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Hi! This is my new introduction because I’m trying to stay active again lol. My name is Rachel and I’m currently in my last year of undergrad (ahhhh). I will graduate in the spring with a B.S. in Victim Studies from there I want to pursue a masters degree in school psychology. I always knew that I wanted to work with kids but I just never felt called to be a teacher. I’ve bounced around between careers and majors A LOT but recently I feel like I’m getting closer and closer to what I was put on this earth to do. I’m using this account as a way to keep me accountable for my GRE studying and to document this exciting and scary time! In addition to my school work I have 2 jobs at the school and am very active in an organization, but looking to join more! In my spare time I like to craft, read books, and advocate for justice. Coffee is my favorite thing in the world and I really want a cat. That’s all for now!

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No matter how many road blocks you experience, no matter how many doors closed in your face, no matter how long U waited,& no matter how impossible things may seem - don’t lose hope. Goodness is on its way. U have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.

molana tariq jameel

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07.06.20 // Day 44

no pic today either, but i had my first summer class lecture. since i took notes on the sections beforehand, i knew the answer to almost all of the questions the professor asked. i hope i’ll keep it up for the rest of the lectures. i already have the notes for tomorrow done!

best of luck to anyone else with summer classes (or anyone who’s learning anything this summer)!!

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‏“إذا جاءك المهموم أنصت ، وإذا جاءك المعتذر اصفح ، وإذا قصدك المحتاجُ أنفق ، ليس المطلوب أن يكون في جيبك مصحف ولكن المطلوب أن تكون في أخلاقك آية“

“If the anxious one comes to you, listen, and if the apologizer comes to you, forgive. If you need the needy to spend, it is not required that a Qur’an be in your pocket, but what is required is that you have a verse in your morals.”


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Is it possible? I’m aiming to cap Crazytrain at 30 comic-pages long, at most. This is a part of my Herculean effort to actually finish a fan-fiction that isn’t a one-shot

Easier said than done, I say. Stick-to-it-iveness matters in life. … At the same time, with fan-works, I think people should be gentle on themselves. It is free, after all. It is an exercise and an experiment. The right mixture of personal inspiration and audience demand have a lot to do with whether something gets finished.

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Hi this is going to be a place where I rant about shit because currently I don’t have anyone to talk to. I’m at the drivers school rn and it’s day 2. I arrived yesterday. I don’t know what to do. I don’t have anything to do until 11am or smth like honestly. I know I’m supposed to be studying for the biochem exam that I failed 3 times already because as we both know (because you stay up thinking about this and it gives you a lot of anxiety) if we fail we have to repeat the easiest year and I’m just not willing to do that. Also the tuition. Fuck that. So I know that I’m supposed to be studying for that. And I will. I do write my thoughts in a rant kind of way in that tiny Slytherin notebook but since there are only about 3 pages left, I decided to type it out here instead if I’m not in class or if I just don’t feel like writing it out. So, currently as I said, I’m sitting at the drivers school waiting for my class. I have 2 more hours to wait until my first class. I am kind of okay with the waking up early and doing whatever I want until I have to do something I mean hey, maybe I’ll make this my habit and I’ll do this when I go back to uni. (by the way people say I type really loudly and write really loudly so I really hope I’m not disturbing anyone rn). Anyways, I have 4 classes today and it’s raining cats and dogs and perhaps the whole arc because Jesus Harold, THIS is a stormI’m witnessing. Tonight, I gotta buy a screen cleaner and a raincoat or smth ‘cause A. an umbrella just won’t cut it and it opened in a direction it shouldn’t open in yesterday, and B. my laptop screen is made of grease it’s disgusting. I’m so so glad I brought my laptop, at first I thought I would regret it because I’m not going to use it and it’s just going to be a burden but hey, I’m using it in this way. And perhaps starting tomorrow I’ll start studying for that fucking biochem exam and also relearn anatomy. Also, if I don’t feel like studying I can right stories and stuff like I did during histology. (the school chimes are ringing and it’s giving me anxiety because what if I read the timetable wrong and I actually have class right now and I’m not there). Anyways, today I almost slipped up on the “not bragging” thing I’m doing. I’ve always tried but I think I end up showing off whenever given the opportunity. I know that this comes from me not feeling comfortable with myself/good about myself. I’m going to try harder to not do this and instead try to work on the feeling good about myself thing. For that, I know I gotta pass that FUCKING BIOCHEMISTRY EXAM I SWEAR TO GOD WHY AM I THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WHOLE SCHOOL YEAR WHO STILL HAS TO DO IT WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCKING FUCKERY IS THAT. Enough with the caps lock dude, alright we have 90 mins, what can we do? I mean we could watch a movie. Or we could keep writing until class starts like I did during histology. (hey it’s better than falling asleep). Oh shit I shouldn’t have had that coffee I am feeling many waves of anxiety rushing in and out at a certain tempo that I am not bopping to. I’ll be back to write more but TTFN.

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Today’s message is a song from Lagum, and its name is “Leave”. Here is a little part of the song:

“So let me try to take care of you. That I leave for tomorrow the things that I have to do”

And the only answer I could say is of course my love <3

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after what feels like a fairly long and dragging content hiatus, quite a few things have changed around here-

  • I’m taking a summer course to get my minor done before senior year!
  • I started looking back at my old posts, and I miss the way I used to bullet journal. hence, this spread from a few weeks back.
  • I started therapy.
  • these photos are edited weird, but I can’t help it that my childhood room has one big wall painted coral pink.
  • I’m home. and I’m wearing a mask inside the house around my parents until further notice (or, at least 14 days after I last traveled)

so, that’s where I’ve been. please please please keep wearing your masks. keep telling your friends and family to keep wearing their masks. wash your hands. stay educated. stay active. call someone you love. watch a show that takes you back to a happier time. 2020 has not gone to waste; if anything, it’s forcing us to finally open our eyes and figure out the importance of being there for one another.

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