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the worst thing ive ever done is use all the same characters so all my fuckin tags are screwed up

bc andy duke is majorly i’ll never hurt you, andrew duke is the wwii version of him, finnley duke is both INHY and wwii, same with Caine and Cameron

Finnley and Andy are still Poison and Kobra so when I’m writing a killjoys fic and i go to tag shit it gets mixed up bc i also use the killjoy tags from Pain In My Heart 

and then theres the Suitehearts, thats a massive fuckin stress bc I tag shadows as “Dr. Benzedrine” bc technically thats his name on literally any other fic but in shadows he isn’t dr. yet so my tags and the fic doesnt match up

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@cooperwitch that’s what I always think browsing someone else’s gifs so I thought you may like those anyway. Especially since it’s not from a widely known extras so I thought I’d share it anyway. I’m glad you like it :)

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I know I said many time I’ll do thing here. But I’m exhausted.

So exhausted that I can’t focus on something ans that write in French take me so longggggggggggg

So writing in English? I’ve no motivation to be honest.

I’m sorry. :’(

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Man, one thing I genuinely H A T E is when guys tell me ,,Damn, how do you not have a boyfriend? How do you not have dudes chasing you?!”

Bruh, clearly, I ain’t lookin’ this good for school. Clearly I ain’t got a nice personality. Clearly it’s not all about me being The Cutest Person On Earth. Clearly.

So stop saying that shit, it’s not a compliment, it’s a call out. It’s like a nice way of asking ,,So what are your red flags 🚩?” It’s a dumb thing to say. Stop it.

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i really hate the trope that it’s somehow more acceptable - or *only* acceptable - for amab characters to present as female if they’re conventionally attractive while doing so.

of all the shit things that that anime has done to its viewers’ perception of transfemininity, i think this one is the most insidiously harmful. it isn’t outright presented as disparaging (bc lo and behold, there are basically never any “ugly” transfem coded characters in anime, so all the ones who are allowed to exist and be transfem are cute by default), and compared to the whole really-a-boy shit it comes across as outright supportive of that particular character.

“it’s ok because you’re cute!” fuck off that’s just normalizing the idea that transfemininity exists for the male gaze’s satisfaction and feeds right into the transmisogynistic fetishization that defines the current status of transfemininity in anime.

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as of May 5th, 2020, 2:43 PST my entire word count for everything I’ve written Killjoy related, excluding Rain and Tears Alike bc that’s never getting finished, is  133,594!

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im gonna start rewriting some of my older fics, the originals will still be available on ao3, but they will either be part of a series titled originals, one long fic with all the originals, or just another chapter in the original fics

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