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#not hockey

This is seriously one of the greatest compliments for me, thank you! I worry about my writing a lot, but hearing things like this from you guys keeps me going 💕


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13. Life goal:

to become financially stable. literally, just to get rid of all my student loan debt and not feel like i’m drowning in it for once 😅

16. Favorite movie:

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off! & Bohemian Rhapsody. It brought so many wonderful people into my life, I’m forever grateful. 💚

27. First celebrity you think of when someone says attractive:

Harry Styles. That man owns me 🥰

87. Have you ever sat on a roof top?

Yes I have!

100. Give us one thing about you that no one knows.

I am a pretty open book, I legitimately cannot think of a single thing that at least one person doesn’t know about me 🤔

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elf dropping a rainbow palette so close to pride month that ostensibly has nothing to do with pride and has shade names including “thatcher” and “Reagan” is absolutely bonkers to me……get one queer on your marketing team good lord

(disclaimer: the names are apparently based on the collaborater’s (jkissa) dogs names, but like…..still lmao)

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Please, a list, I need it. I am stuck listening to the same 15 songs, and none of them are inspiring and I need some new jams, PLEASE.

(I’m only really desperate here lmao)

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For anyone that cares, instead of converting my main blog to an Outer Banks blog (mostly because I have three masterlists on my main and yikes @ trying to change a url there), I have started yet another sideblog.

So if you want to see Outer Banks content, follow my new OBX blog: @hms-maybank :) ❤️

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I’m weird as fuck today, I apologize if you have the misfortune of trying to hold a conversation with me right now lmao

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