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soracities · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Alain de Botton, Essays in Love [transcript in ALT]
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thebluesthour · a year ago
After the fairy tale, the world is hazy, blue. The roles and faces here are unrehearsed. The soldier sings the partisan's laments. The young girl plays her songs of mourning...
Wisława Szymborska, from “Leaving the Movie Theatre”
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hexcore-juggler · a year ago
Anyway given the paltry 12 14 teeth that turians appear to have, I'm pretty sure they eat like this:
Tumblr media
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thesunsethour · a month ago
starting training for my newspaper position and holy god i far prefer this job
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awestruckdown · 8 months ago
does anyone ever just have like,, i guess a ‘god moment’ would be a way to describe it? a moment where you make someone laugh so hard they snort and clutch their stomach, or you grab your friend before they walk into a busy road and keep your hand on their shoulder for a few extra seconds, or you quiet a baby’s crying and hold them close to feel their tiny warmth, and you just have this sense of purpose? this moment where you think ‘yes, yes this is what we’re here for’? or when you hug someone and they tremble slightly and grab on tighter, or you sing in a crowd so huge and loud your voice is drowned out but your ears never forget the sound of everyone belting the lyrics, or when you jokingly race someone and it stops being about who wins and starts being about how good it feels to have your body moving alongside another? maybe im over romanticising the mundane, maybe i’m trying to find meaning in nothing, but i cant help but hold on to these little moments where it feels like i’ve found something i’m usually missing, i think that it’s a kind of prayer for me, a kind of coming home 
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klarkegriffin · a year ago
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deniigi · a year ago
Is anyone welcome on the server?
Anyone who is interested in participating in and/or supporting transformative works regarding Spiderman, Daredevil, and Deadpool!
If you’d like more detail I’m happy to post our rules or some examples of the kinds of things that we do.
(The server nonsense has emerged mostly from our gen channels, which are, in effect, several extensive examples of what happens when you put about 20 chatty peoples’ chaos elements in a room.)
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felassan · 2 years ago
I’m just an nb creature, standing in front of a EAWare, asking them to forget about Anthem 2.0 and cast it into the fires of Mount Doom
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goovat · a year ago
whats valin’s relationship with his ghost like if he isnt that happy with the traveler
he loves Eos, in spite of the nature of her birth. he considers the collective need of the ghost to bring forth a guardian something of a force of nature in the way diseased deer will breed, rather than malicious intent.
in all their time together she has never attempted to push him towards a certain goal or idea, nor would she be able to, her guardian is far too stubborn to be swayed towards a "proper" cause. but, even if Valin were not so adamant in his ways, she would never feel right to ask after his loyalty to the quiet god. the only reason she had been able to reforge him in the Light to begin with was because another Ghost (and by extension, his charge) had owed her, and she feels the weight of Valin's trauma is her fault.
had she asked anyone else on Earth, out of the goodness of their hearts, to bring her to the solar edge, perhaps things would be different.
#answered#tw for tags i always have a lot to say and have written thoughts on this only privately in my notes app#thus i divulge them a little...#anon i do get the impression you may not be looking for the morose answers i enjoy giving... i do apologise for this#oc: valin#(tw rape) ​ah... despite everything... the first ghost to make up part of Valin's morbid ring collection is not his rapist's Ghost.#perhaps it would surprise some. Eos herself is the only one who knows how deep Valin's sheer hatred is. how potent.#it is the kind of rage so specific to grief that the two are one in the same. do you know it?#the complete breakdown of the human mind is in the cracked-voiced screaming that asks why or perhaps declares hatred or pleads for itself#do you know that kind of upset? you are crying and it hurts to breathe and your heart could stop from the force of your stress.#i emphasise this for the sake of not being bothered by people who read shallowly. if that makes sense.#regardless i carry on...#yes this rage... this hoarseness of the voice as you scream and cry and your head hurts from stress. complete breakdown of personhood.#you become not human but rather a force of will. something that moves sideways so to speak. you lose yourself in the pain you express.#completely hollowed and you feel compulsion to distance yourself from the human condition because it is agonising like drinking fire.#i am rambling...#what i was saying... what i was saying is...#despite everything it would make sense (to someone who does not know Valin) that he may destroy the ghost.#perhaps this ghost appears to all an enabler. it is an easy thing to focus crowded anger upon.#but think... is burning your world so easy as it is to imagine burning other's?#people will always chant (rightfully so) on the killing of an abuser of a friend or loved one...#but to BE the person up against this adversary when they are so close to you... it is not so simple as to fight back and be vengeful#the hollywood protagonist does not exist in actuality.#it takes a lot to stand up to a person in such a way and it can be unfathomable to an observer as to why they don't just do X or say Y#do you... understand me? what i am saying?#the feeling is... it is why someone cannot ''just leave''. everyone has their reasons. it is terrifying to try.#and that... alongside his guilt of the concept of bringing it upon himself... is why Valin has not killed that Ghost.
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yearlybears · a year ago
maybe love is stored in the minecraft music
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soracities · a month ago
Perhaps one did not want to be loved so much as to be understood.
George Orwell, 1984
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thebluesthour · a year ago
I have been alone with the thing itself. The depression. The defective heart. God. Inside my mind it is dawn. A wolf appears with a bird in its mouth. Blue feathers, my fate, the beautiful white throat.
Allison Seay, “Bathing”, To See The Queen
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skimmingmilk · 2 years ago
Dreams vs reality, a fifteen year gap, and a very determined angel.
Co-written by @syl-writes-stuff and @skimmingmilk
Chapter 04
He hadn’t needed to put a CV together in twenty years. Aziraphale wasn’t exactly asking for one, but the questions on the application amounted to the same thing. And it was more than a little humiliating to realize just how little he could fill out. His longest job had been his first. Seventeen to twenty-three, but no available reference. Reason for leaving? Owner passed. He left out not being able to handle it.
Every other scattered job had only lasted a year or two. His education was just as wretched, Crowley having dropped out of secondary school at sixteen. He’d been arrested twice by that point and hadn’t seen a reason to continue when he’d been so bloody angry about everything. He knew he wasn’t stupid and didn’t exactly feel less, but he sure as Hell hadn’t gone to a university and squabbled with English professors.
It was ridiculous to actually see his life written out, the gaps amounting to the handful of times wherein he’d given in to Lucifer and the rest. Often drunk, occasionally reeking of weed, and always wallowing in something. He’d taken a year off just to lament Freddie Mercury’s death, for fuck’s sake. It was almost funny now, remembering stealing condoms from some unfortunate chemist’s shop while the others stole pills. If three little letters could take down his idol, he wasn’t about to risk himself.
Maybe he was stupid. He’d never fit in with them, no matter what he’d done. He’d just never been able to take the final leap. He’d never been able to shake the guilt anytime they’d talk about casing a home. He’d have a migraine or just plain vanish when that started and, at the time, he’d thought himself quite clever. They - or at least Luci - had seen right through him. Oh, yeah, he’d been stupid. Hanging ‘round the wrong people, letting them lead him to a fall from grace.
Letting two of them frame him.
In his dreams, he didn’t answer his cellular when it rang. In reality, he had. In his dreams, when Ligur said they were coming by, he told him no and hung up. In reality, he’d pressed a whiskey glass to his brow, closed his eyes, and had said, “Sure. Right. Yeah. Come on over.”
In his dreams, Hastur and Ligur never hid stolen items in the boot of his Bentley. The police never found anything in their search of him. He never needed a solicitor who didn’t actually believe him any more than those police when he’d told them, “no, I never saw those things before in my life.”
A judge never looked at him, brows raised so high they’d nearly been hidden by that white powdered wig and said, “Guilty.”
But those were his dreams, and his reality... Well.
In his opinion, the only thing he was guilty of was hanging around the wrong people. Of answering a phone and inviting those people into his space, showing them his car even when all they did was grunt in disinterest. All they wanted to do was brag, like recounting deeds of the day, and hadn’t Crowley known they were hiding something? The sniggering, the looks they’d exchanged as they’d gone over every detail of their latest robbery.
At least... almost every detail.
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xekstrin · 2 years ago
Who am I? What am I? Where am I from? I never realized how much time I've spent explaining each one. I'm tired.
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the-bells-bells-bells · 2 years ago
I use Google News to get a general idea of what’s news since it aggregates various sources. However, sometimes I wonder why it shows me certain things, like some movie called “365 days” being on its way to being the most streamed on Netflix. And then I look up what the movie is about and realize that humanity is hopeless and somehow someone came up with something even more fucked up than 50 Shades.
Time to find pictures of cute kittens to bleach my brain now, I guess. : )
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xmichaelmyers · 2 years ago
Any advice on how to write a murder mystery book?
murder someone
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deafinitelyhear · 2 years ago
To be refined by the circumstances of life is an act of universal love and cosmic care. To be molded and shaped by time, to become something better, to arise to a greater plateau of existence in love, light, harmony and balance.
There is no greater achievement than to exist knowing your purpose is more than what the world of man has assigned to you. To discover your purpose is bigger than any fear and doubt surrounding you.
Like a storm raging over the waters, life will be the experience that breaks the surface and pushes you under, or it will be the greatest triumphant victory of your mind over matter.
Fear will break you, but faith will take you higher than you’ve ever been.
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