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#not the other smaller dogs
blueboyluca · 8 months ago
So, the Cavoodle (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Miniature Poodle) was statistically the most popular dog in Australia last year, and had been climbing that ranking for a few years prior. I think the pros of this mix are obvious: small size, nice temperament, cute appearance, more energy than your standard Cavalier, improving on the health of the Cavalier.
Kim Brophey just appeared on the Functional Breeding Podcast and she talked about something that makes a lot of sense to me:
I think a lot of the Toy breeds, first of all, are more adapted to indoor environments. So if you just start with the Toy group in general. A lot of our expectations in terms of their welfare, exercise needs will be closer to accurate for big cities where they don’t have as many of those opportunities to run free and have decompression walks. They can also get more exercise out of a small space... They’ve been considered the poster child of the breeds for neoteny and it just works, you know?
I think it could be a really good idea to mix Toy breeds with non-Toy breeds. I think a lot of what people say they want in a pet dog could be achieved with these types of mixes. Their smaller size is appealing, and breeding away from Toy x Toy could improve health outcomes. It could also result in more energy for people that want active pets, which is what makes the BorderPap (Border Collie x Papillon) so interesting to me. Toy breeds are widely loved for their easygoing, homebody natures, and I think that they are overlooked by a lot of dog people. (I’m not saying they are free of issues, but a lot of the issues around them stem from poor management and husbandry.)
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mooreinverts · a month ago
Thinking a lot about how much I still love primitive dogs and I do kinda wish Moira was a little less stranger friendly (at least she’s not overwhelming and can ignore people with a little encouragement, thank goodness) but GOSH I’m just...too Tired of everything to want primitive dogs anymore.
They’re such a small portion of the accepted purebreds out there, and there’s so few that I actually like enough to want to live with. The one I was really into was only because of a very specific breeder’s dogs and they turned out to be kinda Not Great anyway.
There’s not really a point to this, just venting some thoughts I guess. I’m too tired to want dogs that are a pain in the ass to live with or need a Ton of work from birth to be enjoyable. The things I DO like about them are hard to find without some sort of big caveat. Reasonable aloofness with strangers, natural alert/guarding ability at home, practical conformation, coat, good health, working ability, and especially independence...those are things I value a lot ALONGSIDE being Nice to live with and having a burning desire to work with people. It’s really hard to find a balance in existing breeds and programs.
I don’t exactly know where I’m going with this. Just that there are Certain Things I really like in dogs and I wish they weren’t so underappreciated by companion folks and so muddled in purebreds.
And also don’t get me wrong...especially for my First Proper Dog, Moira is perfect for me!! She’s teaching me so much and I’m excited to see where we’ll go together. I always want to have a dog that’s as stable and fun to be around as she is. But in the long-run what I Need from dogs is a LITTLE different, a step further beyond her traits, and I sure wish it was easier to find that balance.
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darkwood-sleddog · 3 months ago
are all dogs inbetween the lead and wheel dogs called 'swing dogs'? if there were 10 dogs in a team (5 pairs), would there then be 6 swing dogs?
Nope swing is just the dogs right behind lead.
Lead dogs: up front
Swing dogs: right behind lead
Wheel dogs: right in front of the sled
Team dogs: everybody else
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worstloki · 10 months ago
Hey there! I had a question, do you think there are cats on Asgard? Like, we know horses are there and all. But what about cats? 😃😺
Well, myth Asgard definitely has cats, since Freyja had a carriage pulled by them, and, considering Thor’s reaction in Thor 1 when the pet store clerk answers his need for a horse with the list of “dogs, cats, birds,” and Thor says “well give me one of those big enough to ride,” we’ve got to assume he knows birds (since odin has some) and dogs (presumably at least wolves since hela has one of those) and also cats since he doesn’t question it. So he at least knows what they are, either because Asgard or the other realms have them and it’s entirely possible that some have been brought to Asgard.
The definite size of dogs cats and birds is unknown though and could vary, especially since he thought they grow big enough to ride >:)
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spitzonthefritz · 7 months ago
after we met a tiny baby sable sheltie when we were picking hugo up from the vets and my mum dragged me over just to tell the very bewildered guy that a sheltie is Gonna be the next dog i get, and a conversation today where I talked about the unfortunate lack of GS breeders and mum replied with “well your next one is a sheltie anyway” i think. maybe. she’s either psychic or really likes the idea of me having a sheltie??
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ben-the-hyena · 5 months ago
Emily in a car with the caretaker and his dog looking for the Hatbox Ghost one day he disappeared from the graveyard (back when he was still banished out of the attic)
Emily: I have to find my darling husband. I'm so worried about him.
The caretaker : Seriously, what do you see in that guy ?
Emily : He makes me laugh.
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studioweus · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
tagged by @plasticflowering and @kimyovngjo  🥰🥰🥰
say hello
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write the quote “the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.”
write whatever you want (quote, lyrics, etc)
write down everyone you’re tagging
post the photo
tagging @jnyonghoon @my-day @chaotichae @iyfias @sandaigdigan if you want to~ 
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claudiaiskishi · 2 months ago
sprained my ankle while wearing my birks for the first time, but in fairness to the birks, my dog did throw her body weight directly at my bad ankle, causing me to fold like a bad poker hand, as if she were trying deliberately to sprain my ankle
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I have a pinched nerve in my back by my hip and it fucking sucks. Besides work being hard and painful, and still hurting when I get home, and just general misery, I also can't do shit with the dogs. I haven't been able to give them a walk for like 2 weeks, and I miss it. We've played in the backyard some, but not enough, especially this week.
We have potato dogs, so they're not like, eating the couch or losing their entire brains over this. But Addy is being a bigger butthead than usual with barking, fixating on the couch, not listening, etc, and I know it's bc she's bored and antsy. Just very frustrating bc it's not her fault but it's not my fault and I'm trying to do more chews and enrichment, but even that's hard when I'm mostly stuck on the couch when I get home.
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binqtop · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
shoutout to fluffy the 6 month old dog from work. he is scared of everyone except me. he growled at my boss today when he tried to give him food. no one can pick him up because he hides in the corner of his cage and hides underneath things and runs from them
meanwhile fluffy will see me and his tail starts wagging and he runs straight to me and jumps on my legs and when i pick him up he gives me so many kisses..........fluffy said “fuck everyone here. except you” and i love it. fluffy i love you if you didnt already have an owner i would take you home
fluffy my beloved 
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