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#not pr0 just using tags
silverskinnyboy22 days ago
I will hit my next gw in December
I will lose more weight in December than I did in November
I will be skinnier by the end of December
I will lose so much weight in December
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wanttodiexox2 days ago
when ur wide hips give you an hourglass figure but also make u look fat and have thick thighs :(
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bonnielovesdietcokea day ago
pro ana quotes from old tumblr
鈥渏ust remember in 20 seconds the food will be gone,the taste will be over,and all that will be left is regret. just like last time.鈥
鈥渁lways leave the table feeling like you could鈥檝e eaten more鈥
鈥渃hemicals over calories for me, thanks.鈥
鈥渞emember fat lasts longer than flavour鈥
鈥渞emember how it felt the first time you started losing weight? don鈥檛 let that feeling get taken away from you, keep going.鈥
鈥渄on鈥檛 eat anything today that you鈥檒l regret tomorrow.鈥
鈥測our body and cravings don鈥檛 control you, you control them.鈥
鈥測ou won鈥檛 regret getting skinny and not eating, you鈥檒l regret overeating and getting fat.鈥
and the classic 鈥渟kip dinner wake up thinner.鈥
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nyast4rvea day ago
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it was meant to say 鈥渟till have a lot of time 鈥 lmk if you want the fixed version
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angel-lbs2 days ago
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sweetlolli2 days ago
I know that what I鈥檓 doing is wrong. I know that I have an ed and that I participate in unhealthy behaviors that will potentially harm my health long term. I鈥檓 so self aware that it hurts. But I can鈥檛 stop.
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shadowfairysblog2 days ago
Bought diet coke. Kinda tastes like shit because I don't like coke but it stops my sugar cravings lol
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