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Wowie my hand hurts!

Today I:

-Finished a giant section of my online, for-fun psychology class on brain biology

-Worked on a project I have to turn in in a couple weeks

-Started another for-fun online class on food science (!!!!! so excited!!!)

-Studied Chinese, Spanish, and French

So…a fun and productive blend of school and not-school studying. All to avoid becoming a ball of anxiety at the very thought of the virus :)))))

Stay strong guys and keep busy, we’ll get through this together!

Xx, Hannah

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big fan of yellow and gold and such

doing the notecards for unit 4 in ap psych that i (kinda) procrastinated up until now… current mood can be summed up as the song hypnotized by weston estate. the eyeshadow is from one of the $3 e.l.f. palettes and it is super nice and very high quality considering the price! definitely recommend it. 💛
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just finished my science exam today! (hopefully) it’ll be the last time you see science for this year… would anyone be interested in a flipthrough video? 

my instagram 🧚
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18 december 2019

happy wednesday! sorry for a lack of content, class isn’t really in session so i’ve been taking some time to rest and recover from an insane semester.

here are my goals for winter break!

  • write at least one chapter of my book
  • grind for area auditions
  • deep clean + reorganize room
  • read for fun instead of for school!

i hope everyone is doing well and enjoying your break if you’re already on yours! if you’re in the middle of finals, i wish you good luck!

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