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#not st*rker

Tony: drinking doesn’t make you cool.

Tony: smoking cigarettes doesn’t make you cool.

Tony: doing drugs doesn’t make you cool.

Tony: you know what does make you cool? Hugging your favorite superhero. So go out there and hug them Peter.

Peter: you could just ask for a hug. Like a normal human being.

Tony: This isn’t about me, Peter. It’s about you. Now let me hug you.

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mmm. perhaps i worded that wrong. well you see, the issue here is that i didn’t censor that thought because it’s sad, i censored it because it’s this would need multiple trigger warnings oh god

i didn’t actually expect anyone to ask about it, so i’ll explain, like… the bare minimum while still keeping it angsty, how’s that?

  • peter has a panic attack in a store bathroom and tony tries to comfort him from the other side of the door with only his voice. it’s difficult, because tony has to try his best to avoid drawing attention to either of them
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(Please excuse the mess)


Tony Stitches Peter Up - Peter shows up bleeding out. Tony tries not to have a breakdown.

Chinese Food for Fridays - Random fluff with Tony, Peter and May.

Just Lost for a Minute Chapter 1 & 2 - Peter has a notorious habit of getting lost.

Well That Was Awkward -  Peter’s classmates find him talking to the Tony Stark, who shouldn’t even know he exists. So, naturally, chaos ensues.

Close to My Heart - A short fic full of angst and hurt/ comfort

In the Dead of Night Part 1 and 2 - Tony and Peter comforting each other through their nightmares.

Stark Only Cares for Himself - Steve thinks Tony only loves himself. He was wrong.

Spider-Man, Spider-Man - Peter proudly plays his new theme song to the Avengers.

Teething - Baby Peter is teething. Tony is very stressed.

Well at least it’s not on fire - One late night, Peter and Tony try to bake a cake. 

They’re Good Uncles, But…. Chapter 1 and 2 - Uncles Rhodey and Happy are babysitting Peter when the penthouse decides to set fire.

Time to Die… Of Embarrassment - May pulls out Peter’s baby pictures.

You Terrified Me - Bio son Peter breaks curfew. Tony is scared.

He’s not as bad as I thought - Peter has a panic attack when only Bucky is there. The two bond over Star Wars.

Lemongrass Tea - Peter is delighted to find a bubble tea shop opened downtown. He decides to try lemongrass. Unfortunately, spiders are allergic to it.

Other Fics

Car Crash Chapter 1, 2, 3, and 4 - A fun road trip leads to a disaster. Chapters 4/4

Nose Bleed - Both Tony and Peter are shocked when Peter suffers his first  nosebleed.

Baby Peter - A fluffy fic with toddler Peter and his dad

On the Ceiling - Tony finds his toddler not in his bed, but on the ceiling.

A Few Heart Attacks - Peter takes a major hit for Tony and barely survives.

Vlogging - Peter, Ned, and Shuri as seen through their vlog.

Hammock - Peter discovers the many wonderful pleasures of a hammock.

Something is Wrong - Peter collapses and scares the shit out of Tony.

Hot Chocolate and Cuddles - A fluffy fic about the first snow.

Here Comes Trouble, Make it Double - Peter had had a good day. But not anymore.

Don’t Worry, I’ll Sue Thor - Peter’s definitely not afraid of storms. Nope. Not one bit.

I Love You So, So Much - Tony tries to protect Peter from Hydra by keeping him in the tower… unfortunately, Hydra is at the tower too.

Midnight Snack - Peter has a late night snack on the ceiling.

Why the Hell Were You on the Ceiling?! - A very short fic where Peter falls asleep on the ceiling.

How do you Tie a Tie? - Tony shows Peter how to tie a tie. Peter is unsure that he belongs with the famous Avengers.

Please Don’t Kill Flash - Peter and Flash get kidnapped together. Tony is frantic.

Presumed Dead - Peter won’t eat, talk, sleep. He has nothing to live for if Tony is dead.

A Fast but Steady Heartbeat - Peter, Tony and Rhodey are enjoying their afternoon at a restaurant until the building and their food explodes.

October 30th, Day Before Halloween - Tony gets an emergency call. The Parkers have been attacked.

Peter’s Favorite Avenger? Not anymore - The Avengers meet Peter. Tony was terrified at first, and now he’s jealous. He’s still Peter’s favorite Avenger, right?

Drowning - The mission was supposed to be simple. It wasn’t. 

Rough Day? Or just tired? - Tony and Peter have a movie night. Peter falls asleep halfway through.

Temporarily Blind (and more) Chapter 1, 2, 3 , - Peter goes blind. Not only that, but he’s dying.

Baby’s First Battle - Toddler Peter sneaks onto the Quinjet to help find his dad.  

Scream - Tony taught his little toddler to scream as loud as he could if someone he didn’t know tried to touch him. But he prayed Peter would never, ever end up in a situation like that. 

Being a Dad - Tony had to keep himself from calling Peter every ten seconds, reminding himself that FRIDAY was there and would alert him if anything happened. He had a deep feeling that something was wrong. Something was very wrong.

Happy Tears - Peter squirmed uncomfortably, the hard plastic chair digging into his back. He glanced at the clock. 2 am. Everyone else was asleep. May, Pepper, Nat, Sam. And Tony. Tony had been asleep for five days. 

Happy Birthday Peter! - Celebrating Peter’s birthday!

A Building Fell on You?! - Peter wakes up screaming. When Tony asks what his nightmare was about, Peter responds that a warehouse collapsed on him.

Hibernation -  Peter’s spider side decides it’s time to go into hibernation.

Blanket Forts - Peter is stressed from school. (Self-projection? Mayhaps) Tony knows just how to help.

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Tony: Sleep
Peter *after not sleeping for 3 days and on 7 energy drinks*: NOOOOOOOOOO :P :3
Tony: *sighs*
Tony *wrapping Peter in blankets tightly*: Yes
Peter *wiggling*: Mr. Staaaaaaaaaaaark I can't move help help :I
Tony *carrying him to bed*: Laughs
Peter: Mr. Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark!!!
Tony *sets Peter on his bed and tucks him in so tightly he can barely move*: Hey, Pete. I'll read you a story if you stay still.
Peter: :O :O :O
Peter: *stays perfectly still with wide eyes :)*
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May: god! Being a mother is hard work!

Pepper: tell me about it! I had to ban all electronics after 9:00pm! Just so we can go to sleep on time!

May: And the sneaking in and out of the house! apparently there is some super secret mission Spider-Man was required to be on Every. Single. Weeknight!

Pepper: but you can’t ground them because it starts this whole fit about 8th amendment rights!

Clint: god, you guys are making me dread my kid’s teen years.

Pepper: kids? Oh no no no Clint we’re talking about Tony

May: He’s been grounded from electronics and Peter for 2 weeks.

Tony: [shouting from the next room] THIS IS CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT!

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Based on @keep-a-bucket-full-of-stars‘s post

The instant Tony say the baby boy’s tiny little hands up against the glass, he knew something was wrong. It was an extra hot summer day today and seeing that baby stuck in that car worried Tony more than anything.

His original plan for that day was to buy himself some ice cream (because he always liked treating himself, obviously) but his plans quickly changed when he saw the boy’s hands. Without even thinking about how much trouble he could get in, Tony shielded his hand in some of his Iron Man tech before he smashed the car window open. His heart broke right then and there when his ears registered the baby’s cries of distress.

Tony quickly swiped the shards of glass onto the car floor before he reached in and scooped the boy into his arms. “Oh God, you’re practically burning! Happy, call an ambulance!” Tony commanded as the boy cried and gripped Tony’s shirt. Happy hurriedly did as he said, his eyes widening at how drenched in sweat the baby was.

As Happy practically screamed into his phone, the baby’s foster parents came sprinting out of the store, clearly concerned.

“Who the hell smashed our car window?!” the dad screamed, his eyes wide with anger.

“And why the hell are you holding Peter? Give him to me!” the mom spat as she lunged for her foster son.

Tony’s instincts forced him to hold Peter closely against his chest. “Back away!” Tony retorted, making sure he didn’t curse in front of the kid. “Who in their right mind was the genius who insisted that Peter should be left in the metal hot box that is your car on a day like this?!”

“We weren’t gonna be gone for long,” the dad argued, the mom nodding in agreement. “Now give Peter back and shell out some money to fix the window you broke!”

“That’s not a good enough reason,” Tony defended, ignoring the man’s demand for money. Peter soon started to cry again, not only because of how hot and dehydrated he was, but also due to the screaming.

Tony immediately shut up and chose to try to bounce Peter until he was quiet instead of arguing with his foster parents. “You almost killed him,” Tony said as he looked down at the curly haired babe. For some odd reason, he felt some sort of connection to the kid. Seeing him upset made him upset, as did most little kids like Peter, but there was just something different about Peter.

As his foster parents kept trying to hold him, Peter quickly grew attached to Tony and eventually, after those bastard “parents” were arrested, Tony decided that he would find some way to adopt him or take care of him for now at the very least.

“C’mon, Pete. Let’s go get you some water. And maybe some new clothes that aren’t drenched in sweat,” Tony said as he, Peter, and Happy all headed back to the tower.

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“Hey, Tony. It’s May.”

“As if I wouldn’t have my favorite aunt as a contact already.”

“Whatever. I am so sorry to call so close to the holidays, but I… Well, I kinda need a favor. And you still haven’t made up for the fact that you hid Peter’s Spider-Manning from me for such a long time, so you can’t say no unless you want to be seen as a real douche.”

“May, that was when he was fifteen. How many years ago? Four?”


“Fine. What do you need?”

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Tony Stark may have realized what apace felt like, what touching the stars felt like, what finally seeing the cosmos up close felt like, what mentally dying in space felt like, but he didn't know what it felt like to truly die in space. Not until he went back up. Not until death really did strike, until life was taken away from him in space. But it wasn't his life that was taken away. It was Peter, his kid, his son, his *light*. All that was left was for Tony to ask, "What more can you take?"

bitch that was so beautiful what in the motherfuck

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Hello! Just a note for the people requesting to join the irondad among us group chat. I have a lot of requests to sort so I’m very sorry it’s taking a while.

I also like to background check people’s profiles (just to make sure not bots/ st*rker/ etc) so if you see this post and you want to join and are not a bot/st*rker shipper, and instead an Irondad Among us fan, could you please like this post? I’m having trouble sorting some blogs out as some seem to have the same post over and over or no posts, and want to make doubly sure after the Among Us game got hacked that we don’t have any bots.

Thank you!

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