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lilllium · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
—Ocean Vuong, from Notebook Fragments
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mitskey · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
—Ocean Vuong, Night Sky with Exit Wounds
[text ID: Dear God, if you are a season, let it be the one I passed through/ to get here./ Here. That's all I wanted to be./ I promise.]
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justthishumanheart · a year ago
My hands were daylight all through the night.
—Ocean Vuong, from Notebook Fragments
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ganymede-dreaming · 10 months ago
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Notebook Fragments by Ocean Vuong, Night Sky with Exit Wounds
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flowerytale · 26 days ago
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Susan Sontag, from “Reborn: Journals and Notebooks, 1947-1963″
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devils-maiden · 7 months ago
Freyja "i've got this image of a world full of peace, a world where there is no poverty, no hunger, no wars, no sadness..... A world of happiness. I get this feeling that everyone can coexist together. End the war between vampires and werewolves, the wars between humans, the whole conflict between species.... My biggest wish... My biggest wish is to see everyone happy..."
Hades "Oh, Frey..."
Freyja "No!! And you know what's the most fucked up thing? The gods could've achieved this. They could've done it without me, without Persephone....but they just didn't want to...they wanted to stay back and enjoy their show. But my biggest fear...my biggest fear is that i'll never see it happen... I'll never get to make this world exist.. i just don't know if i'm powerful enough..."
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feral-ballad · 8 months ago
The desire for reassurance. And, equally, to be reassured. (The itch to ask whether I’m still loved; and the itch to say, I love you, half-fearing that the other has forgotten, since the last time I said it.)
Susan Sontag, from As Consciousness Is Harnessed to Flesh: Journals and Notebooks, 1964-1980, edited by David Rieff
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aquarda · a month ago
Sit up all night, talking smoking Count the dead & wait 'til morning
Will warm names & faces come again Does the silver forest end?
— Jim Morrison, from “Notebook and Journal Poems”
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bluemonkwrites · a month ago
fragments from the notebook, 1
long chords take note of the sundown the blue pathos of not-clouds paling like a servant too frightened to speak i listen, hard, to the music of meditation, wish for waves to hear me, for breath -- yours -- to fill these polluted lungs
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metamorphesque · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
— Notebook Fragments, Ocean Vuong
[text ID: I wonder what it feels like to move / at the speed of thirst—if it’s as fast /  as lying on the kitchen / floor with the lights off.]
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lilllium · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
—Ocean Vuong, from Notebook Fragments
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theoptia · a year ago
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Susan Sontag, from As Consciousness is Harnessed to Flesh: Journals and Notebooks, 1964-1980; December 3rd, 1965
Text ID: Is beauty important? Maybe, sometimes, it’s boring. Maybe what’s more important is “the interesting”—+ everything that’s interesting eventually seems beautiful.
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justthishumanheart · a year ago
Dear god, if you are a season, let it be the one I passed through               to get here.
—Ocean Vuong, from Notebook Fragments
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blueflyingturtleontheway · 3 days ago
Can you tell more about 'Chłopiec z gitarą' but Luisco, fanfiction from Spanish lessons, Dark!Avalor, and all of marvel ones?
As promised, here are the marvel ones:
"Widow" is a short novel I wrote back in my wattpad days for a wattpad contest. I tried to keep to the rules of a novel as a literary genre but it ended up being... quite awkward XD Not to mention that I used the words Matushka Rosija unironically fjbeisbeb Generally it was about Natasha learning that her husband Alexei is dead and I've tried to keep it vague if it's a true story or just a fake memory. Generally I think it was really good for the level of a writer I was, but now I just see how many things could work better. And also I'm not sure how accurate it all was since it was supposed to be ff to comic Natasha, but I've never ready any comics and just read the wiki XD
"Memory loss" was based on a little similar concept, I guess? I never decided why the memory loss happened or how serious it was and everything. It's a Captain America x Black Widow story and tbf it's based mostly on the Avengers Assemble cartoons, though I think I picked and chosen what fitted from MCU to include XD As for the plot:
In an especially hard mission Black Widow was knocked out and heavily beaten. After she regained her consciousness back in the headquarters, it turned out she lost all of her true memories, only keeping the implanted ones, so she's convinced she's a Soviet ballet dancer, married to a pilot. The whole team, but especially Captain America stand before a dilemma if they should tell her the truth or let her keep her fake but happy fake life.
Except that's all I had, I never solved this dilemma myself XD Although it's also connected to this other story, also with this ship, where for some reason everyone forgot that Black Widow ever existed or something and Steve meets Natasha as a ballet dancer he once saves after the opera house gets attacked while he was watching the performance. They were supposed to fall in love and later discover this whole scheme of forgetting about Black Widow together (so the typical "true love breaks fake reality" trope.)
And I think that "Marvellous cookbook" is my favourite one, probably because it's the newest one XD It was supposed to be a collection of oneshots centered around various characters' culinary adventures, light and wholesome :3 And to get the whole set, this one was supposed to be based mostly on MCU and with only some characterization from the cartoon.
This is all and once again thank you for such an interest in my wips!
WiP list
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flowerytale · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Susan Sontag, from As Consciousness Is Harnessed to Flesh: Journals and Notebooks 1964-1980
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oldhopelessromanticsoul · 11 months ago
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- Nicholas Sparks // The Notebook
Tumblr media
- Georgy Chulkov // Purple Autumn
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halfelven · 5 months ago
It is we who bleed before our time
and swallow down an ocean
I dream of being irresponsible
of a hand over mine
I wish I were a young man
I wish someone would adopt me
I come to the garden alone
and let bees crawl on my fingers
I wish I were not bloody
full of ever changing solitudes
sharp on all my edges
I tried to file the points dull
instead I filed my teeth sharp
in latter days
I pretend that is a metaphor
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