clung to the doughy flesh of her thighs as a reminder of their current location.
Suddenly the idea of potentially being caught was appealing to her. It provoked a familiar warmth, different from that which beamed down on her environmentally, to ignite within her stomach and spread to her core.
When his fingers pushed aside the worn material of her panties to reveal the string of her tampon, he curled the edge of his lips into a smirk. “Wet already. You’ve always been easy to arouse during your period.”
She let a hiss slip out as he ran a digit down her slit before parting her folds. Training his inflamed gaze on your face, he ghosted his touch around her clit, only glancing the sides. His finger traced small circles, never providing direct contact, before retreating to show the way his skin glistened with her arousal.
Her thighs quivered while she pushed her hips up into his touch, desperate for more. “Kai, please . . .”
Grinning, he slipped his hand down to press his slicked finger against her other entrance. He was able to pop it in with only a little bit of resistance, testing the waters and experimenting to see if she required more preparation. The tight ring of muscle, always having been easy to accept various intrusions - as discovered during her time on Kai’s arm - eagerly sucked in the digit.
She whimpered, the enamel of her teeth piercing through the tissue of her lower lip and drawing blood to the surface in her effort to be quiet.
Removing his finger, Kai flipped her so that she was lying on her stomach. The unexpected move left her prone to the sand. She spit out the grains that found their way into her mouth as she was pulled up to all fours.
“I’ve been dreaming of fucking this sweet ass again.”
He rustled behind her for a moment before spreading her cheeks and spitting on her anus. His finger rubbed around the hole briefly before he spit again, his tip coming to press against her opening. Moaning softly, mindful of her volume, she readily pushed back against him as he slowly slid inside her.
The hiss that left his lips when he was buried inside her sent a shock wave of pleasure straight down to her core. Kai gripped her hips with enough force to leave bruises in the shape of his tapered fingers, moving her back and forth on his cock as he started a rhythm. Curses fell from her lips with little control, the sensations to which she was subjected being much more powerful than her restraint.
Kai leaned forward, his chest pressing against her back, and slipped a large hand over her mouth. “Quiet, Isobel, unless you want everybody here discovering what a filthy fucking whore you are. Letting me fuck your sweet ass in public, you filthy bitch.”
His whispered voice was rough in her ear. Her toes curled at the combined stimulation. The longer strands of his hair brushed against her cheek as he bit at her lobe. His hand snaked down to her clit.
“Does this get you hot, Isobel? My cock deep in your tight ass while someone sits ten feet away? Knowing that anybody could see you, that you could be caught? That anybody could find out you’re a dirty whore?”
The hand covering her mouth muffled the depraved moan that vibrated through her at his words. Something about being degraded plunged her further into that abyss of carnal pleasure. Her eyes nearly rolled back in her head and her thighs began shaking.
He pinched her clit harshly between his fingers, further blurring that line between pain and pleasure. “Are you going to cum? Cum with my cock in your ass like the cum slut you are?”
Kai continued pounding into her, returning to rubbing her swollen nub with harsh, furious motions. His words tossed her to new heights in her arousal, prompting her inner walls to convulse around the tampon in an eager display of their desperation. The motion carried to her other muscle, drawing a restrained moan from his sinful lips.
He flicked her clit cruelly. “Cum, you worthless slut.”
On cue, her muscles contracted in a heavenly chorus of released endorphins. In perfect timing, a helicopter crossed overhead, the sounds of the propellers cutting through the air to mingle with the general excitement of the beach-goers. The distraction was enough for her to vocalize your ecstasy, letting a few moans and utterances of his name fly from her lips into his hand.
Kai’s thrusts began to lose their rhythm. His movements became less measured, almost reckless. She pushed back against him, and he groaned, the vibrations reverberating through her back and ears. The familiar warmth of his seed spread throughout as he spilled deep inside her, holding her in place as though to ensure not a single drop was wasted.
He retreated after only a moment, adjusting himself back into his jeans. Giving her little time to recuperate, he pulled her up so his lips were back at her ear. He left a lingering kiss to her cheek as she caught her breath, the gesture gentle in contrast to his rough actions.
“Remember, [Y/N]. Only I will ever love you. I’m all you need.” 
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minzart · a day ago
A human's compassion
Pokemon legends arceus
You can also read it in Archive of our own
As Giratina falls it hides in their champion's shadow, watching, hurt, confused, enraged and... tired... the next events... it just didn't expected their human to fall in exhaustion... nor the compassion of Arceus' hero
Giratina feels the attack even before it hit, their second, more powerful, more agile, more desperate form beaten to exhaustion, so much so that not even a portal it can summon to be back at the dimension it belongs. So they hide in shadow, Volo's shadow and watches.
The celestica descendant hands the last plate to Arceus' champion, bitterness in his expression, barely controlled rage runs through his body as he gives his all not to cry in frustation, and despite it all he is true to his words, no back stabbing, no dirty tricks.
The banished one wonders why... it could be so easy, push the child, they have no more than one pokemon left after such arduous battles, a hurt pokemon, exhausted even, so why doesn't he grabs this opportunity, their goal is still achievable if he just-
He falls, at the last step of the stair, not capable of dealing with so much turmoil Volo's body gives up to exhaustion and blacks out, Giratina can't do anything but watch... and worry.
It remembers the first time they met.
Years ago, as it's name was long forgotten and forsaken from humans and pokemon memories alike, trapped alone in this twisted mock of a word... until he called, uncertain, tired and unfaithful. The human's spirit resonating through the worlds as a forsaken one, tired of never being heard and still holding one last hope, one last prayer...
The pokemon feels his hurt, his anger, his sadness, his numbness to the world... and even then he cares, the healthy egg in his arms speaks volumes; in his face a lack of faith tired of the nothingness, and at his arms, tuck in gently his still willingness to hold on hope, of a tomorrow, of an answer, of a better world. Giratina's own spirit can sympathize, little as it may be to his feelings, betrayed and isolated by the same God who was suposed to protect them, so it answers, as painful as the act can be, for time and space aren't distorted enough for it to be comfortable.
The human's eyes shine, for the first time in eons the antimatter pokemon feels... welcome. His dejected pose quickly disappears as he puts on a mask of braveness and charisma, he has a plan, and the knowledge to make it happen, to meet arceus and change the world, to be given answers, to be heard, to get revenge, he only needs... the means; and that's were Giratina enters.
"To finaly have answers... it's all I ask of them, it's only in my nature to question why so much tragedy has happened... to my people, to my pokemon to me. Selfish as you think it may be... I beg of you, help me see Arceus... and I will help you in your revenge"
For there's nothing more powerful than a T̸̡̧̨͚͇͎̞̭̖̞̠͚͖͊͜ŗ̸̡̢̛̘͔̳̗̮̖͉̂̿ả̵̢̛̺̮̝̬̜̙͑̽̑͒̈́͑̚͠͝ͅi̶̧̢̛̘̩̫̩͖̒̿̐̈̃͋̍̌͒͠͝͝wilderṉ̴̦̖̘͕̮̼̳̮̈̋̀̊̇̒ę̷̬̗̩͚́̃̇͗̔r̸͈͊̓̓̒̅͛͐̉̐̀͊͝ and their pokemon's bond.
It remembers the after.
How Volo walked the hearth in a mask of a merchant, how he treated pokemon after pokemon and them Giratina itself, as a companion, how strange it was at first.
In a night, no diferent than any other, the Celestica descendant sat by the fire, his Togepi happily ate a berry he had given it, not bothered by the ominous presence it no doubt felt, why fear something you grew up with after all? A stone, 100 wisps it contained, soon enough it would become a spiritomb, the Garchomp sleeps near its wilder, guard still up, he had no trust in this new companion, but it doesn't mind.
Volo noticed how the shadows sometimes moved like water, if you squint and focus you can see two red dots peeking from them, so, in a moment if curiosity he puts a berry and "looks away". After a long time the shadow moves cautiously, slowly the berry is consumed by tiny tendrils of black goo and disappear into the ground, the grass top soon being spilled after seconds, the process is repeated every night after that.
It remember the nights of training and the early mornings of the sun.
To work together means to get used to each other's presence, commands and boundaries, Giratina... didn't took well to being commanded, and Volo got a hard time identifying it's moves, powerful but at a high cost of stamina, it was frustrating. Night after night, failure after failure until they finaly came to a solution, talk, and compromise, a mix of both beings tactics and finally, a successful battle at last, they were ready.
A scream brought the pokemon back to reality, Arceus' hero hushed to their direction, the azure flute in their hand was quickly tossed aside as they lifted the blond man of the ground. With the help of Lord weirdeer they went back to the village, Giratina awaited the talk it knew would follow, the tale of betrayal, the banishment for the merchant, alone in the wild, a poetic circle of sorts... but it never came.
The hero lied, something about an Alpha attack while they tried to study the ruins... this ... no, surely the child would wish to repay their betrayal? Soon, they would tell the truth and them both forsaken children would be banished, surely...
It never came... the chosen one never told the truth, Volo slept for three days and not once did the child talked about what truly happend at the spear temple, they looked sad, Giratina knew this, it followed them after all, at the darkest nights they cried alone, suppressing their sobs for fear of being heard. The child lived more in the wild than in it's own home, note after note after draft, dedicated in ther pursuit of all pokemon, something the ruler of the distortion world couldn't understand yet, did they wanted to be a professor before falling here? Perhaps a passion was born after so much time spent with Laventon?
In some outings the child looked melancholic, looking up, at where the distorted portal no longer existed, longing of something they can't remember, but wish to return, Giratina wonders... if Arceus would get this child back to their own time and space... or were they punished to cane here... or it it was just a mistake, one of many the God pokemon have done during it's long lifetime, one it probably couldn't comprehend, after all, it's been so long since it bounded with a human.
The child was as forsaken as them, they cried at dawn, after all this work, all this pain, betrayal after betrayal, after lost, after arduous battles and almost deaths. Arceus never took them back, and Giratina watched it all unfold, the pokemon knew the child had a piece of time and space itself in their own wooden capsules, and now a piece of creation, but they never once attempted to use them, never once called upon their names in command or demand, they just wanted to go home, to remember their life...
They took the pokeball, tucked it safely at their pocket, the tiny human breathed once, wiped their tears and cleaned their nose, looking up at the rising sun they smiled... they would live, and one day be back home, that's what Giratina heard their soul proclaim before it disappeared back to the distortion world.
Humans are ... complex to say the least, they destroy, rage and broke all that can existe, they are greedy and let fear easily subdue them into manipulation and hatred from one another, from "others" from pokemon... but not always... they too are... innocent, curious, creative, hopeful and... brave. Surviving is brutal but living is hard, and they make joy when there's a crisis, they help who are kind, the one who feel broken can feel less so if a little bit of hope is show to them.
Humans, at the end of it all care, it's in the words of caution, in the ruffles of fur, it's in the way they sing, be it a beautiful song or a off tone melody in high pitched noises their young make when playing, care can be your downfall or you guiding light. But at the end... if you live, the world might become a little bit brighter with the bounds you form along your journey.
As others teach you, you teach them, noticed or not the mere existence of a simple hello might change the view one has of life, that at least, is what Giratina learned, the world might be broken and cruel... but still worth living in it, if it means your bounds won't be in vain isn't it?
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sataniquepanique · 10 hours ago
Painkiller Part Five - Tear You Apart
Tumblr media
Notes: Here's the smut you wanted you heathens! This is the final part of Painkiller.
Summary: It's been 2 years since you moved to NYC for college. You and Eddie haven't spoken, but now you're back for the summer and run into him.
Genre: slow burn, smut
Warnings: angst, PIV s*x, unprotected s*x, fingering, NO MINORS ALLOWED.
Word Count: 2.4k
It’s been 24 months since you left Hawkins. This time two years ago, you were busy buying things for your college dorm room, preparing to move halfway across the country for school. You were accepted into a great art school in New York, your dream school, and you were studying painting in the hopes of becoming a gallery artist. Sophomore year of college had just ended, and you had decided to come home this summer instead of staying back in the city. As much as you hated Hawkins, you were excited to see your family and some old friends that you’ve kept in touch with, Robin and Steve. You guys had been through a lot during your senior year in high school, back from the brink of death, fighting monsters, traveling to another dimension, you know….normal teenage things. You used to have a larger group of friends, including Robin and Steve with the addition of a few younger kids, and your best friend Eddie. Or former best friend, actually. Eddie got upset when you left for college. 
“You’re leaving me here?” He looked at you with the saddest eyes when you told him that you had been accepted to school in New York. “Eddie…you knew this was a possibility…” you said quietly as you sat next to him on the picnic bench in the woods where you guys would get high after school. “Yeah, I thought you were going to school around here! I thought we’d still be able to do shit like this,” he waved the joint in his hands around. 
“Eddie, I can’t pass up this opportunity, and it’s not like I won’t be able to visit! Maybe you can come to New York…” 
“…and do what…” He interrupted, “…meet all your cool new college friends? See how great you’re doing?” 
You were taken aback by his harsh tone. 
“It’s not my fault you didn’t graduate with the rest of us!” You yelled, regretting it the second the words left your mouth. You could see the hurt in Eddie’s face. He had tried, ’86 was supposed to be his year. He finished the rest of the joint and threw it on the ground, “have fun with your new life” he said quietly as he walked away, never looking back at you.
Eddie never reached out after your argument. You saw him in passing once before you left, but he got into his van pretending not to see you hanging out with Robin outside of Family Video. You were both extremely stubborn, so you didn’t try to pursue him either. You still kept in touch with Robin and Steve, and they would fill you in on what was going on with the younger kids, too afraid to update you on Eddie. You had been scared to come back to Hawkins, and possibly running into him, so you had stayed in New York for every holiday and break so far. As time went on, you healed some of those emotional wounds, and decided to come back for the summer. 
You had just gotten back into town, and your first stop was Family Video. You threw open both doors dramatically, and called “‘sup nerds!” into the mostly empty store. Steve’s head popped up from behind a shelf, and you heard Robin screech from the back room. She flew out from behind the counter and tackles you into a body-numbing hug. “Dude! We missed you so much!” She says as Steve comes over and gives you a small side hug. “Tell us everything that’s been going on!” Robin says excitedly as she went back behind the counter. You leaned against it and started to talk to them about your classes, the pieces you’ve been working on, and your roommates that you love.
The bell on the door jingles, and you hear a familiar voice joke loudly, “Oh Harrington! I’m here to return the PORN you lent me!”. You turned your head and locked eyes with Eddie, his big smile dropping the second he sees you. You both froze. 
Steve broke the tension first, grabbing the VHS out of Eddie’s hands, “Dude shut up, what if people heard you!”. 
Eddie glances at Steve and then back at you and then to his feet, “uh…I was joking. It’s not porn, it’s just Friday the 13th…” he says quietly. You were uncomfortable, and you knew he was too. All of the wounds you thought had healed came rushing back. You wanted to hug him, tell him how much you’ve missed him, how you would constantly pick up the phone to call him only to chicken out halfway through dialing his number.
“I’ll catch you later Robin…” you say as you turn to leave. Robin gives you a little wave and a knowing look as you exit the building. 
Your head was swimming. You didn’t want to go home in this sort of mood, didn’t want to talk to anyone or see people. You considered just driving back to New York for a brief second, but instead you parked your car at the edge of the trees near the high school and ventured into your old sacred spot at the picnic table in the woods. 
You sat down on the edge of the weathered table, closed your eyes and took some deep breaths, listening to the birds chirp in the summer afternoon heat. 
You jump when you hear a twig snap behind you, and quickly turn around with your fist clenched. 
“I knew you’d be here…” Eddie says with both of his hands up in surrender. 
“What do you want, Munson.” You mutter, flexing your hand and turning back around to sit on the table, facing away from him. 
“I haven’t seen you in two years and this is how you greet me?” He says light-heartedly, taking a seat on one of the benches. You can feel him watching you. 
“Excuse me?” You whip your head around to stare back at him, rage filling your vision. “Do you not remember how you treated me before I left? How you criticized me, and shamed me for wanting to pursue my dreams?” You spat at him. He was still beautiful. Same big brown eyes, messy hair, and soft features. 
He leaned his chin against his fist, “no…no I remember…” he says sadly, not wanting to make eye contact with you. 
You got up from your seat on the table and started pacing, still feeling the rage boiling. Eddie lights a cigarette and stares off into the woods. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally broke the silence,“You look good. Your hair is lighter."
 “Do you know how hard it’s been…” You get to the point, stopping your pacing and finally looking at Eddie. You’re not going to sit here and make small talk with him. You can feel the tears coming, and you try to fight them away. “…I wanted to call you. Every day. I would dial half of your number and then hang up, too afraid to bother you knowing that you hated me…” you trail off. 
“I called you…” he says, “…A few times, actually. You even picked up surprisingly, but I could never bring myself to say anything so I would just hang up.” He shrugs. 
“…that was you?” You sit across from him, remembering the random calls you would get sometimes in your dorm, you would pick up and just hear silence, as you repeated “Hello? Hellooooo?” into the receiver, only to be met with a dial tone moments later. 
“Yeah…that was me. It was nice hearing your voice, even if it was just for a second…” he takes a long drag from his cigarette and you grab it from him, finishing it. After putting it out on the table, you look up at Eddie. Just as your eyes meet, he’s lunging across the table at you, taking your face in both of his hands and kissing you with more passion than you’ve ever felt. Your heart stops. God you missed him. You lean into the kiss more, putting one of your hands in his hair. “I’m sorry…I’m so sorry…” he whispers, resting his forehead against yours. “I know…” you place your hand on his cheek. 
You walked back to Eddie’s van with his arm around your shoulders. It felt like old times, glued at the hip. “Are you too cool and educated to still listen to metal?” He jokes as he turns the key in the ignition, Black Sabbath erupting from the speakers. You shoot him an angry look and he smirks. By the time you pull up to Eddie’s trailer, you’re both screaming the lyrics to Die Young by Black Sabbath, laughing like old times. 
“How’s Wayne?” You ask, getting out of the van and meeting Eddie on the stairs leading to his front door. 
“He’s great. He actually moved in with his girlfriend last year, and left me the this to myself.” He motions at the trailer while he opens the door for you.
You step inside and feel like you’ve finally made it home. Memories come flooding back, and it takes every bit of you to stop from crying. 
You feel something brush against your leg and you look down to see a small, black cat circling your legs. “Oh my god! Who is this?” You sing as you bend down to pet it.
“That’s Pistol. She’s my roommate.” He says, scratching the back of his neck nervously.
You look at him, remembering the name he used to call you.
“I found her the day you left. She followed me inside and just never left.” He shrugs.
You went and sat on Eddie’s bed while he rifled through drawers, looking for his stash. Looking around his room, you notice it’s exactly the same as you remember. “You haven’t changed at bit, have you?” You say, scanning over his numerous posters and band flyers on the walls. Finally finding a joint, he lights it, “yeah no, I’m pretty much the same as you left me,” holding out the joint for you to take. You go to grab it but he wrenches his hand back smiling, “except for one thing, you’re looking at an official high school graduate.” 
Your eyes grow wide, “Eddie! Holy shit! I had no idea, congratulations!” you say as he beams. He takes a hit from the joint, nodding his head while inhaling, “yeah I’m thinking about maybe going to college in New York and becoming a big snob”. 
You kick him in the shin playfully, making him laugh smoke out of his nose. You take the joint from him, staring in his eyes. “I’ve missed you Eds…”. 
He stands there, nervously scratching his cheek while you take a drag. Once you exhale, Eddie is on top of you, kissing you deeply. You grab his hair with one hand, holding the joint away from you with the other. He starts moving down your neck, kissing and sucking his way to your collarbone, where he leaves a small bite. 
“Eddie…” you whisper, letting your head fall back. 
“Hmm” he moans, kissing the center of your throat. 
“…we shouldn’t be doing this…I’m leaving at the end of the summer…” He takes the joint from your fingers and puts it in the ashtray next to his bed. 
“…and what if I want to come with you?” He asks, staring at you. 
You stare back at him in disbelief, running your hands through his hair. “You don’t mean that,” You smile and shake your head. 
He grabs both of your wrists, “I’m completely serious. I can’t lose you again.” 
You couldn’t stop yourself, you felt the tears starting to fall down your cheek. Eddie wipes them away with his thumb and kisses you again, pushing you back further onto the bed. You run your hand up the front of his shirt, caressing his chest and wrapping your hand around his back pulling him closer into you. He bites the same spot on your collarbone, and you dig your nails into his back. You wrap your legs around his hips as he starts to grind into you. “Eddie…” you say breathlessly as he moans into your neck. Your hands travel down, where they undo his belt. You reach into his pants and wrap your hand around him, making him moan again. He runs his hand up your skirt and moves your panties to the side, playing with you. 
“…Jesus Christ…” you whisper as he adds two of his ringed fingers into you. 
After a few minutes, you can’t take it anymore. “Eddie…please…” you moan, pulling his hair a little. He looks at you and kisses you on the lips. “I love you…I always have…” he whispers as he slowly enters you. 
“…I love you too,” you say as he thrusts into you deeper. A soft moan escapes you as your eyes roll back. 
You two had fooled around before, but nothing like this. There was a longing here, a desperate need for each other. You weren’t dumb kids, high as can be, fucking around in the woods anymore. You were adults, you were soulmates reuniting. 
Eddie’s hips snap against yours in an even, solid cadence. “Eddie…I’m close…” you croon as you wrap your legs tighter around him. 
“I’m ready for you…” he says in your ear, as you feel his hand grip your hip tighter.
All of the feelings you’ve been holding onto all of these years culminate into one single explosion of pleasure. All of the wanting, needing, longing you’ve harbored for him since you met him years ago, finally hitting it’s peak in one amazing release.  
His thrusts become more uneven, and you pull his hair lightly to give him the go-ahead. Eddie finishes in you, kissing you softly as he slows. 
You both lay on the bed, feeling high from the entire experience. You lay next to him, putting your head on his chest. He kisses your hand as you catch your breath. 
“Were you being serious?” You ask, looking up at him. 
“About what?” He says, lacing his fingers in yours. 
“Moving to New York.” 
“Absolutely. I let you go once, and I’m never going to let that happen again,” he looks you in the eye, holding your hand in his. 
You smile at him, picturing your life together moving forward, “I can’t wait to take you to CBGB’s.” 
He rolls his eyes dramatically, “If you’re going to drag me to punk shit, I’m staying here.” You hit him playfully as he wraps you into a bear hug. 
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nonbinary-blorbo · 18 hours ago
i love the viktor and allison scenes in the s3 finale, they live in my head rent free, especially the scene where allison asks if viktor trusts her, because imo it really exemplifies the saying that hate and love are two sides of the same coin.
Allison could very have well not even have looked at viktor once and have pressed the button long before Viktor could’ve fired off his powers, but she didn’t. There was literally no need for her to do that, but it was important enough to her that she stopped and turned around to ask him if he trusted her and waited for his response, before she did anything.
She could’ve very well used the opportunity to give Viktor a final “fuck you” given that she was about to create a new universe with Ray and Claire, Viktor’s not gonna be in her life anymore if she doesn’t want him to be, what does she care if she creates the new timeline with Viktor trying to stop her?
IMO that proves she really still cares about Viktor still despite her anger and actions towards him and that has me really emotional, that both of them still care about each other despite the hurt and anger
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seesawdawn · 2 days ago
Least for a little while
Follows this
Warning ⚠️: smut? I guess it's smut/fluff
It's been about two months since you and Demi went on your first date. Countless dates followed, and you wasn't sure what was keeping the two of you from getting together. Not like you had a lot of time to think about it, at least not today.
Your boss announced that you're going to travel to Italy, for photoshoots, and fashion shows. You were really excited, but also worried how long will you be out of the states. When he told you it's about one and a half months, you almost fainted.
Your workmate, and best friend, Alexa was also livid at hearing this, but what could you do? Work is work, and you should feel privileged to spend that much time in a foreign country, especially with your bestie. You told Demi about the news, and she was happy for you, it meant you got an opportunity to meet with designers, and get brand deals, even though you were already well known in the industry. Text messages lit up your phone screen, Demi's words making you feel better.
"Don't worry, I'll call you, and I'll text you nonstop either way, and when you come back, I'll be at the airport to pick you up."
This made you smile, and knowing that within two days you'll be flying to you destination, you had to pack up, and arrange where your two cats will stay, because you can't leave them on their own for such long time. You'd usually ask Alexa to take care of them, but she's coming too, so that's not an option. As you were thinking, your phone screen lit up again.
"Want me to help you pack tomorrow? Today I'm really busy at work, but my tomorrow afternoon is free. I also want to spend a little time with you before you go.."
"Already missing me, huh?"—you teasingly texted back, but instead of getting a proper response, just a couple crying emojis appeared.
Time flew by, Alexa sent you videos of her packing, unable to fit everything in her suitcase, struggling with it. You already started to pack your things up, Demi said she would arrive shortly. 15 minutes passed and she was knocking on your door.
-Hiii!—you welcomed her
-Hey, haven't seen you in a while.—she said, holding you tight, hugging you.
-We last met like three days ago?—you almost asked, as Demi refused to let go of you.
-I know!—she let go, picking up one of your cats, as it was brushing against her leg.
-Hi little one! Tomorrow your mommy's going to go really far away, aren't you sad?—she asked holding your cat to her chest, giving it a little kiss.
-I figured, a pet hotel would be the best for them, so one of the employees will come and pick them up tomorrow, in the morning...
-They could come and be with me, but I probably will be traveling too.. I have upcoming shows all over Texas and LA, it's going to consume most of my time.
-I know... But promise you'll be careful, and won't injure yourself!
-(Y/N), since when did you start to worry about me?
-I'm always worried about you. You're the best at what you do, but that doesn't guarantee you won't get hurt...
-You know I can't promise I won't get my teeth knocked out, but I'm going to be careful, okay?
You nodded, she just smiled, put down the cat, and started to complain about her black shirt being covered in white cat hair right after.
She helped you pack things, and you laughed so much at a video you took of her sitting on top of your luggage, as you tried to zip it up. You ended up posting it on your Instagram story. Your fans still didn't know about what was going on and you had no intentions telling them, nor did Demi. It was a miracle that no one thought anything about the two of you always going out together, even tho pictures were taken and uploaded to the internet.
When you were done, it was pretty late, around half past eight, and dark outside. You were constantly thinking about how you could get Demi to stay the night. You wouldn't want to ask directly, you were afraid if would come off weird.
-Thank you for the help..
-Anytime.. I wanted to come see you, so I needed an excuse anyway.—she slimed, admitting why she offered to help.
-I won't see you for almost two months...
-If I could I would go with you.
-Yeah... After spending all my free time with you, I'll be crying myself to sleep without you—she was joking but you saw your opportunity.
-Maybe we could do something for the last time before the trip.
-What do you mean?
-I can open up a bottle of something, we could watch a movie, chill... Or we can..well..
-What are you thinking about?—she saw how red your cheeks got as you thought about what you'd like to do with her.
-Nothing, really!
She was looking down at you, as you sat on the couch. She stepped closer, hopping right beside you.
-Then, we could watch that new action movie that just came out.
She said it almost with a disappointed voice, which made you feel like you were thinking about the same thing. This gave you a boost of confidence.
-What do you think I was thinking?
-(Y/N), didn't make me guess..
-It's a pity you didn't want to guess—you crossed you arms
-I only have wild guesses.
-How wild?—you asked, almost whispered in her ear.
-Depends on where's you limit, Love—she whispered back.
-I can take a lot.
-I'm sure about that.—she came closer, almost kissing you, but you pulled away.
-Don't you wanna take it slow?—you teased, placing a hand or her chest.
-Stop teasing.
-Then stop acting like you don't have time to touch me a little before you get to work.
-It's you we talking about, I won't get to work on you tonight, or any other night in the close future.
-So untrusting! Is it so hard to believe that I want to leave you with a good memory?
-You're unfair...
-Demi, don't say that.
-But you are... Giving me everything tonight, then taking it away from me for such a long time?—she teased, hovering over you, her hand on your thigh.
-Do you not want me then?—you asked, innocent eyes looking into hers.
-Enough..—she whispered under her breath, pulling you on her lap, kissing you.
It's not like you complained. As you were kissing, your hands tangled in her hair, her hand finding your butt, squeezing it harder each time.
Going on like this, getting more heated with each second passing, it was obvious she'll get to make you hers, just before she needs to let you go. Clothes started to land on the floor and she carried you to the bedroom, her lips not leaving yours, not even for a second. Let's just say her moans filled the room shortly, getting louder, as you made her finish. She didn't waste any time, making you feel just as good, doing it a couple times, making you more tired than you ever was.
She was amazing, she knew exactly what to do, and it was like she did it a thousand times before, it was like she knew your body already. She could say the same, because she knew that no one made her that loud before. When the both of you were done, you held her so close, naked bodies completely pressing against each other, still kissing, like there's no tomorrow. And honestly, there was no tomorrow, maybe that's why you just couldn't stop for hours. It was almost midnight when you calmed down, you took a quick shower together, holding hands, while standing under the water. You even washed Demi's hair, which she found to be the best thing ever, almost falling asleep.
-Come, quick!—you hurried her to step closer, so you could wrap a towel around her, and dry her hair.
-I can do it by myself, Love. You need to dry yourself too.
-But I want to care for you...—she understood that your love language is this, doing what you did, pamper her, taking care of her, touching her, making things easier for her, and she didn't mind at all, she just took it, sucked up all the attention.
You dried her off, as she placed her hands on your waist, she didn't seem to let you go, not until the morning.
You two went to bed, and it looked like it doomed on Demi, that she didn't hold you like that before, and she won't hold you like that for a long time. She buried her face in your neck, almost crying, not wanting to let go.
-I promise, when I come back, the first thing we'll do is cuddling for hours, okay?
-I promise baby...
She smiled, you could feel it. You wasn't sure if she was smiling about the promise or the nickname, but either way, she smiled.
-At least, I get to hold you for a little while..
She said, arms wrapped around you, her head on your chest, and she passed out, which wasn't surprising. You feel asleep like ten minutes after.
In the morning she woke up to the doorbell ringing, so she hurried to open the door.
-Good morning!
-Hey..can I help you?—she asked the man standing in the doorway.
-I'm here to take two ragdoll cats to our pet hotel.
-Oh right, sorry, it slipped my mind.. I'll get them.
-Wait! Miss! I need a signature, before I receive the cats.
-I'll get (Y/N), I'm just her girlfriend, I'm guessing you need her to sign the papers.
-Yeah, thank you.
She closed the door, only to find you standing there, with your cats in hand, teary eyed. She was a bit stunned, not sure if you heard her calling herself your girlfriend, but it didn't really matter, because you looked so sad.
-Love, don't cry..—she cupped your face.
-But they're my babies...
-They're going to be taken care of, don't worry.
-But they'll miss their mommy...
-I'll miss you too...—she said, kissing your forehead. You got out the cat's carrier, and giving them a thousand kisses, you put them in. Tears gathering in your eyes, you opened the door again, one carrier in your hand, and the other one in Demi's.
-Good morning, sorry for the wait..
-No problem Miss.
-Where do I sign?
-Here.—he handed you the papers. -Don't worry, we're taking good care of your pets, and if you want us, we can contact you, and send pictures, while you're away. If you would like to be in contact with us, you can put a pipe in that little box.
-Thank you, that's really nice—you signed all the paperwork, and the man picked up the carriers and hurried away with your babies, your treasured pets.
-I'm gonna seriously cry!—you told Demi.
-Love, I'm sure they're gonna be alright.
You hugged her, looking at the watch on you wall, taking a big breath before realizing you have about an hour, and then you need to go tho the airport.
-I'm taking you to the airport, alright?
-No, you don't need to, it's a long ride, you have things to do.
-Love, I'm offering because I have time, and I am going to take you there, even if you don't like it.
-Then we need to get ready..
So you did, and Demi helped to put your suitcase in her car. You put on the seatbelt, and the ride begun.
You did your makeup in the car, eyeliner was a challenge tho, and you two talked like usual. Right until you brought up her conversation with the pet hotel employee.
-I heard the whole thing.—you chuckled. She put her other hand on the wheel too, that she placed on your thigh right after she started to drive.
-What whole thing?
-It was cute..
-(Y/N), you heard what?—she knew exactly what you meant, but she was hoping it wasn't that.
-"I'm just her girlfriend"—you mocked her, with a serious face.
-Am I not?—she teased, knowing exactly how to make you blush.
-Not yet...
-Do I need to ask?
-No, you don't.
-I'm not going to say I'm your girlfriend, like..think about it. We get together, like officially, and then we won't see each other for two months?
-One and a half..—Demi said -But you're right. So when I'll pick you up, you're like, automatically my girl?—she joked, lightheartedly.
-Well, I don't know.. If someone asks how we got together, I need to tell them, "oh, she picked me up from the airport, and I magically become her girlfriend"—both of you laughed, but it was a real concern for Demi. How will she make you hers, how will she start a relationship with you?
She didn't have muck time to think about it, given she already parked her car at the airport's parking lot. Just when the engine stopped, Alexa called you.
-Where are you?
-We're here, don't worry
-Yeah, Demi's here too.
-Do I'll get to meet her finally?
-If she wants to.
-Bring her in, I'm here at the second gate.
You hang up.
-She seems excited.
You ran into the building, hugging Alexa, jumping in her arms. Demi followed you, smiling at the scene.
-Hi! I'm Alexa Brown!—she held her hand out for a handshake.
-Demi Bennett.—she shook her hand.
-I've heard a lot about you.—Alexa smiled softly, as she got closer to her.
-If you need anything you'll find me, we can team up, if you want.—she whispered in her ear, making sure you won't hear anything.
-Thank you.
-She's a keeper, don't break her, please. It won't always be easy with her, but once she trusts you, she'll give you the world.—she said it so you can hear it too.
-I'd kill for her, you don't have to worry.
-Good.—Alexa said, looking at you as an approval. Her opinion matters to you, and seeing them liking each other made you certain about Demi. You just stood there, blushing hearing Demi's words, not even knowing what to say.
-You two need to get going, right?—Demi asked.
-Hmm...—you went and hugged her.
-Can I get a last kiss, Love?—you kissed her, twice, and she placed a gentle kiss to your forehead.
-I love you.
-Huh?—Demi didn't realize what you said.
-I said I love you.
-I love you too.—she gave you a kiss again.
-We need to go lovebird.—Alexa said, her smile giving away how happy she was for you.
-Go, go, or I'll cry!—Demi said
-Oh god, I'm going! Don't you dare cry! Love you!—you said, breaking the hug, almost running after Alexa, who already headed to the plane.
Demi stood there, trying not to cry. She called her friend, just to ask her if they could go to the gym together. You knew she'll be busy, or she'll make herself busy, so she won't have time to miss you that much. You on the other hand, was always reminded of her, by Alexa, who already planned a winter wedding and already decided what she's gonna wear to it.
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prettygirlkay · a day ago
Tumblr media
I’m touched that 600 people want to read my stories and ??? enjoy them !! Thank you all so much, I’ll continue working hard to produce stories you love <3
To my mutuals, inbox anons and people who regularly blog / support my fics - I LOVE YOU. you’re the reason why I can continue to spend hours on writing for free, and even when they don’t do well. You’re the best, thank you thank you for your love and support <3
FOR THE CELEBRATION!! I don’t have anything planned lol, but my inbox is open for requests so pick any from below and I’ll make them a priority!
❤️give me any niche, random headcannon etc that you’d like to be turned into a drabble / imagine
🤍 FLUFF THE FLUFFIEST FLUFF you could ever imagine - submit this, and I’ll do my best to make your cheeks hurt
🖤submit this and I’ll give you the angstiest angst you’ve ever read. I’m talking heartbreak, forbidden love, misunderstandings, missed chances etc. cmon - give me a challenge.
💕branching out!! Submit any character of your choice (from HP or any other movie, show, anime etc) and a scenario you’d like - I’ll write for someone other than DM just for this celebration <3
❤️‍🔥…after consideration, I’ve decided if I get a good enough request, I’ll write something steamier than my usual fics. This is up to you now lol
And that concludes it - I hope you have the opportunity to submit something you’d like me to write for you 🫶🏻 thank you again for 600 followers, lots of love from me!! Stay happy and healthy <3
@gwlvr @holden-caulfield @henqtic @kpostedsum @diademofserenity @eunoniaa @fredshufflepuff @leydileyla @ladyvesuvia @mellifluousart @o-rion-sta-r @dracosathenaeum
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reneestjohn · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Love always ...from a distance .❤️🌹💫
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dieanywhereelseart · 8 months ago
Thing about "Jon is stupid" takes is that, it could be applied to literally every other character, especially the supposed hyper competent ones. Like people say Sasha wldnt have broken the table even though she canonically decided to face off the table monster with nothing but hubris, Basira was led on a wild goose chase, Georgie's "just ignore it and don't get involved" can work ONLY on her considering she's the one who can't feel fear, both Martin and Tim got played like a fiddle by Elias etc
YES omg all of the characters are just people getting lead around by eldritch gods. they make the decisions that make the most sense to them only to have their asses handed to them cause logic doesn't work against the literal primordial embodiments of fear. jon's intentionally genre savvy for a horror show and while many of us would make the same choices he did, this is a world where that knowledge won't help you. Basira is a detective, she's good at finding leads and making conclusions but that just means you can lead her around like a cat with treats and use her bias against her. sasha just can't mind her own business smh. like. i love all of these characters but some people need to realize that there's no savior here, no person with all of the right answers. they're just people trying to escape the chessboard they were placed on.
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alessonincanvases · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
julien baker: red door / sucker punch
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not-poignant · 8 months ago
I really want to write my own story but I am so afraid of antis. Todays people are horrible and they compare fiction with reality.... I am really scared they would find my story and start to send me death threats since my story is really REALLY dark. What should an author do if this happens? I know ignorance is a bliss but I don't think that I would be able to ignore it for so long. Sorry for my ask and thank you, Pia.
Hi anon,
There's a few things going on here.
Firstly, have you noticed that you speak in some absolutes that just aren't true? Saying 'Today's people are horrible' is just...not true. While it's definitely true that antis exist, the vast majority - the absolute vast majority - of readers and folks who interact with stories out there, aren't antis, and don't think fiction is the same as reality.
If you're telling yourself things like 'today's people are horrible' you're not giving yourself a chance to tell yourself things like 'there will be people who want to read this' and 'most people just won't read this if they don't feel like it' and 'most people do understand the difference between fiction and reality.' It's really hard to encourage yourself to share what you're writing if you imagine the world to be more falsely mean-spirited than it is.
Secondly, I don't know why your fic is so dark (i.e. I don't know if it's like a 'regular' amount of dark that's found in dark fics on AO3), there are ways to mitigate the anti response. Write under an account name that's not associated with any of your social media accounts. Make a separate email address and a separate account, and then make sure you set your fic to comment moderation.
You may still get flak from antis, but no one else will see it, and you aren't in any other way contactable on your main platforms, and you can just focus on approving the comments that support the fic. Most antis starve without internet oxygen, i.e. they go elsewhere after a while of trying to spew invective if no one else can see it. (Antis try to start shit with me via anon way more often than anyone truly knows, but once their asks get immediately deleted (and they get blocked), they almost always vanish after the first ask).
You can write it and not publish it, or choose to wait until AO3 introduces the ability to block users (this is eventually coming) so that you can block anyone who harasses you.
If you do get death threats, and you're really worried about it, then I can't tell you to 'write the fic anyway.' Antis have definitely stopped some people from writing fic, and caused others to sadly delete their fics (please always orphan, folks!), and I can't like, tell you to not be affected by things like that since obviously people are, because targeted bullying is harmful and it sucks. I don't know what kind of person you are, or whether you'd need professional or friend support to get through that, etc.
I'm pretty much teflon when it comes to antis, because I know the science re: fiction and media and reality (esp. when it comes to violence and sexualised violence). But not everyone is the same. And if you're someone who really believes that all of today's people are horrible, or doesn't believe that people will find your fic who like it (and honestly with some of the most extreme fics I've stumbled across, there are still people who kudos and comment on the fic if they find it well-written / it speaks to them), you might not be in a good space to encounter a minority of people who are horrible, it might feed into the untrue / irrational absolutism that all of today's people are horrible, and like, that...would not be great.
But yeah either way I'd definitely suggest starting a new account not connected to your pre-existing social media or other AO3 account. It takes 5 seconds to make a new gmail account, and about 2 minutes to link it to your pre-existing gmail account so you can get emails from it there. This is what I did with my 'thespectaclesofthor' account - though for different reasons - I made an account that had, for maybe a year, zero connections to my not_poignant account.
You can even post a 'test fic' with some of the content you write and see what happens. If the response is too intense or you don't like it, you can actually turn comments off that fic and then antis have literally no way of contacting you in that context ever again.
Things are more complicated if you write a really dark / extreme fic attached to all of your main accounts and your public identity (let's face it, the folks writing '3 year old Mob gets raped and/or tortured by Reigen' are not normally doing it under any username that's connected to their real identity or their main Twitter/Tumblr accounts etc). The fact is, most antis do actually stop being little assholes after a while and find someone new to target, but some don't. I've been lucky so far that I'm not regularly harassed, but other people are.
And you have to ask yourself if you're writing the kind of fic that will make even people who aren't antis not like the fic. Like, if you're just torturing and murdering a cast of beloved characters, pretty much not many fans in the fandom are going to enjoy that (though some still probably will), especially if you're doing it from a spiteful place - and then you have to ask yourself what you want to get out of publishing it. I.e. Do you want to upset people? Do you want people to feel uncomfortable, awful, or miserable? Are you prepared for the kinds of comments those people leave? Because those folks aren't antis at all, but people speaking through an emotional response can leave very strongly worded, even cruel comments - some people will just try and immaturely inflict the hurt on you, that you gave to them - are you prepared for that too if that's the kind of extreme content you're writing? (The best response to something like that is 'you saw the tags and warnings! Maybe avoid fics like this in the future' - neutral, and a reminder that they're responsible for themselves.)
Anyway as you can see, different types of 'extreme' can create different responses. I have no idea what you're writing! Not all 'extreme content' is built the same. But tl;dr - a separate AO3 account and using it to 'test' the platform with the kind of content you want to write can be a good way of seeing how you respond to the experience. Always, always make sure you tag and warn appropriately - over-warn even - for extreme content, and it can help to place a disclaimer in the author's notes to additionally warn people that if they don't like what they read, it's on them.
I hope you find a way through that works for you, anon!
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twsty-lav · a year ago
I feel like some fans tend to forget that the tweels have most likely killed people. Rook literally calls Floyd Kills for Thrills and Jade literally says in his bday personal theory that the reason he keeps terrariums is because he gets to decide which creature lives or dies. Also their apologies don’t sound genuine at all??? At least from what I’ve seen in canon
Floyd/Jade after accidentally killing Yuuya: I think I made a Mistake™️ also do you even apologize for an accidental killing??
Hi anon,
While you're right about the above, I personally interpret the canon in that the tweels are not murderers of any sort.
I'm not saying I believe they're good people; Floyd is a hedonist who beats people up for fun, Jade is a sadist with low empathy. But they're also 17-year-old boys in magical high school. Floyd is called Kills for Thrills by Rook, but most of his nicknames aren't literal. Jade likes having control over his terrariums, but cruelty towards bugs and plants doesn't translate over to homicidal tendencies.
Of course, you might be right! They might be killers. Their conversations hint that the North Sea is a harsh environment to live in, and their attitude towards Azul might really be just what they say! If it's not interesting, they might just as well be rid of it.
It's difficult to say anything conclusive about TWST characters. Unlike the typical anime, we don't get a peek into their thoughts, and we don't get flashbacks either. Only jesus Yana Toboso knows whether or not the world of TWST is dark and gritty--Or just a bunch of nasty, stinky clown-ass rats. And she might never tell us.
So I don't think that there's a 'canon' interpretation of these characters. We mold them to what we want or need to see; as long as it makes us happy, there's no right or wrong answer! The concept of TWST being a distinctly immoral world is extremely interesting to explore, and I absolutely love seeing it be written like that! I greatly reccommend the fanfiction Yuu and the Power of Magic for similar content.
But it's just not for me as a creator; it's not for everyone as a consumer, either. So in my AUs, the tweels are mean and beat people up for fun, but... They'd cry over Yuu, if they died. They'd be angry if their friends were hurt. They don't mean it directly when they say they'd abandon Azul.
That makes me happy. You should seek the content that makes you happy, too!
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vuulpecula · 4 months ago
      There is a sink and a rag to clean yourself up, love. The nurse’s order continued echoing repeatedly, but Fox could not tear her gaze away from her hands in order to follow it. Busted knuckles and broken nails covered in a sticky red glaze. She was rife with it, the blood. So much that it could not have only been hers. Whose was it? The uniformed officer had asked her the same question. The hospital staff had sent for one when they’d seen the state of her, knowing something very, very wrong had happened. He’d grown irritated when she would not answer any of his questions ( not for lack of trying, she simply could not find her misplaced voice ). He’d left over half an hour ago, mumbling something about a constable.
      It was too late now to flee. They had her ID with her false name, Ilina Fedorova, printed so clearly next to her face. If they found out that she wasn’t who she said, it’d be out of the hospital and into jail and if she told them before they discovered it? Well, she suspected the outcome would be very much the same. Not that it really mattered considering the blood. Yes, coming to the hospital had been a mistake. One made while stumbling blindly through mud and shrubbery. It was all bramble bushes and biting twigs. A park maybe? Her feet were caked with mud up to her knees, covering a portion of the tights slashed to ribbons by what must’ve been the foliage. The hem of her dress was still damp. Fox felt bad for the mess she had made in the room, in the halls, in the lobby. Embarrassed by the state of herself. She closed her eyes, trying to remember something, anything, about the hours between that evening and now, yet nothing surfaced. Nothing except the sensation of cold white panic flooding all her senses and the urge to run. Lids opened and she raised her gaze, pausing at the overly pristine faucet, to the mirror above the sink and the woman reflected there. If she was embarrassed by the state of her dress, her face was surely one to be ashamed of.
      Her hair was dirty, dingy, stuck with a crown of loose twigs and leaves. Her eyes, previously painted carefully with blues and pinks to match her dress, were smeared and puffy. As if she had taken both palms and dragged them across her eye sockets over and over again until there was only a wash of color and a smudge of mascara. Her mouth, however, was worse. At some point during the night her nose had bled. Cascading down over busted pink-glossed lips to her chin and beyond. Someone had hit her, hard, but who? Was it the same person who’s blood was coating her hands, her forearms, her dress? Her stomach twisted. Without knowing, without remembering, she knew that whoever they were, they were dead.
      Catching the sound of her door opening, Fox turned on bare feet and stared at the man who entered the room. He must’ve been the constable. She observed him in silence, eyes wide like that of a deer who’d stumbled upon a hiker. Hands twisted together at her waist, feeling for rings that were no longer there. If he had said anything when he’d entered, she did not hear it. Deafened by the blood rushing through her ears. Her gaze shifted through him, as if she could see the hallway beyond his back as a terrible string of words filled her mouth. Fox tried to keep them in, but they spilled. Parting the lips once glued shut with dried blood. Her mouth tasted of it as each word dripped into the space between them. “I--I think I killed someone.”
Tumblr media
@emcrse​ ♡’d for a starter !
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exn0bis · a year ago
Getting accused of plagiarism is not exactly how i saw my evening going, but alright then??? 🤔
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