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#not mcyt
mellohii · 6 minutes ago
help my drafts are full of unpostable half-written s1 smp!fundy analyses
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cottaboo · 17 minutes ago
Put the cat ears on loverboy - ender
as much as i love you, absolutely fucking not
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dsmp-br41nr0t · 18 minutes ago
tiny beeduo phone wallpapers! feel free to use them for personal use !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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terrible-ass-always · 18 minutes ago
I still can't for the life of me understand how there are people that legitimately think that c!Wilbur did more harm and damage than c!Dream
Like are we talking about the same c!Dream who literally fucking blew up a nation to bedrock? Who abused, manipulated, and gaslighted a kid to the point of suicide? Who also manipulated several other people? Who betrayed and abandoned his friends? Who encouraged and declared wars against a peaceful nation? Who slaughtered so many with no remorse??
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a-selkie-abroad · 19 minutes ago
having a crisis over who should be the clones in my starwars mcyt crossover AU im working on I mean I could just leave them be I left tarkin be but like. I feel like im missing out on a great opportunity here somewhere. the hermits. there’s. there’s a joke I can make with one of the hermits is what my intuition’s saying but maybe im just being crazy
but also like all the clones are individual personalities right and thus several matters should ub in for them but they also need to look the same because they're clones
also tidbit cleo is a bounty hunter cause of the headgames in s7 and only because of the head games
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onemessofawriter · 20 minutes ago
y’all i’m placing my bets rn that c!slimesicle is gonna be next villain he’s just too sus… /hj
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isa-ghost · 21 minutes ago
PLEASE FEEL FREE TO FOLLOW! I reblog lots of art, theories and shitposts :)
EDIT: Reblog this to spread it!
I also post about other fandoms, don’t feel free to ask what I like! I’ve been wanting to make DSMP friends forever but Twitter is a black hole and most of it is negativity I don’t want to interact with.
If you’re escaping Twitter, my blog is safe for you!
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momomias · 22 minutes ago
We talk a lot about Dream guessing the world's oldest cat to be 127 years old, and yeah, he will probably be the first one to get eliminated on Schooled today. But please, let's not forget George thinking a marathon was 261 miles long and the fact that he doesn't know how to spell "throat". They're both himbos your honor<3
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stardustrocket · 28 minutes ago
Big man innit my beloved <3 /J
(Click for quality)
Tumblr media
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lunarblazes · 30 minutes ago
i saw a post that was like “people are like ‘mcyt fans dni’ mumbo jumbo may be a redstone man but he doesn’t do witchcraft” and i just wanna say redstone is definitely witchcraft and if you understand any of it i hate you /j /lh
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dsmp-agere-stuff · 32 minutes ago
i rly liked ur stuff w cg!5up n little!fundy, i was wondering if you would consider writing headcanons for the reverse? w fundy being the cg and 5up being little :) thanks in advance if u do!
Aww, thank you!! And yes I have!! I started a little fic with 5up being little, but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted so I didn’t post it. Anyway-
Tw: eating mention
-5up is an age dreamer more than an age regressor
-he’s not very energetic or anything, usually a toddler who needs carrying
-Fundy is *not strong* so he has to drag 5up around, which makes the little laugh at how ridiculous they look
-5up draws and cuddles and eats and that is pretty much it lol. Man does not have that much energy.
-he absolutely adores stuffies and get like 20 as soon as he finds out how to regress.
-most of his little time is just regressing late at night and wrapping around his favorite plushy that night
-he is incredibly good at getting what he wants, and that would be an accomplishment if Fundy wasn’t the thing keeping him from getting it. Fundy absolutely spoils 5up and will get him basically whatever
-5up doesn’t really care about the others finding out that he regresses and just goes to the outdoor bench swing they have sometimes to lay on it
-Fundy always get scared a bit bc he doesn’t know how the others would react to 5up being little
-5up babbles “I love you” so much- just so much- Fundy just pats 5up’s head in confirmation he loves him too.
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d4nkug0 · 37 minutes ago
I watched way too many life of luxury videos lmao
ik theyre fake but i am scREamING lmao
chester is amazing and you cant change my mind lol
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chaotically-chill · 40 minutes ago
guys if niki hits one mil on youtube then ill write a non-angst fic lmao
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meshitpostingdaily · 40 minutes ago
I'll always think about aro c!Tubbo
So here's a..... Fic?
Tubbo dragged Phil into another adventure again. He wanted to explode some End Crystals, so they finished their hunt for Ghast tears and Phil went to kill some Endermen when Tubbo stopped him.
"Ranboo has enough, we can just steal from him."
Phil shook his head fondly. "So he let's you just steal freely at this point?"
"Uhh he doesn't have to know. Besides, 50% of his stuff are mine anyway."
"That's not how this works." He laughed. "How did this even happen? The marriage."
"He's rich and I needed tax benefits! It's pretty simple." Tubbo answered casually, used to the question by now.
"So is that all?" Even Phil wasn't sure what he'd implied, but there was a silence for a moment before Tubbo answered.
He could say that it was all; he could say that over time things changed; he could make up any answer to not go into it. But he enjoyed Phil's perspective on his thoughts, maybe it's worth sharing.
"See, that's something I never understood. People talk about romance, and they all seem to have some base understanding of what that is, but I don't.
And I did ask around. Fundy just described it as "different". Niki said it was love in a change of color. Wilbur said that at some point you just get it.
But I never got it. Nothing felt different. Only one that seemed close to being different was Tommy, but that's because he's my brother, we grew together, I stick by his side and he sticks by mine.
And the more I get close to people, the less I get it- Why make a fuss about what is a friend?"
"I guess it is confusing." Phil looked at him for a second. "So he's just your best friend?"
"he's my husband. It's... like an honour title I guess. I don't know.
But, at the end of the day, I do like him. Maybe not like Sam and Ponk, or Karl, Quackity and Sapnap, but I'm glad he's the one I'll share my life with."
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