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#not sponsored lol

bruh i just found such a beautiful blog (@khaoticlvser)

omg the aesthetic of the format


I highly recommend y'all check them out

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Jack’s continuing efforts to stop me from using my notes.

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Hello there!

I used a website called Picrew!

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I ordered a new graphics tablet this tax season and it came in yesterday! I wasn’t expecting it for, like, a month, lol! Just got all the settings figured out and the test run is going so smooth, I def recommend xp-pen tablets so far!


(feat. A new drawing glove and background erasermic!)

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15% off sitewide Holo Taco with code ONECOATBLACK19, excludes holiday set and gift cards, for Black Friday 2019.

Holo Taco is a high quality indie nail polish brand that I love. I use screenshots of Simply Nailogical’s holo nail art as reference for my holo coloring =)

Check it out and get yourself some beautiful rainbows!

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Ughghhhh Hi-Chews are soooo frigging goood!   Don’t be surprised if I don’t eat the entire bag today. 

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Hey hun! I’m actually planning to do a curses, hexes and jinxes post soon so if you’re interested keep an eye for it! This and much more is gonna be covered there


Originally posted by chupameelgif

Onto the specific question, my most common go to for cursing would either be pepper (black pepper is most commonly found, but other types like white pepper are good too, use whatever you have laying around) and red chilli pepper flakes or powder!

Any irritating spice is great!

If it’s a hex, a.k.a. to get someone to stop bothering you easy and fast or get them off of you, I’d prepare a sigil or paper talisman for that specific intent, and cover it in vinegar, black pepper and red chilli pepper flakes, then let it sit over night in your altar or sacred space and burn it the next morning! You may accompany this with a prayer or chant too.

For protection of the caster after the curse is performed, strengthening the intent, and mostly to help direct the energy and keep it’s negative effects off of you, I’d either use consacrated black salt or star anise!

Hope that helps dear, take care!

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Omg the new Limon flavored Lays chips are ugahgia awesome! 

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Five-Below has become my newest obessession. Ughhh, why is that store sooooooo goood!!!!

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First time I’ve ever bought youtuber merch but tbh Scotty Sire did it right. Subtracting the fact this was like a $60 hoodie (with shipping and tax) it’s super high quality and nice and roomy.

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hey, i love your art, especially how you color! what programs do you use?

I use Krita! its simple and free, and you can even use it for animation!

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ahhi love my airpods!! they make studying and listening to music so so easy because i don’t have to worry about getting the wire tangled up. plus, i can walk away from my desk without worrying about my phone or my computer coming with me! they’re super convenient to have during school too!

xo- gg

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Hi hello! I don’t even know if i’m doing this right but... i thought i’d just tell you how amazing your writings are. You have many anons too. i wish i could be one too. I am sorry for my bad English hehe -Just another shy anon

EEP THANK YOU FOR DROPPING BY MY LOVE, ANYONE CAN BE AN ANON, IM ALSO ANON FOR SOME PPL TOO (mainly for cute spontaneous messages) it’s okay, if you talk to me in your native language I can translate it with Google Translate ;)

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Me: I’m not feeling so hot today, I want some Cocoa Puffs…

Voice of Reason: You know, that’s called stress eating, you probably shouldn’t-


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This is what getting up at 5 every morning looks like

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Getting Spotify premium for 0,90€ for the whole summer was the best purchase I’ve ever made I swearrrr\(^-^)/
I didn’t even like Spotify before~

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