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Of course my favorite notetaking app would decide to update itself and I can’t stand the updates. 

The layout looks good however they have changed up the way I note take when it comes to using bullet points :( 

Used to be able to use the keyboard to indent and start a new bullet and now I have to use my mouse more :(

Also I had to use 2 “pages” for my class notes today so it seems as if they have capped the amount of information one can use on one page UNLESS they have made this a “premium” feature…. UGH!

EDIT: Figured out that I was apparently using the OLD version of the app I use for notetaking…. THANK THE LORD!!!! Reverted back to the new version and I am happier than ever lol

It truly is the little things in life!

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  • add more about the hard of hearing bit
  • need to add evidence that this would work, hire psychologists/child educators as well as programmers
  • Gerald wants to know more about the two modes, also says I annunciated well
  • partner content, use of existing popular characters and sets within the app. only thing is it can get expensive to get a license to use characters
  • elaborate more on families (outside the immediate group) sending stories to their children
  • potentially a create your own character setting as well
  • Hannah’s notes:
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  • people questioning what the left/ride side looks/feels like, have a general sense though, a bit abstract but leaves people questioning - in a good way? I’m intentionally leaving it vaguer but hinting with words like “monochromatic”, “prismatic,” “colorful”
  • Gerald says to leave it as it is basically
  • says if he were a commissioner(I think that’s what he said), he’d definitely want to know more, so that’s cool
  • “how did she get there”, potentially adding more about how she crossed, but that’s a key part to the plot and would be a huge spoiler for later in the story, so probably leave that as is
  • for a pitch or discussion with a commissioner, spoilers are fine, essential even, but for a synopsis, not as much
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10.27.2020 10:09 am

Since it’s so dark in the mornings now, I’m really struggling to get up and motivated.

Where I was getting up at 5:45 - 6:00, I’m now just starting to move at 7:30 so I can get ready for work and being totally exhausted the entire day. Ugh.

Bio notes from this weekend when I actually felt motivated to get stuff done. It’s amazing how revisiting the basics makes me realize how much I’ve forgotten over the years, ha ha.

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  • questions for Gerald on Monday:
  • is the presentation purely about the idea or does it include the research?
    • presentation is an extended pitch, but we do include the research in a folder as well. Put together a nice presentation, include facts and numbers if it flows well, but otherwise put it in the research folder
  • how are they going to be marking us on this presentation?
  • on research mainly, presentation can factor, maybe a bonus? but if someone’s not great at presenting, as long as they’ve done a good amount of work, their research will make up for it
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wait for it… the mongols!

rlly happy to be able to post!! i haven’t in such a long time,,, junior year has been hitting me hard. i had a piano recital on zoom yesterday, i played debussy’s arabesque no. 1! it wasn’t up to my standards but it’s okay, just means i need to find more time to practice :))

also um i have a precalc unit test today (time for some last-minute studying aaaaaaaaaa)

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  • next week: 5 minute pitch
  • following week: 15 minute pitch
  • research tasks
    • concept - Sam
    • customers - Rui
    • competitors - Hannah
    • contents - Briana
    • cash/budget - 
    • revenue - Alistair, Christian backup
  • questions for Gerald on Monday:
    • is the presentation purely about the idea or does it include the research?
    • how are they going to be marking us on this presentation?
  • tasks
    • Christian and Sam to sketch up UI for custom story
    • me to create rough draft of playthrough/UI system 
  • removing educational mode as that’s too much to do, they’d want to know why we didn’t talk about it in the same level of detail
  • app is free, the basics are included, additional content available for purchase
  • Meet at 12 on Tuesday, discuss pitch and presentation
  • Gerald wants us to run our story ideas through the mind map
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20 | 10 | 20

Hi everyone! I haven’t posted because I have been very busy with uni and keeping up my scholarship. Right now I’m going through a bit of a rough time, but I’m getting better with time. My classes have gotten easier to handle, so it’s a plus for me. The pics are some of my notes that I did in order to study for my upcoming cognitive psych exam as a revision method, which is on Thursday. I am so nervous because we’re covering pretty much 20 topics, so, yeah, wish me luck!

Studyblr Community Challenge

Day 3 ✨

Why did you create your studyblr account?

Well, I wanted to give it a shot at being part of the content-sharing part of the studyblr community. I like the idea of romanticizing studying and daily tasks that are usually a hassle to do, and this has been working for me so far. It’s difficult to share content every day, but I’ll keep trying my best 💞

To Do list:

  • Upload an infographic on skincare for a campaign on good habits for my Personal Development class
  • Turn in my completed essay on labor union for Academic Writing
  • Revise for cognitive psych’s exam on Thursday
  • Upload today’s work for my English class
  • Take notes for psychobiology

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  • volunteered to put together a sort of ‘fake screen recording’
  • tasks
    • Christian to do some backgrounds and send me assets, work on UI
    • Hanna to finish sketching up characters and send them to me for rigging
      • Sheriff
      • Sheriff’s partner
      • Bandit leader
      • Generic bandit (to be duplicated)
      • Sidekick (horse)
    • Sam to design 3D backgrounds, props, stage
    • me: put together a fake screen recording of opening the app
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  • Idea/Concept
    • Budget
      • Is there a budget?
      • Is it our money?
        • If it’s our money, we make all the decisions, we don’t have to ask for permission
      • Is the money secured?
      • Do we need partners?
      • Who’s in charge of the budget?
      • Who’s in charge of marketing?
        • Naivety is not thinking about when the film is done
    • Technique/Technology
      • What technique?
      • Do we have the skills?
      • Do we have the hardware?
      • Do we have the software?
        • Do we have a license? Do we have a commercial license?
      • Do we need others with expert knowledge?
    • Plot
      • Traditional (linear) narrative?
      • Anarchic (cut up, experimental?) narrative?
      • Are the characters strong?
        • Remove a character. If the narrative stays the same, either the character shouldn’t be there, or they’re not strong enough yet.
      • Will the audience relate to it?
        • Simple yes or no isn’t enough, why would someone relate to your narrative?
      • Why will people want more?
      • Do you believe in it?
        • How much money are you willing to put into it?
    • Genre
      • Comedy
      • Romance
      • Horror
      • Adventure
      • Musical
      • Documentary/Mockumentary
      • Fantasy
      • Spy
      • History
      • Biography
      • Science Fiction
      • Sports
      • Animation
      • Western
      • War
      • Maturation
      • Redemption
      • Punitive
      • Testing
      • Disillusionment
      • Education
    • Setting/Location/Sets
      • Where is it set?
      • How many locations/sets are there?
      • Are we creating a whole world?
    • Format
      • What platform?
      • Series/Special/Game/Novel?
      • Duration?
      • Structure?
    • Philosophy
      • Entertainment?
      • Education?
      • Information?
      • Advertisement?
    • Game Play
      • Role playing?
      • Puzzle?
      • Fighting?
      • Action/Adventure?
      • Party, Racing, Sports?
      • Shooting, Instant?
  • The more you can’t answer, the weaker it is

For next week’s synopsises, we can use our “final” one or some of the exercise ones, “practice” ones

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I probably will not be active through the next few days. I had a complete breakdown yesterday on the phone with my mom and had to ask for an extension on a midterm (which I just turned in before coming on here, yay!!) and I am exhausted. I go back to my job on Monday for the first time in almost three weeks because of my quarantine and I am not excited for it. It’s probably one of the reasons why my mental health has been shit!! 

ANYWAY - I wanted to give y’all an update on where I’m at and to show everyone that you do not have to be okay every single day of the week. The only reason I was productive today was because I needed to write my midterm and that is okay.

Make sure you’re giving yourselves breaks every once and while. You deserve it. You need it.

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