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#not much but eh
authorchanlove · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Idk how many of you have read the Wings of Fire books, but I felt like drawing Sunny so here we are I guess 🤷🏼‍♀️
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the-prince-of-tides · a day ago
Without getting into specific brands of each identity, without getting into the nitty gritty, the simplified version is this (based off American politics and sociopolitical identities), as of CDTH:
Henry Cheng: social democrat with a focus on economics and business (UBI, minimum wage, anti-corporation, etc)
Blue Sargent: social democrat with a focus on human rights and environmentalism (BLM, climate change, pro-indigenous/migrant rights, feminism etc)
Richard Gansey III: neo-liberal working his way towards social democracy (supports BLM but doesn’t agree with rioting, agrees that the police forces in America needs to change but hesitates to generalise all cops, etc)
Adam Parrish: libertarian (believes in the American Dream/idea of the self-made man, if he can do it you can do it, distrust in overall authority, has classist pitfalls due to upbringing and trauma)
Honourable mentions:
Noah Czerny: most likely finds politics boring but generally agrees with whatever Blue says
Ronan Lynch: finds politics gross and says anarchist things but in actuality, doesn’t actually give a fuck (as in he’s Very Apathetic) and would rather talk about something else because all politicians are liars and yeah. (If you took his anarchist comments seriously, I’m sorry but 😬😬😬😬)
There are loads of details and nuance and exceptions that can be discussed pertaining to each label and what each character believes down to the last spec of dust but yeah, as far as canon goes, this is about as accurate as it’s gonna get without making too many far-fetched assumptions.
So yeah. Adam IS the most conservative of the friend group. Nothing else really makes much sense. I’m glad I missed the era of commie memes that apparently circulated tumblr about him. No, I will not be accepting criticism. ✌️
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hilichurlrights · a day ago
I think genshin impact players should acknowledge the significance of a Chinese game making the Japan-inspired nation Inazuma into a military state which prosecutes its own citizens for treason when they start having too much power to fight back and has had its landscape decimated by an ongoing and seemingly pointless war,
but I also think that having acknowledged that, genshin impact players should think on it and not have opinions about it because the west has far too long a history of having opinions when it should keep quiet
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monotonous-minutia · a day ago
definitely going to catch the SFO Don Carlo before it goes away, but it turns out I have more stuff to do this morning than I remembered, so it’ll be happening a little later than originally planned.
In the meantime I am re-watching some Merlin episodes as I work and I just. Was anyone going to tell me how unbelievably gay this show is or did I have to stumble upon it completely by accident.
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art--harridan · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
[Image description: A digital comic centered on Awesamdude through the eyes of TommyInnit. It starts with the line "they were both created with the intent to protect" which is placed around an image of Sam Nook and Sam in his Warden attire. Below, there's a panel of post-revival Tommy on a sunny yet cloudy day, a hard hat in his hand. Next to the hat, it says "but where he is kind,". On the side where it depicts his scarred face and partially white hair, it continues "the other is cruel;". Underneath, there's the sentence "his heart beats, uncaring" next to a blackened heart and then "while the other's cold skin betrays the warmth inside" next to exposed wires. The line after says "one you love, one you hate" and then "their creator, however?". Finally, it shows Sam in his normal outfit and a potato surrounded by poppies to his side. The last sentence is "you're not sure". The main colours all have a green tone to them, but the background is a stark, light pink.]
Mixed feelings
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rubberbandballqueen · 3 days ago
if i ever had a question for the mcelroys it would be “if there’s a disease with a major symptom being diarrhea, would a person with chronic constipation be looking for diarrhea or regular stool if they suspected they had caught it”
#it came to me on the shitter and i was like 'too bad yahoo answers is gonna die soon this feels like a mbmbam q'#but then halfway through writing this i was like 'wait a second. sawbones and *dr.* sidnee mcelroy'#in other news i have been coughing ever since i got back from my parents' trip so i've been monitoring my sense of smell#and taste and it's been pretty good but i checked the shampoo after washing my hands and lads i could not smell it#which is concerning bc this morning i could smell it and i could taste my sour patch kids#but it's somehow vanished over the course of the day so. worrying. no fever that i'm aware of#not even really sure whom i could have caught it from if it's the plague?#but i'm really glad i wrote a MASK ALL THE TIME even when we were HIKING OUTDOORS#bc the first minor hacks were coming on the last day on the road so it probably would have been incubating the entire trip if plague#idk my dad's been vaccinated for a while now and he says he's been kinda having a dry cough in the morning too#and it's not like a huge phlegmy phlegm cough either it's mostly a dry cough which is frustrating but it reminds me to hydrate#and my mom who has also recently received her second dose hasn't been coughing either so. we'll see#i had my dad cancel my eye doctor appt today but he made me come along to best buy for the phone repairs#he was like 'eh you're not coughing that much as long as you don't cough they won't know'#which like. hello???? bc i told him i didn't wanna go bc even if it's just a cold i don't wanna just go into public COUGHING that's so RUDE#the worm speaks
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thewhizzyhead · 4 days ago
me, drowsily thinking to myself while answering a science assignment at 5 am while listening to Phoenix on loop: so if Phoenix parallels Don't Even (since both are tone-setting-song-numbers featuring teenagers trying to not give a fuck about their problems despite said problems blowing up in their faces ESPECIALLY BY ACT 2 oh and it also features amazing harmonization and a very catchy and upbeat tune), Move On parallels Before The Breakdown (since both are the SAD group numbers of the show and because the 4 main stars of each song (Kate and Annleigh for the former; Chess and Farrah for the latter) parallel each other in many many different ways (more on THAT parallels ramble here)), then does that mean Captain of the Team parallels Shut Up and Cheer? In a sense that Reese and Eva are both "the odd ones out" of the group except Reese wants to be included in the team while Eva wants Absolutely Nothing To Do With The "Goddamn Girls'" Insane Shit? Oh and also because both have amazing solo numbers in one act (Act 1 for Reese; Act 2 For Eva) while also NOT having much prominence in other act (Act 1 for Eva; Act 2 for Reese and yes i'm still bitter about the lack of Reese focus in act 2)? or am i just being really drowsy to the point of being incoherently rambly right now-
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spacebell · 4 days ago
i just unlocked a memory I wished I could erase from my mind
#i was in 9nth grade and in my Spanish class we were reading a story about a girl having her first kiss#the teacher made us sit in a circle while she read and then she proceed to asked who hasn’t had their first kiss yet#and only me my best friend at the time and one other boy raised our hand#she looked at us with pity and I felt so so so weird#i was 13-14 at the time (yk the age when people start liking other people and maybe getting boyfriends or girlfriends)#those years were really fucking awkward for me and I struggled a lot#i wasn’t bullied and I had a nice group of friends but I felt so so weird and out of place and just insecure about my appearance#and now (and probably since I started uni) I’ve felt much more confident on how I look and I’m working on giving myself a break#but still I’m 23 I’ve never been in a relationship and I haven’t had my first kiss#so now whenever I think about being in a relationship and intimacy and sex I get an anxiety attack and I guess I remember that day#the sex part I’m just like eh it’ll happen when it’ll happen and hopefully with someone I trust there’s no rush at all#but the relationship thing does scares me and I feel so fucking weird because everyone I know has or has had a boyfriend/girlfriend#i mean my cousins have been dating since they were 16-17 and have had relationships of 3-4 years#my other cousin has had boyfriends since she was 15 (she’s now 24)#so yeah remembering that is not fun and whenever I think about that a lot insecurities come back#mariana writes
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coulson-is-an-avenger · 6 days ago
SPIDERS MARTIN pls do share 👀
HLKGKLNDGKLNDF :DDD HELLO THANK YOU AAAA, this one is from the couple kiss prompts i still have in my inbox, and I’m just going to give you this:
“It’s okay, Jon, I’m okay,” Martin says, his voice hushed and mirthful, distorted slightly from having to speak around Jon’s shoulder. “I’m okay.”
Jon feels like a shattered piece of glass, desperate and so full of relief he could sob, and he untangles himself just enough to grab Martin’s face in his hands and kiss him breathlessly on the lips.
Martin laughs, and something tickles.
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kim-ruzek · 7 days ago
You know, as much as I have issues with the writing and decisions made in the one chicago universe, I really really really love and respect the fact that in both cpd and cf when the actress of one half of their main ship left, the writers slowly and realistically built up the guy's next romance.
Like I've mentioned my thoughts on upstead before, but I do really love the producers decision to slow burn them, as it's made their relationship so realistic and well built up. And brettsey, I adore brettsey-- primarily bc my girl Sylvie deserves the world-- and that's because I love how they've been building to them. Like I really love how they developed them naturally from how they saw each other when dawson was around and how their relationship adapted and grew when she left.
I think especially why I love the writing choices with this is because both matt and jay's previous relationship ended in a really bad way so having both develop their next romance so naturally and realistic instead of just, idk, shoving them into a new endgame relationship after one season makes everything just that little bit more real.
And I just really respect these decisions, because it makes the characters much more real and relatable, and it means the audience can truly fall in love with these relationships not because the show tells you that you have to, but because you can see the mutual respect and love between them-- which hits harder after the toxic previous relationships.
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shojinfire · 8 days ago
//I like how I log on just before I have to go out
  But yes, Lee will spar with all comers, and gives general training advice to anyone who asks. If you want to be fit, he wants you to be too. If that’s also an out to start espousing the virtues of the Dragon Spirit through your gains, then that is alright too. I don’t think the Shojin are the sort to just take in converts directly, but Lee is religiously obligated to at least slip in some doctrine from time to time.
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1ddiscourseoftheday · 8 days ago
Sun 11 April ‘21
Liam is back and in excellent form! I have missed chatty Liam, he is such a chill pleasure to virtually hang out with. He went live to answer questions about his performance and joke around. He trolled fans in his response to a question about collabs- “I’d love to do one with hmm... Niall... and Zayn... and Harry and Louis,” he teased, and joked that “they’re here! Behind this curtain! Haha no… we could have put them in virtually! Probably would have gotten cease and desist letters from their managers…” and considered who would send the first letter. “Zayn,” he giggled, but then added that in fact his next upcoming collab is “with myself, tonight!” (hmm sounds dirty when you put it like THAT Liam!) And about the performance? Liam agreed that it’s very confusing but said he’d make things easier on us by naming virtual Liam; he’s Kelvin. He said he (Liam not Kelvin) has “been away for a while, been having a bit of time” and then immediately added that in fact he’s been rehearsing and working on this performance a lot but that “it’s the only thing I’ve been doing.” He said IDK when is LP2 coming- “when I can get to LA and work” (because he doesn’t like writing on zoom), that he’s currently working on a song for a film but that he can’t tell us anything about it but that it’s with some old friends he’s known since he was 17, they were the first people 1D worked with, that he’d consider making a visual album, “maybe a cartoon or something… maybe even an NFT, who knows!” A man in touch with what the fans want, always (well except for the NFT thing), he fulfilled my wish and demonstrated making faces to program Kelvin, and he shared a picture of his mo-cap feet like SEE they look like TINY SNAKES right? And then asked people to trend tinysnakes and the fans dutifully obliged. Look out you guys, it’s a tiny snake habitat!
And the performances? Well first there was the avatar-only one and I finally understand why he kept saying he’d be anywhere you wanted him in your house, sorry- I think other people got it all along and I just… didn’t… but anyway it’s like a pokemon go thing were tiny Liam Kelvin is just perched on your dirty laundry or table or whatever you point your phone at. ANYWAY, virtual Liam is awkward and weird and not a very good lipsyncer, but real Liam sounds amazing and looks terrific and the contrast only draws more attention to how well Liam holds the space on stage and how good he looked, in particular when they put the avatar and Liam together for the main event. He/ they sang Midnight, and it sounded great and was a big hit besides, the papers loved him as the show opener and were into the gimmick.
Louis’ new friend Sergio Aguero talked about DMing with him on his recent twitch stream (Sergio’s). Being Argentinian he ofc just starts talking to him about mate (the Argentinian tea, not bros, pronounced like mah-tay) which I have to say is dead on brand for every Argentinian I have ever met; you think Louis is serious about his Yorkshire but he’s probably met his beverage obsessed match here! Anyway so Sergio is like do you like mate, and “check out my tea stuff” (and sends him a picture of the traditional gourd and straw drinking apparatus) and Louis is like “idk what that is mate” which is hilarious because what it is… is mate… which is spelled the same… which Sergio tries to explain to his viewers but anyway yeah that’s the tea! Lol. He said that Louis has reached out a while back (but he didn’t know who Louis was until he was like “I was in One Direction”) and invited Sergio to a footie match in Portugal (to play with Louis’ famous people league team we’ve heard about before I bet) but he couldn’t go and they just started chatting now, after Louis messaged again; Louis was in Mexico but they’re gonna hang out when he’s back in the UK, and Sergio will give him some mate! LMAO OF COURSE he will. Louis will absolutely hate it but I would LOVE to see him try to be nice about some unfamiliar bitter herb water served in a gourd that sounds like PURE GOLD tbh.
Anne Marie talked about the Niall teaser pic for their collab. She said she’d wanted to work with him because “I just love his voice and he’s Irish, you know, he’s hot”, lol, and that “ he was just playing guitar, playing piano, and I was like wow you’re actually talented cause you never know who’s actually talented these days” and “we wrote like three songs and they were all brilliant.” Will we ever hear the other two songs?? I mean I’m fine to start with just the one, anytime now, but something to consider...
Falling won an ADG Award, the members of the Art Director’s Guild apparently feeling that Harry’s leaky piano was better than the competition, Taylor Swift’s leaky piano, and the tabloids picked up on twitter chatter about Harry going blond for My Policeman (because the character in the book is blond some people think he will bleach his hair) and then everyone talked about it more because the tabloids said so IT MUST BE TRUE. UM, are you even hearing yourselves? They don’t know shit people this is a feedback loop here.
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