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#not writing

Y'all i need inspiration for writing so please send asks

I can’t figure out how to turn on anon so sorry but anons are off ;-;

Rn i can write short headcanons cuz low spoons today

If i don’t complete it in 1-2 hours dm me cuz tumblr is yeeting asks into the vöîd and let me know what the request was

Also a reminder to read my pinned post for the rules cuz i don’t wanna disappoint y'all

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JoJo’s as random images on my phone since i have no inspiration to write
















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is it too much to ask? i just wanna hear in keeping secrets of silent earth: 3 live one more time in my lifetime

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Was messing around with a few sliders on my pictures editing app so decided to share.

You’re free to use these as icons but please don’t repost! 😊


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it’s so hard for me to not feel guilty for not spending my free time being productive with personal endeavors like working on my WIP, etc,

but even when I don’t have homework i’m still so damn burnt out from classes and barely have the mental capacity to handle anything else.

like idk i feel like i’ve been conditioned to always be doing *something* bc whenever i have down time and dont spend it productively i start mentally berating myself about it and it’s so???

like im tired, but taking breaks/naps makes me feel like i’m wasting time. and i want so bad to spend dedicated time on my WIP but im just tired and can hardly bring myself to open the WIP document and read a single line bc i dont have the capacity for it

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i write for everyone that’s in the anime so far!

i’m not caught up on the manga, so i won’t be writing those characters (yet…) but any anime bsd character is fine :)

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this is so sweet tysm!! i always appreciate in others headcanons when there’s room to kinda make your own story, so i’m really glad that’s visible in my stuff as well :)) <3

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oh don’t mind me, I’m just sitting here sobbing because I just finished watching the Violet Evergarden 2020 movie.

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Hi, I know I’ve been radio silence on here and I’m really sorry about that, I was working fulltime and all my energy went to that and navigating my transition.

Unfortunately at the beginning of January I got sick and as of now, I still am and have no clue as to what it is. I’d like to get back into writing but a good day where I feel like sitting at my desk is very rare.

In other news! I started an etsy shop selling bracelets! it’s called Reginn’s Forge if you’d like to take a gander (cough if you wanna message me and buy directly from me I’ll give you a discount cough)

I’ve also changed my name, I go by Daniel now, Danny if you prefer! I’m close to being fully transitioned and I’m in such a better place than I was even a year ago! (the difference between now and when I started this blog is,,,, astronomical)

Hopefully soon I can get back into this blog because I miss writing dearly

Thank you for staying with me


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𝕐𝕠𝕦’𝕧𝕖 𝕓𝕖𝕖𝕟 𝕚𝕟𝕧𝕚𝕥𝕖𝕕,,,

Hello and welcome to my blog! Everything you need will be linked down below and I ask you read them before requesting! Thank you and enjoy your stay! -🌸👑Ryo/Royal

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request - every request I’ve gotten

dr x reader - all my x reader works

(source) x reader - specific on the source x reader

🌸🌸 - fluff

👑👑 - angst

(character) x (character)/ship name - character x character requests

💔 - request denied


not writing - all my non writing posts

anon - unspecified anon

(anon name/emoji) - reoccurring anons

🌸👑mod talks - just me talking to y’all

🌸👑mod + (character) - i will occasionally gush about my favorite characters!

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🌸 I do not write specifically female readers, but you can request male readers! (Everyone can read GN readers, so this is why I do this)

👑 No Suicide


👑 No problamatic ships like Junko x anyone platonic or romantic, or the WoH x anyone romantically

🌸 No heavy topics! i write angst but if its something i cant do i”ll let you know!

👑 Please do not be mean or rude in my inbox! some requests will be slow due to school!

🌸 NO Chihiro discourse!! im neutral on it and just prefer to use they/them to keep things simple!

👑 No yandere/yandere-core

🌸 I have the right to deny anything that makes me uncomfy!

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- If you’re LGBTQ+phobic

- If you’re transphobic/transmed

- If you’re a Trump Supporter 

- If you’re a Pedo/MAP/NOMAP

- If you take place in Chihiro discourse, I’m neutral on matter so I will be using they/them

- If you’re an asshole in general, ya know?

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Inbox in now open! 

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whenever i hear the word “manly” my serotonin levels just go 📈📈📈

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Awww, thank you so much! Of course you can use my prompts! For credit, just put “lovely-little-whumpee” somewhere in the tags :) 

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I figured it was something like that lol.

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Sgsgdhbdbhsbdhd really? Wow thank you so much Nonny that is so nice!!! I just,, write stuff thank you

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