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#not many but there ya go
you totally deserve this and so much more 🥺🥺
can I please have 🎶 and 👀 - cym as YA main characters but excluding tsc?
👀- cym as YA mains (excluding TSC)
Percy Jackson: @littlx-songbxrd @take-the-train
Annabeth Chase: @styxdrawings @brightwoods
Zoya: @eugeniaslongsword
Alina: You! @cuebooks
Inej: @too-many-aspirations @cant-think-of-anything @gummybears-4u
Kaz: @queenlilith43
Jasper: @itsjusta-j-really
Nina: @anarmorofwords @shadowhuntertrash
Nikolai: @writeforjordelia
Wylan: @foxglove-airmid
Kaz: @thomas-gaypanic-lightwood
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my-divine-death · 8 hours ago
trin’s bestie list !!
i figured it was about time loll i’m sure im forgetting some people bc i always do but here are some of the coolest people ik and you should go follow all of them
rori <3 @lxst-sxulss
my irl bestie since we were 4 :) doesnt write that often but when she does its *chefs kiss*
gabby <3 @caskin-gabby
my irl bestie since we were like 12 ish
jamie <3 @wintersschildrenn
one of my many wives, also very cool and has great taste in like everything
roni <3 @burberrybaby
my first tumblr wife 😭
cris <3 @beavtifvl-creatvres
my first tumblr moot to interact with me ily
yas <3 @danneelsmain
my second tumblr wife shes so cool i love her very much
annie <3 @simplystevies
my shameless bestie who apparently is a superfan of me which is insane bc im her fan
alex <3 @doubleleoenergy
bomb asf, writes amazing fucking everything (check out lolita)
mae <3 @ritesofreverie
WHERE DO I START WITH YOU. so sweet so awesome so talented jfc literally everything she writes is amazing
esme <3 @chanelfaerie
literally so cool and i love your vibes so much as well as your fics
duchess <3 @eireduchess
my tumblr big sister who i love very much
panda <3 @pinknerdpanda
my tumblr momma bc i dont have one irl
jaye <3 @belladonnabarnes
my very beautiful very talented friend who we dont always interact but i literally think shes so cool
king <3 @cityofdreams-writing
literally one of the coolest guys ik, very very awesome to talk to
zee <3 @agentofbarnes
very cool very supportive bestie
Tumblr media
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lailyn · 21 hours ago
If you’re taking prompts from that list, would love to see “catching them undressing” for Frostironstrange! 💖 Thanks!
Here ya go!
The first time they undressed each other, it was in the dark. And Tony was very drunk, and not wearing that many clothes to begin with.
Inebriated as he was, he still appreciated Stephen's athletic musculature and the meticulous way with which the Sorcerer Supreme explored every possible pleasurable spot in his body, even the ones Tony did not know existed. 
"I know all the nerves in the human body by name," Stephen had whispered by way of foreplay. "Where they go, what they it feels when I do this..."
Did Tony mention that he was drunk? What Stephen did then must have been an exercise in neurocognitive recalibration because Tony remembered everything that happened next. The unexpected vigor Stephen displayed was a pleasant surprise too, and made every dollar spent on the custom-made Alaskan king bed worth it. 
As (bad) luck would have it, three months later, they found Loki. 
Or if you're very pernickety about details, Loki found them. 
Tony happened to be hosting the biennial Reformed Villain Resort Retreat (he had no choice, no one else owned cabins in the Adirondacks, cabins he could afford to lose should they end up destroyed by one of the more interactive group activities) and Stephen, being the Sorcerer Supreme, Protector of Time and Reality was one of the esteemed speakers. 
On one of the coffee breaks, they availed themselves to one of the lodges and were in the middle of admiring the matching scars on each other's chest after a quick fuck when one of the shadowy corners moved. 
"Thank you for the show. It was most entertaining."
Tony yelped in surprise, and Stephen, never much of a talker, just careened a fireball at the intruder.
The fireball hit an energy field, sizzled and died out like a matchstick in water. 
"Loki," Stephen growled, as the Cloak of Levitation flew across the room to cover some of his modesty.
"Second-Rate," Loki returned the greeting courteously. 
"What the hell are you doing here?" Stephen ground out through clenched teeth.
"Why…" Loki held up a two-inch thick, glossy handout. 'Villainous Personality Disorders: Which One Are You?' By Doctor Stephen Strange, M.D.,PhD.', the laminated cover read. "Reading, of course."
"You are not to tell anyone what you saw," Stephen demanded. "I haven't handed out the feedback forms yet!"
Loki grinned mischievously. "About that…"
A year later, Loki moved in. 
"Two heads are better than one," Tony had whispered in his ear weeks before, and Stephen found himself very eager to concur.
It took longer to convince Loki but with the help of Loki's brother, nothing was impossible, and this included annoying Loki so much that Loki willingly moved out of New Asgard and into their apartment.
"That overbearing oaf!" Loki ranted. "Can you believe he hired a bodyguard for me? Me! A bodyguard!"
" are a person of political importance." Tony winked at Stephen and poured them all glasses of champagne. "Welcome, Your Highness."
That night Loki was the first to the bedroom but the last to bed. 
"Will he ever get out of the bathroom?" Tony wondered.
"I think he's shy…" Stephen murmured. He called out. "Loki? You okay?"
The bathroom door opened a crack. 
Loki stepped out in a dressing gown made of the finest charmeuse, trimmed with silk as green as his eyes.
"I am not sure if there is room for me."
Tony patted the empty spot between him and Stephen. 
"Try again, sweetheart," he said lightly.
"I have long legs." Loki's throat bobbed visibly. "Really, really long legs."
Stephen ran his eyes up and down Loki's tall, slim figure. Wrapped in silk, Loki looked as delicious as a Quality Street toffee on Christmas morning. "I mean, they're okay."
Loki clearly took that as a challenge and Stephen applauded himself when the dressing gown dropped to the floor, pooling at Loki's bare, white ankles. 
But his smile faltered at the sight of the jagged scar in the middle of Loki's torso. Tony sucked in a breath sharply, and Stephen felt momentarily comforted; Loki had clearly hidden the mark of what must have been a hideous injury from both of them, not just him.
"That looks painful," he managed. 
Loki shrugged. "Barely felt it. It was over fairly quickly."
Tony and Stephen leaped out of bed at the same time; as one, they engulfed Loki in a tight embrace, chest-to-chest, scar to scar. 
"You're not alone," Stephen comforted.
"You have us," Tony promised. 
"You have me," Loki corrected with a voice cracked in places, vision blurred by sudden tears. "And your Reformed Villain Resort Retreat sucks."
"That's your feedback, Second-Rate," Tony teased. 
Stephen laughed, and could not stop laughing, not even when they collapsed onto Tony's expensive bed in a heap, sending eiderdown flying everywhere -
"Best feedback ever."
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iwriteforasraonly · 13 hours ago
If you don't mind, could you tell us what requests you currently got? I want to request something but don't want to bother you and request something similar/equal to something you're already doing
Oh, dear Anon, this list would be horrendously long if I were to list every single request I have gotten. But I can try to sum it up:
- Mc getting slapped (like 3 times because ya'll are masochists?)
- Pregnancy & Baby Talk (so many of these but all vaguely different)
- Nsfw (7 minutes in heaven, rough sex and several unspecified ones)
- Jealousy (Everyone wants to be fought over, apparently)
- Anxiety and Panic Attacks
- Gods and Half-Gods
- Periods
- And many other more specific ones that I doubt you'd repeat.
But all in all, I don't mind if my asks repeat themselves. I try to keep it all relatively organised and I don't mind going out and finding repeated requests to add them to the post. Just ask away! :)
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geoguessbur · 4 hours ago
Your KNOWN for being a sweaterduo person (i could have phrased that so much worse lmao) how could i not remind you :)
Also *insert that one clip of wilbur doing coords we never figured out* there ya go my location
"Your KNOWN for being a sweaterduo person" This is my worst nightmare
Also that stream makes me so soft still omg... Wilbur trying to get Tubbo to sing "Dancing Queen" with him... The random fucking morse code and coordinates... So many random Wilbur covers...
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randombubblegum · 17 hours ago
other anon, GH is like. fine. it has some really good individual songs like sydney said but overall as an album... uh there are a few too many songs that are blatantly bad (just kidding) or they don't blend well and harsh the vibe. like it's better than fandom but it's no double dare y'know? also hi sydney how are you today
ya its fine!!! i think some of the songs are rly good and some are actually pretty bad!! epic highs and lows of new waterparks album? i dunno i really like secret life and am graf some songs are fun..... overall i feel the lyrics are worse than dd or ent so go in w that expectation :(
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c-rowlesblogs · 3 years ago
Man, I’m kind of bummed out that the best resources for deer anatomy and body language are all on hunting sites. I mean, it makes sense, but it’s still kind of disorienting to be reading along and then have a description end with like, “ if you see the buck’s ears do that, stay still and keep your gear from making noise”. I’m not crouching in the grass with a compound bow, I’m just an artist! I just want to draw a bunch of fake fictional deer and deer-adjacent creatures, not put on some forest camo and hunt me a Big Antler Boy or w/e in real life!! 
Yeesh, I bet I’m going to get targeted ads about hunting equipment now. Just another way that the Research Struggle can be really real sometimes.
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moreauthedreamer · 10 months ago
me, coming up with a concept for a fic: ooh fuck yeah! everything’s going to fit together perfectly and it’s gonna be great!
me, realising that i have to plot it and actually put time and work into it, and that i can’t just make the fic spawn from nothing: fuck.
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watson-sighs-and-tuts · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Cue the music” or choose your players
#marveledit#dailymarvelheroes#marveladdicts#marvelheroes#comicbookfilmsblog#marvel#my edit#i told ya i'm gonna push my current bias everywhere like hey this scene made me think of this SETTING OFF trope compilation#which marvel films surprisingly lack??? some of those are absolutely cheated hehe but hey the mood is still set and x gon give to ya might a#as well be playing in the background so yep this is a cheating gifset where i ignored so many walk walk fashion baby teams (i don't even own#ragnarok so that's that i enjoyed doctor strange but i don't remember a single scene from it i still haven't watched the defenders#which should absolutely be here BUT AVOCADOS DESERVE TO STICK OUT WITH THEIR OWN STYLE and generally#MARVEL VASTNESS IS TOO MUCH) also these are two different versions of steve technically so it's not cheating RYAN HOWEVER#I LOVE IT HOW RYAN REYNOLDS TOUCHED EVERY ANGLE OF MARVEL AND HE'S UBIQUITOUS ALMOST LIKE HE'S *gasp* GOD#(and i know that other wade is literally and figuratively dead BUT STILL COUNTS) anyhow this is inspired by the game we play with my friend#every holiday when i ask her the same question WHO WOULD YOU WANT ON YOUR ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE TEAM and our answers#change every year (well she always sticks with bruce which always makes me go ???? HE'S NOT EVEN A SUPERHERO lol) and yep#this year i'm totally sticking to CARE BEARS (wesley walking ahead of his little ducks TO LOOK EQUAL WITH RYAN IS FOREVER MY JAM#BUT ALSO MOTHER DUCK AND HER DUCKLINGS i loove this trinity and i[m crying over lack of appreciation) anyway no one cares bye#p.s. ppl gifing 4k lately or whatever the hell kids call it these days and i'm like please have this pixeled diffused crap MY GOD WHAT#IS GIFING NOW SERIOUSLY? i absolutely fell behind with it
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alkalinefrog · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Your family didn’t deserve you.”
L usually wasn’t one to feel touched emotionally by many things. He never cried over movies, nor other forms of media. However, when Light pulled him into his arms and held him, whispering those soft words, something inside of him broke. He dropped the glass in favor of clutching the man’s shirt in his hands, hiding his face in his neck as he began to shake.
Within seconds he was crying, clinging to Light like a lifeline. He wasn’t unhappy, far from it, in fact. Something about Light’s words, the way they stated his definite worth as a fact, his worth to him as a fact, cut L to his core. He wrapped his arms around the other, grabbing at the back of his shirt as if trying to press even closer, hug him even tighter. 
“Thank you.”
A scene from the fantastic fic “Catch Perfect” by @kiranatrix and @resilicns! Reading about these boys slowly building up trust hurts my heart so good :’D Amazing work again you guys!!
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novaedream · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
I’m currently drawing a few roman pieces rn which has created a bit of a playlist so here’s some of my favorite songs to draw him to, for inspo or for just more roman in your life in general (playlist)
tags: @salty-carbonara @ultimate-queen-of-fandoms @fandomdiabetes @randomslasher @minamishipsit @turtleboyjohnny @multi-fandom-trash-x9000 @hugemultifandomnerd @tree4life25 @endreams-s @too-precious-to-process @lucifer-in-my-head @midnightcandy  @leave-dont-disappear @imnotverycareful @highwarlockofhogsmeade @ultimate-queen-of-fandoms @hell-yeah-dan-howell @hi-disappointed-im-daughter @saki-sak @conscious-naivete @baileystarsketches @joan-the-night @mysticalstrawberryface @x777eyes-wide-open @sanders-trash-4ever
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