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#not tpn
officersnickers · 4 days ago
Okay, I recently rewatched episode 11 of season 2 of The Promised Neverland and this scene caught my attention:
Tumblr media
because of this:
Tumblr media
Why does Cislo has to lean on Zazie like this? Maybe they are just best pals and Cislo wanted to hug his buddy since they are finally in the human world, but then I thought to myself
What happened in the manga that Cislo required help to stand and remembered this:
Tumblr media
Conclusion: We didn’t get to see them fight Queen Legravalima, but she still took a bite out of Cislo.He just can’t shit in the demon world I guess.
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the-silliest-idiot · 4 days ago
So I’ve been thinking about Ray’s device a bit too much... And trying to figure out how it works and how it could be made from parts of the toys Ray received from Isabella. I am electronically challenged so don’t take my ramblings too seriously and please chip in if you have thoughts on this too.
Tumblr media
The toys I can recognize are: - an ipod/mp4 player - a PSP - something with an antenna - a tank
- and of course, the camera
It’s established that Ray used the flash from the camera in the device.
Tumblr media
All I can think of is an EMP. Which would work because it does not physically destroy parts of the device it’s aimed at and might work with the camera part Ray has. 
But the DIY one I’ve seen requires copper wire and a high voltage converter. Maybe the camera flash capacitor could be a stand in for the high voltage converter but I’m not sure about that. I sure hope Ray asked for a speaker or a noisy toy or anything that has a small spool’s worth of copper in it.  Another possible way to break the devices is to uhm... do this. Make a USB killer like device from batteries, a switch or two and the flash capacitor from a camera. But that would physically fry the tracking devices, probably notify HQ and hurt. A lot.
TL;DR I spent too much time thinking of this, have not completely figured it out and wish Ray asked Isabella for something with a speaker or a noisy toy.
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corneliaswalls · 6 days ago
Well, then *sighs and go to the manga to re-read because the anime was a fucking lost of time*
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residentzacksimp · 6 days ago
Hashirama: stop fucking with the Uchihas
Tobirama: I'll do you one better
Tobirama *pointing to Madara naked in Hashirama's bed*: stop fucking the Uchiha
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hug-all-platelets · 11 days ago
Shadows House is probably one of the anime I'll keep up with this season, even if only for the ending. Wonder when they'll release the full version...
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maldito-arbol · 11 days ago
witch au :0?
My witch au is a tpn au of a basically Romeo and Juliet (but make it lesbian) story of a witch and a demon falling in love in a world where witches and demons seemingly only ever kill each other.
Violet receives a tarot reading from her best friend that warns a great change is coming and that love will be the catalyst for it. She learns this is true when she finally befriends and falls for Emma, the demon she used to battle once every full moon over one piece of territory that neither are sure belongs to the witch side or demon side. From there the two uncover the sinister secrets about the true origin of the rivalry between the species as their loyalties are tested by both their enemies and their friends.
Also people die in this au :))) just a fair warning because when I actually finish and post the fic it’s gonna have the major character death tag. BUT IT HAS MAGIC AND GAYS IN IT TOO SO SHHHHHHHH EVERYTHINGS GONNA BE OK!!
Tumblr media
Here you goooo, have one of the cards Violet received from her tarot reading because I wanted to draw it. They might look cute here but don’t be fooled they’re both feral. And I love them. So much.
Also I project onto Violet so hard in this au don’t be shocked when she acts like a whole lunatic, that’s just me, mal, being a lunatic in spirit through my fic.
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roxan-1314 · 11 days ago
Dub onlys please just get away while u can. The first 2 episodes are ok. Go through some chapters fast but no where near as fast as the later 10. Please. Just. Drop it while u can. Or at least be prepped for major disappointment.
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nachodroppedfood · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
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roxan-1314 · 12 days ago
Im seeing all these people in the TPN tag just like. Prepping for season 2 or looking for it and im like. Oh dear sweet summer child NO.
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thathilomgirl · 12 days ago
Watching Episode 1 of Shadows House as a manga reader is weird because it feels like it’s going both slow and very fast at the same time. And I’m confused at why they’re hinting at some plot points/mysteries so heavily at the first 5 minutes when we haven’t even dived into certain parts of them in the manga yet.
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