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#not shipping anyone

OMG who should I ship?! So many non-possibilities reading Tumblr especially involving the married!Lizzie who wears too much make-up like she’s a hooker instead of an FBI agent (doesn’t stop them that she’s married). Ships mentioned on here:

- Lizzie/Red - that’s a good one LOL, he may be her father 

- Lizzie/Ressler - they have a professional relationship and that’s all

- Lizzie/Tom - her husband!!! (not sure anybody ships this legitimate couple LOL I don’t because I don’t like either of them that much)

- a new one I just read about, get this: Red/Lizzie’s adoptive father, how ridiculous could people get, they only shared a little scene where he murdered him!!!!!! and a person ships them??!!!

No longer reading Tumblr about this show. I get why people see shippers as stupid. I think it depends on if you’re shipping a legitimate couple or not.

It’s an okay show, not a very addictive one, but I’m really bothered by all the violence shown. In every single episode. Is that a requirement now on network shows? Somebody explain why viewers have to be subjected to so much violence.

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I’ll just say that is not anyone’s business because, no one really knows what is going on between Mikey and Alicia, and no, just because you have seen all the tweets about the whole thing before they got deleted doesn’t mean that you know the story. Yeah, might be a hard time for Alicia or at least it seems like it is. And Sarah really likes to document everything on internet and Mikey… I don’t really know, he’s smiling a lot so I bet he’s okay but obviously this wasn’t the way, lol.

Lynz calmed down so why don’t all of you super true fans from mcrmy do the same? this gets into a thing called personal michael james way’s life. But the Mikey’s tag is so hilarious and full of emotions (btw).

Even Perez Hilton talked about this, damn, sooper gozzip

And well I made my part, as a fan, talking about the ‘scandal’.

take a chill pill guyz or a family breakfast…

sorry I had to.(pt5)

Ps; Bob Bryar is a fucking genius, still my favorite not-even-a-member.
And yeah, sorry about the little spam.

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SO 👉🏻👈🏻 This is one of those “draw your ot3” things… I have art of the three without using a base but I’m testing the waters. Please don’t be too harsh, I’m just a simple (20yearold) child who loves them both.


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i see people theorizing about fly betraying mateo etc and well… whatever happens i think it was clear right from the moment fly gave mateo a razor that this isn’t gonna end well for the characters, i was sure it will hurt at least one of them, possibly both of them, now there are so many options of how things can go wrong, but if fly ditches mateo to save himself i wouldn’t be surprised, i don’t think he would survive living the life he’s living if he weren’t ready to do it, so basically what i’m saying is: i was ready for the ship to sink before it even sailed and i’m going down with it whatever fucked up way it will end, because the dynamic was kind of fucked up right from the beginning and if you thought that story can have a sort of happy turn (at least in case of the relationship between the boys) you haven’t been paying attention

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i think a lot about the parent/child dynamic between ritsuka and jack all the time.

like the apocrypha event really kicked it into overdrive, since a good chunk of the event cutscenes are ritsuka and jack interacting and its all just really sweet? like after she joins the group they all look at her in shock and you have the opportunity to comfort her in the most gentle, parental voice possible and i can only image that thats the sort of thing ritsuka does with jack normally

but also could you fucking imagine working at chaldea and seeing that? youre some new worker and you see this little girl running around calling ristsuka “mommy” and after checking with the staff that she is a heroic spirit and she is meant to be here you find out that shes jack the ripper? and now you have to work out how the little girl asking humanities last master if she can stay up late to have a movie night with santa lily, abigail and nursery rhyme is meant to be the legendary and mysterious serial killer and all the other staff members can tell you is to not worry about it

and ritsuka just goes “yeah shes a child so i just treat her like one, whats she gonna do stab me?” and proceeds to fret over whether or not shes eating enough vegetables

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maulsapprentice replied to your post “Wait do you ship maulsoka”

why do you have to ship them tho…. like I agree they are perfect foils for one another and they have a lot in common, but it being romantic is just weird and feels so wrong. like,, I love the idea of them being frenemies but, romance is just *vomitting emoji*

this is far from the worst thing i’ve ever shipped lmfaoo, and i totally get that it’s gross and uncomfy for a lot of people, so all i can say is… idk man! they ring certain bells of mine! sometimes i just wanna watch two fake people tear each other to pieces in the most profound way possible

i-hate-you-beastie replied to your post “Wait do you ship maulsoka”

Same!!! I told my friends I shipped them and they just didn’t understand

blisschen replied to your post “Wait do you ship maulsoka”

there’s dozens of us, DOZENS

we are legion* (*some figures may be exaggerated)

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