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#not the point
having undiagnosed and untreated adhd is just people in your life telling you that you need to form better habits and stop self-sabatoging
like that is not a choice on my behalf. bold of you to assume I don’t hate myself every single time I don’t do something I need/want to do. yes I am aware I am self-sabatoging. no I don’t do it on purpose and inside my head I am screaming every day all day thank you
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dumbassaceattorney · a month ago
Me, seconds after reblogging my own post several times: oh wow a lot of notifications! What happened?
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Hawk: I'm a bi with occasional consideration.
Hawk: I look at a hot babe and think... Maybe I'm just straight? Then I look at Demetri and I think... Maybe I'm just gay
Hawk: But then I look at a hot babe again! And I think, maybe I'm just STRAIGHT! But then... THEN... I look at Demetri again-
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grippiaaa · a month ago
I don't need a hot girl summer I'm already having a hot girl life
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deathshallbenomore · 3 months ago
forget about arranging your books chromatically alphabetically by publisher or genre or whatever. the ones you liked stay at your current place, the others go back to your parents’ house
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skleetheirken · 3 months ago
You, know, I just proved a point I never actually made. I will listen to any song ever if it is matched up to clips or art from a show I like. I just listened to story of my life for the first time except it was in Spanish, I didn’t understand a word of it, and it was edited really well. Like, really stinking well.
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School was bad
School's always going to be bad, like even if v have all the fav classes with all the fav teachers teaching exactly the way we want them to , it's going to be bad
That's not the point tho
Do u need a hug?
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lehdenlaulu · 6 months ago
You know what’s pretty hilarious (in a distinctly sad way)?
When video games finally put female characters in proper functional non-revealing armors, people either have them not wear the armors or mod them back to the good ol’ chainmail bikini/leather crop top look. And not just the usual neckbeardy gamer bros.
And yeah, “it’s just for gifset aesthetics!” or whatever. That’s... actually worse. If you want to just play with your character running around half-naked, cool. But... you know?
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drxwsyni · a year ago
can’t stop thinking about what the YanderexDarling night time routine is like with Shouto
Well it’s only to be expected that with him being a pro hero, and a high ranking one at that, then his home is most likely quite luxurious, including the furnishing and products in it. So naturally, his darling lives quite a nice life, even if it’s not something they’d ever ask for.
I can see him being very concerned with how his darling behaves 24/7, which includes a nighttime routine. He’s an intelligent man, so he’ll take everything into account to ensure that they’re being both healthy, and are receiving the best care he can offer.
Shouto would insist on his darling taking a bath before bed. It’s good to help them relax, as he knows they’ll be stressed when it comes to their new surroundings. Later on if they’ll allow it, he would love to join them. It adds to that level of care―helping his darling bathe. He’d massage their shoulders, wash their hair, anything they need really. It’s relaxing for him too, so both of you would be getting something out of it.
I can also picture Shouto being really into skincare for his darling. It’s something he takes the time to research, finding out what they were using before, and if changing the products to a more expensive brand would help.
If you take any meds, he’ll make sure to never forget when you need them, say if it’s before bed. And he’s very gentle with the whole thing, showing that he wants the best for you. Shouto makes sure he gives you anything you might require before sleeping: a glass of water, a certain blanket or pillow. If you get cold easily, he’ll use his quirk to heat up his left side and let you fall asleep on him.
Honestly, the whole thing is very thought out, and he does everything in his power to help you relax. It makes it really hard to hate what he’s done to you, and is likely the driving force to you developing Stockholm. 
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rim0na · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
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