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#not yoi
the-lincyclopedia · 22 hours ago
Holy cow! I bid on a podfic through Fandom Trumps Hate, and wow did this creator deliver! The VOICE ACTING. I’m in awe. This is a podfic of my Otayuri fic “When and If,” and it sounds better than I could have imagined. 
Summary: Yuri is asexual, and Otabek is very, very good about consent. Rated M for explicit conversations, not explicit activities.
Podfic length: 20-30 minutes
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If I see another dumbass call YOI fucking queerbait I WILL throw hands. They literally kissed! They've said they love each other multiple times! The fuck do you fucking want?! Why is it always 'okay but did they say it?' because queer characters just aren't queer enough to cishets unless they offer cishets a 'coming out' that has less to do with them and more to do with cishets continuously trying to police exactly what it is to be gay. Nobody cares about your fucking opinions! Stop telling me, a queer person, how YOI should make me feel!
I've said it before I'll say it again, YOI is not queerbait. Victor and Yuuri are canonically in love and fuck 'but they never said they were gay' YOI is not a universe where discrimination based upon sexuality exists so of fucking course they don't feel the need to broadcast which box they fall into! That literally isn't a thing because it has never mattered in the canon universe! And even if it did, queer people in media do not owe anyone verbal expression of their sexuality because they're queer with or without it. They kissed. They love each other. And if you, for a second, believed gay love was something as natural and normal as straight love you won't be making a fool out of yourself online saying two characters kissing and declaring they are in love didn't matter because they didn't outright talk about their sexuality. Get. That. Through. Your. fucking. Skulls.
YOI also isn't a BL or a yaoi because it's not looking to exploit it's gay male leads for female pleasure, so you assholes can get outta my face with that dumb take as well. It is a sports anime (with a gay lead couple), because the main plot is the sport. It would be considered a yaoi if the main plot revolved around Victuuri figuring out their sexuality.
Here's a hot take: having a gay lead doesn't make an anime a yaoi, maybe because you can have gay characters who have lives, ambitions and a journey that goes beyond their sexuality. It's natural. It's normal and everyone of you dimwits, when you say to a queer person something along the lines of: "I am sorry for the queerbait in YOI" or "YOI is a yaoi." Sound like literal clowns.
Not to mention it gives me a fair idea of how you view my community, and fuck if I want anything to do with that.
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sugushou · 3 days ago
Whenever I daydream or write something for Suguru istg I have to imagine mika doesn't exist bc I feel so guilty.
honestly ur so valid!! whenever i get in one of my possessive moods i always remind myself that daishou and mika are not canonically confirmed to be together in timeskip— furudate left that to our interpretation and i choose to interpret that they had an amicable breakup after graduating from high school and they're still friends! (in my selfship me n daishou always insist on bringing mika and her partner on a double date and giving them the shovel talk while mika is in the bathroom)
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victuurificrecs · 3 days ago
Hello, thank you so much for this blog! I joined the fandom very late (just last year) and I’ve found it to be largely inactive, so I’ve been scouring ao3 on my own. A fic rec blog is much appreciated and I can’t wait to give some of these a try ❤︎
thank you so much! i’m really glad you like it :) i can totally relate bc i’ve been a fan of the anime since 2016 but wasn’t really active in the fandom until this past year. i hope it becomes more active when (hopefully) ice ado comes out
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bladesofyuri · 4 days ago
low-key i thought out of all the crazy at least eremika would get a bittersweet or kinda happy ending...i was disappointed
I’ve been away from the series a long time, but I did, too. The story itself got extremely messy (in my opinion), but I’d hoped one day I’d catch the ending and it’d have a nice little epilogue with Eren and Mikasa living a peaceful and pleasantly “boring” life. I thought it might work a little like how Arakawa ended Fullmetal Alchemist, with Ed and Winry married with a couple of kids.
I’m at the age where I’m really over the nonstop drama, loss, and tragedy. You can easily say that a series like that isn’t for me--and it wasn’t anymore, which is why I hadn’t continued it--but I was still rooting for them to make it out on the other side.
I still don’t understand what happened, or why any of it happened. If Mikasa killed him I don’t understand why she had to be the one to do it. I guess that’s one of the bigger questions for me at this point.
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theviktornikiforov-rp · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
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bladesofyuri · 4 days ago
Attack on Titan legit got CRAZY. I’d have to read or watch it all again to remember everything. To answer your questions yeah Eren died. Mikasa was the one to chop off his head.
As for them reconciling? I can’t really remember????? I think right before or right after she killed him, she got flooded with memories that Eren had made her forget? And in those he had apologized?
Or he apologized to Armin about it as they talked about a bunch of shit, also in a memory that Eren made Armin originally forget Dx. It’s all complicated
“Mikasa was the one to chop off his head.”
Lovely. I’m sure that won’t add to her trauma at all.
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theviktornikiforov-rp · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
// trying to enjoy the day... it's warm out and sunny but my mood is anything but... //
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autisticshonenprotag · 6 days ago
ur icon is staring at me and hes scary
Tumblr media
it was literally his birthday yesterday. who are you to imply the prince of thailand is “scary” hes just a gay millennial cusp disney adult thats all. he graduated from the dcp last year in fact
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mimikyufriend · 8 days ago
the sports anime genre is like "five times you were gaybaited and one time you weren't except it was kind of mediocre so like who cares really"
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bunny-xoxo · 9 days ago
You asked for a character anon. I was manifested. I was born into existence. How can I serve you?
- Jeany's Mom x
Is- I’m,. Is this THE Jean Kirschtein’s MOTHER?
Or am I mistaken u for somebody else 👀
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