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#not related to adashi lol
Keith and Pidge as criptide buds? Watching unsolved together and talking about crazy nerd stuff?

I know nothing about Unsolved but they’d definitely be wicked cryptic buds. Before Voltron and learning the existence of aliens and magic and things Pidge would’ve never believed in cryptids and said they were easily explainable with real animals or tricks of the eye. But after a certain space adventure she gets really into the fantastical things back home.

Keith had always believed in cryptids and used to search for them when he was a kid, which very much explains all the charts and findings he researched when he was in the desert. So when they both end up operating on the same wavelength it’s chaos.

After the war they go on “scientific” expeditions to places like the PNW or the deserts of Mexico to search and document the elusive creatures. The only one they ever found solid proof for was Bigfoot but that seemed to satisfy them enough before they had to return to their dumb responsibilities like the Blades and advancing human science with Altean magic. They still love watching things like Lost Tapes and Gravity Falls when they do find the time to get together tho

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I got a new phone and my notifs havent been working i promise im still here tho ):

Aw thanks lol RIP your phone tho

I was just wondering if there was any specific reason there hadn’t been as much activity lately like midterms or if everybody was just dealing with their own stuff that happened to coincide all at the same time lol

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Hello. You know I'm a fan of yours but I have to defend Pidge ships. Please do not make her aro or ace just because you do not want to ship her with somebody. That hurts those that are. And it's lazy. Teenagers experience romantic attraction. I would never write anything NSFW because that's not me. But if I were I would make sure that she was least 18 before writing such a thing. Before implying such a thing. She's 15 at the start. You are more than entitled to your opinions (cont.)

Oh dear, I’m really sorry! I didn’t think about how my original post was phrased or what different interpretations it could have, it was really just a stream of consciousness.

To clarify, I DO really enjoy the headcanon that Pidge is aro completely separate from her age or gender. In my post I discussed age primarily as a reason that Pidge x anybody was not on my radar, and as a secondary comment tossed out the idea of aro Pidge as another reason why Pidge ships did not register with me. I had no intent of headcanoning her as aro simply to dismiss her from ships, those were separate ideas, though I can see now how they would appear connected, and it’s my poor phrasing at fault, so I apologize. 

I don’t think it’s diminishing of Pidge’s character or giving her less than she deserves to headcanon her as aro because it is not a lesser thing to be. I appreciate that headcanon because she is one of the most independent, self assured members of the team, and her arc is about finding both biological and found family. I enjoy that she has passions and skills and talents that make her happy and that there’s no real indication that she’s interested in romance at all within the show. Of course kids that age do experience romantic attraction, but some also don’t, and I think Pidge is a great example of a character that can thrive on her own and be confident in that.  

I assure you I meant no disrespect, and I haven’t the slightest clue of how others in the fandom treat Pidge as a character because I’ve isolated myself to only see Adashi content, and even prior I was not invested in fan interpretations for really any of the characters. That is to say I was unaware that making Pidge aro was a lazy or possibly even demeaning act within this fandom, and I absolutely promise you I do not associate with those who do so. 

My original point wasn’t that Pidge ships were bad or anything, just completely not on my mind to consider because it makes me feel strange as a 21 year old to ship someone so much younger than me, and as an aside to that, I also liked the headcanon of Pidge being aro anyway prior. I hope that clears things up and I’ll be sure to be more careful with my phrasing and intent in the future

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yeah I agree with you. I don't ship pidge with anyone romantically, but I do platonically ship her with hunk because the science buddy dynamic is literally one of my favs and i think they're adorable friends

I love them together too their friend dynamic is so fun! I feel like we really needed more of them just doing wacky science shit to emphasize that really both are still just kids, and Hunk is more than just food and fat jokes. I’d like to think Pidge sees a lot of Matt in Hunk and he’s really able to be the big brother for her when Matt isn’t there

But I’m so sorry “platonic ship” is such a wild ass phrase to me like I’ve seen it before in fandom but it just means friends??? Isn’t it easier to just say friends???

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okay i read the thing you read about lotor and daaaaaamn. Why didn't they hire you as a writer?? That's good stuff

Aw thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to read it all, it was a fucking chunker lmao

I’ve really come to enjoy analyzing media and evaluating what works and doesn’t and how it affects the audience, and Voltron has so many things that COULD have worked really beautifully that I honestly just love discussing where I would’ve taken those stories and hearing what others would’ve done as well

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okay but i just gotta ask: how would you fix lotor's redemption arc? I liked him in the beginning because of his personality and how he did have potential to be redeemed in the way you said, like you could be more than what your parents made you, and I think the show could have delved a little bit into the idea that even if you grow as a person, the people you hurt (Allura, Romelle, ect) aren't required to forgive you. Idk, that's just me bro. I'd love to hear your thinking on it.

Thanks for asking! For me, the main problems with his story were that his motivations were unclear, he whipped back and forth between sympathetic and repulsive, and was given backstory too little too late for it to have any impact, after he was long dead and unresolved as a character. This is gonna get really long, so I hope you enjoy lol 

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Personally I like Jaith but like what te fandom has done with it. I didn’t start shipping it until The Look™️ and after that it still took fandom stuff about how they believed James would have matured and him owning up to what he did and stuff. There was a lot of potential but just not enough time to execute it :(

OH FUCK how long has this been here I missed it whoops sorry

Yeah idk how but VLD gave the MFEs so much screentime in those Last Stand episodes when they were talking about what happened to Earth and yet somehow none of them left any lasting impression or got any sort of depth of character and LM and JDS were like “yes…..we’ve done it…..the next generation of Voltron….despite them being the same age and now older than the current generation of Voltron…..people will love this….we are geniuses….”

So I guess I get the whole potential thing and people in fics and art can really elaborate in ways I could have never thought but also I point at James and I say “Really? Him?” Lol

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My strongest feelings towards Curtis as a character are a product of that one comic with him and Adam where Curtis is like “I’m in love with Captain Shirogane” and Adam does the funniest series of facial expressions before saying “good luck” like I don’t fucking remember at all what Curtis is like in canon I only know that one comic because it’s so fuckin funny

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Why are women-who-enjoy-embroidery bots reblogging my gift exchange piece and following me all the sudden? These are all from today and they all have reblogged the exact same posts otherwise about cross stitching and owl and plant and butterfly genuses? And a dick necklace gif that I’m just now noticing??? And a tik tok of a guy wrapping a chihuahua like a Christmas present??

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