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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#not only is it hilarious
Im interested in stellar firma but does it like have a plot. Cause the last space podcast I watched was Wolf 359 and im still recovering from the whiplash of toothpaste hoarding to everything post the first Christmas on the ship.

stellar firma doesnt really have a plot! it’s 90% improv so it’s basically like… there’s loosely a plot for individual episodes but overall we have no clue where it’s going (and neither do they). it’s also a comedy so there’s little risk for Huge Emotional Turns that blindside you and then drag you to hell where you end up crying over an AI with anxiety

tldr; stellar firma definitely will not throw you through emotions like wolf 359, it deals almost exclusively in jokes

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round 1 - the lotharios // goth house

  • cassandra got pregnant at the end of the intro day - on her and don’s wedding night - and continued getting the symptoms of early pregnancy on tuesday
  • cassandra’s mother bella called her on the phone on tuesday afternoon, possibly to belatedly apologize for not being at the wedding or to congratulate cassandra and don. cassandra got her first baby bump immediately after getting off the phone
  • don kept rolling the want to be friends with mortimer, clearly he wants to be on his father-in-laws good side. they had a few long phone calls over the week and slowly but surely got their relationship to friendship level
  • on wednesday don was promoted to resident (lvl 5 in the medicine career) after deciding to speak up in a meeting full of higher-ups and pointing up a flaw in the more experienced doctors’ work. he got home early and brought her colleague marylena hamilton with him
  • with cassandra sleeping upstairs, and with don being don, he of course started flirting with marylena. when cassandra started making her way downstairs to fix some dinner, don and marylena moved their act outdoors and ended up making out in the garden
  • i have no photo proof of this but nina caliente walked by at this point and was about to go and ring the doorbell so don greeted him, she stole a kiss from him, and they said goodbye. cannot fuckin deal with this man
  • cassandras pregnancy was rough - she was on the brink of collapsing from exhaustion at the slightest movement and constantly felt like she was about to starve to death
  • somehow i wasnt surprised at all when it ended up being twins
  • don and cassandra lothario’s first children, quentin and rosalia lothario, were born on thursday at 11 p.m.
  • a nanny was hired to help with the babies, and cassandra returned to work on saturday. as a resident, don works from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. so he used this time to invite over marylena hamilton and ask her out on a date
  • don and marylena had a dream date - they fell in love & woohooed on the sitting room couch, and they said their goodbyes just as cassandra’s carpool arrived in front of the house. talk about perfect timing
  • cassandra had used her maternity leave to work on her skills and was promoted to science teacher (science career lvl 4). she was feeling so uncomfortable and tired after work that she didnt even care why the woman whod been calling every night since wednesday to ask for her husband was now leaving their house
  • late at sunday night, quentin and rosalia aged up into toddlers. quentin is a sagittarius which means he will eventually be a knowledge sim; rosalia is a libra which means she’s got a 50-50 chance to become either a romance sim or a pleasure sim, and decided that she’ll become the former - she’ll be a romance sim just like her father don
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My badminton group has been converted to an online d&d group while everyone is staying at home and that means I get a new kid to play!! This is brie! (Short for brioche) They’re a a wood elf rogue magician with a talent for goblin interrogation, apparently

(Any pronouns)


[ID: A drawing of a long-eared, tan-skinned elf of light build. They have straight brown hair worn in a shoulder-length bob, and are wearing a top hat, a red blazer with a yellow handkerchief hanging out of the pocket, baggy blueish trousers, and loose brown boots. They’re standing on their toes, fussing with their hands in front of them as they look innocently off to the side. End ID.]

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