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graduated two days ago, and now it’s time to study for external exams !! (yay… standardised testing) how’s everyone been? it’s been a few weeks since i posted

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i dont know if thats a thing, but thats how my studyblr is ig???

english is not my first language so i apologize if theres any grammatic errors!

so let me introduce myself! 🎨

  • my name is ana, im 19 years old and im from brazil!
  • pronouns: she/her
  •  im a college student, majoring in multimedia production! im a senior tho, im in my last semester ): but im already thinking about majoring something else pretty soon
  •  i really enjoy studying stuff outside of my academic area, so i do a lot of independent studies
  • im a digital artist! so i will post my art studies and some of my art! you can also find out more about my art on my instagram!
  • i do a lot of fanarts for twitter and most of them are nct&itzy fanarts!
  • i decided to start a studyblr because seeing studyblr posts made me want to study more in the first place, i also didnt see much art study related posts so i wanted to do that so i could post some of my creative process with people who enjoy art as well!
  • some studyblrs i really enjoy: @philology-studies, @smalllhandwriting, @vamos-falar-sobre-estudos, @studyspiration-coffee, @pa-eonia and etc.

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This morning I woke up before the sun and went paddling in the ocean, watching from the sea as the day began. I love my new home by the water and I especially love my little study corner that I’m currently sitting in, sipping tea and writing notes for my research class. I hope everyone enjoys a day that is just as perfect as mine has been ~

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Online learning - Week 4

This semester I am taking 3 sociology/women’s and gender studies classes that have been challenging me to reflect on myself in terms of identity and the biases that we carry.

This summer I committed to learning more about anti-racism and how I can be an ally to BIPOC. I am really excited to see how this class will help me develop skills and practices to see this commitment through.

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Hi, it’s werelivingarts, I’m very sorry for after a long hiatus due to huge amount of homework. Sophomore year is definitely harder that freshman year but I meet such amazing teachers (e.g. my world studies teacher). 

This post’s inspiration is from my history teacher, who reveals to me that we are living inside a safe bubble, where information we get on social media is personalized, meaning that we only get information that support our beliefs. This is very dangerous because information that you strongly believe in might not be true, and spreading this false info can create damaging effects. Please be aware of your social media filter bubble! ❤️💜💙

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16 | 09 | 20

Today is Independence Day for Mexico, and as a national holiday, we had no classes at college, so I decided to take this free day to be as productive as I could.

I’m happy because I got to eat pozole made by my grandmother, which we had delivered to our door, and I was also very productive and got a lot of work done.

To do list:

  • Write an essay for my english class on introversion
  • Take some notes for my psychobiology class (picture above)
  • Read an extra chapter of the book in advance for my psychobiology class
  • Took some notes for Development of the Child and Adolescent on pregnancy
  • Prepare some materials for a course on creative notetaking via zoom
  • Finish my bullet journal layout for next week
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Great question!

The picture above is a stack of all of the paper I used (not including the ones that the university provided) over one year of my undergrad degree. 

Times this by 3 and I roughly had three kilos of paper that was stuffed inside every crevice possible and spread across my student house and my parents house. So that’s reason 1: I need the space

Reason 2 is that I’m disorganised with paper. I’ll take a note of a webinar or a detail on any of the dozens of notebooks I (used to) own and then never be able to refer to them again. Theres *no* point to doing this.

And lastly, reason 3 is my back. Unlike a lot of you, I have in-person university now and a hefty laptop and textbooks to lug around (which is different to my undergrad) and I’d rather not add paper to that list.

I still *really* like writing lecture notes down to keep me engaged, so I’m still trying to find a middle ground. But unlike every year since I was 7, the only new stationery I’ve bought this year is a stylus pen. Stay tuned!

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Hello everyone! I’ve just finished my french exam this morning. Feeling pretty relieved and I think I did well and hopefully my teacher will think so.😅 And I’m not sure if you notice it or not. My handwriting is getting worse since I have to take many notes in class and also there are intensive courses which I have to be really focused, and quick to catch up everything in class.



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