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#not responding to a direct ask because i want to respond to a few of them at once
starlightshore · a month ago
asriel tutorial anon ur not spamming or anything, i just don’t feel up for talking too much at times + i’ve been busy with some personal matters/a few projects
i do want answer ur asks I just don’t have the energy/mindspace, i’m terribly sorry! and thank you for your kind words. i’m really upset about Texas and that awful evil governor but otherwise i’m alright mostly, all things considered i’m doing pretty ok. (might have some health issues i’m not getting into, but again, i’m just happy to have power and be in a better state that the recent ice age lmao)
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introvertedlife2021 · a day ago
I can remember the first time that I learned about suicide. I was sitting in a hotel room in Williamsburg, Virginia with my family watching the news while on a family vacation. I must have been around the age of 8 at the time. The victim was from an old 90s television show and he had hung himself due to a battle with depression. From that day on for many years to come, I would look at death and suicide and feel fear and was unable to sleep or get this off of my mind. I couldn’t understand how it could get so bad for someone that they would choose to hang themselves. 
For many years, I struggled with my own depression and anxiety due to a number of factors, and although the first time I had to defend myself against any thoughts of thinking I would be suicidal with my therapist, I never thought that I would give it much thought more than I already had. 
Every few months this thought creeps into my mind and makes me question why I wouldn’t just remove myself from this world and end my pain. Many say that this is a selfish act, but is it more selfish to ask someone to remain in a world which hurts them every day to live in? What’s the answer? That’s what is running through my mind on repeat right now. 
I spoke with my therapist about my suicidal thoughts and assured her that I would not be doing anything that she needed to worry about. She believed me and said that she didn’t think that I was a threat to myself and felt comfortable giving me resources to help in those desperate moments of self-despair. She told me that I needed to be more direct when explaining to my girlfriend the gravity and depth of what I was going through, something that I had never done before. I got up the courage after a few days to finally tell her how bad my depression had gotten and told her in less obvious words than “I want to kill myself”, but that I had been on the line with a crisis centre out of what I feared I would do to myself. 
In response, she sat and listened and wanted to help so badly with coming up with a plan that would help address these issues immediately. Once those words had left my mouth, it was as if I opened a gate that said “It is okay to talk about this openly now”. This, however, was not the direction I expected to take and found myself openly joking about commiting suicide. My girlfriend told me that if I did that, she would kill me. I responded “I’d already be dead, so that wouldn’t work” and I found that hilarious and she was less than thrilled. 
Last night, I felt this deep sense of dread come over me and I could feel my stomach turning. I dreaded that she had to leave for work the next day because she had been working so hard to help me be okay the past two days, I was scared of what her not being home would mean for me. I voiced my worry to her and she tried to understand what I meant by that. The very first question that came out of her mouth was “why, are you going to do something???” I could feel the fear in her voice now that she knew how I truly felt inside everyday and I reassured her that I wouldn’t. 
I’ve found that the thoughts of suicide have become somewhat a place of safe-haven thoughts, like it was the answer to my problems. Although this would ultimately make myself feel better in my mind, I knew that it could potentially destroy the lives of many around me and that is what I am grappling with the most. I do not want to destroy my loved ones, I simply want to stop the pain that I feel every day. I dread the thought of beginning work tomorrow and can feel myself wanting to run like I usually do. When things get tough, I run. I can’t handle it. I struggle to see myself at one job for an extended period of time because I ultimately cannot deal with any kind of stress. 
So, this is where I sit. I am broken and hurting inside and I want the suffering to be over with. I want to end it. How do I do that without hurting everyone around me? 
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journeytoeuphoria · 2 days ago
Evolving Thoughts
Tumblr media
I opened my eyes and saw white sails. They moved across the skyline in the direction of least resistance. I felt the large circular motion of a wave underneath me. I stumbled onto my feet gazing all around. All I could see were boats stretching as far as my vision allowed me to see. I looked at my tiny reflection on the steel metal bar of my defective tiller, taking a mental note of every faint new crease that appeared in my once flawless skin. The water shined beautifully in the sun, but the picture looked all too familiar.
“Hey, I’m Phren.” I turned around with a jolt. I was caught off guard as it was rare for anyone to set foot on a boat that didn’t belong to them. Although I didn’t know what he was doing, or where he came from; I didn’t feel threatened by him in any way. Perhaps it was because he was a harmless-looking elderly man with unruly grey hair and a perfectly grey moustache. He was wearing a buttoned-down shirt held down by a pair of dark brown pants and a black leather belt. His appearance overall was tidy, but not impressive in any way. Phren spoke in a very eloquent and gentle manner.
“What are you doing on my boat?” I asked. “I’m just hitching a ride for a little while. I hope that’s alright with you. I promise I don’t mean any trouble”. At this point in my journey, I was ready to welcome some company. I proceeded to ask some questions about where he came from and his responses sounded very natural. He told me about all of the fascinating adventures he had been on and all the beautiful things he had seen. All I had ever witnessed was the crashing of waves and the occasional shakedown of fellow boaters who had stolen rations from others. The adventures he spoke about challenged all my life experiences.
People like Mitch would never entertain someone like Phren. Mitch was tunnel focused on one thing, the known path to Euphoria. Mitch’s perception would not have any effect on me. We had different ambitions and a sailboat would not want to compete with a powered one.
Tumblr media
A few days had passed and Phren asked if I wanted to join him on his next adventure to an island. The island was supposedly on route, 12 full moons away. I hastily responded “No!” All I had ever known for the last decade, was to stick with the boaters. It is what was expected of us and while I always wondered if there was more to life, I never thought I would do anything about it. Phren didn't bring it up again, but his question lingered in my mind.
While the boats served as refuge they only moved forward with time. Phren presented the possibility of adventure, but at the cost of everything I had gathered over the years.
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violetrainbow412-blog · 5 days ago
Chemistry [S. B.]
Sirius Black x reader
Word counts: 1.8k
Warnings: I’m from Mexico so sorry for any misspelling or grammar. If you have any advice tells me!
N/A: I'll post more Sirius and Regulus stuff, in case you want to follow me :)
Tumblr media
The fireplace light lit up much of the room in the manor, providing a little warmth in the middle of winter.
"Damn padfoot, we'd get more heat if we went out in the open, your house is a fucking freezer" James complained, squeezing more against the blanket he shared with Lily Evans.
Hogwarts students had obtained an unforeseen holiday period, just for a week. Sirius reported that his parents had left for a few months and were supposed to return to formal vacation to welcome their children, so you all agreed to spend the sparse week in their huge mansion. You were lying in front of the fireplace with duvets that Sirius himself said were expensive acquisitions of their mother.
"She won't even notice that we used them" he said with a mischievous smile, pulling them out of the dresser where they were neatly bent.
You liked being there, laughing among your friends and drinking the fire whiskey James had stolen from the Blacks' kitchen, the same bottle that later served to play "truth or dare" among the six members.
In due course it was your turn, with James Potter as your executioner.
"My dear flower" he intonated maliciously, looking you right in the eye. “Truth or dare?”
"I don't trust you to put my life at stake, so true" you responded by smiling. You noticed Sirius looking in your direction, but you weren't sure if his attention was on you or the trembling Remus Lupin you shared a blanket with.
"Even if you're a coward, you won't get rid of an awkward question, I warn you" he murmured to provoke you, causing you to roll your eyes. “What would be the number on a scale of 1 to 100 of the possibility you would have of dating everyone in this room?” He questioned. It wasn't that awkward, after all.
"Hey, let's see. Starting with you, James Potter, I'll give you 10%. You're too hateful and not at all my type, but I could make fun of your short-sightedness and lack of brains then it would be nice" you murmured, making everyone laugh. “Lily, you take 40% just because I know you're very much in love with the old idiot and you'd have a hard time forgetting. Peter, 15% maybe, because you're not my type either" you turned around and watched the chestnut tree, who smiled under his scars. “Moony, I think I give you 80% because we have almost everything in common and you're handsome, but we're best friends and I don't think either of us wants to ruin this wonderful union" you said fondly, while he was shaking your hair.
"I agree. You're like a sister to me and that would be... strange. But likewise thank you for the compliment, pretty" he added and let you recharge a little more on his shoulder.
"And Sirius?” Lily asked with interest. When you looked back at him, you noticed a pouting hint.
"Sirius? 4% or even you could say less”
"What are you talking about?!” James asked, with a laugh. “You and Siri are the most compatible in this room”
"Of course not" Sirius appealed, looking at his friend. More than once they had tried to match them and both continued to deny layer and sword the fact that they would be the worst couple. “We fought for almost everything”
"What about that?” Remus murmured, taking the opportunity to annoy his two best friends. “You can't be without each other and your fights always end with you laughing and hugging like teenagers in love.”
"It's a lie!” you spoke now, gently beating Remus. “We don't end up hugged and we're not in love, it's absurd.”
"Yes, that's it. Absurd" Sirius repeated, crossing his arms in a tantrum. They all shared looks of disbelief and nodded only to leave the subject, though they didn't believe it a bit.
You continued with a few rounds where everyone was forced to drink whiskey, Peter vomited, Lily confessed to an extremely embarrassing secret of their relationship, Remus had to dance in front of everyone something you didn't want to witness and Sirius ended up without his T-shirt. That last part was the hardest to cope with, because from time to time you were distracted by looking at his toned chest. He had some scars and moles on his back, but he had mostly very white skin that from your place looks somewhat soft.
They turned the bottle again and this time stopped aiming at the half-naked boy.
"Sirius, truth or dare?
"Oh, Lupin, you never put up good challenges" he said, dragging his tongue, signs of the drunken state he was entering. “So I'm going to get that one. The challenge" he replied mockingly, provoking it as he did with everyone.
"So you don't think I'm going to be a good player, huh?” Remus murmured, raising his eyebrows. Sirius was leaning on his hand and threw a kiss at him with amusement, prompting him to continue. “Well, since you like to throw kiss so much, I dare you to kiss Y/N" he exclaimed softly. You cried and somehow the air stuck in your throat, causing you to cough hard.
"Come on, what can you lose? Consider it your chance to prove that the chemistry between you is so minimal that the kiss will be square and uncomfortable for everyone" he watched his friend with joy. Everyone began to incite him to meet the challenge and Sirius began to feel increasingly sorry that he had judged his friend so lightly.
"Come on, Sirius!” Lily deceived him, when he was looking for another excuse to evade the challenge. “We all do, it's your turn" he said sternly. Sirius bit his lower lip and then turned his gaze to you, staying there for a moment as if trying to convince himself. For some reason the way I watched you send a shiver all over your spine. His eyes, so big and bright, reflected something different from the usual. It wasn't those naughty boy's eyes, it was a scared little boy.
But scared what?
"Well, as long as she agrees.”
"Oh, of course she agrees, now do it!”
"No, I want to hear it from her lips" he said earnestly. Suddenly all eyes fell on you, but only by a specific one did it make you feel self-conscious. “You want this, sunshine?” He asked gently. Damn it, with that look and the way he pronounced your nickname, the last thing you could think about was refusing.
"I... I don't know," you whispered, looking at all your friends. “I guess it's just a challenge and Remus is right, we have nothing to hide after all," you said, a little more confident. A general noise became present and you almost thought you saw the boy's cheeks blush with shame.
He left his place and began crawling towards you, without taking his eyes off yours. You'd be lying if you said your heart didn't speed up to see it that way, because it looked almost like a predator kicking out its prey. He stood on his knees in front of you so that it was enough just to bow down to feel his breath against yours. When his glances met he saw his pupils dilate and his lips came closer almost by inertia, besides that brown hair fell gracefully on his bare shoulders.
For Merlin, you'd forgotten the little detail that he was half-naked.
Everyone was waiting for either of us to make a move, but the boy in front of you seemed to want to take his time.
"My 4% is enough to get a kiss?” he asked, with that playful glow returning to his eyes and a flirtatious smile.
"Shut up and kiss me before I regret it, Black" you whispered in the same way, managing to increase her smile.
You thought he'd want to finish as soon as possible and leave a chaste kiss before retiring, but instead he slid his hand up to your cheek and approached your face carefully, forcing you to close your eyes.
Your cheeks warmed up long before you felt the rubbing of her lips and when he finally arrived you couldn't even breathe. You had become a bundle of nerves under his confident grip on your cheek.
At first you were about to complain about the temperature of his lips, but you quickly adjusted to it. Sirius was in charge of fitting his mouths so he had trapped your lower lip with his own, sucking so gently that you felt faint.
His other hand suddenly traveled to your face and now he was holding you by the neck to deepen your contact a little. Inadvertently your hands went up to his bare biceps and Sirius nearly released a groan because of the superficial touch of your buds that had affected him more than he expected.
You felt his pointy tongue pass through your entire upper lip, forcing you to suppress a gasp just as he had done seconds ago.
All you could do was concentrating on the taste of the opposite lips that was even more intoxicating the whiskey that had come and whose flavor was also present.
Things would have climbed a little more had it not been because Remus cleared his throat and made them fall into account the situation you were in.
Sirius broke completely so as not to have the urge to kiss you again, but when you looked at him you realized that his cheeks were painted crimson and his barely swollen lips were trying to match that tone. You didn't even want to imagine how you looked, but what if you could perceive was the boy watching you fondly.
"Good thing you two can't stand each other!” he began to say. “Can you imagine if they were in love? The clothes would have started to get over it, if you could take something else from Sirius”
"Shut up, James!” you spoke in unison ming, hearing a group laugh.
"Go back to your place, Padfoot, you'll have time to stick your tongue in when we all go to sleep.”
"Potter, can you really shut up?" you said between your teeth, just to get the boy more fun.
They put the bottle in place and went another way. You looked into the glass, trying to keep your thoughts away from the good, no, rather how wonderful it felt to be kissed by Sirius, but the temptation was greater and you strayed to the face of the opposite, just when he too had decided to observe you.
When you crossed glances you quickly tried to disguise that you didn't, but it had been enough to blush both.
The game continued naturally but now from time to time you felt Sirius' eyes on you and didn't hesitate to alternate shy looks with him.
You remembered his taste and the kindness with which he had touched you and even kissed you, contrary to everything you thought you knew his person. Maybe, after all, you weren't that incompatible.
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writer---kind-of · 5 days ago
~ pairing: Midoriya Izuku x reader
genre: fluff!
word count: 1k
summary: Izuku feels insecure about your relationship, but you reassure him
a/n my stories are kind of paced weirdly, sorry about that haha
Ever since you established yourself as one of the most promising pro-heroes in training, people have been noticing you a lot more. Not just fans on the street, news networks, or big agencies, but guys too.
You wonder how many of them are just grasping for an opportunity at fame.
Thankfully, you don’t need to concern yourself with them. The best boy is already yours.
“Izuku!” You call from across the cafeteria.
Upon seeing you his eyes light up bright, and he starts toward you. Before you can move in his direction, a tall figure steps into your path, tall, broad, and unfamiliar.
“I think I’ve seen you somewhere before, on television maybe?” the boy says with a smirk that tells you everything you need to know. “Class 1-A, right?”
“That’s correct.”
“So, listen, I’ve always thought you were pretty special, but that quirk of yours? Wow, it’s really something to see in action.”
You know there is nothing to be gained from being rude, so you respond with a short  “Thank you. That is very kind,” in the most even tone possible.
Maybe if you bore him, he’ll walk away.
Apparently you aren’t that lucky. The boy continues, “I’m pretty busy most days with training of course,” he tells you, bearing no shame in flexing his muscles for you (it takes everything in you to not burst out in laughter), “but I’m sure I could squeeze you into my schedule somewhere.”
You can’t help but roll your eyes “Thanks, but no squeezing will be necessary. It has been a pleasure talking to you,” you add, pushing past him.
Did he just scoff? You just shake your head.
Your boyfriend stands just a few feet away and you slip your hand into his as you begin walking.
“If it isn’t my favorite hero,” you greet him with a smile. It’s hard to not be happy around him.
Usually something like that would make him smile or at least blush, but his eyebrows are knit together in deep thought.
“You alright?”
“Hm? Oh yeah, perfect! Just great! Don’t worry about it!”
You shoot him a knowing glance, “This sounds like something I should be worrying about. Is there something wrong?”
He lets out a nervous exhale.
“Well. . .” he begins, only to back off once again, “it’s actually not important at all. Let’s talk about you!”
Without much warning, you pull him into a side hallway where you’re completely alone.
“You’re going to tell me exactly what’s going on, Midoriya.”
You don’t mean to sound so intense, but something is obviously bothering him. It just wouldn’t sit right with you to simply brush it aside. So self-sacrificial, that boy.
He sighs in surrender, “I just thought I should tell you, that it’s okay,” he pauses, “it’s okay if you don’t want to be with me. . .”
What? Does he not want to be with you anymore?
You step back from him, “Why would you say that?”
“No! No, it’s not like that!” He says quickly. “It’s just that I’m so lucky that you’re mine. . . but I don’t want you to feel like you have to be with me. . . if you don’t want to be.”
You cock your head to the side. He looks so serious. Why would he think that?
“Or, I mean, not that you belong to me now, of course. You are very much your own person!” he adds. Quietly he says, “It‘s just that I see the way other guys look at you. I’m just so lucky that I get to be with you.”
Your gaze softens, and you touch his cheek with your hand. Reaching up, he holds it tightly, giving you a weak smile.
“Why do you say it like that,” you ask.
“Say what?”
“That you’re lucky? Like it’s only by pure chance that I’m yours— because I am yours,” you clarify. “It’s not by luck, Izuku. I choose you, and would again. And again. And as many times as you need me to.”
His eyes look watery, and you can’t help but fall in love with him all over again.
“If anyone is lucky, it’s me,” you reassure him.
Pulling your hand from his face, he places a soft kiss into your palm and then on each of your knuckles.
“I love you,” he tells you.
You’ve never felt luckier.
“You hungry?” he asks, pulling you back into the hallway.
“Zukuuuu,” you pout, tugging on his arm. “Why don’t we stay here a little longer?”
His face turns an adorable shade of pink, “As much as I’d love to stay and kiss you all day, I don’t want your food to be cold by the time you get the chance to eat it.”
You sigh softly as if to say, okayyy fine, earning you a quick peck on the cheek.
As you sit down, the sounds of the cafeteria play on the edge of your awareness, and the food in front of you consumes your attention. They had triple chocolate cake today: a rare occurrence that you are glad to have not missed.
“So what was the best part of your day so far?” Izuku asks, genuinely curious, like if he could learn everything about you, he would. He tries to, at least.
“You, obviously,” you say matter-of-fact, “followed veryyyy closely by this cake.”
He lets out a loud laugh.
“What about you?” you smile, resting your face on your hands.
“I think any answer besides ‘you’ would be foolish.”
He seems so honest and boyish before you, and it takes everything in you to not kiss him again.
Soon enough you both fall silent, turning attention to eating lunch and completing your own respective school assignments.
You’ve always liked how comfortable the quiet between you feels. You never feel like it needs to be filled, like you need to be anything more than what you already are.
When you look up at Izuku, you find yourself admiring the way he focuses, his dedication— really just him in general.
He must feel you watching him because he looks up from his work to meet your eyes.
“What is it?” he blinks, concerned.
“Life is sweeter than triple chocolate cake with you, Izuku Midoriya.”
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nimsajlove · 8 days ago
Ahsoka hates it, when they are secrets in front of her nose. So when her brothers dare not to tell her, that a few old friends came for a visit, she gets a bit irritated.
Something woke Ahsoka, it was like a tug at her heart. Disoriented and tired, she sat up and looked around, the room was empty and none of her brothers could be seen in one of the beds. Confused, she got up and looked out the window, the sun was already high over the plain in front of the temple. What time was it? Another tug distracted her from her question and this time she recognized it as the bond to her future padawan. In a few weeks the boy would finally be old enough... The constant strain on the bond made her nervous, so she would probably check on Luke. Before something similar happened again, like last week when Leia was visiting with the speeder.
With long strides she crossed the corridors, avoided a couple of laughing younglings and nodded a greeting to the other Jedi. Around a corner she spotted Rex and Kix, both seemed to be watching something in the next room and shook their heads. "Hey, why didn't you wake me up?", she asked aloud, pausing as both clones hastily turned to her. While Kix leaned very carefully against the wall and thus took away her view of the room behind the door, she saw Rex's shoulders tense and he inhaled once too deeply. She sensed a lie. But, she was ready to hear it. Because it looked funny, how Kix rammed his elbow into his brother's side before he could say anything. That was wise, because Kix was clearly better at lying. "You looked tired, we have already done most of the tasks for you.", he grinned and Ahsoka blinked in surprise, that didn't sound like a lie! She came a few steps closer and immediately the two men were with her and continued to block her view of the open door. "Thanks. But I actually wanted- ” She was interrupted when Kix grabbed her shoulder and turned around. "Nothing to thank for, how about breakfast?", he asked and slowly it all got on her nerves. "What are you hiding?", she asked reproachfully and Rex next to her winced, while Kix raised his eyebrows in unfortunately obviously mock surprise. "Hide? How did you come up with that?” Ahsoka opened her mouth and started to respond sharply when there was a bright screeching from the room behind her and within a few seconds she had freed herself from the hands of her two brothers and stormed towards the sound.
"Let him down, Ahsoka will kill us if-" "What the...!", Ahsoka roared wordlessly and looked at the little spectacle in front of her. Fives winced guiltily and next to him Echo shook his head in disappointment. "Too late.", Jesse muttered with a smile and Hevy hastily lifted the little girl off his shoulders. Cutup and Droidbait were having a great time and laughingly chased the horde of children out to escape their sister's anger. "Wrecker, get him down now!“, she barked and the big clone winced before hastily lifting and lowering the still giggling Luke from his shoulders. "What was that supposed to be?", she asked, still a little perplexed and shocked by her discovery. The entire unit 99 was spread out across the room. Luke came up to her and held up his hands soothingly. "We just played, really!", he protested and the worry in his blue eyes made Ahsoka sigh deeply. How could she resist that look? She massaged her forehead briefly and then nodded slowly. "Ofcourse you did... Out with you to the others, direct Cutup and Droidbait so that they shouldn't show up.", she muttered and the boy quickly disappeared outside, there was brief silence. Ahsoka knew she wasn't really mad at Wrecker. She knew how great it was when one of the clones got involved in such games and you were carried around high on their shoulders. That memory of Hardcase almost made her smile even now. Then Jesse mumbled something incomprehensible to Kix, who was now standing next to him and Ahsoka emerged from her memory and glared at the two of them. She went to Kix and poked a finger in his chest. “So I looked tired? Really?! Did you know that they would come?", she asked clearly annoyed and waved one hand over to the Bad Batch. Jesse and Kix shook their heads. She looked over at Rex, who was now leaning against the door much more relaxed and who also said no. He got along better with her anger than with secrets. "We really wanted to give you a little more sleep.", Echo said from the side and she took a deep breath. “You should have let me know! I don't want to sleep through the time I could spend with all of you.", she sighed and straightened her back. "Kix, Rex. I'm sure a nice mess was left in the hangar, right?”, she asked calmer than before. She wanted to get a little revenge for the fact, that the visitors had been withheld from her. And she knew the other clones, wherever they ended up they left mess and chaos. Rex nodded in confirmation and she grinned broadly, well! "Have fun cleaning up then. Take Droidbait and Cutup with you, and Jesse too."
Her brothers quickly disappeared, and Hevy joined them voluntarily. Echo and Fives seemed relieved not to have to join the cleanup. "Could you keep an eye on the younglings for me?", Ahsoka asked them both quietly and Echo smiled. "Are we the babysitters now?", he asked and Ahsoka grinned broadly. "No, but you have at least a bit of common sense together." Fives puched her at the shoulder teasingly, as he walked past her. She dared to say, that her blow in response hurt a lot more than his. Then the two were gone and she turned to Hunter, who now came up to her with a calm smile. "We didn't know they wouldn't wake you.", he protested and Ahsoka gently shook her head before she returned his handshake. “I guess, thats how they are. I'm rather impressed that Fives actually tried to stop Wrecker.", she smiled and all the clones around her grinned. "But you owe me something now.", she grinned at Wrecker and although she was now bigger than her brothers and she was actually too old for that, she climbed onto the shoulders of the massive clone with one swing and made herself comfortable . "Off to my breakfast.", she grinned and that even made Crosshair laugh. Together they started moving and although a few other Jedi gave them strange looks, Ahsoka didn't find a crumb of shame in her. How nice it was when one no longer cared what the others thought! "So, what did you do?", she asked her old friends.
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shintorikhazumi · 9 days ago
Two is company, Three's a Crowd, but Four is the Death of Diana Cavendish (3): Progress
A/N: Okie, here it is, my dear catalyst friend who caused this fic to exist in a sense hahahha @tanuki-pyon​. This fic is... idk. 
Also I’m assuming that @komatsuna-yuki wants to be tagged? still? idk? sorry for assuming????? also @dianacavendishisgay just to tell you the next is here.
To everyone else,
~Shintori Khazumi
Hannah sipped loudly from her cup, eyes bored, but inwardly absolutely amused as she watched Diana's mechanically stiff movements. The girl could not go into her classroom any slower.
Diana had been having difficulty entering the room; the thought of meeting Atsuko so soon- after that weird chain of events they had sprung on her- was daunting.
Yet Hannah wanted to see to it that Diana would attend her next class. She was waiting for her to go in already before walking over to her own a few rooms down.
She would not- could not- let Diana get away and lessen their chances of capturing one Kagari Atsuko.
Oh, the thought of that girl sent a jolt of excitement up Hannah's spine. The things they could do to the adorable, almost puppy-like bean once they were together.
Ah, but Diana Cavendish was so hell-bent on patience, chivalry, and her century-old idea of 'courtship' that would probably leave them all dried out by the time they got to the first date. It was a little annoying.
It simply wouldn't do.
That's why Hannah and Barbara were here. After noticing their lovely girlfriend struggle the past few months or so with hidden feelings that they could not interpret as anything else than the beginnings of another love, they had decided that it wasn't so bad to help her out and give her the happiness she very clearly deserved.
Okay, and maybe they found Atsuko super cute. After observing her the past few weeks- just to be sure she was good for Diana because scouting was important if they wanted what was best for her- they had come to also adore the honest, bubbly, and incredibly sweet girl who went to the park after school to feed random birds and animals, and gave children sweets after performing rather impressive magic tricks.
Hannah sighed her thoughts away, turning back to her useless girlfriend to confirm that she had made no progress at all in getting to her class. As expected.
Hannah could only watch on helplessly. She was not about to ruin her pretty image by barbarically dragging her girlfriend into the room. Not yet. That was only for desperate times.
Now was... not so desperate.
After what felt like forever congested into the last ten minutes of Diana's- and by extension, Hannah's- struggle, the oaf of a blonde genius finally managed to take a step into the lecture hall.
-only to peek back out at a speed contrasting the time it took to enter the room.
Hannah simply raised a brow, a silent, "What." being expressed.
"She's not here yet!" Diana whisper-shouted in panic. "I should've remembered she'd usually not be early! She's never here early! Hannah!"
Hannah only took another sip from her straw still, rolling her eyes at her girlfriend's rare display of desperate whininess.
Such a baby sometimes. She was definitely going to tell aunt Bernadette when they met up again. Just so they could tease Diana together.
"Calm down, sweet. Just go wait for her inside then or something." Hannah finally responded, sipping the last of her iced coffee before tossing the empty container into a nearby bin. "It's not like she'd skip class to avoid you."
"No way." Hannah could have laughed as Diana silently confirmed that Kagari Atsuko would definitely do something like that.
Oh great.
Two pains to deal with now.
She should've asked Barbara to come along.
Suddenly she heard a squeak from behind her. Hannah quickly turned around and a grin formed immediately on her face.
'Well, well. How perfect.'
Just the one they had been looking for, who was about to turn around and leave- about to bolt for dear life.
Not like Hannah would let her.
Preparing her sweetest smile and voice, she called the girl's name, skipping in her direction, snaking an arm around her waist before planting a greeting kiss on her cheek.
"EEEEE-!  M-Miss England!"
"Oh, come on. Don't be so cold now! Call me Hannah~. Han-nah. <3"
From the corner of her eye she could see Diana sporting a scowl.
'Oh? Already jealous?'
It only tempted Hannah to mess with the pair even more. This was actually turning out to be quite fun. Maybe patience really was a virtue worth its price.
"Come now, let's get to class." She cheerfully linked arms with Atsuko, dragging her into the biochemistry class, past a Diana whose jaw hung slack.
Diana snapped out of her stupor soon enough, marching after the pair into the room.
"Wait a second, Hannah." Diana glared at her girlfriend, noting that Hannah had stolen her seat next to Miss Kagari. She nudged the girl over, the three of them now sat- squeezed together- at one table usually meant for only two. "You don't have this class." She pointed out bitterly, hoping Hannah would take the hint and leave.
Her frown deepened as Hannah simply smirked that one way that Diana knew meant that Hannah would do as she pleased regardless of anything or anyone.
"I do now~."
Finally. Thank god, Diana thought.
...or not.
If her morning dedicated to labs was already difficult with Hannah hanging around, Barbara taking a seat next to Miss Kagari at the table doubled her hardships.
Really. Couldn't these two see that they were making her cru- frien... wait. That wasn't it either. Just what... was Kagari Atsuko to her at the moment then?
She glanced at the trio again, her girlfriends taking turns happily feeding the poor girl in the middle who could only smile and nod, afraid of rejecting their advances.
She should really learn to speak up, that Kagari Atsuko.
Then again, she couldn't blame her. This was something she had also experienced back then, when she first started dating Hannah and Barbara.
Diana sighed, not really knowing what to do anymore.
Diana swiftly became alert, already up from her seat and walking over to where Miss Kagari was bright red and apologizing to the people around for disturbing the peaceful lunch hours with her noise.
Diana was toeing a very fine line of patience, having been tested all morning. Hannah and Barbara were going too far with their touchiness and teasing! Hadn't they discussed that they'd go into this gently! Courtship! Kagari Atsuko deserved the best of it!
This wasn't it!
And Hannah slipping her hand onto Akko's thigh was the last straw for Diana.
Quickly, she took that hand off, taking Akko's and leading her out towards the courtyard to get some fresh air. For Akko or for herself? She didn't really know.
In her blind emotion, Diana had failed to realize some things. One was that she had dragged her partner half way across the school building, subconsciously wanting to be as far from her stressors as possible; and two, they were now alone. Something that never happened outside of lab activities.
As soon as it came to her awareness, she whirled around to face the girl she had roughly tugged along behind her, bowing in deep apology. "I'm truly sorry, Miss Kagari!" She hadn't really thought of what to do after that.
Peeking up at Akko, she saw a flustered expression that made her heart flutter in her chest. Everything about her was just so, so enticing. Maybe she'd admit to understanding her girlfriends' desires to act the way they did around the Japanese girl.
Caught in a moment unaware, her lips loosened, speaking a blaring thought she had believed she'd suppressed at the back of her mind for so long.
"May I formally court you?"
She felt her eyes widen as Akko's did as well.
There. She'd said it. She'd finally said it.
She just hoped that Akko would let her down easy if in case rejection was her choice of answer-
"H-how... How does it work?" Was the tiny voice's response in the form of a question of her own.
"This... thing. Relationship. Of yours." She wrung her shirt in her hands, twisting nervously. She didn't seem to be asking out of judgment, rather it was out of genuine curiosity. "I mean... if I'm going to-to be a part of it, I'd like to know... y'know?" She grinned this crooked silly grin that made Diana blush.
'Super cute' -as Hannah had put it, Akko was.
"W-well... I... um..." Come now, Diana Cavendish. Where did the valedictorian of her graduating class go? She needed to explain it clearly, and simple as possible at the same time. "It's... we love each other... equally...?"
'Oh, bury me alive.'
"I... see." Atsuko hummed, staring at her shoes for a bit, face scrunched up in deep thought.
Diana needed to do something. Say something to clear up any confusion the other girl might have acquired after her failure of an explanation.
"Y-You don't have to erm... 'love' as all at once. Or force yourself to be in a relationship with us all- um... odd as it may sound... that you'd date only one of us while we date each other. Oh but... That... doesn't sound very fair on your part, does it?" Diana chuckled awkwardly, one of her hands circling the opposite wrist, seeking comfort in the sensation.
Aahhh, she'd definitely messed it up now. Maybe having Hannah and Barbara around was a better game plan when it came to Kagari Atsuko. Diana braced herself for the worst.
The worst... didn't come.
"I want to try."
If anything, it was the best?
"W-whu?" Diana's gaze zoned in on the blushing woman in front of her, shoes scuffing the dirt, hands fidgeting together. She was clearly flustered. Not that Diana was any better. Especially not after the bomb that would drop on her next.
"I actually... like you... Miss Cavendish."
"Well, shit."
"Oh! Oh no! Shit as in... no, um...not in the bad sense! Shit as in, the good shit- dear lord, what have I been spouting I'll shut up right away, right now, I- I'm..." Shamefully stupid as she was being, she couldn't help the smile that was beginning to make her cheeks hurt by how wide it had spread across her face. "I'm so happy, Mi-Miss Ka... no.... Atsuko. Atsuko... At-canIcallyouthat?” 
She received a dumbfounded nod. One she was most grateful for.
She took a deep breath. “I... I also... I fancy you." She confessed in her own odd way that definitely confused Atsuko.
"It means I like you."
Diana couldn’t quite name all the emotions that had so quickly flashed across Atsuko’s face. She hoped they meant good things?
"Well, shit."
Good things.
"Right?" Diana began chuckling, unable to help herself. She felt over the moon, flying high up like a witch on a broom above the clouds. Or was Atsuko the witch? Casting a spell on her, making her all sorts of weird.
Did it matter now though?
If anything, she liked this love spell that had bewitched her.
"May I... May I walk you home after class later?" She mustered up the courage to ask, patting herself on the back for being rather progressive. She was feeling a bit more confident compared to earlier. Her composure was beginning to return to her, and her calm indicated that she was getting used to interacting with her new potential lover.
And then the girl smiled.
All of that organization of mind flew out the window.
"I'd love to walk home with you, D-Diana."
Ah. The finishing blow.
"Th-th-th-th-that's! Sounds perfect! Ha! Haha! Ha...ha... I, then we should-" Diana should remember how breathing felt. Suddenly, her head was spinning, vision tunneling. She vaguely heard the lunch bell go off somewhere in the background. "Class! Class, time to go back and-"
She missed the way Atsuko's eyes widened in panic, looking behind Diana and reaching for naught.
"Eh? D-Diana, wait! There's a-"
Before she could even think of kissing Atsuko, she first kissed a tree.
"You think it worked?"
"Obviously. My plans always work."
"Our plans, babe." Barbara giggled, leaning her head against Hannah's shoulder, relishing in its warmth and comfort. It was fun to tease the pair while it lasted, but she couldn't help but wonder if it was all okay. "We didn't... push too far, did we? Make them uncomfortable or anything?"
Hannah nuzzled the top of her head, planting a kiss there. "I'm pretty sure we did." She sighed. "But would it have been as effective if we didn't?"
"I suppose not."
"Mm." Hannah hummed. "We can just apologize when this is all over and laugh it off."
Barbara turned to her, giggling, a teasing glint in her eyes. "You hate apologizing, luv."
"I know." Hannah laughed along. "That's why I'm hoping it goes great and Diana forgets all about it."
Barbara agreed with that one. She knew she was equally in trouble.
They hoped for the best. If all went according to their little scheme, Diana would be coming back with a girl that was already half their girlfriend. Just a little more to go. Then they could get to all the 'fun things'  that came with being in a relationship.
Still though...
 "They're rather useless."
"No truer words have been spoken."
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gospelofme · 11 days ago
Super Nova
Chapter 2: The Offer
A year after that encounter with Master Tarrek, Sayriel would find herself on a transport leaving the atmosphere of Yavin IV, all of her possessions fit into a backpack. She didn’t have much, so it didn’t take her but minutes to pack.
A grand total of 15 years had passed since that encounter now. A 32 year old Sayriel stood under a stream of hot water, the steam of her shower fogging up the refresher. She had been too tired to shower the night before, so she made a point to get up early and wash up. Dried blood and dirt flowed off her body and swirled down the drain. She had found herself thinking back to that conversation with Master Tarrek. She still had issues with meditation, but it was most likely because she didn’t practice it much anymore. There were some thoughts she didn’t want to confront and areas of her mind that she refused to explore. She briefly wondered if she had made the right decision regarding leaving the sect on Yavin IV. They were pushing you out more and more every day. They wanted you to leave, they were practically showing you to the door. She reminded herself as she turned off the water. She stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her now clean body. She bent over the sink and twisted excess water out of her long, dark brown hair.
After finishing her morning routine, Sayriel got dressed and checked her datapad for any messages. She frowned when she noticed one new notification. She didn’t really feel like seeing him today, but he was often associated with credits, which she did feel like accumulating more of. She already had a job she needed to complete today, so his message would need to wait. She dressed in dark grey pants and a white shirt. She paired this with black boots that hugged her mid-calf securely. They had seen better days but they were sturdy and still did their job. The thick soles protected her from broken glass to semi-molten metals. Plus they were fun to kick people with when she needed to. She secured her blaster to the holster on her thigh and her lightsaber was securely hidden in a pocket on her pant leg. After downing some caf for breakfast, and left her small apartment. Corellia was still largely asleep, but some businesses were starting to open up. The sun was just beginning to show itself at the horizon.
She walked in the direction of the landing pads where her ship was parked and hopefully awaiting the shipment of it’s cargo. She passed a few businesses on her way, some still securely locked up and others being set up for the customers that would eventually arrive. She knew a couple of the shop owners, a few of the market vendors, and the guy who ran the shipyard she used, but that was it. She didn’t want to be too known. Besides, she didn’t know how long she’d call Corellia home. Once at the shipyard, she typed in her access code and the gate slide open slowly. She found her ship on pad D4 and sure enough there was a Twi’lek male waiting for her with a stack of crates and a service droid. Sayriel smirked, at least he was on time this morning.
“Is this my shipment of Burra fish?” She inquired once she was closer in range.
“Yup, packed with the industrial ice packs as requested.” The Twi’lek responded. “I just need you to sign for them and I’ll have my droid load them onto your ship.” The vendor gestured to her Allanar N3 freighter, The Revenge. Sayriel took the datapad he held out for her and inspected the manifest and then opened one of the crates. Sure enough the fillets lay neatly wrapped surrounded by plenty of the industrial-grade ice packs. She checked all 10 crates and was pleased with all of them. She signed for the shipment and the Twi’lek’s droid set to work loading them onto her ship.
“So where are all these crates going?” The Twi’lek asked, making small talk. Sayriel hated small talk.
“Somewhere.” She replied with a “that’s all you need to know” smile. The man took the hint and didn’t try to continue the conversation.
Once the crates were securely loaded, Sayriel settled herself into the pilot’s seat and started her ship up. Within moments she was soaring through the atmosphere of Corellia and soon after that she was out among the stars. It was her favorite place to be truthfully. After a few calculations, she jumped to hyperspace and settled in for the two hour journey. She decided to try her hand at meditation again, closing her eyes and slowing her breathing. A quick series of beeps jolted her awake, it was time to drop out of hyperspace. She must’ve fallen asleep during her attempted meditation. Honestly that wouldn’t be the first time that has happened. Nar Shaddaa loomed in her viewport and Sayr piloted her way through the atmosphere to Wormstew Town. She had always wondered how that place got its name, but felt that she didn’t want to truly know the answer.
“This is Nova, I’m in route to Wormstew with your shipment of Burra fillets.” She commed her contact’s frequency. There was a crackle of static and then a reply for her to land on platform C5. She did as instructed and disembarked once she landed. She was met by a human male and a Rodian with a datapad. The Rodian scanned the cargo once it was unloaded and gave a nod to his human counterpart
“Looks like everything is in order,” the man said, lifting the lids on each crate and inspecting the contents. He pulled out of the ice packs and held it between his hands. “The hospital will be most pleased with this generous donation from your benefactor. Now if you come with me, I’ll get your delivery fee sorted.” He added, gesturing for Sayr to follow him to a small building near the platforms. The man tossed the industrial-grade ice pack from hand to hand casually.
Upon entering the small building, which was essentially 4 walls, a ceiling, and a desk, Sayr was greeted by a female Twi’lek. She was dressed in hospital garb, but Sayr could spot the outline of a blaster under her white coat. The man handed the woman the ice pack, who then carefully opened it along one edge. She took a test strip out of her coat pocket and dipped it into the substance that was starting to soften. The test strip emerged blue and the woman smiled.
“The bacta is still viable. This will help immensely. The Hutts have cornered the market on this stuff and are charging much more than we can ever afford.” The woman explained. Sayr found it disgusting how one life form could withhold live-saving equipment or substances from another. Bacta was an essential hospital tool and to charge an insane amount of credits for it just because they can was monstrous. This shipment of about 240 total frozen Bacta packs wasn’t a lot but at least they’ll be able to have some at the hospital here and send some to the smaller clinics they were affiliated with. She felt good participating with these causes, as she felt it helped balance out the unpleasant ones that also found their way into her calendar.
The credit transfer took place and Sayr took her leave of the pair, passing by the crates on their way to the hospital. She noted a male Zabrak leaning against the edge of her ship, she knew who he was. As she got closer she could make out the stupid smile on his stupid face. She had hoped he would’ve waited for her to answer his earlier message, but no. He felt the need to follow her here instead.
“What do you want Varex?” She asked with a weary tone. The Zabrak pushed himself off the side of her ship and scrambled up onto the loading ramp to block her way. Sayr tried to side-step him and he moved to match her. She stopped and gave him a glare.
“I just want 15 minutes of your time. I have an offer that I think you’ll be interested in.” Varex said, he sounded excited but that could just be a ploy to get her to agree.
“And what if I say no?” She countered, trying to side step him. He moved to still block her.
“Then I’ll follow you until you say yes.” He replied, Sayr knew he was serious and gave a weary sigh. She didn’t have any other job lined up right now anyways. She didn’t have to say anything, the look she gave the Zabrak pirate told him she agreed.
“Great!” He jumped off the edge of the landing ramp and back onto the platform. Sayriel made sure her ship was secured tightly and followed the pirate into town.
She followed him to a cantina fittingly dubbed The Wormhole. They walked through the small crowd at the front and settled in a back booth. A waitress came over and gave them both menus and said she’d be back in a bit to take their orders. Sayr folded her arms on the table top in front of her as Varex made himself comfortable in the seat across from her.
“So, it’s been a couple months.” He noted, Sayriel smirked.
“Is this a business proposition or a catching up meeting? Because time started when we walked through that door. You have 12 minutes left.” Sayr responded, sitting back and crossing her arms across her chest. She wasn’t interested in talking about the “old days” or what she had “been up to”. The Zabrak raises his hands in mock surrender and was about to get down to business when the waitress returned. Varex ordered the house-made Ale and Sayr got herself a Sparkling Stardust. Their drinks arrived quickly and Sayr took a sip of the sweet glittery drink. Varex shook his head amusedly.
“What?” Sayriel asked with a raised eyebrow, “a woman like myself can’t enjoy a girly drink?” She added with a teasing smirk.
“It’s just odd to see a woman like you sipping a glittery drink, I’ve seen you do some very unladylike things.” Varex explained, Sayriel shrugged in acknowledgement. The Zabrak then got down to the reason why he had followed her to Nar Shaddaa.
“A collector on Coruscant contacted me with a very intriguing job opportunity. He is a purveyor of ancient artifacts and has heard of some items of a Force-like nature hidden in caches on a few different planets.” Varex began. Sayr narrowed her eyes at the term “Force-like”. She had a feeling she knew why Varex had contacted her.
“What are these items of a Force-like nature?” She asked, eyes still narrowed at Varex. The Zabrak looked around to make sure no one was paying too much attention.
“I can’t say here, but I can tell you that they’re very old and very valuable.” Varex said, leaning forward. Sayriel stayed with her back against her booth seat. She wore an unimpressed expression on her face.
“What are they? Master Yoda’s bedtime slippers?” Sayriel asked sarcastically. Varex gave her a confused look in return.
“I don’t know who that is…but you can’t wear these I don’t think.” Varex replied, Sayriel rolled her eyes and leaned forward.
“So are you asking me because you value my company and think I make a wonderful work partner? Or is it because I have some tricks that will make these things very easy for you to find?” Varex didn’t hesitate with this reply.
“Both, but mainly the second thing.” Sayriel frowned and leaned back in her booth again, Varex quickly adding, “but also the first thing. You are a delight to have on the ship.” Sayriel held his gaze for a couple beats more and then turned her attention to her drink. She did appreciate his honesty and she did find his offer interesting. He drank his ale quickly and waited for her to finish her drink, which didn’t take long. Sparkling Stardust was always served in a small, delicate, wide-rimmed glass. But it was worth it.
“Okay fine, what the kriff. You were right, this sounds interesting.” She answered, Varex smiling in relief. Her joining his crew, even if on a temp basis, would make this mission so much easier. The two left the cantina, Varex paying for Sayriel’s drink on the way out. Varex gave Sayriel the coordinates to the current safe house. They both then parted ways and Sayriel found herself back out in space, surrounded by stars and silence.
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@baby-queen-zen @halzore @escapedthesarlacc
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80srocker · 12 days ago
Whiskey Weed and The Evil Dead
Basically I decided to write a feel good type fic with Paul because I wanted to and I don’t sleep. I know no one asked for it, but I thought you guys would enjoy it. 
Warnings: Drug use, alcohol consumption, and mild language so if you are uncomfortable with these, please don’t read this. That should be it, but if you guys see something I don’t, please tell me. 
“Mornin’ hero,” you heard opening your eyes to a blonde ball of hair with a face entangled there somewhere. 
“No,” you replied with a cracking voice as you rolled over taking the ratty comforter with you. 
The night prior you and Paul had made the mistake of watching the newest horror movie to come out on VHS, The Evil Dead. Being horror fanatics this would have typically been just a regular 80′s horror movie, but it was different. After picking up the tape at the video store, you had decided to make stops at the liquor store, your personal favorite, as well as Paul’s, the pot shop. 
After your late night excursion, you walk into the cave with Paul following close behind and place the paper bags in your hands down on the edge of the broken fountain. “Ready to get this thing started?” you ask wiggling a cassette tape of Mötley Crüe’s Too Fast for Love album between your fingers. 
“Oh hell yeah, babe,” Paul responds with a wide smile.
Paul starts rolling the joints for the night while you make your way over to the stereo to put in the cassette. The speakers crackle as they turn on playing the first few notes of Live Wire You turn the volume up making the sunken hotel come to life once more. Paul gives you an accepting smirk as he continues rolling. 
Grabbing a new bottle of whiskey you take a few swigs before climbing on top of the remnants of the fountain with the bottle in hand. Feeling it was necessary, you reenacted Vince Neil’s performance in the Live wire music video perfectly using the bottle as a microphone. After your video vamp performance you jumped down and grabbed a joint from Paul’s hand. With a joint in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other, you were in for a night of fun. The two of you danced, sang, and head banged to the entirety of the album. Being caught in the moment, the both of you had almost completely forgotten about your new tape. 
Gathering your things, you brought them to your television in your shared bedroom so you wouldn’t have to deal with the other boys. You were amazed that neither of you had fallen on your way. Paul made the two of you a nest of old pillows, blankets, and whiskey while you were setting up the movie. He was topping it all off with an ashtray when he heard you yell, “Son of a bitch!”
“You need some help there?” he asked with a chuckle. 
“No!” you said stubbornly, “I just don’t get why this damn thing isn’t working!”
“Uh, y/n,” he said trying to get your attention.
“I mean I hooked up all the cords to the TV correctly!” you continued not noticing him.
“y/n,” he said again. 
“I did everything in the directions correctly! What the hell does it want from me?” you trailed on frustrated. 
“y/n!” he said getting your attention.
“What?” you said angrily. 
“You kinda need to plug the power cord in for it to work, babe,” he responded trying to suppress his amusement. 
Laughing you said, “Oh, that might be important!”
You nuzzle into your nest with Paul and begin to watch The Evil Dead. Barely being able to comprehend the movie, you both are enjoying it, until the monsters get their screen time. Normally this type of movie would not have a great effect on you, but your buzz just enhanced both of your fear levels. Every little thing would set the two of you off making you scream bloody murder. Because it was eight in the morning the rest of the cave was trying to sleep, but you two were making this quite hard. 
Hearing footsteps, you stumble up to pause the tape saying, “Wait! What the hell is that?”
“I don’t know, but it sounds like it’s getting closer!” whispers the terrified vamp. 
Frightened yourself, you leap back over the mound of pillows. Hearing a knock at your door you scream, “Holy shit, ones trying to break into our room!”
Paul, seeing Dwayne open your door and stand in your doorway, yells, “It’s one of them, the evil dead!” and proceeds to throw a joint at him out of self defense. 
“What? No I-” Dwayne starts to say before being hit in the face with a pillow you threw, “Guys I jus-”
“Here, use this!” Paul interrupts, taking off his jacket and handing it to you.
“I just wanted you to keep it down a little-” he says to the two bad ass vamps cowering behind a mountain of pillows. Paul’s jacket soon muffling his voice as it lands on his head. 
“Don’t worry, Paul! I’ll save you!” you yell charging at Dwayne like an angry toddler. That is, before being stopped by tripping over an empty bottle knocking you out cold on the floor. 
Reawakening the next night Paul coaxes you by saying, “Come on, I’ll get you breakfast and coffee if you get up with me.”
“Aaaarrright,” you growl trying to stand up with only a small headache lingering.
Plopping down on the old sofa next to Dwayne you hear him say with a chuckle, “You’re not gonna try and kill me again, are ya?”
“Shut up,” you say with a smile as you sip your coffee. 
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coyne60woodard · 13 days ago
With A Cash Advance, Learn To Live On On Less And Manage Your Finances
It's irresistible working from home. When you work from home, you get to work through things being carried out in existence. You don't have to keep worrying about asking for a day off if you want it or you can sick big day. However, although there are many amazing features of working from home, you won't be able to fully enjoy these benefits if you do not know how to effectively manage your a little time. Head to the specific way on how you can manage FarmVille neighbors by clicking about the "Requests" link located in the upper right side of one's FarmVille page. You will see the "FarmVille gift requests" once a neighbor sent you trinkets. The truth is, ought to impossible to live on a stress-free life. Stress is an attribute of life and can be impossible to fully eliminate it but day-to-day activities control and change how we react or respond to it. If you need to maintain a good health and peaceful life, you require to learn how to relieve your stress threshold. Dr. Mintzberg points out that each and every one of us is flawed - there isn't a such thing as is a good product manager. However, the really good product managers are less screwed-up happening . something that him and i can have. Yoga shows you how breathing techniques that essential to reduced anxiety. Yes, little nightmares codex crack pc free cpy download torrent can use this breathing technique in order to your anxiety when are available. Bob Proctor, the famous Law of Attraction guru, whom you could possibly have seen in the hit movie "The Secret" relates an interesting story in his profound program "The Science of Getting Rich." He tells of when he was invited to join the famous Earl Nightingale, the so-called Dean of private Development, for breakfast one 24-hour interval. Bob Proctor had always been amazed with the way Earl Nightingale ran and directed his life style. He was always in deep respect of his ability to manage the time. Do space pirate trainer crack like everyday - Each day, have some period for indulge in something that you enjoy charging. It could be writing, reading, dancing, walking, gardening or just simply have a quality chat on the phone with a girl. Research has shown that by doing something in order to enjoy everyday, it will improve your standard of living and frame of mind, and causes you to better in combating and handling stress whenever it arises. Then, a fence was removed. The children went out for playtime as usual, but soon became highlighted. They sat or stood near their tutor. When the hive crack urged them to run and play, a few moved away, but not far. Some began to cry, and clung to their teacher. When okami hd crack urged the actual run and play, several did, but no one went far from the fitness instructor. The big playground had become frightening because they no longer knew the place boundaries were.
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blxxdyvalentine19xx · 20 days ago
Leather & Vanilla - MGK x Rook
Characters: Machine Gun Kelly x Rook Cappelletty (Cassie mentioned)
Word count: 2222 (ohh that’s satisfying.)
Warnings:Swearing, oral, light smut
Smut or fluff?: Smut & Fluff
Rook was admittedly cold, never caring for night shoots, especially in a leather jacket and jeans. His hands were buried in his pockets and his arms were drawn close to his body. “Fucking crazy, hate night shoots.” Rook mumbled and shot Slim a glare who was struggling to hold back a laugh.
Having just finished a portion of the night clips Colson smiled seeing that Rook was cold. “Hey, c’mere” He came over to his boyfriend and pulled him into a hug. “I told you to slip a hoodie on under it, didn't I?” Colson held Rook close and wrapped his jacket around him and Rook. He was in between scenes and had a few minutes to kill.
Not refusing Colson’s hug, Rook nuzzled into Colson, wrapping his arms around the man’s waist. “Yeah, you did” He was regretting not doing what he’d been told, the classic brat move, sacrificing warmth for the ‘aesthetic’ Rook sighed when Colson was surprisingly warm for being in the cold.
“And who didn't listen?” Colson asked; pressing a hand to the younger man’s back. “Just because you look good in leather doesn’t mean you should pick the aesthetic over the warmth”
“I didn’t listen'' He mumbled, shivering this time not from the cold but from Colson’s hand on his back. “I get it, listen to Colson next time.” Rook rolled his eyes, his warmth being called back to filming again.
Colson kissed Rook softly and apologized for having to get back to work so soon and kissed the drummer's head before letting him go and getting back to the scene he needed to do.
It was near two in the morning when they all got back to the house from the shoot and Colson told Rook to go up and change into something warm. In the meantime, he and Cassie headed to the kitchen to start some hot chocolate for her, Rook and himself. “I told him to put a hoodie on but he wouldn’t listen” Colson got the water in the kettle and turned it on letting the water heat.
Cassie got the marshmallow’s and found the candy canes. “Dad, whipped cream?” She asked, it was a toss up whether he father used it or not, sometimes he did, other times he didn’t.
“Mm, I don’t want any but Rook might.” Colson got the milk out of the fridge and the whipped cream. “I’ll get it out in case.” He smiled once Rook walked into the kitchen in a pair of sweatpants and the hotel diablo long sleeve shirt. “You could do with some sleep in a little bit” Colson directed the statement to both his daughter and Rook.
“I assume whipped cream means hot chocolate is being made, so yes” Rook plugged his phone into the charger before getting them three cups out of the cupboard. “More just cold than tired but you’re right.” He stole a quick kiss laughing when Cassie teased them.
“Always does” She responded to Rook, looking up when her dad’s boyfriend and drummer walked into the kitchen. “You wouldn’t be so cold if you had listened to my dad” Cassie pointed out as she was present when Colson suggested earlier that he put a hoodie on. She teased them as the two kissed and smiled when Rook laughed.
“Once we drink these it’s to bed for the both of you” Colson poured the hot chocolates into the cups after returning the kiss. “What she said, I told you to bring a hoodie but you don’t listen.” He grinned, pulling Rook into a side hug and kissing his head. “You think it was you that was the kid and not Cassie” Colson teased his boyfriend, laughing when it gained him a light jab between the ribs.
Curling up on the couch with Colson after Cassie headed to bed, Rook and Colson had refilled their hot chocolate mugs, the two of them found Umbrella Academy on Netflix, deciding to watch a couple of episodes before they themselves turned in for the night. “’d be a mix of Klaus and Diego, I don’t think you strictly match either of them” Rook spoke, lacing his fingers through Colson’s.
“Really?” Colson kissed Rook’s hand, pulling his boyfriend into a cuddle. “What makes you think that?” He took a sip from his hot chocolate.
“You’ve got the ego, which is mostly Diego and you do have a thing for knives” He started, relaxing into Colson’s arms as they cuddled. “But you can also be self deprecating and deflect from your problems often which is Klaus.” Rook pointed out drawing a hand along his cup.
Making a muffled sound in agreement, Colson grinned happily. “I do like me some knives” He hummed and sucked at his lip. “Okay maybe I am a bit like both of them” Colson caught the dig at his character as a person but knew his boyfriend was speaking truth. “I’d say you’re mostly like Ben though, level headed, logical and smart” He kissed Rook’s cheek and pulled him close.
Colson woke up sometime in the middle of the night to find Rook asleep on top of him. “This boy’s a fuckin’ magnent” He mumbled. Running a hand through Rook’s hair he smiled when the drummer mumbled something in his sleep. At least he thought Rook was asleep.
“If you had a problem with it you would have moved me instead of having your fingers in my hair.” Rook shifted his head, burying it in Colson’s neck. “I can move if you want me to” He mumbled quietly, letting go of a content sigh when Colson’s fingers held his head.
“True, I could if I wanted to” He nipped the drummers ear when Rook nuzzled into him. “You’re fine where you are, baby” Colson cupped the man’s head and half moaned when Rook reacted by letting his hand settle at Colson’s neck. “But I could just as easily do this.” He moved a hand to Rook’s bum and slapped it lightly.
It initially caught Rook by surprise but he whined when Colson re cooperiated the teasing. “But you haven’t” He wiggled his hips and tightened his hand enough to make Colson’s head arch back. “Instead, I’m still right where I was.” Rook grinned when COlson’s eyes met his and the blonde’s tongue swiped across those pale pink lips. “With a hand around your neck.”
Colson met Rook’s gaze and instinctively knocked his head back when Rook’s hand put pressure on all the right spots even as little as his boyfriend’s hands were. “Using my own cards against me” He caught Rook’s shit eating grin and swiped his tongue along his lips. “What were you thinking about doing?” Colson gave the drummer a trying glare and wiggled his eyebrows, snaking his hand to the man’s waist.
Rook stole a kiss and whined into it when Colson nipped at his lip. “You aren’t exactly gentle with me sometimes” He sighed into the kiss when Colson’s hand cupped his waist. “Don’t really have a plan, just needy I guess.” Rook easily fell to Colson’s touch, forgetting about what exactly he’d planned to do.
Taking the opportunity, Colson took hold of the kiss and nipped Rook’s lip. “I can be sweet when I feel like it.” He gripped his boyfriend’s waist; shifting them both upward so Colson was sitting up and Rook was in his lap. “And you rarely have forethought to what you plan on doing” Colson connected his lips to Rook’s neck and growled when the drummer’s hips rolled downward. “Fuck”
“You can be, but I do love it when you aren’t so sweet” His breath shook when Colson kissed and nipped at his neck. “I do but you always distract me and I forget” Rook nearly whined when his boyfriend’s hand snuck up his thigh, Stopping mid way and Rook realized Colson was going to make this last.
Colson sucked a hickey inside of the Rook tattoo on his boyfriend’s neck and ran a hand up Rook’s thigh, letting his thumb graze along the soft skin. “The number of time’s we’ve been sassed by the guy’s because you aren’t the quietest” He loved hearing Rook’s moans and could fall to them anytime. “You love it when I have my way with you” Colson mumbled against Rook’s neck and moved to his shoulders, marking the drummer over.
His breath shook when Colson left Rook’s neck covered in hickeys. “They can shut up and live with it” Rook’s hips arched when Colson’s what moved up again, palming him slowly “Fuck, I don’t do quiet” He moaned under Colson’s charm and tangled a hand in Colson’s hair. “Every damn time” Rook’s other hand gripped Colson’s shoulder and he moaned again once Colson’s hand slipped into his (Rook’s) boxers.
“They’ll have to because I love hearing you moan” Colson tilted his head upwards into a kiss and tugged at Rook’s lip. “You’ll have to do a little bit though, at least tonight.” He drew out a kiss, drawing his thumb across Rook’s tip and slid his hand down his boyfriend’s dick. “At least as long as Cassie is around.” Colson shifted Rook slightly and cupped the back of the man’s neck.
Rook stifled a moan and shifted his knee forward. “Don’t tease then” He shivered when Colson’s stroke was methodical and almost too soft along his shaft. “Please Kells” he whined into a kiss needing something more than just his boyfriend’s hand. “Need more”
Colson drowned Rook’s moaning in the kisses and smiled. “Fuckin’ beautiful, baby” He pressed a kiss to Rook’s shoulder and ran his hand along Rook’s shaft. “Because you asked” Colson flicked his tongue across Rook’s lip and slipped his boyfriend’s boxers off. “If you keep mostly quiet.” Not yet deciding to let Rook have exactly what the drummer wanted, Colson leaned down and flicked his tongue over the tip and down the shaft.
His breath caught and his eyes lidded shut as Colson initially made it sound like he’d get what he wanted. “If it gets you to…” Rook fought back a moan when Colson’s lips wrapped around his shaft, his hand instantly locking in Colson’s hair. “...fuck”
He bobbed his head; moaning when Rook’s hips arched up. Colson breathed in through his nose and gripped the drummer's thigh taking his boyfriend's dick as he sucked. Looking up at Rook, Colson instinctively gagged when Rook carried some of the control, pusing Colson’s head forward. He grinned when Rook mumbled a broken I love you.
“Oh fuck, baby, I lo-ve you” Rook stuttered out a breath, whining when Colson looked up at him. “Jesus christ” He gripped Colson’s head and pushed the blonde’s head forward, cutting back a high moan when Colson gagged but took him further. “Mmm, oh fu-ck” Rook was close but still needed Colson to fuck him.
Coming up long enough to kiss Rook slowly, the taste of his boyfriend lingering on his lips as they kissed. “I know you do” Colson grinned, guiding his dick into Rook, moaning when Rook whined into a kiss. “Tight little body and a tight fuck” He moaned as Rook’s body arched, his dick taken by his boyfriend’s ass.
Rook tutted out a quiet moan and relaxed into the feel of Colson’s dick filling him. “Always need you” He whined, savouring the kiss, chasing it as he loved tasting himself on his boyfriend’s lips. “Go, need you, mm close” Rook mumbled out and sighed happily when Colson’s lips returned to his dick. His lips rolled up as Colson fucked into him.
“Always my needy little slut” Colson sighed in content as Rook chased the kiss, sucking at his lip once Colson pulled away. “Not coming without me saying” He wrapped his lips back around Rook’s dick as the drummer fucked himself on Colson’s dick. Colson moaned around Rook, his eyes watered as he took his boyfriend in and sucked at his dick.
◯◯◯Next morning.
Rook was buried under the blankets and had just barely been awake long enough to pull a shirt and boxers on when he heard Cassie and Colson both walk in. “Morning” He mumbled out, the scent of what he assumed was waffles and bacon followed.
Hearing his boyfriend awake, Colson grinned happily and laughed when Rook wiggled up the bed. “Caiss, put that stuff on the table and we’ll be over in a second.” He told his daughter and turned his attention back to Rook.
Cassie nodded, setting the tray down on the dresser and the plates on the table. She smiled, seeing her dad’s face light up when he looked at Rook.
“Good morning baby” Colson went over to the bed, stealing a gentle kiss. “Get some pants on and get up, Cassie wanted to make breakfast.”
“I was about to anyway” Rook got up and grabbed a pair of blue jeans out of the drawer. “Besides we have plans for today” He slipped his jeans on and did up his belt, he laughed when Colson picked him up carrying him to the table. “There best be coffee” Rook spoke and slipped into a chair once Colson put him feet first back on the floor.
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Tumblr media
Dark Waters || ATEEZ
CH. 22 ~ The Botanist pt. 1
It took us two days to get to Illoriant but after struggling to get here, we find ourselves getting ready to sneak into the port as a commercial trading boat. The Aurora seems as lively as ever as the crew works together to hide and arrange any peculiarities that might give us away. Apparently this isn't the first time the Ateez crew has had to go under the disguise of a commercial trading boat, so everyone knows exactly what they need to do and how they need to do it.
"Alright, everyone listen up! I'm saying this now and I'm saying this once." Eye-patch shouts From atop the forecastle deck. Everyone stops what they're doing in order to listen to what the captain has to say. I know I've spent a lot of time with this crew already so I should be used to Captain's strong presence of authority over the crew, but I just can't seem to stop admiring it. The crew doesn't seem to be listening out of fear of getting punished like the servants would with Queen Lee, they listen to him out of utmost respect. "In a few minutes, we'll be arriving at the port of Illoriant. Now I know this isn't the first time we've docked there but it will be the first time we dock there under the new law. I won't be sharing the specifics but I do want you all to be safe. Try to stay on the boat as much as possible in case of an emergency, and we have to leave. If you really need to get off or do something in town, take a buddy with you. Is that clear?"
"Yessir!" the crew shouts back in unison. Captain nods off letting the rest get back to work while he makes his way over to me. He walks up with a forced smile. It makes me uneasy to see him like this.
"How are you holding up?" I inquire when he's close enough to hear me. He doesn't respond right away, stalling.
"Not so good. I won't be able to wear my special coat while we're here," He pouts adorably gesturing to the fur coat that rests on his shoulders. I smile back, still not convinced with his answer.
"Really, Eye-patch, you look like you haven't slept enough. What's bothering you?" I ask trying to pry him to get the truth. I've been thinking about what Bina told me about everything happening for a reason and I've come to think that maybe, just maybe, I could help be a pillar of emotional support for these men. The only issue is, getting them to open up because if they're all as tight-lipped as me then there's no hope. Captain only eyes me up and down suspiciously.
"There's really no changing my nick-name is there?" He tries to diverge the attention onto something else.
"No, now stop dodging my questions. Are you worried?"
"What? The pirate king? Worried? Never."
"Then?" Eye-patch shrugs me off, sticking out his lower lip.
"Don't worry about me. Worry about yourself. The powerfulest queen known to the four kingdoms has you on her hit list and the first thing you do is worry for someone else? That's foolish."
"Then I guess that makes us both a fool." I retort, catching him off guard, "I know you're worried about Jongho. I am too. Even though I haven't been with all of you for much time I know what it's like to lose someone you love, knowing you could've done something to prevent it." Eye-patch tenses his jaw keeping a straight face devoid of any emotion. Taking that as my sign to stop pushing, I stay quiet next to Captain, only glancing in his direction sparingly. Something isn't right, we're both aware of that, but I have a feeling that he's hiding something from me.
"Promise me that you won't wander off without one of the crew members at your side." I turn my head to fully face him, questioning his thought process behind this statement. It's obvious that we have to stick together because of our destination.
"I mean obviously but why are you telling me this?"
"We had an old crew member that we lost here. I just don't want you to get hurt. As a captain of this crew it is my duty to protect all of you with my life because I'm your captain and you're my crew." There's a slight pause between us as I try to swallow down my guilt of lying to him and the rest of the crew. They've all pretty much accepted me, but the me they know isn't even me. And even with my vague and ambiguous backstory they still look out for me like I've been a part of them for years and not just a few months.
"What happened exactly to this member?" Captain doesn't turn to look at me directly because his gaze has narrowed down on a gruesome sight in front of us. The closer we get to Illoriant the better I see the lifeless figures swaying as the air blows. The piece of plywood they're attached to looks old and moldy, with many barnacles forming around it as it lies between two giant rocks protruding out of the water's surface and towering above us. A weathered rope is connected to these pieces of wood, hanging the remains of what I'm guessing are pirates that have been executed in the town's square. Even with the skin already decayed and cleaned off by the weather, and who knows what else, you can still see the terror these people died with. I look up at the sky, trying to focus my attention on something else, but it looks just as gloomy. As if warning us of a bad omen, the sky above us is a dark gray and downcast color. The closer we get to illoriant the darker the clouds become, warning us of an upcoming thunderstorm. I forget that Eye-patch is still next to me because of how silent he's fallen.
"They might not be as tough on crime as they are in Eohithra, but their punishments are 100x worse here," I jump slightly at his forlorn voice. It comes out broken and filled with sadness, betraying his facial sturdiness.
"Would you still protect me just as much if I were royalty?" That question seems to throw him off and make him look over in my direction.
"Well, yes. I mean I do already protect two royals who--,"
"No, I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about me. Captain as controlled as you are with your expressions I know you didn't want me here. None of the crew does. They might say they enjoy my company but I can assure you it does not sit well with all of you that I am a member of this crew." I state bluntly cutting off his words. Unable to provide me with a response, I nod, already understanding what that means for me. If it were a matter of life or death I'd be the last one he'd try to save.
It's already noon and we've docked perfectly without any suspicions or setbacks. In fact it all happened so smoothly. Almost too smoothly. Either way Captain decided that he was going to send me into town first, so that I wouldn't be out late gathering the ingredients I have listed. The only problem is that he's sending me with Mingi.
"Sun-Mi, hurry up we don't have all your time!" He hollers at me as I walk towards him, Captain, Woo, Seonghwa, and Yunho. I roll my eyes making it as obvious as possible so that they can see my disdain for who Captain has paired me up with. To be honest, I don't have much of a problem with Mingi, it's just that... I'd prefer to spend my time with Yeosang, or Seonghwa. Or even Wooyoung.
"Eye-patch, are you sure I can't go into town with someone else?" I whine crossing my arms with a childish pout. Trying to make the biggest puppy eyes I can, he ignores them, waving me off.
"Mingi is the best at bartering for lower prices and the only one who won't be busy." Still not giving up I scoot closer to Seonhgwa slipping my hand in his and hugging it.
"Can I at least take Seonghwa? Pretty pleaseeeee?" I beg. Wooyoung eyes him a bit jealously, but the young cook only seems to flush a bright red at my sudden request. Yunho smirks, nudging Mingi and Captain notices it too even though he tries to hide his surprise.
"Seonghwa, you seem pretty red, are you ill?" Captain teases him to which the black-haired male stiffly coughs, trying to regain composure.
"Stop that," He orders, the rest snicker.
"I'm just asking, I mean you did seem like you could faint a second ago," Eye-patch pushes further.
"Alright, alright, I'll stop. Mingi and Sun-Mi, you two can start heading into town, and if you really feel the need to take an extra person with you then you can take Yunho," I slump my shoulders while Mingi jumps up and down excitedly with Yunho, looking like overly-enthusiastic giraffes. I slump my shoulder in defeat, feeling Seonghwa untangle our hands to pat my head.
"Another day," He says, ushering me kindly towards the two skyscrapers who are waiting for me. I nod smiling slightly and join both Yunho and Mingi as we walk into town. Illoriant is much different from Eohithra. The clothing styles are much more rich in color and the commoners all have some sort of jewelry and piercings which would seem totally improper to Eohithrians. It reminds me very much of the Isle of the Lost because of the beautiful people and culture I'm being surrounded by. I look back to see Mingi and Yunho's reactions. They walk behind me laughing and snickering between themselves which is getting me annoyed. Once I've finally had enough of their chortles I turn sharply startling both of them.
"What the hell are y'all laughing at?" They quickly put on a poker face trying to hide their giggles. Mingi takes a step towards me, snaking and arm around my shoulders, as he guides me to our destination.
"Oh, nothing much really. Yunho and I were just wondering how you made Seonghwa so flustered today." He begins to talk. His friend speeds up to match his pace with Mingi and adds on to his conversation.
"Yeah, I was wondering about that. I had never really seen him get so red with just simple hand holding." I roll my eyes, regretting ever mentioning wanting to go out with Seonghwa.
"C'mon, Sun-Mi tell us. Are you guys like... a thing?" I feel heat rise to my cheeks as they start to be tainted a bright pink.
"Why does everyone assume that!?" I exclaim, trying to look away so that Mingi doesn't notice the color that has been sprinkled on my cheeks. Unluckily for me, Yunho catches sight of it so he continues to probe.
"Wait, no, Mingi, we have it all wrong. It's Wooyoung!" He jokes, having the former catch on to his joke.
He snaps his fingers, "Oh, shoot, you're right! Did you see the way he glared at Seonghwa," Mingi reminds us, shivering over dramatically.
"He did look like he was gonna rip off Seonghwa's arm didn't he?" I concede thinking about his reaction a little further.
"So it's true that you guys are a thing?" Mingi chatters excitedly, bouncing up and down.
"Wha-- What? No!" I assert myself making Mingi and Yunho cross their arms and pout.
"Something is definitely up with you and Seonghwa, though." Yunho mutters when something seems to click. "Wait a minute, Did you guys do something when I left you two alone two nights ago? Is that why Seonghwa told me to go away?" He asks, eyes widening when he comes to a dirty realization.
"OHMYGODOHMYGODOHYGOD! YOU GUYS HAD AN ENTANGLEMENT!!" Mingi squeals catching the attention of the people around us. I choke on my saliva as soon as I hear him, already feeling like I might explode from the heat that had risen to my face. If it wasn't obvious then, it is now.
"She's not denying it!" Yunho gasps, pretending to faint into Mingi's arms. I stand there shocked at their absurd conclusion not even able to utter a single word. They are seriously something else. "You have to fill us in on the details."
"B-But i--,"
"Hush child! Your elders are discussing something of importance," Mingi interrupts me turning to Yunho as they begin to discuss what kind of a kisser Seonghwa might be. Mingi is dead set on him being a rough kisser, meanwhile Yunho argues that Seonghwa would be a bit softer. Everyone is turning heads in our direction making comments about us and I can feel my embarrassment growing by the second.
"Guys... guys... GUYS!" I yell at them stomping my foot forcefully on the stoned pavement with high irritation as they flinch away at my loud voice. "I am not involved with Seonghwa in any way and I definitely did not have an entanglement. Now, can you please grow up and pay attention to what we have to do?" I chastise setting my hands on my hips. Yunho frowns at me whilst Mingi just clicks his tongue mirroring my stance.
"Your loss. We'd be the best of wingmen you'd ever see, but you're not ready for that conversation." He sticks his chin out, huffing indignantly as he looks away. I massage my temples turning myself away from them as we make our way to the specific shop I'll be doing my shopping in. When we arrive at our destination, I notice how cut off the store is from the rest of the shops in Illoriant. We have to go around the building in order to get to the entrance. The entrance, a large, circular wooden door, looks eerie and desolate. The store looks run down and I begin to doubt that it is even open still. I look back at the two men behind me who seem just as freaked out as I am, especially Mingi. This tall and intimidating Quartermaster seems to shake in his boots, on the verge of running away, screaming his head off. "Y'Know I think I've done enough already. How about I wait at the food shops while you and Yunho--,"
"No, you're staying. If I die, You're going with me." Yunho pulls him back by the collar of his shirt, almost choking the man in the process.
"Sun-Mi, please tell me that you're just joking and that the store we need to go to is much brighter and not-scary-looking." Mingi whines being held in place by the brunette next to him. As much as I feel terrified from the vibe I'm getting from the shop, something is telling me this is exactly where I need to be. I step towards the worn out door covered in outgrown vines, stretching out my hands to touch it. "Sun-Mi? Sun-Mi?" I ignore the calls, almost in a trance-like state, when the door flies open suddenly before I can even make contact with it. A blood-curdling, high-pitched scream rises into the air almost giving me heart attack as I jump back with fright. I look around to face the source of the shriek when I realize it's just Mingi screaming his head off. He seems to have tried to jump on Yunho, as Yunho struggles to carry him, bridal style. I shake my head looking back to the store and swallow some bile. I take a deep breath as I step into the dark store, both men following closely behind.
"Hello?" I call out, adjusting myself to the dark interior of the room around me. As soon as Yunho and Mingi file in, the same door slams shut like it's being controlled by an apparition of some sort.
"Yes, of course. You walk into a haunted shop that we're probably destined to die in by being consumed by ghosts, and you expect them to answer your 'hElLo,'" Mingi feels the need to complain. Yunho and I roll our eyes in response.
"Well if you have a better idea on how to approach this situation, be my guest," I answer sarcastically, motioning for him to take the floor. When he doesn't do anything I resume what I was doing, looking around the shop and noticing all the jars lined up on the wooden shelves and the pots with different herbs spilling over them, hanging from the ceiling. Under me, fresh grass thrives, replacing the standard wooden floors. Jars and vials holding many elixirs and spices line the walls and desks around me, holding things from peppermint to frog eyes. A tree also seems to be growing in the middle of the shop with a table built around it.
"What is this place?" Yunho whispers in complete awe, moving around the tiny shop to take a good look at the contents it holds. Only Mingi is frozen in place, not being able to move due to his terrified state. I shuffle forward feeling a weird sense of being spied on. I wave it off as just simple paranoia, continuing my inspection of what is stored in here. I stop at the shelves that say "Fungus" and pick up a peculiar jar holding a type of fungi I hadn't studied about, when I hear a loud shriek from behind me. I almost drop the jar along with its contents, catching it last minute when I spin to see Yunho chasing Mingi around the tree. Mingi runs freaked out of his mind like a headless chicken, screaming his eardrums off. Yunho chases after him with an out-stretched hand holding what seems like a dead snake, trying to throw it onto the poor red-head. They're chasing each other around like toddlers which is giving me a headache.
"I never remember agreeing to babysit these imbeciles!" I mutter under my breath stepping into their fight to tear them apart. Somehow, in between all of the chaos I was trying to put a stop to, I end up finding myself being the victim who's now being chased around the store with two grown men and a dead snake in tow. I run around the tree crazily ranting about how they will pay for this when we get back to the boat when I feel a cold feeling run down my spine as I realize the sensation of being watched was not just paranoia. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a large shadow increase in size and begin to swallow up the store.
I freeze unable to do anything as the other men with me, trip over each other as they too see what I'm seeing. The roots of the tree begin to crawl toward us at an alarmingly fast rate, clawing up our legs and locking us in place. I feel like screaming but an invisible hand clamps down around my throat, sealing it shut and rendering my voice useless. The three of us back away, terrified of the notion of being eaten by an evil apparition. I pray silently, already having accepted my fate while hearing both Mingi and Yunho's screams as we cling onto each other but instead of being utterly devoured and eaten, we hear a fourth voice boom through the shop.
"Musseok rirkik! Uor'rpia errek tarid!" A voice belts out letting it echo through the room. "Gu ov'ae raoqa srak oruma!" The voice is strong and commanding, filled with authority. As soon as the authoritarian voice speaks, the roots shrink back in fear. I hear a loud rustling coming from the back of the shop and when I crane my neck to see who it is, I'm faced with a beautiful woman staring back at me. I quickly shoot up, dusting myself off in case I have dirt or grass on me, feeling the need to bow to the mysterious woman.
She is fairly tall, probably around Jongho's height. She stands with poise and wisdom, authority exuding out of her skin. Her long dark-brown locks hang at about her waist in beautiful curls. Her melanin-filled skin seemed to almost shine with it's smoothness in this dimly lit space.
I notice that she has adorned herself with a lot of jewelry-- including a headpiece, bracelets, anklets, piercings, and much, much more. She looks down at me with glowing green eyes that hypnotize me. They glow bright with curiosity and apprehension laced into them. We seem to just stare at each other for a bit, our faces mirroring the exact same feeling of piqued interest. I opened my mouth to introduce myself when a large hand pushed my face away roughly.
"Well, hello beautiful. I am terribly sorry if we've disturbed you. My name is Song Mingi--,"
"And I'm Jung Yunho!" The brunette pipes in helping me recover from the way Mingi just shoved my face away.
"And we are--,"
"Idiots," I interrupt shoving his face away with the exact same force he did to mine. Mingi crashes into a table and I almost snort but I remember I need to behave. "They are complete idiots. Excuse me, ma'am, but I was wondering..." I trail off of what I was going to say as she lifts a hand to silence. I wait curiously to see what she's going to say and when she does speak, I don't know how to respond.
"I've been expecting you."
A/N: So this picture is supposed to be what she looks like. It's the closest to what I had imagined and I tried my best to depict this in the story. This is not my work so credits to whoever made this. Any ways, ty for reading this chapter lysm !! <3 
Tumblr media
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Title: Movie Night
Pairings: None except for a hint of Monica x Peter cause they're cute imo I'm sorry
Summary: Movie night with the Hex trio and Peter... until it's not. Also, metallokinetic Peter.
Warnings: No warnings as far as I know, but there's angst and a decent amount of fluff
Word Count: 2.2k words
Author's Note: This is my first fic for anything Marvel/Xmen related. Kinda nervous but mostly excited. Feedback is really appreciated as there's a pretty good chance a lot some of the character's actions could be pretty ooc.
“Wait… what?” Peter asked for what had to have been the millionth time. For a guy who could run fast, it was seriously taking him way too long to get this.
Darcy sighed again. “Alright, so you have to press this button--”
“The little sideways bow thing?”
“Uh, sure, why not. So you press it and then you’re gonna see a lot of different names. The one you’re gonna pick is called ‘Peter’s earbuds’.”
“Okay. Wait how does it know my-- oh wait, it beeped! The lady said it’s… paired? Now what?”
“Now you can pick a song to listen to.” Darcy pressed an icon of a square with a black background and a green circle in the middle. “Anything in particular?”
Peter was silent for a moment. "What do people listen to these days?"
Darcy took the phone from Peter before typing the name of a band into the search bar. His face lit up as Darcy handed it back to him, the screen filled with different songs to choose from. After a moment of scrolling, the opening chords of Dumb by Nirvana filled his ears, and for just a little while, his mind was calm. It was quiet.
“It’s nice to know at least music hasn’t changed since the 80s."
“I wouldn't say that exactly," Darcy mumbled.
Before he could question her statement, Monica spoke up.
"The 80s." She and Jimmy walked through the front door, both carrying grocery bags in their hands. "Is that where you're from?"
Monica placed the groceries on the counter before sitting down on the couch across from Peter.
He squinted at something in the distance. “I think so. I uh…” fuzzy images filled his mind. Laughing at jokes next to a boy with the strangest glasses. Playing in the snow with a woman with red hair. Sharing popcorn in a cold room with a girl with a mohawk and a blue devil.
A serious conversation with a man who meant a lot to him.
Peter winced at the sudden sharp pain behind his eyes. “It’s kinda… kinda hard to sort through.”
“That’s cool,” Darcy shrugged. “I felt the same way during English class back when I was in high school.”
Kurt Cobain’s voice rang in his ears. My heart is broke, but I have some glue. Help me inhale, and mend it with you. Peter nodded his head as he hummed along clumsily, not quite getting the tune right.
Once the pain faded from behind his eyes, Darcy noticed the way Peter’s face seemed to brighten at the sight of a certain someone.
“Guess what!” In less than a second, Peter had moved from his spot next to Darcy onto the couch beside Monica. “Darcy showed me how to get these little pods to play music--”
“They’re called earbuds--”
“And I can listen to whatever I want. How do you feel about this band called Nirvana?” Peter offered an earbud to Monica.
She laughed. “Right now, Jimmy has his heart set on this Lord of the Rings marathon.”
Jimmy shook his head as he took two bags from Monica and placed them all on the counter. “I stand by my claim that Lord of the Rings was and will forever be the best trilogy to ever exist.”
“Sure, Jimmy.” Darcy crossed the room to inspect the groceries. “Popcorn, sherbet, and Sprite? You got orange sherbet?”
Jimmy raised his palms in surrender and pointed at Monica. “Take that up with her.”
“Orange sherbet is the best flavor and, no, I will not be taking any questions.”
Darcy scrunched her nose. “And you’re sure powers were all you got from going through the Hex so many times?”
“You mean aside from having superior taste?” Monica joked. “Yeah, I’m sure.”
“Frodo didn’t deserve Sam,” Monica stated as the movie played on screen.
Shoving another handful of popcorn in his mouth, Jimmy responded. “He was under a lot of pressure! The corruption from the ring only got worse the closer they got to Mordor, so you can’t really blame Frodo for everything.”
Monica wrinkled her nose at the kernels that flew out of his mouth as Jimmy spoke. “Whatever you say. Plus it doesn’t matter cause Darcy’s on my side anyways.”
“You say that as if she didn’t fall asleep the second the movie started,” Jimmy snorted as he gestured to Darcy, who was snoring rather loudly on his shoulder.
Peter chuckled at the banter between the two and at Monica’s annoyed expression, catching her attention.
With Darcy practically on top of Jimmy yet somehow also managing to take up half of the couch, Peter and Monica were seated rather close together.
“Unless you’re laughing at Jimmy, that noise shouldn’t be coming out of your mouth,” she joked, having to turn her head to look Peter in the eye.
“It’s really not my fault that you always seem to be wrong.”
“That’s a lie, actually, but alright.”
“See?” He snorted. “Wrong again.”
Monica glared at Peter who just chuckled and adjusted his position.
After no more than twenty minutes of the movie playing on screen, the sound of Monica snoring told Peter that he and Jimmy were the last two awake.
“They never stay up for my movies,” Jimmy muttered.
Peter turned in his direction. “They never what?”
“We try and do this movie night a couple of times a month. So far, they’ve fallen asleep on every single movie I’ve chosen. I mean that’s obviously just because they don’t appreciate classic media--”
“Right,” Peter mumbled. “That’s why.”
Jimmy paused as he shoveled another handful of popcorn in his mouth. “But I don’t mind it. I mean, everyone’s been back for a little while now, but there’s still this… this underlying fear that it’ll happen again. This nagging feeling that people are gonna be taken away from us, but this time they won’t come back.”
He looked at Darcy, still completely unconscious on Jimmy’s shoulder, and Monica, who was curled up under Peter. “They feel like family” Jimmy admitted. “We haven’t even known each other for that long, but I’d do anything for these two, and I’m comfortable saying they’d do the same for me.”
“I’m happy for all of you, really.” Peter sighed, feeling the clasp on Monica’s necklace dig into his side. “But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous. I have a few memories--”
Taking a look at the confused look on Jimmy’s face, Peter continued. “Well, you all know that I’m not from here. Wanda just pulled me out of my own time and brought me here. ”
“I mean we know it wasn’t intentional--”
“That’s not the point!” Peter did his best to rein in his anger. “The point is, some random lady took me away from my time. Away from my home, my friends, my family. And I’m not even saying that I blame her, but why did it have to be me?” When Jimmy didn’t respond, Peter continued. “I get these… flashbacks. Fuzzy memories of home. They used to be pretty rare but lately, I’ve been getting them more often. One of them keeps showing up.”
“You think you can try and remember?” Jimmy suggested.
After a moment of silence, Peter decided. “Yeah.” He adjusted Monica so that her head rested on the arm of the couch instead of his side, and something strange happened to his chest at the sight of her sleeping so peacefully.
Jimmy pulled out a notebook and pen. Peter cleared his throat as Jimmy nodded for him to begin, ready to jot down whatever he could.
“It was me, a little girl. An older woman, could’ve been my mother? And--” Peter furrowed his brow as a dull pain began to form behind his eyes and a white noise began ringing in his ears. “Someone… someone else. They, uh-- a man. I think.”
“If you can’t remember who, try to focus on where.”
“No no, I’ve got it. They uh. We--” It was beginning to hurt. “No. Wait. Younger people… friends, they had to be.”
The pain became more intense. The noise in his head was getting louder. It hurt. Different images flashed in his head, all fuzzy and difficult to clear up. His mind reached out to grasp one but just as his fingertips brushed the surface, it was gone.
A patient teacher bound to a wheelchair.
A charming blue devil.
A shapeshifter with a warm heart.
A man who could shake the earth itself.
“They keep moving,” Peter said through gritted teeth. “They… t-they won’t sit still.”
“Alright, man,” Jimmy closed the notebook. “If you need to take a break we can--”
“No! I wanna do this. I need to do this.” Peter’s voice cracked. “I don’t-- I can’t forget them.”
“Okay. Alright, that’s fine but you-- uhh…” Jimmy furrowed his brow at the sight of the pen in his hand beginning to twitch. He took one look at Peter and his eyes grew wide the moment he began to understand. “Peter. Hey, you’ve gotta take a breath. You gotta-- shit.”
Jimmy took in Peter’s current state. Pale and shaky with droplets of sweat forming on his forehead. His eyes wide and panicked. “Uhmm, shit, Monica! Darcy! I really think now would be an appropriate time for the two of you to wake up, given the circumstances.”
As he moved to shake the two women awake, Peter’s struggle grew more intense. The pain had now spread throughout his entire head and turned into a pounding sensation. The noise was deafening as it bounced around in his skull.
Monica woke quickly to see Peter pale and in distress. “Jimmy, what’s happening?”
“I don’t know! We were trying to clear up the memories in his head when he started shaking and--”
“I can see that, but what’s happening?”
“Uhh…. I think stuff is about to start floating…”
Darcy’s eyes fluttered open. “Huh?”
“Yeah,” Jimmy continued, still trying to wake Darcy. “Cause, my pen was shaking and your necklace is moving a lot, and Darcy, I think your glasses are about to fly off of your face.”
Monica looked down to see her necklace float away from her chest, then watched in what seemed like slow motion as each object Jimmy mentioned flew towards the same source.
Seconds later the tv in front of them crumpled in on itself. “That was expensive,” Darcy sighed, now fully awake.
Monica cocked her head, her gaze flickering from Peter to Jimmy to Darcy. “Is he--”
“Yep,” Darcy said loudly
The three sat in awe and terror as Peter sank to the floor in agony, screaming as he drew his knees to his chest. His hands pressed over his ears.
Darcy looked into her kitchen and her eyes grew wide. Locking eyes with Monica and then Jimmy, they all spoke at once. “The knives.”
Monica scrambled to Peter’s side while Darcy and Jimmy ran to get as many knives as they could out of the house.
Darcy turned towards Monica. “You, uh, sure you got this?”
At Monica’s shaky nod, she followed Jimmy into the kitchen.
“Okay,” Monica began. “Peter… I’m gonna, um. I, uh-- okay I actually have no idea what I’m gonna do, but I need you to just, try and, uh, I don’t know, breathe?”
“I can’t.” he panted. The breaths he took were uneven and rapid and his face was stark white. He wasn’t responding to her. “I can’t forget. I-- no, no no I don’t want to forget. They’re slipping. I can’t reach them. Help me.”
She knew he wasn’t going to be able to calm himself down. Monica called the other two in there.
Jimmy ran into the living room first. “We weren’t-- oh.”
Darcy quickly followed. “Holy shit.” she looked at Monica. “You know what to do?”
Monica nodded. “But I haven’t exactly done it before and there’s a good chance I’ll pass out after.”
“I mean, if it means he stops screaming bloody murder, I feel like it’ll be worth it.” Jimmy looked at Darcy with wide eyes, who just shrugged.
“Right,” Monica shook the nerves out of her hands. “Okay. Alright.”
“Y’know, there are still knives and other extremely sharp objects in the kitchen so--”
“I got that, Darcy!” Monica snapped. She took a deep breath before turning all of her attention to the man in front of her. “Okay, Peter? I’m sorry, but none of us have any idea what to do, and so, this was the next best option.”
She closed her eyes and placed both hands to his temple, struggling to keep them there as he twisted in pain. When her eyes opened again, a bright blue shone in place of their usual brown.
His energy came through in tendrils. The super-speed feeling like electricity itself, sharp and cold, while his metallokinesis was slow and warm and heavy. It was new and painful and in that moment Monica understood his pain.
While his powers had come to a pause, his memories were a different matter.
“I gotta keep going,” Monica slurred. Her eyelids were heavy.
“Yeah that’s what we’re not gonna do,” Darcy said.
“He’s still in pain!”
“And now so are you! We can find something to sedate him but, right now, you can’t--”
Monica responded by placing her hands on Peter’s temple once again, this time taking out smaller amounts of energy. Just enough to put him to sleep for a little while.
She then promptly collapsed.
“Energy absorption,” Jimmy stated. “Impressive.”
Darcy sighed. “Please just help me get them to bed.”
“Right. Okay.”
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kitashinsvks · 23 days ago
they use you for a bet
warnings: none.. i think 
characters: sakusa, suna
a/n: this prompt has been done way too many times, however i want to write my own take on it, also … idk if any of you are expecting angst bc i will assure you now that some of these ARE NOT ANGSTY, i think lsjadkds ...idk how else to describe it tbh 
(oh god i just looked back on the request and they said angst but i was done with sakusa’s before i went back to the request omgksjhfjhdsf)
also i'm not rlly proud of this one hngg
Tumblr media
Dating Sakusa has always been one of the most shocking things that happened to you. You remember how he asked you with a blush on his face if you wanted to go get dinner with him. The memory brings a smile on your face whenever you think about it. 
Now going two years, the both of you had your ups and downs and moments wherein you didn’t understand one another. However, that only made your relationship stronger, when the memory flashes through your mind, a fond smile appears on your face. 
“What’s got you smiling there, baby?” You hear the deep baritone of your boyfriend’s voice say from behind you. You shook your head before letting him intertwine his fingers with yours. “Ah, just reminiscing some memories, I guess.” You say, Sakusa smiled at the carefree expression that was etched into your face. 
“And what might that be?” Your boyfriend asked, a teasing smile on his face. You scoff at him before swaying your intertwined hands together. 
“How you seemed all blushy when you asked me out.” Sakusa rolled his eyes at your statement. “I told you, it was cold!” “Sure it was, ‘Yoomi.” Your boyfriend scoffed before hugging your waist comfortably and burying his face to your neck. 
“Kiyoomi?” Sakusa pulled away as he heard the voice of his former captain say. 
“Oh, (Y/N)’s here too!” Iizuna said as Sakusa pulled away from you. A polite smile was etched to your face as you bow your head at him. 
Iizuna’s eyes drifted down to your interlocked hands before a laugh erupted out of him. 
“No way! You guys are still together?” He asked as if he couldn’t believe it. “Yeah. Why wouldn’t we be?” 
“Ah, it’s just that I didn’t expect Sakusa to stay in a relationship after I graduated glad to know the deal actually got you a girl.” He laughs, you could feel Sakusa’s hand tense in yours. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
“What?” You blinked, confused. Iizuna’s laughter died down before he looked back awkwardly to his junior who was giving him a death glare. 
“She didn’t know?” You let go of Sakusa’s hand and faced him. “Didn’t know what, Kiyoomi?” You knew where this was going, but you wanted to hope for the best and think that somehow Sakusa was begrudgingly pulled into a prank. 
“Oh… oh shit.” Iizuna muttered to himself, knowing he probably caused a fight or a potential break up between you and your lover. 
“Sakusa? Do you need to tell me something?” “I think I see Komori, I’ll go ahead and greet him.” Iizuna quickly excused himself, leaving you with your boyfriend who looked at you guiltily. 
“(Y/N)...” “Save the sad dialogue, I just want to know.” You say, trying to ignore the clench of your heart, but if the two years with Sakusa taught you anything, it’s that he will never tolerate anything that will make him uncomfortable, but for you he’d make an exemption. 
“Before Iizuna and our upperclassmen graduated… they made a challenge to see if I would be able to get a girlfriend before they leave.” Sakusa starts, you nod, urging him to continue. 
“To be honest, I didn’t know why I accepted that challenge. Perhaps I was tired of being called anti-social and unable to get a girlfriend. Dumb move on my part.” 
“So… why me?” You couldn’t help but ask. Sakusa looked at you straight in the eye before speaking. 
“At first, I wanted to give up on this challenge because I wasn’t interested in anyone. Not until Komori suddenly brought you up. And...” You raise an eyebrow at his words, urging him to continue. “And…?”
“Komori said that when he mentioned your name, I blushed.” Sakusa mumbled, you hid a small smirk at his words. 
“Well. How long was this challenge supposed to last?” “Ideally, it was supposed to be a month at most… in my standard.” You roll your eyes at his statement. 
“I wonder how many times you said that, is it like… a free trial that renews every last week of the month?” You couldn’t help but joke. 
Truthfully, the news did shock you. Then again, you knew better than to doubt his feelings, especially now when he has actively tried to make your relationship work since the start. 
You knew Sakusa could never fake his feelings. 
“(Y/N)... I-” He cleared his throat. “I admit it was a shitty thing for me to do.”
“Not going to lie, it was.” You answer, he looked at the ground guiltily. “If you could redo when you asked me out, will you?” You asked, not even trying to hide your curiosity at this point. 
“To be honest, no.” Your eyes widened at the bluntness of his tone. “Because I don’t know if I would’ve ever confessed to you if my seniors didn’t push me to this challenge. It’s a miracle that you even said yes in the first place.” 
You gave him a soft smile, shocking him. “Honestly, I don’t think the past even matters.” You truthfully say. 
Sure, it may have seemed as if you were taken advantage of, but you were a smart girl. You knew that Sakusa would never stay or commit to a relationship that he wouldn’t want to. 
“You’re not mad?” Sakusa asked, a bit shocked at the lack of reaction.
“A bit shocked, I supposed.” You say, “I mean… anyone would be shocked if they found out their boyfriend of two years was using them for a challenge.” You say. “...oh god it does sound bad.” 
You laughed. “You think?” 
“God, I’m sorry. Just… I mean everything since the start, please know that.” Sakusa said, you nod, letting his hand intertwine with yours. 
“I know, Kiyoomi.” You reassure, squeezing his hand. “Didn’t know your highschool self was dumb though.” You tease. 
“You love me though.” 
“That, I do.” You smile, letting him kiss your forehead.
Tumblr media
The bell of your last class has rung, signalling the end of the day. You were giddy, knowing that you were about to see your boyfriend. 
Being with Suna made you feel as if you were always floating on a cloud, as much as he seems reserved and only expresses emotions when he sees the twins quarrel, you knew he was much more than that. People couldn’t see the way he acted with you behind closed doors. 
With your boyfriend in mind, you had a lovestruck gaze on your face as you put your stuff inside your locker. 
Once you slammed your locker door shut, you were greeted face to face with your friend who looks like she ran through a marathon. 
“Woah, you look like you’ve been through hell.” You joked, trying to hide the concern in your voice as she calmly grasped your hand. 
“You know I would never want to hurt you, right?” Your friend asked, you tilt your head to the side, confused and a little bit scared. 
“I’d rather you hear it right now before you get hurt in the future. Please, (Y/N). You know I wouldn’t lie to you, right?” You nodded your head slowly. 
Of course she wouldn’t lie, the both of you trusted each other to a point of death. 
“Of course, (F/N). What’s wrong?” You tried calming her down, she looked at you as if she was pained to say it. 
“I overheard the twins and Suna talking about you.” You blinked, not knowing what was wrong with that statement. To be honest, you felt your heart warm at the thought that Suna talked about you to his friends. 
“And… isn’t that what boyfriends are supposed to do?” Your friend frantically shook her head. “They were talking about you… about how Suna is using you as a bet.” You laughed. 
“(F/N), don’t you think you’re watching too many dramas or reading too many romance mangas?” You reply, trying to ignore how your heart dropped in a split second. “Suna wouldn’t do that.” You say, trying to convince yourself more than her.
You knew (F/N) would never lie to you, especially regarding things like these. 
“(Y/N), you know I am the biggest shipper of your relationship.” She said. 
“Maybe you misheard...” “You can distinguish Miya Atsumu’s voice miles away and I heard him loud and clear when he asked Suna how the bet was going.” You blink, trying to prevent the lump in your throat from getting worse. 
“(Y/N)...” “I think I need a moment.” You say quietly, “Thank you for telling me, I think I have to talk to him.” Your friend looked like she wanted to say something, but stopped herself and nodded. 
“Text me when you need me.” You nod, before heading the opposite direction to the gym. 
You didn’t know if you wanted to see Suna at that moment.
As soon as you got home, you changed and turned your phone off. Not wanting to talk to anyone as your friend’s words kept coming back to your mind, as much as you tried pushing it away, it just wouldn’t. As if it were a broken record that kept playing. 
You probably spent a good few hours overthinking, before you hear a knock on your door. 
Without thinking, you open the door and see Suna behind and typing on his phone.
“Hey.” He says once he sees your face and a small smile was etched to his usually deadpanned look. 
“Hi.” “You didn’t come to practice today.” Suna says, entering your house. 
“Ah. I was tired.” You curtly responded. Suna immediately noticed the shift in your mood. Normally, you would be happy to see him, but you looked as if he was the last person you wanted to see. Which was true as of the moment. 
“Is there something wrong?” Suna asked, a hint of concern laced in his voice. You give him a smile, to which he knows is forced, before shaking your head. 
“Just sleepy.” 
Something was definitely wrong. Suna thinks to himself as he watches you situate yourself on your bed. 
“(Y/N). I know something is wrong, tell me.” Suna says, shaking your figure. 
“It’s nothing, Suna.” “Suna? Something is definitely wrong.” 
“Please stop.” You whisper, trying to stop the lump in your throat from getting worse. Suna was on guard immediately. “Baby?” 
Your friend’s words from earlier invaded your mind once more, and before you knew it, tears were streaming down your face. 
“Baby?” Suna’s arms were around you, you tense in his hold, your boyfriend immediately releasing his hold on you. 
“Please stop using me.” You whispered, Suna’s eyes widened. 
“What?” “(F/N) heard you and the twins… about how you’re only dating me as a bet.” You say, trying to put a strong front but failing as tears uncontrollably streamed down your face. 
“She heard that?” “So it’s true?” You wiped your eyes before looking at him. 
Even looking at him hurt. 
“(Y/N)... it isn’t how you think it is.” 
“It’s a simple yes or no question, Suna.” The way you said his last name made the middle blocker feel a pang on his chest. 
“I-... yes, but-” “Get out.” You interrupted, eyes looking down as you spat out your words. 
“Baby-” “No. Please, not now. I don’t think I can look at you right now.” You say softly. 
Suna wanted to explain. To ease your thoughts, but he didn’t know how to begin. He was tongue-tied. 
“Leave.” You say again. 
You felt the bed shift, somewhere in your mind, you wanted Suna to tell you that it was a prank, to say that he paid (F/N) to participate in this sick prank. But you knew that wasn’t the reality that was happening now. 
You didn’t see the defeated nod that Suna sent you. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He says quietly, as if he didn’t know what else to add. 
Tears were building up in your eyes, once you hear the door shut, you let them loose. Sobbing hard onto your pillow. With a shaky hand, you turned on your phone, ignoring the numerous messages Suna probably sent before you turned off your phone earlier and sending a text to your friend.
You were right
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silverrstarrr · 23 days ago
extra hand
Tumblr media
Update note: Happy spring break loves! Here's a smut I never finished but I still wanted to post it. I'll be taking break from writing eren. I recently started simping for geto Suguru from jjk so😩
Okay, so this is my first smut. I'm just experimenting and playing around with things. I WOULD LOVE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, but don't bash me bc I'm a little sensitive and then go off 🥲. Song? Um, don't get mad at me but killshot by Magdalena b. slowed n reverb and no guidance remix, slowed n reverb.😕🦴
Pairings: erenxf!reader, smut!
Warnings: fingering, swearing, idk??
Tumblr media
You tossed your phone onto the nearby bed in the spawn of annoyance, watching the mobile device bounce up a few times, then settling down into the soft comforter. Why were you irritated? It was because he hasn't texted. Eren Yeager haven't texted you back.
Your relationship with eren was a toxic one. You weren't the type to romanticize or fetishize "toxicness" but here you are, putting yourself in one.
Eren was your boyfriend, well, ex-boyfriend? The both of you used to talk, met at a dumb frat boy party. This should have raised red flags immediately but you guessed the alcohol was to blame for it.
You guys had a small heated makeout session in one of the corners, away from the crowd. Sadly your friend was vomiting all over the place and had to take your leave.
Slowly you started seeing each other on campus and exchanged numbers. He'd always flirt with you, crack small jokes and was a good listener.
Sometimes he made small gestures and teasing comments that made the tension between you two, very heavy.
You started talking to him more than usual. you were sure eren only gave you his number to call you anytime he was in the mood, which happened often. It was obvious he's been with other women before cause, phew, he knew how to put it down.
Despite being fuck buddies, he was always down to chat and talk about things. You adored everything about him. How unkempt his hair was, the way he'll always ask how you were feeling and was willing to help you–his beautiful jade eyes.
Anytime you were upset with him, he always knew how to catch your attention again. From all this, you caught feelings. Real bad. But eren didn't feel the same, well so you thought.
Eren was walking around campus with another girl, arm slung around her shoulder, him whispering sweet nothings in her ears as you watched her face get red and started laughing. He even took you on small dates to restaurants and hanged out at his dorm.
You stood there dumbfounded. He played you. You guys were never a thing, you didn't understand why you thought you'll be different, he's a fuck boy after all.
He hit you up later that night, wanting to have a sesh in his car. Your emotions were spilled all over the place. you messaged him back questioning about the girl he was with. You sounded so desperate and you hated it.
From the way you were texting he knew you've caught feelings and automatically cut you off.
You were shocked, you hoped for him to just clear things up and tell you those overly used line: "she doesn't mean anything". You know, what most guys tell their girlfriends after being caught cheating.
But that was 4 months ago. He recently got in touch with you two week ago. How dare he just try to slide back into your life as if nothing happened? you were beyond pissed but you still messaged him back anyways. What the fuck? You're just going to get hurt all over again. You guys were chatting for a good week and decided to meet at his dorm.
"Hey y/n, long time no see, huh." He said
you clicked your tongue. "So you just ghost girls out of nowhere and hit them back up whenever you feel like it?" you were absolutely irritated, you wanted to punch his stupid face.
Eren rolled his eyes and let out a tiresome sigh. "It's whatever, get over it. I messaged you back, correct? You should be happy."
He was high. You could already tell by the way he smelled and the reason why he texted you out of the blue.
"Fuck you, Eren." You stormed out of there with your blood rushing. You were so angry but wanted to cry so much. "Whatever"? Was he serious?
You immediately called an uber and went home.
You rented out an apartment with one of your friends from high school. They were out most of the time so you never really saw them.
Automatically, eren was blowing up your phone with text messages. You didn't answer them, and kept him on delivered.
Which didn't last long because early on, on Tuesday, you messaged him back.
He was obviously upset you left him up and dry for a week but got over it.
Now, you're here. Waiting for his reply once again, your last text message was three days ago. It was currently Saturday night, 6:48 pm.
He hasn't responded since Wednesday. Was he going to ghost you again? Maybe he found another girl to mess with? bzzt bzzt You instantly whipped your head back, and stared at your phone's now lightened screen. You had a notification,
From eren.
Unlocking your phone, you checked what he sent.
"Can you come over?"
You read, then reread, then read again. He wanted you to come over? he's doing it again. He's fucking doing it again. He responds three nights later, what the fuck.
You didn't respond at first. Just staring at the open conversations.
You guessed eren saw that you read his text and three dots appeared on the lower left, he was typing.
"y/n, I know I fucked up but please can you respond at least?"
Your thumbs swiped against the keyboard.
"say what? what do I owe you a response for?" You sat down on your bed as the blue bubble sent.
"my phone got messed up, I dropped in it in the rain on my way back from practice. It cracked really bad"
You studied the screen not knowing what to say. You couldn't tell if he was lying or if it was true. But it did rain on Tuesday, so his story wasn't completely untruthful.
"I'll be over in 10"
That's it, you gave in to him. You're just setting yourself up again for another heartbreak.
You decided to prepare yourself. This was going to be a long night
You had your jacket on as you stepped out the door. It was still winter, luckily the piled up snow died down.
You quickly jogged to your uber and entered inside. the driver took off shortly after you came in.
The drive was pretty short, he was only ten minutes away. you wished it was longer, so you could lecture yourself for the decision you made.
You hoped out the car and went inside the boys dormitory. His dorm was on the left wing, so you proceed towards that direction.
Eren shared a dorm with Armin, you hoped he was there just in case a heated argument happened because you had a feelings one would come.
Arriving at the hall where all the rooms were at, you walked down the hall checking the numbers, so you'll know which one was his.
You despise that you remembered it as you stood in front of his door.
You pulled out your phone to shoot him a quick "here" to notify your arrival.
Not too long after, a tall brunette opened the door, he immediately grabbed your wrist and pulled you inside.
The room was dim and dark, other than the dark purple LD lights.
You felt your back make contact with the door behind you, he snaked his free hand around your waist. He pressed his lips against yours, you could feel his impatience as he tilted his head slightly to the side to deepen the kiss.
He pulled away ever so slight and licked the bottom of your lip asking for entrance, so intoxicated by his lust you simply obeyed and parted your mouth slightly. His warm tongue slipping in exploring every inch of your mouth.
You ran your other hand over his black t-shirt trailing up to his neck soon afterwards interlocking your fingers in his brown locks. Although the kiss felt rushed it still made you melt, and gave a small throb down in your area. You slightly tugged on his hair earning you a groan into the heated kiss.
The butterfly’s in your stomach were going on a rampage and your heart was beating out of your chest. He slightly pulled away from the kiss, a string of saliva connecting your mouths together.
"...eren," you moaned slightly.
He was looking down at you, you were so stunning beneath him—face already flustered from one kiss. he wanted to here his name once more.
traveling down to your neck, he started showering it with wet kisses, and continued traveling down. He reached your collarbone and gave it a small bite, as the skin turned red, your grip in hair grew tighter. You were a mess, already ready feeling slick in between your legs as you rubbed them together, desperate for any sort of friction.
eren slid his hand upwards from your waist to your shirt, his soft hands grazed your bare skin—rubbing slowly, sending shivers down your spine.
you released another breathy moan as he continued at your neck. Hearing you moan was a blessing to him, he couldn't stop thinking about you ever since your last encounter.
He wanted to defile you, run his hands all over your body, touching placing only he knew he had access to—having your fingers intertwined in his long locks as he heard dumb founded mewls, begging him to stop teasing and give you what you wanted.
He pulled himself away from your neck, leaving you stunned at his sudden stop.
" why'd you st-" you were cut off by the jerk at your arm once again. He was taking you to his room as you trailed behind him, not saying a word.
Reaching his room, he pulled you inside, his lips crashed against yours once more, he kicked the door with his foot and closed it, locking the knob.
Your mind was fuzzy, you felt so heated and felt your pussy clench against nothing. You wanted him so bad, his impatience was rubbing off of you. But you couldn't bring yourself to tear away from his mouth, his lips felt so soft against your own. It made you feel wanted by him again, as if he never ghosted you and needed you this whole time.
Your back touched the soft mattress of his bed as he climbed on top of you, you were going haywire. you gave in to him with no obligation whatsoever and was dominanted in response. you can't say you didn't expect this from the moment he decided to text you.
His hands slithered up your shirt, pushing it up, grabing a hold of your breast through the bra. you smiled at his eagerness to touch you, how long has he been like this? using your elbows to support you, you raised your upper back from the bed as his other hand came around and unhooked your bra.
The butterflies in your stomach wouldn't stop, the warmth from his body felt attonishing against your own. sloppy kisses smothered across your lips, each break releasing a moan from one another, hearing throughout the room.
You laid back down as his hand large hands began fondling with your breast, your nipples were already hard from all the foreplay.
Eren hips started to grind against your pelvis,
"Fuck..." he moaned out, his face was already red, blushing like a dumb teenage virgin.
You break the kiss and sat up to remove your shirt, eren gave you space to do so–moving back a little. You tossed it on the floor, on the otherside of the bed, along with your bra, which was sitting next to you since eren took it off. You knocked you shoes off as well.
You immediately leaned towards eren wrapping your arms around his neck, lips already on his own, making him fall towards your direction—giving you a chance to wrap your legs around his waist. Your back made contact with the mattress once again and you moved your hips, grinding your heated core against his crotch.
"Dammit y/n...fuck, I can't stand this...when you do this to me."
Eren followed the same action as you. Releasing small moans and you both continued to dry hump one another.
You tugged at his shirt, wanting him to take it off. You didn't like it when you were the only bare and he knew this, a small chuckled erupted from his throat as he got on his knees–hands grasping the hem of the shirt, tugging it over his head.
You laid there in awe, he still kept his shape after all these months. You guessed those practices were really paying off. Your hand trailed up his torso, feeling his sculpture chest beneath your palm. His skin was so soft, you drifted your hand back down, passing over his abs.
"You like what you see?" he said smirking down at you.
"Shut up." you spat out.
Eren moved back down to your chest and took a hold of your breast, bringing his mouth to your nipple–while his other hand supported his weight. He gave it a long lick eyes flickering up at you, checking your reaction. His mouth was warm, his heavy breath touching your skin while he decided to play with your nipple.
You released small grunts as his red tongue swirled around your perked bud, closing his mouth then releasing it—leaving kisses and bite marks all around your breast. You were prepared for all the purplish marks you'll in the morning, you prayed you had your ointment at home.
Using his other hand, he slid his hand down your stomach, earning another moan from you. His touch felt so ethereal, this was what your body was craving for all these months.
His hand slid past your joggings, making contact with your cotton underwear. He dipped his fingers between your lips, gathering the slick that was leaking from your heat. His fingers brushed against your clit, as you moaned his name,
"eren—hnng, stop teasing—"
His only response was a smirk as he released his lips from your nipple with a wet pop sound.
"look how wet you are for me, hm? what happened to that attitude that you're so keen of?" his index finger continued to rub against your entrance, your clit getting some friction in the process. His middle finger plunge into your hole, sliding is easily from the lubrication of your wetness as he began pumping his finger in a steady motion, each stroke going deeper and deeper, stretching you out.
"nnghh—fuck eren..." your voice pitched at a higher tone for a moment.
you haven't felt like this is a while, his long digit fitted perfectly into your hole.
"hm? look how tight you pussy has gotten without me, can't wait to feel you around me."
Eren pulled his finger out, using his index to spread open your lips, then gathered some more slick as both fingers went inside.
He was prepping you up for his length, since you haven't had sex in a while. His fingers started to scissor you, both spreading out in your core—stretching you out even more.
Your hand immediately went for his hair and tugged at it with a grunt, eren moaned at your aggressiveness with his brunette locks.
"s-stop...mfhh." another soft mewl escaped your lips.
Eren pulled out his fingers and rested them in your panties.
"Stop?" He knew what you meant, he always does. his eyebrow turned to an arch, waiting an answer.
"m'didn't mean for," you couldn't form a sentence, your mind was so hazy from the heated atmosphere between you two. you wanted his touch again, you hated the feeling of you clenching around nothing.
eren gave your chest a few pecks, then one at your neck close to your jaw.
"use your words, y/n." man, he was enjoying this too well. He missed this part of you so bad, having you a complete mess under his touch.
"I want you inside of me." The last word was spoken in a lower tone, you were embarrassed. Never knew you'll hear those words come from your mouth again.
"Good girl." He bought his fingers up to his mouth as he sucked on them, swirlying his pink tongue around his digits while directly making eye contact with you. Releasing them with another wet pop, he start to work on his joggers.
Moving off of you, he swing his legs to the edge of bed, pullng down his gray sweats as it hits the floor–slides it across the floor. He did the same with his boxers.
You did the same, taking off your bottoms along with your damp panties, placing it over with your other clothing.
erens cock slapped against his abdominal, precum already dripping from the slit of head.
He gave himself a few strokes, groaning loudly as he shifted back to your direction. Settling between your legs, he uses his hand to trace his pink tip between your folds, slipping between your lips constantly—gathering lubrication.
"m'mfgh...stop teasing eren," your chest was heavy with anticipation, you wanted him inside you so bad. His free rest on your bended knee, his fingers drawing circles.
"shhh, y/n—I know." He coos.
Finally, he dipped his cock into your seeping hole as your velvety walls draw him in–not giving him a chance to adjust from tight you were. You both moan in unison, feeling contentment, getting what you guys wanted you at last.
" hnng, you're so tight...shit," erens eye closed shut while he pushed the rest of his length inside you. Even after stretching you out with his fingers, you were still tight and eren enjoyed every second of it.
Once he was in all the way, his cock was a snug fit—he waited for you to adjust so he could move.
Your chest now heaving up and down, you give a little nod—signaling it was okay to move. Drawing his hips back, he slid out of your core completely and immediately thrusted forward entering back to your wet core.
Eren began thrusting into you at a steady pace as his both of his hands grabbed your legs, resting them behind your knee.
You knew it'll be a long night.
update note: HAHAHA IM BACK GUYS MORE FANFICS. I'm finally on spring break 😭
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darkladyslytherin · 23 days ago
The Riddles (Tom Riddle x Fem!Reader x Tom Riddle Sr)
Tumblr media
Summary: Tom invited his girlfriend to spend the holidays with him at his father’s house in Little Hangleton. [Y/n] was getting anxious because it would be the very first time for her to meet Tom Riddle Sr. The worst of it, the older Riddle had taken an interest in her since he met her.
Word count: 2,845
Includes: Implied smut, oral sex (male!receiving), slightly inappropriate relationship, daddy kink, snogging session, pregnancy, fluff ending
This is my first fiction ever that I actually posted on tumblr. And special thank you to my fellow Slytherin @toms-wife for helping me in my writing process and proofread the story for me, love you ❤️ Enjoy.
She tried her very best to remain calm and composed. Somehow Tom could easily sense the nervousness his girlfriend felt at the moment.
"You don't have to be so nervous, darling." His thumb caressed the back of her hand gently, soothing her nerves.
"I can't help it, Tom... It’s my first time meeting your father and we've been dating for years" she pouted.
"I know, everything will be fine. My father will be happy to see you. Let's go then, shall we?" Tom pecked his lovers’ forehead and then offered his arm for her to take, as they apparated to the Riddle's manor.
The two of them appeared on the driveway of the Riddle house. [Y/n] was very impressed at the sight of an elegant-looking manor, owned by none other than the Riddle family. The manor stood on a hill overlooking the village of Little Hangleton, it seemed that the manor was the largest and grandest building in the small village.
Tom knocked on the door three times, and there he was-
[Y/n] let out an inaudible gasp, the second she laid her eyes on him.
Tom Riddle Sr.
[Y/n] was surprised to see that he looked so much like Tom. Now she realised where exactly Tom got his extremely handsome features.
Literally an epitome of perfection.
Tom Riddle Sr was just a few inches taller than his son, his dark curly hair was neatly combed, smart attire, high cheekbones, chiseled face, eyes, nose, mouth...
Tom looked almost like a carbon copy of his father, [Y/n] thought. Except for the very faint lines that appeared on his face and his steel grey eyes, that contrasted to Tom’s dark eyes.
Tom Riddle was the spitting image of his father. Not to mention they also shared the same name. Tom Riddle Sr’s genes must have really been something.
"You brought a guest over?" He inquired, smoothly. “Well, well, Tom.. Who’s this lovely young lady?" Said the older Riddle pleasantly. He took a good look at her and [Y/n] couldn't help but flush in embarrassment.
Tom merely smirked. “Father, let me introduce you to my girlfriend, [Y/n] [L/n]. [Y/n], this is my father."
"Hello, Mr Riddle. It’s pleasure to meet you, sir”, she greeted softly, taking the extended hand in her own and shaking it. His hand around hers was warm and firm, reminding her of the comfort that her tom would provide her with. He slightly squeezed her hand as she smiled sweetly at him. "The pleasure is all mine, Miss [L/n]."
"Let me show you around the house.” Tom wrapped his free arm around her waist as his other hand held their luggage and led the way inside the house as Tom Sr stepped to the side and casually put his hands inside the pocket of his trousers, eyes secretly trained on [Y/n].
"Quite the beauty." He murmured under his breath. The word flowing out of his mouth subconsciously, without realising it.
It was great spending quality time with Tom at his father's house. [Y/n] had even received an opportunity to ride a stunningly gorgeous horse that belonged to Tom Sr.
Tom and [Y/n] went to the abandoned cottage where the Gaunts had once lived, for a quick visit. The cottage was half-hidden amongst the field of large trees. Quite a strange location to choose for a house. Its walls were mossy and plaques of wood had fallen off the roof leaving the rafters visible in some places.
Tom’s grandfather, Marvolo had died due to unknown causes. His uncle, Morfin was sent to Azkaban, for attacking muggles, breaching the secrecy and causing disturbance. Tragically, Tom’s mother, Merope, died moments after giving birth to her only son.
It had been a few days since [Y/n] had started staying in the Riddle house.
The older Riddle spent most of his time working in his personal office. Sometimes, he would leave in his vintage car, usually for business meeting.
She understood why Tom didn't think it would be entertaining to visit his father in the first place.
Tom Riddle Sr was a very busy man.
[Y/n] was getting ready for bed. She came out of the shower, brushed her teeth, did her simple skincare routine and put on a silk satin nightgown. The nightgown happened to be quite revealing, more revealing than she'd prefer which made her slightly uncomfortable but she just shrugged it away because she wouldn't normally be wearing a bra at night.
'Whatever, Tom would love it anyways', she thought to herself.
Upon leaving the bathroom, she found her lover reading a book. Tom looked up to see her wearing a revealing nightgown, her perky nipples evident, outlined by the silky fabric, the shy innocent look formed on her face as he admired her body. He swallowed the lump that was forming in his throat.
"[Y/n].. ", her name rolled out of his mouth, his eyes darkened full of lust and desire. "You’re so beautiful.. so perfect." His mind drank her figure, memorizing all the curves and hips. "Come here, love." He commanded.
She bit down on her bottom lip, as she advanced towards him and straddled his lap, grinding achingly slow on his erection.
The book was placed on the nightstand, discarded as the two filled the room with sensual moans and low grunts, Tom wasn't sure if he cast a silencing charm on the room for insurance or not. He only stopped when his girlfriend informed him that she couldn't go on any longer and so their night ended with their naked, panting bodies entangled together.
It was a wonderful night indeed.
[Y/n] woke up early the next morning even though she was beyond exhausted and sore due to yesterday's eventful night with Tom.
It was almost 5am. She was awake because she needed a drink. Her throat ached and was basically crying out for water.
Tom slept peacefully, head nestled on his pillow, curly hair dishevelled, arm outstretched placed on an unclothed waist. With careful movements she softly lifted Tom’s arm off of her, slipped on his sweater that was thrown on the floor and crept downstairs.
As she arrived in the kitchen, she found the lights already switched on. She hesitated on whether or not she should just enter the kitchen, drink a glass of water then leave immediately.
'But I haven't seen him lately', she thought.
She sighed and made her way into the kitchen. "Good morning Mr Riddle." She greeted carefully, trying not to startle him. The older man had in hand a newspaper he was currently reading and the other was holding his usual cup of coffee at the kitchen isle.
"Oh, good morning miss [L/n]. You and Tom have an eventful night?" He jested playfully, making the young womans' cheeks heat up. Only she recalled how loud she might've been.
“Ahh ahh fuck, Tom faster please! Ahh right there!!”
"Um.. I.." she fumbled with her words and fidgeted slightly, playing with her fingers and standing awkwardly in the middle of the kitchen, struggling to find words to say. Her mind blanked in embarrassment.
"Not to worry, [Y/n].. I was young once too." He chuckled, lowly. "Can’t  sleep?" he asked.
"I got thirsty and came down to have a glass of water." She said, still flustered. She made an attempt to reach out to the cabinet which held in them glasses for drinking, tried to reach out her hand for a glass but the top cabinet was too high-
'Giants, the both of them-' she huffed as she made another attempt.
"Here, let me help you." Tom Sr’s taller frame loomed over her, his toned chest was slightly brushing against her back.
"Thank you, Mr Riddle." She smiled shyly as she took a jar of water and poured it into the glass. She downed the glass of water at once.
"No problem." He said in his smooth, low voice. And there it was, there was a tension surrounding them that was so thick it could have been cut with a knife. They were both staring into each other's eyes for a brief moment before she quickly directed her gaze down to her empty  glass.
"I’ll go back to bed, now." She muttered quietly as she washed the glass and put it on the counter top, before heading back upstairs. She gripped onto the hem of Tom’s sweater that rested on her thighs. A feeling of dreadfulness swirled in her stomach.
"Abraxas invited us to his manor for a dinner party, this Friday" Tom said casually during their little break at the backyard of his garden.
"But Tom," [Y/n], whined, dragging out the m "I have nothing fancy to wear." She continued. "Besides, I don't really want to see Abraxas again, he was a downright git back in school." She crossed her arms, a pout gracing her features.
"[Y/n], don't get fussy with me, I want you to come to the party with me." Tom insisted. "Martha will be there too, you know... unless you don't mind her trying to flirt with me because I'm going to be alone without my girlfriend." He said jokingly.
[E/c] eyes snapped quickly toward his, [Y/n] was about to respond when suddenly another man's voice interjected the conversation.
"You’re not going to leave your boyfriend by himself, will you?" said the older man, his voice slightly deeper than his sons'.
[Y/n] looked over her shoulder to see Tom Riddle Sr with a lit up cigarette, taking a drag out of the murderous stick, while his other hand was holding a glass of whiskey. She had no idea how long he was outside for, but oh did he looked so good-
The younger Riddle cleared his throat quite loudly "[Y/n], daydreaming are we?"
"Sorry, Tom", she hesitated "I was, er- just thinking about the party" she said sheepishly before taking a sip of her tea.
Friday finally came around. [Y/n] thought Tom Riddle Sr was only joking when he offered to buy her a dress for the dinner party, but it turns out he meant it, the older Tom bought an elegant, velvety black dress for her to wear to the party.
"You look rather ravishing, darling." the younger Riddle complimented his girlfriend when he saw her in the beautiful gown.
"Why, thank you Thomas, you look handsome yourself but don't you think this dress is too luxurious for the party?"
"No, it's befitting of you, my dear. Shall we go m'lady?" He extended his arm in a gentlemanly manner which caused the girl to giggle.
[Y/n] had no chance to thank Tom Sr on that day, due to his departure for a business trip, which took place early in the morning. She made sure she would thank him soon.
Overall the party wasn't bad, in fact she quite enjoyed it. Except for young teenage Martha who was desperately trying her best to catch Tom’s attention. Unfortunately for her, the young mans' attention was mostly focused on [Y/n], he never left her side. She was really grateful for that. It was midnight by the time they left the Malfoy Manor.
That night she had a wet dream. A dream that had included Tom Riddle Sr in it for some reason.
And it was filthy.
"You like sucking my cock sweetheart?" he asked her, voice dripping with condescension, her teary eyes looked up at him.
"Mhmm" she managed to hum out a response, vibrations were sent down his dick, her head kept a continuous bobbing pace, up and down his length.
"That’s it, baby girl." He grunted. "Show me just how thankful you are for the dress that I gave you".
He thrusted the entirety of his cock into her throat one last time, before pulling out and releasing all over her face.
"Thank you daddy." That was the last thing she said to him in her dream.
She was fully awake now because of the dream. She tried to go back to sleep but couldn't, so she went to the bathroom and splashed her face with cold water, thinking of the white liquid that splattered on her face- 'Stop’.
Her boyfriend was still sleeping on the bed. She felt guilty and disgusting for having that dream. She couldn't go back to sleep and so she decided to wander aimlessly around the house.
[Y/n] walked into the library section of the house. She spent most of her time there, flipping through some books until the door swung open, revealing the face of Tom's dad. ‘Blimey-‘
"Ah, [Y/n] awake again?" A smile made its way onto his face. He allowed the door to shut behind him before striding over to her. "Find something interesting to read? I could barely sleep, so I decided to get a book to read."
"Same here, couldn't sleep well tonight so I ended up here”, she said, waving the book slightly in the air.
His steel grey eyes studied her, he took a step forward and she instinctively took a step back, coming into contact with the bookshelf behind her.
"I've taken an interest in you [L/n], since the moment I greeted you at the step of my house. You’re really a sight for sore eyes."
He held her chin up delicately and her eyes snapped wide open as he suddenly closed the distance between them, his lips pressed onto hers, the kiss was filled with passion. It was reckless, stupid and careless, but at the moment he just didn't care about anything.
Her eyes fluttered shut, she couldn't help but move her lips back against his in sync. He let out the faintest groan as a hint of satisfaction. His lips felt so good on her. His free arm snaked around her waist, caging her smaller frame.
It felt like a blissful eternity, he kissed her with more force this time, he tilted her chin up higher with his hand as his lips started placing heated butterfly kisses against her neck.
Then the realisation dawned on her as she felt his dick harden against her crotch.
"Stop it, please." She pleaded.
He froze in place, stumbling backwards slightly as he tried to make sense of the situation. [Y/n] assumed that he was slightly drunk due to his slightly staggering walk and because she could taste a hint of liquor on his tongue when he was kissing her.
"I'm sorry Mr Riddle, but I must say this," she motioned between the two of them "can't happen again. I love your son too much and I don't ever want to hurt his feelings or betray his trust", she smiled sadly and headed towards the door and turning around to say "and thank you so much for the dress sir, it was beautiful.” She left before he could say anything, standing alone in the library, intoxicated.
Tom Sr sighed and rubbed his face, it was best to let her go for their own good. She was for his son, and only him.
A year later..
Tom Riddle Sr payed his son a visit. He arrived at the front door of Tom and [Y/n]'s house. His son was already waiting for his arrival at the front door.
"Hello, son!” He engulfed his son in a hug. "Where’s [Y/n]?"
Shortly appearing after the question was [Y/n], with her same old pretty smile on her now glowing face, embracing a round belly, almost about six months pregnant, yet still as beautiful as ever.
"Tom, you didn't tell me-"
"It was meant to be a surprise for you, father." Tom shrugged nonchalantly, a small grin evident on his handsome features.
Tom Sr was going to become a grandfather, 'oh-'
An overwhelming feeling came over him and he couldn't describe how happy he felt at that moment, he felt emotional?
"Tell me [Y/n], is there anything you like to eat? Something you crave for right now?"
"Um", she paused in thought. "I think I'm in the mood for some (your fav muggle food).” She said, laughing.
"That muggle food? Again?" Tom rolled his eyes.
"Now, now, Tom, she likes that 'muggle' food." He sneered back.
Tom Riddle Sr was delighted at the least to see that they were living their best life. Most importantly, he couldn't wait to see his grandchild-
"They’re twins." His son couldn't hold onto the secret any longer.
Yeah, he couldn't wait to see his grandchildren. They would be very beautiful, with the mix of Toms and [Y/n]'s features, their genetics would be superb.
He couldn't be more grateful for the fact that he had accepted his son into his life in the first place, Tom Marvolo Riddle. That action could lead to many things out of his knowledge.
His son wouldn't become an egomaniacal bastard, that was cruel heartless and killed in cold blood.
No, his son wouldn't become Voldemort.
Thank you for reading, love y’all ❤️
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floralflowerpower · 23 days ago
Chapters 1-6 (originally published in 2012) (If this does well I will continue it) 
this might be a little weird for some people. this is basically a post apocalypse/ societal collapse  fic. 
Vlad gets his wish to rule the world and runs it into the ground. 
Takes place in the year 3010 
( relies on the headcannon that halfas age VERY slow) 
@scarf-it-box  Jokingly also called this my Pokémon ghost fic and I cackled for 10 mins. cause yes sort of, but that's a less messed up way to describe what chipping is LMAO 
Nyx helped his brother, Salem, over a large chunk of rubble.
"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Salem hesitantly asked his older brother. Salem wasn't too happy about entering the ruins that used to be Amity Park. "Aren't you worried about the radiation?"
Nyx scoffed a bit before he pulled his oxygen mask over his head. He turned the lever on the side of the mask and it gave off a slight hiss as it sealed closed, clean filtered air flooded the mask and Nyx breathed it in greedily before he responded to his little brother.
"Na," Nyx said with a smile as he watched his brother activate his mask. "That nuclear bomb went off here back in 2013; I think the land's had more than enough time to air out."
"Well, what about the ghosts? They're supposed to be stronger than any of the oth-." Salem began but he was cut off by his brother.
"Those Ghosts are the whole reason I decided to hunt here!" Nyx proclaimed. "We need to chip a strong ghost if we're going to win any of the arena fights!"
Salem sighed; he knew his brother was right. The stronger the ghost they chipped, the more likely they would win in the arena fights. And the more fights they won, the more money they would earn. Salem smiled at the thought of having a shack, a warm bed, and water, fresh clean filtered water! He always wanted to know what clean water tasted like! He had heard that clean water used to be common before the global nuclear war, he wasn't sure if that was true though because no one really remembered the life before the disaster. To the people of his generation, small stories like that seemed like fairytales though.
Salem's thoughts were interrupted by a very loud and very ferial growl. He and his older brother whipped their heads around in the direction of the sound to find a huge green dog standing about twenty feet away from them. Salem and his brother stared at the red eyes and drool covered fangs of the large beast that was in front of them with their mouths hanging open, pure terror on their faces.
"!" The boys screeched at the same time and ran into each other in a panic, Salem fell on his butt, and on impulse, Nyx picked his brother up and swung him over his shoulder before he broke into a full out sprint in the other direction. Nyx hurtled over rubble and jagged pieces of metal panting severely. He stopped dead in his tracks when he came to a wall, in fact, he almost ran into it because it was so dark out and he couldn't see anything! 'We're trapped!' Nyx thought in panic. His thoughts were scattered once again when he heard the same spine-shivering growl from before.
"Nyx…" Salem whimpered from over his brother's shoulders. Nyx quickly placed his brother on the ground and stood in front of him protectively; his knees turned to jelly as the dog trotted forward and sniffed him. His hair blew back as the dog snorted warm wet air into his face, completely covering him in snot and spittle. The dog opened its mouth once again to growl, and the boys watched as the droll fell from its mouth and stretched across its teeth. Salem hugged his brother tightly around the waist, scared out of his mind; Nyx returned his brother's hug while he was cowering in fear. They both thought that they were going to die but just as the dog was about to launch at them it stopped suddenly at the sound of something squeaking. The dog turned around and cocked its head to the side before it bounded off into the bushes. Nyx slumped on to the ground exhausted and Salem breathed out a sigh of relief before he sat down next to his brother. It was at that time that a white-haired ghost boy popped up in front of them a few several yards away, the ghost laughed a bit.
"I can't believe Cujo still reacts that way to his squeaky toy!" The ghost laughed.
Nyx smiled and took out his chip launcher from his back pocket, aimed at the ghost's neck, and fired. The ghost crumpled to the ground, which was a sure sign that the mind control device was working. Nyx pulled out a controller from his coat pocket and turned it on, he then typed a demand into the controller and the ghost stood up.
"Care to check out our new ghost," Nyx said with a smile. Salem smiled and walked forward to study their new fighter. The ghost had green eyes and white hair; he was dressed in a black and white jumpsuit and had a white D with a P in it on his chest. Salem turned toward his brother with a smile.
"Do you think we'll actually win now?" he asked.
Nyx smiled at his brother and nodded his head. "Yeah bro, I think we will, I have a good feeling about this one!"
----Chapter 2---- 
While Nyx was busy recalibrating the controller and testing their new ghost's reflexes, Salem decided that he wanted to take another look at the wall that had nearly gotten him and his brother killed. Call him crazy but he had a weird feeling about that wall, he quickly pulled out his emergency flashlight that had been carefully tucked away in his sock. The light cast across the large wall and illuminated a large symbol that was in the center of it. There was a large D with a p within it carved into the stone. Salem's flashlight froze on that spot as he glanced back at his brother. Nyx had his flashlight in-between his teeth as he was rewiring the controller, Salem's eyes flicked from his brother to the ghost that was standing next to him. His eyes froze on the symbol in the center of the ghost's chest; it was the same one that was on the wall.
"No way…" Salem whispered as he swept the light over the rest of the wall, he stopped when the light illuminated a giant hand.
"Holy!" Salem yelped and dropped his flashlight.
The extra noise caused Nyx to stop what he was doing and glance over at his little brother.
"Salem, what's the matter? You ok?" Nyx called after he pulled the flashlight out of his mouth and pointing it at his little brother.
"I, I,-There's a hand!" Salem cried as he shakily picked up his flashlight and pointed it at the giant stone hand. "An-and lo-look at this!" Salem stuttered as he pointed his flashlight at the symbol that was carved into the eroded stone.
Nyx farrowed his eyebrows in confusion as he stared at the symbol in the stone.
"Is that his?" Nyx said as he pointed at the ghost that he was standing next to.
"Yeah, I think it is…" Salem responded.
Nyx glanced over at the wall again and turned the power level on his flashlight too high. He swept the light up and down the large wall only to discover that the wall was actually a statue, and not just any statue, it was a statue that resembled the ghost they just caught. The statue was huge and it was on its side, completely covered in vines and the occasional flower, the hand that Salem had pointed out was broken off from the statue but everything else was still together. The statue looked like it was a memorial of some kind and Nyx knew that memorial's always had plaques of recognition on them somewhere.
"Quick, hold this," Nyx said as he passed the controller to Salem. "Don't move and don't touch anything!" Nyx said as he began making his way to what he assumed to be the base of the statue.
"What, why?" Salem asked. "Nyx, where are you going?"
"I'm just going to look at something, see if it's there or not," Nyx replied over his shoulder as he began to pull off the vines and small roots from what he thought was the pedestal of the statue. Finally, after removing a number of plants he stopped when he saw a gold plaque gleaming in the light of the flashlight. Nyx spotted some faded writing on the plaque; he quickly rubbed the dirt off the writing.
"What's that?"
Nyx jumped before glancing in the direction of his brother's voice, "Don't do that, and didn't I tell you to stay put!"
"Sorry, I, it's just creepy to be by myself out here," Salem replied quietly.
Nyx's expression softened, "It's alright bro, I'm sorry I snapped at you."
"It's ok." Salem answered, "But you still didn't tell me what that is."
"It's a plaque, they sometimes have writing on them and I think this will tell us what this statue was built for. That and I think it will tell us something about the ghost we just chipped." Nyx replied as he finished rubbing off the dirt.
"This statue is placed in every capital of every nation around the world, and it will stand there for as long as we have our world because without Danny Phantom we wouldn't have one." Nyx read out loud.
Salem and Nyx shared a glance before they looked over at their ghost.
"Hand me the controller," Nyx said to his brother. Salem handed his brother the controller without taking his eyes off their ghost.
Nyx typed 'tell us what your name is' into the controller and hit enter.
The ghost's reply was shocking to both of them.
"My name is Danny phantom." The ghost replied in a monotone like voice.
Shortly after the discovery of the statue, Nyx had decided to take pictures of it with his camera, before making their way back home. Nyx and Salem climbed over the fallen rubble as they made their way out of Amity Park.
"Nyx I think I've heard that name before..." Salem said slowly as Nyx pulled him over another chunk of rubble. Their ghost was following behind them silently floating a few feet off the ground, occasionally phasing through rocks, broken pieces of buildings, or just random pieces of unrecognizable rubble.
"Really? Where?" Nyx asked after his brother had fully climbed over.
"I was at the chop shop and old man Archer was telling stories and—."
"I thought I told you to stay away from Archer!" Nyx scolded, "That man is off his rocker and he's been filling your head, and the head of every other person who's stupid enough to listen, with nonsense stories!"
"They're not nonsense!" Salem retorted.
"Right," Nyx said with sarcasm "Because stories about a half-human –half-ghost hybrid, which saved the planet on a bi-weekly basis totally isn't a load of crap!"
"Well, it isn't when the hybrid's name is Danny Phantom!" Salem snapped. Nyx became silent as he stared at his little brother, trying to decipher whether or not he was lying.
"You're sure he said the hybrids name was Danny phantom?" Nyx asked.
Salem nodded "Cross my heart and hope to die." He replied seriously while making an X over his heart.
Nyx glanced back at their ghost, making eye contact with the lifeless green eyes.
"You're quite the conundrum aren't you?" Nyx muttered underneath his breath.
Salem's eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he looked up at his brother "What's a conundrum?"
"Uh... nothing forget I said it," Nyx said dismissively.
"Do you think we should cover him up somehow before we get back to the village?" Salem asked, "I think he'll stick out like a sore thumb if we don't and the last thing we need are some control thieves finding us."
Nyx sighed and ran his hand down the side of his face, he didn't even think of control thieves! The last thing he needed right now was to have their ghost stolen from them.
"Come on, there's a small market place in between Amity and Endora. Maybe we can get a cloak for him there." Nyx replied as he typed the command 'Turn invisible and follow us' into the controller and hit enter. "I'll keep him invisible until we get it ok?"
Salem nodded, a little relieved that his brother had thought this out.
Finally, the two brothers and their ghost arrived at an old market place that marked the halfway point to their home village.
The market place resembled a small shantytown made from the rubble and jagged parts that were salvaged from the neighboring destroyed towns that had met a fate similar to Amity Park's. Bedsheets and blankets were nailed to the front of the different, crude, and misshapen buildings, and they fluttered in the desert wind revealing the entrances to the shops. A number of people busily walked in and out of the buildings carrying clothes, food, and the basic essentials. Meanwhile, beggars made their way through the crowds asking people if they could spare a few morsels of food, or maybe an article of clothing.
The sight of the busy market caused electric sparks of excitement to flow through Salem. He had never been to a place like this before. Nyx entwined his hand in his little brothers and pulled him closer to his side.
"Don't talk or look at anyone, the merchants here are bloodsuckers," Nyx whispered to his brother.
Salem's eyes widened. "They're vampires?" he asked with a frightened tone.
"What? No—I, it's an expression ya dimwit!" Nyx said with a laugh as he griped his brother in a headlock and gave him a noogie, completely messing up his brother's hair in the process.
"Nyx -stop it- already!" Salem said between his shrill laughter. Nyx smiled at his little brothers' reaction before releasing him from his playful grasp.
"Alright, alright," Nyx said in a teasing tone before pointing at one of the run-down shops. "Let's go pick a cloak for our friendly Phantom."
The two brothers headed off towards the shop. Salem was the first to get there and he eagerly pulled the fluttering bed sheet back so he, his brother, and an invisible Phantom could enter the hot and dank clothing/ grocery shop.
The shop keeper looked up at her now entering customers with a lopsided grin.
"Hey Nyx, catch a ghost yet?" she teased lightly.
Nyx glanced around the shop, just to make sure it was empty before he smiled back at the shopkeeper.
"If you close up the shop I'll show him to you," Nyx said in a sing-song voice.
The shop keeper squealed in delight before disappearing outside.
Salem glanced over towards his brother with a look of confusion, but then he saw Nyx's half ladled eyes and realized that a love-struck expression was set on his older brothers' face. Salem couldn't help but smile mischievously.
"So… what's her name?" Salem asked.
"Huh?" was Nyx's unintelligent response as he snapped out of his thoughts.
"I asked what her name was," Salem repeated as he bounced up and down on his tiptoes. "And why haven't you said anything about her? You obviously must come here a lot. Waite is this where you go for hours on end?" Salem didn't get to finish his questions because Nyx had slapped his hand over his mouth when he saw the shop keeper had come back inside.
"Hey Sasha, all closed up?" Nyx asked.
Salem noted that the shop owner's name was Sasha.
"Yep, all closed up. So… who's your young traveling companion?" she asked with a curious smile. "And why are you covering his mouth? I'm pretty sure he doesn't like that all too much."
"Mhm, mham, mahamma." was Salem's annoyed muffled reply. Tired of waiting for his brother to remove his hand he decided to lick it.
Nyx pulled his hand away from his brother's mouth in disgust.
"Dude, you just licked me!" Nyx cried as he wiped the saliva off on his pants. "That's so sick!"
Salem laughed at his brother's expense, before smiling at Sasha. "Hi, I'm Salem! I'm his little brother; I helped him catch our ghost earlier today."
"Well it's very nice to meet you Salem; you know what? you look hungry." Sasha said with a thoughtful smile "I just got in a new shipment of green apples this morning, would you like one?"
"YES!" Salem cried without a second thought, he loved apples and he hadn't had them in so long because they were so expensive.
"I thought so…" Sasha replied as she walked behind the wooden counter and retrieved a tray of apples from underneath it.
"Go ahead and pick one." She said as she set it down on the counter and Salem gladly helped himself.
Sasha smiled lightly before turning her attention back to Nyx, who was leaning up against the wall on the opposite side of the room.
"So are you going to show me the ghost or no?" she asked shrewdly.
Nyx responded with a teasing half-smile while he pulled the controller out of his back jean pocket. He then typed the command 'show yourself' and hit enter.
Phantom then became visible again to Sasha's delight.
"Oh gosh he's so color coordinated!" she cried "That's adorable!"
She quickly circled the ghost to get a better look at him.
"And those green eyes are almost hypnotizing." She said very giddily. "I've never seen anything like it! Where did you say you got him again?"
"Uh… Amity Park." Nyx replied as he ran his hand through his hair.
Sasha froze. "Y-you went into Amity Park! Are you crazy! You could have gotten you and your brother killed!"
"Well I didn't, now did I" Nyx replied smugly.
"Well we almost did die cause' there was this BIG green ghost dog that tried to eat us up!" Salem explained as he got into a cross-legged position in front of the wooden counter. "But this ghost saved us and then Nyx chipped him. So he's ours now!" Salem finished before taking a large bite out of his apple.
Sasha glared at Nyx and folded her arms over her chest. "You chipped the ghost that saved your life?"
"Well, I had to chip some ghost and he seemed like the easiest," Nyx replied with a nervous laugh.
"That's horrible you know!" she scowled, she opened her mouth to lecture Nyx, but was cut off when several screams and shouts filled the air followed by the roar of motorcycles.
All three of them paled.
"Control thieves…" Sasha gasped out in worry, "Quick hide the ghost!"
"I'm afraid it's too late for that." A man called out casually as he entered the shop, he pointed his gun at Salem. "Give me your controller or his brains are going to be splattered all over the front of that counter." The big biker said with a toothless grin.
"Okay, Okay." Nyx said as he took the controller back out of his pocket, planning to command Phantom to attack the guy.
"Eh, don't try to be a hero. I'm not stupid, put it on the ground now!" the bicker growled out.
Nyx paled and followed the biker's directions.
"Kay now kick it over!"
Nyx kicked it over to the biker, but that was a big mistake on the biker's part because the controller switched off when Nyx kicked it.
A now free Danny phantom shook his head as his vision came back to him.
'Where the heck am I?' phantom thought in confusion as he glanced around his surroundings. It was at that moment he noticed the man with the gun and his instincts kicked in. He sent a green ectoblast at the man's back. The impact of the ball of energy sent the biker spiraling through the air and he crashed into one of the metal walls of the shop. His limp, benumbed body slowly slid down the wall.
Salem, Nyx, and Sasha stared at Danny, their mouths agape.
Danny farrowed his eyebrows in confusion at the reaction.
"Are you folks ok?" he asked with concern.
Sasha was the first to snap out of it. "Uh… yeah, yeah—we're fine, thanks to you I mean." Sasha bit her lip. "Uh… Y-you're not going to hurt us are you?"
Danny tilted his head with a calculating look on his face. "Well are you going to try and hurt me?" he asked.
Sasha shook her head. "N-no we won't."
A kind smile erupted on Phantom's face. "Then I'm not going to hurt any of you then." He replied, but then his smile was replaced with a look of confusion once again. "Though do you guys know where I am, or how I got here?"
"Well, you're at the middle-way market, just outside of Amity Park," Sasha replied, before jabbing a thumb towards Nyx. "This Jerk here chipped you after you saved his life and you've been under his control till now."
Phantom's eyes flashed a bright green. "You put me under mind control!" He growled.
"W-we-well, I, I'm S-sorry it's just that I need to be A-able to T-Take care of my Li-little brother and fighting ghosts is the only way I know how." Nyx stuttered out.
Phantom's eyes soften slightly.
"You don't look much like a ghost hunter, usually they're carrying ecto guns and screaming 'the moment I get my hands on you I'll tear you apart molecule by molecule'!" Phantom explained as he acted out the 'molecule by molecule' bit.
Nyx blinked. "Well I usually catch a ghost in order to have it fight against another in the battle arena. I would be controlling the ghost threw out the fight and if I won then the ghost would remain under my control and I would get the ghost of the person who had lost and vice versa. No one actually destroys ghosts anymore, they've become too much of a large portion of cultural entertainment. Though if you don't mind me asking, what's and ecto gun?"
Danny's eyes practically bugged out of his skull. "You don't know what an ecto gun is!"
'How many years was I asleep….' Danny thought with dread.
Danny woke up with a killer headache and the heat of the morning air was not helping him.
'God all mighty, what the heck did I do last night' Danny groaned as he rubbed his eyes and sighed.
He shifted his body so he could sit up, but he smacked his head on a hard surface.
Danny jolted and quickly glanced up to see what was hindering him and found that he couldn't see.
'Ok Fenton breathe… don't panic. You're not buried alive! You're just… stuck in a confined space that's made out of wood and just so happens to resemble the shape of a coffin.'
-Flashback End-
Danny quickly shook the memory from his head before it could fully play out. He didn't want to relive what he had seen, or what he had felt when he realized what had happened to his family and friends along with the rest of Amity.
Danny closed his eyes a look of pain eminent on his face.
"Are you ok?" a young voice asked softly. Danny opened his eyes and glanced in the direction of the owner of the voice. He found a young boy staring at him from a cross-legged position on the floor.
"I think I'm doing just fine considering I woke up this morning to find that everyone and everything I ever loved or knew was destroyed," Phantom replied miserably.
---Chapter 3--- 
Danny sat down on the floor and stared at the trio in the room. An awkward silence was currently filling the thick, dusty atmosphere.
"But if you don't mind me asking, do you know what today's date is? I want to know how long I've been asleep." He inquired softly.
"It's October 20, 3010," Sasha replied.
"I'm sorry, what?" Danny responded with a dumbstruck expression, "That's not… that can't be possible!"
Nyx looked at the ghost with confusion. "What do you mean that's not possible?"
"The year was 2013 when I fell asleep! There's just no way that it's 3010. I couldn't have been asleep that long! I shouldn't have been able to survive that long either!" Danny cried out in a panic, practically pulling his hair out.
"Whoa, wait a second. You're saying that you were alive the year that the global nuclear war started?" Nyx breathed in disbelief.
"Well, he is a ghost, you idiot!" Sasha snapped while whacking him on the back of the head. Nyx cringed in response to the unexpected blow before glaring daggers in her direction. Though all of that went unnoticed by Danny, due to the fact he was having an anxiety attack.
Danny's eyes widened in realization, "Oh, I didn't even think about that! I haven't turned human..." Danny paused to count on his fingers, his already heavy breathing speeding up some more, "In 1,097 years!"
Sasha blinked. "Turned human?" She was about to ask what the ghost meant but she was cut off when the room was suddenly filled by a blinding blue light.
Sasha, Nyx, and Salem simultaneously shielded their eyes behind their hands.
When the extraordinarily bright light finally stopped they glanced at where the ghost had been sitting, only to find a pale scrawny boy, with raven black hair and icy blue eyes. He was wearing a pair of torn blue jeans and a red and white tattered T-shirt that was falling off of him because he was so undernourished.
The boy keeled over and gasped for air while clawing at his throat.
"Do you—have any water?" Danny gasped out in a raspy voice.
"Y-yeah let me go get it," Sasha replied, a little shaken. Her brain was too shocked to do anything but do what the boy had asked of her. She wandered numbly out of the front of the shop and disappeared into the back room.
Nyx stared at the now human boy on the floor in front of him. "How… but… you—you were just a ghost!" he sputtered out, dumbstruck. "How… what are you?"
"Old man Archer was right!" Salem cried, "You really are a human-ghost hybrid! The stories about Danny Phantom/ Fenton are true!"
Nyx went wide-eyed, 'There's just… no way,' he thought silently, his mouth dropping open slightly.
Danny glanced up at the young boy. "Well of course I am, but everybody should know that already, so why are you all acting so surprised?"
"We're all surprised because the adventures of Danny Phantom/Fenton are considered to be a fairy tale, an old legend, a story told around a campfire to keep the morale of children up," Sasha said as she entered the room—she seemed to have gotten over most of her shock—and handed Danny a large glass of water. The young halfa brought it up to his parched lips and chugged it down without a second thought. Once he was finished he wiped his mouth on his arm and smiled up at Sasha.
"Thank you." He said as he handed the tattered metal cup back to her. Sasha carefully took the cup from his shaking hands.
"You're welcome... gosh you're shaky, and so thin too. Do you want something to eat?"
"I'd love that, thank you!" Danny replied with a smile.
Sasha nodded. "Sure thing,"
Danny turned his attention back to Nyx. "You said that 2013 was the year of a nuclear war?"
"Yeah… why?" Nyx replied tentatively, but then he suddenly came to a realization, "Wait, you don't know anything about the war do you?"
"Uh… no… I don't." Danny replied softly with a sad look. "How many other cities were destroyed?"
Nyx hesitated for a second before he quietly said, "All the major ones were wrecked."
Danny looked like he was going to cry. "If I had been awake I could have stopped all of it..."
Nyx watched as Danny pulled his knees to his chest and buried his head in his hands, black hair shaking slightly with silent sobs before a few audible cries finally tore their way out of his throat.
"I'm so sorry…" He apologized, not really knowing what else to say.
"What do you mean you could have stopped it? It was a war between nations, there's no way you could have done anything. You're only one person, after all..." Sasha said as she entered the room once again with a bowl of hot stew. She handed the bowl to Danny, who accepted it gratefully.
He took a sip from the bowl in an attempt to at least make one part of his body feel less crappy before he managed a reply to Sasha.
"I succeeded in uniting the world once. Who's to say I couldn't have been a mediator? I might have been able to talk them out of conflict." Danny argued with a depressed expression now on his face.
"But you were – and still are – just a kid, they might not have listened to you anyway. So if you think about it they still could have had the war regardless of whether or not you were awake, and 2/3 of the earth's population probably would have been wiped out anyway," Nyx chimed in, giving his best try to comfort Danny.
Though in reality he just made Danny sink deeper into his current depression. He watched as the seemingly young halfa buried his head deeper into his knees.
Since Danny's knees were still pressed against his chest and his arms were loosely crossed over each other and resting on top of his kneecaps, Nyx could only see the raven top of the boy's head due to the fact his face was hidden by his knees and arms. The bowl of stew Danny had been so gingerly sipping from was now resting on the floor beside him with steam slowly wafting up from it.
Sasha scowled in Nyx's direction and shook her head. She bent back down in front of Danny and tapped him gently on his head.
Danny glanced up at her with dull crystal blue eyes that looked like they were just about to spring a leak any second.
"Hey, listen," She said seriously, "What Nyx is trying to say is that as long as you did what you were capable of doing at the time and you put your best effort into it then you shouldn't blame yourself, because you did all you could. Okay?"
"But I didn't do all I could, instead I was 6 feet under in some weird coffin contraption-like thing," Danny replied softly, his eyes cast on the dirty wooden floor in front of him.
"But you couldn't help the fact that you were there, just like you couldn't help the fact that you were asleep while you were in it." Nyx supposed, he knitted his eyebrows together and then nodded sagely. "And technically you did do all you could before that happened... I mean you saved the entire world from the Disasteroid. How many people do you know that can claim they saved the entire planet?"
Danny laughed lightly at Nyx's enthusiasm. "Not many… but it still doesn't make up for the fact all of my loved ones are…" He paused before stuttering out, "D-Dead."
Danny's bottom lip started trembling when he said the word 'dead'.
"Hey," Sasha said as she ran her hand through his wild black hair. Danny leaned into the soft gesture, remembering how Jazz used to do the same thing whenever he was upset and venting to her about some ghost attack or an outrageous homework assignment. "They may be gone, but we're not."
"Yeah!" Salem cried as he got up and ran over and hugged Danny, smiling up at the ghost as he said, "You are officially my adopted big brother!"
Danny's lips curved up into a small smile as Salem buried his head into Danny's chest, and he hugged the little boy back.
He knew that Sasha was right in a sense. He knew he was never going to get to see his family again, but these three people in front of him were offering to help him and to treat him like their own family. They would never replace his family and friends of course; no one ever would, or could, for that matter. Though Danny wasn't entirely sure he could trust these people, after all, he had only met them a few minutes ago; he didn't really count being put under mind control by one of them as a first meeting.
Danny quickly transformed back into Phantom; he wasn't sure he really wanted to stay with them once he realized that Nyx had tried to take advantage of him.
"Wait, what did you do that for?" Sasha asked, startled by his sudden change in demeanor.
"Yeah; why?" Salem echoed questioningly, shivering from the sudden close-contact exposure to the cold, ghostly energy of Phantom.
Danny smiled at the two of them. "Thank you for your hospitality, but I think it would be safer for me to leave. I don't think I really belong here."
"Yes, you do!" Salem proclaimed as he met Danny's gaze. Salem's arms tightened their grip on the thin ghost boy as he said; "I don't want you to leave!"
Danny was silent; he was obviously stuck between a rock and a hard place.
All the occupants in the room jumped and looked in the direction of the door. There was a man standing in the doorway dressed in what Danny could only guess to be a futuristic cop costume.
"Is that ghost registered?" The cop barked coldly, narrowing his eyes.
Nyx and Sasha froze. Salem snuck behind Danny's shoulder.
"Well, don't just stand there like a bunch of morons! Is he registered or not?"
"Uh..." Nyx scrambled for an answer to the cop's question, "No, he's a newly captured ghost; I haven't had him registered yet…." He finished lamely.
The cop nodded in understanding, his glare melting away. "Let me see your hunting license."
Nyx quickly pulled the collar of his shirt aside so he could expose his shoulder. His shoulder was covered in a bunch of dots and squiggles – tattoos? – that looked like complete gibberish to Danny.
The cop pulled out what looked like a portable version of the scanner that was used to ring up groceries at a supermarket. He held the scanner over Nyx's shoulder; it hummed for a couple of seconds before making a short and high pitched 'beep'. Shortly afterward a holographic screen popped up right above the small device.
"So… your name is Nyx Smith?" The cop chuckled lightly, "With a fist name as unique as that I was not expecting your last name to be so… ordinary."
"Heh," Nyx laughed nervously, shifting his weight to his left foot awkwardly, "I get that a lot."
The cop flicked the screen to read further down. "Uh… let's see. You were born in the year 2992. Your parents are deceased. You are the legal guardian for Salem Smith. You're 18… Ah, here it is! You were licensed in 3008. Sorry about all the trouble, it's just with all of the control freaks coming through earlier I have to make sure everybody who owns a ghost is actually licensed."
"That's understandable… Oh and speaking of control freaks, my ghost took one out… because I totally commanded him to, it's not like his chip is off or anything; 'cause that would totally be against the law!" Nyx blurted out hurriedly, his eyes darting around the room.
Sasha stomped on Nyx's foot in order to get him to shut up before smiling sweetly at the cop. Danny couldn't help but think of Tucker and Sam as Sasha jerked her thumb in the direction of the wall. "The thief is over there."
The cop raised an eyebrow at the sight of the limp body right next to the wall. He walked over and scanned the thief's shoulder as well. "Well, well, it seems like you guys caught Peyton Baxter. U.S. enforcers have been looking for him for quite a while now." The cop paused, clearly thinking something over before cheerfully saying, "Tell you what, I'll register your ghost right now for free since you went ahead and stopped the wretched dirtbag. I'll even brand him for you that way he can only be controlled by you!"
Nyx's eyes widened as his eyes nervously flicked between the cop and Danny. "Uh... I really don't think that's necessary, besides you do so much for the community already."
The cop just dismissed Nyx's comment and went ahead and did it anyway. He registered Danny in his scanner and then branded him with an electric brander.
Danny had to bite his tongue in order to keep from screaming when the cop branded him.
"Well..." the cop said as he walked back over to the control freak and swung the guy easily over his shoulder, "That's that. Have a nice night folks!"
The four of them watched as the cop left and once Danny was sure the cop was finally out of earshot he immediately grabbed at his shoulder and cursed almost every ghost hunting weapon known to man. His father would have been both offended and very proud.
"That freaking hurt like hell!"
"I'm so sorry! I wasn't expecting the enforcer to do that, I swear!" Nyx exclaimed.
Danny glared daggers at the boy and in a dangerously quiet voice asked; "What did he just do?"
Nyx gulped. "He registered you and branded you so legally your mine."
"I'm not legally anybody's! I'm a person, I have rights!"
"Well, unfortunately now you are because we can't undo the branding or the registration," Nyx replied hesitantly, not at all liking the look that Danny was currently giving him.
In fact, the ghost boy looked like he was about to strangle the young hunter.
"Hey, look at the bright side; at least no one else can chip you anymore because you've been branded and I'm sure Nyx will keep your chip deactivated…" Sasha tried to reassure Danny, "Right, Nyx?" She asked, jabbing Nyx with her elbow.
Nyx nodded his head. "But the branding does have one bad side effect… Uh… It also works like an invisible leash. You can only be so far away from me, so…I guess you leaving is out of the question now, huh?" He finished with a nervous chuckle, warily meeting Phantom's electric green gaze.
Now Danny really looked like he wanted to wring Nyx's neck.
"Yeah! So that means you can be my new big brother!" Salem exclaimed as he happily hugged the hybrid once again.
"Yeah, you really are family now Phantom, and don't worry, you'll be treated just like a brother not a piece of property. I promise." Nyx swore.
Danny's anger depleted. "Cross your heart and hope to die?"
Nyx nodded and made an 'x' over his heart, never looking away from Phantom.
"Okay, then maybe this isn't as bad as it seems." Danny sighed, trying to be optimistic.
"Uh... Danny, do you mind finishing your stew? It's expensive to make and if I give it out for free then I want it all eaten." Sasha said.
Danny nodded in understanding before allowing the two bright blue rings of light to wash over him once again.
Once he was completely human again he sat back down in his previous spot and began to finish his stew.
"Uh… Danny?"
Danny looked up at Nyx, lowering the spoonful of stew he was about to eat back into the bowl. "Yeah?"
"What happened to your body?"
Danny's human body had gained a little weight, he was a lot less pale and he looked a bit healthier.
Danny blinked after glancing himself over. "I-I don't know. I mean I always knew I could heal superfast, but… this is something else!"
Sasha and Salem laughed.
"Well while you're eating I'm going to go see what cloaks we have in stock."
Danny raised an eyebrow at that. "Cloaks?"
-----Chapter 4-----
Danny stared at the selection of cloaks that Sasha had placed on the counter for him. They were all very long and had a hood attached, in fact, they kind of reminded him of something he thought Clockwork would wear.
Sasha picked up the first cloak and stretched it over Danny's chest to make sure that the cloaks she had pulled were the correct shoulder width.
"Okay, so it looks like all of these will fit just fine!" She said with a smile as she glanced up at the seemingly young halfa before she continued, "You might want to change back into Phantom though."
Danny raised a skeptical eyebrow. "Why?"
"Well… The cloak is supposed to be for your ghost half; it's to make you look more human when we enter my home town later." Nyx explained.
Danny glanced at Nyx with a hurt expression.
"More human…. Isn't my human half-human enough?" He asked softly, blue eyes dulling with a seemingly long-forgotten sadness.
Nyx blinked, picking up on the hurt tone in Danny's voice.
"Well yeah, your human half is plenty human but you don't have a social security symbol on your shoulder in your human form. This means if you were to ever get caught by the enforcers that would be a huge problem." Nyx explained as if it was obvious.
"Yeah, they'd arrest you!" Salem chimed in as he tugged on the bottom of Danny's shirt, a worried expression set on his face. After all, he didn't want his new big brother to be taken away.
Danny looked down at the young 10-year-old with a raised eyebrow.
"Even if they did arrest me they wouldn't be able to hold me for very long, all I would have to do is go ghost and phase-out of the restraints or whatever," Danny replied with a soft smile as he ruffled the boy's hair. "So don't worry about it."
"Well, regardless, your human half looks like a bum; your clothes are all torn and they do kinda look like they are from another time period. It's probably better to stay in your ghost form."
Danny bobbed his head in understanding.
"I see what you're saying, I really do, but you don't understand. I can't stay in my ghost form forever. It takes up too much energy, and when I use too much energy I pass out and revert back to my human form anyway. Not to mention I can only eat and sleep in my human form, and I need to do that in order to regenerate all of the energy I need in order to change into my ghost half in the first place." Danny explained, scrunching up his eyebrows as he thought about the complications of his weird existence.
Sasha and Nyx shared a look; this was going to be a lot harder than they thought.
"Well, why don't you just turn into your ghost half so we can pick a cloak, and then I'll work on finding clothes for your human half?" She asked with a slightly hesitant tone to her voice.
"Thank you… I really do appreciate what you're doing." Danny said with a small reassuring smile.
Sasha blushed and fiddled with a strand of her hair.
Meanwhile, Nyx shot silent icy daggers in Danny's direction. He didn't like the fact that Danny had gotten Sasha to blush so easily when he had been trying to get that reaction from her for years. Nyx loved her, he was sure of that and he wanted to make her happy. He wanted her to look at him with the same look she had just given Danny. He knew he was sounding really self-centered, but he really couldn't understand how she was falling for a guy who was at least a thousand years old.
"Nyx?" Danny asked pulling Nyx from his thoughts. "You okay?"
Nyx's eyes shot up at the halfa, some of the earlier ice still sparking within them.
"Of course — I'm fine — why wouldn't I be?!" He responded in a rushed, sardonic tone.
Danny raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything. Soon a bright blue ring erupted from Danny's waist and split up and down his body, changing him into his ghost half.
Once the bright light from the transformation faded the group heard a loud crash from the front of the store. The three kids and the halfa glanced at the front of the room to find an older blond-haired man with tan skin and a large backpack slung over his shoulder. Another bag of what looked like pans and pots was spilled out in front of him.
"Dad!" Sasha gasped out "What are you doing? I— you weren't supposed to be home for two more days!"
Sasha's dad paled as his eyes flicked toward the young hybrid.
"Y-you, y-you're D-D-Danny P-Phantom!" he stuttered out in astonishment, eyes growing to the size of dinner saucers.
Danny blinked dumbly in surprise.
"You know my name?"
"You're Sasha's dad!" Nyx blurted out. This was the first time he had met the man, not just heard other people talking about him.
Sasha's dad ignored Nyx's question and dropped his backpack on the floor next to him before, walking over to Danny, sticking his hand out in front of him.
Danny glanced at the hand before reaching out to shake it.
"How…" the man trailed off, not entirely sure how to ask the question that was rattling around in his brain.
"...Am I alive?" Danny guessed, finishing the man's sentence for him.
Sasha's Father just nodded his head; his look was a mix of astonishment and what seemed to be slight hero worship.
Danny shrugged his shoulders slightly "I'm actually not entirely sure, I just kinda woke up and your daughter and her boyfriend Nyx had been helping me out. I don't know where I'd be without them right now."
Sasha's father blinked.
"Her boyfriend?" He asked, now finally glancing toward Nyx for the first time.
"What? Nyx is not my boyfriend! We're just friends!" Sasha exclaimed shortly after Danny's remark. Danny couldn't help be reminded of how Sam and him used to act whenever Tucker said something like that.
Her father's face scrunched up in confusion and he quickly repositioned his glasses on his face. The action sort of reminded him of Tucker.
Danny frowned slightly as he felt a pang of sadness go through his heart. Man, he missed them...
"Okay," Sasha's dad said as he crossed his arms over his chest, "Anyone care to explain what's going on?"
Danny busily pulled the top cloak off of the pile. Trying to keep his mind off the fact that his new 'Family' had just stepped outside to have their own little meeting with Sasha's father. He felt like they didn't trust him to some level. It wasn't fair; they had no right to not trust him. They weren't the ones who were put under mind control! Anger, resentment, and frustration all began to swell within him. They had no right to treat him like this; they had no right to leave him in here alone and in the dark!
He didn't want to be in here alone… his mind wandered when he was alone. It wandered to places he didn't want it to like it was right now as he stared at his reflection in the mirror while he tried on a mustered yellow cloak.
That color reminded him of Tucker, his longtime best friend who was now...
Danny whimpered, not allowing himself to finish his thought as he ripped the cloak off his shoulders before violently tossing it across the room. It hit one of the shack's roughly made walls and slid to the floor in a crumpled heap. The impact caused small dust particles to fall from the makeshift ceiling.
Danny quickly turned his back to it. Turning his head to the pile of cloaks, hoping to distract his mind from its forming memories. But unfortunately, his mind was only launched into more painful memories as he stared at the vibrantly colored turquoise-colored cloak on top of the pile. Turquoise was Jazz's favorite...
Fresh tears sprung to his eyes as he desperately hurled it to where he had thrown the other cloak. The next one was blue, his mother...
Danny felt more hot tears roll down his cheeks as he disposed of it much as he did with the other two.
Orange... His father.
Purple... Sam.
Danny's sob caught in his throat, he couldn't do this anymore… He couldn't ignore their memories or the fact that they were gone. He couldn't go on and pretend that all of this was just simply okay; he couldn't continue to fake his smile...
Danny broke down; uncontrollable sobs soon began to wrack through his body as he slid to the floor. His back was up against the mirror. The dusty silver surfaced showed his reflection as it mimicked his every move.
He couldn't do this…
"Wow," Sasha's father whistled and shook his head sadly, "He's been through a lot."
"Yeah, we know." Nyx said as he crossed his arms over his chest, "And he's also been borderline angsty since we met him. I think it has something to do with his family."
Sasha shot Nyx a condescending glare.
"Of course it has to do with his family!" She proclaimed before punching him in the arm, "How would you feel if you suddenly woke up and everyone you loved was dead?"
"I've already almost had that happen," Nyx mumbled as he sent a longing glance towards his younger brother. Salem was all he had left...
Sasha dropped her glare, it had been so long since Nyx had even brought up the death of his parents that she had almost forgotten that they were pushing up daisies and lying ten feet under in the first place.
"I'm sorry Nyx I didn't—"
Nyx put a hand over Sasha's mouth.
"It's alright; I really don't want to talk about that."
She nodded and gently pulled his hand off her face.
"Uh... okay." She replied awkwardly.
Sasha's father looked between the two with a worried expression. Wondering just what his daughter had gotten herself into.
Hale made his way through the vacant halls of Armistice Dalv's castle, dragging an unwilling but handcuffed, Peyton Baxter behind him.
"Will you stop your squirming!" Hale yelled over his shoulder as he yanked on the glowing blue cord that was attached to Peyton's handcuffs, causing the young Control Thief to stumble forward slightly.
"I'll stop squirming the moment that Dalv croaks!" Peyton spat.
The Enforcer frowned and pressed the red button at the top of the cord he was holding. The simple action caused the blue cord to spark and send about 30 volts of electricity through Peyton's body. Peyton's form became ridged as the electricity shot throughout his body before he crumpled to the ground with a muffled yelp the moment it stopped.
"I'd hold your tongue if I were you," Hale replied simply, not even looking at the boy.
Peyton glared at the enforcer with another hateful sneer while he panted, trying to catch his breath.
"Bite—" he wheezed, "—me."
Hale let out a growl and glared down at the rebel, his thumb hovering over the red button. Hale was going to press it too, but—fortunately for Peyton—Hale stopped when he heard someone shout his name.
Hale turned around to see who had just called him and let out a slight gasp when he saw who it was. An elderly man who was at least in his 80's was striding quickly down the hallway with his arms crossed behind his back. He was wearing a fine black silk suit top and a pair of ordinary ratty slacks. His completely gray hair was pulled back into a small pony tail.
"Uh... Armistice Dalv!" Hale called out hesitantly as he saluted the man.
"Good evening Hale," Dalv said with a short nod before turning his attention to the chained prisoner on the floor. "And who might this young man here be?"
"This is Peyton Baxter, sir," Hale explained. "He was a member of a band of Control Thieves that were raiding the middle way market. I was bringing him to you for questioning."
Dalv frowned and looked Peyton over.
"It's a shame," Dalv tisked softly before continuing, "With a few weeks of training you would have made an excellent Enforcer. After all, you have the build, and if you have been retaining important information for so long that you had to be brought here… then you must have a strong will. Both are good qualities I look for in someone that I employ."
Peyton blinked and stared at the man like he had grown a second head.
"So," Dalv began, "Which member of your team managed to catch our little thief, hmm?"
"Uh... No one, sir..." Hale answered quietly, "He was caught by a teenager named Nyx Smith and his newly caught ghost... I believe he named it Phantom?" The man paused for a moment before continuing, "But anyway I registered the new ghost for free for him since he did lend a major hand in catching this hooligan here." Hale motioned carelessly toward Peyton.
Dalv's eyes widened and he pressed his lips together in a thin straight line, a look of silent disbelief overcame his expression.
"You said the ghost was named Phantom?" Dalv asked.
Hale nodded, wondering why the other man was asking about that little fact. What could be so important about the ghost's name?
"I wonder…" Dalv mumbled under his breath before glancing back up at the enforcer again, "Tell me, Hale, did this ghost happen to have pure white hair?"
-----Chapter 5----
"Do you understand what I wish you to do?"
Hale studied the letter he was just handed before looking back up at Dalv.
"No, not entirely... The kid's 18 and... you want him to become an Enforcer?" Hale questioned with slight disbelief.
Dalv pinched the bridge of his nose in response to that. Hale was a good Enforcer but he swore that the man had been hit over the head one too many times.
"I am not hiring the child; I just simply wish to talk with him. I'm planning to invite him to participate in the annual 'Battle of the Spirits'. Something tells me that the competition will be interesting this year, assuming he does decide to attend." Dale replied as he folded his arms behind his back.
Hale simply cocked an eyebrow before asking, "Why... why is he so important?"
Dalv scowled and glared at the 25-year-old. "The child isn't all that important, no, what I'm interested in is his new ghost."
Hale stared at his employer's devious expression for a moment, slightly perplexed at his words. In truth the man had always made Hale nervous, he always seemed to carefully hide things from not only him but from the public as well. Hale had also seen how good the man was at manipulation and torment... two skills that Dalv was especially famous for using during his interrogations. It often left Hale wondering just how many times Dalv had manipulated him into doing something he didn't wish to do. He wondered if he had been doing it to his father, Dominick... heck, he might have been doing such things all the way back to his great grandmother Valerie.
His great grandmother had been the first Enforcer. It was said that she was fearless and was incapable of being led astray from making the right decisions. When he was younger Hale completely believed that. In fact, he even looked up to his great grandmother as a hero and always wanted to be just like her. Hale wanted to follow in his ancestor's footsteps and work for his family's seemingly immortal boss. Yes, you heard him right, immortal; Dalv had been around for centuries but the general public didn't know that. No, that little secret was well guarded and kept among select people and their families.
"Hale, my boy, are you alright?"
Dalv's voice pulled him from his thoughts.
"I'm fine, sorry… I'll take that letter now," Hale said, flashing his boss a fake smile.
Sasha and her father lifted the flap to the shop, entering the musty space once again with Nyx and Salem following close behind them.
"Hey Danny, we're back!" Nyx called out. He was expecting an immediate response from the halfa but when he didn't get one he immediately stiffened. He pulled Salem behind him out of habit. He was always overly protective of his little brother.
Calling out once more, though this time with a more worried tone, Nyx yelled, "Danny?"
All that he received in reply was silence, the likes of which only cause him to worry further.
Sasha watched, mortified, as her father pulled a gun out of his back pocket.
"Stay together, I'm going to go check things out… After that control thief scare earlier today... I just don't want you guys to get hurt. Stay behind me, alright?"
The trio of kids nodded and followed after Sasha's father. They checked the shop through and through, everything seemed normal and fine but... they couldn't seem to find Danny anywhere.
"Something's wrong..." Nyx breathed out, still on edge, "Where is he?"
Salem farrowed his eyebrows in confusion. He didn't get why the all the grownups were acting so strange and he also didn't get why they couldn't see Danny. Salem could see his outline in front of the mirror on the far side of the room. The young ten-year-old left the safety of his older brother and walked over to where Danny was. As he got closer he could hear the faint sound of sobbing.
"Salem?" Nyx called. He watched with curiosity as his little brother knelt in front of the mirror.
Salem reached out and lightly grabbed Danny's see-through shoulder. It was at that moment that Danny jumped in surprise and dropped his invisibility. He lifted his tear-stained face from where it had been previously resting on his knees. Haunted, dulled green eyes seemed to stare straight through Salem.
"Danny?" The group called out in astonishment.
Danny didn't respond, he just buried his head back into his knees. It was bad enough that Salem got a full view of him crying, the others didn't need to see him like this. He was such a mess... such a broken, weak, pathetic mess...
Salem looked down at Danny and squeezed lightly on his shoulder before asking kindly, "Are you okay?"
Danny didn't answer; instead, he just wrapped his white cloak tighter around himself. He had found the cloak at the very bottom of the pile. He liked the color white. It was bland, pure, and unfeeling, and to top it off, it didn't bring back any of the agonizing memories that he didn't want bubbling back to the surface of his mind. For now, it was his safeguard, his anchor.
"Danny?" Nyx inquired softly once again as he walked over and bent down in front of the halfa. He had a pretty good idea about what was bothering the white-haired teen.
"Please just leave for a little bit Nyx... I... I need some time by myself." Danny mumbled half-heartedly.
In truth Danny didn't really want to be alone again, he never ever wanted to be alone, but his pride wouldn't allow anyone to see him crying.
He then snorted internally; if Jazz were here she would probably be screaming at him... she would probably sprout some form of psychological mumbo-jumbo that proved that all healthy men cried. She would probably also threaten to sick their parents on him if he didn't tell her what was wrong. That had seemed to be her favorite new threat since that whole Disastroid incident, since he had told them and the rest of the world about his ghost half. It was also one of the most effective threats Jazz had ever used on him.
Danny laughed slightly, the noise creating a sad, echoing sound.
God... he missed Jazz... he missed everyone.
Danny scowled as new ghostly tears began to flow down the sides of his face. He was starting to get sick of all this touchy-feely crap that his mind was putting him through. Danny sniffled and buried his face further into his cloak, feeling miserable and slightly embarrassed.
Nyx frowned and glanced up at Sasha's father, asking, "Could you and Sasha take Salem outside for a few minutes?"
Sasha's father nodded in understanding and dragged the said two out the door with him. Once the familiar rustling of the tarp that acted as the front door stopped, Nyx sat down crossed-legged in front of Danny. His hand fiddled with the crucifix that was hanging around his neck. Anyone that would have known him would have taken the simple action as a sign that he was anxious or uneasy.
"So... you... want to talk about it?" The blessed gold jewelry flashed in the fading light that was leaking through one of the nearby dusty windows.
Danny froze. Did he just hear what he thought he just heard?
Seeing Danny's less than stellar reaction, Nyx continued hurriedly, "Listen, I know that you probably don't want to even talk to me about something like this-"
"You remind me of my sister," Danny interjected quietly, something unidentifiable lacing his voice.
Nyx paused and gave Danny a disbelieving look, not entirely sure how to respond to that, "Um... excuse me?"
Danny looked up at Nyx for the first time since he had come back in. Teary, red-rimmed, dim green eyes met with shocked sliver-blue ones.
Nyx stared at Danny's disheveled appearance for a moment, taken slightly aback by Danny's messy white hair and tear-stained face. Danny was supposed to be a hero, right...? He was supposed to be a strong and invincible hero, something of a legend. But from what he saw of the boy that was sitting in front of him... he didn't see anything that even remotely resembled a hero. What he saw was a frightened and desperate 14-year-old boy... Truthfully Danny reminded Nyx of himself shortly after realty had set back in on that awful day his parents had died.
-------Chapter 6-----
Hal was never one for long country trips; especially after dark. It wasn't that he was afraid….well actually it kinda was…..but it wasn't a fear of the dark but rather a fear of what was hiding within the shadows. Call him paranoid if you wish, but it was that primal fear that's kept him alive for all these years. Everyone knew just how dangerous the world became after dark, especially if you were traveling at a fast rate on a hoverboard through the darkest parts of the Misty Forest. The forest was dense and always covered in a mixture of polluted air and fog that was so thick you almost couldn't see your hand in front of you. Not to mention it also doubled as a breeding ground for unchipped ghosts and a hideout for gangs of control thieves. So if you didn't harm yourself by accidentally crashing into a tree, thanks to the smog, then you had a pretty good chance of getting a few bruises while tangling with the forest's unfriendly inhabitants.
The only good news about the Misty Forest was that it was a direct route to the midway market. That's where Nyx was and by the looks of it Hal would have Dalv's letter in the kid's hands by morning. Well, assuming the tracer in Nyx's arm wasn't malfunctioning. They tended to get a bit glitchy whenever a new ghost is bound to the security mark; it makes their signal flit in and out and that sometimes makes it hard for his tracker to get a read on. Still, signal or no, Hal probably would have started at the market anyway since it was the last place that the kid and his brother were reported being seen. So at least he wasn't wasting time even if the kid wasn't there. He would just have to play detective till either the kid's signal became stronger or till he found him.
"You really should stop pouting like that whenever you're in thought. You're gonna get frown lines."
Hal frowned and turned his attention to his ghost. She had been in the family for generations; passed down from his grandmother all the way to him. Hal had a tendency to keep her controller off unless he was visiting Dalv's palace. It was against the law, but what people didn't know wouldn't hurt them. Besides she's never hurt him and he generally preferred having someone to talk to, even if that someone was technically dead.
"You don't need to be such a smartass, Dani." He grumbled.
The ghost girl chuckled as she tucked a few strands of her stark white hair behind her ear. She had been fiddling with her hair since they began the trip this morning. Her hand would often wander to the peace of white and red cloth that she often used to tie off her hair into a ponytail.
"I'm not being a smartass; I'm just trying to start a conversation with you. You're boring when you get all broody and pretentious." Danni said flippantly as she grabbed a hold of Hals board and turned both it and him intangible so they would avoid hitting the tree he obviously couldn't see. Hal jumped at the sudden change. He hated when Danni did that without warning. He hated the cold chill that came with the intangibility; it almost felt like someone randomly pushed you into a vat of Ice water. Though, he would rather be cold than run into a tree at 90 miles an hour so he really didn't have that much room to complain. "So why exactly did the old dictator send us on a field mission? Not that I'm complaining, I enjoy being as far away from that man as possible."
Hal raised an eyebrow at that. "Why do you hate him so much? If it weren't for Dalv the human race would have died out years ago. He saved us! I mean, I know he makes some questionable decisions sometimes but I'm sure he has everyone's best interests in mind."
Danni huffed at that. Best interests….The only interests that Vlad kept in mind were his own and if Danni hadn't already made a promise to Val all those years ago then she would've let Hal hear exactly what she thought of Vlad; In all his despicably shitty glory. Unfortunately, though that knowledge could possibly put Val's great, great, great, grandson at risk and she wasn't about to go back on the promise she made. Just because Val passed away didn't mean that Danni was going to stop protecting her family. They were all she had left in this world… Hal was all she had left in this world.
"Anyway," Hal said, deciding to move on since Danni didn't answer him. "He wants me to give a letter to some kid named Nyx."
Danni squinted at the paper that Hal held up for her to read.
"Is that a personal invite to the annual battle of the spirits?" The amount of astonishment that was in her voice was almost humorous. Vlad never personally invited anyone to anything what so ever. Something was up.
Hal had been right when he had estimated that they would get to the market by morning. The shop owners were all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, which was the exact opposite of how he was feeling. Man, he hoped that one of these shops sold something that was caffeinated. He clicked his boots together and his hoverboard folded up and disappeared into the bottom of his shoes. He landed steadily on the ground and walked over to the nearest shop, Danni was trailing just behind him.
The old woman looked up from the cloth she had been folding and smiled at the young man and his ghost.
"Can I help you?" she kindly rasped out in a rickety voice.
Hal smiled
"Um, yes actually. I'm looking for someone." He paused to mess with the PDA that was ingrained in his suites arm and pulled up a holographic picture of the kid he was looking for. "Have you seen him around?"
The old woman studied the image for a few seconds before slowly nodding her head.
"I have seen him hanging around the grocery shop. It's just two shacks down from here."
Hal smiled and blurted out a quick thank you as he made his way to the shop in question. Once he got there he pulled on the entrance flap only to find that it was still tied shut to the side of the door. That was a little strange. He shot Danni a confused look as he turned off the safety on one of his smaller blasters and then lifted his hand to knock on one of the shack's meatal walls.
He heard the faint murmuring of voices for a few minutes before a young girl pulled back the entry flap.
"I'm sorry we're closed—Oh, wait, hello officer." The girl stumbled over the last part of the sentence when she realized that she was talking to an enforcer. "Is there anything I can do for you….?"
Hal put on his best professional smile.
"Well yes, I'm looking for a Nyx Smith," Hal said as he flashed her Dalv's letter. "I have a special delivery for him."
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neocain · 23 days ago
Let’s Just Let it Go
Tumblr media
Doyoung x Reader 
Genre: Angst, some fluff (it’s there I swear) CollegeAU (HockeyPlayer!Doyoung) 
Warning: MATURE CONTENT/DARK THEMES, drinking (drink responsibly please), SMUT, swearing, TW sexual assault. 
WC: 11k 
Song Rec: when the party’s over by Billie Eilish 
Accompanying Stories: As Long As I’m Here, Isn’t It Lovely All Alone. 
Hockey AU Masterlist 
A/N: You do not have to read all the stories to read this one. You can read this as a standalone, however reading the other two will give a better understanding of the backgrounds of the characters so if you do read all I’d suggest reading the other two first. However, by all means this can be read independently you will still understand the plot and everything without reading the other two. Lastly, please excuse the grammar, I read it over but still some things may have slipped through.
Tumblr media
“You keep condoms in your wallet?” You asked looking up at him. Doyoung’s head was swimming, but then again that much alcohol would do that to you. 
“Would you rather I didn’t have one right now?” he asked his words slurring. You shook your head. Doyoung smirked returning his attention to opening the packet and putting the condom on. He pushed you into the wall again, grabbing you from the back of your thighs forcing you to wrap your legs around his waist as he pushed into you. 
“Fuck,” He grunted as he began to move in you. To be honest, Doyoung didn’t remember your name, he had asked, but he couldn’t recall. You’d met a couple of hours ago in the packed club, Doyoung was seeing double of everyone by the time his eyes landed on you, keeping his steps stable was a feat as he made his way over to where you were dancing, drawing you in however wasn’t that hard. You were just as drunk as him. 
Your arms looped around his neck as you filled his ears with breathy moans. Doyoung was so far gone, his mind was empty as you tightened around him. A few more thrusts and he came, letting his head fall into your shoulder as he did. You stilled against him; he didn’t really know if you finished. But he was too drunk to care. After getting his breathing to even out slightly he pulled out of you. 
“Well,” He said as he carefully took off the condom, “Thank you I guess.” He looked around the bathroom locating the garbage can and tossed the used condom into it. With that, he left the bathroom not looking back at you. He was still stumbling seeing two of everyone one that passed by him. 
He laughed to himself as he ran into a chair. But it was better this way, he didn’t remember anything this way. Kim Doyoung could successfully say that he had just wrapped up the most unmemorable summer of his life. Unmemorable because he was drunk throughout the entire thing, but it was okay because not once this summer did Doyoung think about the girl that cheated on him. Not once did he think about Yuta, the man that he looked up to. The one that slept with his girlfriend. Nope, they didn’t even cross his mind. 
But they did. 
Every damn day. 
“Get up.” The voice pounded in Doyoung’s head and a hand reached out and shook him. He grumbled. Slowly opening his eyes, he glared up at Kun. He watched as his friend rolled his eyes at him. 
“We have practice.” Doyoung pulled his blanket over his head, he shouldn’t have drank last night. “Come on.” 
What a new kind of hell he’d entered. He’d told himself that once the hockey practice started, he’d be fine. He wouldn’t drink, Yuta had managed to graduate, he’d avoid his ex, the campus was big enough. He could still avoid his ex, she wasn’t even on campus yet. Only the athletes were here a month before everyone. But the not drinking once hockey started, that didn’t happen, so he told himself when the semester started, and today after practice the semester started, he would have to stop drinking and his ex would be back. 
He groaned again throwing his covers off of himself and getting up. His head ached with each step he took towards the shared bathroom. They had moved, this house was bigger but they still needed to share a bathroom, well at least Ten, Jaehyun, Jungwoo and himself did. Kun upon stepping into the master room with the huge en-suite pulled his new captain status on them and took the damn room. 
“You’re just waking up?” Jaehyun asked him, as he passed the younger boy in the hallway. Doyoung didn’t respond just walked past him keeping his head down.  
Getting into the bathroom he looked at himself, taking in his appearance, he had a huge hickey on the side of his neck, how he got it was a slight blur to him. He remembered flashes of the night only. His hair was sticking out into a million directions he looked awful, he looked sick. Looking away from himself he grabbed his toothbrush and got ready for practice, he was gonna need a gallon of coffee. 
Hockey was an escape, he could be as brutal as he wanted on the ice, he was itching for a proper game so that he wouldn’t have to hold himself back he couldn’t bang up his teammates. He needed a game. 
Well, it was an escape until the new guy opened his mouth. 
“Hungover again Kim, why am I not shocked?” Doyoung sneered at the man lacing up his skates as he walked into the change room. His hands clenching into fists at his side, but he didn’t reply, because he was hungover, and this guy was the only one that called him out on it. Because he was the only one that didn’t know. Yet, it didn’t make Doyoung hate him any less. 
What kind of a nickname was Winwin anyway?
Rolling his eyes Doyoung dumped his stuff into his cubby taking his gear out and getting ready for practice. 
“Ignore him,” Kun said from his left. 
“I am,” Doyoung replied. 
On the ice, Doyoung couldn’t deny the new kid was an ace, why he transferred to their school he couldn’t say. He used to play for the team that they lost to last year, one step away from the cup. But that school had a killer roaster, this kid being one of the beasts on it, but here he was. Skating towards Doyoung with the puck. Their coach was ending this practice with a scrimmage, the hockey season would be starting in a few days and the coach claimed that this would re-charge everyone’s competitive sides because this was their season. 
He let him get close before he began his chase, letting Winwin come to him before blocking his path he hit him into the boards. It wasn’t a hard hit, but it was a hit. They both lost the puck as Winwin bounded off the plexiglass and slammed his hands into Doyoung’s chest. 
“What the fuck man?!” He asked. Doyoung shrugged, their coach was yelling as he skated over. Kun already there grabbing Winwin as he glared at Doyoung. 
“What on earth are you doing kid?” The coach barked at Doyoung. 
“Sorry I just got into it.” He said not feeling sorry at all. Maybe he wasn’t doing the best job of ignoring him. 
“Apologize to him.” He mentally scowled, he didn’t appreciate being treated like he was a toddler. 
“Okay get off the ice, shower. Practice is over!” 
“Dude you gotta relax.” Ten said skating next to Doyoung. 
“Why the fuck do they even call him Winwin?” Doyoung’s irritation was evident “I fucking hate the guy.
“It’s because he fucking Wins, they use to call him their lucky charm ‘Winwin.’” 
Loneliness was a part of life that you accepted long ago, it was something that just came with your life. Your parents were rich, and they shouldn't have had kids, because they couldn’t give two shits about the two children they had. So, loneliness wasn’t an issue for you not until the reality settled in that this wasn’t loneliness it was abandonment and that was a hard pill to swallow. Looking around your dorm you took in your roommate's side it was decorated in whites, it kind of hurt your eyes but you weren’t going to say anything. It was better than being stuck in an apartment with your brother. You felt bad when you left him alone in the huge penthouse seeing as you were the reason that the two of you were here. But you couldn’t take it there anymore everything reminded you of the fact that your parents didn’t care about you. 
Your phone rang pulling you away from the anger that was bubbling up inside of you at the thought of your parents. Being replaced by a growing laugh as you looked at the caller ID. Your brother. 
“Hello.” You answered. 
“Want to move back yet?” He teased. 
“No, I do not I actually like it here.” You replied getting off your bed and beginning to pace your room. He laughed, the sound making you smile. 
“I was just teasing. I called to ask if you wanted to get lunch together today?” He asked. You frowned. 
“Sicheng, you aren’t eating with your teammates yet?” Your tone not hiding your disappointment. 
“No,” he replied curtly. 
“Be nice to them, be friends with them.” 
He ignored you, “So are you going to eat with me or not?” 
“No, I’ll be eating with my roommate.” You answered as she came into the room, she smiled at you having heard what you said, and you smiled back. Despite her obsession with white, you actually really liked her. “Speaking of whom, I gotta go now.” 
By lunch, Doyoung was starving, having not had time to eat after he showered in the change room. His stomach was grumbling loudly when he took his seat next to Kun at their table in the cafeteria. 
“You know I’m shocked by how good the cafeteria food is here.” Mark, a first-year rookie, said drawing the attention of the table. 
“Yo same, people complain a lot about cafeteria food I was actually stressed.” Hendery another rookie agreed.  
Doyoung nodded, “We lucked out.” 
“Yo Winwin, come sit here!” Kun yelled from next to Doyoung making him turn his head in the direction Kun was yelling in. Winwin stopped in his tracks and looked over at the table. Doyoung glared at the side of Kun’s head, but Kun ignored him. 
“Be nice,” Kun muttered to him as Winwin sat down across from him at the only empty seat on the table. Doyoung did his best not to scowl. Doyoung retreated into his own brain as the table continued to chat. He focused on the broccoli on his plate. He didn’t dare look around the cafeteria. 
Fuck looking at the insufferable cocky bastard in front of him, he was afraid he would see his ex. Ever since practice ended in the morning he was on edge; he didn’t want to run into her in a hallway again he was afraid because he didn’t know how he’d react. He wanted to say he wouldn’t care that he’d just walk by her and maybe he would, but he felt like he wouldn’t the risk was too high. 
“So, the party is at our place on Friday to kick off the year, that way we can celebrate the four rookies joining our team, along with Winwin coming to us this year and our boy Jungwoo finally hitting the ice in a game,” Jaehyun said, as Doyoung finally tuned back into the boy's conversation. 
“So, you’ll come Winwin?” Ten asked. Doyoung looked up at him frowning, the younger boy played with the fries on his plate as he nodded. 
“Yeah, I’ll come by.” 
“Cool bring friends if you want to.” Ten said smiling at him. 
Doyoung made it to Friday without a drink, and then he thought about how he promised himself he wouldn’t drink when the semester started. He then re-evaluated his choice and edited his promise, he wouldn’t drink without cause this semester, and a start of the year party was cause. Was it not? The boy in the mirror smiled back at him as he held his cup up to his reflection in a cheers before downing it. 
It was most definitely cause. 
Leaving his room his body already buzzing he skipped down the stairs, straight into a girl. You.  Doyoung looked you up and down, taking in the tight jeans you had on. He liked the way they made your ass look. He also really liked the baby pink top you had on. It was clinging to you like a second skin showing off your assets. Doyoung smirked down at you, for some reason you looked familiar. 
“I’m sorry about that.” He said and you scoffed. 
Doyoung stared at your back as you walked away confused at the reaction he gleaned. He’d never been bad with chicks or at least he thought he wasn’t. He looked over at your friend who shrugged at him before following you. 
His house was full of people he didn’t know, and some he did. But he was at ease, this was one place he knew that his ex wouldn’t show up. So, with a quiet laugh to himself, he followed you into the living room. You were standing beside Winwin. He leaned against the wall and watched you interact with his teammate; the interaction was friendly. From the way you reacted to him it was easy to see that the two of you were close. 
“What are you looking at?” Xiaojun, another first-year rookie, asked coming up next to him. 
Doyoung replied by nodding his head in the direction of the pair, and Xiaojun nodded. 
“His sister is hot, isn’t she?” Doyoung froze as the words left the youngers mouth. Sister.
And then it came to him, the image of you pressed against a bathroom wall, with your dress pushed up as he moved inside you. Doyoung mentally facepalmed as he remembered how he left you. Turning away Xiaojun, Doyoung moved out of the living room and into the kitchen. He went straight to the cabinet where Jaehyun kept his good liquor. Pulling out a large bottle of tequila Doyoung looked around for a shot glass. He turned around and straight into Jaehyun himself. Jaehyun looked at him with a ‘what are you doing’ expression on his face. 
“I will buy you more.” Doyoung simply said finally locating the object he was looking for. Bringing the small glass over to his spot he poured some for himself. Jaehyun watched him as he tipped his head back downing the alcohol not even flinching at the burn. 
“Whoa,” Jaehyun said as Doyoung went to pour himself another one. “Aren’t you trying to like drink less or something?” 
“I slept with Winwin’s sister.” He quickly replied taking the next shot. 
“Just now?” Jaehyun asked taking the shot glass from Doyoung after poured himself another shot. 
“No. Last week.” 
“Dude what the fuck.” 
“Dude what the fuck indeed.” Your voice cut into their conversation making them both snap their head towards you. Leaning forward you took the full shot glass from Jaehyun’s hand and drank it. 
“I didn’t even get to finish.” You said after the burn in your throat subsided. Doyoung flushed as the memory of how he left you in the bathroom flooded his mind. Jaehyun looked at him a shocked expression on his face before he broke into a smile. Doyoung could tell he was trying not to laugh at him. 
He scowled in your direction taking the shot glass from you before pouring himself another shot. Jaehyun took it before he could drink it. 
“Slow down,” Jaehyun said the previous laughter gone. Doyoung rolled his eyes and moved to walk away from you and Jaehyun. 
“You know,” You said moving into his space. The two shots he’d just taken hadn’t quite hit him full force yet. “up until you ran away from me, I was actually having a good time.” Your chest brushed his as you leaned further into him. Doyoung narrowed his eyes but didn’t back away from you. 
“Too bad you don’t actually know how to make a girl cum.” You pulled away from him taking the shot glass again. Doyoung glared at the side of your head as you poured yourself another shot. He looked past you meeting Jaehyun eyes again, the boy flat out laughing this time. 
“I do, in fact, know how to make a girl cum.” He said. You scoffed. 
“I wouldn’t know.” You replied and threw your head back taking the shot. You shot him a wink before walking away from him. Jaehyun only laughed harder when Doyoung looked at him again. Sneering at the younger boy he reached for the shot glass again. 
“No,” Jaehyun said grabbing it before he did. “Pace yourself, Kun will slaughter you. You promised.” He regretted speaking to the new captain sometimes, he regretted telling Kun so much, but he did need help keeping himself in check. Doyoung rolled his eyes at Jaehyun before walking away. 
For the rest of the party, he couldn’t get his mind off of you. You stuck to your brother and your friend for the majority of the party and Doyoung didn’t like to interact with him more than he already needed to. Taking his eyes off you as you laughed at something your friend said Doyoung looked around the living room, Kun and Jaehyun weren’t anywhere in sight. He could only spot the rookies as they played beer pong in the corner of the room. Getting up from his spot on the couch he made his way into the kitchen again not seeing any of his roommates. Taking his chance, he made his way to the cabinet pulling it open and grabbing Jaehyun’s Tequila again. Your words pounding in his head as he took a shot straight from the bottle. 
“Getting shit-faced as usual,” Winwin said coming into the kitchen. Doyoung didn’t look at him as he took another swing. 
“How about you mind your own business,” Doyoung said and brushed past him back into the living room taking the bottle with him. His eyes narrowed in on you as you swayed to the music. Doyoung wasn’t in the mood of arguing with Winwin but if he had been he would have claimed that this was nothing compared to how his drinking usually went. He hadn’t had more than a couple of sips of Kun’s drink after the shots he took in the kitchen until now. Walking up to you he caught your attention, your eyes landing on the bottle he held in his hand. 
He let you take it from him as he leaned into the wall. He watched you take a drink some of the alcohol flowing out the corner of your mouth. 
“Where did your friend go?” He asked as you wiped at your mouth. 
“Home. She’s not really into parties.” You replied. Doyoung watched as you licked your lips passing him the bottle back. But he didn’t want the alcohol. His mind running as he took you in, his mind flashing to the night last week. 
“That’s a shame.” He replied. Your eyes darkened as he reached out and pulled you to him. “So, you're just here all by yourself now. Hanging out with your brother.” His hand moving to the side of your neck as he looked down at you. You let him, biting your lip as you looked up at him. 
“There’s nothing wrong with hanging out with my brother.” You replied. 
“No there isn’t except that you aren’t hanging out with him right now, are you?” You frowned up at him and then looked around the room. Doyoung followed your gaze, Winwin was still in the kitchen. Doyoung smiled to himself as you turned your eyes back to him. 
“It’s a good thing I came when I did.” You snickered at his words. 
“Is it though?” He rolled his eyes at you. That was it, he could not go down in history with this shit on his name. 
You crashed into his door, your back stinging from the impact but you ignored it as his lips returned to yours. His lips were rough, moving against yours at a bruising rate, you loved it. His hands were roaming your body pulling at your clothes. 
“Bed.” You breathed against his mouth. He chuckled at you as he grabbed your hands holding them above your head as he continued to kiss you. 
“You don’t get to call any shots babe.” He said, his mouth moving from your lips to your jaw, leaving a start mark on your skin. You moaned tilting your head to give him more space, he took the chance to leave soft kisses down your neck towards your chest. His hands letting yours go as he lowered himself down your body. 
He looked up at you as he got on his knees, his fingers grabbing at the buttons of your jeans before undoing them. You watched as he undressed you, leaving you naked from the bottom half as you stepped out of your jeans. Doyoung licked his lips as he grabbed your leg draping it over his shoulder. 
He pressed a wet kiss to the inside of your thigh, your breath hitched as you watched him. Your hand moving to his hair. He moaned softly when you tugged on the strands pulling him towards your wet heat. He pressed a kiss to your clit, using his fingers to separate your folds, relieving some of the tension that was boiling up in your body. You moaned when he darted his tongue out, a short lick. Before retreating again and looking up at you. Your eyes glassed over as you pulled at his hair again. 
He obliged again, licking up your slit slowly, dragging his tongue through your wet folds. He groaned into you, the vibrations causing you to shiver. Your head fell back against the door and he took your clit into his mouth, sucking slowly. His tongue ghosting over it. You moved your hips against his mouth wanting him to add his fingers. But your words were lost on you, only nonsense flowing past your lips as he picked up his pace. Your moans grew louder as you drew closer, your eyes closed shut as you chased your climax. 
His name rolled off your tongue as your back arched off the door. The muscles in your body tightened, as you clambered for a better grip on him. You felt his teeth gently nip at your hard nub and you crashed over the edge, your orgasm taking over your body as you pulled at his hair. He continued his ministrations, working you through your orgasm. Your body was in overdrive as you came down, a lot more sensitive than you previously were. You pulled at his hair again pulling away from you, he scowled up at you as you finally looked down at him. His lips were red and wet. He grabbed your hands as he got up. Pulling you to the bed. 
He let you lay down, as he rounded the bed going to his nightstand. He pulled out silver handcuffs. Your breathing shallowed as you took in the steel in his hands.  
“No more touching me.” He said as he placed a knee onto the bed leaning over you. He grabbed your hands bringing them up to his headboard. He closed one handcuff around your wrist the cold metal making you hiss as it came in contact with your skin. He looped the handcuffs around one of the metal rungs on his bed before bringing the other one to your other hand locking you in. 
He took a second to look down at you, before leaning down and kissing your swollen lips. You moaned into him, his tongue brushing against yours, you could taste yourself on him and it was driving you crazy. Your thighs already moving against each other as your body reacted to him, more moisture pooling in between your legs. 
“I probably should have taken this off first,” Doyoung said pulling away from your lips. His hands moving under your shirt pushing it up off you leaving it around your hands, he did the same with your bra. 
“But then again, you’re not the most attentive to details, are you?” You teased, he narrowed his eyes at you pinching your nipple, earning a soft cry from you. 
“I wouldn’t be saying shit like that right now.” He threatened, lowering his mouth to your breast. You gasped as he took your pointed nub into his hot mouth, swirling his tongue around your nipple before letting it go. He glanced up at you before trailing wet kisses over to your other breast and doing the same thing there. You squirmed underneath him, clenching your thighs tightly as you got worked up again. He pulled back from your chest looking down at your closed legs, a chuckle leaving him as he looked back up at you. His eyes dark, his pupils blown. 
Adjusting so that he was between your legs he hovered over you, leaving marks on your collarbone. You hissed moving against him, you could feel his erection through his jeans. You rolled your hips into him savouring the small amount of friction you were getting until he grabbed your hips and pushed them down into his bed. You groaned against his mouth as he pressed his mouth onto yours, his tongue pushing against yours. 
Finally, his fingers connected with your core, he slid a finger into you using his thumb to rub your already abused and sensitive clit. A loud moan left you again as your wrists pulled against the handcuffs, the metal biting into your skin. 
“Faster please.” You whined trying to move against his hand but not being able to, his hand holding your hip only tightened. You’d most definitely have a bruise there tomorrow. He picked up the pace. He kissed you harder as he added another finger, his tongue mirroring the actions of his hand as he propelled you towards another orgasm, your body seized up again, muscles tightening as you arched up into him. Your orgasm came faster this time, having already been worked up from the previous one. You panted against him as he pulled his fingers out of you, you watched biting your lower lip as he took his fingers into his mouth, sucking them clean. 
“I’d say you’d agree, I’m actually great at making women cum.” 
You walked into the cafeteria the next day for lunch, the hockey team as per usual was in their typical spot. Your brother sitting in the middle talking. You smiled as you neared the table coming up behind Doyoung. Kun smiled at you as you looped your arms around Doyoung’s neck. He stiffened for a second before turning his head to look at you, only relaxing when he realized it was you. 
“Your dear brother is right there.” He said to you quietly. 
“My brother doesn’t dictate who I fuck.” You replied pressing a kiss to his lips. Doyoung narrowed his eyes at you as you took the empty seat next to him. For some reason, you were really bold around this man, something you hadn’t been in a long time. You looked across the table feeling your brothers’ eyes on you. You smiled at him before turning back to Doyoung, but Doyoung was looking past you. Trying to get his attention but failing you followed his gaze, seeing a girl who was also staring back. You recognized the girl as your neighbour. 
“Do you know her?” You asked finally getting Doyoung’s attention. He didn’t reply just pulled your chair closer before snaking his hand around the back of your head and pulling your lips to his. You kissed him back with the same desperation he displayed only pulling away when you needed to breathe. Kun whistled as you wiped at your lips, when you looked at Doyoung he was looking past you again. You threw a quick glance over your shoulder to see the girl gone. 
“My ex.” He answered you as he turned to his food. 
Sitting in your room as Sena, your roommate and you waited for your next class you replayed the way Doyoung had reacted in the cafeteria.
“Sena,” you started looking over at her, “you said you stayed in this dorm last year too?” Sena nodded turning her attention to you. “Did you have the same neighbour?” 
“Yeah, why?” She asked, now putting her pen down and turning her full attention to you. 
“Her and Doyoung used to date, right?” Sena sighed her eyes moving around the room as she realized what you were asking. 
“Yeah, they did. She cheated on him though. I would hear them sometimes, mostly Doyoung, but it was painful to hear. One night. He begged her to let him in for hours and she just left him out in the hall. It was all over campus too, she slept with his teammate. Yuta.” 
You bit your lip as Sena turned back to her book, you didn’t know how to react. Being cheated on was a horrible thing but to have it happen with someone as close as your teammate. 
“Fuck a teammate that doesn’t know the first thing about being a decent human.”  
Your brothers’ words floated into your head. You were confused about how people could just so easily trample over others. You thought about Doyoung’s face at lunch, how quickly he shut off after seeing his ex. Your mind floating to the dark places you tried very hard to hide from as you remembered the last party you’d gone to at your old university.  
“Crap Y/N we have ten minutes until class let’s get going,” Sena said as she scrambled to get her stuff together. 
You saw Doyoung again after class, he was walking across the parking lot to his car. He hadn’t seen you yet but you smiled as you decided to make your way over to him, it was weird that you enjoyed his company only because besides fooling around nothing else had really happened. You made it to his car before he did. So, you took the extra free time to stare at him, you took in the way he scrunched his eyes against the autumn sun, the way the breeze blew through his hair. 
“Doyoung!” You blinked your eyes away from him and moved your eyes in the direction of the call. You saw your neighbour again, you quickly looked back at Doyoung as he froze, stopping in his steps. You watched as his hands tightened into fists at his side and his chest rose and fell with deep breaths. He ignored her and continued in your directions towards the car. 
“Hey,” You said softly catching his attention. His head snapped to yours as he unlocked his car. He didn’t smile at you just nodded. “You going home?” he nodded again taking his bottom lip between his teeth in a manner that showed he wasn’t happy. 
“Get in.” He said as he yanked open his door. You obliged, pulling open the passenger door. You threw a glance over your shoulder. She was still standing there; you couldn’t help but sneer as you ducked into his car. 
He was silent as he pulled out the parking lot, his hands holding the steering wheel tightly causing his knuckles to turn white. You leaned forward and looked at the side of his face, you stared, because he wasn’t even turning on the radio. 
“Uh, you're being weird.” He said as you tilted your head more and moved closer to his side. 
“Am I?” You asked, he furrowed his eyebrows and pushed you back taking one hand off the wheel. 
“Tell me about it.” You said settling back into your seat, “Just say what’s bothering you it’ll help and I swear I won’t judge you.”  
He stayed silent and you sighed. 
“It can’t be worse than not knowing how to make a girl cum.” You joked. He scoffed as he glanced over at you again his face fighting a smile. 
“You know that’s not true.” He replied. 
“So, tell me.” You insisted again, “I mean I do know that she cheated on you.” You added bluntly. His barely-there smile disappearing again pushing him back into his silence. 
“She doesn’t deserve this much from you, you know that?” you said as he pulled into his driveway. “This much energy, and time.” He parked the car, but he didn’t move, both of you stayed in your seats not even unbuckling your seat belts. 
“She didn’t apologize, not once.” He was looking down at his hands. “Everyone tells me that she doesn’t deserve my time. She once told me that I didn’t deserve this, but you get what you deserve right? People always say that, what the fuck did I ever do to deserve this?” You shook your head as he spoke. Unbuckling your seat belt, you reached for him. Letting your hands guide his head so that he was looking at you, his eyes were watery and red filled with angry unshed tears. 
“The world does not give you what you deserve Doyoung, the world is unfair, and people are cruel. You did not deserve to be cheated on.” He stared at you, his hands shaking. He blinked his eyes forcing the moisture away before he moved, grabbing your chin and pulling your lips to his. You let him, getting caught up in the way his lips moved against yours, he stole your air. Greedily moving his hands to your hair and you let yours slip to his shirt, holding him close to you. 
He pulled away; his breathing uneven as he looked at you again. 
“Why are you here?” He asked, and you smiled at him. 
“Because babe, contrary to my jokes you can make a girl cum.” 
Doyoung enjoyed your company, he liked your weird bluntness, your lack of fear of the world but most of all he liked the sex. He liked that you looked at him like you wanted to eat him. He like that he didn’t feel lonely around you. He just liked you. 
“So we're basically friends with benefits then huh?” You asked pulling him out of his thoughts. He looked over at you, taking in the fact that you were still naked on his bed even though you two had fucked over an hour ago. 
“I mean because like if we are I just wanna know if we're the kind that don’t fuck other people or if we’re the kind that do.” He was perplexed by your rambling not expecting you to say this, and he wasn’t sure how to respond not that he got the chance because you continued. 
“I mean I’m not the type to sleep with more than one person like that, not that there’s anything wrong with people who do, I just would like to know if you’re, like you know, sleeping with people other than me that’s all.” 
He smiled at you as your cheeks turned a dark shade of red as you let words pour out of your mouth. 
“I’m not sleeping with anyone else.” He said cutting you off. You bit your lip, trying to hide the painfully obvious smile that was stretching across your face. Doyoung’s own smile only grew as he got up from his desk chair and moved to his bed climbing on top of you. He pressed his lips against yours lightly. 
“Want to go out somewhere today?” he asked looking down at you. 
“Like where?” 
“An indoor theme park?” You asked your eyes widening as you took in the rides and attractions. “You know in the month that I’ve known you Kim Doyoung, I did not take you for the theme park type.” He smiled at you as you continued to look around your hand reaching for his the more excited you got. 
“Come we have to start with this.” You said and began to pull him in the direction of the roller coaster. “No, wait,” You paused and pulled him in the other direction, “That’s gotta be last.” Doyoung laughed behind you letting you pull him. 
“Doyoung!” You exclaimed in amusement stopping in your tracks as you got excited again. “Look how big that bear is.” Your eyes moved to Doyoung’s face a huge smile taking over your facial expression. He looked down at you, his eyebrow cocked up as he looked down at you. 
“What?” You asked, getting slightly self-conscious as he looked at you. 
“I haven’t said a single word, yet you know that?” He teased leaning towards you. You rolled your eyes and pushed at his chest. 
“Get me the bear, Kim.” 
He didn’t get you the bear, turned out Doyoung sucked at these kinds of games because he tried five times and each time won nothing. You had to drag him away from the stall because if you didn’t, he would have stayed there the entire time. Hours passed as you went on ride after ride and played a couple more games where you did win a small bear, you’d passed it to Doyoung with a teasing remark that had him glaring at you. 
Exhausted you settled into the bench as you waited for Doyoung to come back with something to eat. You smiled at him when he looked over at you as he stood in the line for mini donuts, he winked back at you. A warm feeling settled into your stomach, you didn’t have time to think about it though as your phone began to ring. 
“Hello, brother.” You said happily. 
“Mom and dad called,” he said getting straight to the point, “They instructed that we have to go back for a dinner.” Your heart rate picked up as you processed what your brother had just said to you. You were beginning to feel warm as anger bubbled up inside you. 
“After they kicked us out?” You asked. Your anger coming out in your tone. Winwin didn’t respond. “Fuck them I’m not going.” 
“We have to Y/N, you know we have to.” He said and you hung up on him. Fuck them all. Who did they think they were? Winwin called again and you ignored the call turning your phone off. You didn’t want to deal with this right now. First, they kick you and your brother out over a business deal and now, now they were threatening money. You knew that you and your brother didn’t have incomes you knew that at the end of the day you still needed them. But you hated it. 
You tucked your phone away, looking up at Doyoung as he walked over to you and sat down, you took a mini donut shoving it into your mouth, your mouth burning with how hot it was. You swore as you opened your mouth and took in air to cool it down. Doyoung laughed at you, and just like that the anger from earlier dissipated and the warm feeling you had from before came back. You watched Doyoung as you chewed and he laughed at you, you couldn’t get enough of his laugh. He laughed around you a lot, and to be honest, you lived for it. 
“You’re so dumb.” He said still calming down from his laughing fit. His hand reached out rubbing at the corner of your mouth, wiping away sugar, and you swore your stomach felt like you were on the rollercoaster all over again. 
His hands were everywhere, grabbing at everything. Loud breaths filled your ears as he panted around you, your heart was beating a mile a minute in the worst kind of way. You opened your mouth to scream but you couldn’t as he pushed his tongue down your mouth. You couldn’t push him away he was everywhere.  
You woke up with a startle, your body drenched in a cold sweat. You shivered as your mind went into overdrive, your pulse drumming loudly as you turned over in your bed. You took in large breaths to try and calm yourself, to distract yourself from the memory. But every time you closed your eyes that night would come back. 
“No.” You said as Dae swarmed you, backing you into a corner. He was drunk insanely drunk, you pushed at his chest as his hands began to wander up to your thigh. 
He shushed you, his mouth coming down to yours. You shoved at him again turning your head to the side. 
“Why are you being this difficult?” he asked, his hand shooting out and grabbing your wrists. Your mind went blank as his mouth pushed back against yours his tongue pushing into your mouth. His knee came up between your legs. You screamed, and before you knew it, he was ripped off you. Your brother over him, fists were flying everywhere but you couldn’t hear anything over your own hysteria. Your hands were shaking as you pushed out the room and out the house, gasping for air as you tried to calm your breathing. 
 More hands were around you, pulling you towards them but you pushed them away. 
“Hey, hey.” It was Winwin, “I’m here. Let’s go home.” He said. You looked at him, your vision blurry. His lip was cut and from the way, his cheekbone was swelling you knew it would bruise tomorrow. 
You cried harder. 
You opened your eyes again, reaching for your phone. You thought that was gonna be the worst day of your life, but the next day was worse. 
Hitting the call button, you held the phone up to your ear. 
“Hello?” His voice was groggy, you realized that you’d woken him. 
“Doyoung.” You said quietly, “Can you come get me?” 
You weren’t shocked when he came, but that shocked you. The fact that you weren’t shocked. You could tell he was tired when he pulled up to your building. 
“Sorry,” You said as you got into the car. He shook his head slightly shivering as he looked over at you. 
“Are you okay?” You looked at your hands. You knew you could tell him, you knew you trusted him. You also knew that if you said you didn’t want to talk about it he’d just take you to his house and you’d sleep, but you needed to talk about it. You wanted to tell him. 
“My parents called my brother today.” You started, “They want us to go see them for dinner.” You looked over at Doyoung taking in his reaction, he looked confused, but he didn’t say anything he just listened and waited for you to continue. 
“My parents are complicated,” You continued, “they, well they kicked Winwin and I out at the end of the last school year…” 
Your father was furious the next morning, you’d never seen him this mad. Your hands were trembling in your lap as you listened to him yell at your brother. Your anger rising. 
“My deal fell through because you can’t keep your anger in check!” Your brother stayed silent as well, “Do you understand how much money we just lost, we’re all over the news our family name is ruined. They’re calling you a thug, what the fuck is wrong with you?” 
“He was coming on to me.” You finally said having enough, “H-he was trying to do things when I was saying no!” You yelled getting up. Your father turned his glare towards you. His eyes didn’t soften the way you expected them to. 
“He’s your boyfriend, isn’t he?” He asked his voice cold. Shock ran through your body at your fathers’ words. A business deal really meant more to him? You looked up at your mother who looked away from you. You blinked back tears as the rage in you rose again, you looked over at your brother who looked equally as shocked. His anger on his face. 
“You two need to get out of my house. I have to show the world that I don’t support your stupid behaviour and there will be consequences. You both are going to a different school and I will send you a fixed fund and pay for your tuition, but you will not stay at my house. I do not want to see your faces.” 
Doyoung listened intently as you told him everything, your hands fisting into your sweats as your anger rose inside you as you spoke. You couldn’t look at him though, you looked out the window. 
“And now you have to go see him because if you don’t, he threatens to not pay for anything?” Doyoung asked. You nodded still not looking at him. His hand reached out and grabbed your arm, but you flinched. His hand instantly shot away from you. 
“Baby, look at me.” He said keeping his hands to himself. You slowly turned your head to him; his face was angry. “That motherfucker that did that to you can rot in hell and your dad’s a greedy bastard. I’d say fuck it and don’t go but I understand why you have to.” He hesitantly reached for you again, this time you leaned into his reach taking his hand and pulling him towards you. “I – I can go with you if that would make you feel better.” He said. 
You’d done a lot of things to help you get over the incident, one of those things was trying to find a guy at the bar and fuck him, to prove to yourself that you had control over your own body that what happened with Dae, and your dad did not need to take over your whole life. That you did what you wanted, and you had control over what you wanted, you didn’t regret it either because somehow it got you to him. You pressed your lips to his kissing him slowly. You didn’t understand what you felt for him, but you knew that there was something because when you were around him you felt warm and safe, and free. 
You didn’t take Doyoung with you, but he told you that he’d have his phone on the entire time and that you could call him whenever. Getting out of your brothers’ car you both looked up at the huge house that you both use to call home. 
“I fucking hate him.” You mumbled to yourself and you both made your way up the few steps to the front door. Winwin pressed the doorbell and you both waited only a few seconds before your mother pulled the door open for you two. 
“Hello,” She said a tight smile on her face. “Please behave today, your father has put a lot of effort into making sure this day would come to be.” You were confused, you looked over at Winwin who mirrored your reaction. Effort into getting the two of you here? 
Your confusion vanished when you followed your mother into the sitting from and saw him. He sat there with a smirk, his body relaxed as he leaned back in a high back chair. His father sitting on a couch beside his mother. You looked around the room for your father, he was already looking at you with a fake smile on his face. 
“Welcome home kids.” 
You followed your father into his office, Winwin at your heels, he’d ushered the two of you to follow him as a deafening silence filled the sitting room for ten minutes as you all stared at each other. Your hands were sweating so much that you had to wipe them on your dress every few minutes. You were glad the dress was black. 
Your mother had finally ended the silence by announcing that the dinner was ready. Your father had ushered you after him the moment everyone had gotten up. 
As Winwin closed the door of the office you glared at your father. 
“What is th-”
He cut you off, “You will apologize to them after dinner, both of you. They agreed that the deal could be back on if you apologize.” You both balked at him. He didn’t allow either of you to speak before ushering you out of the room again. Both of you were too shocked to move still processing what your father had just said to you. When neither of you moved, he did, swinging open the door and walking out. You stared at your brother as he glared at the spot his father was standing in. 
“Fuck that.” He said and stormed after your father, you scrambled after him. 
“I don’t know what you thought was going to happen at this dinner, but the last thing we’re going to do is apologize to that fucking rat,” Winwin said stopping at the head of the long table as your father turned around and glared at him. The room was silent everyone staring at Winwin with wide eyes, even you were shocked. 
“And your inheritance? Your funds? Don’t forget your place kid. You will apologize.” Your father replied calmly. Your brother was fuming, taking a step forward until he was standing right in front of your father. 
“Fuck you and fuck your money.” 
Your father snorted. 
“How do you think your gonna afford your life boy?” 
“We’ll figure it out, we don’t need you.” You finally said taking your brother's hand and pulling him with you. You both left the large dining room, taking hurried steps towards the front door, both itching to be out the house. You pushed the front door open and walked out. 
“Go to the car,” Winwin said unlocking his car for you, “I have to grab something.” You nodded not questioning him and made your way to the car. 
You opened the door and got in, but someone caught the door as you pulled it. Dae leaned down into your space grabbing your face in his hand. His mouth a fraction away from yours, your nose was assaulted with the strong cologne he overused. 
“You think that you won?” he asked, “You didn’t, now you’re a broke bitch with nothing to your name. You’re a nobody.” You shoved him off of you kicking his shin as you did. He swore and let go of you backing up. He chuckled. “I heard about your new toy. I heard you suck his dick like a real whore would. So, it’s just me huh? It’s only a little bit before he gets bored of you. You aren’t enough and you never will be.” 
He slammed the door shut as Winwin bound out the house. You watched your brother as anger took over his features again as saw Dae
“See you on the ice motherfucker,” Dae said slamming into Winwin's shoulder as he passed him. 
“What did he say to you?” Winwin asked as he got into the car. You shook your head and looked away from him. 
“Let’s just go.” 
Three days and Doyoung hadn’t heard from you he’d called and texted only to be ignored. His head was spinning, he was feeling crazy. You weren’t his girlfriend, but he was losing it. His head ached as he stared at your contact. He felt lonely again his mind drifting to every place it shouldn’t go, every insecurity he’d developed lapping at him as he sat at the kitchen table. What happened? Did he do something wrong? Was it a mistake to tell you that he’d go with you? You hadn’t taken him after all, you hadn’t called him after and when he had called you, you’d ignored him. That awful feeling of abandonment hit him hard, his heart hurt and he couldn’t explain why. 
He got up stalking over to the cabinet and pulling out Jaehyun’s alcohol again. He didn’t need a shot glass he just opened the bottle and took a swing, the liquor burned as it made its way down his throat. He didn’t give himself time to think before he drank more. 
He wasn’t going to go see you, one because he couldn’t do that to himself this time not again, he couldn’t beg like he had with his ex. He also realized that he didn’t have a single clue where your dorm was. That realization also hurt because he’d let you into his life every inch of it, and the moment he found out something dark about you, you shut him out. He closed his eyes as he took another swing, no rational thought entering his mind as he did so. 
“Why do they ruin all my good places?” He muttered to himself as he grabbed his keys from the key holder, stumbling towards the door. 
“Hey what the fuck, Doyoung are you drunk?” Ten’s voice caught his attention as he opened the front door, cold hair hitting him as he did. 
“I mean I don’t know.” He replied, his words kind of slurring. Ten furrowed his eyes brows at him rushing to him as he did. 
“Were you going to drive?” He asked. 
“I mean maybe. I don’t know.” He replied. 
Ten narrowed his eyes at him and took his keys. Doyoung rolled his eyes and glared down at the boy. 
“Well fine then you gotta drive me, okay?” he said and grabbed Ten's arm pulling him out the house towards his car. 
“Why are you drunk on a Wednesday Doyoung, I thought you stopped this.” Ten said, Doyoung could sense the judgement in his friends’ words. But he’d expected it. His vision blurred as he leaned back into his seat, his head spinning from the alcohol. He closed his eyes and laughed. 
“Ten my man, it’s because I’m a fucking loser and everyone leaves me.” His head fell to the side as Ten started the car. 
“Take me to the indoor theme park.” He said and then laughed, “because I’m a sucker for a bad time.” 
A couple of minutes later Ten was parked in the parking lot, but the theme park was closed. Doyoung just nodded his head as Ten told him leaning his head into the window. 
“Did you really like her?” Ten asked, his voice soft. Doyoung shrugged. 
“Not that it matters now.” But he did, the answer was yes. He liked you around him, he liked your laugh, your smile, the ease you gave him. He liked that you spoke too much practically all the time and never really thought about what you were about to say. He liked how you made him feel, he liked that you didn’t make him want to drink. He liked you. 
Ten frowned, staring at Doyoung. 
“I’m not back to drinking like before,” Doyoung said quietly, he wasn’t able to look at Ten. “I just – I’m not back to drinking okay?” 
“Give me a couple of minutes and then we can go.” Ten nodded at Doyoung’s words and turned up the music. 
Doyoung was pissed, it had been a week and honestly, he didn’t give a fuck anymore, or at least he liked to tell himself that. He kept his word and didn’t drink, but that just meant that he was always angry, especially angry whenever he looked at Winwin. 
“We’re playing against your old school huh?” Doyoung heard Jaehyun ask Winwin. The other boy only nodded as he got into his gear. Doyoung ground his teeth and continued to get dressed. He wanted to be out on the ice bad, his blood was pumping, he needed to let the anger out one way or another. 
Halfway through the game, Doyoung was drenched in sweat, but his anger was coming down as he let himself be taken away by the sport. Adrenaline pumped through him as the whistle blew starting the third period. The other team got possession and Doyoung focused on defence. He kept his mind blank as he played only thinking about the game, Jungwoo checked the player with the puck, the puck going astray. Doyoung took his opening and claimed the puck, skating as he looked around for an open teammate to pass to. Seeing Winwin open he sent the puck down the ice in the same second he was slammed into the plexiglass. His ribs ached from the hit he slipped onto the ice and looked up at the guy who’d hit him, for some reason he was hovering over him still. 
“How are my sloppy seconds?” He asked, “The prude give you blue balls yet?” Doyoung’s head spun as he slowly got up, he was used to hits so his usual recovery time wasn’t this slow but, then again, he never was hit this hard. “But then again I heard that she sucks your dick like a prostitute.” But he wasn’t slow to understand what this fuck was saying. Taking his gloves off as he got up, Doyoung swung at the other man. His hands shoving him hard in the chest, before skating after him and grabbing his jersey. Doyoung didn’t think he just began to punch him, he was shoved back his helmet coming off as the other boy took his own helmet off. 
“Fuck you.” Doyoung spat, as the boy charged him, he got one good hit in. Straight to Doyoung’s jaw, before the refs were on them. Winwin was in front of him in seconds grabbing him from the ref. 
“Relax.” The younger boy said as the ref ejected both Doyoung and the other guy. 
“Let me go.” He said and shook Winwin off of him as he skated off the ice and went straight to the change room. 
He was under the spray of the shower when you walked into the locker room. The steam was filling the locker room, making the air hot as you quietly walked in his direction. He saw you before you spoke his eyes darkening as you leaned against the wall. 
“Doyoung.” You said his name softly, earning a glare from him. You deserved it; you’d let Dae’s words get to you. But now looking at him, taking the way he winced under the hot water the darkening bruise on his ribcage, the cut on his lip. You frowned. 
Dae was wrong. You looked at Doyoung, you knew whatever happened on the ice was because of you, and he’d done that even when you’d ignored him. 
“I’m sorry,” you said and took a step towards him. 
“For what? Ignoring me?  Or fucking with my head?” You didn’t reply just walked towards him, slowly getting under the water and letting your hands trace over his ribcage, your fingers skimming over the growing bruise. 
“For everything.” You said, letting your hand move up to his wet hair. The water soaked into your clothes as you pulled him into you, he let you. His arms looping around your waist. You looked up at him watching his face soften as he took you in. 
“Why’d you ignore me?” he asked. His breath fanning across your face. 
“Someone told me I wasn’t enough for you and I believed them.” Doyoung’s hands tightened, you closed your eyes and pressed your forehead against his. “I let my head get carried away with every insecurity I’ve ever had.” 
“I’m glad you came to your senses.” He said, his hand moving your shirt up so that his fingers could trace your skin. He pressed his lips to yours kissing you slowly as he moved your wet shirt up your torso. 
“Don’t ignore me next time.” He said moving his lips to your jaw, “Come talk to me instead.” You nodded and pulled out of his hold. Pushing him to the wall you ripped your shirt off over your head and quickly took off your pants. 
“Promise.” You said, “but we don’t have that long until the game ends.” looking up at him through hooded eyes, you pressed yourself against him again, you kissed his jaw, before moving down to his collar bone, taking the skin onto your mouth you gently bit it before running your tongue over it as he hissed. You kissed down his chest to the side of his ribcage pressing hot kisses down his wet skin. Until you got to his erection, he was hard and ready for you. You squatted down taking him in your hand as you looked up at him, he looked at you through half-lidded eyes as you slowly moved your hand up and down his length before pressing a soft kiss to the head. He groaned before letting his head fall back as he tangled his hand into your wet hair. 
“Babe,” He moaned as you took this tip into your mouth swirling your tongue around before moving him further into your mouth. Your hand working the rest of his cock as you continued to slowly move down on him. 
You stopped when Doyoung removed his hand from your hair and grabbed your wrist, you looked up at him again. His chest was heaving, and he looked at you like he was ready to devour you. 
“I love it when you give me head, but we really don’t have time for that.” He said moving himself out of your mouth. He pulled you up to him, his mouth joining yours again and his fingers trailed to your core. 
“So wet.” He said dragging a finger through your fold. Pulling his hand away from you he turned you around before turning around himself, your front against the cold wall, you moaned at the contrast. 
“Don’t take too long.” He said and lined himself up at your entrance. You moaned when he sank in his hands grabbing roughly at your ass before he started to thrust into you. You arched your back as you clenched around him, his cock twitching in you. 
“You’re so tight.” He moaned, his hand grabbing at your shoulder as his thrusts became harsher. You heard the buzzer of the game, indicating that the game was over. Your moans grew louder as the idea of the entire hockey team rushing in hit you. 
“Fuck,” Doyoung groaned his thrusts growing harsher, as you neared your climax. “You gotta cum now, pretty girl.” He said his arm winding around you so that his fingers could rub your clit. The added pressure pushed you along until your orgasm smashed into you. You moaned loudly as Doyoung continued to thrust into you, your muscles twitching around him pushing him to his climax. 
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” He panicked as he pulled out of you, using his hand to reach his orgasm. “We forgot a condom.” You turned around pushing his hand away and working him with your own until he came. You pushed your lips against him, both of you breathing erratically as you kissed. 
“What am I going to wear to get out.” You asked him pulling away from him. You both looked at your wet clothes. 
“I have an extra hoodie here, and I can look in Ten’s cubby he’s probably got sweats that will fit you.” 
He didn’t finish his sentence as the boys crashed into the locker room. Your eyes widened mirroring Doyoung’s. He quickly yanked you pulling you towards the line of toilet stalls. He shoved you in as the boys barked at each other not noticing the two of you yet. 
“Sorry stay here.” He said shoving his towel at your chest. 
“Dude why are you walking around naked?” You heard Mark ask as you wrapped the towel around yourself. 
“Because I can.” You hear Doyoung mumble back, his tone irritated. 
“You guys take forever in the change room.” You complained as Doyoung walked with you to the dorms. 
“My coach would have killed us.” He stated as he pulled you into him. “I’m sorry though that’s the only thing I could think of.” 
“Whatever it’s okay.” 
“So, I finally get to go up to your dorm huh?” He asked, and you nodded. 
“I would have brought you sooner, but I have a roommate who never leaves our room. I love her but damn is she anti-social. Getting her to that start of the year party was hard.” You explained as the two of you climbed the stairs. Doyoung looked at your ass as you walked up in front of him. It was hard not to. He was glad to hear that the reason for not seeing your dorm was because of something simple and not what he’d actually made it into in his head. You rounded out the stairwell pushing the door open into the hall of your floor. Doyoung froze as he realized what floor you lived on. A floor he’d been to many, many times last semester. 
“Doyoung?” He heard her voice before he saw, and dread set into him again. He snapped his head towards her direction as your hand slipped into his. His ex was staring at him, her eyes slightly wide as she took in his profile. The cut lip, the slightly swelling jaw. He frowned at her. 
“What?” He asked his voice cold. 
“Uh, what happened to you?” She asked. 
“None of your business.” He replied. She nodded. He watched her as she swallowed and hesitated again. He tightened his hand around yours again. 
“Uh yeah. D-do you think I could talk to you in private for a second?” she asked glancing over at you. 
“Whatever you have to say you can say in front of Y/N.” 
“Yeah, okay sure, you know I – I realized I never apologized to you.” She finally said. Doyoung was shocked, he was silent for a few seconds. He wasn’t sure if he heard that right. He was only snapped out of his daze when you tugged on his hand lightly taking his attention from his ex to you. You looked up at him with a soft expression on your face, you looked so wholly his. The way you were looking at him his heart clenched as he looked back at his ex. Somewhere along the way, he realized that he didn’t care about his ex anymore, he didn’t miss her or want her back. He was hurt sure but that was fading too. He knew he wanted to hear this and here it was, and it felt like he was being freed. 
“I forgive you.” She nodded her eyes filling with water. Doyoung turned away from her taking you into his arms. 
“Now show me where your room is baby.” He said smiling down at you. You smiled up at him and nodded pulling him with you towards your room. 
“It’s nothing special.” You said as you pushed the room door open. He didn’t look around as he closed the door behind him. Just pushed you onto your bed, kissing you. 
He wasn’t gonna let you get away from him. 
Not that you were planning on going anywhere.
Tumblr media
A/N: Thank you so much for reading this, I really hope you guy enjoyed it! Please let me know what you guys thought, any opinions or comments you have on the story are very much welcome I love to hear from you guys so please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think. Additionally if you have any constructive criticism don’t  be afraid to let me know, I always want to get better so its welcome and appreciated. 
The next part to this AU will be Winwin so please look forward to that! and once again thank your for reading I really hope you liked it! 
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ratherbacowgirl · 23 days ago
Written by @ratherbacowgirl
Staring: Vinnie Hacker
I walked through the crowd, heels clicking as heads turn to catch a glimpse of me as I moved. The Weeknd blared throughout the club as I continued to move through the crowd, my blonde pony tail swaying from side to side.
I knew he was here. I could feel him as soon as I walked in. I didn’t dare look around to try and find him, even though I desperately wanted to. He had enough girls drooling over him, he didn’t need me drooling as well.
I eyed the short brunette in front of me as she went on about something I could care less about. She was definitely attractive. Her dress hugged her in all the right places and her hair fell perfectly over her shoulders. However, she wasn’t doing it for me.
I felt her as soon as she walked in. I always did. Anytime she was around, I felt it in my chest. My eyes immediately found her as she walked through the crowd. Her strapless black dress clung to her perfectly. Her hair was in a tight, straight pony tail, making her facial features easier to study. Her very high heels made her long legs look even longer than they already were.
Her walk was killer. Her hips swayed sensually as she walked towards the bar. All the men eyed her as she moved, as they always did. Most men recognized her for her occupation, but every man recognized her sex appeal. Most men didn’t have a chance in hell with her, which I was grateful for. The thought of her even looking in another man’s direction turned my stomach.
“Vinnie?” The brunette said, snapping my eyes away from Suede.
“Hm?” I muttered.
“Are you listening to me?”
“Yes.” I answered, making eye contact with her.
“Mhmm.” She said, with a smirk. She moved closer to me and rested her palms on my abdomen.
“You don’t seem like you want to talk, wanna do something else instead?” She asked sensually. My glare flocked back to Suede as she took a sip of her drink with a smile. She was with her friend Wren and a guy who I didn’t recognize. I watched them interact for a few seconds.
“Vinnie?” The brunette questioned.
“Uh yeah give me a second...” I responded, keeping my eyes on Suede. Wren had just smirked at Suede and left her alone with the guy who I didn’t recognize. My chest tightened immediately. She smiled at him as he talked and she laughed occasionally. I felt sick.
“Okay, how about you just meet me at my hotel in a few? I’m staying at the Plaza.” The brunette spoke. Again.
I diverted my eyes away from Suede to nod at the girl in front of me. She smiled and backed away from me, turning to walk out of the club. My eyes immediately snapped back to Suede.
The man in front of me went on and on about his job and his coworkers. I smiled and laughed along with him as I finished my drink. I knew Vinnie was watching me.
Always watching.
Ever since the day I met him he has been protective of me. Extremely protective. I can’t say I’m not grateful for it after what happened.
I started to drown out the man in front of me who was talking my ear off. I turned my head slightly and locked eyes with Vinnie. He was leaning up against the wall on the opposite side of the club, studying me. He looked pissed. I’ve only known him for about a month. However, in that time span, anytime a man has showed me any sort of interest, he’s there making sure I’m alright.
We locked eyes. My mind wandered to the day I met her.
She was pressed up against a brick wall in downtown LA. A guy held her by her neck with one hand and was covering her mouth with the other. I went up to them and got the guy off of her, which resulted in me breaking my hand. She was terrified and unable to have anyone touch her other than me up until about a week ago.
Ever since that day, we’ve been inseparable. She’s been staying with me, which I am more than happy about. The first few nights she cried herself to sleep while I held her. After a while she felt safer and more comfortable. We would stay up and talk about anything we could think of. Now, I would say she’s my closest friend.
My closet friend who I eyed whenever she wasn’t looking.
I’ve had enough of this. I thought to myself.
I held her stare as I walked towards her, dodging the loud, drunk people all around me. As I got closer, my eyes shifted to the man in front of her.
Vinnie reached me and stood next to me as he stared at the man in front of us both. He looked him over once more before grabbing my hand and pulling me away from him.
“Vinnie...” I warned as he dragged me towards the entrance of the club.
“Vinnie, I was fine!” I said, thinking he was probably just getting me away from the man because I could have been uncomfortable.
“VINNIE!” I yelled loudly once we were outside of the club. He stopped walking, turned around to face me, and threw me over his shoulder.
“WHAT THE FUCK!” I yelled, angry that he was manhandling me in the middle of New York City.
“What is wrong with you!? You can’t just drag me places!” I said as Vinnie continued walking towards our hotel.
“Why can’t I?” He asked.
“BECAUSE!” I yelled, unsure of what to say. I was extremely thrown off by his actions.
“Mhmm” he mumbled as he continued walking. I let out a frustrated grunt and gave into him carrying me on his shoulder through the streets of New York.
We finally reached the hotel and he put me down once we entered the elevator. We were face to face, so close our noses touched briefly. I stepped back, feeling slightly flushed. Then before I knew what I was doing, my hand flew up and made contact with his cheek.
Her hand made contact with my cheek and it immediately started to sting. I looked down at the ground trying to hide my small smile from her. I’ve always loved the attitude she gets when she’s mad.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” She questioned. I shook my head as my smile faded.
“I was fine... you didn’t need to get me out of anything.” Suede said as she leaned against the elevator wall, crossing her arms across her chest.
“I know.” I replied, leaning against the wall across from her as the elevator slowly moved. She threw her arms up in the air and glared at me.
“Then why the hell did you drag me out of there?” She asked, annoyance in her tone. Before I could come up with a suitable answer, the elevator stopped and the doors opened on our floor. I held her stare for a few more seconds before exiting. She let our a frustrated noise from behind me as she started following me to our room.
Once we were inside, she pushed past me and started taking her heels off.
“I’m sorry... I just didn’t like that guy.” I stated as I watched her start to let her hair down.
I could feel him watching me as I let my hair down.
Always watching.
“You didn’t even talk to the guy.” I said as I began to take my jewelry off.
“Didn’t have to.” He answered. I grunted.
“Vinnie...” I warned.
“Suede...” He warned back. I let out a sigh and looked over at him.
“You’re so frustrating. I can’t figure you out.” I said softly as I made my way to the bathroom to begin to change out of my skin tight dress.
“I just... I’m protective over you.” Vinnie stuttered, now leaning on the door frame of the bathroom.
“Yeah, I’m aware.” I scoffed. It’s not that I didn’t like Vinnie being this way towards me. I liked how possessive he was over me. However, we’re supposed to be friends and his actions tonight seemed to be more jealousy driven.
“The line between protective and jealous is growing thin.” I said looking at him briefly before looking down at my now bare feet.
I watched her expression grow soft as she looked down at her feet.
“Fuck...” I muttered, running my hands through my hair. Her eyes snapped up to meet mine.
“I don’t know what it is about you Suede, but you make me INSANE.” I said pacing slightly.
“I...I’m sorry...?” She muttered, clearly confused. I barely heard her as I continued.
“You make me crazy... I mean look at what you’re wearing. That guy saw you in that. Not to mention every other guy in the club saw you. How am I not supposed to be jealous when you look like that?”
“So what, you’re trying to tell me how I should dress now?” She questioned, her voice thick with attitude. My favorite attitude.
“No Suede, I’m telling you I don’t want other guys even looking at you, let alone talking to you. I swear to God every guy in there was practically eye fucking you while I just stood and watched. I don’t want you to be with anyone. I just want you with me.”
I sat down on the bed as she leaned against the bathroom door frame. She gave me a look I wasn’t familiar with.
“I’m always with you. We sleep in the same bed every night Vin...” I said with a small laugh.
“Not what I mean.” Vinnie said, resting his elbows on his knees and resting his head on his hands.
“Well then what do you mean? What do you want?” I asked, nervous to hear his answer.
“YOU!” He yelled, standing and beginning to pace slightly.
He wants me.
“I want you to be mine. I want to fall in love with you, if I’m not already there, who the fuck knows at this point... I want to protect you and keep you safe, I want to kiss you, I want to fuck you... I want to be what you want...” Vinnie said, ending his rushed rant.
My wide eyes held his gaze for what felt like eternity before finally speaking.
“Okay...” Was all I could manage to say.
“Okay?” Vinnie asked, probably annoyed by my dry response.
I had no words. I kept thinking of different ways to respond to him, but none came out.
“I didn’t mean to overwhelm you...” Vinnie said.
“I’m not overwhelmed.” I said, finally finding some words to put together.
I might have to express my feelings a different way. I don’t think me word vomiting is going to be all that helpful for me right now.
“Good. You don’t have to say anything...” He started.
“Come here.” I stated, cutting him off. He looked at me for a few seconds before standing and walking towards me. He leaned against the wall beside me. I was still leaning against the door frame of the bathroom, while I watched him eye me. He was close. Very close.
Fuck. Now what? I thought. This wasn’t exactly my forte.
I held his gaze for a while before making my next move.
I flicked my eyes down to his arm and let my fingers glide along his tattoos. I looked back up at him as I did so. He was studying me, no doubt trying to figure out what was going on in my mind.
“I think about you a lot...” I said softly, still tracing his inked arm. He raised his eyebrows and cocked his head as if he was asking me what I meant.
“I think about you when I touch myself...” I said, cringing at my words, but loving the reaction they had on him.
His body tensed and when I met his eyes again, they were slightly darker.
“I think about you wanting me as much as I want you. That’s how I get off.” I explain as my fingers moved to his tattoo right above his belt.
Her words made me hard instantly. I stared at her in awe as she traced the tattoo on my abdomen. She looked up at me innocently through her eyelashes.
She moved closer to me, her right hand coming up to cup the side of my face as she pressed her lips to my ear.
“I think you should make me cum from now on... I’m tired of having to do it myself.”
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olivinesea · 23 days ago
Space Is Only Noise If You Can See, pt. 2
Part 1
a/n: Even slower than normal, sorry! There’s a lot going on in my world and it turns out it’s rather exhausting to be evil. All the same warnings apply: major character death, guns, blood, violence, suicide, etc. This train is only moving in one direction (straight to hell). ~2.8k
The nightmare continues.
That night he called Emily. It hadn’t been planned. In fact he had been hoping to have someone else call her, fill her in on the tragedy. That way he knew she would get the truth and not the distorted reflection of facts bounced around by his mind. But when he woke up in the middle of the night, breathing hard after yet another repetition of the nightmare, he decided he needed to call Emily. She needed to know and and he needed to hear her voice. Maybe her familiar words could chase away some of these ghosts. The coffins were getting closer all the time and he was almost certain he saw someone pushing them in his direction.
It was 3 am and he had barely slept at all. He went to the kitchen for water and checked on Jack before sitting back down to call her. He pulled his knees into his chest like an overgrown child and waited for her to pick up. She was grouchy even though it wasn’t all that early for her. She was always unreasonable at what he considered very reasonable times of day. When she saw his name flash across the screen, she wasn’t worried about the timing because she knew he didn’t sleep well. She had stopped trying to keep track of when he should be asleep years ago, the math making her dizzy with how small the number of hours he’d reliably rest seemed to be.
“What do you want now Hotchner?”
It was a game they played with one another. A false severity, all business. Seeing who would crack first. They both missed each other badly, each having been the other’s anchor through so much, but they tried not to say it. It only hurt more.
He felt bad that he couldn’t warn her this wasn’t a normal call, that there was no play in the gravity of his voice. He held his breath while he decided what to say first.
“Aaron?” Her tone immediately took on an edge. Damn her, she was so attuned to him, even four thousand miles away, she knew something was wrong without him breathing a word.
“Spencer is…Spencer died,” he managed to stutter out.
She didn’t become frantic, a quality he had always appreciated about his closest friend. She was quiet for a moment before prompting him. “How?”
He shook his head, it still didn’t make sense to him. He had brought home the report, hoping that the clearly typed details, the stomach-turning photographs, could convince him. That their fixed structures might settle his mind.
“We’re not sure. He just…they found him in the river. It looks like he jumped sometime early Sunday.”
She was silent. Of all the possible responses, that was not one she would have guessed.
“And…” he trailed off, not sure if he could tell her about the phone call. He hadn’t told anyone yet. He selfishly kept Spencer’s phone with him, checking it every couple hours to see if anything had changed, if his memory was betraying him, again. No one had questioned him about it.
“Did he leave a note?” Leave it to Emily to be practical. They were all so dazed, reliving the last days, weeks, trying to remember something that they overlooked. Surely they wouldn’t have missed something so large.
“No, not that we’ve found.”
“Well,” her seriousness now very real, “there could be another explanation then.”
“Em…” He was already weary of this conversation started with JJ. He didn’t think he could expend any energy trying to convince Emily as well. Not when so much of his effort needed to go into making sure he was on the right page, the right date, the right series of events.
“Think about it.” She was blunt. “Reid would never go without an explanation. He couldn’t. He can’t keep his mouth shut. It wouldn’t be possible for him to just leave everyone without some kind of goodbye.”
He waited, not contradicting her. It made sense, what she was saying. But he didn’t know if it was only because he didn’t want to believe the alternative. He also didn’t know what that would mean. If Spencer hadn’t taken his own life, who had?
“Well, we are still waiting on a full investigation. Either way, we’ve lost him.”
“Will you be handling the investigation?” she asked.
“No, not this time,” he replied. He had already bent the rules too many times, both recently and over the entirety of his career. There was no urgency to this, no immediate threat, no one to save. What had happened was over, the pain was irreversible. There was no reason it had to be them formally digging into the details of Spencer’s last days.
“I’ll be on a plane this afternoon. There’s a few things I need to take care of but I can be there by tomorrow.”
“Emily, that’s not necessary.”
“Like hell it’s not. Aaron Hotchner you are not going to deal with this alone.”
“Thank you, Em,” his response was quiet, fearful even. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hide the slithering doubts in his mind from her, not if she was there beside him. The things he had worked so hard to hide from the others would be exposed once she got ahold of him. He just hoped she knew how to rebuild as well as she knew how to burn it all down.
The next day they gathered in the round table room. Everyone was on edge, clearly having gotten little sleep. Hotch told them they could take time off if they need. He’d informed the director that they were unavailable for the next week at least, there was nothing urgent for them to do. He wasn’t going to force them one way or another, he knew they all had different ways of coping. They filtered out of the room aimlessly with glazed expressions. Hotch ducked his head and returned to his office.
About an hour later he looked up from his papers to see Morgan leaning on the doorframe. He gestured an invitation to the chairs opposite his desk. Derek sat heavily, pulling at his collar like it was too tight.
“Are you okay?” It was a stupid question, they both knew it.
Morgan shook his head, restless. “I just don’t get it Hotch. Why wouldn’t he come to us? Why wouldn’t he say something to me?”
Hotch looked at Morgan sadly, noting the sense of betrayal in his features. “We can’t know what was going through his mind Derek. No matter how much we know a person, we still can only see what they let us see.”
He met Hotch’s eyes, confusion plain. “He told me everything. He—“ Morgan stopped, obviously fighting back emotion. “It doesn’t make sense.”
Hotch nodded, “I know, I’m not sure it ever does. But the police are looking into it, we’ll have their report soon and then we can figure out next steps from there.”
“We should be doing that,” Morgan’s voice gained more of its usual strength, spurred on by the thought of strangers pawing through Spencer’s things.
“No,” Hotch’s voice was firm, “we all need time to process this. None of us can be objective, no matter how much we wish we could.”
“He wouldn’t like it.” Morgan sounded helpless.
“I know, but it’s the right thing. He would want the truth, this is the best way to get it.”
Derek’s shoulders slumped, he was too drained to fight with Hotch really.
“Why don’t you go home? There’s no reason you have to be here, no reason any of us has to be here. It might help to get away from all this,” Hotch waved his hand vaguely towards the bullpen, still full of people who hadn’t just had the earth shift sickeningly beneath them.
Morgan didn’t respond right away and when he did look up, there were tears threatening to escape his eyes. “I know he didn’t do this.”
Hotch just nodded sympathetically. He didn’t think Spencer did this either but he didn’t know how to explain that just yet.
“Go home, Derek.” He said it gently but it wasn’t a suggestion.
Morgan rubbed an eye with the heel of his hand and exhaled loudly as he stood up. He nodded tightly to Hotch before leaving the office. Ten minutes later, Hotch watched him heading down the stairs and through the busy office, people discreetly stepping out of the path of such obvious heartache.
The following day was more of the same, the end of Reid’s life an immovable checkpoint in time. JJ stopped by his office on her way in, asked him how Jack was doing. She didn’t ask how Hotch was, she knew any answer she got to that would be a meaningless fabrication. Hotch looked a little guilty upon hearing the question.
“He doesn’t know.”
“What? Hotch, you have to tell him.”
“I know, I just, I don’t know what to tell him.” Hotch leaned back in his chair, looking at the pen he held. “He’s going to ask questions that I don’t have the answers to.” They all do. Somehow he has fooled them into thinking he was someone with answers, someone who fixed things. They would be terrified to find out wrong they were.
“He’s not a little kid anymore, he’ll be more hurt if you lie to him.”
“It’s not lying, and I believe I know what’s best for my son.” He was angry for a brief moment, all the stress of what happened had worn down his normally tight control. He immediately regretted the sharpness in his voice, could see how JJ had shrunk back a little. She was only trying to help. She was in the same pain as him, the loss echoing through their lives, tearing at tender scars that never healed fully. He sighed.
“I’m sorry, JJ. I shouldn’t have said that.”
She waved him off though the words still stung. “Have you talked to Morgan? I haven’t seen him yet.”
“No, he’s taking some time. I don’t expect he’ll be in for a few days at least.”
She hummed, pleased at least one of them was able to step away. “I’ll check on him later, see if he needs anything.”
“That would be great, thank you.” He hoped she knew the depth behind those two words but they never seemed to carry the weight they should. JJ was always doing things to take care of the team, picking up pieces no one else noticed had fallen.
Morgan was not answering his phone. The first missed call didn’t bother her. He was probably doing something, maybe he’d gone for a run. The second missed call felt a little unusual. They were all so attached to their phones, always waiting for the next case to come in. It was unlikely that he was without it. Maybe he had turned his ringer off, ensuring that he had the space he needed. The third time she called without answer she had reached a state of full blown worry. Morgan was reasonable, he was thoughtful, he wouldn’t just disappear on them. And yet, he and Reid had been so close, always flirting and bickering, Spencer’s usual rules about personal space melting whenever it was Derek crossing the line. He wasn’t thinking clearly just now. She tried but couldn’t ignore the small voice in the back of her mind. He wouldn’t. But she needed to see him, to confirm his wellbeing. She decided to stop by his place on her way home. She could bring him some dinner. She doubted he was up to cooking for himself.
After picking up his usual order from the burger place near work, JJ drove to Morgan’s house. She still hadn’t had any luck reaching him on the phone. Her heart was racing and it felt like the air had suddenly become heavy, requiring incredible strength to drag into her lungs. He didn’t answer the door either.
She slipped through the side yard, searching for another way in. She pounded on the door and called his name. It came out sounding like a sob. Leaning her forehead against the door, she told herself to calm down, to think logically. She almost laughed when the thought of kicking in the door crossed her mind—picturing Morgan swiftly getting them through all manner of locked entries. She knew she wouldn’t make a dent in this door. Morgan took too much care in the details of the homes he lived in. The door was solid. She’d need another way in.
She paced in the yard, wishing she had a key, wishing Derek would just answer his stupid phone and she could calm her anxiety and head home. She glared at the door, so stubbornly closed, keeping her out specifically. She wondered if he had a spare key and was about to call Penelope to ask when she spotted it. One of the windows was cracked open.
A key would be easier but she could work with a window. She was too impatient to put an end to her worry so she stepped through the bushes that lined the perimeter of the house. She was able to pop the screen of with a little effort, then slid the window all the way open before pulling herself up and through. She ended up on the kitchen counter and dropped down to the tiles. Her palms were covered in a layer of grime and she brushed them against each other to get it off. Breathing a little hard from the effort, adrenaline ran high and made her overly sensitive to the quiet permeating the house. She wanted to call out for him but something stopped her.
She crossed through the kitchen and froze when she reached the doorway to the living room. At first she couldn’t process what she was seeing, random details refusing to connect in any kind of discernible order. There was a smell, so familiar but so out of place here, a home she’d brought her children to and laughed over too many glasses of wine in. The bitter metallic scent clawed its way into her sinuses, making her eyes water. It was dark and the shape on the floor was so crumpled it could have been a pile of blankets. It could have been if it weren’t for the even darker pool surrounding it, dragging the light inwards, velvety in its lack of reflection. She covered her mouth with her hand, feeling the pressure against her lips. There was a scream lost somewhere inside her, winding its way up as the tumblers fell into place, unlocking the meaning of what she saw.
“Derek, no!” The words barely made a sound. She moved closer, willing this to be a mistake, a trick of the light, there had to be some other meaning to this scene. But there wasn’t. She got close enough to look right into his unseeing eyes, still fixed on the ceiling beams, the thing he stared at as his life spilled out and pooled around him. Automatically her fingers fumbled for his pulse, one final hope to contradict the reality of the too obvious bullet hole. She kept looking into his eyes, trying to avoid seeing the damage that had altered everything else about his face. Nothing. She backed up, stumbling against the table behind her. She didn’t know what she was supposed to do, couldn’t even fully understand what was happening. Derek Morgan, the strongest, bravest person she knew would never be in this position, laid out with a gun in his hand, no fight left in his body. The voice in her head tried to whisper its triumph; I told you so wrapping itself happily around her shock.
“No,” she said aloud. “No.” As if that tiny syllable could have any effect on the on the matter. She pulled her phone out of her pocket, hands shaking. She called the only person she could think to call, the only person who might be able to fix this.
“JJ?” Hotch was concerned when he picked up to silence. It was unnerving, too similar to Spencer’s mute call days before.
All she could do was breathe and hope the words would come to her soon.
“JJ, what’s wrong?” Silence. “Say something Jennifer!” The rise in his voice made a shiver run through her, just enough movement to get her vocal cords working.
“He’s dead,” she whispered, voice hoarse.
Hotch didn’t say anything immediately. He couldn’t, the memory of Morgan’s blood on his hands, on his face overwhelmed him. He was filled with horror by the knowledge that he had done this.
She repeated herself, louder this time.
“I’m on my way. Call 911.”
He was already halfway out the door, not realizing he hadn’t asked if she was safe before hanging up.
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