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unrelated but i think spotify noticed i close the app and restart it every time they give me a “join the army” ad because theyve stopped showing the name of the ad and is just putting “a word from our sponsors” so i dont know what it is until it says “join the army” at the end

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To everyone who reblogged that height post and put anything above 5′7 fuck you im going to put your ass in the pencil sharpener and then we’ll see who’s tallest

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“You fell asleep at 2pm??” please just dont

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But hey, for what it’s worth, I think you saved my life.

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Every time i talk about climb it spawns like 6 asks in my inbox its like a trigger phrase for a sleeper agent

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Im glad people are forgetting / dont know who climb is though. The world is healing 😌🙏

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Climb if u see this its like what nicki minaj once said. cheer up. im showing you bitches how to do it

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I’ll stop talking about climb in a sec but this is still the most devastating self own ive ever seen

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I like how on noodlers channel (which climb is a part of fyi) it says theyre two kids making videos like shut the fuck up climb is like fucking 25 lmfao

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15: Do you have any pets?

Yes! I have six cats! Two of which are mine, Marcus and Fat Fat, three belonging to my mom, Paw Paw, Easy, and Smoky, and one belonging to my dad, Big Sleepy!

We also take care of a stray named Buddy, though I wouldn’t count him with the rest.

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I’m doing pretty good, bro! I hope you are as well! :3

14: Do you miss someone?

Since 25 is about missing someone from your past specifically, I’m assuming this means in general, and for that I would say no! I always wish that I could talk to my sister more, she works a lot so it’s hard to find time. But I still am around her all the time, so it’s not too bad!

21: Do you have any plans for this weekend?

Not that I can think of! Will probably just be hanging out with my girlfriend, as per usual.

25: Do you miss anyone from your past?

Yes, absolutely. Two in particular. My two (irl) best friends stopped talking to me almost a year ago, and honestly I’m still grieving it. It’s a very complicated situation, and I hope I can at the very least get closure in the future, but as it stands now I miss them very much.

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“why do you make so many non warriors posts on your warriors blog” to log back into my main blog i have to go through that whole 2 factor authentication thing with my phone and sometimes i just cant be bothered and i dont like using twitter AND i like knowing at least one person is going to see my posts

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Not warriors at all but i cant get over the orion experience guy dressing up as a catboy and doing duets on tiktok. We’re not in the best timeline but we’re in a moderately good one at least for this to be happening

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off topic but says my post per day count is 21. embarrassing.

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Hawk - Fighter

A character from a story I am working on.

Hawk is a fighter, whose job is to fight and defend their Camp. He is a stocky tom who was pretty destined to be a great fighter from birth. He was a big kit and grew to be a strong cat. He has a short temper for Lion and bullied Fox thinking he would be a Hunter but became a companion Fox could depend on. His views are very misogynistic and mean and he butts heads with Hazel many times.

He soon became a dependable Fighter that had good leadership skills even though he was still very young. Soon, his leader chose him to lead an expedition, prompted by Lion and a vision he had. Tragedy struck when it failed and his team came back halved and Hawk was badly injured. Hawk adamantly blamed Lion for this and turned many Campmates against Lion, resulting in their leader and second in command making a difficult decision. Hawk is an antagonist, but not the main one. However, his emotions are strong and loud.

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