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organic house by javier senosiain (1984)
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Kim Seokjin Oneshot
Tumblr media
•••> Author: @ilikemesometaetaes​
•••> Summary: Give him a break, okay? Finding out his girlfriend’s bias wasn’t him is a pretty hard hit to the man’s ego. He has a right to be a little... possessive.
•••> Pairing(s): Seokjin/Reader
•••> Requested by Anon: “Hey love, I was wondering if I could request a oneshot where the reader is dating Seokjin, but he accidentally finds her old fangirl stuff and discovers he wasnt her bias and jhope was? And ya know he gets all jealous and possessive;) btw I love youu”
•••> Word Count: 4.41k [Unedited]
•••> Rating: 18+
•••> Tags: smut | Established Relationship | Seokjin!au | Boyfriend!Seokjin | Jealous!Jin | strangers to friends to lovers | fishing buddies
•••> Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, oral (f receiving), forced orgasms, oversensitivity, dirty talk, our jin is a jealous boy, possessive!jin, idol!jin, cursing, alcohol use
Copyright © 2021 ilikemesometaetaes. All Rights Reserved.
Thank you for the request, anon! I thought it was just going to be a drabble, but I guess not! I hope you enjoy :)
Seokjin called for you from your old bedroom, feeling insecure about going through the things in your closet.
“It’s okay, babe! It should be in there somewhere!” You yelled back, obviously busying yourself with tonight’s dinner before you moved your stuff into your boyfriend’s home.
Seokjin’s lips spread into a tight line, clearly uncomfortable with the action of prying into your life before you met him. He was never one to judge character nor the one to actively seek out every detail about you. He respected your privacy and your boundaries enough to never ask, waiting until you were the one speaking about it.
It was what sparked the relationship between you two in the first place. A respect for privacy and the skill of having patience.
You had met him at a fishing beach; the sun was almost fully set and it seemed that Kim Seokjin needed some time away from the boys and the spotlight.
You were sitting in a camping chair, waiting for the telltale signs of a fish nipping at your line when you noticed the man walking over to the next open slot of shore rocks just five yards to your right.
Conversation was minimal, but being in a setting where patience was what kept a person sane meant that you were fully capable of waiting.
It was strange how you hadn’t noticed it was him. Of course, he wore a mask and sunglasses along with a baseball cap, but Kim Seokjin’s personality was seemingly unique and quite noticeable. The man who sat next to you was someone completely different.
He was quiet, patient, reserved, and outright plain. After a short conversation with him about how the fish were biting that day, you understood that the man went there for quiet- same as you. So you gave it to him.
You just couldn’t help but notice that he continued to sit next to you for the days to come. He would come out every other day or so and sit next to you, regardless of the amount of spots available around. You would talk about the weather affecting the fish, ponder over the current position of the moon to judge the tide, and then resume the silence. It was almost as if you were basking in each other’s quiet presence.
His voice, a familiar tone of inflection, was evasive. It seemed as if he was purposely lowering his voice to distort it, but you could never bring yourself to ask why. Instead, you settled on listening to him speak as his beautiful brown eyes cast a wistful gaze into the bay.
From what you could see, he was handsome. You could see his eyes when he took off his sunglasses at night and the occasional tuft of hair that stuck out from under his ball cap. His shoulders were incredibly broad, stretching every jacket and sweatshirt he wore almost to the extreme.
He sat in his chair like he had run a marathon, slouching so far that his long legs were almost entirely off of the seat. It looked as if the man was dreadfully exhausted.
Light conversation seemed to pick him up from his slump but you didn’t want to press too far, knowing that the man was undoubtedly hiding his identity. You were okay with this, practicing the patience you had learned from fishing throughout your everyday life.
Each time you spoke, the conversation slowly got further and further. The day that you got to talking about what he did for the day, you learned that he lived an active and busy lifestyle. He came to fish for the calm and relaxation- a break away from it.
After a little over a month of meeting with the man to enjoy the silence, he disappeared.
You never got a name; never got an age; you knew next to nothing about him.
You continued to show up in your usual spot, hating when someone else sat where he would, but you couldn’t be rude and tell them to move.
You weren’t going to stop your hobby of fishing just because he did, but it seemed as though your reason for going to fish had shifted. You had gone expecting to see him walk up with his tackle box and fishing rod at his usual time. You only found yourself disappointed when he didn’t.
Several months passed with no sign of your mystery man. Eventually, you had forgotten about him, his presence a mere, fleeting thought whenever you looked at his old spot.
The day he returned, he was almost unrecognizable under the light of the moon.
The cool spring weather had morphed into hot summer evenings and transitioned to chilly, late-summer-early-fall nights while he was absent. Instead of the basic black street clothes of the usual fashion that the young men of Korea wore, he was dressed professionally and warm.
A long, beige peacoat hung from his shoulders in a way that the width of the shoulder seams did not stretch and, instead, looked perfectly fitted as the length fell to his knees. He wore a black turtleneck that was tucked into black skinny jeans, secured into place by a brown belt with a pair of brown leather dress shoes to match.
He didn’t even wear a hat, revealing his light brown hair. All that remained of his old style was the black mask that he wore to cover his face.
The man held no tackle box in his hand; a cooler hung from his fingers and a camping chair was nudged under his arm. In the place of his fishing rod in the other hand was a small bouquet of flowers.
“Oh, thank god.” He breathed. “You’re still here.”
“Of course I’m still here.” You chuckled. “I’ve been coming here for years.”
He sat as you spoke, repeating the same actions with his chair as you had pictured him doing countless times in the past months. Your fishing buddy was finally back and looking as handsome as ever.
“Have you?” He huffed as he sat back in his chair. “I only just found out about this place back in April. It’s quite nice.”
“Yes, it is.” You agreed, turning your gaze to watch the lights from the nearby city reflect off the surface of the water. He wasn’t changing his voice anymore and you couldn’t help but recognize it immediately.
For a moment, you processed his presence- he was actually here. Then, you turned to him again with your eyes trained on the cluster of yellow flowers sat atop his small cooler, attempting to keep your cool.
“What’s the occasion?”
“A celebration of friendship.” He laughed to himself as he grabbed the bouquet and raised it to you, avoiding your gaze.
“A friendship?” You asked, taking them from his grasp and looking down at them. “These are very pretty. Thank you.”
“I figured it’s been a while since we met and you seem to be incredibly kind, so why not be friends?”
“I don’t mean to be rude- I’m totally cool with being friends with you- but I don’t even know your name.” You laughed, hoping that this would finally be the day he revealed himself.
“I’ll only tell you mine if you tell me yours.”
“Easy.” You laughed. “My name is Y/N.”
“Please don’t... freak out or anything...” He muttered, raising his hand to take his mask off his face. Your heart beat wildly in anticipation.
As soon as he peeled the loop from his ear, your mouth slightly fell open on its own accord and you were suddenly starstruck by the fact that Kim Seokjin sat next to you.
“My name is Seokjin.” He kept his gaze lowered as if he was ashamed of his identity.
“I’m a huge fan.” You were speaking impulsively, unable to think about your words with the beautiful man so close to you. What else could you say?
“Oh, are you?” He asked, slowly lifting his gaze to meet your own.
“I am. It is very nice to meet you, Seokjin.” You were keeping yourself under control and you had no idea how, practically vibrating in your chair.
“And it’s nice to meet you too, Y/N.” Reaching into his cooler, he plucked out a bottle of soju and two shot glasses. “Care to share a drink over our newfound friendship?”
Grateful for the distraction, you took one of the glasses. “I’d love to.”
Your friendship with the idol bloomed. Under the strict condition that you never told anyone of your meeting spot- not that you wanted to or anything- you and Seokjin would continue to meet up on occasion and fish, sharing a drink or two and learning about each other.
When he found out about your love for his own band, he laughed and teased you for being a fangirl. When he continued to show up after the revelation, it exhumed ultimate trust that you couldn’t resist returning.
The other strict condition of your friendship was that you couldn’t meet anywhere but the beach. Six months of seeing the man you were gradually falling for in one spot became exhausting, but you couldn’t complain. Sure, you couldn’t go out for coffee or see a movie because of the fact that there were eyes everywhere, but you were okay with having your own little secluded paradise away from society.
It seemed that patience wasn’t one of Seokjin’s better traits, because even he came to complain about hanging out with you anywhere away from the brackish water.
One signed confidentiality agreement and an established set of rules later and he was being sneakily rushed into your already open front door so that the neighbors wouldn’t see him. It sort of reminded you of your younger days when you were sneaking a boy in so that your parents wouldn’t catch you.
His schedule wouldn’t allow you to see him more than two times a week, but it allowed for the two of you to retain a certain level of privacy that taught him more patience. Despite the lack of consistency, each time he came to see you sent butterflies into your stomach and a need to grow closer.
It only took a month of him visiting you before the media began getting suspicious of Jin’s whereabouts. His disappearances from his home to undisclosed locations drove the world into speculation of a solo career or a new music video- or a woman.
The more the rumors ran around, the less you saw of your friend.
It was hard to be apart from Seokjin, fully aware of the fact that you were falling for him. The idea that he could possibly have feelings for you was next to impossible to believe; all you were to him was a break away from the fame and cameras. Even as he rest his head on your shoulder with an arm around your waist while you watched a movie from your couch, you found it hard to believe there was a possibility for more.
You had the world in your embrace. How could you possibly ask for more?
A year of being friends with Seokjin proved to be the ultimate trial to test your patience. You never stepped out of line, hardly ever let yourself dream of being with him, but always imagined what it would feel like to press your lips to his gorgeously plump ones.
To say you passed the test was a decently literal way of putting it.
Exactly one year and two months of knowing Kim Seokjin, not including when he was a nameless man who you sat with, was all it took for him to start showing signs of more.
You sat in your usual spots on the beach, drinking soju, when he turned to you and asked if you ever thought of dating him.
“All the time.” You blurted in response, cursing under your breath immediately afterwards at your lack of hesitation.
Instead of responding, Seokjin burst out laughing. He tipped his head back and guffawed to the night sky but all you could do was laugh cautiously with him in confusion. Worry raised in your heart at the chance that you finally crossed the line even as you swooned over his endearing laugh.
“What are you laughing at?” You built up the courage to ask after he calmed a bit.
“I promise you that I am not laughing at you. I’m actually laughing at myself.” He wiped a building tear from the corner of his eye.
“Why?” You asked.
Instead of responding to your question, he turned to you with all hints of joking wiped clean by the serious expression on his face.
“Do you want to date me?”
You stopped breathing for a moment at his question, heart seemingly skipping a beat and fingers gripping your chair tightly in disbelief.
“W-what?” You stuttered.
“Please let me know if I’ve crossed the line, but would you like to go on a date with me?” He grabbed your hand in his and held it close to his body. Even in the cold weather, his hands were as warm as ever.
Kim Seokjin thought he was crossing the line? He thought he was shooting his shot to someone he had a minor possibility of dating? Being patient couldn’t have been more rewarding than in that moment.
“I’d love to.” You smiled.
Of course, the media was all over your first date with the man.
Even from inside the fancy restaurant you sat in, you could see the camera flashes from across the room in your secluded corner. Seokjn simply waved them off and continued to sip on his wine, telling you to pretend that they weren’t there.
For you, the pressure was intense. The entire world sat on your shoulders as they tried to scare you away from the man you loved.
Despite the harsh scrutiny and the offensive comments, your time of waiting on Seokjin had thickened your skin and reinforced your resolve. Your ultimate test of patience left you with a sense of serenity in the tense world.
You could wait for the attacks to die down. You could be patient- Kim Seokjin was worth it.
As time went on, people cared less and less about your relationship after realizing that you weren’t going anywhere. You had predicted as much.
To celebrate your two-year anniversary together, your boyfriend finally asked you to move in with him.
He was nervous, to say the least. Seokjin wanted you to live with him because he found your apartment to be quite small- it was about time to give you more.
Now, two days after the proposal to move in- on his free weekend- he was helping you move out of your apartment.
Everything was going smoothly, as he expected, up until the moment you told him to go into your closet and grab the box of clothes you had set aside to donate.
He wasn’t expecting to find a small box stuffed into the back of your closet with BTS in large sparkly letters decorating the top. After he pulled it out and dusted it off, he opened it to find photocards and trinkets of his brother, Hoseok.
Gingerly, he dipped his fingers into the box and pulled out a tiny, pink pouch that perked his interest- Seokjin never faired well with fighting his curiosity of material things.
Pulling out the small chain, he let a grimace riddle his features whilst he surveyed the six silver letters of Hoseok’s name adorning it.
“Oh.” He heard from behind him, causing him to jump and quickly drop the pouch and bracelet back into the open box in his lap. “So you found those.”
“What is all this?” He asked while gesturing to said box, an ugly inferno of jealousy beginning to curl inside his stomach and snake its way up his throat. All Seokjin could think about was the fact that Hoseok was your bias and not him. Sure, he never asked, but you could have at least told him that he had competition.
“I- uh-“ You stuttered. Your hesitation to answer warranted him to stand and approach you with an eyebrow cocked and a storm brewing in his eyes.
“Am I just a ploy to get to him?” Seokjin’s anger was obvious, yet you couldn’t help the lick of excitement as he became possessive over you- a trait you rarely saw on the man.
“No!” You were quick to answer his question, closing the space between the two of you to grab his hands in your own. “Babe, I swear! Those are from years ago! Before I met any of you!”
Although Seokjin knew that you were telling the truth, he still seethed in response and let his jealousy show. You seemed to like the jealous side of him, so he decided to maximize his advantages of the situation. It was also hard to ignore that he was growing slightly uncomfortable in his pants.
“Then why do you still have them?”
“Because my friend made them for me and they’re special!” You defended, wanting him to hold your hands. His fingers wrapped around yours tightly and pulled you so that your body was flush against his. You were left to stare up at his towering frame.
“Well,” He chuckled, letting go of your hands and bending down to throw you over his shoulder. You squealed in surprise but he only growled and smacked you on the ass with so much force that you yelped out in pain.
Seokjin threw you down on your tiny bed and you looked up at him in anticipation when you noticed the sly smile thinning his plump lips. He leaned down, placing a knee between your legs, as his gaze locked with yours.
“I’ll give you something fucking special, J-hope stan.”
You couldn’t help but laugh at the nickname, bringing your arms up to wrap around your shoulders as he pecked you on the lips and trailed his lips down the side of your neck.
Once he placed a kiss on top of your clothed nipple, Seokjin wasted no time in lifting your shirt over your chest to press his tongue and lips against you. You sighed, letting your eyes flutter closed as you tipped your head back and let him work over your areola.
“Does Hobi know how sensitive you are here?” He asked, licking your nipple immediately after. He brought his thumb to the other one as he kissed it again. “Would he even figure it out?”
Instead of answering, you threaded your fingers into his hair blindly, wrapping your legs around his waist while he lowered his mouth further down your body. The notion left you quaking in its wake.
His nose feathered down your stomach while he whispered his next question.
“Does he know how soft your skin is?” Seokjin pressed his lips to the skin of your waist and you craned your head up to look down at him, catching his gaze promptly. Seeing his lips against your skin had your legs pressing against his sides even tighter. “Would he even appreciate it?”
He backed up and pulled your underwear and shorts down your legs to bare your pussy to him, not wanting to tease you at all. He was on a mission and you wouldn’t stop him.
By the time he got his face between your legs, you were already spasming and dripping.
Your boyfriend looked at you with a smirk on his lips. “Could he get you this wet?”
His tongue pushed between your folds and flattened to rub against your clit to lap up once with a groan building in his chest before he pulled away. “Would he even taste you?”
You whimpered, dependent on Seokjin for pleasure as he pressed his tongue on your clit and slid two fingers into your depths to scissor you open. For a good minute, he pumped his two fingers into you and shoved his tongue onto your bundle of nerves as if trying to completely lick it off your body.
Your first orgasm was sharp and intense, causing you to cry out and dig your fingers into your boyfriend’s scalp. He pulled his lips away from you for a moment to look up at your heaving body.
“Could he even find how sensitive you are right-“ He brushed his fingers against the spot that had your mind reeling. “-here? Could he make you feel good? How would he even begin to try?”
The oversensitivity had your senses dulling and your lips babbling. “He wouldn’t. God, Jin. He wouldn’t.”
He continued to sink his fingers into you, harshly laving over your clit with his tongue in between his words as if he were fucking you already.
“You just-” Slurp. “-taste like-” Suck. “-fucking candy, baby.” You gasped at the loss of contact and squealed every time he returned his tongue and covered you with his plump lips to wildly swirl the hot muscle into you.
Being forced into more orgasms wasn’t new for you, however, it was always on his dick that you sobbed your way through countless climaxes. The pleasure of being pushed over the edge by his tongue was completely new and unabashedly erotic.
You screamed and writhed against Seokjin’s hand splayed possessively over your stomach, trying to get away from the contact but helplessly struggling against him. One after the other, you were painfully shoved into cumming, but it’s only when you squirted onto his chin that he finally let up.
“I bet he couldn’t make you squirt like that.” He darkly chuckled.
You, sweaty and breathless, lay under him with a bead of drool beginning to collect at the corner of your mouth. Mindlessly, you affirmed his statement.
“He couldn’t. He couldn’t.” It was almost as if you were chanting now.
“You’re damn right, he couldn’t.” Seokjin stood on his knees and quickly pulled his jeans down just enough for his dick to pop out before eagerly settling himself between your shaky legs once more.
Pussy raw and throbbing, you needed him to fill you properly to balance out the sensitivity on your clit. It was almost painful.
“This pussy is mine.” Seokjin grabbed his dick and looked down to slap his tip against your clit repeatedly. Your legs jerked in result, body responsive to the slightest touch on your nub. “You’re all mine.”
“Jin,” You whimpered. “Please.”
“I know, baby. I know. Be patient.” And he slid in slowly.
You dug your nails into his shoulders and threw your head back into the pillow again. The pleasure was blinding and you tensed your entire body at the sensation of him stretching out your insides.
“He could never know how tight you are.” Seokjin grit his teeth as he bottomed out. “How fucking warm-” You gasped and your eyes rolled back as he nudged his hips to try pushing himself further inside you, succeeding in dipping slightly deeper into your walls and crowding himself against your womb almost uncomfortably. “-you are.”
At this point, all you could do was sob in confirmation. “He couldn’t.”
“I’m not gonna lie.” He pulled out and thrust into you once, then twice, and then paused while heaving above you. “You got me all worked up with how cute you sound so I won’t last very long. I’m going to need you to cum one more time. Can you do that for me, love?”
You nodded almost immediately, knowing that all he needed to do was toy with your clit to send you over the edge.
With a harsh beat, your lover ferociously fucked into you and grabbed one of your thighs to widen your legs. With each clap of his skin into yours, you let out a small huff while he literally fucked the air from your lungs.
“Cum, baby. Cum right now.” He strained.
“I-” You cried, holding onto him for dear life as you desperately needed that last nudge to send you hurtling towards ecstasy. “I can’t. I n-need-“
“Hobi can’t fuck you like this, Y/N. Can’t fill you up and make you scream like I can. But you can’t cum for me?” He smashed his swollen lips onto yours and messily pushed his tongue into your mouth. When he pulled away, a string of saliva connected the two of you. “What do you need, baby? What do you need me to do?”
Your clit practically screamed for attention from your prior orgasms, but you were too focused on not actually crying to tell him. Instead, you snaked your hand down your body towards yourself and Seokjin followed your trail down to where your bodies joined, noticing immediately how swollen and red your clit was. His expression softened in realization.
“Oh, does my girl need her pussy touched?” He crooned roughly.
You nodded feverishly, sniffling.
“Okay, love. I’ll touch.” And he did.
Your orgasm was almost instantaneous. Your body, battered and exhausted, trembled as it seized up to accept his thrust for the last time that evening. In all its pain and bliss, your climax was glorious.
“Oh fuckfuckfuckfuck-” Seokjin growled as he dropped his head to the crook of your neck. “Squeezing me all tight like that. You’d never squeeze Hobi like that.”
Even through your pleasure, you felt him clutch onto you tightly, slowing his thrusts and sinking himself deeply to empty his release into you.
“That’s my girl.” He groaned after he stilled, slumping against you. For a moment, the two of you breathed and relaxed in each other’s presence.
You chuckled, turning your head to kiss his head. “That was pretty hot, babe.”
His head shot up from your shoulder immediately. “Not at all! How could you stan Hobi and not me?”
“Babe, I was so much younger. Of course, the one who is a literal ball of sunshine was my bias. You can’t get enough of Hobi.”
“But I’m your boyfriend…” His eyebrows turned up at you and pouted all the while his dick still lay wedged between your legs. Slowly, you pushed him off of you so that you could go clean up.
As you stood, you walked to the bathroom and laughed again. “Yes, you are.”
Even as you were walking away, you heard him mutter under his breath.
“Hobi would never walk away from me like that.”
All you could do was giggle at his statement, knowing that he would eventually get over it. 
Kim Seokjin was the one you loved. Who was Jung Hoseok?
If you’d like to read more of my work, feel free to check out my Masterlist!
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Let’s Talk: Butter Song and MV
by Admin 1
Happy comeback everyone! And what a comeback it is so far with records being broken left and right (108m views in the first 24h!!!), and ARMY being angry at both YouTube and Spotify, both of which for legitimate reasons, but besides that I feel like this might’ve so far been the most relaxed comeback in recent years. I remember sitting in the streaming trenches until the very last second during the first 24h when Dynamite happened to help get us that view record and yet with Butter it seems so much…easier? More relaxed? Just pure fun? Love it!
So, before we get into it, let’s watch the MV again, shall we?
Honestly going into it I had no idea what to expect, what sound we’d get, what the lyrics would be like or the MV, despite the teasers, and I was blown away basically right away. Dynamite was cute and a moment, it did a lot for Bangtan in terms of taking more steps forward in the West and achieving things we didn’t quite think were possible until that moment (like BBH100 #1 or the Grammy nomination), but Butter…Butter is fantastic.
The lyrics are so much better, the instrumental is just so much fun, so many different working parts and sections, and the MV is just great regardless how many times I’ve watched it so far. The boys really shine in it, individually and as group, their styling is phenomenal in each outfit, the sets are great, and they look like they are just having so much fun!
Except for Hobi when he had to act like he’s having a good time eating that piece of butter that we now know tasted bad, which honestly, his face very much told us as much, let’s be real.
Tumblr media
Let’s get into some details:
1 – The Song
Butter is incredibly catchy, though like so many others across sns I will admit I’m having a surprisingly hard time memorizing the lyrics despite the number of times I’ve heard the song. Side step to my right left to my beat this line gets me every time because my brain is hellbent on left coming before right. Other than that the lyrics are really good, especially for a song that was basically designed to just be an easy to listen to summer song without deep message or anything, fruity if you ask Tae.
There are at least two song references in the lyrics, one a little more obvious than the other, but the thing I find funny but also curious is how some ARMY wondered how it would be interesting if Butter were like Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal sound wise, which it isn’t but we start off with a reference to it right off the bat in the second line.
Smooth like butter
Like a criminal undercover
Then we have Tae coming in with the following two lines which I think is super interesting that he’s the one who got them because they fit him marvelously.
Cool shade stunner
Yeah, I owe it all to my mother
Not only is he incredibly handsome, and thus gets to rightfully boast about that a little, but Tae is also one of the members who usually wears so many different glasses and pulls all of them off flawlessly regardless of style, shape or color. Then again, Tae could probably put on a potato sack and the worlds ugliest glasses and still look amazing but that’s a different story.
Then theres of course the most iconic line in the song that is both fun but also subtly shady toward the western music industry and people overlooking them solely based on language, whether they sing and speak in Korean or in English, neither being good and/or authentic enough it seems. But that’s the thing with BTS, the important parts of their art will always come through, the emotions clear no matter if you understand the words or even pay attention to them, their performance something that’s always memorable and staying in your mind long after it is over. They don’t need language to get it across, they simply show it, and wow do they show it.
Let me show you ‘cause talk is cheap
Talk is cheap, which is why many can make grand claims about their music and performances, but if you can’t back it up, those words become meaningless. If you can talk the talk you should also be able to walk the walk.
Since we know Namjoon was involved in the rap parts Yoongi’s opening line to me feels like this almost classic Yoongi thing to do.
Ice on my wrist, I'm the nice guy
Yes, ice and nice are perfectly chosen to rhyme but that’s not the only thing they do. Ice can stand for expensive jewelry like watches or bracelets and while the word itself is different in meaning it immediately made me think of Yoongi’s big house, big cars and big rings from previous songs and lyrics, and also the contrast of how usually people who achieve the money to have these expensive things and thus live a certain lifestyle and hold a certain status are usually seen as stuck up, mean, detached from reality etc and yet the lyrics is basically a reminder that despite all that luxury and wealth, Yoongi (and the rest of the members) are still the nice guys we know them as. And sure, perhaps I’m reading too much into it, but that was what came to my mind.
And then the line that basically immortalized us in BTS’ discography officially:
Got ARMY right behind us when we say so
Hearing that for the first time made me smile harder than I am willing to admit. Some will say this is cheesy, that they’re pandering, but in reality it comes across honest and genuine, especially because they know we are behind them, that we will support them regardless if by getting them that BBH100 #1 or matching their $1 million donation, and we also know they use us as leverage and threat which is honestly just hilarious. ARMY are something outsiders don’t understand and make no effort to even try, so no wonder they wouldn’t get how significant this feels for us and for them. Even more so when in the MV they spell out ARMY with their bodies much the way they did many years ago.
Besides the lyrics we also have the instrumental which has an interesting structure when you really listen to it. It’s perfect for performances, since it has a clearly designed moment for a dance break, but it also reminds me a bit of Go Go in that when the final chorus and post-chorus kick in after the rap section, even though the music doesn’t literally get past as it did in Go Go, it still feels like it did since we had that moment to breath and the post-chorus adds this extra layer of hype for the finale.
Personally, I absolutely adore the instrumental when Yoongi’s rap starts and we are basically left with a quiet melody and a very present base line that carries this section and Yoongi’s words. It’s seemingly quieter and calmer and yet just so fun! Especially since Yoongi is so charming in this moment followed by Namjoon and his commanding presence during his lines. Amazing!
2 – The MV
The outfits, sets and stylistic choices are so interesting for this one, starting with the black and white intro before we get a good glimpse at the Butter choreography and the colors kick in, Jimin at some press conference style table before we see the members dance in colorful track suits in some gymnasium with a somewhat paler color scheme, and lastly the black and yellow stage. We also have shots in the elevator and of the members in the outfits from the final teaser pictures, all of them pulling them off beautifully and stunningly.
Some of my favorite moments (watch me somehow list the entire MV):
The opening section in black and white – these first 29 seconds (including the BH opening logo) are so relaxed and casual, all of them just vibing and having a good time, looking stunning and showing their charm. I especially like this shot of JK smiling/laughing brightly and as though face palming himself, it’s so cute! And then also Tae with his shades and lollipop…do I need to explain this one?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The mugshot sequence – one word, or rather name: Namjoon. That’s all I have to say. Well, okay, I’ll add another word/name: Seokjin.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The film studio(?) – There is just so much going on in this single shot, I had to pause and just get a good luck to take everything in. Seokjin looks stunning, of course, then we have everyone except for Yoongi sitting behind him looking expensive and Tae like diva fanning himself with his hand, and then all the way in the back you can just make out Yoongi sitting in front of a vanity. Brilliant! The scene is basically static, in that our focus (even if we get 3 different camera angles and perspectives) lies on Seokjin and yet despite that the scene is alive due to everything going on in the background making it feels far more interesting than it would if it would’ve just shown Seokjin on his own. Also Tae.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The elevator solo dance shots – everything about this is amazing and perfectly captures each of the members and their personalities, especially the contrast between Hobi just going absolutely crazy and going hard during his freestyle and that being followed up by Yoongi who is literally just minimal movement vibing. Whoever edited this, I slow clap for you and this choice. And I know Namjoon and Seokjin always get criticized so much by people for their dancing, but they did amazingly in this!
Yoongi’s rapping – maybe it’s because I’ve missed seeing Yoongi with the other members, but honestly everything about this scene just makes me happy and want to just get up and run or dance or both, especially how happy Yoongi looks. That bright face and smile when he says hate us…! Yes.
Tumblr media
Namjoon and the ARMY moment – the way Namjoon pulls off this outfit is unbelievable, he looks absolutely gorgeous in it along with the pink hair, and then the members forming the ARMY, JK and Seokjin leaning against each other to form their perfect A, Tae visibly flexing his arm muscles while holding Hobi’s hand, Jiminie being the prettiest Y, Yoongi being a cute little R and then Namjoon standing in the center of it all. I’m so fond.
Tumblr media
Hobi eating butter – I love how you can just see it in his eyes how much he hates it yet tries his hardest to make it seem like he doesn’t. But also he just looks so good with the pretty blond hair and that outfit.
Tumblr media
Special mention: this shot of Seokjin. You know exactly why. I don’t need to say it.
Tumblr media
3 – The Choreography
While we don’t get to see the full thing in the MV, I still love how it’s much more footwork heavy which I’d like to believe was a conscious choice keeping Yoongi in mind, and also that absolutely adorable hand kiss moment?! Makes me smile every time. I can’t wait to see the full choreography.
What are some of your favorite things about the song and MV?
Lastly I want to share this screenshot I took accidentally because there’s just...so much going on here from Namjoon looking like he’s checking on his own chest, Tae looking a bit shy, Hobi being the coolest, Yoongi and JK being full of enthusiasm (whoever said that once JK turned 23 he decided that buttons are overrated, you seem to have been right), Seokjin peaking from behind Tae, and then Jimin who hands off in the back looking fondly at the other members as though he’s thinking yes, this is my family, my members, and I love them and their silliness. Also, same. Gosh, I just love them so much.
Tumblr media
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zosonils-art · 8 months ago
i would very much like to hear about cool woman <:D
Tumblr media
and hear about her you shall! the coolest of infodumps under the cut
cool woman was built to help with ice drilling, either gathering samples or setting up for research projects. she's designed to resist severe weather that would usually make drilling efforts harder or more dangerous, like blizzards and hailstorms, so that she can work unimpeded in conditions that would usually slow down expeditions considerably. while she's less involved in the research itself, she often takes measurements and does initial analysis in the field, and she's super interested in anything her human teammates discover! this bot could tell you so much about paleoclimatology
she's incredibly confident, although she tries not to come off as arrogant or narcissistic. she's determined to be the best version of herself she can be, and that means learning from her mistakes. cool lives by the belief that everyone has the potential to do great things and be happy with who they are, and takes it upon herself to help everyone she meets get there. she loves meeting new people and learning about what they do and what their interests are, and her kindhearted nature lends itself well to making friends, although her energetic personality can be a little intimidating without knowing that she has only the best intentions. her forgiving nature means she tends to give more second chances than people deserve, although she has the self-respect to recognise when she's being taken advantage of. she's deeply compassionate, and in particular can't stand to hear anyone put themselves down, almost invariably stepping in to remind them to be kind to themselves. i want to be her friend so bad
when she isn't hard at work drilling ice or congratulating her coworkers on a job well done, she likes to spend her spare time outside! she enjoys going on walks, especially in new places where she hasn't met the locals or had a chance to go sightseeing yet, or just relaxing somewhere nice while her solar energy recharges. she's also a casual but enthusiastic fan of sports, mostly of the winter variety, although she also likes to watch skateboarding. [tragically, being a 150+ kilogram robot made of solid ceratanium makes it dangerous or impossible for her to participate in some sports, but she's just as happy to cheer human players on!] her absolute favourite sport is ice hockey - she often plays in non-contact, non-competitive games, finding it a good midpoint between fun and challenging, and has made several friends ouside of work through it
cool often works in harsh conditions, and is designed to deal with them as well as a robot possibly can. her heavy build prevents her from getting thrown off by strong winds, and she's completely waterproof so that melted snow and ice can't get in and damage her internal components. the simple anime shades visor design of her eyes is more resistant to damage from things like hail than more 'realistic' optics, and she never fully opens her mouth unless it's to drink an e-tank [again, to stop snow from getting in and damaging her body], leading to her persistent grin. she has drills instead of hands for maximum precision, although unlike most robot masters with similar designs, her drills can split into three individual segments that function as somewhat crude fingers. while her fine motor control is a bit janky due to the minimal sensation and finesse of these psuedo-hands, they give her the ability to set up delicate equipment without damaging it, and function well enough for other hand-related tasks that she's rarely bothered by them
she's weak to molten shard because of its sheer heat - she's so hyper-specialised to deal with the cold that she has almost no protection against the opposite end of the temperature range. she's also built with blunt-force trauma from hail and the like in mind, whereas molten shard is a piercing attack, which she's way less equipped to deal with. while she's sturdy enough to withstand a little of the damage from its explosion effect, a direct hit can quickly tear through her armour and cause her systems to overheat. aside from molten shard, though, she can shrug off most physical damage like it's nothing, having trouble mostly with energy-based weapons that again she just isn't built to deal with
her stage starts in the research station she worked in before being reprogrammed, then eventually makes its way outside, throwing in some ice physics and maybe a gratuitous snowboarding segment or two. instead of trying to compromise an important industry or hold a particularly important building hostage, she specifically sets up the area to test mega man's abilities and personally challenges him to come face her. she's no pushover in battle, being quite agile for her size and resisting the extra damage from a charged shot, but ultimately her lighthearted view on things doesn't change and she's still more emotionally invested in having a fun time than actually hurting mega man. the reprogramming artificially boosts her self-confidence up to a more arrogant level, but she's mostly as kind and friendly as always, aside from the whole taking over the world thing
cool was pretty fun to design because i started with just her name and worked everything else out from there. basically everything about her is derived from the initial idea of a robot who's cool in both the ice-themed sense and the totally radical sense. since she started as kind of a joke character, at first she was going to be little more than an exaggerated parody of the 90s, complete with the obnoxious ego and bad puns and telling you to stay in school and not do drugs. over time she lost most of the unsympathetic attitude and outdated slang and evolved into a much more genuine, good-natured take on the Cool Guy trope. looking back at the original idea, i could not be more glad that i decided to change her completely
also very much worth noting, she's a trans woman! this was just a development gag at first [the very early notes for the infinitely worse 90s platformer mascot type character refer to 'cool man,' but i changed my mind pretty quickly], but after i reworked her to not be terrible it ended up being a significant part of why she has the outlook on life she does in-universe. her transition worked out really well thanks to both the support and positive affirmation from her friends at work and her own determination to find an identity that made her happy, and the experience firmly cemented her belief that anyone can achieve self confidence with hard work and some friends to support them. she's been met with enough kindness to believe that everyone deserves as good an ending as she had, so she makes a point of being the supportive friend in that equation wherever possible. obviously there's more to her character than just being trans, but it's still an important part of her identity
this post is getting lengthy and it's taken me far too long to make it, so i'll wrap up the cool infodump here! thank you for asking about her! as always, here are unfiltered and transparent versions of her artwork for your viewing pleasure
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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dontmindthefangirling · a year ago
The Switch {p.p.}
Tumblr media
gif not mine!
Summary: In World 824, you’re the incredibly famous and incredibly obnoxious Peter Parker’s assistant. In World 626, you’re the nerdy and Star Wars loving Peter Parker’s best friend. In both worlds, you manage to fall in love with him, but what happens when there is a glitch in the universe, and they switch places?
Warnings: swearing, alcohol, FLUFF
Pairing: college!Peter x reader, famous!Peter x reader
chapter 1 | series masterlist
This chapter is mostly about famous!Peter, but the switch will be coming soon! 
chapter 2 - uncharted territory
World 626
You couldn’t sleep. The only image you had in your mind was of Peter’s arms resting gently on your waist and yours snaking up around his neck to play with the curls at the nape of his neck. 
You knew you were both drunk, but you felt almost pulled towards him. The way he looked down at you with the moon’s light shining on you both and the frat music blasting from the house nearby made you feel a way you never felt before. 
It was like all of the moments you shared suddenly clicked and everything made sense. 
You were laying on your back, staring at the ceiling and thinking about what you were going to do next. You felt an ache in your chest from simply not being with him in that moment. You rolled onto your side and spotted the framed picture you had of both of you at your high school graduation. Peter’s arm was around your shoulders and you were both elated, smiling up at the caps being thrown in the air. 
The memory made you smile. 
You let out a soft sigh. The moment you shared was so minimal, you thought. You hug all the time, why was this any different? 
Was it because you couldn’t stop staring at his lips, or because your heart felt like it was going to explode out of your chest? Was it the way he bit on his chapped lips, never removing his gaze from you? 
You’ve dated other people in the past, and so has Peter, but you two always gravitated back to each other. You were his best friend and he was yours. 
But you couldn’t shake the thoughts of what it would feel like to kiss hi-
Tap tap tap!
You lifted your head in alarm and looked towards your bedroom window. You glanced towards MJ, hearing her soft snores to confirm that she was still asleep. You frowned as you quietly walked towards the window, your heart almost leaping out of your chest when you saw Peter on the fire escape dressed in his Spider-Man suit. 
You cautiously looked back at MJ before lifting the window and crawling out. 
“Peter? What’s wrong?” you asked, hugging your arms around your body as soon as your bare arms hit the chilly air. Usually Peter came to you when he was injured and needed help getting patched up, but he seemed healthy. 
“I was just patrolling and I was swinging by your apartment,” he said, going to pull the mask from his face. His hair was a mess underneath, but you liked how the curls almost fell in front of his doe eyes. 
You laughed lightly. “So you thought you’d just stop by?”
Peter chuckled nervously while looking down at the mask in his hands. 
“Yeah...I uh...was just...I couldn’t-”
“Spit it out,” you giggled, teasing him because you knew it made him laugh. Most of the time. 
He looked up and met your gaze, and the serious expression on his face made you suddenly nervous. Was he mad at you? Did you do something wrong?
“I couldn’t stop thinking about you,” he said, barely above a whisper. 
You felt your stomach lurch as you looked at him while also deciphering what he just said. 
“Oh,” was all you were able to come up with. Was he having the same thoughts that you were having?
Peter swallowed thickly. “I’ve just been thinking a lot about...us.”
You were raking your mind, trying to come with something more coherent to say, but your heart was beating a mile a minute, which you were sure Peter could hear considering his senses were heightened. 
“Me too,” you finally managed to say. 
Peter’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Really?”
You nodded. “I don’t...I don’t know what it means, but I can’t stop thinking about you either.”
“You’re my best friend, (Y/N),” Peter said softly. “But I’ve uh...been having these feelings for a while.”
“Me too,” you found yourself saying. And it was true. Every time Peter hugged you or kissed your forehead or came over for cuddles, it made you think it was just him being your best friend, but now...you knew it was more than that. 
“What feelings are you having...exactly?” Peter asked cautiously. 
You rung your hangs together, playing with your fingers as you looked down at them.
“That maybe there’s something more here.”
“Something more?”
You looked up and saw that Peter had stepped closer to you, his eyes bearing into yours. It was like he wanted to hear you say it. 
“Something more than just best friends,” you said, barely above a whisper. “Because, I-”
You paused because you felt like you couldn’t breathe. This was the first time you were admitting these feelings to not only him, but yourself as well. You knew they were always there, but now you were actually acknowledging them.
“Say it,” Peter whispered. “Please.”
“I like you,” you said, your voice shaking along with your hands. You were both entering uncharted territory now, and you didn’t think there was any coming back from this. “Uh...more than a friend.”
Suddenly, Peter’s hands were on either side of your face, cupping your cheeks as his lips crashed down onto yours. It was like upon hearing those words, it gave him the green light to do what he had always wanted to do. You kissed him back, smiling against his lips because kissing him was everything you imagined it to be. His lips were chapped, but he tasted like fresh mint, and you couldn’t get enough of it. The kiss was soft and gentle as you both tested the waters. 
When you finally pulled away from each other, you felt like you were going to pass out because this was all you wanted, and he was perfect, and the moon was once again casting light on your budding relationship.
Peter’s arms fell to wrap around your waist and he pulled you to him. He rested his forehead against yours as you both tried to catch your breaths. 
“What does this mean?” you whispered.
“I hope it means you’ll be my girlfriend,” Peter whispered back, his breath fanning your lips. You played with the curls at the nape of his neck and looked up at him, pulling away slightly so you could actually look at him. 
“What if this ruins us?” you croaked. 
Peter furrowed his eyebrows. “We won’t let it.”
“You can’t promise that.”
“(Y/N),” Peter whispered, brushing a stray hair out of your face. “You’re the most important person to me...I won’t let anything take you away from me.”
You felt a smile pulling at your lips as you rested your forehead back against his. You brought one hand down from his neck to rest on his chest and you could feel the thump of his heart against it.
“By the way,” Peter whispered while capturing your lips in a brief kiss, something that you knew that you would already never get enough of. 
“I like you too.”
World 824
You didn’t realize how many drinks you had had until the world around you was spinning and your vision was blurry. The afterparty to Will’s movie was packed with celebrities, paparazzi, producers, and basically anyone who was anyone in Hollywood. You had been hanging out with Will and Peter for a majority of the night, and it was only bearable because Will’s girlfriend, Lexi, was there to keep you company. 
“(Y/N)?” Lexi laughed taking your drink out of your hand. 
“Hey!” you protested, grabbing for it back, but failing miserably. 
“I think that’s enough for one night,” Lexi chuckled. “I’m cutting you off.”
You pouted. “Why?”
You never really got to let loose at events like these. You were always on the lookout for Peter, making sure he wasn’t getting into some dumb fight or drawing any negative publicity to himself. Being his assistant and publicist all in one was the most exhausting job you’ve ever taken on. 
Maybe doing this job for a normal celebrity would have been easier, but of course you had to do it for a superhero.
“Lexi’s right, that’s enough (Y/N),” Peter said as he appeared by your side. You glared at him. 
“You’re one to talk,” you spat. “You’re always getting drunk and making my job ten times harder.”
Peter scoffed. “Oh please, that happened like once.”
You felt your blood boil. “Are you kidding me? It happens like every other night! I’m always there to save the day because Spider-Man can’t use his own fucking head!”
“Then why don’t you quit (Y/N)?!” Peter snapped. 
“Fine! Maybe I will!” you turned on your heel, storming away from Peter while your heart raced a mile a minute. You couldn’t see straight from both the alcohol and the anger that laced your vision. He was never appreciative of what you did for him, and the alcohol just gave you the confidence to say it. 
Peter went to follow you, but Will put his arm in front of him. 
“Let her cool off, man,” he advised. Peter huffed as Lexi jogged after you. He already regretted what he said and he wanted to mend it with you almost immediately. 
Lexi caught up with you and hooked her arm with yours to keep you steady on your feet. Angry tears were racing down your cheeks as Lexi led you into the bathroom. 
“Don’t listen to him,” Lexi said. You angrily wiped away your tears, sniffling and looking at your reflection in the mirror. Your makeup was going to be ruined. 
“He’s such an asshole,” you grumbled. 
Lexi smiled. “I know. But he cares about you. You know he didn’t mean what he said.”
“He doesn’t care about me,” you scoffed. “I’m his employee.”
“(Y/N), you’re more than an employee to him,” Lexi said, placing her hands on your shoulders to get you to look at her. “Don’t you see it?”
Your drunk mind couldn’t comprehend what she was saying so you just shrugged her off.
“No, not really,” you grumbled. You splashed your face lightly with some water and wiped away the streaks of mascara that were under your eyes. 
“Come with me to the bar to get some water?” you asked, turning to look at your friend. Lexi nodded and the two of you left the bathroom. 
Peter’s eyes never left you as he spotted you and Lexi leave the bathroom and head towards the bar. He almost intervened until he noticed that Lexi was just getting you some water. He felt terrible about what he said and he didn’t know how he would survive without you as his assistant. 
He knew you were right. You did everything for him. You saved his ass more times than he could count and he owed so much to you. He didn’t know why he acted out so much, maybe it was because he didn’t know how to handle his emotions after Tony died, but he knew he needed to stop. 
It was obviously taking a toll on you. 
“You good, man?” Will asked, placing a hand on Peter’s shoulder. 
“Yeah,” Peter sighed. “Just need to figure out how to apologize to her.”
“Damn right you do,” Will nodded. Peter rolled his eyes and took a sip of his water. He told himself he wasn’t going to drink tonight the moment he saw you raise a glass to your lips. If you were going to drink, he had to stay sober and make sure you were okay. 
That’s why his eyes narrowed in on the man who approached you and Lexi at the bar. 
“Can I buy you ladies a drink?” a deep voice said, startling you from behind. You turned around to see a man you didn’t recognize. He was handsome with sandy blonde hair and dark eyes.
“It’s an open bar,” Lexi pointed out with a shit-eating grin. 
The man laughed. “So I guess I’ll just have to owe you.”
“No thanks,” Lexi said because you were too focused on sipping your water so you wouldn’t throw up all over your expensive dress. “We’re good.”
“Oh come on,” the guy persisted. “You girls like tequila?”
“I said we’re good,” Lexi said, grabbing your arm and pulling you closer to her. You didn’t realize how close to you the guy had wandered, his breath practically fanning down the back of your dress. 
“I didn’t hear your friend say that,” the guy said, gesturing to you. “Seems like she likes to have fun.”
“I’m good,” you managed to mumble. “No more drinks for me.”
“You sure, sunshine? You don’t have to listen to your friend. You and me can go have a fun time together,” he sneered with a grin that made you want to vomit. 
“She said she’s good,” Peter said angrily appearing behind the man. “Get out of here, man.”
“Nobody asked you, Spidey,” the guy laughed. 
“I said, get out of here,” Peter growled. “Or I’ll do it for you.”
“Oh really? Is the good vigilante Spider-Man going to punch me? That’d look really great for headlines huh? Not really superhero material.”
Peter’s blood began boiling as he sized up the man. He could easily pummel him into the ground. He lunged forward and grabbed the collar of the guy’s shirt and lifted him from the ground. 
“Watch your mouth, tough guy,” Peter hissed. 
“Peter,” your small voice echoed in Peter’s ears and brought him back to reality. “Don’t, he’s not worth it.”
Peter looked at you, the way you were huddled into Lexi’s shoulder while Will stood behind the both of you. He dropped the guy to the ground and huffed before walking towards you. 
Much to Peter’s surprise, you stepped away from Lexi and opened your arms to him. Peter was quick to catch you, wrapping his arms around your waist and burying his face in your shoulder. He couldn’t get enough of your scent as he inhaled the smell of your perfume. 
“Take me home, please,” you whispered. 
“’Course darling,” Peter murmured. “Come on.”
You both said goodnight to Will and Lexi before heading towards the front of the club where a private car was waiting to take you back to the mansion. Your head was pounding and you let out almost a sigh of relief when you sat down and relaxed in the leathery cushion. Peter settled in next to you as he told the driver to take you both home. 
The first five minutes of the drive were silent, the soft music of the radio humming in the background. Your ears were still ringing from the loud music of the club as you looked up at the LA night sky above. You always wished you could see the stars, but the smog made it nearly impossible. 
Peter watched you, his eyes looking at every detail of your face illuminated by the city lights passing by in the windows. He wanted to so badly reach out and brush the stray piece of hair that had escaped your up-do out of your face. 
Slowly, with the hum of the car and the gentle music playing, your eyes began to close. Your eyelids were so heavy and you were beginning to crash from the alcohol. Your head was bobbing as you tried to stay awake, but eventually sleep overcame you and you let it. 
Peter was startled when your head found his shoulder. He froze, scared to move for the fear of waking you up.
He glanced down at you. Your lips were parted slightly and you were breathing softly. He had to fight the urge to place an arm around your sleeping form because he felt like any sudden movements would scare you off. 
You both stayed in that position for the rest of the ride until the car pulled up to the mansion. Peter thanked the driver before he scooped you up in his arms. He carried you towards the house, opening the front door with the eye-scanning technology he had installed. 
His heart almost burst when you snuggled your nose into his chest. Peter inhaled shakily as he carried you towards your bedroom. 
He placed you down on the bed and carefully removed your heels. He winced in doing so, wondering how sore your feet must have been walking around in those all night. 
He gently pulled the covers over your body, sighing when he saw you cuddle into the fluffy blanket. A surge of confidence overtook Peter as he leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead. 
“Goodnight, darling,” he whispered against your skin. He pulled back, wanting to savor this moment where you didn’t hate him, but eventually decided he had to leave. He went to walk away when suddenly your hand reached out and grabbed his. 
“Stay,” you mumbled. Peter didn’t think he was hearing you right. Did you just ask him to stay with you?
“What?” he croaked.
“Stay,” you whispered, opening one eye to look at him. “Please.”
“Just sleep,” you murmured, closing your eye. “Don’t wanna be alone.”
Peter’s inhaled sharply as he looked down at your hand in his. 
“Are you sure?” he whispered. 
Peter quietly slipped off his shoes and stared at you for a moment, feeling his heart beating a mile a minute before he finally gained the confidence to climb into the bed with you on the other side. He almost laughed. He never got nervous around girls, but he was terrified just sleeping next to you. Sleeping, not even having sex. He felt the heat rise to his cheeks at the thought. 
“Thank you,” you whispered, rolling onto your side to face him. Your eyes were still shut but a small smile danced on your lips. Peter felt like he could barely breathe.
“For what?” he whispered back. 
“Saving me tonight,” you said while opening your eyes. “It’s almost like you’re a superhero or something.”
Peter laughed and rolled onto his side so he was facing you.
“I kind of am,” he sighed. You smiled and closed your eyes while pulling the blanket up to your chin. 
“Goodnight Peter,” you whispered. 
“Goodnight (Y/N).”
World 626
You woke up wrapped in Peter’s arms, the sun starting to shine through your window as New York began to wake up for the day. It took you a moment to remember what had occurred last night and how Peter Parker, your best friend, was now your boyfriend.
You had stayed up talking and laughing on the fire escape until you must have drifted off to sleep. You woke up in your bed and the thought of Peter carrying you to it and falling asleep next to you made your heart want to soar.
You looked up at Peter and took in every detail, every freckle, every eyelash. Your legs were twisted together and one of his legs twitched as he seemed to be deep in his sleep. You wondered what he was dreaming about because you know you had dreamed about him and kissing him again. 
You brought a hand up to his cheek, gently tracing the freckles that lined his cheekbones. He stirred slightly, just nudging his head further into the crook of your neck. 
“Good morning, sleepy head,” you chuckled. Peter groaned softly as he hid his face in your neck. 
“You can’t hide from me,” you laughed, tangling your fingers in his curly hair. 
“Yes I can,” he grumbled, pressing a kiss to your skin. Goosebumps immediately broke out as soon as his lips came in contact with your shoulder and your breath hitched in your throat. You weren’t aware of the effect Peter had on you until you realized he took your breath away with every touch or kiss.
Peter slowly pulled his head back and groggily smiled at you. His eyes were heavy with sleep, but he looked at you with such adoration that you thought your heart may burst. 
“Good morning, beautiful,” he whispered. Your heart skipped a beat and you blushed at his words. 
“How’d you sleep?” you said softly. 
“Best I’ve ever slept,” Peter said with a smile. His voice was laced with sleep, raspy words coming out and it made you want to kiss him until you both ran out of air. 
“Me too,” you whispered. 
Peter looked down at you and brushed the hair out of your face. He smiled at you as he pressed his lips to yours. You smiled against his lips, knowing already that you would want to kiss him everyday for the rest of your life. Your lips fit together like two pieces of the puzzle finally connected. Your hands came up to rest in his curls as you tugged him closer. 
He was everything you could have ever wanted and more. 
You had admitted to him last night that you liked him, as more than a friend, but you knew deep down that you had fallen for him a long time ago. 
“What the fuck is this?” MJ’s voice scolded, causing you and Peter to pull apart quickly in alarm. Your roommate stood by your bed with her hands on her hips. 
“You two better not have sex while I’m in the room,” she scoffed causing you and Peter to both laugh as you turned red. Of course you had thought about having sex with Peter, how could you not when he looked like...that. But now that it was a real possibility, you felt incredibly nervous of the prospect of it. 
“And Parker, if you’re going to stay nights you could at least make me coffee in the morning,” MJ said while turning on her heel and heading towards the bathroom. 
“Fucking finally,” MJ muttered under her breath, causing you and Peter to laugh. “Ned owes me twenty bucks!”
“What do you mean?” you called as MJ slammed the door to the bathroom. “You two had a bet?!”
“Of course we did!” MJ called back as the shower started to run. “You two have been making eyes at each other for the last five years!”
You and Peter looked at each other, blushing in embarrassment. 
“Guess I should have asked you out a long time ago,” Peter whispered. 
You chuckled. “Better late than never.”
Peter hummed in response before cupping your cheek and bringing your lips to his in a sweet blissful kiss that made your head spin. 
chapter 3 - do you regret it? [1/25/21]
taglist: @hannahelizabeth-537​
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come-on-shitty-boys · a year ago
Tumblr media
//general dating headcannons//
Characters: Komori Motoya/Oikawa Tooru/Sakusa Kiyoomi/Miya Atsumu
Request: bby ;-; HCs or scenarios of Komori, Oikawa and OmiOmi please cause my knee and back are screaming murder and I just want some love :'C (+Atsumu but homegirl forgot)
Warnings: some swearing and I make one sex joke
Word Count: 2.4K (~600 a piece)
Notes: I PROMISE i’ll get back to doing fics I’m just a weenie with AWFUL time management skills
Komori Motoya
My bleppy eyebrow boy oml i love him so much
Smooch his motherfucking eyebrows and watch him become a flustered mess.  I swear, if you don’t, I will.  
He’s already an absolute sweetheart, but when it comes to you?  It’s a whole new level of soft.  I’m talking like he’s going to be buying you little gifts all the time.  He’s a really good listener, so you could mention your favorite book once and he’s going to scour the internet for a collector’s copy, or you maybe briefly mentioned that you thought orchids were really pretty and this boy? He’s bringing you a bouquet of them on your next date.  
Your beauty is so ethereal to him, so Komori calls you his angel
He is just genuinely so proud to have you as his girlfriend??  Like, the fact that someone as incredible as you??? Wanted to date him?? It’s still a shock to him, but he’s so happy that you did.
Komori is a sucker for physical contact, so whether you’re in the comfort of your own home or out in public, he will be touching you in some way.
If you’re in public?  It really depends on your comfort level.  He’s down to have his arm wrapped lovingly around your shoulders, or if you’re not super into PDA, he’ll just hold your hand or just intertwine his pinky with yours.  If you guys are at a restaurant, he’ll brush his knee against yours if you're across from him.  If you’re next to him, he’ll just press his shoulder against yours.  Anything to be in constant contact with you.
But if you’re in private, this baby just wants cuddles.  Please face him while you two cuddle, because he honestly wants to give you all the sweet kisses on your nose and he’ll just stroke your cheek while the two of you just chat or enjoy each other's company.
I already said this earlier, but it needs to be repeated: SMOOCH HIS EYEBROWS
Komori likes to pretend that he hates it, but he’s kinda obsessed with it?  And if he’s having a bad day, he’ll just hint at you that he wants eyebrow kisses
He’s going to call you just to make sure that you’ve eaten.
Honestly, he’s a caller instead of a texter, just because he wants to hear your voice.  Is it a little inconvenient? Yes, but he thinks it’s worth it.
The two of you have probably sat on the phone for HOURS with very minimal talking, just the two of you going about whatever you’re doing, but just enjoying knowing that the other is there.
He doesn’t really get jealous?  He’s pretty relaxed and doesn’t really feel threatened by other people?  On the rare occasion that he is jealous?  He will walk up to you, plant a short kiss to your lips, and ask if you’re ready to go.  
Call him a shortened version of his name and he’s putty in your hands.  His favorite is ‘toya.’ But he’s also a weenie for really cute pet names like “pumpkin” or “sweetheart”
Say it with me everyone: Husband material.
Sakusa Kiyoomi
Oh our stoic boy
I would love to tell you that he’s super sweet behind closed doors, but?? He’s just not.  He still has his calm, collected front.
Honestly?  It’s literally just because he’s never had a girlfriend before.  He’s still getting used to having someone that isn’t related to him tell him that they love him, so you’ll have to give him a little time to get used to this whole relationship thing.
There was definitely mutual pining going on on both sides.  You couldn’t tell if he liked you and he’s really prideful, so he didn’t want to be rejected, so there was a good three? Months of the two of you “talking” but even then it was really just him standing around in the hallway with his friends, and the two of you would always greet each other.  Maybe? MAYBE do a little small talk?
“Are you excited for your tournament this weekend?”
“I guess so.  Are you coming?”
Yeah.  That’s seriously his idea of flirting.
You’re inevitably the one who caves and just asks him on a date.  So, insert one (1) shocked Sakusa because he didn’t realize that you liked him too??
N E WAY.  He’s not a fan of PDA, but I’m sure that’s not a surprise to anyone.  The most he’ll do is drape his jacket over your shoulders as a sign that your his
But here is the surprise!  Once he gets a little more comfortable with you, he likes the physical contact.  If he thought you were germ-riddled, he wouldn’t date you, so it’s pretty easy for him to be okay with the contact.  Play with his hair?? Oh he’s in love.  That is his absolute favorite feeling.
Mask kisses? Mask kisses.  Speaking of masks, you two probably have a few matching ones that he got you for anniversaries or things like that.
He’s a big big fan of butterfly kisses or just nuzzling his nose against you?  It’s really sweet and intimate to him, so expect a lot of those if you two ever cuddle.
He’s a TALL mans, but he really doesn’t mind leaning down to kiss you.  If anything he thinks it’s even cuter that you’re smaller than him.
I would simply like to say beware of jealous Kiyoomi.  He’s not violent, but he’s really cold?  He’ll come up behind the guy who’s talking to you, likely towering over him.  Everything about Sakusa would be radiating this really dark aura.  He would probably just grab you by the wrist and pull you away from the encounter. 
But, he gets really soft afterwards?  Like he just wants to hold you and he’ll tell you over and over that he loves you just so he can hear you say it back.  
Kiyoomi usually has these soft moments when he feels threatened or if he’s just had a bad day.  He gets really, for lack of a better word, subby.  He wants to be cuddled and have his hair played with.  Be big spoon PLEASE and shower him with compliments.
He hates fighting with you, but the thing is.  He’s not really a scream-fighter?  He just gets really irritated, which is probably worse? Because then he really says the wrong thing and you’ll probably just leave.  There’s no use arguing with him when he’s like that.  He’s stubborn and doesn’t like to be wrong.
But he’s usually the first to apologize.  Especially if you’re genuinely upset.  It’ll be HOURS before he does say sorry, but if you’re not around, he’ll call you just to say that he’s sorry and that he didn’t mean it.
And then proceeds to ask you if you want ice cream, because he’s coming over to beg for cuddles.
Oikawa Tooru
I think I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again.
Oikawa Tooru is one of the biggest shit talkers that you will ever meet
I’m sorry did you actually think he was a player? No.  He’d be texting you about how much he wants to make out with you or ahem hit it until it breaks ahem but the moment the time comes?
Like, he’s hiding his face in his hands so you can’t see just how red his cheeks are.  It’s not that he doesn’t want to, he’s just a pleaser and he’s nervous that you won’t like it.
Tooru is two completely different people when you’re out in public and when it’s just the two of you.
When he’s around others, he’s the cool, confident person that you first met.  He’ll have his arm around your waist, a smug smile on his lips, showing you off.  
But, alone?  Oh, this boy ;-; he makes me angsty so prepare yourselves
Tooru is super vulnerable when he’s just with you.  You’ll find him opening up a lot, especially if the two of you have been dating for a while or just have a really strong bond.  
He talks about his insecurities when it comes to volleyball and how he doesn’t feel like he’s good enough compared to Kageyama or some of the other incredible players on the court.
He’ll confide in you about he doesn’t feel like people see him. He thinks that people only care about him because he’s popular and attractive, not because of who he is as a person.
So, Oikawa likes to be the one being cuddled for sure.  He likes to lay on his bed with his head in your lap while you either play with his hair or just gently trace his features.
While he likes being told that he’s handsome, if you give him compliments on his personality, he’s a complete weenie.
Long drives with him are the BEST.  Especially night drives.  Those are his absolute favorite dates.  You two will go get fast food, drive out to the middle of nowhere, lay out a blanket to look at the stars, talking, eating chicken nuggets, sharing a Coke.  Yeah.  That’s the good shit right there.
Tooru. Likes. Podcasts. No, sorry.  He loves them.  
I think I mentioned this in a match-up, but he’s a horror/sci-fi junkie, so he really loves podcasts like “Welcome to Night Vale,” “Alice Isn’t Dead,” and “The Hidden Almanac.”
Watch horror films with him, please.  I promise, if you’re scared, he’ll let you bury your head in his chest.  He may laugh a little, but he will tell you that he thinks it’s cute.  If you don’t want to watch, that’s fine, but he’ll probably call you just to talk about it.
But, if you like that stuff too?  Movie marathons are a regular occasion for the two of you and you take turns sharing your favorites.
Oikawa is another one who just always wants to have contact with you.  He’ll kiss you in public, but he mainly likes to hold your hand.  He’ll swing them a little between the two of you as you walk and then bring your knuckles up to his lips just to give them a little kiss.  He kisses every knuckle bye
Every now and then his knee will get little sharp pains or just ache in general.  It can happen pretty randomly and he always feels guilty when it happens, because he needs to cut the date short, but he’s just in stupid amounts of pain and needs to lay down.
But, if you take care of him while he’s nursing his knee by bringing him water and painkillers, or pillows to prop his knee up, or even a heat pack to make it feel better?
He’s ready to wife you tf up.
Miya Atsumu
 I love Atsumu with my whole heart and I am so so sorry for hurting him
Unlike most people he’s around, Atsumu is a complete softie for you.  You’re his princess and he will treat you as such.  
He’ll bring you flowers ALL THE TIME.
Sometimes the notes attached will be really sweet.  Him telling you why he loves you or how happy he is to have you in his life.
Other times?  It’s probably some bullshit like “ur dumb” or some teasing remark about something ridiculous you said.  They’re all jokes and you get that, so they usually make you laugh.  You’ll probably give him a little “Hey!” of mock hurt and a little smack upside the head or on his chest, but you can’t hide the smile on your face, because despite the note, he did still get you flowers. 
Atsumu is a big big fan of PDA.  You know that thing from “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” where Peter puts his hand in Lara Jean’s back pocket?  Yeah.  He does that.  And he totally did not get it from that movie he did
He also likes to just have his arm around you so he can pull you into his side for maximum physical contact.
Wear his clothes and uhhhh atsumudotexe has stopped responding.  You just pull them off so well.  And if it’s a sweatshirt with his name on the back?  He will take a picture and it will be on his Snapchat/Instagram story and it will be his new lockscreen.
Call him ‘Mu.  He likes it so much more than any pet name you could ever give him.  Babe/baby is too common.  Sweetheart just doesn’t ft.  Honey/Hon isn’t really his vibe either.  He likes ‘Mu and you are the only person who’s allowed to call him that.  
He lets you wear his training jacket during games, just to kind of silently let everyone know that you’re his, but he’s so vocal about his relationship with you, that everyone already knows not to flirt with you
But on the off chance that they do?? Oh, dear.  He’s not even mean, he just has this really smug smile on his face when he approaches the guy talking to you.  He’ll step between the two of you and introduce himself, absolutely crushing the other guy's hand in a handshake, never letting his smile drop.  
Atsumu will ask what you’re talking about, inputting himself into the conversation, making some little snide comments to piss the other guy off.  He’s a slow burn kind of aggressive when he’s jealous.
He honestly isn’t super big into cuddling?  Like, if you want to, sure, but he’s never going to initiate cuddles.  
You’re more than welcome to sit in his lap facing him and bury your face in his chest or shoulder while rubs your back, though.  He’s a fan of that.  You just look really cute all snuggled against him.
Or if you want to lay between his legs on the couch?  Yeap.  He likes that too.  But those are really the only two ways he likes to cuddle.  
One of your favorite ways to spend your lazy days together is just listening to music, maybe dancing around, or singing, but mainly just laying around and just chatting or enjoying each other’s company
It’s because of this that he gave you a set of mix tapes for your six month anniversary.   And, yes.  There was one for each month you had been dating.  He’s really cheesy.  Don’t come for him.
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brandywine-tomatoes · 10 months ago
Joel Aron Fan Club Meeting - Dissecting the Lighting of 'Rescue on Ryloth'
Main Masterlist
Star Wars Masterlist
Get ready for a semi-cohesive rant disguised as a dissection on the lighting of Rescue on Ryloth, mainly just me fangirling over the man, the myth, the legend, Joel Aron.
If you don't know, Aron was the CG VFX and lighting supervisor for The Clone Wars, Rebels, and The Bad Batch, and holds the position of cinematography, lighting, and VFX director of Lucas Films.
He was also one of the frequent cryptic tweeters when TBB episodes were airing.
~ ~
So I went back to Rescue on Ryloth earlier today to find frames for the background of my laptop. I have to go through the episode second by second to get the right frames and I fell into a rabbit hole of examining individual shots could you tell I have adhd.
~ ~
Tumblr media
We all know this scene as the one Hera calls for the help of TBB Leia Organa style.
First off, I absolutely love how Hera's projection isn't just all shadows, the light from whatever screen Chopper probably has out is reflecting on her face. The contrast between her left side verses her right is gorgeous and so effective in telling us she's somewhere dark, perhaps in hiding, which contributes to the storytelling as well.
As well, the minimal (but strong) light showing on her right lekku is much warmer than the cool lighting of the screen reflecting on her face, which also tells us she's somewhere dark but with access to natural light. Perhaps a cave?
Something not related to lighting, but this whole scene was beautifully framed. The natural leading lines of the ship console unconsciously guide our eyes to Hera, the subject of the scene. This is one of the main things my art teachers love to yell at my grade for: why don't you have any leading lines to draw attention to the subject?! It's free real estate! The design of the cockpit makes so much sense from a visual and storytelling standpoint which I appreciate a lot.
I go to an art high school, so we have enhanced programs that you have to audition for. I have a visual arts major (like uni majors and minors) that I auditioned for, so I get the highest level of arts education my school has to offer, unlike a visual arts minor or the general arts courses of the Canadian curriculum, so when I'm talking about my art teachers yelling at us about things, they fuckin yell cause they know we know better.
~ ~
Tumblr media
A theme you'll start to see in this rant is that I'm a huge fuckin fan of harsh contrast. Dark darks, light lights, that kinda thing (Spoons, if you see this, 😎. If you know, you know). I incorporate it into my own art to make it more effective in the vibe I'm trying to convey.
Joel Aron's style is hard, hard contrast and accentuating natural outlines, he even confirmed that in an interview when talking about season 7 of TCW, and he's incredible at executing this! The small sections of light reaching Hera are making her character stand out even more against the background and grounds her even more in the space. Harsh black outlines usually used to make something stand out don't appear naturally, so finding other ways to naturally outline or highlight a character against the environment is a must, and Aron is so fuckin good at this, his style contributing tremendously to it as well.
Plus the light is much warmer than the shadows which I appreciate a lot. Natural sunlight is always going to come off in warm tones on any surface, so thank god this guy knows colours and basic lighting 🤣
~ ~
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Again, just more amazing contrast and separating a subject from the surrounding environment using light.
As well, the 2 bottom images really resemble Crosshair in the second last episode when he's being all edgy and saying "Don't make the same mistake twice, don't become my enemy" and like- bruh, this man is fuckin typing up non-existent loose ends through the fucking lighting of all things doing better then the writers, but that's none of my business >kermit sipping tea meme<.
He also said somewhere that it was definitely his intention of lighting Crosshair much darker than the rest of the Batch to show his alignment with the Empire or some shit, so I don't know what he's doing here, but as a dark Omega fan, I approve 👀👀
~ ~
Tumblr media
Even more beautiful contrast. Something my photography teacher also drilled into our heads is the triangle rule (at least that's what she called it), which is actually called rembrandt lighting. When you photograph portraits, you usually want a small triangle on the opposite side of the main light source to balance out the shadows or some shit.
But Aron didn't do that here. Remember, his style is much more dramatic and heightened. He used split lighting here, where half the subject's face is completely shadows and the other completely light, a demonstration of the stylistic choices he made for this show.
~ ~
NUMBER 5 (you made it to the end! Gold star to you bestie)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
More cool and warm highlights being used, the warm coming from within the ship which is also positioned towards her friends and the planning of rescuing her parents which I find kinda cute and the cool light from space outside the windshield?, both beautifully outlining her face and kind of showing what she's fighting for: her family (warm light) and the freedom of space and the galaxy (cool light), but I'm totally reading into this, so take it with a grain of salt 🤣, he probably didn't mean anything by that.
~ ~
So yeah, that's my rant on the lighting of Rescue on Ryloth.
Hey, you know what's a good idea, if you want me to dissect a specific scene or episode of any series/movie in Star Wars based on an art student's perspective and 'expertise', just ask! I love talking about Star Wars and art techniques, plus I'd get to use my schooling for something useful.
There'll definitely be more of these as I go through the episodes to find more backgrounds, but if you ask for a certain episode, I'll definitely get to that ep. first!
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pepperful-qt · a year ago
hi can u write smth on like headcanons on what type of person would tsukki tendou iwaizumi and kenma crush on 👁👄👁
ooh funfun. this is something i do a lot for characters i write about to make the reader character realistic, so this is right up my alley :3 this focuses primarily on personality rather than physical types (with a small exception)
*just a heads up, this is LONG
the type of person they crush on w/ Tsukishima, Tendou, Iwaizumi, & Kenma
for Tsukki it wouldn’t necessarily be someone exactly like him, but they’d have definite similarities
they’d earn his respect before they’d get his heart
hands down this person needs to have a thick skin. i think generally Tsukki doesn’t outright insult or harshly tease (like with Hinata & Kags) the people he really cares about or has affection for (look at his relationship with Yamaguchi), but he is blunt and sometimes unintentionally snaps or is just straight up mean
if someone is easily affected by that, it’s a no go, sorry
not to say they couldn’t get their feelings hurt, and he would feel bad especially if his crush had already developed, but initially there would need to be a resistance or retort to that kind of thing. they’d understand that his words come from a place of both honesty and care, and any lashing out is just a result of stress and unresolved emotion
yeah he’d be attracted to intelligence and wit
part of me just thinks he enjoys mental stimulation and someone who can make him think not only piques his interest in the person but also makes him enjoy and look forward to spending time with them
at the same time, being able to enjoy comfortable silence is important too
and wit. he’d definitely tease someone he has a crush on though and i’ll tell you why
he has two goals: get them flustered or get them to smile/laugh genuinely
he’d love someone that can tease back, and makes him work for a reaction
and--this is important--makes him smile and laugh
speaks fluent sarcasm
not a pushover, and not afraid to call him out when he goes too far 
they probably have weird habits or specific tastes or something, which he picks up on as the perceptive guy he is occasionally he uses them as fodder for teasing
they’d be someone with layers ha shrek or with personas they switch between easily, like going from sweet to stone-faced roaster
to tack onto the mental stimulation, you know how Yachi said Tsukki treats everything logically and approaches his blocking like a difficult test question? to an extent the same would apply to that person
he’d be figuring out how they tick, what makes them laugh, etc, and in the process of that it turns into a different kind of interest
it takes him a bit to figure out why exactly he likes seeing their smile or spending time with them, or why he cares so much
a certain subtle air of confidence
i think Tsukki would appreciate music taste
someone who is caring and generous, but doesn’t make a big deal out of it
they’d quietly offer help to a classmate if they noticed they’re struggling, or bring back an extra drink for him from the vending machine like it’s the most casual thing in the world
someone that cares about themselves, but not obsessed with themselves
to quote a favorite song of mine: sweet with a mean streak (not mean really, but not afraid to bite back)
* * *
simply put, it wouldn’t be any average person
there would be something about the person that initially caught his eye, something unique that makes them stand out just a little
examples of this could be: a sharp tongue, a book or manga they always have on their desk, a keychain, dyed hair, wearing headphones all the time (he wonders what they’re listening to)
these would be things that make him interested and start paying attention to the person, eventually even striking up a conversation
in terms of personality, I think he’d enjoy someone with a sense of humor. obviously we know he can get along with most people regardless of that (ushijima) even if not everyone understands him, but someone that isn’t thrown off by his dramatic personality and responds in kind would definitely excites him
he likes to chatter, so a good listener and/or someone that’s a good conversationalist would be great tbh
and i’ll just say it, if this person is a manga/anime fan, or just knowledgeable on pop culture in general immediate bonus points. shared passions are great
an acknowledging smile or greeting, especially before they’re acquainted, actually goes a long way bc he has a history of being shunned and mocked by his peers. just that simple kindness which is unfortunate that not treating someone like that would be seen as kind is really important to him before he realizes it
a huge thing i think for him is feeling comfortable being himself around them. that itself allows him to be more open with his emotions and actually develop a crush
so going back to humor and a teasing relationship, it would need to be the type that doesn’t insult things like looks or anything like that. he has a history of insecurity that is still probably present, even if he’s mostly dealt with it, but again, being comfortable is huge. tasteful and dumbass humor only
someone who’s not afraid to say what’s on their mind. he appreciates that kind of directness, and finds it entertaining to an extent
there’s also a certain unpredictability and spontaneity with this person that keeps him on his toes and excites him. he loves a challenge
he’d love someone who shamelessly compliments him. truthfully it’s a bit of an ego thing, but in a specific way:
for Tendou, volleyball is his safe haven. that’s where he grew his confidence and skill and made his friends, so it feels nice for him to have someone appreciate the things he’s good at and cares about when he’s worked so hard for it  
and he loves looking and feeling cool, and being showered in compliments is a great confidence booster heyhey seratonin
he’d love to make them laugh
if they compliment something like his looks, humor, passion, etc that will always really touch his heart. he’d brush it off with an “i know right~?” but in reality he’s freaking out because those are important parts of his self that have really been ignored or unrecognized by most people
this person would become another safe haven where he feels accepted and confident, and genuinely enjoys being around <3
* * *
the first thing i thought of for Iwa is someone authentic
a person who is true to themselves and the people around them
he despises fake people. those types were usually the ones always confessing to Oikawa or improving themselves for him. he just thinks it’s wrong
a nice laugh. i don’t mean pretty and refined necessarily, but one that is genuine and contagious and unforced
maybe it is a naturally pretty or refined laugh, but what matters is that it’s a laugh that is theirs, not for anyone else. that’s what’s attractive to him and makes his heart speed up when he hears it
a person who is thoughtful, considerate, and compassionate. like Tsukishima, he appreciates the quiet type of kindness
but he finds it amusing when they get just a little flustered when another person points it out
another little thing, but he’d probably find someone who’s a bad flirter absolutely adorable
he’d appreciate someone emotionally intelligent and perceptive
this is a person that is usually aware of how others are feeling and is able to adjust themselves to be the most effective in that situation
for example, they can adjust their own behavior to make someone feeling nervous at ease or defuse an angry person getting out of hand
this means their advice and comments are taken much better
tbh i could see him liking someone both reserved or incredibly expressive
so they could be the type that’s an extroverted hard-to-hate ball of sunshine, or a calm individual who’s respected and whose presence is appreciated by everyone
either way, he’d notice it
this is really the exception to the ‘disliking fake people’ thing
and he’s a hot-headed, tough-love kind of guy. his caring nature is often hidden behind that behavior  
so he’d admire that kind of social ability and understanding
another thing that i immediately thought of for what he’s attracted to: passion and ambition
what their passion is is less important than the fire in their eyes when the topic comes up, or they talk about their aspirations and huge, sometimes unattainable goals
this doesn’t mean they have their life figured out, but they care both about the future and living in the moment
this is just a hunch, but he’d probably be more inclined to like an athlete or someone that takes care of their body and physical conditioning
someone who challenges him to be better. someone who understands what it means to be proud and understanding your own imperfections at the same time
a vocal supporter
whether it’s yelling his name from the stands when he makes a spike, or encouraging him to follow his passions after high school, or bragging about him to their friends, having someone unapologetically express their belief in him just makes his heart soar
but really, he likes someone who can cheer him on and tell it like it is when he needs it. he’s a pretty tough cookie so he doesn’t mind bluntness (actually prefers it)
i see him liking someone who can surprise him too
the kind of person to hit him up at midnight to go for a drive under the stars or have a dance party in the park to music from a bluetooth speaker
a passionate, authentic, and level-headed adventurer
* * *
i’ve written so much Kenma recently lots of these traits are probably obvious lmao
first things first, he just needs to be able to vibe with them
it sounds obvious, but it’s really important. just being able to exist and not feel pressure to be someone he’s not is huge
another boy who loves comfortable silence, or someone who can talk and not mind him being minimally responsive sometimes because he is listening he’s just quiet
he’s an actions>words type of person though
so if they ask about his passions and actually show interest in him that’s great, and he notices, but following through is even better
examples: remembering his favorite flavors, engaging in conversation about the game he’s playing then the next day asking if he beat that level he was stuck on, asking how the tournament went when he mentioned how tired he was from consecutive preparatory practices the week before
things that show they do pay attention, and they do care
someone who looks out for him
this comes in many forms: bringing him a drink and snack bc you know he’s been up all night binging a new game and is probably dehydrated and hungry, or gently guiding him by the arm when he’s got his nose in his game and would definitely walk into traffic, or taking over in a conversation when they recognize he’s just hit his social quota
again, actions>words
along with this interest in him, trying to playfully get him to smile or get a reaction out of him would be annoying at first, but eventually would get him more and more flustered
sound contradictory to what i said before about him needing to feel not pressured? it is a little bit. he doesn’t get it either
really it’s the fact that this person wants to show the way he already feels
okay like Tendou, i feel like i have to say that if they play games or at least are knowledgeable about them, or even want to learn about them, it’s immediate bonus points
it’s one of his two loves. they don’t even have to be good at games as long as they can engage or listen to his rant about the history of a series or how the game mechanics differ between two different platformers and why one may be considered smoother gameplay, but it’s actually more restrictive--
you get it
someone who just casually checks in. “how are you doing?” then moves on and doesn’t make a big deal, but will listen if he needs to vent
like Iwa, he likes someone who’s straightforward and genuine
and like Tendou, there’s something about them that is unique that he latches onto
needs someone “interesting” that always brings some new experience
like Tsukki, he likes mental stimulation why do i keep using the others as examples lmao 
they need to have a sense of humor. may surprise you, but he is bffs with Kuroo, and someone witty is someone who’s interesting
he’s always got a lot on his mind, he’s always thinking
they’d need to be someone he feels comfortable conversing with and sharing his thoughts with, and is a good and responsive listener
some sort of intellectual capability
when he gets to the point where he actually seeks out their company, he starts to realize his feelings
and when he does, he’ll feel more nervous initiating interaction (afraid he’ll say or do something wrong) 
they need to be someone who will take the initiative and seek him out too, and that would only intensify his crush
this turned into more of a character analysis,, oops?
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ssa-lesbian · 2 years ago
my character’s strong but my head is loose
word count: 2.3k words
So maybe Emily Prentiss is a little jealous.
-> read on AO3
(Contains alcohol. Except I’ve never had alcohol before, so I’m just guessing what drunk people are like.)
“Maybe you guys should stop,” JJ says, the voice of reason covered by the crowd around her and her friends’ excited shrieks as they down another shot. There’s concern etched all of her face, but her mouth is curved in a smile of amusement, and Penelope laughs as she pinches her cheek.
“Oh, JJ, sweet, gorgeous, angelic Jayje,” she croons, cheeks flushed pink from all the alcohol, “our dear Em challenged me, and you know I can never back down from a challenge.”
The new agent laughs a little breathlessly, her cheeks so much more red than Penelope and pupils a little blown, and JJ can only shake her head. Penelope had insisted they all go out for drinks today, as the team had been gone for the entire week and she hadn’t seen them since last Saturday, and once they sat down, Emily commented she could hold more alcohol than the other. Penelope took it to heart, with JJ dutifully sitting out and standing as judge, but from the red glows of her friends, she starts to regret letting them compete.
“Well, I have to go,” she says, standing up and sliding a ten dollar bill to the other agents, smiling at their cries of protest. “I told you guys already, my brother’s in town, I’m going to meet his kid.”
“Oh, the Thomas brother?” Emily asks, eyebrows furrowing as she desperately tries to recall any mention of the media liaison’s family through her drunken haze, and JJ and Penelope laugh at her confused expression.
“Yes, the Thomas brother,” JJ mimics, reaching for her phone. “The one who was disowned when I was two and didn’t even know existed until he found me a couple weeks ago.”
“Ah, the Thomas brother,” Emily says, her face breaking into a goofy grin that makes it clear she hasn’t processed any of what JJ had said. “Tell him I— we— I said hello!”
JJ scrunches her face up in a pained expression, and she sticks her tongue out at the dark-haired woman. 
“Oh, I will,” she says. “Take care of yourselves, okay? Bye guys.”
She presses a quick kiss to Penelope’s cheek before waving goodbye, disappearing out of sight after ducking out of the doorway, and the remaining blonde turns to her companion, eyes narrowed in mischievousness before frowning at the dull expression on her face.
“Hey, what’s wrong?”
Emily stares sullenly at the table before declaring, “I’m like, super drunk,” and downing the remaining full shot on their table, wincing at the burn. Penelope giggles, but it quickly fades when it’s clear the shot didn’t help her at all.
“How come she only kisses you?” Emily blurts out, and the tech analyst stares at her.
Her normally pale skin is incredibly flushed, spreading all over her face and dipping into her cleavage, and she fumbles for words as Penelope watches, fascinated by the normally held-together agent unraveling. I guess she can’t do tequila.
“She always kisses you,” Emily says, “but not me. Why won’t she kiss me?”
“I— what?” Penelope starts laughing, serving only to edge on the flustered agent as she continues, her voice rising in pitch and volume.
“I always see her kissing you! Like, on the cheek, but she never kisses me. Do you think she doesn’t like me? Is that why she won’t kiss me?”
“Emily, sweetheart, JJ likes you plenty—”
“I like her too!” Emily says loudly, drawing heads from the surrounding customers, and Penelope has to stifle a laugh when she realizes the brunette is swaying on her seat. “I like her, like, a lot, and I want her to kiss me—”
“As much as I absolutely adore you, sweet Em, I’m going to take you home,” Penelope interrupts, standing up and offering her arm to the brunette agent, who blinks dumbly at the sudden movement before groping for her arm to stand shakily. “You, my pretty, have had too much to drink.”
The taxi ride back to Emily’s apartment is surprisingly quiet, the only sign of Emily’s distress her bouncing knee, giving Penelope plenty of time to analyze everything that came out of her friend’s mouth. Walking up three flights of stairs is surprisingly easy, considering how drunk Emily is (she only slips twice), and she’s able-bodied enough to unlock her door and close it behind the two before collapsing on her couch, eyes glazed over and lip trembling. Penelope chortles to herself as she pours a glass of water for the two of them from her kitchen before hurrying over and setting the glass down on the coffee table between the couch and armchair, taking a seat and biding her time in the plush armchair..
Dark beauty wants golden angel to kiss her, huh? she muses. She snorts as she remembers how just last week, JJ had sprinted into her lair in a flustered mess, fanning her pink cheeks and nearly hyperventilating as she brokenly explained to Penelope how she had bumped into Emily and dropped her papers and they both bent down to pick them up and when JJ looked up she was literally an inch away from Emily’s face and her eyes were so dark and her lips were so dark and red and plump and--
“What’s so funny?” Emily says suddenly, eyes snapping back into focus to stare down Penelope, who doesn’t bother smothering her giggles.
“Hm?” Penelope asks.
Emily narrows her eyes in suspicion, and she begins biting her lip before blurting out, “I really like her, Garcia.”
“Oh sweetie, I know—”
“I really, really like her! She’s so pretty, and whenever we’re on cases and I look at her, it’s like she’s glowing. Glowing. Like the sun.”
“And the way her eyes pierce you, like they can see right through you,” Penelope prompts, and Emily nods enthusiastically.
“Yeah, her eyes! They’re so blue, when I look at her and she sees me, it’s like— it’s like we’re the only people in the room. She’s so stunning, so—” she waves her arms around, poised as though to demonstrate some abstract concept, and she settles for, “perfect. JJ is perfect. You know when I first came here, she was the first person I talked to?”
The blonde shakes her head, unable to hide the wide grin on her face as Emily continues, emboldened.
“She asked me where I was going and I thought I was going to faint, she was wearing a pencil skirt and her legs were so toned and her eyes were so bright, I said she was pretty and I was looking for an Agent Hotchner—”
Penelope gasps. “She never told me that.”
JJ did tell her that. Showed up in Penelope’s office without warning, cheeks flushed and knees shaking before announcing that a new agent just told her she was pretty and that said-new agent was also very pretty. Penelope let her cool down in the lair for a bit before sending her out to chase after this new agent, but not before sneaking into all the available cameras in the FBI building just to see how pretty this new agent was.
“Her lips look so cute, Garcia,” Emily says dreamily. “Have you seen them? It’s hard not to, they’re so pink, and they look so soft. Are they soft, Garcia?”
“Well, that’s for you to find out, isn’t it?” Penelope teases, and Emily lets out a sigh as she starts fanning herself. “Sweetheart, you’re all red, and you’re horribly drunk.”
“I am,” Emily agrees. “Why are you in my home?”
“Oh baby,” Penelope coos, standing up to help Emily to her feet. “I’ve had my fill of stories and tellings from you today, but I’m thinking maybe you should clean yourself up and get to bed. Here, let’s go.”
Emily is a vaguely put-together drunk, the blonde notes, despite having no filter in her mouth. She comes out of the bathroom in one piece (Penelope has to help her fix her robe, which she put on backwards), and after only minimal coaxing, curls up in bed, breathing steadying out within moments. Penelope stands at the bedroom doorway, studying the now-passed out agent, and with a grin, she exits the apartment, making sure to lock the door on her way out. Her Uber driver makes no comment when she spends the entire ride on her phone, texting someone.
“Hey, how was the shot contest?”
Emily looks up from her papers and smiles at the media liaison, who’s now perched on the edge of her desk, leaning over slightly, files pressed tightly to her chest.
“Hey JJ,” Emily says, pushing her papers to the side. “Ah, it was fine— Pen took me home ‘cause she was worried I was too drunk.”
“Too drunk?” JJ laughs, hand reaching up to brush away a few strands of golden hair, and Emily’s breath catches.
“Yeah, well, I think she was just scared of losing,” she manages, and JJ snorts.
“Really?” JJ says. “From what I heard, you were pretty drunk.”
“What you heard?”
Usually, it’s Emily making JJ flustered, but it’s the way she’s perched on her desk and the way her white button-down is buttoned maybe a button too low and the way it fits perfectly to her body and the way her sleeves are rolled up and her lips—
“You don’t remember?”
JJ’s dubious voice snaps Emily out of her daze, and she frowns slightly at the look of disbelief on her face.
“I—” Emily says slowly. “I remember you left early, and then Pen took me back to my apartment.”
“Do you remember anything else?” JJ asks, and Emily has a flashback to grade school, being called out in front of the entire class only to have no idea what was going on.
“Am I supposed to?”
JJ studies her, mouth slightly open, tongue poking out, and Emily squirms under her piercing gaze. “Jayje—”
“I guess you really don’t, huh,” JJ finally says.
There’s a silence as Emily struggles to find something to say, and she offers a meek, “Sorry.”
JJ, to her credit, laughs, and there’s a twinkle in her eyes that makes Emily’s stomach flip inside and out as she slides off her desk easily.
“No worries,” she says before, “Oh, I’ve got a new file for you.”
Emily groans as she takes the file, but she also knows JJ could hand her twenty files and she wouldn’t complain. Holding it, however, Emily notices that it’s light, and she frowns, but before she can protest, JJ smiles, and Emily’s voice dies in her throat.
“Take care, Emily,” JJ says. “I’ll see you around.”
And she leans forward and kisses Emily.
The only thing Emily can register is how soft her lips are. It’s a quick kiss on the cheek, and it happens so quickly, she wonders if it even happened at all. Her hand flies up to her cheek, mouth hanging open as JJ leans back and shoots her a grin, the corner of her mouth quirking up in— satisfaction?— before spinning on her heel and almost sauntering back to her office. Her face is burning-- her face is definitely burning-- but she can still feel the ghost of JJ’s tender lips pressing against her.
The file in her hand— she opens it, and there’s just a single sticky-note in JJ’s signature wide-looped cursive.
I can kiss you however much you want on a date.
“Better close your mouth before you catch any flies, princess,” someone sings, and Emily whirls around in her chair, mouth snapping shut immediately as she glares at her coworker.
“Shut it, Morgan,” she manages, but he only barks out a laugh as he turns to his deskmate.
“Reid, you see that?” Morgan crows. “Our resident hot-shot just got demolished by blondie’s little kiss.”
“I did see that,” Reid confirms, and Emily swings her glare to him. He only smirks and adds, “Her pupils are completely blown—”
“Goodbye,” Emily interrupts, getting up from her seat and almost bolting out of the bullpen, and now her ears are burning and her hands are shaking and she does not need to be here right now and maybe she could go and find JJ right now and see if that note is genuine—
Rossi joins Hotch at the railing of the bullpen, just in time to see Emily scrambling out of the bullpen, leaving a cackling Morgan and Reid in her wake.
“Well?” the Unit Chief asks, raising an eyebrow.
Rossi grunts. There’s a flicker of a smile on Hotch’s face. “Sorry, could you say that again?”
Another noise from the senior agent. Hotch waits patiently, one hand on the railing and the other holding the next case’s files, and then finally Rossi responds.
“You win,” he grumbles. “JJ made the first move.”
“Oh, did she now?” Hotch teases, and Rossi scoffs.
“Only barely, it was a kiss on the cheek! She kisses Garcia like that all the time—”
“But this was a first for Emily,” Hotch interrupts, a cheeky grin on his face. “Considering all they do is dance around each other, I think a kiss on the cheek is definitely a move.”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Was it $20?”
“Ah, I believe it was $25.”
Another grumble as Rossi passes Hotch the two bills, and the younger agent tucks it away discreetly. He hands Rossi his folder, and when Rossi takes it, he asks, “How did you know?”
“How did you know it would be JJ? Emily had always been the one to flirt first. I thought for sure she was dominant enough to make the first move.”
Hotch smiles.
“Dave, I handpicked JJ for the media liaison role at the BAU. I trained her myself. There’s a lot more to her than she shows.”
And as Hotch saunters back to his office, leaving Rossi $25 lighter, the senior agent has to agree.
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letbenfuck2021 · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
inside your head the sound of glass by soitgoes/fiveyavibecheck
So he’ll ruin her. To make her stay, he’ll break her down until she’s just as trapped as he is.
rating. explicit. warnings. incest/pseudo-incest, dark fic, dead dove: do not eat, dub-con written for fiveya week 2019. prompt: jealousy. ao3 link
Five is jealous. There’s no getting around it. 
He’s been stewing on the leather upholstered arm chair in the hotel’s lobby for fifteen minutes now while his siblings chatter excitedly among themselves blissfully ignorant of Five's plight. Ben, whom Five often regarded as his most intuitive sibling, is the only one who took notice of his anguish. He turns his attention from Allison, who has been explaining a meticulously planned attack on every worthy boutique in a fifteen mile radius, to give Five a concerned look. Five just glowers at his brother before sinking further into his seat.
He really shouldn't fault them for their elation. Just moments ago, Pogo informed them that they’ve all been allotted a few hours of free time. A reward on behalf of their father for a job well done. It makes them feel victorious in a way that completing a mission hasn't felt in a while.
The Paris job had been nearly flawless, no in-fighting or drama, minimal property damage. It had certainly impressed Reginald enough to grant them something as coveted and rare as unsupervised time. And all this was due in no small part to Five’s own efforts.
For years now, he’s played the part of lodestone, the linchpin in the failing mechanism that is the Umbrella Academy. No one wants to say it out loud but they can all feel how precarious their reality is. None of them want to talk about what happened in Philadelphia last year. No one wants to talk about the pale, jagged scar across Diego’s temple or Klaus’ crooked ring finger or how Ben now walks with the smallest limp, favoring his right side. But this isn’t Philadelphia and there are no scars in the making or broken bones, at least not on the Academy’s part. No, these past five days have been nearly perfect, a throwback to the glory days.
He looks around at their faces and notices that his siblings aren't just victorious or satisfied, they are  happy. And he can't even be happy for them. Instead, at the sight of their cheery banter and open smiles, all he can feel is envy that as they all prepare to set out and enjoy their morning and afternoon freely, blissfully he is left bogged down by an affliction that has a first and last name.
Five stands abruptly with enough force to send his seat screeching back a little ways. This time, all of his siblings stop to stare at him. Both Ben and Klaus seem concerned, Diego a little irritated, and Luther only stared blankly at him. Philadelphia had changed Luther most of all. The three mechanical fingers on his left hand flex ever so slightly but his expression remains cool. He almost feels sorry for his brother. It wasn't just his fingers Number One lost. It isn't until his eyes land on Number Three that any kind sympathy drained into cold, hard resentment. At least she had the decency to look sorry.
After a second, Five waved them off and left them to find Pogo. It's been years since she'd saddled him with a ball and chain with her Rumor but Five has yet to forgive her. Not that they all hadn't used their powers on each other at some point. During training, for pranks, to showboat, even just out of boredom, but what Allison did to him five years ago had changed the course of his life forever.
It's a cruel sort of irony that he, of all people, should be saddled with a ball and chain. By all laws of the universe, Five should be well on his way to the top of the world. He’s the son of one of the richest men in the world, a literal genius who can bend space and time and yet he's stuck playing cops and robbers all because of one particular phrase produced by one particular mouth.
  I heard a rumor…
In a way, it’s Five’s own fault that he’s landed himself in his current predicament. He’s always had a little bit of a rebellious streak. Blame his intellect paired with a curious nature and taste for the mischievous, but he's never been able to accept at face value the vague, foreboding explanations which seem to be the only kind that Sir Reginald knows how to give. So whether it be because of incessant questioning or outright disobedience by age thirteen, Five became such a destructive force on the team that he had nearly, single handedly dismantled the whole team.
He agitates the rivalry between Diego and Luther, indulges Klaus’ vices. As if this wasn’t bad enough, Five would constantly undermine Reginald’s authority. Whether it be on missions or during their school lessons, Five seemed to simply be incapable of behaving. Worst of all, he dared to interact, in fact seek out the company of the academy’s resident pariah, their  other  sister. Number Seven.  Vanya .
Five finds Pogo in the hotel’s smoking room. The old chimp had made himself at home with a cup of coffee, still steaming, and a newspaper pulled up in front of his face.
"I have to call home,” Five declares with a scowl.
He’s never been a fan of cigarettes, Five found it to be a nasty habit, so he finds it incredibly irritating that Pogo always seems to hole himself up in one whenever the team is granted the luxury of staying in a place swanky enough to have one. Doubly so, seeing as Pogo did not smoke.
Pogo’s fingers make deft work of folding his newspaper down so he can look over at his young charge and he frowns at the sight. Pogo had known Number Five all his life. There had been a time when Five had shone brightest among his siblings. Intelligent, inquiring, Pogo had hoped that at least he would be able to escape Reginald’s grasp but as it turned out, his master’s reach was far longer and more sinister than any of them could have imagined.
“Number Five! Shouldn’t you be planning out your day like the rest of your sib-”
Five cuts him off.
“I didn’t come here for pleasantries, Pogo. Just give me the card.”
Pogo pauses a moment and takes a good hard look at the young man before him. This fall, he and his siblings will be eighteen, legally free of their father’s hold but in all other ways completely trapped. To anyone else, Number Five must seem a handsome and driven young man. In press conferences, he was amicable and charming enough to be approachable but he was also careful to cultivate an air of respectability as well. Though Luther still held the position of Number One, Pogo, and the old chimp suspected everyone else, knew that it was Five who pulled the strings on this team. But looking at Five now, he saw not the intriguing young man or even the iron-fisted leader that the public and his siblings saw. Pogo only saw a sad young man marred by his affliction.
“You can save the pitying looks, old man,” Five practically growls. “Give. Me. The card.”
He grinds out the last words from between his gritted teeth. His eyes shine a little, bright blue and burning with a frenzy that is not unlike the look Pogo had seen in Klaus’ eyes after spending a few days locked down in some dungeon beneath the mansion. His were the eyes of a man who had been denied his fix for too long. Six days without it had left Five brittle and Pogo had learned better than to bait him in this state. So he quickly fishes the telephone card from inside his vest pocket and hands it over. Without so much as a word of thanks, Five snatches it from his hand and leaves.
Five thinks that it must have been his attachment to Vanya that finally tipped their father over the edge, either that or Reginald realized that it was something he could use. Even before Allison rumored him, Five had always been fond of Vanya. Partly because he knew it pissed his father off but more so because she was so completely separated from the bullshit and melodrama that came with being part of the illustrious Umbrella Academy. At first, it truly had been a passing fancy to seek out Vanya’s company. He was curious about the sibling that he and the rest had been separated from since they were four. He had expected her to be dull. Plain little Number Seven had no powers, no special abilities. As their father had driven into their heads for as long as he could remember, Number Seven was not like them, she was ordinary and they all insinuated that this meant she was worthy of nothing more than their scorn and occasionally their pity. But when he actually started speaking and spending time with her Five was delighted to find that she was a wealth of entertainment. She’s easy to tease and unlike their other siblings who had been trained to be as ruthless and barbed to attack, Vanya reacts usually with a shy blush or a stuttering reply that often results in her turning her face to the floor and scurrying away. It’s fun. It’s like having a new toy to take apart, to understand, and to ultimately put back together again.
Ultimately, Five finds that Vanya is a perfectly good way to pass the time. It isn’t until the first time things go bad on a mission, bad enough to send all of them reeling to the brink, that Five realizes just how much he needed Vanya. It’s a relief to be with her. The reality she populated was not pitious like he had been taught to believe but was envious. The world she lived in wasn’t awash with blood and violence. He knows that she hates her plainness, her mundanity but it's a blessing to Five. It's like air, like something precious. She is free in a way that none of the others ever would be. Or at least, she had been.
It takes him very little time to find the international phone booths. Somehow, they're always in the same place in the lavish, extravagant hotels that Reginald likes them to hold press conferences in. Though, he only does this once their missions are complete. Despite being the children of a billionaire, none of the Hargreeves children had ever seen the inside of these lavish rooms to do much more than shower and prepare for the reporters..
He moves as quickly as possible though the steps needed to place an international call. It’s tedious but he never hesitates to do it. Once the operator puts him through, he hears a dial tone and after a single ring, Grace picks up. She's pleasant as always and attempts to carry on that uniquely odd version of small talk that's been programmed into her system but Five has no time for it and makes his demand quickly and curtly. There's a tense pause, before she responds with a placid, of course dear.
He knows that Grace is looking to his father to grant permission. There’s no doubt in his mind that the old coot had been waiting for him. Five moves like clockwork now, he does the old man’s dirty work and immediately comes crawling for his fix. Five knows also that a call had already been made home informing Reginald of their success and Five's instrumental role in it. The silence as he waits seems to stretch on forever until there is a small sound of a receiver being lifted from its cradle. It's so soft and small that most people probably never take notice of it. But it's nearly pavlovian for Five, already his blood is pounding in his ears and when her small, thin voice dribbles over the line, he can barely breathe.
"Five?" she mumbles, her voice scratching with sleep.
"Hey, did I wake you?" his voice sounds almost as hoarse as hers.
Five doesn't know why he asks. He'd already known he would wake her. It's 10 am in Paris but it's only 4 back home. It's a silly question and like most of his irrational behaviors, Five chocks his irrationality up to his  condition.  
Vanya hums a disgruntled confirmation of his assumption. For a moment he allows himself to imagine her standing in their father's still-dark house. She's probably using the phone near the staircase that leads up to their rooms. She'd still be in her pajamas, cheeks a little flushed, hair still tousled from sleep. Just envisioning her helps to soothe the aching emptiness within him. It's both a relief and a bitter pill to swallow that she has such an effect on him.
It hadn't always been this way between them. Though Five had always held a greater fondness for Vanya than their other siblings, it wasn't ever like how it is now. Just the sound of her voice causes him to feel lighter, more at ease. It's a need, a compulsion to be near her, to hear her, feel her. It's like a drug and when she sleepily says his name, confused by his sudden silence, he can understand Klaus' predilection for addictive substances. But there's no way for him to simply enjoy the high because it's evidence of Reginald's hold on him.
It happens when they’re fourteen. Five has a hard time remembering clearly what had happened, a particularly strange experience considering his eidetic memory. He remembers that he had convinced Vanya to sneak out with him to Griddy’s instead of attending Latin. With his abilities, sneaking out of the mansion was easy-pickings. Convincing Vanya to sneak out with him was not. He remembers kissing her in the sticky vinyl booths in front of a scandalized waitress and how her mouth tasted of sugar and coffee. He remembers sliding his hand over her left hip and the smell of yeasted donuts frying in oil. But other than that, there's a sizable gap in his memory of that day. It was a tricky side-effect of Allison’s power. He can’t even remember the exact command she gave him, only her three words and then, searing pain.
"Five?" she says sounding more awake all of a sudden, her tone is urgent. "Why are you calling, did - did something happen? Is everyon-"
He clicked his tongue in distaste.
"Everyone else is fine," he grumbled. "It's  me you should be worried about."
Five didn't want to spend their time talking about the others.
"Did something happ-oh god, Five wh-why wha-"
She's fully awake now, stuttering over the phone. Five relishes how distraught she sounds over him. He lets her panic a few seconds longer before shushing her.
"Nothing like that, V. I just miss you," he says pressing the receiver to his ear trying to hear every tiny reaction she might give him.
He hears her sigh and it sounds like she’s landed somewhere between relief and irritation. Five has become an expert at analyzing her every sound, expression, and movement.
"You can’t mess with me like that,” she scolds already sounding tired again.
Five checks his watch and trains his voice to be as pathetic as possible
"I'm not. It feels like I'm dying. I wish you were here," he croons although to any passersby, Five could have been talking about the weather for all they knew.
Her silence after he says this could go either way. It is now 4:05 am and he’s hoping that she’ll opt to stay with him a little longer.
“I have to go back to sleep, Five,” she murmurs, her voice sounds as though her throat is constricting around tears and they very well may be.
“No,” he pleads, his expression never shifting. “Stay with me a little longer, just a little, Vanya.”
Over the years since Vanya had become the unwilling planet around which his universe tilts, Five had become adept at prying out of her whatever morsel of time and attention he could. Being a Hargreeves, he had no qualms about playing dirty. Guilt was usually Vanya’s soft spot. She was especially good at being contrite.
“Five,” she seems to hesitate and Five thinks perhaps he’s won.
If all she wanted to do was breathe over the receiver for the next few hours while he sat and listened, Five would be more than happy. It was physically painful to be away from her thanks to Allison’s Rumor. His need for her hollowed him, left him ragged and gaunt. It was easier to ignore the further away he was and when he could distract himself with planning out strategic attacks, risking his and his siblings lives, but as soon as the dust settled he was left again with the vast emptiness of her absence and nothing would soothe it except her.
“I have to go to bed,” it would have been better if she’d stabbed him. “Dad scheduled me a lesson in a couple hours.”
“So just stay up. Stay with me until you have to get ready,” and finally his expression matches his tone.
The prospect of hanging the phone on the receiver, of disconnecting from her sends a shockwave of pain through him that leaves him a little winded.
“I can’t, Five. I have to be at my best. It’s a new teacher and I wanna make a good impression.”
“I’ll come see you as soon as you get home.”
Vanya’s learned to play their game as well.
“I promise, Five. As soon as you get home, even if dad tells me not to, I’ll come see you.”
He mulls this over. There’s no doubt that after how well he did that Reginald would not bar him from Vanya. Her offer is practically moot. He could continue his ploy, play on her guilt until she gave in but he knows that if he does Vanya is just as likely to double down as she is to fold. And although their father is unlikely to restrict his access, Vanya might.
“You  promise ,” he murmurs.
“I do, I promise, Five.”
She sounds sincere. Five had always been under the impression that Vanya was incapable of lying. And to be fair, she hardly ever did but over the years he’s found that Vanya was more than capable of duplicity when she put her mind to it.
“Fine. We get back at 6:34pm,” he hears silence. “Are you nodding?”
“Oh!” she lets out a breathy giggle and Five feels his chest tighten. “Sorry - I mean - okay, I’ll see you then.”
Her voice already sounds far away when she mumbles, “bye, Five.”
A bout of panic rolls through him and Five is suddenly overcome with the urge to beg her now to hang up. He feels the pathetic plea bubbling up in his throat. He feels on fire with the anticipation of severing this one line of connection, even as flimsy as it is. His lips are already wrapped around the syllables of her name when he hears the line go dead. He listens to the low tone until it cuts off and leaves him in the noise of the hotel lobby that’s begun to pick up as the morning goes on. When he returns to his seat in the lobby, his siblings are nowhere to be found. He sits again on the upholstered chair and leans back and imagines Vanya going back up to her room, her bare feet shifting over the floor, the rustle of sheets as she slides into bed. He wishes more than anything he could be there with her and he hates himself for it.
The flight home is as dull as it usually is. Despite Reginald’s stinginess when it comes to their lodgings, he sees the utility in having a private mode of international travel saving them from the horrors of commercial airline flight. As per usual, Number Two attempts to mask his anxiety about flying with aggression and rage. And it isn't until Klaus slips something in Diego’s drink that he’s compliant enough to get onto the plane. This results in Klaus attaching himself to a mostly catatonic Diego and Ben scurrying after. Allison and Luther hovel together at the back of the plane and keep to their own devices.
When they get home and pile into the foyer, the entire Umbrella Academy is exhausted but they all file into the drawing room for debriefing. It doesn’t go unnoticed by Five that Vanya is absent. Already, he is beginning to feel frantic. In his head he chants over and over,  she promised, she promised.  
Reginald is already waiting for them and though the procedure could not have taken any more than ten minutes, it feels like an eternity to Five. He can't stop himself from continually glancing at the room's entrance, hoping that the double sliding doors will open and she will emerge but she never does. His jaw is clenched so tightly that he thinks he might shatter his teeth. As soon as Reginald releases them he jumps to his room.
“Oh!” he hears as he rematerializes in his own room with practiced ease in a pop of blue.
The dimensional energy is still shifting around him when Five turns to find Vanya sitting leisurely on his bed. She looks so casual with her back against the wall and one of his books nestled on her laps between her thighs. Her ankles are crossed over one another as they dangle over the edge of his bed. Beneath her feet is his suitcase. Grace must have brought it up during their debrief.
“Five!” Vanya says as she scrambles off the bed. “Dad said you were all home but he felt it was best for me to wait up here.”
For you.  
That was the unspoken notion at the end of her words. She had been waiting for him here, as pretty as a present ready to pay their father's dues. It should make him happy to see her, elated even but he feels sour instead. A dead dial tone is still ringing in his ears.
"Well this is a surprise," he lies.
She's visibly uncomfortable, uncertain of the playing field.
"W-well I said I would come see you."
“I recall you saying ‘as soon as you get home’,” he recites easily for her.
Unconsciously, Vanya takes her left middle and ring fingers in her right hand. She squeezes both slowly, over and over. It’s a habit she’s picked up over the years. He winces at the memory of her two digits bent out of their sockets with a sickening pop.
“You still blame me for that then,” he says.
His words make her freeze mid squeeze and she drops her fingers as though she's been burned.
“I never blamed you," she says. "It wasn’t your fault.”
The words spill from her mouth easily like she’s been practicing them as much as she practices her violin. He takes a step towards her and he's glad she doesn't scurry backwards. It’s like trying to resist gravity approaching her slowly like this. His body strains against his restraint but he goes slow. Vanya likes it better when he goes slow.
"You only ever do it around me,” he says closing the distance between them inch by inch.
Her hands twitch towards one another.
"It  was my fault,” he continues as he reaches out and takes her left hand in his own. “It was my idea to try to make a run for it.”
They were fifteen and his new manacles had begun to chafe enough to spark his creativity. It would be a lie if he said he didn’t think of abandoning her but even imagining being away from her at that point was painful. So he’d convinced her to come with him. He fed her words of love and adoration even though resentment was squating in his chest and she’d barely resisted. It took their siblings mere hours to find them. Five had come out of the ordeal with little more than a few bruises but Vanya, she had to wear a cast for weeks. Grace put her through a strict physical therapy regimen and all in all the fingers had healed beautifully and if her playing was any different, he was unable to tell. Just a small scar that ran across her two fingers remained. Five touched it reverently. The thin, jagged line was almost imperceptible now but it never left his mind. Some days, it was all he could see when he looked at her.
“You didn’t speak to me for over a month. It was hell.”
He’d gotten his revenge. The three mechanical fingers on his brother’s left hand were a reminder to everyone but most of all to their father that Five would not suffer any injury to Vanya. And though Reginald did not take kindly to his favorite toy being broken, Five had taken his punishment gladly, knowing that the old man had gotten the message.
“You know I didn’t mean it to be like that. It wasn’t just you, I didn’t speak to anyone,” she says as her fingers tense beneath his touch.
She had been a stone. For weeks, she sat in the infirmary unresponsive and unreactive to everything around her. It wasn’t the pain or the physical wound that had broken her. Without her left hand, she wouldn’t be able to play. The threat of that loss had hung heavily in the air like the silence that fell oppressively over the academy. None of them had realized how used to the sound of the violin they had become accustomed to until it had disappeared completely. Five turns his eyes to her face, her wide eyes are still guarded, unsure but he sees there a hope that perhaps he’ll play nice today.
"So. Uh - I guess I'll head out, let you unpack and get some rest,” she murmurs awkwardly, bowing her head.
He’s got her nearly backed up against the edge of her bed but there’s still enough room for her step away and maneuver around him. Vanya makes a beeline for the door but before she can make it there he stops her.
"Wait,” he says and she halts.
Five takes a seat on his bed and watches as she slowly turns to face him. She’s like a frightened fawn, poised to dash away at a moment’s notice.
“C'mere,” he says sweetly as though he means to coax a wild animal into a trap.
"I should go,” she breathes but even as she says this she’s turning from the door, inching towards him.
"Why?” he says lightly but there’s a darkness in his tone. “You got somewhere better to be? Just come here for a moment.”
She’s less than a foot away when he reaches out again and takes her hand in his. Such a small, dainty thing, from what he knows of the violin, Five thinks she must have the perfect hands for it. He puts his lips to her knuckles, drags them across the scar she got for him. When he looks up from her fingers, he finds her eyes fluttering closed. It’s reassuring to know that even this small touch has an effect on her. Though it isn’t enough, it is never enough.
She’s very plain, his sister. Her face still rounded with baby fat and flat dark hair that only lends to her roundness. Whereas their other sister had matured and blossomed, Vanya had largely stayed the same. Her large brown eyes and tiny button nose left her looking more akin to a mouse than a beauty. And yet, despite all this, he loves her. Desperately, he loves her. There’s no denying it. What Allison rumors becomes a fact. But it wasn’t just love the Rumor gave him, it was  need, frantic, desperate, burning need. He leans into and presses his lips to the corner of her little pink mouth.
“Five. We  agreed .”
He looks up at her and tilts his head to the side with feigned confusion. He’s almost the same height as her even when sitting. Vanya had failed to grow vertically as well as in looks. She was hardly an inch taller than when they were fourteen and he dwarfed her when he stood at full his height which was fast approaching six feet.
“We don’t indulge the rumor any more than we have to,” she says and pulls her hand back.
And he lets her but turns his attention to the buttons on her shirt. Vanya was no longer permitted to wear the academy uniform. Reginald had enrolled her in a private school in the city and now she mostly wore the pleated skirts and plain white button downs that they required. He likes these uniforms better than the jumpers that Reginald had stuck her in before. These were much easier to get into.
“No.  I agreed,” he says as he fingers the little plastic button that sits just above her belly button. “You said that you didn’t want to take advantage of me and I agreed because I know how you so  loathe to be the bad guy, my dearest sister.”
She’s quiet above him but he knows that her thoughts must be churning.
"But you’re not taking advantage of me, I’m taking advantage of you.”
He looks up at her again to see her baffled. He laughs unkindly.
“Don’t you get it, V?” he says hooking one of his fingers into the open space between two buttons. “You're my  reward ."
His finger brushes the soft smooth skin of her belly and Vanya grimaces, a look of such disgust colors her face that he suddenly feels like he wants to throttle her. Just moments ago, she was shuddering at his kisses but now she looks like she wants to hurl. Five twists his fist into her shirt, ruining the once-pristinely ironed fabric and pulls her forward.
"Don’t play dumb. You think I don’t know why you’re up here? Did Dad tell you what a good job I did for him? Wanna hear how many I killed for  you  , just to get back to  you  ? Wanna know what it was like to slit their throats, what they said as I drained the life from them? It's so  ironic how chatty people feel as soon as they have a knife in their throat."
Vanya’s reaction is immediate, she jerks away, stepping back as though to make for the door but his grip on her shirt doesn’t budge. Five tugs her forward and doesn’t miss the feel of her exposed belly beneath his knuckles. It sends a shudder down his spine. He feels ravenous, like he’s been starving for days and has been presented with a feast. Five pulls her closer again so that her face is nearly pressed into his chest.
“Don’t do that, Vanya. Don’t run away like this isn’t about you. This  shit  is yours as much as it is mine,” he whispers hoarsely into the crown of her head.
This is  their burden, a cage built for two.
Vanya relaxes a little, her shoulders drop and the tension in her shoulders melts away. A shuddery breath escapes her lips as she turns her face to his. She looks almost as tired as he feels.
“What do you want from me?”
A silly question.
“What I always want, Vanya.  You .”
It isn’t just that he loves her. He had loved her before Allison rumored him but thanks to her rumor, now he  needed her. Being separated from Vanya was agony for him. He feels as though someone has ripped out his intestines and sent him walking, trailing his entrail out behind. If he can’t touch her, then he needs to see her, and if he can’t have that then he needed to at least hear her. Ironically enough, the further away he got from her the easier it was. While distance didn’t erase the hollow aching, it helped dull his awareness of it. The pain was at its pinnacle when she was close by but just out of reach. Reginald, once he realized this, made great use of his newfound tool of control.
"Come on, Vanya,” he croons trying sweetness again.
Vanya likes it when he’s sweet. He unfurls his fist and flattens the fabric over her stomach.
“It’s not like we haven’t before. Didn’t you like it the last time?"
Last week had been a dream. Five always felt the rumor’s pull just before long absences and knowing this about him, Vanya was usually more pliable. He'd finally convinced her to let him try eating her out. He had been obsessing over it for nearly a month, the thought of her spread out like a meal before him, of tonguing her inside her, tasting her from the inside was enough to make him dizzy. She'd been hesitant at first and it was new for both of them but Five had always been a dedicated learner and a quick study. He’d had her gasping for air and clawing at his scalp in practically no time.
Vanya bites her lip and considers his words then with shaky hands she begins to unbutton her shirt. Five leans back half in awe and half in smug satisfaction. When she gets to the last button, he leans forward and pushes her shirt open with both hands reverently. He splays his hands over her skin. She feels so warm and soft and  good that he nearly sobs in relief. Pushing his right cheek against her belly, he wraps his arms around her middle and pulls her between his legs.
“Five,” Vanya gasps. “Are you sure you want -”
“Don’t ask me that,” he cuts her off sharply. “I always want this.  Always . I don’t have a choice.”
He places a kiss above her navel. Vanya is staring down at him with a pained expression. Five reaches up and pinches one of her cheeks and smiles indulgently.
“Don’t look like that. You’re helping me,” he murmurs and begins to place open mouthed kisses up the center of her body. “You make it better, Vanya. You make it all worth it.”
Five sucks bright red spots over her abdomen as his fingers run up and down her sides. Above him he hears Vanya sighing and gasping with every wet pop of his mouth as it releases her skin. He feels her legs shaking between his thighs as he surveys his work. Her once-pale skin is speckled pink and his spit glitters on her skin. Her face is flushed and turned away.
“Well, I think I’ve had enough,” he says and he’s delighted when she turns to startled at his admission. “You can go now if you want. I won’t stop you.”
She stands there dumbfounded as he leans back on his palms. Her eyes dart around the room and back to his face, uncertain.
“Unless, you want more?”
Vanya worries her bottom lip as she considers again what she should do. Then after a few moments, she begins to slip her shirt from her shoulders.
“Atta girl,” he jeers.
She shoots him a hurt look but doesn’t pause as she begins to reach behind to undo her bra. He always likes watching her undress. It is strangely not a sexual desire. There’s something beautiful to him about her peeling back the layers and layers between them to stand naked before him. Sometimes, Five likes to sit on her bed in the mornings and watch her dress for school and when she comes home in the evenings, he watches her undress again. It’s a process that fascinates him to no end. One day, he’d like to dress her himself. He’s already gotten good at the undressing.
As she wrestles with the clasp at her back, Five runs his hands up her thighs to hook his fingers in the elastic of her cotton panties. He slides them down her thighs to her ankles and she lifts each of her feet as he removes them completely. Vanya moves to undo her skirt as well but he stops her.
“I like it on," Five shrugs.
He stands guides her towards his bed and situates her on the edge. Vanya folds her arms over her chest. It's sweet the way she still tries for modesty even when there's no such thing between them now. Five kneels down and gently lowers her arms. Vanya is still hesitant, resisting ever so slightly but he presses a soft kiss to the inside of her wrist and she folds. He trails more kisses up her arm and across her chest. Five feels her dip backwards baring herself more for him.
Five places a kiss at the center of her chest and flicks his tongue to taste the soft flesh there. Vanya hisses and twists at the sensation. To the left, he leaves a sticky, wet trail until he reaches the soft peak of her nipple. It's already tight and pert, begging for a taste. Five sends a hot puff of air from his mouth and she shivers in his arms.
"Your tits are so sensitive," he muses against her skin.
He breathes again over there nipple as Vanya squirms. Then with no preamble, he reaches up and flicks the little numb and Vanya yelps. Hips buck and she whines as he takes it between his fingers and rolls.
"Fuh-fah," Vanya chokes on his name.
" So sensitive," he murmurs and with her nipple still puckered between his fingers he drags his tongue over it.
"Ah!  Shit ," Vanya says causing a stream of laughter to tumble from his mouth.
Vanya practically vibrates when he scrapes his teeth over the pert little nub letting loose another spout of profanity. Though usually sweet and passive, Vanya was prone to cursing when she was pushed to very edges of pleasure. It only made him work harder, push her further. If he had it his way, they’d do nothing but sit in his bed and work her over until she forgot her own name.
Vanya’s nearly out of her mind when Five finally leans back to survey his handiwork. She’s an obscene sight in nothing but her pleated skirt, spread out across his bed like a buffet. Her pale skin is littered with teeth marks and hickeys and he ghosts a hand over them as though he’s tracing the letters of his name. He wants to press into every inch of her his ownership. It is true that he is trapped by her but each time they’re together, she is just a little more ruined, a little more broken. Soon, she’ll be just as trapped as he is.
At least he hopes so.
Five glances up to find Vanya watching him, her eyes dark with desire as she watches him straighten to his full height. Without needing to be asked, she scoots backwards and lifts her legs. And though her face is flushed with embarrassment, her eyes never leave his as she spreads her thighs and lets her skirt fall back on her belly. Her heels find the edge of the bed as she opens herself to him.
Five is the one to break first, eyes dropping to the apex of her thighs. He can’t help himself. He loves the look of her cunt. Already she’s glistening, her folds slick with desire. He remembers tonguing her open, tasting her arousal on his tongue as she whimpered above him. His mouth is watering with the memory but while it's a tempting thought, he can’t wait. He has to be in her.
With his thumb, he presses her apart. Vanya gasps at the contact and when his eyes dart up to her, he finds her eyes glued to cunt as well. He wonders idly if she too is as entranced by the beauty of it. As though she can feel his eyes, she looks up and meets his eyes looking desperate. A whimper escapes her trembling mouth and it feels good. It feels so fucking good to see her look as pathetic and needy as he feels.
“You should see your face, V,” he says. “Why insist on denying that you want this just as much as I do, I’ll never know.”
Vanya winces as though he’s slapped her but before she can curl up into herself, Five finds the little hard nub of her clit and presses. She spasms as a shockwave rolls through her.
“Fuck,” she sobs and chews on the air for a moment trying to find her bearings but he doesn’t let her.
With practiced deftness, he removes himself from his pants and nudges her thighs further apart. She’s reeling when he pushes in the head of his erection. Vanya lets loose a low hiss and throws her head back. Her left hand is fisting his comforter while the other is against the wall behind her, digging into the paint.
“FiveFiveFive,” she chants frantically as he begins to slip further into her.
Her pleas are somewhere between terrified and desperate. He can’t quite be sure because he can’t see her face. His eyes are glued to the mesmerizing sight of her tiny cunt stretching to accommodate him as he pushes into her. It’s truly a wonder. Everything about Vanya is so tiny. Tiny waist, tiny mouth, her little dainty hands so it’s no surprise that her pussy would be so small and adorable. The first time they fucked, he’d almost thought it would be impossible to fit inside her. But he feels silly for ever thinking such a thing. Of course she’d be able to take him, she was made for him. She was perfect, perfectly made just for him.
He goes slow at first. It’s still so new for her, for the both of them really. It still feels raw, like  ripping open a freshly healed wound and letting it bleed out. A sigh escapes his mouth as he sinks into her, eyes fluttering closed, head falling back. It’s beyond physical, what he feels when he’s inside her. Of course she feels amazing. Her cunt is warm and wet and so fucking good but it’s more than that. It’s as though he'd been holding his breath all this time and just now he'd finally been allowed to inhale. It’s as though he’d just been made whole. It’s as though he’s finally come home.
A part of him is distantly aware that the intensity of what he feels, the way he feels it is unnatural. It’s part of the rumor, albeit an unintended side effect. All his father had been looking for was a way to control him and though he got it, Five is now reaping the benefits, however scarce and fleeting they may be.
"Five," he hears from beneath him.
He looks down to find Vanya a mess. Her face is flushed, eyes glassy with unshed tears. Vanya always gets so overwhelmed when they fuck. He thought that perhaps it was just the first time, he’d tried his best to make it good for her but he knew it hurt. He’d kept the red-stained pair of cotton panties she’d worn that day, hidden it deep in his wardrobe away from any prying eyes or greedy hands that might take it from him.
But even after she’d healed, after it started to feel good for her too, Vanya still cried. Though, Vanya had always been a cry baby, crying even for the ants they used to crush out in the courtyard for fun. A tear buds at the corner of her eye and before it can slide down the side of her face into her hair, he catches it on his thumb. Not thinking anything of it, Five brings the pad of his thumb to his mouth and puts it to his tongue. It tastes of salt and just the slightest bit of her sweat. He’s learned not to take her tears personally, now it’s just nice to know she’s so moved.
“Five, please,” she whines followed by a low moan that gurgles at the back of her throat when he rolls his hips forward pushing into her fully.
“That what you wanted, sis? Feel better?”
She whines in response, too overwhelmed to form any intelligible response.
“You like being full huh?” then again more desperately, “you  like it. You want this, just as much as I do. Don’t you, Vanya?”
He wants her to agree, wants her to tell him she loves him too, needs him as much as he needs her. But that’s impossible. There’s no one in the whole world who understands what he feels.
Five shifts back, pulling out of her fully and slamming back into her with enough force to send her little tits bouncing. He reaches up and rolls one little nub between his forefinger and thumb and Vanya yelps at the sensation. He’s recently realized that she likes it when he plays with her tits while he’s inside her. Five pulls on her little nipple causing her to keen loudly and leans down to place a kiss on her temple.
“We should be like this all the time,” he murmurs into her hairline where a sheen of sweat has begun to form.
He stills and just enjoys the feeling of being inside her. So warm and safe and whole, he could stay like that forever. He could have died happy there sunken into the core of her, the smell of her sweat and tears mixing into the smell of sex. His head drops down to the crook of her neck and he breathes in deeply the heady scent of her.
“F-five,” he hears her mumble.
He loves the sound of his name as it dribbles from her mouth half delirious with need. Her hands have found their way to his shoulders where her nails are digging little crescents into his skin just shy of drawing blood. He feels the pressure of her hips as she press up into him.
“I need more, please Five pleasepleaseplease,” she sobs. “I need you.”
Five feels his heart expand. He always loves her best when she’s undone. He can’t deny her when she’s being so honest. He sets a brutal pace, slamming into her hard enough to bruise but Vanya only sighs in relief at the friction.
“You feel so good, Vanya,” he huffs as he picks up pace, he feels his own face flushing. “No one else could ever feel this good for me. No one else. No one.”
Her breathing has gone ragged, a harsh, unruly tempo against the measured slap of skin against skin. He slips his thumb into her open mouth, pressing down on her tongue. It makes her gag a little and as she chokes her teeth come slamming down on his knuckle. Then she bites down, hard enough to draw blood and sends him over the edge, spilling into her. He cries out, an indecipherable mess of sound as he feels her clench around him as she cums. His eyes screw shut, behind them is nothing but searing emptiness as he sinks into bliss.
    He collapses against her, half kneeling and half laying on her. Beneath him, he feels the rapid rise and fall of her chest as she wiggles beneath his weight. She shifts a little, as though to pull away but he slips his hand under her ass and pushes her hips into his. Vanya grunts, she’s still too sensitive but he doesn’t want to pull out of her yet. He stays there, pressed into her for a few minutes are Vanya’s breathing evens out beneath him.
He’s told no one this but it hurts when he pulls out of her. The loss of connection is like ripping his own arm off.  Vanya slides her shaking arms around his neck, presses her cheek against his and even a few hesitant kisses to the shell of his ear. She’s so sweet after she cums, not withholding and flighty like she usually is. She’s more honest when she’s under him, when he’s inside her and he is always loath to bring it to an end but his legs are beginning to ache and his back is sore as well. The last six days of keeping his brothers and sisters in line and alive is starting to take its toll.
Her arms come undone from his neck with little resistance. When he leans back, Five finds Vanya already half asleep. Her eyes are dull, lids fluttering. Her body has gone slack with exhaustion and satiation. He hauls himself up, wincing as he slides out of her, to undress but he pauses a moment to take in the mess he's made of her.
At some point, she'd lost her footing and now her legs lay dangling just above the floor, spread wide. Her skirt lies in a wrinkled heap across her stomach leaving her messy little pussy completely exposed. His cum is still sliding out of her down to her ass and onto the comforter beneath. It's obscene but she doesn't even seem to register it.
The sight of her has him half hard already but he knows Vanya will need some time before she's ready again. Five strips down before turning his attention back to her. He replaces her skirt over her thighs, smoothing the fabric down so that the wrinkled fabric lays as flat as it can. He really does enjoy the skirt but it needs to come off. After appreciating his handiwork for a moment, he finds the zipper on her right hip and loosens it enough to slide the garment over her legs.
Vanya shifts a little while he works and as soon as her legs are free, she folds her legs into her middle and turns on her side. Five attempts to usher her over to the far side of his bed, but she resists.
"Don't be a brat," he murmurs but with no real malice behind the words.
Vanya cracks an eye to glare at him but eventually she crawls across his bed. Turning her back to him, Vanya tucks herself tightly against his bedroom wall. He stares for a moment at the smooth, unmarked expanse of her back. With a steady hand, he reaches out to brush his fingertips over the curve of her spine. Then, as if scalded, Vanya jumps and curls further into herself away from his touch.
His blood runs cold. The drone of a dead dial tone is ringing in his ear again and he is suddenly awash with the urge to tear into her, rip her back to him and shake her until she promises to never do that again. But an instant after the immediate blaze, his rage cools into bitterness. Her aloofness no longer came as a surprise.
In his worst moments, Five is racked by the fear that she will leave. As their eighteenth birthday draws closer, it becomes a more imminent possibility that Vanya might just disappear. She’s the only one of them who has the chance at any kind of normal life. Reginald had kept her presence almost entirely scrubbed from the media. Though the existence of a seventh baby was widely publicized, Hargreeves had paid an exorbitant amount of money to have it explained away. In theory, Vanya could leave any time she wants.
It isn't that he doesn't understand. The rumor doesn't turn him stupid. Vanya is afraid because she isn't stupid either. They both know that this is a lie, a fabrication created by three words spilled forth by a specific tongue. And for now, she can comfort herself with the belief in her helplessness. For now, they are both prisoners but Vanya is waiting for the day when he’ll wake up and look at her with disgust and accusation, finally free of his curse. There’s really no telling how long Allison’s abilities can last. As far as Five knows, his condition is the most persistent so far.
And on that day, everything will end. He'll be free but, he fears, also at a loss. Nothing will ever feel as good as being with her. As low as he can get without her, the high he experiences when he’s with her or at least when he's inside her, they're perfect. It's been carved into him, the craving, the ache and so too is the sweet relief and high that comes with indulging his addiction. He knows - he knows that this isn't real, but it feels real. And every day that passes, every moment that goes by, that distinction matters less and less.
So he’ll ruin her. To make her stay, he’ll break her down until she’s just as trapped as he is. Five palms her hip and coaxed her onto her back. A low whine rumbles in her chest but she doesn’t resist when he climbs in besides her and skates his hand up under legs and down between her thighs. He watches her face closely as she unfurls from her short nap, coming alive under his ministrations. Still slick with both his cum and hers, she takes his two fingers easily. Her thighs fall open without hesitation, tilting her hips to take him in deeper.
She moans his name so sweetly that he can almost believe that she could feel for him half of what he feels for her. In his head, the dead dial tone is still ringing but louder is the small hope that he's too afraid to voice.
  This is real, this is real. It can work. She loves me enough for this to work.
It isn’t the rumor he needs to get rid of, Five thinks darkly to himself. He just needs to dispose of the person holding the leash.
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missdictatorme · 2 years ago
Sex-Ed (Sam Drake x Reader) - Part 2
Tagging: @easy-and-steady​, @icespark1298​, @jaheesvorson​, @multifandom-jamie​, @sparrowspt9851​, @purplezebra68​, @heapass0
Words: ~3200
Warnings: Bitch, it’s me, you know them already ;)
Part 1 - Part 3
Tumblr media
- After you ended the videocall with Sam, you started fanning yourself. Jesus, you knew he was confident, especially when it came to sex, but you would never have guessed that he was this filthy.
- And you would never have guessed that it would turn you on.
- So of course you couldn't fall asleep, but now it wasn't because of your ex, but because of Sam.
- His last words to you couldn't leave your head, and your thoughts became especially spicy when his description of an orgasm (a really good one as he had put it) mixed in with them.
- So yeah, there you were, opening up a pornsite and searched for a video which helped you get in the mood.
- As you watched the couple on the screen, you found yourself imagining that it was Sam pounding into you, and girl, you became wetter at that thought in a second. Wetter than when you were doing it with your ex.
- As you were playing with your clit, you opened your legs more and pushed a finger inside, but you were so turned on, that you cummed before you could find that magical spot.
- Not that this orgasm wasn't good, actually a small whimper left your lips when it happened, but you were a little disappointed you couldn't have the chance to experience that kind Sam was talking about.
- For about three days you haven't heard about Sam and Sully, but then you recieved an e-mail from the older one that they needed help with an ancient map, which he scanned over to you.
- It took a few hours but you managed to figure out what the symbols on it meant.
- When you were working on a project like this, you usually disconnect yourself from the outside world and when you opened up your videochat app, you saw a message from Sam to call him when you're available.
- First you were nibbling on your lower lip awkwardly, what if he's gonna bring up the subject you were speaking about the last time?
- Then you decided that because he didn't call you for three days, he probably didn't even remember, and maybe he even screwed a woman in the meantime.
- So you decided to press call, and soon Sam answered. Your heart ached a little when you saw a scar on his left eyebrow, with a thin white band aid, but you smiled at him.
- "Hey there, baby." - you saw as his gaze warmed at the sight of you, and his stupid obsession with calling you every nickname he can think of, made you feel as a thousand butterflies were in your stomach.
- "Hey, Sam. You wanted me to call."
- "Yeah, wanted to ask, if you have found it."
- "Yes, I just sent the dechipered version to Sully a minute ago." - you replied, thinking that he was talking about the map, and you took a long awaited sip of your tea which you were waiting for a while now to cool a little.
- "You're so cute. I’m talking about your G-spot, doll." - Sam started to laugh as you choked on the tea and spat it back in the mug.
- You coughed and hit your chest a few times, then put down your mug and glared at him.
- "So, I see someone beat you up again." - you decided to make fun of him too.
- "Oh, this?" - he pointed to his eyebrow. - "He was lucky he had the chance to strike first. Sadly, he doesn't have the chance to tell the tale." - he replied casually, but he saw as your eyes widened when you realized what he meant.
- Now, you knew that usually they were on a treasure hunt where other people are after the same goal as them, but it was still unbelievable sometimes when you realized, you were working with people who killed others.
- "Yay?" - you exclaimed with a nervous smile, making Sam chuckle.
- "Don't worry, we're fine." - Sam calmed you, then you saw him drink something too. - "And stop avoiding the question."
- You looked down embarassed, but after a few seconds of hesitating, you decided again that the best defense is an offense: "Why, you don't have anything better to think about than me touching myself?" - you asked, trying to sound annoyed.
- Sam licked his lips, and a huge smirk appeared on his face: "As a matter of fact, no, and the image helped me out greatly during the nights in the last three days." - he winked.
- You gasped, but felt as you became incredibly warm inside. This fucking handsome piece of shit.
- "You're such a perv."
- Sam laughed again, with his deep and rich laugh, and you could saw as his eyes sparkled from joy, it was visible even through the camera. After a few seconds he slowly calmed down and tilted his head.
- "But seriously, sweetheart. I wanna know if you take care of yourself."
- It was still weird that you two were talking about this, and you felt so embarrassed. Deep inside it excited you that he was concerned, but on the other hand he was an experienced man, and right now it felt like you were just an inexperienced loser, who can't even make herself feel 'really good' as he had put it.
- You put your palms on either side of your cheek, trying to cool your face down.
- "Sam, first of all it's none of your business. Second... There's no second, it's none of your business." - you said, not looking in his eyes.
- Sam frowned a little, seeing that you became very nervous, and he let out a disappointed sigh: "You're right, baby, I'm sorry if I made you upset." - he apologized, and when you nodded, he cleared his throat and tried not to think about you as your hands were between your legs. - "So, uh... Did anything interesting happen in the past few days?"
- You let your hands fall down from your cheeks and you finally looked at him, glad that he had changed the subject.
- The two of you talked for a long time, just like before 'the topic' came up, but when Sam talked, you found yourself imagining that other words were coming out of his mouth, and in a different situation too.
- You fanned yourself, trying to concentrate on the story Sam was saying, but your mind betrayed you, as images of him and you doing a totally different thing invaded your mind second after second, and your body betrayed you too: you were wet.
- Sam saw you were fanning yourself and that you were having a hard time concentrating: "Are you okay?"
- "Yeah, it's just really hot in my room, and I also realized I forgot to finish something for my boss, do you mind if I go? I call you back in the evening?"
- Sam bit his lip and nodded slowly. He hoped he was not boring you, you always listened to him with curious and excited eyes, but now you just looked impatient, like you wished you were doing something else than talk to him: "Okay, sweetheart, see you later."
- "Bye!" - you answered pretty breathlessly, and with a shaking hand you closed the window of the chat.
- You were so turned on, you didn't need porn to help you.
- Most of the time you were on your bed sitting with crossed legs when you talked with Sam, and now wasn't an expection, so you pushed your laptop a little further on the bed while you laid on your back, and pushed your pants and panties down. You reached down with one of your hands between your legs, and started slowly massaging your clit.
- A small, content sigh escaped your lips, and as you were getting yourself more and more into it, you bit your lip as you imagined Sam's head was between your legs, and a small smile appeared on your lips.
- You imagined as he pushed a finger into you, so you did the same, a small moan leaving your lungs. You fingered yourself, trying to find the spot where Sam had told you, but after a few minutes, you became impatient and you frowned, a frustrated grunt leaving your lungs.
- "Pull your legs more back."
- Your eyes widened when you heard Sam's voice, and with a shriek you sat up and looked around in your room trying to figure out where the hell it came from, meanwhile you grabbed a pillow to cover yourself.
- "What I think happened is that instead of closing the window to our video call, you just minimized it."
- You turned to your laptop in horror and saw that it was indeed minimized and when you clicked on it, yep, Sam was there, but you never saw that look in his eyes before.
- "And let me tell you babygirl, I've never been happier in my whole life." - before you could say anything, he spoke again, voice low and husky, sligthly out of breath. - "Now, why don't you lay back again and let me help you continue.”
- Earlier, when you said goodbye to Sam, he sighed in disappointment, but then he tilted his head and frowned when he saw that when you leaned forward to hang up, the video has not ended. He watched curiously as you pushed the laptop further from you, and it slightly turned so he couldn’t see you. But he heard you moving on the bed, and suddenly your form appeared on the screen again. He only saw you from the side and only from your waist up, but when he saw as you reached down, he knew exactly what you were up to.
- And damn, what a sight that was, even if he couldn’t see much of the action. Your quiet sighs and moans were turning him on in no time, and he felt himself getting hader and hader with each passing second.
- He bit back a growl, and put his laptop beside him so he can push down his boxers and grab his dick, not taking his eyes off from you.
- Just when he was getting more into it, he heard your frustrated whines, and he instantly knew what was your problem, so he decided to help you.
- You looked terrified when you realized he had watched you, but he didn’t have time for that shit now. He wanted to see you pleasuring yourself and wanted to see you as you reach your orgasm. He bet your face were fucking beautiful when you were having an orgasm.
- Your mind screamed ‘RUN’ when you saw Sam on your laptop screen, this was fucking embarrassing, but you also noticed that he put his laptop next to him too, and from the slow up and down motion which his right forearm was doing you realized that he was touching himself too.
- He got turned on while watching you. Jesus.
- “Sam, I’m...”
-” Lay. The fuck. Down.” - he growled.
- Okay, that sound was fucking sexy and with that look he gave you it was just too much.
- “Jeez, who’s bossy now?” - you asked him, trying to smuggle some humor in the situation, but you laid down on your back, and you watched yourself on the small window on the screen to make sure he doesn’t see more than what you were comfortable with.
- Sam smirked at your remark, and watched as you laid down in the same position you were previously in: “Good girl.” - he saw as you flashed him a shy smile and it drove him mad. The things he would to you if he was there... He was sure you wouldn’t feel shy after he was done with you, but shamelessly beg for more. - “So tell me what you were thinking about that made you so wet, you had to ditch me and touch yourself?” - he asked, still moving his hand up and down on his dick, slowly.
- You moaned and turned your head to the ceiling, closing your eyes as you quickly reached down between your legs again.
- ”Slowly now.” - Sam warned you, and you bit your lip, slowing your movements.
- “I was thinking about you.” - you answered as you turned your face back to him, eyes filled with passion.
- Sam’s heart skipped a beat at that revelation and he couldn’t get enough of that look you were giving him. A deep moan left his lungs, and you cursed at the sound opening your legs more, your fingers working on your clit firmer.
- “Glad to hear that, babydoll. Now why don’t you pull your legs back a little more, that way you can reach inside more.”
- You did as you were told and you reached down with your other hand.
- “Tease first. Imagine I’m the one doing it to you. Slowly playing with your clit while I’m circling a finger around your hole.”
- “If you were here now would you? Or would you just fuck me so hard, I could only moan your name?” - you asked back. You were fucking turned on, you wanted your release. 
- Sam threw his head back and growled at the image, his hips bucking up into his hand impatiently: “Shit, girl, you’re fucking naughty.”
- “Am I?” - you weren’t really good with words, especially in situations like this, so you did another thing to turn him on more.
- Sam looked back at you and saw as you reached forward to your laptop and moved it a little, so now he can see your whole body from the side. Your bent leg was hiding your pussy, but you were fucking sexy and he started jerking himself off faster as he groaned, watching as you played with yourself. Your shyness from earlier was nowhere to be seen now.
- “Fuck, okay, reach inside with your finger and start poking the front wall of your pussy. Not hard, just gently. Slowly stroke your way around and you’ll find it.”
- “How will I know if I’ve found it?” - you asked in a quiet moan.
- Sam smirked: “Thrust me, you will.” - he continued watching you, not really believing that this was actually happening. - “Baby, you have no idea how sexy you look. I’d kiss your body all over, your mouth, your neck, your chest, your boobs, your stomach, your thighs... Fuck, I would nibble on your inner thighs, until you beg me to eat your pussy.”
- He listened to your moans and watched as you slowly rocked yourself on the bed, with both hands between your legs.
- “I’d let you ride that sweet pussy all over my mouth and face, while I’m fucking you with my fingers.”
- “Shit, Sam, you’re killing me.” - you whined at his dirty talk and suddely you let out a high pitched cry: “Fuck!”
- “Good job, baby, you’ve found it, now stroke it in rhythm with your clit and you’ll come for daddy in no time.” - Sam groaned as he was brutally abusing his dick now, while he was watching you fuck yourself imagining he was pounding into you. He wished he could cum on those pretty thighs of yours. Or better, in your hot pussy.
- “Yes, fuck me, fuck me just like that...” - it felt like your voice was directly connected to his dick, because he swore those words sent him off like nothing in a really long time.
- He moaned and groaned through his orgasm, which forced his eyes close, but he fought to open them to watch as your hips were wildly rocking into your hands, your face turned towards the camera, deep moans were leaving your beautiful lips then suddenly a loud cry tore itself from your chest.
- “Fuck yes princess, cum for me.” - Sam watched proudly as you rocked yourself through your first giant orgasm, then your limbs fall back on the bed, as you panted, your chest moving up and down in a fast rhythm. 
- Sam grinned lazily and waited for you to come back to him.
- You opened your eyes and gave him a tired smile.
- “You’re welcome.” - he teased, making you laugh.
- “You say it like you weren’t having fun too.”
- Sam’s smile widened and he looked down at his stomach. You saw him reach down towrads the spot where his shirt was pulled up, then he lifted his hand for the camera. You saw his release shining on his fingers. - “Oh, I had fun, don’t worry.”
- You laughed out loud, putting your hand in front of your mouth to muffle the sound.
- “You had fun too, I suppose?” - Sam asked jokingly as he reached out for some tissue to clean himself up.
- You bit your lip and waited for him to look at you, and when you didn’t answer him, he did. He saw as you slowly reached down again, his eyes following your hand as it disappeared between your legs again, then you lifted it up, fingers shining with your juices, and then you licked it off.
- Sam groaned again, as he pulled his laptop in his lap again.
- “Princess, you have to tell me where you live.”
- Your smile widened and you moved on the bed, turning on your stomach, but you moed your leg just the right way so Sam can’t see your pussy. When you saw his eyes move, you knew he tried to sneak a peek. 
- But he wasn’t without a reward, this way he can marvel at the beautiful curve of your ass.
- “Oh, do I?” - you asked, biting your nail innocently.
- Sam narrowed his eyes. You were driving him fucking crazy. And it wasn’t even a joke, like he can literally feel himself crave for you, and right after an orgasm none the less. - “That attitude and that ass are just asking for a good, hard spanking.”
- You giggled again, your shy side starting to come to the surface, as you hid your face in you hands. - “Okay, but seriously, what’s the fun in beating an ass?” - you asked incredulously. 
- “Oh, I can show it to you.” - Sam answered without a beat, his palms were literally tingling so he can touch those magnificent asscheeks of yours. - “But if you’re not into that, that’s not a problem either, I can give them a good ol’ massage, which I’m sure you’d love, babydoll.”
- His voice was like honey and it did things to you. No wonder women threw themselves at his feet.
- “You’re just being sweet on me, so I’ll give you my address.” 
- “Would it be that bad if I was there?”
- “No. It would be bad when you leave.” - you pouted.
- Sam smiled and licked his lips. - “I would make sure you won’t forget me.”
- You rolled your eyes. - “I’m sure you would. Anyway, I have to go now, this time for real.” - you added, making Sam laugh.
- “You’re still gonna call in the evening?” - he asked, biting his lower lip.
- “Aww, how can I say no to my favourite little boytoy?” - you winked and with that your face disappeared from his screen.
- Sam’s jaw dropped, and a surprised laugh escaped him. He ran his hands through his hair, satisfied, trying to figure out the exact time when he started to fall for you.
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williston-force-portable-ac · 12 months ago
Williston Force Portable AC Review: Does Williston Force Desktop AC Really Work?
Williston Force is a perfect companion for those hot summer days that make you want to hide inside your fridge. Instead of going to such lengths, get your personal air conditioner and stay cool wherever you go.
Trying to beat the summertime heat with air conditioning used to be a very expensive proposition, but thanks to a revolutionary new personal cooling system – the Williston Force Portable AC – customers won’t have to delicately balance their energy bills with their personal comfort any longer.
Designed to provide rapid cooling results (cooling down a person’s body temperature inside of 30 seconds, according to the folks behind the Williston Force Portable AC), this amazing piece of climate control technology is portable, simple and straightforward to use, and produces next to no background noise whatsoever. It sounds like a scam, but it is not.
Best of all, customers will significantly cut down on their energy bills during the summer months – energy bills that would have otherwise skyrocketed with traditional AC systems being used.
The portable nature of the Williston Force AC makes this air conditioner highly flexible and adaptable for a variety of different situations too. Homeowners will be able to move this unit around as they move through their home, and people in office settings are going to be able to relocate this cooler as necessary to get the best possible results, too.
Intrigued? Read one of the many Williston Force reviews to find out more!
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Tumblr media
What Is Williston Force?
Williston Force is a portable air cooler that will make scorching summer days not just bearable but also enjoyable. Don’t want to spend the whole summer in a single air-conditioned room? You don’t have to! Bring the Williston Force AC with you to your bedroom while you rest, kitchen while you cook, or even your office while you work!
Williston Force is a portable air cooler that has recently been released in the United States, United Kingdom and many other countries across the globe. After only a short period of time, it has made quite a splash in the world of cooling devices. That comes as no surprise — the cooler is easy to use and deals with the heat effectively. Most Williston Force reviews agree that this product is a must-have for a pleasant summer.
How Does Williston Force Work?
Williston Force reviews claim that the unit works like a charm and requires minimal effort to use and maintain. Unlike the cheap knockoffs that can be bought in stores, this air cooler lasts for a long time and doesn’t disappoint. In fact, it may even exceed expectations.
In just a few simple steps, any consumer can enjoy cool and fresh air with Williston Force Portable AC. When the Williston Force Portable AC arrives, you need to open the top of the tank and pour some water in. Then, insert a water curtain at the front, and that’s it — the Williston Force Portable AC air cooler is now ready to use.
The unit has three adjustable fan speeds that the user can choose from. The lowest one reminds of a pleasant breeze, while the highest one is perfect for a sweltering summer afternoon.
While Williston Force AC is running, it will use up the water in the tank, so more needs to be added once in a while. Luckily, though, users will be aware of the water level at all times. The transparent water tank makes sure of that.
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 What type of technology does Williston Force AC use?
The Williston Force AC works based on innovative cooling principles taking cold water (ice water, usually) to cool down, then blowing into a space, sucking in hot air to go through a heat exchange, very similar to Williston Force Portable AC. This way, users are able to dramatically lower temperatures in dedicated spaces with the help of this “reverse evaporative” solution.
One of the biggest benefits of taking advantage of the Williston Force Portable AC is that individuals aren’t going to have to remove a lot of the moisture in the air to cool things down. Traditional evaporative cooling solutions end up drying things out, causing skin to crack and becoming irritated.
The Williston Force Portable AC works to introduce a bit of extra moisture into the space (when necessary) through the reverse evaporative technology built right in. This allows for spaces to cool down rapidly without becoming uncomfortably dry, the best of all worlds.
All customers have to do to make the most of this cooling technology is simply:
1.     Add water directly into the removable reservoir
2.     Insert a “water curtain” that doubles as a water filter
3.     Power the cooler on
… And that’s it!
(Right Now) Special Introductory Discount – Take Advantage Here
 How is Williston Force better than its competitors?
Williston Force AC is a small but powerful AC device that makes the summer heat bearable and the air breathable more than any other product in the market. Its size makes it extremely easy to carry, so users can take it to different rooms in the house or even bring it along to work. They don’t even have to plug it in — the Williston Force air conditioner can work for several hours on batteries alone.
You can use the Williston Force Portable AC in two ways — as a regular fan that you need to plug in, or as a cordless cooler that works on batteries. I love carrying it around with me without the hassle of looking for a power source and dealing with cables. Cooling down in the summer has never been easier!
But the Williston Force air conditioner won’t just keep you cool. The device has a built-in humidifier and a dust filter, ensuring that the air you breathe is crisp and clean. If you suffer from allergies or don’t handle dry air well, Williston Force air conditioner is a game changer! After using it for just a few days, I noticed that I was breathing with ease, and my skin was glowing!
If you’re like me, summer nights are a struggle. It’s usually too hot to sleep, and even opening the window doesn’t always help. Plus, there are insects to worry about — mosquitos tend to rush inside as if they’re the ones paying the rent!
Luckily, the Williston Force portable air conditioner works silently, so I can let it run at night. In a nutshell, it keeps me cool and allows me to get a good night’s sleep!
Who Is Williston Force good for?
Williston Force is a portable air conditioner for all ages — kids, elders, and everyone in between can use it during sweltering summer days. It’s completely safe, so I’m planning to buy one for each member of my family. That way, we won’t have to fight over it anymore!
At the end of the day, those looking to beat summertime heat without spending a small fortune on energy bills or want to take a very close look at all that the Williston Force portable air conditioner provides.
Already quickly becoming one of the hottest selling cooling systems of this summer, the glowingly positive Williston Force reviews are piling up because of how great a job this unit does at helping people comfortably fight back against skyrocketing summertime temperatures.
Those that do not want to deal with the headache, hassle, noise, and unnecessary expense of traditional air-conditioning units will want to take a much closer look at this Williston Force Portable AC. It’s possible to get almost all of the same cooling results (nearly 90% of the cooling results) in a much more targeted and focused way when choosing to move forward with portable air conditioner technology like this or like Williston Force Portable AC which is another portable air conditioner very similar to this.
Customers shouldn’t be surprised if they find themselves writing their own overwhelmingly positive Williston Force reviews after trying this technology out for themselves. It’s just that special!
Does Williston Force Work?
Williston Force is a product you won’t regret buying. You may have heard a lot about portable ACs and how they usually disappoint, but the Williston Force Portable AC is different. It delivers on everything it promises to do — it cools the air, filters dust, and works as a humidifier.
But surely such a device like the Williston Force Portable AC would be difficult to operate, right? Actually, not at all! That’s perhaps the best part — everyone can use the Williston Force air cooler by just following a few simple steps. Even my grandma, who is on bad terms with most technology, finds this device quite intuitive.
In just three easy steps, you can enjoy the cool air too. All you have to do is pour water into the top of the unit and then add a replaceable water curtain. Once you close the device, it’ll be ready to go! Turn the Williston Force Portable AC on, and you’ll feel the difference in just a few seconds.
Sounds incredible? You could get a second opinion — just read one of the many Williston Force reviews out there. I’ve scoured the Internet in search of a negative one, yet I couldn’t find anything. So if you ask me, that’s a good enough reason to get this fantastic cooler today!
Williston Force Benefits
·         Noiseless Air Cooler. Unlike large ACs, Williston Force is so silent that it’s easy to forget it’s running. There is no humming, buzzing, or whirring, or at least, nothing too noticeable. Users can put it on the desk while they work, the coffee table while they relax with a book, or even their nightstand as they sleep. This air cooler is a perfect summer companion.
·         Humidifier and Dust Filter. Summer air can be quite dry and hard on the skin and the eyes — but Williston Force cooler is here to change that. It has a built-in humidifier that adds moisture to the air and makes it more breathable.
On top of that, its powerful dust filters remove the particles that are likely to cause allergies. So, Williston Force isn’t only a must-have for those who can’t bear the heat — it’s equally beneficial to allergy sufferers.
·         A Sleek Design. The design may not be a crucial aspect of an air cooler, but Williston Force doesn’t neglect it. This is a modern, sleek device that won’t look out of place in any home. What’s more, its smooth white surface and the transparent water tank can add a futuristic feel to an otherwise plain room.
The Williston Force Portable AC water tank is perhaps the most interesting part of the device. It’s not only mesmerizing to watch the water move in it, but the tank can also provide mood lighting. When turned on, it emits a pleasant white glow in the dark that isn’t too harsh on the eyes.
·         Cooling Mist. For those particularly scorching summers, cold air alone might not be enough. That’s why the Williston Force air cooler comes with a unique feature — cooling mist.
The mist is made of tiny drops of moisture that disperse through the cool air, bringing the temperature down quickly. It’s also great for the skin — after using the Williston Force Portable AC for a while, consumers will notice that it looks healthier and more youthful.
·         Easy to Maintain. As Williston Force reviews claim, the product requires very little maintenance. It’s enough to wipe it down when the surface gets dusty and clean the fans once in a while. All of that can take less than 20 minutes, which is convenient for people who don’t have much time to spare.     
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Williston Force Facts and Specs
·         Easy to use and maintain
·         No chemicals — it uses only water to cool the air
·         No excess noise
·         Can be used as a fan or as a cordless air cooler
·         3 fan speeds
·         A transparent water tank that’s easy to refill
·         Water curtain suggested changing every 6–8 months
·         A dust filter and humidifier
·         Sleek and compact design
·         White colour
·         USB powered
·         Cordless thanks to its rechargeable battery
Williston Force Pros and Cons
I know I’ve praised this product a lot, but the last thing I want is for this to sound like one of those biased Williston Force reviews. So here is a list of both pros and cons to help you make a more informed decision about your purchase.
·         Portable and cordless. No more fixed ACs and bulky fans! This light and portable air cooler can go with you everywhere, even to your office. And you won’t have to fight a tangle of cords and cables either — just let Williston Force run on batteries. They last quite long!
·         Three fan speeds. Sometimes, you want to feel a cool breeze on your neck, while other times, you prefer a powerful blast. Obviously, a single fan speed isn’t enough — so Williston Force has three of them. You can easily switch between them at any time and find the one that suits you best!
·         Cooling mist. Some days are so hot that even cool air isn’t enough! That’s why this air conditioner comes with a special setting — it sprays cold moisture. Just sit by the cooling unit, and you’ll soon feel its soothing effect on your face.
·         Transparent water tank. The air conditioner uses water to cool you, so naturally, you have to add it when there is none. And how do you know if there is enough water? Well, in the case of Williston Force, it’s simple! The water tank is transparent and illuminated, so you’ll always be aware of the water level. On top of that, it looks quite sleek!
·         No noise. The last thing you want is a device loudly humming by your ear while you’re trying to read or work. Williston Force is rather silent — so silent, in fact, that you’ll barely notice it’s there!
·         Easy to maintain. This air cooler barely needs any maintenance — you should only replace the water curtain every six to eight months. In the meantime, you could wipe it down once in a while and clean its fans to ensure it continues to work properly.
·         Limited availability. This air cooler isn’t always in stock, so it’s best to get your hands on it quickly.
·         Available only online. The best and only way to buy Williston Force is to visit the official website. You can’t find it in physical stores, which may be a problem for some people.
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 What are the Williston Force reviews saying?
Most Williston Force reviews agree that the benefits of this product far outweigh the few negatives. It’s a small, portable cooler that fulfills its purpose quickly and without using any dangerous chemicals. It’s not only safe for people and animals, but also for the environment — which isn’t always the case with regular ACs.
Ultimately, the product is well worth its price, and it’s unlikely to disappoint. However, if it does, the company offers a fantastic return policy. If the customer doesn’t like the product or experiences issues with it, they can return it within 30 days after purchase for a full refund. In essence, there really is no risk involved with buying Williston Force.
Tumblr media
 Final Verdict
You probably have only one question left — is this product worth the money? And my answer to that is a loud and clear yes. All of the Williston Force reviews agree that this air conditioner is a summer must-have — a device that both cools and purifies the cool air.
But if you end up disliking it for any reason, don’t worry. You’ll get a full refund if you return the device within 30 days. Sounds like a fantastic deal to me!
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chuckhansen · a year ago
C, F, L, N, P, X for Terry and E, G, J for Jeremy 🔫😌
1. how do they sit in a chair?
- the king of manspreading 🥴😒 it used to get on his wife's last nerve because she couldn't even sit next to him on the couch normally without him doing it, but, it's just automatic. he still does it now and people tend to think it's a way for him to show "dominance" or his "too cool" attitude or whatever, but, it's just how he sits.
2. in what position do they sleep?
- terry is the kind of person that sleeps flat on their back with one hand behind his head or under his pillow, or with both hands resting on his stomach. everybody used to make fun of him and tease that he was practicing for a funeral because of it.
3. what is their ideal comfort day?
- terrence's ideal comfort day is a rare day "off". he'd have minimal duties, a few rounds of keeping watch of the fields in the morning and then a free day so to speak. maybe a little fishing in his lawn chair just outside his camper, nursing a beer that he came across in a bunker and had been saving for the right opportunity. on the off chance he was able to get regina off of work duty he would have invited her over just for the company.
4. what is their major comfort food? why?
- his major comfort food before the outbreak would probably have to be his (step) mother's chicken tortilla soup. she would make it almost every friday and it was always something he looked forward to...didn't matter the weather or time of year. there would never be any leftovers after she made enough for all of them to have at least three helpings of it so it was something they always looked forward to.
5. who is the best at comforting them when down?
- now more than ever he tends to rely on himself in order to pick himself up, but, the only person he would probably allow close enough TO try and cheer him up or talk to him about issues he's having would have to be regina. her ways of comforting him probably wouldn't be perfect and they'd be a little awkward, but, to him that would be pretty endearing and he'd appreciate the effort.
1. what do they do for fun?
- smokes the devil's lettuce (he found a stash while on a supply run and hid it from everybody...only regina, lisa, and alkai...who better NOT snitch... know about it), fishing (unfortunately it's a great way to pass the time), "sight seeing" (it's really him making sure the surrounding areas are free from threats like marauders or rippers, but, some of the views he spies from the watch towers still take his breath away, he has a lot more fun when regina tags along 😏 ), playing cards with people in camp (doesn't matter what came it is...it gets his mind off of things), adult sleep overs in the camper (for him and regina ONLY).
2. what is their ideal party?
- parties are few and far between at tucker's camp since it's all work and no play, lest people get lazy and slack off, but, they've been known to throw a little get together here and there when they've gotten a good haul or a good "harvest" (if you can even call it that) they'll usually have a little dinner as a group and someone will bring the guitar out. because of the proximity of a horde that lives just outside the camping area they usually keep the noise to minimum but it normally involves laughing, joking and carrying on for a few hours. it's a completely different atmosphere than normal and while terry enjoys it for a few hours he tends to retire back to his camper pretty early.
3. who would they have the most fun with?
- 😏i think it's safe to say he has the most fun with regina, and that's for...very obvious reasons. but besides THAT, she's probably one of the only people who's gotten the chance to know him (who he was before and the person he is now). there isn't a lot to do so the two have to make their own fun, but, when you get along with someone as well as they do it's easy to pass the time doing something as simple as talking or simply...just doing nothing.
4. can they have fun while conforming to rules?
- absolutely, even though, breaking the rules every once in a while to have fun wasn't out of the norm for he and levi growing up. sometimes it would just pan out that way, but the two have no problem having fun the "right" way.
5. do they go out a lot?
- not now he doesn't :/ unless you count going on supply runs and doing little jobs for other settlements here and there if he's gone out of the area to trade supplies and other goods he's come across as "going out".
1. what is their favorite fruit?
- clementines and strawberries!
2. what is their least favorite fruit?
- he's not a big fan of blackberries, blueberries, or raspberries
3. are there any foods they hate?
- the irony of him living/working in a community that can really only grow vegetables isn't lost on him because he isn't a huge fan of them in the slightest. broccoli, lettuce, peas, green beans...basically any kind of green vegetable he just wasn't a fan of.
4. do they have any food intolerances?
- nope! he can pretty much eat anything without it bothering him too much
5. what is their favorite food?
- his favorite food (besides his step mom's tortilla soup) would probably have to be a perfectly grilled steak smothered with onions and mushrooms. it was the one thing his dad could make perfectly and it was more of a treat than something they had very often.
1. what is their favorite genre of music?
- country...he doesn't mind the newer artists, but, he grew up listening to a lot of the country stars from the 60s,70s, and 80s because of dad so he's always been partial to that kind.
2. do they have a favorite song?
- 'the gambler' - kenny rogers (because it was his dad's favorite song)
3. do they have a favorite band/artist/singer?
- his dad had he and levi listening to a lot of kenny rogers, willie nelson, johnny cash, john denver, and hank williams growing up. even before the outbreak he had tons of cd's in his car from those artists.
4. can they sing well? / 5. can they rap?
- no and no! he's absolutely tone deaf the most he can do is whistle a tune or hum a tune, but, when it comes to singing? absolutely not...it's so bad it would probably scare a horde away. and the rapping? he's never tried it but he highly doubts he would be any good.
1. does the way they do things portray their internal personality?
- absolutely! jeremy has always tried to stay true to himself and his morals and how he wishes to be portrayed and seen by others. he knows actions speak louder than words so he'd much rather make sure that his actions matched what his internal voice was saying.
2. do they do things that conform to the norm?
- yes! i don't really think he goes outside of the box much, so he might do a few things here or there that challenge what society sees as being "normal" but that's not really how he lives his life.
3. do they follow trends or do their own thing?
- i think being married to something as open minded as fatima he's seen that the two of them kind of march to the beat of their own drum a little bit. they tended to do things out of order and their entire relationship was something most people couldn't even keep straight, not the mention the nature of their jobs leaves them with little room for normalcy.
4. are they up-to-date on the internet fads?
- yes, but, that's only because of fatima and by extension, samira. without the two of them keeping him in the loop he would have absolutely NO idea what in the hell trends or fads were in since he doesn't really use social media all that much.
5. do they portray their personality intentionally or let people figure it out on their own?
- jeremy is incredibly straight forward with the kind of person he is. he doesn't see a point in trying to keep parts of himself hidden any longer considering he went most of his childhood trying to cultivate a personality to please his father and what he expected out of him. he knew he wasn't being authentic to himself, so, know that he's broken free of that mold he wants people to know what he's about from day one.
1. what is their most attractive external feature?
- i'd have to go with either his nose, eye, or hands...he's gotten compliments on all three at many different points in his life, but, from fatima especially.
2. what is the most attractive part of their personality?
- the most attractive part of his personality is probably how sensitive he is. his father used to try and "toughen him up" because he needed to be harder, but, he's gad his mother made it a point to compassionate side of him at the forefront.
3. what benefits come with being their friend?
- free bomb ass meals just because! the man can cook / bake like it's nobody's business and he'd mostly use food as gifts and stuff, so, he'd be making people's favorite meals just because he was in the mood and wanted to do something nice. he's incredibly selfless and will always put friends and loved ones before himself on any occasion.
4. what parts of them do they like and dislike?
- i think jeremy is super uncomfortable in his own skin because of what he went through during project apex. he was left was severe scarring from the testing and the subsequent escape from the facility that left him feeling like he wasn't in his own skin any longer. he'd like to be able to look at himself and see past those, but, he's not sure he'll ever be able to do that. i think one part he doe like about himself is his smile, he's always been told it could light up and room and it's the first time most people always noticed about him.
5. what parts of others do they envy?
- i don't really think jeremy looks at people and sees anything he wants, if we're being honest! he's never looked at himself in regards to what was missing or what he wishes he had only because it doesn't do you any good in the long run to harbor jealously.
1. what makes them happy?
- the smell of fatima's perfume, hearing the jazz from neighbor's apartment below him, hearing the little pitter patter of his kid's feet coming down the hallway in the mornings to wake him up, his kid's laughter (mallory's laugh espeically), fatima's smile, seeing his family happy, being outdoors...and i could go on and on. there are TONS of reasons for him to be happy and even more things that make him happy.
2. who makes them happy?
- fatima (the lohl), his four kids, his mom, his sister, his brother in law, his niece and nephew, his dogs, his neighbors. they all have a special place in his heart 💕
3. are there any songs that bring them joy?
- idk what song they would play at their wedding, but, he'd constantly have that on repeat if we're being honest! he wasn't really someone that connected music to happier times, but, for something like that? even hearing somewhere randomly would just transport him back to that day.
4. are they happy often?
- there is never a time when he isn't happy if we're being honest! with everything he has going on in his life and knowing just how short that time is for him he makes sure to never take anything for granted or think too much of what he doesn't have. he always fingers something that makes him happy; whether that's his kids, fatima, his pets, vacations or even just days where they can all be together doing absolutely nothing but enjoying each other's company.
5. what brings them the most joy in the world?
- his family, without a doubt. there is nothing else on this earth that could ever make him feel the way he does when he looks at them. they truly do give him a reason to keep going. he never thought he'd have a family like this, and now that he has them...he sometimes can't even explain that amount of joy he gets from every single moment of being around him, no matter if the times are good or stressful.
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f-nodragonart · a year ago
Vertebrate Wings, PART 2: Membranes and Feathers
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Membranes and Feathers TOC
  Feather Arrangement
  Feather Layering
  Feather Shape
A common question I see in relation to bat-like (and sometimes pterosaur-like) wings: Can a creature fly if the wing membrane only attaches to the armpit of the wing? Can massive wings make up for the lack of membrane?
Short answer: No.
Long answer in the form of a numbered list of problems with these sorts of wings:
 1)      Wing membranes (and feathers) need to SUPPORT and STABILIZE the whole animal’s body in the air. Without membrane attached along the length of the body, the torso is left to dangle limply and awkwardly below the wing shoulders. This couldn’t work because:
    a.      As I explain in more detail in the Full-body Integration section, flight is a ~primarily~ horizontal affair (the obvious exception being hoverers, but I cover this in the Flight section). A limply-hanging body would increase drag and air resistance to an absurd degree compared to the typical streamlined body position of a flying bird or bat. While flight is primarily driven by the wings, it really is a full-body affair.
    b.      The weight of the ENTIRE creature would be localized to the wing shoulder, which would make for excruciatingly painful flight at the VERY least. The membrane helps distribute the weight of the body over a wider surface area so that no one centralized point is pulling too much weight. (again, hovering flight is an exception to this, but this is largely due to the tiny body weight of a typical hoverer)
 2)      ~Generally~ evolution is lazy. The theoretical length of the wings necessary to make up for the lack of membrane would use up a ridiculous amount of energy—energy that evolution isn’t likely to waste. Especially considering that the length of these theoretical wings would have to be accomplished through lengthened fingers, which are more complicated and use up more developmental energy than simple membrane extension.
 3)      These lengthened wings would theoretically be freakin’ MASSIVE to make up for the lack of membrane. I can only imagine they’d be too heavy and/or too long to realistically function. They’d more likely drag uselessly along the ground as the animal attempted to use too-long muscles and tendons to lift them up.
 4)      “The creature wouldn’t be able to flap their wings when flying. Wings act like a lever; the less wing membrane you have close to the body, the further out lift and air resistance act on them and the more force you need for each wingbeat. If you attach wing membrane at the armpit, then so much force would be needed that the dragon would have difficulty moving them on ground, never mind during flight. Adding more arm strength to overcome it is not an option because there’s only so much muscle you can add without running into many more problems,” thank you Rahjital~
This all applies to feathered wings as well—bodies need support during flight, and these sorts of feathered wings aren’t gonna provide any.
Tumblr media
The back edge isn’t the only important part of the membrane—the front edge is highly important as well! This section of the membrane is known as the propatagium.
Tumblr media
It provides a smooth, sloping curvature to the front edge of the wing (something the bare arms could not provide on their own), and helps stabilize the position of the wing through the tendon connecting the shoulder and wrist (or thumb/pteroid, depending on the wing).
This structure is present in ALL vertebrate wings—bats, pterosaurs, and yes, even birds.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It’s simply not very apparent in birds because this membrane is covered by feathers. Remember kids, bird arms aren’t rounded noodles—it’s the propatagium that gives bird wings their smooth outline!
Bats wings have hair-thin muscles across their membranes to help tense and otherwise manipulate the wing shape as needed. I actually had a hard time finding good diagrams of these muscles, sans this one EXCELLENT reference for the muscles and major veins (+skeleton) via edited versions SammyTorres drew of photo of a museum reference.
Tumblr media
(had to cut it off to preserve image quality, but u can see the original reference photo at the link)
As for pterosaur wings, there’s still debate over how exactly the membranes were structured, but there is at least agreement on the existence of multiple layers of actinofibrils embedded in the membrane. As quoted from exdraghunt, “Pterosaur wings were stiffened with unique fibers called “actinofibrals”. These fibers can be thought of as being like the wooden battens of a paper fan, or the quills of bird’s feathers. They allowed the wing to spread out to full span, or to fold up tightly against the body, while keeping the membrane stiff enough for flight. These fibers became shorter and less regular closer to the body, so that the membrane closer to the body of the animal had more flexibility compared to the parts out at the wingtip. The fibers start out perpendicular to the arm, and shift to parallel with the wing finger out at the wingtip.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This made pterosaur membranes much stiffer than bat membranes, but still more flexible than bird feathers in terms of delicate maneuvering and camber-control.
Also, here’s a cool diagram dissecting the layers of pterosaur membrane~
Feather Arrangement
The first thing we need to get straight here is that the main flight feathers of a wing—the remiges (singular: remex)—sprout EXCLUSIVELY from the “hand” and lower arm sections of the skeleton.
Tumblr media
The shoulder may be the source of thrust in the wing, but the “hand” and lower arm are the actual “paddle” used to beat against the air. As we can see in the below diagram, the tertiaries (which are embedded in the FLESH of the upper arm, NOT the bone) simply fill in the space left between the remiges and the main body.
In my own research (of Googling reference photos), I’ve found that the secondary remiges tend to gradually decrease in length closer to the elbow, tapering down until the tertials are able to fill in the gaps. This may not necessarily be true for all wings, but this is the trend I’ve picked up on.
Tumblr media
idk what the deal is, but there are almost zero references for the underside of a bird wing, so I took the liberty of making my own reference, traced/edited from these photos of crow wings. (“edited” in that I emphasized a few feather bits that aren’t quite as “pronounced” on actual crow wings, but were drawn in for the sake of illustrating their general position. the axillaries, for example, were referenced from plovers.)
The coverts (when it comes to flight) exist to smooth out the transition from arm to remex, covering the entire arm/hand section and then some.
It’s important to note that the lesser/median primary coverts DO EXIST on the dorsal side of the wing, they’re just reduced compared to the much longer greater primary coverts, so the lesser/median coverts are usually covered by the alula (this is another detail I emphasized/edited in the above ref—the lesser/median primary dorsal-side coverts aren’t actually visible with the current position of the alula on a crow wing). I don’t have references for why the feathers in this section are sized/arranged in this manner, but I think it may be due to the presence of the alula. Either way, you can usually get away with not including the lesser/median primary coverts in most wings/positions, but it is important to know they exist for those special occasions they do make an appearance.
Tumblr media
The alula is the section of feathers that sprouts from the “thumb” of the underlying skeleton (this can be seen in the remex skeletal of the wing I posted higher up), and helps to increase lift by smoothing out air flow over the primaries. The feathers of the alula are situated on the topside on the wing, over the primary coverts and under the secondary coverts.
As a side note, the wing reference I drew is just a BASIC guide to feather arrangement. Depending on the shape and flight style of the wing, the feather “sections” can vary quite a lot, as can be seen below.
Tumblr media
The reference I drew is just a guide to help you identify these sections of feathers in other wings more easily, even if they look quite a bit different than the wing I drew.
Feather Layering
Now for the information I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for—the detail that artists the world over struggle desperately with: feather layering.
I could just tell you all that the LEADING edge of the remiges is seen on the TOPSIDE/DORSAL view, while the TRAILING edge of the remiges is seen on the UNDERSIDE/VENTRAL view, and that will be correct.
Tumblr media
HOWEVER, I find that I much more easily retain design information if I know WHY a particular structure is designed that way in the first place. So, here I leave you a very informative analysis of remex arrangement and how it effects flight.
While I do highly suggest watching the whole video—especially for the helpful animations—I understand that it's a long sit with dry delivery, so the main takeaway is this:
Remiges are arranged as they are in order to minimize drag on the upstroke by allowing air to filter through the feathers and under the body, thereby pushing the body up in the process.
Tumblr media
If the remiges were theoretically arranged opposite from this, they would filter air AWAY from the body on the upstroke, thereby sucking the body down and rendering the thrust on the downstroke null.
Tumblr media
Now, it’s important to keep in mind that this reasoning applies more strictly to the remiges compared to the other feathers. While it’s incredibly important for the remiges to be in proper arrangement, the coverts are a little more lenient, considering they just smooth out the wing. The median/greater coverts do follow the arrangement of the remiges per which side of the wing they sprout from (and lesser coverts are layered in a more-or-less “shingles” pattern), but real-life coverts tend to be a lot messier than “ideal” coverts.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Covert arrangement (particularly that of lesser/medians) can be “goofed” a little without too much problem; It’s remex arrangement that can make or break flight.
Also note how this feather layering effects the layering of wing “sections” when the wing folds up (which will be discussed in more detail in the Positions section).
Tumblr media
Feather Shape
Feather shape is also a critical factor in wing design (and even full-body design), BUT to tackle shape, we must first understand some basic feather anatomy.
Tumblr media
There are quite a few bits here that I’m not rly gonna get into (mostly because I myself understand feathers more in the greater scheme of a wing/body than individually), but it is important to note a few specific features, here.
The shaft is the base upon which the barbs sprout from, and where the feather itself connects to the body via the calamus(quill). Note that the barbs (at least in the pennaceous portion) ALWAYS sprout from the shaft at an outward angle. They do NOT point at a 90 degree angle straight out from the shaft, nor point backwards towards the quill, but FORWARDS towards the feather tip. This is most likely a mechanism for both reducing drag and creating a more stable interlocking of barbs.
Tumblr media
The pennaceous portion is what’s visible to the open air, so the barbs must be designed to handle what is required, such as a relative stability/stiffness for the remiges of the wings, a drag-resistant design for feathers of the body, etc. etc.
The plumaceous portion is typically hidden beneath other feathers, so isn’t necessary to draw in most designs. It’s just important to know about the fluffy plumaceous bits that exist underneath for those occasions that the feathers are lifted apart.
*note-- not all feathers have an afterfeather/shaft as shown in the first diagram-- this is most common to grouse, and is kind of like having extra down.
This is just a basic rundown of feather anatomy I’d reason to be useful to artists, but if you’d like a more in-depth discussion of feathers, I suggest this page.
Now knowing this basic feather anatomy, we can look at the diverse shapes and forms feathers can take. As has been shown in the feather types above, feathers can vary quite a lot depending on their purpose. The primary remiges, in fact, have a unique set of anatomical terms to help describe the shapes they can take.
Tumblr media
It’s important to note, here, that at least part of the reason that the primary remiges in particular are so diversely shaped is due their being the “flight manipulation” feathers of the wings. While coverts smooth out the wing and secondary remiges provide ample surface area, it’s the primary remiges that really determine a bird’s particular style of flight (I’ll get into some of these basic flight types more in the Flight section).
It’s also important to note that the “drag direction” for any feather—remex or otherwise—is essential in planning their shape (it’s just much easier to identify in remiges). See how the barbs on the leading side of these primary remiges is much shorter than the barbs on the trailing side?
Tumblr media
This is because the leading side, as can be assumed, must meet air resistance head-on, so the shorter barbs provide a stiffer, more stable surface to push against oncoming air currents. The trailing side, on the other hand, provides the main surface area of the feather, so the barbs can be longer.
This asymmetrical balance of barb length changes depending on where the feather is on the wing, so it’s no surprise that the primary remex barb lengths are much more asymmetrical compared to the secondary remex barb lengths, since these barbs don’t directly push against the air on either side of the feather.
Tumblr media
Though keep in mind that the shafts still “lean” more towards the leading edge here, so as to properly tilt against the air on the upstroke.
This feather diversity doesn’t just apply to different feather types—even the exact same feathers of the exact same basic type can vary DRASTICALLY when compared between different species. Just look at the differences between the above wood duck primary remiges and the primary remiges of a sharp-skinned hawk below.
Tumblr media
Thus, when designing the feathers (particularly the remiges/rectrices) of a creature, you need to understand the creature’s specific form of flight, and the purpose of certain sets of feathers.
(The USFWS Feather Atlas provides EXCELLENT scans of the remiges and rectrices (main tail feathers) of TONS of different bird species, if you’d like to see more scans like these.)
Combination feather/membrane wings are somewhat popular, and while they’re improbable I wouldn’t say they’re impossible. Improbable, because evolution would likely choose one or the other for a full wing (taking into account the energy available during development, as we’ve discussed). Or, at the very least, make the feather bits more fur-like than the rounded, complicated designs of typical coverts.
The only impossible combo-wings I could think of are webbed wings that have ALL the wing feathers—remiges included. Remiges are meant EXCLUSIVELY for flight—if the wing already has a membrane (a membrane which takes up much more energy to build than feathers), then there’s no need for additional remiges. In fact, these lengthy feathers would detract from what makes the bat wing so practical—its ability to “collapse” and otherwise bend and stretch in precise movements. Remiges would only block the bat wings’ ability to properly bend.
Not to mention, these feathers would break up the smooth/streamlined quality of these wings if they were to reach that far out over the membrane. Think about it—bird wings only have one layer of remiges, creating one smooth surface, and bats only have one layer of webbing, also creating a single smooth surface. Webbed wings with remiges on BOTH sides (or even on ONE side) would create multiple surfaces that would somehow need to lay flat against each other (but likely wouldn’t due to their nature). And that isn’t even to mention that remiges need a stable bone base to properly attach to, which the bat wrist/hand couldn’t provide, considering it already must support the fingers themselves, let alone primary remiges.
Covert feathers, on the other hand, are mainly there to create a smooth transition from the front edge of the wing to the remiges (and are embedded in flesh rather than bone). Thus, I could see their potential use in bat-like wings for the same reason, so long as they aren’t large enough to interfere with membrane/finger flexibility.
-Mod Spiral
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userarchive · a year ago
Escape: Chapter 10
Tumblr media
Warnings: Language. Angst/fighting. Y’all I went to CTRL+C this and the document disappeared and I had a HEART attack, but bless I hit the S and it just saved instead. WOW. Near instant death.
Hank ended up booking the three of you on a flight out that night, giving you time to check into a hotel and actually get some rest before heading down to the 16th precinct the next morning. Olivia Benson was quick to welcome you, introducing you to the squad, you could have sworn you caught her eyes lingering on you a few times while you were working out the holes in the case. Throughout the morning SVU ended up catching a couple more cases, detectives scattering from the precinct, leaving your Chicago team alone with Olivia in the bull pen. You were standing beside the desk Hailey was perched on, deeply engrossed in a case file SVU had.
That was when she walked in, freezing at the sight in front of her, she felt her brows furrow, a sense of confusion flying through her brain. It was you. It had to be you. But you looked completely different. Your hair was dyed back to it’s natural colour, pulled back in a chignon, your make up was softer, more neutral than the thick liner and lashes you wore at the bar. You’d swapped your leggings and casual t-shirts for a very well tailored navy pantsuit, heels on your feet, your entire demeanour seemed to have changed. She barely heard it when Benson called across the room to her, heart hammering in her chest.
“Casey!” Your heart shot into your chest, the three heads in the room all turned towards the entry way. “Meet Detective Upton, Detective Stone and A.S.A. Stone.” She gestured over to Casey, “Our A.D.A Casey Novak.”
“Amber..?” Casey felt like she couldn’t even hear her own voice in her head, a million thoughts racing through it in each second. There was a moment of small silence as you took each other in, tears forming in your eyes.
“It’s —uh…actually Y/N…”
“Ohohoo…” The quiet laugh came from Hailey, you couldn’t even bother to shoot her a glare, unable to tear your eyes away from Casey.
“I thought you were white collar?”
“And I thought you were dead!” She shot back, as she came back to life she took in the scene in the room. The body language between you and Peter, that two of the names were the same, and most importantly, the diamond ring on your finger. “A word…detective?”
“Uh—“ You glanced between the other bodies in the room, thankful more than ever now that you’d been so open with Peter, “Yeah…” Handing the folder to Hailey you followed her into a conference room, shutting the door behind you. You felt your heart pounding in your chest, palms already clammy as they wrung against each other.
“I don’t even know where to start!” Casey couldn’t wrap her head around any of the facts, and of the things that she was attempting to process at the same time. She’d been aching for you for months, her life empty, bed cold and heart shattering all over again when she caught herself daydreaming over the memories. “I watched you die!”
“Rubber bullet…fake blood…” You murmured, “Guy that shot me was another U.C.”
“You were under that whole time?” You gave a meek nod, unable to meet her eyes at the strain in her voice.
“I’m sorry, I couldn’t tell you. The case was too dangerous. How—how’d you end up in special victims?” Her face hardened at your question, the tears evident in her eyes.
“I asked for homicide. I wanted it to get justice for victims like you, who’s killers were never found. I wanted to do everything I could to bring justice into your..death.”
“I’m so sorry…”
“How…how long have you been married?” God you could hear the shake in her voice, you absolutely hated yourself in that moment, feeling absolutely disgusting as you did everything you could to hold back your tears.
“Eight years…”
“EIGHT YEARS! What the fuck Amb—Y/N!” There it was, the rage you knew you had coming, the hurt you’d ended up causing coming bubbling up inside her. If Casey thought she was in shock when she first walked in the door, she was certain she was now. “Does he know?”
“Yes!” You could barely contain your tears by now, “We have this…deal if I’m undercover for longer than a year and outside the city.”
“Oh what? You get to make a whole relationship to go along with your fake life?”
“No, we each get like, one...free pass for the duration.”
“Free pass?!” Casey choked out, “A free pass was all I ever was to you!?”
“No!!” You scrambled to cover your tracks, trying to get the words out way in a way that properly explained how you felt, “I didn’t mean it like that. Casey, please! It was just supposed to be sex, stay casual but I fell for you, I didn’t mean to, but I did.”
“And the entire time, I didn’t even know your real name, you were feeding me lies of this fake life! Do you get how completely fucked that is?!”
“I know! And I’m sorry, please believe me…” You begged, moving further into the room, attempting to reason with her.
“Nearly a year of my life and all you told me was a lie, why should I believe you now?!” The movement of your hand racing up to wipe away a tear brought her attention to your very bare neck, ‘I’ll never take it off’ another lie…the sun was gone…just like hers. “Do you even have a brother?!” You shook your head, knowing if you spoke you wouldn’t be able to control your voice, “You’re that good of an actor? You seemed genuinely upset over the anniversary of his so called death.”
You didn’t even want to admit the fact to her, wishing she hadn’t brought up the day, you took a shaking breath. As you looked up you realized she’d started actually crying now too, broken and distraught with emotions that you brought to the surface.
“I…I only had contact with my Sarge the entire op, I’d been under for over a year already. I really missed Pete, when you asked… I slipped up…it was our wedding anniversary…” Casey felt the fire inside of her turn to absolute ice, feeling practically sick to her stomach.
“You’re fucking with me…” You gave a small shake of your head, “I told you I loved you for the first time that night.”
“I know. And I said it back! And I meant it! I loved you then and I love you now! That night, that night at the bar, I wanted you to leave ‘cause I knew the raid was coming, I didn’t want you to get hit in the crossfire, I was trying to protect you!!”
“Casey, please! I love you, I fell in love with you and that’s not a lie.”
“Yeah well I fell in love with Amber, and she’s fucking dead.” She was out the door before you could even think about attempting to go after her, whatever had brought her down to the precinct clearly didn’t matter to her anymore as she stormed out. 
As much as you wanted to run after her, chase her down, kiss her ’til you were breathless as you repeatedly told her how sorry you were, you knew you shouldn’t, she was pissed, rightfully so, and you’d give her space. You prayed that once she’d cooled down maybe you’d be able to talk things out, sort out this giant fucking mess. Dropping against the table, you tried to hold in your sobs, clearing your face of tears as your body shook with emotion. You were surprised when the next voice was Olivia’s, gentle and quiet, clearly the one she usually reserved for victims.
“You okay?” You glanced up at her, wiping away a fresh tear, turning slightly away from her as you fanned at your face.
“Yeah. I’m so sorry, that was…incredibly unprofessional. I’m sure your team doesn’t pull crap like that.”
“They don’t, they usually scream at each other in the middle of the bull pen in front of everybody.” You gave a huff of a laugh, shooting her a half smile, “I realized where I recognized you from…her phone background’s a picture of you.”
“What?” Your voice was breathless, sure, she’d probably have changed her opinions now, but at least she’d held onto a piece of you like you’d held onto a piece of her.
“I didn’t want to say anything in front of your husband but—“
“It’s fine,” You waved her off, “He knows everything.”
“Hey…” Hailey cautious popped into the door frame, directing to Benson, “You okay if we maybe take lunch now? I’m sure this one could use a hefty glass of scotch.” You gave her a watery laugh as Olivia gave your shoulder a squeeze.
“Yeah, ‘course. Keep the liquid lunch minimal, we still need you in working form.”
Casey was thankful for the quick find of a small empty side street she could finally stop on, collapsing against the wall of the building. Whether it was the fight, the information, the walk or the fresh spring air, her head was clearer, she was finally able to straighten some wires. You were alive. You were alive and you were a cop, a cop from Chicago. Her eyes burned with the sight of your blood soaked shirt, she shook it out of her head, pulling the image of you in the precinct back into her brain. 
That was who you were, Detective Stone. Stone…fucking Stone. Married…to fucking Peter Stone. She realized she never asked if you still loved him, or if you were just keeping up appearances while you laid low because of the mafia case. She knew who he was, things slowly started to make sense as her brain reworked it’s way through your entire…whatever it was…
The way you’d asked for a credit card that first night at the bar, she never saw you take anyone else’s, you wanted her real name, a lawyer in a mafia bar? You were working an angle to make sure she wasn’t working with them, it made more sense as to how quick you were to call her out on her job, legitimately interested, but in an attempt to clear her name. You hadn’t seen much of the city because you were technically working two jobs, leading two lives. The baseball knowledge made so much more sense, as did the way you’d vehemently denied the need to go to a Cubs game that summer, there’s no doubt you’d be recognized if you were married to their previous star pitcher.
Even the pizza debacle made sense, you were from Chicago, deep dish was all you’d ever eat, the way you refused to go home for Christmas, you simply couldn’t. The way most of your social media accounts were barely used, the way you actively kept her out of your apartment. Even the way you’d been so confused at the sun necklace at Christmas, you’d been so wrapped up in the moment you’d forgotten you were supposed to be from Florida. 
Fuck, how did she not see this coming? She was worked in the goddamn legal field, she dealt with cops and detectives all the time. That day she caught you coming out of the precinct there was something so entirely different about the way you moved, you’d barely responded when she called your name, you were clearly working your case. That weird phone call you got a few days before New Year’s, the way you disappeared from her apartment for a few nights, the way a few of your essential items vanished from her apartment, you’d been called back, you were getting ready to go home. 
You said you loved her, that you still loved her, it was the last thing you told her, she was so confused, she didn’t know what to believe. There were so many moments between you that seemed genuine, she had noticed that it felt like you left your guard down whenever you were at her apartment, letting little bits of the real you through. 
As confused, hurt and angry as she was, husband or not, there was no possible way that she could deny she was still completely in love with you, and seeing you again simply confirmed that fact.
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karasuno-chaos · a year ago
Summer Heat (Noya x Reader)
I just survived a heat streak that felt like it lasted FOREVER so have some fluff with Best Boy Noya trying to beat the heat. -Giz
Word Count: 2,601
“It’s sooo hot,” your boyfriend complained for the fifth time since leaving the convenience store.  You had gone to buy more popsicles to try and beat the heat.  Noya had eaten his in two bites.  You were desperately trying not to let what was left of yours melt all over your hand.
It was ridiculously hot and had been for the past two days.  The forecast promised the heat would continue.  You weren’t sure how your boyfriend would survive.  Noya naturally ran warm, but he was also incredibly tactile.  This heat made it too hot to hold hands and cuddle comfortably, and you could tell that was part of what bothered him so much about this weather.
“Want another popsicle?” you offered.
“No,” he sighed.  “I’d just like this damn heat to go away.”
“Me too.”  You stuck the now-bare popsicle stick in your mouth to suck the rest of the flavor out of it.  “It’s so hot I don’t want to do anything but sit in front of the fan all day.”
“It makes life boring.”
He looked so disappointed that you took pity on him and slipped your hand into his.  He shot you a brief, bright smile.  Something of his normal bounce returned, and he swung your arms gently as you walked the last few blocks home.
A few minutes later, you were both lying on the floor in front of a fan pretending the blowing air was effectively counteracting the heat.
“We could watch a movie,” you suggested.  You were trying to brainstorm things to do with minimal discomfort.
“But we can’t cuddle,” he pouted.  He had hooked his pinky with yours to appease his need for physical contact.  You chuckled.
“We don’t cuddle for half of the movie anyways because you get so into things.  You’re always jumping up and yelling at the TV.”
“That’s not true.”
“It’s okay babe.”  You shifted a bit to kiss his cheek.  “Besides, I’m not sure I’m in the mood for a movie right now.”
“It’s hard to be in the mood for anything because it’s so damn hot,” he sighed.
You lapsed into resigned silence, the hum of the fan on high a constant reminder of nature’s rebellion against acceptable temperatures.  You wanted to do something more than just complain.  Noya would be leaving for a training camp in Tokyo tomorrow, and your parents were visiting friends out of town for the night, so this was prime date time.  If only you could ignore this insufferable heat.
“Too bad we don’t live near a beach,” you sighed, attempting to stretch away the discomfort.  “Then at least we could go swimming.”
“We could go to the pool.”
“It’ll be super crowded on a day like today.  Besides, last time I went to the pool, I got kicked in the nose by a kid.”
“What?”  Noya sat up quickly to look at you.  “When was this?”
“The end of last summer.  I wasn’t paying enough attention and got too close to the back end of a flutter kick.”
“Are you okay?”
“It was nearly a year ago,” you laughed.  “Of course I’m okay.”
“Did the kid apologize?”
“I don’t really remember.”  You saw your boyfriend’s eyes narrow.  “I’m sure he did.”
“He better have.”
“Babe, it’s cute that you’re so ready to defend me, but we’re not going to track down some kid who accidentally kicked me a year ago to make him apologize.”
“I wasn’t going to track him down,” he grumbled, though you were sure the thought had crossed his mind.  “You just never know if kids these days know what proper respect is.”
“Those darn kids today,” you grouched in an impression of a grumpy old man that may have sounded something like his grandpa.  That wiped the scowl from his face.
The silence lapsed between you again, and you went back to wracking your brain for something to do.  Time passed slowly in the heat, but it was still ticking away.  Eventually Noya would have to leave to finish packing and sleep before his early morning departure.  You were excited he’d get to train and play against strong opponents, but you would miss him while he was at training camp.  Even if you weren’t doing anything right now, it was more enjoyable than being apart from him.
“I’ve got it!”  Noya sat up again with such speed he blurred momentarily.
“I know how to beat the heat.  Maybe.”  He turned to you with an excited glint in his eyes.  “Sit tight babe.  I’ll be right back.”
Before you could ask where he was going, he had dropped a quick kiss on your lips and taken off.  You sighed, but his spontaneity was one of the many things you loved about him.  You would just wait and see what grand idea had struck him.  Either it would be brilliant or stupid, but it was guaranteed to be amusing.
You spent the next twenty-five minutes trying to ignore the discomfort of the heat.  You scrolled through your favorite social media feeds, thought briefly about what you wanted to do for dinner, and debated sticking your head under the faucet to cool down.  For a while, you lay in front of the fan making noises into the fins to amuse yourself with the distorted feedback.  There were only so many things to occupy you in this heat, especially when you were curious to know what your boyfriend was up to.
You were debating texting him for an update when you heard someone call your name from outside.  You hauled yourself to your feet and went to investigate.
“You’re back!” you greeted, discovering your boyfriend holding a large cardboard box.  “And you found a Tanaka.  Hi Ryuu.”
“Hey Y/N.”  He was also holding a large box.  You weren’t particularly surprised to see him as you had been best friends with him since your first year at Karasuno.  Even after you and Noya became official, it never felt like Tanaka was a third wheel when all of you hung out.
“Babe, go change into your swimsuit and meet us in the back,” Noya instructed.
“Why?  What are you up to?”
“You’ll see.”
You trusted him enough not to demand further explanation.  A few minutes later, you were grabbing some towels and heading to meet the boys in the back.
“Alright, I’m here,” you announced, dropping the towels in the doorway as you stepped onto the grass.
“Think fast!”
You shrieked in surprise when something collided with your side and burst, splashing you with water.
“Too slow,” Noya chuckled, already arming himself with another water balloon from one of the boxes.
“Wait, you have to give me a chance to put up a fair fight!” you laughed.  “I’m not prepared!”
“All’s fair in love and war,” he quipped.  He launched another balloon at you, but you were able to jump away so it burst on the ground instead.  Before he could take aim again, Tanaka nailed him in the middle of his back.
“Go Y/N!  I’ll distract him!”
“Bro, the betrayal!”  Noya threw his next one at Tanaka who was already armed for a follow-up strike.  His efforts distracted your boyfriend enough for you to grab a few water balloons and jump into the fray.
The three of you ran around your yard pelting water balloons at each other.  Even though it was still oppressively hot, it was a lot of fun, and getting splashed repeatedly with water did a lot to cool you down.  You cackled when you hit your target and yelped when you got nailed in return.  There was always a chance to get back at them because you had a seemingly endless supply of ammunition.  You didn’t know where they’d gotten so many water balloons, but they were effectively keeping you cool and entertained.
Suddenly you heard a surprised shout from Tanaka.  An errant balloon was making its way towards a glass garden decoration that was an anniversary gift from your father to your mother--definitely not something you wanted to break.  You rushed forward to try and intercept it, but you were on the opposite side of the yard.  You wouldn’t get to it in time.
“Rolling thunder!”
Noya reacted immediately, flying into his signature receive.  You were always in awe of his reflexes, and you were particularly thankful for them now.  He rolled into position, prepared to bump the balloon away only to have it burst against his forearms.
The three of you blinked, processing the last few seconds before you and Tanaka burst into relieved laughter.
“Wait, wait, I want to try that again.  Toss me another one.”  Noya crouched in his ready position.
“Really?” Tanaka asked.
“Yeah, I want to see if I can actually receive one.”
“It’ll probably just burst in your face again,” you warned.
“That just makes it more fun.”
“Okay, but maybe we should move away from breakable things first.”
After picking a less dangerous part of the yard, you and Tanaka took turns tossing balloons.  The next few minutes were filled with shouts of “rolling thunder” and bursting balloons and laughter.  Every once in a while, Noya managed to send it back, but it burst as soon as someone else touched it.
“They’re too unstable for a proper volley,” Tanaka sighed while wiping some water from his face.
“Come on, there are a few balloons left.  Let’s keep trying!” your boyfriend insisted.
“Ryuu, try spiking a few at him,” you suggested, tossing to your friend instead.  The failures were more spectacular when they were spikes instead of receives.  Water cascaded in sparkling arcs and tickled all three of you.  When Tanaka did get a spike in, the balloon usually burst against Noya’s forearms.  There were a few times he managed to get it airborne again only for it to split before you could get to it.
You could see the bottom of the remaining box of balloons.  Now that you weren’t the target, you were drying off and starting to feel the heat again.  You were getting thirsty.  You remembered that you had a watermelon in the fridge.  Maybe you’d cut it up after this and share some with the boys.
“Y/N!  Set it!  Set it!”
Suddenly both Noya and Tanaka were shouting to you.  A water balloon was travelling in a graceful arc toward you, sent on its way by your boyfriend’s successful receive.  You had just enough time to throw up your hands and get your fingertips under it to try and send it back to Tanaka.  Of course it chose to burst the moment you put pressure on it, dumping all of its contents on you.
“No!” Tanaka cried.  “We were so close!”
“You good babe?” Noya asked, stepping toward you.
“Yeah,” you laughed, wiping your face.  “I just wasn’t ready for it.”
“We’ve got seven more balloons,” Tanaka announced.
“Let’s see if we can get it with the next one.”
Seven balloons later, you had attempted another set which burst in your face.  The other attempts had ended well short of getting to you.  You were a little disappointed you hadn’t succeeded, but if you were being honest, you hadn’t expected any of the balloons to hold up to both a spike and a receive.
“Argh, we were so close!” Tanaka griped.
“We could go buy more balloons,” Noya suggested.
“Or you two could pick up all of the bits on the ground so we don’t murder any birds.  I’m going to cut up some watermelon.”
“Sounds like a fair trade.”
You rubbed yourself down with one of the towels and picked bits of grass off of your feet before heading inside.  A few minutes later, you reemerged with a tray of watermelon and glasses of water.  The boys were just finishing the cleanup.
“You missed one,” you teased, sitting down in the shade.
“We were getting to it.”  Noya grabbed an orange scrap before scanning the yard for others.
“That’s probably good enough.  I can grab whatever’s left later.”  You gestured to the tray of snacks.  “Come get some watermelon before it warms up.”
The three of you munched in the shade, chatting and competing to see who could spit their seeds the farthest.  The sun had started its descent, alleviating some of the brutality of the heat.  It was fun to hang out with the boys after an afternoon of activity.
“So Ryuu, are you ready for Tokyo?”
“Hell yeah!  We’re going to show those city boys how volleyball is really played.”  He spat another seed a respectable distance.
“Yeah, we’re going to kick their asses!” Noya whooped.
“I wish I could go with you guys.  It sounds like a lot of fun.”
“Nah,” Tanaka scoffed, “it’ll just be a lot of sweaty guys hitting balls, talking smack, and complaining about the heat and sore muscles.”
“It still sounds more fun than staying here.”
“You could’ve joined us if you’d become our manager,” Noya reminded you.
“Yeah, yeah.”  It was a conversation you’d had quite often at the beginning of your first year and intermittently since.  “I have to look after you two all day at school and half of the time when we’re not at school.  Someone else can watch you for a few hours during volleyball.”
“Are you saying you get tired of us?”  Noya pouted comically.
“You, no,” you reassured him with a kiss on the cheek.  “Ryuu?  Maybe.”
“I’m kidding,” you laughed.  “You know I love you Ryuu.  I just love Yuu more.”
“Okay, if you’re going to get all couple-y then I’m leaving.”  Tanaka stood and stretched.  “I have to get ready for tomorrow anyway.”
You said goodbye to your friend before bringing the empty glasses inside, depositing the watermelon rinds in the compost along the way.  Your boyfriend delivered the used towels to the washroom before joining you in the kitchen to help with the cleanup.  You paused in your washing to give him a kiss.
“What was that for?” he asked, a bright grin spreading across his face.
“Can’t I just kiss my boyfriend if I feel like it?”
“Of course!”  He wrapped his arms around your waist to pull you in for another kiss.  You leaned in for more.
Half an hour later, the dishes were finally done and you were walking Noya to the door.
“Are you sure you’ll be okay here alone?” he asked.  “You could come over, at least for dinner.”
“I’ll be fine,” you reassured him.  “Besides, if I joined you, you’d never pack or get enough sleep before your trip, and I don’t want you to be wiped for your first day of training camp.”
“I don’t want to leave you, though,” he whined, pulling you into a tight hug.  “I’m going to miss you.”
“I’m going to miss you too,” you sighed.  “But it’ll only be for a week.”
“Don’t forget about me, okay?”
“I could never,” you promised, giving him a kiss before stepping back.  “I’ll get more balloons for after your trip, so practice your receives.”
“I’m going to get so good, I’ll bump every balloon back to you.”
“I look forward to it,” you called as he started heading home.  About three houses away, he turned back to look at you.
“Hey Y/N!”
“I love you!”
“I love you too!” you shouted.  He laughed and did a happy little leap before continuing on his way.  You watched him until he was out of sight.  When you turned to go back inside, you were feeling warm from something other than the heat.
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thewritingdoll · 2 years ago
S Y N D I C A T E ✖ S1EP1
pairing(s): ivar x reader, hvitserk x reader, ubbe x reader, sigurd x reader, possible bjorn x reader, ubbe x torvi, suggested ragnar x lagertha, suggested ragnar x aslaug
episode summary:  the pilot episode! the job interview that flips your world on it’s head.
series rating: [ M ] ature, please no minors. contains smut, drugs, death, and more.
huge thank you: @robincoalition​ for always beta reading <3 
do not repost / claim as your own work!
Tumblr media
the club, usually thumping with heavy bass and illuminated by blinding neon, seemed a lot less intimidating during the daytime. you’d seen it from the highway after work, and you’d seen the line snaking through the jammed parking lot, out to the exit. you’d never seen a nightclub, a strip club, so packed in your life before Völva. it made you curious. what was so amazing about that particular club that drew so many people in, and, of course, with that many customers, what were the employees pulling in terms of tips? 
so, why exactly were you here at two in the afternoon? well, that was easy. 
you needed work. 
gripping your resume tight against your chest, modest soles of your black flats scrape against the concrete that sparkles after a midday rain. the air was still thick and heavy, smelling of water and pollution; the overpass just above your head. there were still a surprising number of cars to weave a path through, even for a Tuesday afternoon, and you began to wonder if the citizens of this city had anything other to do than hang around this place. glancing into the driver’s side of a purple sedan, your cheeks flush crimson. there, before you, illuminated by afternoon sunlight, was a crown of chocolate locks, bobbing up and down on the driver’s lap. you want to avert your eyes, out of respect for the couple’s privacy, even if they didn’t seem to care about hiding their shame. you didn’t have time to do so, before the driver caught your eye. with a sleazy smirk, he smashed the button, and the window slides downwards. 
“Wish you were her?” he asks, flashing a yellow grin. 
appalled, and hoping you misunderstood him, you take a step back from the vehicle. “I’m sorry, what?” 
“Look, Honey.” the man snaps, and you stiffen at the sound. his tone has changed from amusement to almost annoyance. “You can hop in and give her a hand, but y’all will have to split the cash, because I’m not forkin’ out anymore.” 
he places his hand on the top of her head and presses down, as if to punctuate his point, and you shudder, shaking your head. “N-no thank you!” you stammer as you quickly turn on your heels and scurry towards the door. your heart was pounding, mind racing, and every possible regret that you had coming to a place like this flashing before your eyes as you stood in the line, hugging your paperwork to you. whether it was the customers in line with you or the building itself, but you were getting the eerie feeling your every move was under surveillance. 
you finally make your way to the doormen, two robust, bearded men wearing  tight, black tees with SECURITY in white lettering across the chest; one has his arm outstretched. “Oh,” you blush again, nibbling on your bottom lip. you had no intention of going inside, you were just hoping to speak to whoever was in charge of hiring. if you were lucky, they could call the boss to the door. “Is the owner available? I was hoping to speak to them.” 
“That depends on what you want.” the man retorts, curling his fingers, gesturing that he still required your ID. 
“A job?” you reply, hopeful, only to be met with a rumbling laugh that bellows from the depths of his chest. you blink, confused, and admittedly a little offended. “Is there an opening?” 
the bouncer crosses his arms over his broad chest, thick eyebrows knitting together, a smirk just barely tugging at pursed, thin lips. “You don’t look like you belong in a place like this,” he answers after a few moments, “trust me, I’d probably be doing you a favor if I told you Ironside wasn’t here. Why don’t you go on home, and keep pretending this place don’t exist?” 
“I’m not trying to get any favors,” you insist, eyes narrowing, “Only hoping to get a job. You said Ironside?” you grip the folder in your hands. “Is he the owner?” what a peculiar name, you think, but you don’t dare say so. 
one bouncer, the redhead, leans over to the bald one, and whispers something in his ear. they both look pensive for a moment.
“Inside.” the bald man cocks his head as a gesture into the club, the door opening. a toxic cloud of nicotine and the stench of alcohol and sweat follows a group of men out. you catch a glimpse of the interior. dark, littered with stages, strobe lights bouncing off of every corner. the music is loud enough for you to feel in your chest. “But you’re not getting in until I see some ID.” you hold your breath, the overwhelming stench of musk emanating from the men as they stumble by you. they had seemingly bathed in too much cheap cologne and were saturated in booze. you shake away the smell as soon as they’re far enough away that you feel as though you can open your mouth again, and you flash the bald bouncer a smile. it’s supposed to seem confident and gregarious, but you’re almost positive it seems uncertain. you fish your wallet out of your purse with one hand, the other pressing your precious folder against your chest. 
handing it over, you feel strangely nervous, regardless of the fact that you were of legal age. you’d never been in a strip club before, and the task of going inside now was heavy on your mind. 
the bulky guard repeats your name as he reads it, and then with a sly smile, he gives the card back to you. “Go on in. Ironside’s probably stocking the bar.” as you walk past, you swear you hear him mumble, “They’re going to eat her up.” to the other.
stepping inside the club is somehow totally different than getting a peek from outside. though it’s the same smells, same sights, it feels less like you’re breaking some unspoken law. still, you weren’t prepared for naked breasts in the middle of the day, and you stared at the dark, hardwood floor as you passed each stage. you could hear the clicking of impossibly high heels over the deafening rhythm. you blush, madly, as you take a quick gander upwards, to ensure you didn’t stumble over an occupied armchair close to the main stage, and the dancer grips the pole in the center with both hands. as if she weighs nothing at all, she pulls herself into the air and inverts, spreading long, lean haunches. the minimal fabric of her g-string seemed almost wrapped in the bills that she’s earned that day so far, and they fan out against her ripped fishnets like wrinkled feathers. the way her body ripples, calculated and enticing, to the beat was so erotic that you had to look away, for you could feel your cheeks burning.
“Shots?” an incredibly bubbly, petite blonde held up a tray of test tubes, filled with rainbow liquid. she was one of the few employees that seemed to be able to wear all of of her clothes, in high rise, sequined hot pants and a black bustier. you also noticed the garter securing her tips to her thigh, and it was so well stocked that it bulged from around her supple, exposed thigh. 
“No thanks,” you breathe a sigh of relief. she wore a high ponytail and a minuscule wing fleeting just out of the corner of each eyelid. she was the first to make you feel a little more comfortable. “I’m here to see the owner? Ironside?”
the waitress eyes you up and down, all of the color in her previously rosy cheeks seeming to fade away in seconds, her smile drops for a moment. “On whose behalf?”
what a strange question.
“My own,I guess,” you offer with an awkward shrug and a hopeful smile. “I’m looking for a job?”
her emerald eyes light up in an instant, as if she’s relieved to hear the news. “Oh! Sure, no problem. Here, follow me.” she shifts her tray to one arm, balancing it in the crease where her bicep meets her forearm, and uses her free extremity to wave for you to come with her.
you keep two steps behind her, careful not to get separated amidst the nude dancers as they slither through the crowds like serpentesses, picking out their cash cows for the night. you had to give them credit, they were absolutely good at their game; with wads of cash exploding out from their skimpy bottoms or hooked loosely into the waistband of their fishnets. you’d never seen so much money in your life, you couldn’t imagine the volume increase they must experience at night. 
“Call him Björn.” 
she’s barely audible over the thundering bassline, and you lean closer to her to hear her clearly. “What’s that?” 
“Don’t ever call him Ironside,” she smiles over her shoulder at you, “He hates that nickname.” 
“Oh.” you frown; it seemed like a pretty cool name to you. “Why does he hate it?” 
the girl stops just shy of the bar and turns to look at you, offering you a knowing smile. “You really have no idea where you are, huh?” 
the way she asks, as if she’s already read you even better than you could’ve read yourself, makes you gun shy. “A strip club?” 
the expression that crosses her face tells you, briefly, that there’s something more than just exotic dancers here, but before you can ask any more questions, a broad shouldered blonde with a thick beard and piercing cerulean eyes stomps past you; you can almost swear the ground around you shakes under the weight of his boots. “‘Scuse me,” he spits, muscles in his arms bulging as he carries two large crates of with bottle necks poking out. you quickly side step, hoping to avoid being trampled by the rude giant. instead, you slide against the bar to watch him, elbow resting on the surface of it. 
flipping the barrier up, the man shuffles behind the bar and slams the crate down on a counter near the sinks. he then takes notice of you, stationary and watching him. “Can’t sit at the bar without a drink in your hand.” he says, then nods to your escort. “Get this one for me, would you?” 
the nameless shot girl beams. “She’s not here to drink, she wants to see the owner. About a job.” she puts extra emphasis on the word, and his brows quirk upwards. 
he, then, gives you an all-too abrupt once over, before replying with, “Not gonna happen.” 
you blink, dumbfounded,  but quickly fumble to extend the folder out to him. “Wait, that's it? I have my resume right here. Just take a look at it, please, I have references and everything.” 
he doesn’t reach for it, but instead, snorts to himself, arranging the bottles on shelves behind the bar, his heavily muscled back turned towards you, bulging out of a thin, grey tee. “You brought a resume to a strip club? Now, it’s a hell no.” 
“Please,” you beg, leaning over the bar. “I’m desperate. I really need the money. I’m a good worker.” 
“Look around my club and tell me what these girls and you have in common.” 
you already knew it wasn’t much, but you did as instructed and looked at each dancer. each was unique and mesmerizing, no two the same. some were covered in tattoos, others pierced or incredibly fit, most wore frowns or permanently angry expressions. “I don’t know, they all seem pretty different to me.” 
with a heavy sigh, Björn turns to look you up and down again. there’s a hint of a twinkle in his deep blue oceans that gives you a temporary glimmer of hope, as if for a moment, he can see how badly you need this job. “Exactly.” he replies, deadpan, resting both meaty palms down on the bar. “These girls, my girls, they’re not fuckin’ Girl Scouts. You have to have balls to work here.” 
you can feel your ears getting hot, angry and flustered that this man isn’t taking you seriously because of the way you look. “I have balls.” you snap, but it sounds weaker than you intended; more like a pouty child. 
“Come on, Björn!” the petite waitress boosts herself on to the bar, perching there beside him, but she keeps her eyes on you. “Look at her, I think the boys will like her-“ a sharp glance from the owner halts her sentence, and she instead starts a completely new thought in half a moment, as if she knew instantly, with just one look, that she’d struck a raw nerve. “I mean, we could always use extra shot girls, right? She could train during week days, like a trial run.” 
Björn looks utterly unamused, his lips twisted downward in a much too natural grimace. “Don’t you have a job to do?” the jut of his chin sends her hopping to her feet, shifting the tray, and sauntering off, but not before she can give you an apologetic smile, as if to say that she tried. then, he turns his attention back to you. you have no idea why, but when his eyes search your features, you find it hard to breathe. “Sorry, but you’re just not what we’re looking for.” 
“How do you know until you give me a chance?” you persist, sliding the folder in front of his on the bar. “I’ve been a waitress for a long time, I’m good at it-“ you pause, realizing he’s no longer looking at you, but past you, over your head. “Just look at the damn resume!” you had no intention of snarling the request, and you could tell by his sudden response that he wasn’t expecting it. you could’ve also sworn he looked almost impressed for a split second. 
Björn retrieves the folder, opens it up, and pulls out the resume, for once interested and willing to give you a shot. 
or so you thought. 
“You have a shit ton of references, and an impressive job history,” he mumbles to himself. you just knew he wasn’t talking to you. 
“Not that any of that really makes a difference, though. Not here.” 
he shreds it, right in front of you; Björn tears your resume to pieces and tosses it in the garbage can directly below the bar top. “The answer’s still no, kick rocks, Princess.” 
a screech interrupts the rejection, and your head whips around to see a partially clad female with her hands full of garments and mascara streaked down her cheeks in black tears, bolting through the door and outside. 
“God dammit,” Björn pinches the bridge of his nose, eyebrows furrowing, before he casts a glance at the bouncer approaching. “Again?” the bouncer only nods, and Björn slams his fist down on the side of the bar. “All right, I’ll handle it. You,” throwing a finger in your direction, he nods towards the door. “Have a nice day.” somehow, he even managed to make that sound cynical. 
and just like that, he stomps away to deal with the sobbing employee, and you’re left, sulking your way to the door, feet dragging and heart heavy. 
he’d really decided, so quickly, that you would make a terrible employee, and that had never happened to you before. your work ethic was flawless, you were personable and polite, and he didn’t want you to be any of those things. you couldn’t figure it out. 
you push open the exit, and you’re hit with strong rays of afternoon sunshine, and welcome the fresh air that fills your lungs. it was a blessing after being cooped up inside with all of the cigar smoke. 
“- I don’t care, Björn. You said this wouldn’t happen again. I don’t want to do any of it anymore.” 
“Look, you know how they are. They talk, but in the end that’s all I’m gonna let them do in here. I can’t do shit if you go to them for extracurricular activities. Do you like the money or not?” 
your feet stutter, hearing the commotion directly to your right. you don’t want to seem like you’re eavesdropping, but you can’t help but chance a glance to them. Björn is leaning, arms crossed over his huge chest, against the side of the building, piercing blue eyes narrowed. the employee is smoking a cigarette, and you can see her digits shaking as they grip the butt. “Yeah, the money's good, but I can’t…” 
“Excuse us,” a couple takes over your attention as they slide beside you, trying to exit the club, and you’re temporarily distracted, offering a small smile as you shift to the side wand give them a soft apology for being in the way. 
“...Ivar. He scares the shit out of me. I can’t, I’m done. I quit.” the girl tosses her cigarette to the sidewalk and smashes it with her heel, before strutting off to a waiting sports car.
“Jesus Christ,” Björn grumbles to himself, unaware of his audience, and runs a hand through golden tendrils, turning back to the door. it’s then you realize you were still standing there, watching the display, and Björn had just caught you red-handed. “Enjoying the soap opera?” 
you blush, shake your head, and quickly avert your gaze. “Sorry, I was just leaving, actually.” after all, he was the one who told you to go. 
“Wait,” he calls out; his tone is different. defeated. you look back up at him, but remain quiet. “You catch all of that?” 
“Enough, I guess.” you answer with a shrug. “She seems really upset. Will she come back?” 
“Nah, not this time.” Björn sounds certain. “She’s done for good.” shoving his hands deep in his pockets, he lets out a heavy, exasperated sigh. “Can you start tonight?” 
your eyes light up, an excited smile decorating your face. “You’re giving me the job?”
Björn rolls his eyes, but nods. “I’m giving you a chance. A big fucking chance to impress me. Shot girl. Sofie will train you tonight, but if you don't have it down by the end of your shift, you’re done.” 
you feel as though a well of happiness has just overflowed in your belly and, on impulse, you throw your arms around his thick neck and hug him tightly. he feels incredibly warm and smells surprisingly enticing, you note. “Thank you, thank you, thank you! I won’t let you down, I promise.” you exclaim, but it’s not long before he pries your arms off of him, still looking stern as ever. 
“Don’t thank me yet,” he murmurs, and you notice his expression changes ever so slightly, as if something he was trying to hide rose to the surface for a split second before he pushed it down again. “Now get outta here, before I realize this was a terrible fuckin’ idea.” 
you breathe in deeply, face still lit up like a Christmas tree and you nod, reaching in your bag for your keys. “Right, yeah, of course!” once they jingle in your grip, you leap down off of the sidewalk, practically skipping through the parking lot. you’re too giddy, too excited. you felt more accomplished than ever before, and the fact that you got to see that smug asshole eat his own words, well that was a bonus. still, you can’t help but wonder what that girl was so distressed over. replaying the conversation -or, what you caught of it- in your mind, one word stuck out. Ivar. 
you turn to look back at the entrance; Björn was pulling open the door. “Hey, Björn?” he pauses, and looks back at you. the expression on his face lets you know he’s waiting to see what you want. “Who’s.. Ivar?” 
he doesn’t answer, but even from where you’re standing, you can see the muscles in his jaw tense up. “Your shift starts at nine.” 
                  VIKINGS MASTERLIST / TAGS & FAQ
forever tags ; @the-awkwardly-hot​
vikings tags ; @satchie666​
ivar tags ; @youbloodymadgenius​
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bahamutgames · a year ago
Nier Automata: [A]fterthoughts
Tumblr media
Game: Nier Automata: Become As Gods Edition (June 26, 2018)
Console: Xbox One (Via Xbox Game Pass)
Alright so I’m trying something a little different this time with my opinions on a game. Usually I will share this on Twitter in a thread. However, I feel like I’m having more and more to say on games I play lately. And Twitter threads just don’t feel right for sharing massive amounts of text. So I thought I’d give this a shot now. However, this isn’t meant to be a review or an indication of whether or not YOU should try the game. This is just me pouring my heart out about what I’ve played and giving my honest opinions about what I just experienced. This is just for anyone interested, and I highly recommend you try out this game and any other game I choose to talk about in the future, to get your own opinions on how you feel for it.
As such, this isn’t a very well written piece either. It’s mostly just me throwing up thoughts into a post. But, if that’s your thing or you’re just curious about what I have to say, you can read my huge info dump on my feelings about Nier Automata in the readmore! 
Spoiler Warning for some parts of the game, including the finale and ending.
About 2 days ago, I sat down and beat Nier Automata for the first time. And after sitting on it for a bit, I’m ready to talk about my time with it. I wasn’t originally planning on doing a big thing for playing this game (I was saving it for a different game.) But plans got sidetracked, and by that I mean Microsoft had a sale on 3 months of Game Pass for $1. And I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try it out. I was really excited to see they had the game on the service, as I’ve been wanting to play it since it came out. So naturally, I jumped at the chance.
Stuff I liked
Honestly, I really liked this game. I thought was cool and loved a lot of the topics it covered, as they’re things I really enjoy seeing games tackle. Evolution of life, the existence of religion and our relationships with god and death, strange surreal things, androids and robots becoming more than just androids and robots. The story has so many aspects I really loved seeing. A highlight for me was seeing the robots start to become sentient and deal with grief, family bonds, how they should live outside of what they were programmed to do. It was endlessly fascinating to me.
Game also had tons of fantastic characters. I think my favorites may have been 6O and Pascal, if I’m being honest with myself. But also also really liked all 3 of the main playable Androids, and I found myself falling totally in love with the pods too. There’s tons of other great and interesting characters you don’t even get to play as or see that much, it has a fantastic cast I really loved. Particularly, I thought the designs of the androids were really interesting. Dressed in all black with white hair is a cool aesthetic. My favorite design may have been 2B’s, obviously I thought she was really hot. But I think her outfit is actually very cool and classy in a way that understands how to make a character hot without just being in your face about it? If that makes sense. I also really loved A2′s look, being able to see her joints is a really cool underused aspect for an android design. I wasn’t super into the robots themselves at first, but I found myself really loving how they looked by the end of it. Their weird and minimalist designs really leant themselves to the sad and peculiar story they had to tell.
Nier has a fantastic gameplay style too. I was shocked to learn that it was a Bullet Hell! Bullet Hells and Shmups are my “secret favorite” genre, that I really love but rarely actually tap into. I thought the game had really fun use of Bullet Hell gameplay, with fun Shmup sections and fun action RPG sections. I was particularly impressed with how much fun the crossover of the two genres would be. Fighting back against a bullet hell in this type of gameplay style was incredibly fun and endearing. And I think it handles these two completely different genres really well in a pretty cool way. I also loved being able to get multiple weapons for the androids and pods, though I did mostly stick with the same the whole way through. Just the standard weapons and the beast slayer. Plus the laser for my pod. Hey, if it works, why fix it, right? I also really liked the chip system. I had a ton of fun figuring out which chips suited my style the most, and I liked feeling powerful because of them.
Outside of all that, the game looks and sounds AMAZING. The aesthetics particularly really got to me. I’m a huge fan of cities and buildings reclaimed by nature, and I’m a huge fan of sci-fi aesthetics mixed with modern and medieval aesthetics. And the game has both of these used in really great ways. Mix in some of the weird and creepy visuals thrown in throughout some of the game’s darker and sadder scenes? And it’s beautiful. I thought the music was really good too. I wasn’t crazy about it while playing it. But listening to it in the background while writing this makes me realize how good of an OST it is. I really love Pascal’s village theme, Treasured Times, and the credits music.
I also really adored a lot of the interested 4th wall breaks and ways they play with game mechanics and tie them into the functionality of the androids. A scene that really comes to mind is that the settings are actually your android settings. And having to go through them for the story mode, then getting to see it again as 9S. I also thought parts where your vision gets glitched out was very interesting, and things like that were really charming to me.
One of my favorite parts of the game, was absolutely the finale. Huge spoilers for this part obviously. I was teetering between not really liking the game anymore, and loving the game by the end. So the finale was really going to make or break it for me. But ultimately, I think the finale was AWESOME. Having to play as the pods fighting the credits to get a better ending was really cool and genuinely exciting to me. I had a total blast blazing through one final, tough bullet hell finale. Also, seeing all the cool little messages players left was so nice and genuinely heartwarming. I got messages from the USA, Mexico, even one from North Korea! It was so cool! And such a good idea. And getting help from everyone at the end was so awesome. Ultimately, I chose to give up my save data because the ending scene was actually pretty tough for me and I’m not that bad at bullet hells. So I figured it’d be selfish not to lend someone a hand out there in the world. (plus... to be fair, when my game pass expires, I won’t be playing this game much more lol.)
Stuff I didn’t like
With all that praise though, I don’t necessarily think the game was perfect either though. There was a lot of stuff that really rubbed me the wrong way. The gameplay had a lot of stuff that just didn’t feel right and was oddly frustrating. A big one for me was the lock on just being completely useless for some parts of the game, jumping around the enemies far off when there was something right in front of me ready to get hit. It made killing some enemies genuinely more challenging than needed. A huge issue I had with the gameplay was actually that there aren’t enough Shmup sections in the flight units. Most of them take place in hacking sections, which, in my opinion. Aren’t that fun, or at least considerably less fun than the way superior flight unit sections. And that’s the type of gameplay the ending uses. Which is a shame.
And there are some parts I sang praises about but I still have issues with. Like, I enjoy the game messing with the way you play because you’re controlling androids. But when you have to walk somewhere and the game disables your movement, or you have to kill something and the game disables your combat. It’s mostly just annoying. I really love the concept, and I think it’s not THAT bad. But it’s still annoying enough that I thought to mention it. And while I didn’t run into this issue, the really cute and touching aspects of the finale. Are you just completely locked out of them if you can’t pay for online? That really sucks and kind of kills the vibe of that ending. Same with having to delete your save data to help others. It’s cute! But why is it there? It all just feels so antagonizing for no reason.
I also had a big issue with Story B. You play through nearly the entirety of Story A again as 9S. Normally, I love stuff like this. Sonic games come to mind right away for games I enjoy that do this. But for Story B, it is the exact same game and story with minimal changes through it. Sure the opening and towards the ending, it’s different. But mostly, it’s identical. And then there’s just small snippets of way more interesting stuff with the way robots became sentient lightly peppered in to break up the monotony of doing the same thing twice. This second playthrough should’ve focuses HEAVILY on the robots. Even if it’s from 9S’ perspective, more should’ve been changed to show the robots. The part with the singing robot was BRUTAL, and I LOVED it. But you get very few new scenes like that. Perhaps Story B should’ve followed Pascal or a random enemy robot instead of 9S. Considering you also play as 9S for a lot of Story C. Imagine how gut wrenching it would be if Story B followed a random enemy robot evolving and learning about life and free will, only to get killed at the end by 9S or A2 or something. Idunno.
There’s also some gripes with the story. A big one is the fact that, and this is a HUGE spoiler. But 2B doesn’t feel like the main character. It feels like the main character is 9S, who I like, but isn’t as cool as 2B by a long shot. You barely play as 2B or even A2. SO MUCH of the game feels like it’s all about 9S and I gotta be honest, I’m not that interested in 9S. I like him, but maybe we could learn some more about the robots and their interesting problems instead of just seeing more about how 9S is so smart and awesome and genius so he has to be killed a bunch. Speaking of which, I don’t think I care for that aspect of 2B either? She has to kill 9S over and over because he keeps learning the truth about Yorha. In the end, even 2B is just a part of 9S’ story. Maybe that’s just me though. I feel like that whole concept could’ve been removed, and you could’ve had 2B and 9S having to deal with learning about the truth together. idk.
Overall, my biggest complaint is just that the game spends a little too much time on 9S and not enough time on all the interesting aspects it skims over. Again, the robots, I talked about this at length but I really would’ve loved to learn more about them. How about the existential reality that androids and robots have been fighting a meaningless war for dead masters for centuries? WHAT THE HELL WAS EMIL? There’s so much cool stuff in the world of Nier Automata that feels like it’s all skimmed over in favor of stuff that just didn’t really need to be there? I think a lot of these are relegated to sidequests, but they should’ve been a part of the main story. Maybe it’s just me.
Final Thoughts
Well, even after all those complaints and nitpicks. I have to say, I liked Nier Automata. I think it’s a cool game that explores things I thought most people weren’t interested in exploring. Both in its world and its gameplay. Especially not from a big triple A title. Some of these are things I’d like to explore in my own games so it’s nice to see a game with an interest in the same weird topics as me. I’m certainly interested in this series. I only own Drakengaurd, but I’d like to give it and Nier a shot sometime in the future if I can.
I like the hopeful nature of the ending and I liked the emotions I felt through the whole playthrough. Even when the game was scary and sad, I still had a good time with it, and I hope somewhere out there in the multiverse, the characters are living a much better life in peace.
Thank you so much for reading, or just skimming through. Or just scrolling to the end! I appreciate it a lot! This is my first time really writing up my feelings about a game in a huge more organized way like this, and I hope you enjoy it. I’m certainly going to try and do more stuff like this in the future, maybe I’ll still make some of them twitter threads if I’m lazy or don’t have much to say lol. But, regardless, thanks for your time! I hope you have a fantastic evening! Play a video game that makes you feel something :)
Tumblr media
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browntownsquantos · 2 years ago
Hey Gloominati, I’ll be posting excerpts from my tour diary, as we snake down the west coast towards New Mexico on our current tour. 
Day 1: 
Seattle rehearsal day. 
Arriving for rehearsals at the turner compound is always an adventure. Of course it involves air travel, but then it usually involves a ride share and a boat to Aaron’s private island. While Nate and Steve chose to downsize to tiny amps and singular guitars on tour, I’ve decided to gloom the other way and UPSIZE. I used to bring just cymbals and a pedal, but I’ve decided the “brown sound” is too integral to Gloom, so I’m bringing my whole kit. I checked in my hardware, because I’m not nuts, but I traveled with the rest of my kit as a carry on. TSA was fine, they just wanted to make sure I wasn’t taking any produce into Washington state. In typical fashion though, the gate agent was a real NARC. She made me gate check both my floor toms, my 24” kick, my snare, and my cymbals. Lame. I got to bring my rack tom as a carry on though, and my new gong as my “personal item”. 
I opened and checked my shit upon landing, and some baggage handler dildo definitely set my shit up, as my tunings were all off. Nate and Steve were a little annoyed that I set the whole kit up in the baggage claim, but hey, gotta make sure I’m ready. I even made a few bucks from passers by when I played the album Christmas in its entirety to make sure shit was solid. 
We called a ride share, and homie was not stoked to have to strap it all to the roof of his Prius, nor were the other 3 people in the Uber pool we got who had to wait for it all to be secured. Not my problem. 
Once we got to the ferry station in Seattle, and we handed an ancient golden coin to the hooded ferryman, we started the long trip across the foggy water. I made chit chat with the ferryman, asking why he preferred a long stick over a motor, but dude was not responding. I caught a glimpse of his face under the long black robe, he looked methy as fuck. In fact, he didn’t seem to have skin. Anyway, I know aaron is a sucker for the theatric, so I didn’t think much about it. 
We landed on Turner Island, and Aaron was waiting for us on the other end. He served us some undressed salad and uncooked dry pasta for lunch, and it was off to rehearse! It was uneventful, like most gloom practices, a lot of testing out different pedals, dialing in of the sound, and me taking a ton of selfies while I’m waiting for something to fucking happen. We ran through some AC/DC covers, the intro to No More Tears, and the Nightcourt theme, then decided we’re tight enough and called it a day. 
As we always do after practice, we took a 4 man shower. We have this down at this point, but Steve being the new guy, he has to be at the end. Caleb was a master at being the tail in the shower, he could do some precision scrubbing with his little hands with such dexterity, it was incredible. Steve did ok, for being so young in the band. Nate didn’t seem to get his hair completely clean, but Steve’s learning.  Since Aaron and I founded the band together, we take turns being “second hand jimmy”, which is the name of the person who’s second. The sweet spot is the front, you get all the hot water and don’t have to scrub anyone. I love it. Those eight strong stringed instrument hands  scrubbing my little brown body is heaven. I hate being second hand jimmy though, scrubbing aaron. It feels like he’s covered in tick infested Brillo pads. Yuk. At least I’m mostly smooth and hairless, with the feel of a ziplock  bag full of margarine. Poor Nate, or 3rd place Nate, as we call him. Anyway, we air dry by doing jumping jacks, and off to dinner!
Dinner decision conversation is transcribed below:
Old man gloom sit at stools around a butcher block island in the center of a typically modern and minimal kitchen. 
Aaron- What do you guys want for dinner. The options are Thai, pizza, or hipster new American. 
Santos- Can we do old American, like before we made this country “great again”?
Aaron - Can someone else start talking right now so he can’t keep talking? Santos - I’ll just keep talking while everyone else is talking, because i’m a child.
Nate - You certainly look like a child. Well, no, your face looks old and like a leather bike seat that’s had two decades of ass on it, but your funny little body looks like a child. Steve - Guys, this isn’t productive. Santos has a neat body, it’s like a little fire hydrant! Tiny little arms, and really hard to move! Aaron - I like to imagine a car hitting his little  hydrant body, like in a car chase movie, and he just kinda falls over and pee’s in the air, instead of the fire hydrant spraying a water geyser in the air. Santos - Wow. You like to imagine me getting hit by a car? Nate, Aaron, Steve - YES. 
Santos - Wow. Is this because I made our band into an internet clown car?
Nate - No. We like that, we just don’t like almost anything else about you. 
Steve - Nate…That’s not cool. We like a lot of things about him!
Aaron - Name 3 things WE like about him.
Steve - He got us all those Chipotle gift cards from that Chipotle Corporate fan!
Nate - Nope. He was going to keep all of them until we busted him. Santos - Absolutely. I earned those. They were mine. I stand by that. 
Steve - Ok. Fine. Well, the margarita singles mixer at roadburn was pretty fun! Aaron - No it wasn’t. I had to take him to a 24 hour clinic in holland because he got drunk and insisted he got gonorrhea eye from making some poor fan give him eskimo kisses. 
Nate - That dude did have weird eyes. 
Santos - Thank you. 
Aaron - Then why are you making fans give you eskimo kisses? Santos - Because i’m a romantic. 
Steve - Well, what about when he got you those personalized pajamas by starting a kickstarter, Aaron? Aaron - Yes, that was awesome. The synthetic fabric gave me a rash, and now I get a pajamagram catalogue in the mail every 3 days. Perfect. 
Steve - Fair. Well, he always eats all the leftovers no matter how old the are? Nate, Aaron, Santos - Agreed. Santos - Sooooooooo…….New American? 
Aaron - Great. 
Steve - Great! Nate - Do they do breakfast all day? 
Stay tuned for day 2, Vacnouver!
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dailyexo · 3 years ago
[NEWS] Baekhyun - 190310 Allure: “How EXO's Baekhyun Put His Identity into Privé Alliance”
"Allure's Devon Abelman sat down with the K-pop star during his first-ever solo appearance in the U.S to discuss how he defines beauty and style on his own terms.
Tumblr media
If I didn't know who Baekhyun was before meeting him in February, I would have thought he was just a random handsome dude I met at a nightclub while on vacation in Los Angeles.
As he politely tells a roving cater waiter offering us mini cannolis, "No thank you," I find myself believing that Baekhyun truly is that guy. I'm fully aware of his claim to fame, but he doesn't look or act the part. For starters, Baekhyun's lids aren't defined with expertly blended smoky eyes, and his lips aren't stained with a raspberry lip tint. Those tell-tale signs of a man with his job description are noticeably missing. Not a single stroke of eyeliner or fleck of glitter is in sight, either (honestly, to my dismay). A part of me hoped we'd bond over our eye makeup.
Makeup aside, Baekhyun carries himself with a quiet confidence that is so unassuming that he seems weirdly familiar and incredibly normal compared to the influencers, actors, and singers milling around us in the private VIP area. He never acts like he's better or more important than any other person there. Instead, he has the affability of the construction worker who waves to me every morning on my way to work rather than the larger-than-life bearing of a superstar from Seoul who effortlessly hits high notes while simultaneously performing powerful choreography. During our interview, I felt like I should ask him about his dog instead of his skin-care routine. If I didn't know who Baekhyun was, I would have wondered why I was interviewing him for Allure at all.
Baekhyun's wavy hair reminds me why this article exists on the Internet and not solely as a story I recount to my friends over text messages. Parted in the middle and styled to have a wet look, his auburn ends are relics of internationally beloved K-pop group EXO's most recent concept. His hair, for all intents and purposes, is the reason why we ended up sitting together in a cushy booth in the back corner of the dimly lit VIP section of a club on a Tuesday night. Trust me, neither of us frequent this fine L.A. establishment, located next to the Museum of Death. You won't even catch me in a club when I'm at home in Brooklyn. To put it bluntly, I'm only in this club talking to a nice guy because he's a member of EXO.
The EXO Connection
If this is your introduction to Baekhyun, please know that EXO is a Big Deal. Among their long list of awards and chart-topping accomplishments, the nine-member group performed at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics and has racked up more than 100 million views on each of their music videos on YouTube.
By extension, Baekhyun — full name Byun Baekhyun, age 26 — is a Big Deal, too. In addition to being a talented performer with 14.5 million Instagram followers, his bright dye jobs, innovative hairstyles, and experimental eye makeup have sparked beauty trends in K-pop since EXO debuted in 2012. You can, more or less, blame him for the influx of mullets and red-streaked black hair among other idols and thank him for the proliferation of red eye shadow. No matter how controversial or dramatic the looks Baekhyun tries are, he always pulls them off with ease and joviality.
Tumblr media
Back to Baekhyun's auburn hair, though. Like most K-pop stars, he constantly undergoes vibrant dye jobs in hues, like pink, silver, and platinum, to fit the group's concepts. For "Love Shot," EXO's latest music video, he paired his newly burgundy hair with a glimmering eye shadow of the same shade and sooty black liner. Now his look is an extremely streamlined version of this.
His current lack of makeup may be a stark contrast from the bold eye looks he typically wears onstage and in music videos, but his skin is just as dewy as ever with the help of a nearly undetectable layer of foundation. His brows are probably lightly filled in, too, but I could be reaching. If anything, Baekhyun's wearing the standard amount of makeup for celebrity men. Just enough to amplify his glow, not enough to make a statement.
Tumblr media
Baekhyun's glow is due in part to a consistent regimen; he lists toner, lotion, and moisturizer as the official order. But how many times do you wash your face, I ask, causing a couple of people in the human bubble of managers, publicists, and security guards surrounding us to laugh. Baekhyun ignores their snickers and answers, "Two," in English. (That's right, double cleansing is no laughing matter.) "If I wash my face too many times, I get skin troubles," he adds.
Baekhyun says he hasn't changed up the steps of his skin-care routine in L.A., or ramped up the number of sheet masks he uses. With EXO constantly traveling for concerts and events, "My skin gets used to the environment," he says. "So wherever I am, I use the same skin-care routine."
The Privé Connection
In hindsight, I should have anticipated Baekhyun would present himself in this low-key manner for his first-ever solo appearance in the U.S. In Privé campaigns, he's usually seen as he is now: natural, casual, effortlessly cool. His makeup is minimal; his natural-colored hair looks like all he did was run his hand through it; his outfits are sleek. With all this in mind, I ask him if he could dye his hair any color for the next campaign, what would it be.
How did I end up interviewing Baekhyun in a club, you ask? Let's go back to May 2018. Baekhyun made it onto Vogue's home page when he was named the co-creative director of streetwear brand Privé Alliance. Alongside Danyl Geneciran, the brand's CEO, Baekhyun helps create pieces that "put highlights on the basics," Baekhyun explains to me. He later reveals that he's surprised that almost all of his ideas have been executed.
My favorite part of Privé is how its offerings have a certain fluidity to them, much like Baekhyun's onstage persona. None of Privé's shirts, jackets, and bags are confined to overtly masculine or feminine silhouettes, and the same designs are available for men and women. "It's very important to have everyone be able to wear the clothes comfortably," Baekhyun explains. "Without any official communication, we agreed that [Privé Alliance] is going to be unisex."
With the newest Privé Alliance collection launching in April, the brand invited the public to join Baekhyun for a fashion presentation. The location: the very club we are sitting in. Although he doesn't act like he is (he kept to himself for most of the event), Baekhyun is undoubtedly the center of attention. He is the reason the floor below us is with filled with people from all over the world. Everyone's here to see Baekhyun, not the latest Privé pieces.
The Identity Connection
This is the only question Baekhyun doesn't answer concisely and without hesitation. "I don't know," he says in English. After taking a couple of seconds to think about it, he adds in Korean, "I love the black," adding "simple" in English.
Tumblr media
This single word — simple — perfectly mirrors Baekhyun's personal aesthetic. "Basics, but with many little details," he explains. "It’s like you just came out of your house, but it’s still cool." In other words, he's the epitome of "Oh, this old thing? I just threw it on." I ask if he prefers to keep his hair and makeup natural and low-key, too, and he quickly replies, "yes, yes," in Korean.
The fact that Prive's aesthetic is similar to Baekhyun's is intentional. "I put my identity and myself into this collection," he tells me, echoing a line he shared when he made a brief appearance onstage before the fashion presentation commenced. The theme of the collection was his birth year, 1992, with zip-up corduroy jackets and hoodies adorned with '92 in big text.
Tumblr media
Another adage he repeats throughout the night is, "Be brave. Be humble." The same words are printed all over the collared white satin shirt he's wearing, layered under a similar navy blue one. After the event, I saw people saying the look recalled EXO's "Lotto" era, back in 2016 when his hair was styled in a similar way and he wore collared shirts with several of the top buttons undone and silver necklaces. Onyx shadow was blended all over his lids back then, though. Fans likened Baekhyun's look that night to a mafia boss. (Seeing those tweets made me laugh, because his charm is far from disarming.) But for Baekhyun, his outfit is more a matter of comfort. "I like how silky it feels," he says. I go on to compare it to pajamas, which makes him chuckle.
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Baekhyun doesn't ignore the fact that he typically presents himself with intricate details. Performing, he points out, is his go-to form of self-expression, outside of working with Privé. And let's be real, Baekhyun's performances, which ooze confidence and allure, wouldn't be the same without his stunning hair and makeup.
To borrow a word from Baekhyun, identity — and the way we present ourselves — isn't fixed. For example, the way my best friend describes my identity could be strikingly different from the way my sisters would. The way I dress when I'm going to get a bagel on a Saturday morning (track pants and a T-shirt) is different from how I dress for work (vintage floral dresses) or an event like this (a blue-and-white plaid suit). The way I do my colorful makeup is also evolving, too.
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We often see K-pop stars in narrow, controlled situations, though, so we know and define them according to what we're able to see. I'm as guilty of this as the next person, i.e., assuming Baekeyun would show up with eyeliner as bold as my own. When you take a K-pop star out of a K-pop setting, a different side of them is revealed. They no longer have to adhere to a group aesthetic, just their own. We get a glimpse of Baekhyun's at the airport and in the selfies he posts on Instagram, but Privé Alliance has given him a platform to truly show his identity on his own terms.
At that club, I felt like I was being introduced to Baekhyun all over again. Back when I watched EXO's music video for "Monster" the first time, I saw him as part of a carefully crafted package; the second time, I saw him the way he sees himself."
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