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studyinthebluemoona day ago
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Autumn Studying Challenge 17/10/2021
Have been really busy recently. I just received my assignment questions so I am going to start planning and working on it. I鈥檓 also going to start a new course next week! Q- Outside or inside?
Outside during autumn and inside in summer. It鈥檚 too hot馃サ
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anxhiestudiesa day ago
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17 october 2021
I'm alive! Since uni started i have so many things to do and I'm already behind with my notes and this year I have homework so I'm a little stressed. Anyway this semester I have some day when my lesson are only in the afternoon and I just go near the uni in the morning just to go to a cafe and study there, I know if I stay home I would just sleep.
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mymessystudyblra day ago
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october 16, 2021
Hey you guys! This week has been pretty amazing for me! Firstly, my SAT scores came in and now I have a 1500 superstore! :) And I also turned my UNC Chapel Hill and ECU apps! And my academics have been super light! I didn鈥檛 have much homework, and yesterday my classes ended at 10:15 am bc my afternoon class was cancelled! And in addition to all that, I made a new Pinterest account and followed lots of self care/morning routine/healthy lifestyle blogs, and it really inspires me a lot :))
I鈥檝e also been thinking a lot about my future, and I鈥檇 really like to live in Europe when I鈥檓 older! I really like the standard of living there, and I really want to explore more when I can!
I hope you guys have an awesome day too!
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ghxstcolwrs13 hours ago
銋ゃ叅銋ゃ叅戟 馃巸 洙 隆锝★緹饾暆隆軎ツ贬《幡羔岐禿 蟻嗪潡 銉冦啇軎屷幞峺 戟獉 饾梿幡暵 聽隃ヰ搱掙湦鉀
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鈹鈹鈹鈹聽 喱撀 鉀 猢団﹪:猢団﹪ 陹奥 锕 rules !聽聽 鈾ワ笌聽 嗫斅犅 陹逢挦聽
覀 馃巸陼 鈦 鉂 do not copy the psd. / n茫o copie o psd ! 鉂
覀 馃巸陼 鈦 鉂 do not pass the psd. / n茫o repasse o psd pra outras pessoas ! 鉂
覀 馃巸 陼 鈦 鉂 do not put the psd in public folder. / n茫o coloque o psd em pasta p煤blica ! 鉂
覀 馃巸 陼 鈦 鉂 do not republish the psd as yours here or on any other platform. / n茫o reposte o psd como seu aqui no tumblr ou em qualquer outra plataforma ! 鉂
覀 馃巸 陼 鈦 鉂 give me the credits using the hashtag #ghxstcolwrs. / me d锚 os cr茅ditos usando a hashtag #ghxstcolwrs聽 ! 鉂
鈹鈹鈹鈹 喱 鉀 猢団﹪:猢団﹪ 陹 锕 warnings ! 聽鈾ワ笌 嗫 陹逢挦聽聽聽聽
覀 馃巸 陼 鈦 鉂 in case of problems in the application of psd, contact me. / caso tenha problemas com a aplica莽茫o do psd, entre em contato comigo ! 鉂
覀 馃巸 陼 鈦 鉂 i will reblog all the posts with the psd in my other acc ( @chishiyxstuff ) ! 鉂
鈹鈹鈹鈹 喱 鉀 猢団﹪:猢団﹪ 陹 锕 dowload ! 聽鈾ワ笌 嗫 陹逢挦聽聽
覀 馃巸 陼 鈦 鉂 follow me ( @ghxstcolwrs ) + like or reblog + ask me logged in聽鈥渆asy on me, psd please鈥 ! 鉂
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zibaldoni-elzapoppina day ago
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studying-nando2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Saturday 16th October, 2021
yes i know what you're thinking, the falooda displayed above tasted as good as it looked lmao. anyways, these past weeks have been pretty chill, since it's only the first couple of weeks of term! only 9 weeks until summer holidays and i cannot wait.. at all. i also received my subjects for next year which is great, since i got all the ones i wanted! recently i finished reading 1984 by George Orwell, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck and the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and i liked 1984 the best, bc of it's descriptions of a totalitarian society, but i definitely didn't like how Orwell wrote Julia.
since it's technically mental health week, i thought i'd share my give it a day strategy. if something relatively bad happens, i find that it seems much less worse after a day. so, i give myself one day to simply feel and not try to get rid of that feeling. then, the next day, i get back to normal! i hope everyone is feeling ok and pls have a drink of water馃尡
馃幎: red room by hiatus kaiyote and home of the strange album by young the giant!
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tuamadreee22a day ago
LGBT sta per
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stemacademia2 days ago
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Friday, 15 October 2021
Another day, another batch of microbio notes. Honestly, biotech is just microbiology with biochemistry sprinkled on top and some cool equipment. Seems like all I ever study these days is bioreactors and various types of microorganisms which I'm not really complaining about - the amount of information I have to shove inside my brain though...
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the---hermit23 hours ago
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Tumblr media
42/100 days of productivity
Today I:
Read as the first thing in the morning (I finished The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams by Stephen King)
Continued reading and annotating the book I am studying for my prehistory class (which I did not managed to finish yet)
Cooked lunch for my family
Set up a new weekly spread in my bullet journal
Continued listening to the audiobook of the Necronomicon by H.P. Lovecraft
Autumn studying challenge // 17th October - Outside or inside?
Inside, I'd consider outside if we are talking about walking in the woods by myself.
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moonwhispers-study2 days ago
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Tumblr media
My first night in university went well. It's supposed to be 2 people in a room but due to the endemic I end up having the room for myself .
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er-cryptid2 days ago
Chemistry Notes (September 2021)
Adding Reactions and K Ex 1
Amount in a Sample Ex 4
Basic Kinetic Relationships
Boiling Point and Intermolecular Forces Ex 1
Change in Equilibrium Ex 1
Common Units of Pressure
Electron Configuration from the Periodic Table Ex 3
Enthalpy of Reaction Ex 4
螖H, 螖S, and T and Spontaneity
Hydrobromic Acid
Ionization Reaction Ex 4
Mass of Product Ex 8
Matter Transformation Diagram
Missing Formal Charges Ex 1
Multiplying Reaction Coefficients and Equilibrium Constant
Order of a Reaction Ex 1
Proposed Lewis Structure Ex 2
Proposed Lewis Structure Ex 13
Rate Order Ex 1
Rate Order Ex 6
Second Order Reaction Graphs
Viscosity and Intermolecular Forces Ex 2
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spacedusts21 hours ago
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2021 October 16th
Early morning yesterday, woke up at 6:30 because I had somewhere to go but they delayed it so I decided to work on one of my coding projects instead! Felt kinda productive not gonna lie
馃帶 madison by orla gartland
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featheredstudies20 hours ago
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Tumblr media
2021.10.01 // 15:42
mooore journalism class reading notes! tysm for 500 followers btw :))
pic: brooklyn botanic garden, brooklyn, n.y.
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jademichellea day ago
Be excited about your own life. And really mean it.
This excitement spreads to other people and makes you more likeable.
Fucking SMILE. real smiles pull upward. the lower jaw is relaxed. When you smile for real your eyes squint. Actually think of someone that makes you laugh. A smile is the only thing you should not fake. Don鈥檛 do that 鈥渂ug-eye鈥 smile thing where your eyes widen when you smile. It comes off as creepy and untrustworthy.
Get back to a place of actual excitement. Practice smiling in the mirror.
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Always think about how good the interaction can go.
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maeve-studies21 hours ago
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Tumblr media
鈥 10.17.2021 鈥
Happy Sunday everyone 馃А I finished and submitted my final project today and am feeling quite relieved to have it done. I have one week of this semester left and then the next one begins, I鈥檓 looking forward to taking a class I鈥檓 interested in next! I hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday!
馃帶: Ophelia by The Lumineers / my insta
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moontowna month ago
don鈥檛 do anything for social media. don鈥檛 let it affect your media consumption too much. or how you spend your time. or how you see yourself. don鈥檛 watch a tv show you won鈥檛 enjoy just to post about it, don鈥檛 buy a pair of jeans you don鈥檛 really like because it鈥檚 a trend, don鈥檛 become a spokesperson for ideologies you haven鈥檛 truly read and thought about first yourself. operate as though you don鈥檛 have a social media whenever you鈥檙e not using social media. this is what stops it from seeping over the borders of the time you give it into the rest of your life. let your real life influence what you choose to do with your time more.
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tuamadreee227 hours ago
Fanculo il sesso in macchina scopami nel bagagliaio
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