#notes to pyokeke
pinkuboa · 4 years ago
On that note I removed my previous FAQ question on my blog about pyokeke and now I’m going to put down a question on the faq that says “enough about pyokeke bro” since there’s a few people who say something about it once every season.  (I’m not mad, it’s just that it’s so far in the past I don’t feel like answering questions anymore so i’m gonna be lazy and put it there! :P)
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pyokeke-blog · 6 years ago
( Note For Pyokeke ) My Fandom ( The Mogeko ) Had did something that hurt your feelings and I came here to comfort...We are all sorry for what we did...We hope you are okay and will return soon...We Love You and Wish You The Best...Have a Octokiss~!
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pinkuboa · 5 years ago
Wanted to note appreciation for everyone trying to defend what they think is right. I think a lot of people tried to step up for justice or to protect folks on both sides, even if other people disagreed with them. That being said, I hope we can all get along a little more courteously-- it's very saddening to see the RPG Maker community fighting amongst themselves. A very serious issue, but concerned that this scale and particular manner seem very painful and taxing on everyone.
Yeah, I have no quarrels with those who tried to defend Pocket Mirror.  They were right to stand up and give them a chance, and I appreciate anyone who has a second opinion.  c:
We got through the #ib drama and the #pyokeke drama, we can get through this.(ง •̀_•́)ง
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pyokeke-blog · 6 years ago
Pyokeke I hope you are doing well and I wish you all the happiness and success the world could give, if you ever would like to talk with me on skype I'd be glad to give you my skype name. I wish you well and hope you will return with your amazing work soon. I'm sure you work very hard to accomplish what you do. To the holder of the account right now, thank you for looking after it and being thoughtful enough to look after and respond to comments. I wish you both well. Have a good day!
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