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#not my usual fandom

20 some odd hours, 700+ encounters later I’ve finally gotten the shiny Rookidee I’ve been hunting for! I never want to shiny hunt again, it’s just too frustrating and grinding.

Now I need a name for this baby girl. I’ve already named one of my Corviknight “Kraehe” so I‘m considering naming her “Rue”. ☺️

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I bought Pokemon Sword ⚔️ today, but I haven’t booted up the game yet because I can’t decide who I want to be my starter. 🥺

Scorbunny has the best overall stats out of the starters IMO, but design-wise I like Sobble’s final evolution the best and I can relate to the anxious pokemon on a personal level. This is literately a tug of war of brain vs heart, practicality vs sentimentality.

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Jane the Virgin thoughts

I’ll admit, I’ve been a Jane x Michael shipper since day 1, but I’ve always liked Rafael. (Hard not to when Justin Baldoni is A+++) When Michael died I was devastated, but the show did so well at taking their time, seeing Jane through her grief, and showing us how she and Rafael and Petra and all the characters developed over the next few years. Rafael, especially, seemed like a changed man, with his jealousy and anger behind him. By the end of Season 4, I was 100% on board, ready for Jane and Rafael to get engaged and get their happy ending.

But this season seems to have retconned all of that great development. Despite all the heavy-handed talk about how much Jane and Michael have changed (without really showing us that change - and I also don’t think it’s totally fair to compare Michael’s traumatic brain damage with Jane’s grief and general life progression the way they have), one thing hasn’t changed: Michael is willing to put his feelings aside for Jane, to sacrifice for her, and Raf isn’t.

All it takes is Michael showing up again - and he and Jane didn’t ever even DO anything - for Raf to turn back into the jealous, bitter, petty person he was before. Plenty of parents split up, and for much more dramatic betrayals than Jane’s confusion over a wildly confusing situation. Lots of people have been cheated on, abused, etc. by their child’s parent and still manage to coparent without allowing their feelings to turn the child against the other parent. That’s what mature people do, anyway. Letting Mateo act the way he did to Jane was so, so unacceptable. And now that Jane - who, again, has done nothing wrong here at any point - actually has committed to him completely, HE doesn’t trust HER? It’s clear that the problem is Rafael’s trust issues - not Jane - and yes those are extremely valid given his…entire family, but we were made to believe they were a thing of the past.

Michael, on the other hand, not once but twice was willing to walk away to make Jane happy. And we’re expected to buy the fact that Raf is the “REAL love interest”? You can’t just slap words on a graphic that contradict everything you’ve written for seven episodes and expect the audience to accept it.

I bought Raf and Jane before. I’d rather go back to Michael being dead than have the shitty mess these characters have suddenly turned into forced down my throat for the rest of the season.

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So I’m having a presentation about “A Study in Pink” in english class for 15 minutes and I have three tasks. The last one includes to tell the differences between Benedict’s Sherlock and the trillion ones before him (especially Conan Doyle’s original). I have some things, but I would love to hear some other opinions as well >.< Would you help me?

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So this is TOTALLY random but something that has always bugged me in Harry Potter and I bet someone here knows the answer:

Please tell me why Harry et al didn’t use the Time Turner to go back to pre either his parents’ death or the rise of Voldemort and stop him??

Like why only save a hippogriff???

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Jason todd was a horrible robin. I know that’s a very unpopular opinion. But I remember reading those books as a kid and wanting to like him, really while dick grayson was at the time my favorite batfamily member I wasnt a huge fan of the comic adaptation of him. Him and bruce had to many arguments and I’ve always believed the robin role had to be partners with the bat. And the last year of dicks robin not my favorite. And screw the haters disco nightwing will always be my favorite look. But jason took over and at first I was on board with it. I’ve always thought anyone with a couple billion dollars a near genius level IQ that had the training could become batman. Hey look I was eleven. And Jason’s robin to me wasnt special. A kid from the streets. I lived on the border of the bronx I could see parts of Jason in my friends. But when the roof incident happened it was the first time my friends who read the story and I all split in our opinion. Some that he crossed a line, some thought it made him a better hero, some thought he became a villian. I thought he lost the right to be robin. Although a lot of fandom that defends jason,and hey you all make great points and the veracity of your beliefs while different then mine is awesome to read. I stopped being a fan of Jason todd being robin. Didnt stop being a fan of jason just not him being Robin. Robin was supposed to the light to the bats darkness and he was even before this becoming darker. And heres how a kids brain worked. The good guys never smoked cigarettes as kids. Ok I was a goody goody til my twenties but it was my truth. We would play at recess as batman characters. I was usually commissioner gordon, but the last week before I moved I was like I’m Jason todd ex robin not batman’s protege I went back to my roots with his training. Later on after his death when my best friend and I would meet at Burger King on Wednesday for our weekly pull list, at seventeen I was spending almost a hundred a month at 21 it was almost 200, we would debate. Jason had been dead for a while and still be gone for a really long time. I said to tom ir they ever brought Jason todd back slade should have kidnapped him and had joker kill a kid who looked at him. Then came back as deathstroke protege, at the time alade was on his first solo series and thought I came up with magic. I was wrong. When I heard he was coming back I was bummed. Let him be a meaningful death that stayed dead. Then I read hush and that was well done. But under the red hood. That’s the Jason todd I always wanted to see. Crime lord hell yeah kinda of a redemption arc hell yeah. Red hood and the outlaws oh. I guess great concept and it was nice to Roy and kori but while I like the new roy I was that one fan that loved arsenal and wanted him and dick in the justice league to replace bruce and ollie. Now the dark trilogy outlaws. Had me buying comics in a comic book store. Something I hadnt done cause my heart was broken when the collection that I lovingly bag and boarded and kept in mint shape, seriously I’m not super neat but I was OCD enough for my stories to do it. Plus I bought 2 of certain titles each month just so I had a copy to read. I love my mom. That she donated my collection to toys for tots one Christmas while I was in the navy. Tough pill to swallow but we moved on…. but I digress. I do that alot. Anyhoo I finally get to read the jason I thought should have happened and while the fandom has written better reconciliation stories then dc has I still enjoy this jason.

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a psa 

while im happy to interact with each and every one of the people i’m following, and i’m always open for AUs and such, please know that i have absolutely no idea what ‘lore olympus’ is and i’m not familiar at all with the ‘percy jackson’ lore, or ‘hadestown’ (?). 

i specify this in my rules and state what my characters are based on in their respective pages (in general: homer, aeschylus, euripides, etc), for reference. 

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alright, after reading both sides of the “shipping preferences are shaped by/perpetuate social oppression” debate and letting my thoughts simmer in my head I now Have Opinions™️ that I would like to write out and expound on in a meta some time. they will take some reference from amia Srinivasan’s writings on sexual desire and her ways of critiquing it that avoid authoritarian moralism while acknowledging that desire isn’t independent of social oppression (and that the question of whether there’s a moral duty to address it is deeply, deeply complex and something we need to tread very carefully with). I’m also hoping to address some unhelpful assumptions I’ve seen being made on both sides and reconcile some tensions. but I probably won’t get to it for a long time because I have a big pile of coursework to get through and a book chapter pitch to work on for the foreseeable future; also my final year exams are a thing

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I just cant fucking believe that Su is over

I loved the finale, im feeling so many emotions right now oh my god

Even though i wasnt really in the fandom, I still feel so empty now that its over

Im gonna miss this

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rules: name top 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms and then tag 10  people

tagged by @hapijamot-hozrim, thanks a bunch ❤️

alright! here we go (by no particular order):

  1. Gert Yorkes (Runaways)
  2. Jessica Jones (Jessica Jones)
  3. Felicity Smoak (Arrow)
  4. Rebecca Bunch (Crazy Ex Girlfriend)
  5. Thor Odinson (MCU)
  6. Jake Peralta (Brooklyn Nine Nine)
  7. Yennefer (the Witcher)
  8. Diana Bishop (a Discovery of Witches)
  9. Diana Prince / Wonder Woman (DCEU)
  10. Sam Winchester (Supernatural)

I counted all the marvel movies as one fandom, or this list would have been very different… anyway so I might have a type when it comes to faves sue me

tagging @lorelaigilmo, @chlotranya, @shakespeareanqueer. and the entirety of tumblr. just say that I tagged you if you want

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tagged by: @smilecapsules thanks for tagging me sarah! ♡

  1. book!ginny weasley (harry potter)
  2. aos!spock (star trek)
  3. sherlock (sherlock)
  4. gwaine (merlin)
  5. johanna mason (the hunger games)
  6. donna noble (doctor who)
  7. niska (humans)
  8. crowley (good omens)
  9. edmund pevensie (the chronicles of narnia)
  10. thomas barrow (downton abbey)

yeah, my faves usually have either “i’m gonna kill you if you hurt my friends” vibe, or gay vibe, or both

tagging: @romulusnuffles @aoskirk @elsabethmoss @schofeild @schoflield but only if you want to, no pressure! ♡♡♡

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Yeah, I’m not usually this vocal, but this is driving me up the damn wall. I fear this fic has been deleted, and it was like the very first one I found and read and loved and I wish to preserve it. I have tried my google-fu, and I’m combing through FF.Net, but if its been deleted, I just need a fic name or author to try and unbury it. 

I’m looking for a human Alice and vampire Jasper fic from FF.Net. I do not remember the name or author, but I know it was unfinished, and it included the following things:

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“ Oh, for fuck’s sake. You know how hard it was to get you over here and laying down to begin with? And you can’t even tell? “ 

Not that that was the thing bothering him the most. Wash looked… by all accounts, fucking awful. And it wasn’t uncommon to see the man in such a worse for wear shape, but something about him this time just… put Church off. More than a little.

    “ Alright, look. I already warned everyone to back the fuck off for a few hours, and at this point, I’m almost willing to sit outside the goddamn door here to make sure you stay in here and they stay out there. “ It wasn’t like he couldn’t find something to pass the time. Maybe he could… catch up on a book or something. Or start a book.

    “ Bottom line? You’re not leaving this room until you get some rest. I don’t know what you have against sleep, but this is getting ridiculous. So you better figure out how to get comfortable, pal, otherwise it’s gonna be a really long few hours in here. “

“I’m sorry, Church… I realize I haven’t been exactly taking the best care of myself lately… I don’t have anything against sleep… It’s just…” Wash trailed off, biting his lip. It wasn’t Church’s problem so he could try and handle it himself. No need to bring up the nightmares, right?

“I’ll stay in bed, I promise… I just don’t really want to sleep…” he said. But what else could he do right now? His mind was too tired to really focus on anything.

However, now that he was actually settled into the bed he could feel sleep tugging at him hard. Wash grimaced and shook his head, only succeeding in making himself a bit dizzy. With another frown he pressed his hand against his head in a poor attempt to stop the world from spinning.

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