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plangentia · 3 months ago
one of my favourite things about tumblr is how it's all lovingly handpicked. there's no algorithm forcing things onto your feed, but instead long chains of mutuals and followers passing posts around simply because they liked it and ooh, maybe you might like it too. the entire website runs on people's sheer love of other people's posts and it's probably the best thing about this website. at least it's definitely the reason that this place feels more like a community than any other social media.
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alesbianbutterfly · 8 months ago
hobbies are so important
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antagoniste · 6 months ago
one thing i want to add to this PH conversation that i haven’t seen too many people talk about is: sensitivity readers should be paid. 
you’re asking a marginalized person to put in labor – the physical labor of reading your work as well as the emotional labor of looking for your missteps – and, as a result, they’re making themselves vulnerable for you. your work has the potential to hurt them, depending on how egregious your mistakes are. the least you can do is open your wallet and pay them for their time and energy. 
and if you don’t have the means to pay them? then maybe think twice about what you’re writing. if you’re writing something so far out of your own comfort zone that you feel the need to have multiple people read it for sensitive issues but not pay them, you need to reevaluate what it is you’re trying to accomplish here. are you trying to respectfully represent these people and pay it forward by financially helping them after they’ve opened themselves up to potential harm to help you out? or are you just trying to get the diversity brownie points and internet clout from their free labor? 
bottom line: this is work. pay your sensitivity readers. 
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biggersons · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
pov you just asked dean winchester who is welcome at his combination roadside bar/auto shop/family-owned dispensary
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pohjanneito · 12 days ago
Oh my god oh my god oh my god I had such good news yesterday that I'm still trembling and I keep bursting into happy tears!!!
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I found that not only am I getting my job back after being laid off since the summer of 2020, I'm replacing one of my senior colleagues in the ad department when she retires next spring, which is basically a promotion!
The pandemic is still forcing our paper to run on a skeleton crew, so I do still have to survive for another 6+ months and my bank account is running on fumes since I've been living on my savings for way too long (ko-fis would be so, so appreciated if you can afford to help out a little 🙏❤), but there's finally light at the end of the tunnel!!!! My mental health has been so bad this year and I started getting panic attacks for the first time in my life because of it, and I really haven't been able to think about my future without feeling utterly hopeless and having this constant voice in my head going why bother, it's all pointless and too overwhelming, but I think I'm going to be okay???
And I'll probably get to do some of my old shifts in November and December when we (hopefully) have more ads in the paper and need more manpower.
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aprito · 14 days ago
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remember kids if you have an AGGRESSION PROBLEM and TONS OF TUITION DEBT just get into dirty street fighting. you might even get enough money for cute fits out of it. just make sure to avoid the knives and you will be having a blast :^)
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bitchesgetriches · 3 months ago
Don’t Turn Your Passions Into Work
NEW POST! Don’t Turn Your Passions Into Work
Turning your passions into work is really popular advice. At my day job, I’m mentoring a fresh crop of school-aged interns. One of them learned that I had a blog and was super excited to ask me about it. “I run an Instagram account where I talk about beauty and self-acceptance,” she told me, “and I LOVE it.” And I could tell that she meant it! Her whole face lit up. She was practically wiggling…
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awheckery · a year ago
So! If you’re American and you’re keeping up with the news, you might be aware that reporters at the New York Times got their mitts on Donald Trump’s tax returns, and published a lengthy and comprehensive expose of their findings.
It’s been eighteen hours since the NYT broke the story. I am not a political scientist or a theorist, nor am I a reporter, so I can offer no commentary in those capacities for my followers. I can’t tell you what will play out in the coming weeks, or how this will affect the election. What I am is a Tax Examiner at the IRS; I personally process thousands of taxpayer returns each week, and I am trained to code, edit, and interpret entries on income tax returns, as well as notate discrepancies and violations of the United States tax code for further investigation.
This reporting is credible. One should always be aware of the bias of the media one consumes, and the New York Times does skew to the center-left in its politics, but it has built its reputation on the strength and accuracy of its reporting. NYT would not have broken this story if there was any doubt whatsoever as to the credibility and veracity of the source of these returns, and the specificity of the details presented in the report bear it out.
This report is credible, and it is concerning. To be as succinct as possible, Donald Trump has paid few to no personal income taxes over the course of the last twenty years, because his businesses have consistently lost more money than they have brought in. He has time and again reduced his tax liability to nothing via creative use of “business” exemptions, and manipulated loopholes to claim massive tax refunds in excess of seventy. million. dollars.
There are many people much smarter than I am who are going to explain exactly what all of this means in greater detail over the next couple of weeks, but I say right now in my capacity as a tax professional, there is no possible way to interpret the information revealed in the New York Times report as favorable to Donald Trump.
There are three likely scenarios:
       a.) the returns examined by the New York Times are an accurate accounting of Trump’s finances, and they prove that Trump is not the wildly successful businessman he touts himself to be, but is instead a catastrophic failure as a leader and financier
       b.) the returns are not accurate, due to artificially inflated losses and underreported income over the course of decades, and Trump is guilty of (and therefore could be prosecuted for) tax evasion and fraud
       c.) both of the above are true
I think option c. is the likeliest outcome, and I think Trump will fight like hell to win this election at any cost to stay ahead of the coming consequences. To the people who voted for him because they wanted a businessman who would run our country like a business, who don’t know what happened: you got exactly what you wanted, and this is how Donald Trump does business.
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transbcyfriend · 5 months ago
hey soooooo boyfriend and i have an etsy shop now. we sell witchy shit, gemstones, u know the deal. while thankfully we're floating on pretty okay right now, it would be much appreciated to have some extra cushion. if you or a friend like a good rock or herbal mix, i'd love if y'all could spread us around so we can scrap up some savings while i look for a new job.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
my boyfriend, our two goofy children, and i greatly appreciate you taking the time to read. here's the shop if you'd like to get something in return for the help:
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spaceotter42 · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Luke Mullen will guest star on Nickelodeon’s “Side Hustle” this Saturday, Oct. 16.  He will play a character named “Luke” in an episode titled, "The Way You Luke Tonight" (S2, Ep3).
The series stars Jules (Annie) LeBlanc as Lex.  She is the real-life former girlfriend of Asher Angel, Luke's co-star on Andi Mack.
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