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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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#not here anyway lol

I look thirsty as hell reblogging that photoset and then following him


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ok this is gonna be a long post about my fic writing because 1) i’ve thankfully been managing to do it, even if not as regularly as i wish and 2) i love lists and making promises i have no clue i’ll be able to keep and tbh i decided this year to approach my hobbies as, yknow, actual hobbies and to have fun with it and be unapologetic about it, esp here. also i decided to step up and write the fics i’d like to read about the characters and pairings i like, however “rare” they are or not. anyway

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Accidentally stumbled over someone being annoyed I blocked them on tumblr which is surreal to me. Bro I can promise you my entire like, what’s it been, 9 years on Tumblr? In all that time I have only ever blocked 3 people out of personal dislike. 99.7% of the time it’s just the easiest way to curate my experience. Something I personally don’t like or just don’t really want to see & is clogging up my attempts to see other stuff either untagged or posted so much it makes a wall of “X post is hidden” enough to be distracting when I go through fandom tags for art? Gone. Something I don’t want to be reminded of period in my chill time off? Gone. Legit it’s so wild to me someone who hasn’t ever interacted w me would be miffed I put a fence up to curate my own online experience.

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man looking at toh stuff these past 2 hours have been so comforting, I kinda didnt realize I havent been able to let myself really feel comfortable these past weeks. oofa.

#this whole 'not being able to be yourself in a place where people who were supposed to be family make me uncomfortable' gig sucks, #the butts chronicles, #man me tired, #I am seriously just tired., #I feel kinda burned out on talking about my webcomic, #well not really Im p sure if I was able to without feeling weird about it I'd be ecstatic, #but ya know. yea., #anyways. today was h., #most of it was unfavorable but the parts where I eat mcdons and went outside for the dogs was okay, #I hit an old water bottle with a wood stick like basedballs and that was okay, #I also picked some oranges so that was hrm, #I think I wanna eat my minecraft cereals tomorrow. that sounds not too bad, #who knows tho for all I know it could be caramel flavored and me would hate that, #I really need to be on here more even if its just for nothing. yall genuinely do bring me I gues a sense of comfort, #like yea this is a shitty website but yall really are nice people and seem cool and I appreciate how much yall can be excited for yall's, #favorite subjects. I wish I could talk more and more about mine but Ive always felt annoying and I dont wanna be that here too., #granted I still am but ya know I dont wanna drive away yall with it. Its kinda happened irl before. even with my ex sorta, #wowie. typing at 4:50am sure is something. I should give out my switch friend code again. or give out my discord even tho I barely use it, #mainly cuz I do not know how to use it. I just put a funky lil profile pic and thats it so far., #for the longest time I didnt even know those 4 numbers were necessary lol, #but yea. tired. kinda sad also cuz earlier I thought about. yea., #rest easy yall and take care!
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i was tagged by @hennwilson to do a before and after of my gif editing process!

left its just cropped, right is after sharpening and coloring. clearly your girl loves vibrancy. either its wicked vibrant or its black and white, thats my two defaults. 

i… not tagging anyone cause i dunno who would want to do this, but if you make gifs and want to play, consider yourself tagged. 

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