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Of course we couldn’t hold the lead 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

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Jill Biden visited my hospital today for whatever reason and they wanted us to covid test everyone involved in the event. We pushed SO hard for our PCR test but they absolutely insisted we use an antigen test, which are shitty tests. We had to validate an antigen test in 1 week so that they could have their far less sensitive, crappy test rather than one of the very sensitive, very nice PCR tests we run. Biden administration listens to scientists huh?

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Of all the things I expected mid-combat, stationary discourse was not one of them

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Hogwarts Legacy Lead Designer Used To Run Anti-Social Justice YouTube Channel
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So Black lives Matters was number one for months and now it isn’t and got replace by this splatoon huh well I guess I know how long this trend was gonna be. And it’s still BHM so lol I’m wow.

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why is mrs featherington(?) more upset about the money than her husband possibly being dead 💀

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aaaaaand Trump is acquitted.

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apparently someone i know downloaded a file called “sexy andrew hussie” and it wiped her computer

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Wow they’re leaning pretty heavily on flashbacks

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tagged by @diamozi and i know someone else tagged me but i can’t find it again cause tumblr.. so i’m sorry!! tagging @jaes-sweaterpaws @vallkyr and idk anyone who wanna do this really!! this is fun, this is the aesthetic of the person i wish i was. clearly. aha

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Who will get covid next challenge: place your bets now

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9-year old Phillip Hamilton’s part in the song “Take A Break” is rigged; secretly completely written by Eliza Hamilton to get her husband excited, away from his work, and, most importantly, into her bed.

textual evidence:

the line “I have a sister but I want a little brother”

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