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#nothing in my closet makes me happy
trick-or-defeat · 6 months ago
Just as I expected, PVC and vinyl SUCK to sew w/ so instead of shiny purse I'm just gonna give in and make it out of regular fabric instead of try to find someone who works with those materials to commission them.
I made a custom pattern for it so I could buy it from spoonflower :3c
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sakinamatori · a year ago
I just realized i like sharing my life here rather than on twitter so just in case i did not say it here: i found cool clothes at the thrift store in paris like a pastel green jean jacket with white stars, a mini red leather bomber, do pleated 30s ~vibe~ wool pants in red and grey, and this long corduroy white skirt.
But my most incongruous purchase is this Chinese People's Liberation Army jacket (i think it's an authentic one, the label is in Chinese). Also got a mini wool kilt in emerals green and blue, and a long Scottish skirt in grey. V happy with my new companions
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whentherewerebicycles · 2 years ago
#just more daily processing lol#i came into class today and one of my students was like#‘you always seem so happy! you seem like just a happy person’#and it was just nice because i think i am! i think that at some point in the last five to seven years#i just kinda turned a corner into being a happier human#i definitely still get stressed and unhappy but i feel like my ‘resting state’ is a lot more positive than it has been in the past#i think a lot of it is environmental / situational like#grad school can be pretty emotionally bleak but teaching really fulfills me and makes me happy and i care about my research#it’s sunny like.. 300 days out of the year here#and i have a good group of friends who i love#also im not an angry self loathing closeted lesbian anymore lol#ANYWAY#i was thinking about this bc i just had a long phone call with my mom#and i love her a lot but one thing that is just v difficult sometimes#is that she is just relentlessly a glass half empty type#her mind always goes to the worst possible outcome#nothing can be celebrated as it is because celebrating something might somehow jinx the future and trigger calamity#every joy must be tempered with the grim knowledge that joy is fleeting#every word of encouragement must be folded into a warning about how things could unravel#negativity and worrying about you is sort of her love language#it’s not even that she’s being critical of you specifically it’s just like shes trying to protect you by anticipating what could go awry#but man! it’s hard to live like that#and i know she thinks that i am too blasé about the future#and i ‘live in lala land’ (her fave phrase for me lol)#but you know what? i think that what she thinks of as me being naive#is just like me not wanting to live in that cramped anxious headspace of believing everything will go wrong#there’s not a right way or a wrong way to be! but you have to be the way that makes you feel happy or secure or whatever#and i want to choose to feel joy and happiness and excitement even if it means someday ill get walloped out of nowhere by catastrophe#why contaminate the moments of joy with the fear that someday somehow i might not be joyful?
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saintzjenx · 5 months ago
spicier astro placements &
their culture 🤎🪴🤎
(part 2)
part 1 of the astro culture vol II here
astro culture vol I — 1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5
🪴 fixed placements culture is randomly asking your friends if they would help you dispose a body and you say it in a dead serious face like-😀??? like uh ok i guess i'll drive nancy pick up the recycling bags💀 loyalty >
🪴 double earth sun and moon culture is being soft as fuck but no one shall know what. also will forever be idolized by others tbh
🪴 water venus houses culture is looking at someone dead straight in eyes and told them you love them and expect them to say it back immediately. ma'am you met them a month ago.
🪴 pisces placements culture is cleaning your room and finding your old diaries and as you read it you realize how it was a good idea for you to go to therapy loves💕
🪴 jupiter in the first culture is talking about a traumatic experience like its nothing like "LOL ya so i my mom told me to lie to my dad and i practically helped her cheated on him LMFAO why are u crying its okay it was lowkey funny though i'm okay now hahahhahaha". are u? are u really amanda😄?
🪴 mercury - lilith culture is waiting for the other person to finish going off on you and mentally drafting up a 50 pages long speech thats about how you will royally ruin their lives<3
🪴 aries placements culture is telling that one guy at the party you go to like "bro its your business i don't really care but i think your girl is fucking someone upstairs in the room next to the washroom anyways have a good night"
🪴 libra mars culture is overworking yourself every week and literally look crusty af but still somehow magically go on a reset every friday and just show up to places looking like a flawless mf sex god.
🪴 7th house stellium culture is lowkey being hella aggressive and brutal af to your closed friends watch you publicly humiliated them but highkey can't ever be mean to literally ANYONE else🥲
🪴 leo placements culture is highkey being VERY nostalgic people like you care so much about values and traditions don't lie;)
🪴 mutable culture is NEVER EVER being able to stay on one topic for more than 2 minutes your attention span is shorter than your ex d🥰jk
🪴 gemini mercury culture is crying for one hour and then realized what you just did so you just start to look at yourself in the mirror like oh my god i can actually mf cry?💀💀
🪴 aries moon culture is highkey being indecisive af💀 don't @ me i know you are
🪴 libra mercury culture is being the middle ground ALWAYS when it comes to small irrelevant things but when it comes to your own stuff you know you're a hypocrite like i don't even have to try to change your mind just watch them yelling at their s/o for an hour☺️
🪴 mercury-MC culture is not knowing what is it that u want to do 100% cause for you everything comes so naturally 🙏🏼
🪴 taurus moon culture is actually vibing so well with sagittarius moon??? like surprisingly well tbh y'all make the bestest of friends not gonna lie. one is a closet crackhead while the other is mentally in mars🥳
🪴 taurus rising culture is HATING it when people discuss your relationship like why do you care so much about who i'm fucking? mind your own business dawg🥰
🪴 libra placements culture is not sure which vibes you wanna do today. hm should i do 2000s ratchet baggy boyfriend's hoodie look or barbie dream house? 😀
🪴 gemini placements with libra risings culture is being the most lowkey people alive and you're highkey done with people thinking you're the "stereotypical" geminis💀
🪴 scorpio placements culture is lowkey psychic. like everything they say would lowkey become true its kinda scary
🪴 taurus venus culture is asking your friend "bro should i consider becoming a sugar baby you know how practically you don't have to sleep with them right"
🪴 taurus venus culture is either just fucking with you for the sake of their ego or literally simping so so hard
🪴 aries moon culture is looking at your friend dead in the eyes and says " bro idk if i can ever love anyone more than myself " and proceed to fall madly in love w a crackhead.
🪴 leo venus culture is being fiercely protective of your friends like instead of giving them a hug and a shoulder to cry on you're just going off like TELL ME JESSICA WHO TOUCHED YOU STOP CRYING TELL ME WHO WHO WHO. literally get urself a leo venus rn loves.
🪴 libra rising culture is literally exuding motherly vibessssss💀 is that why y'all are so careful w who you let in?
🪴 capricorn mars culture is telling peope ".... and thats why if i don't succeed professionally, i can never face myself in the mirror again"
🪴 air venus culture is laughing when people told you you're so emotionless like dawg what do you want me to do i drained all of em by investing them in my toxic ex😐
🪴 venus in the 3rd house culture is giving everyone relationships advice but cant get into one urself❤️
🪴 mars in 3rd house culture is rarely getting mad but when you do its bad bad omg someone calls 911 they might just burn down a building ngl
🪴 air mercury culture is literally your partner having to kiss you so you would shut up💀 stop talking for once loves
🪴 jupiter dominant culture is having an angel face and a heart darker than charcoal bro they be calculating af y'all literally push them to the end like they HAD to force themselves to stop trusting people too much. come here ily
🪴 venus in 12th house culture is having a literal imagined wedding with your idol in your dreams 24/7
🪴 aries rising culture is exuding boss bitch energy, exude hella good vibes but if you start to become all mean and weird they'll reciprocate in no time
🪴 lilith in the 5fth house culture is being SO FLIRTY but never let anyone hit fr people just gotta understand boundaries yk🤠😉 you go queens
🪴 lilith in the 3rd culture is charming your pants OFF but literally detach with the matter of seconds.
🪴 scorpio moon culture is generally having one of the worst resting bitch face on earth but the second they smile the whole world lights up:)
🪴 cancer moon culture is slamming the door at s/o face as you leave the room and scream "Go to hell" before dramatically exiting and literally an hour later texting them "hey wyd"
🪴 libra moon culture is lowkey control issues. y'all make people do things for you without them realizing they're complying i-💀
🪴 sagittarius rising culture is asking your local astrologer smth along the line like 😀cut the bs, tell me if i'm gonna be a millionaire pls can you look at my chart
🪴 pisces moon culture is saying no to drug and dying just a lil big inside. change my mind i never met one without slightly addictive tendencies or not highly experimental 🥳
🪴 libra placements culture is literally contemplating on how you dumbed it down so well people let down their guards so fast but they don't know that you saw everything 💀
🪴 10th house placements culture is asking people something along the line of "wdym you have no passion? so you're telling me you just want a normal life? why tho?💀"
🪴 virgo mars culture is being very big on gift gifting:") they know you so sooooo well
🪴 sagittarius venus culture is telling people how you can't fw partners who are too dominant like there has to be a certain level of introversion istg
🪴 sagittarius rising culture is highkey hella ambitiouss. the type of people that others tend to underestimate but you shouldn't think low of jupiter children boo everything be working out without them having to sweat their asses off
🪴 uranus in 4th house culture is literally start to get panicked when things are too easy like wheres the red flag?
🪴 cancer placements culture is having a minor panic attack everytime you get nostalgic about embrassing stuff in the past stop it💀
🪴 11th house placements culture is telling people how you respect everyones opinions but you know at the end of the day you aint changing your mind
🪴 6th house placements culture is being in LA but function in Asia Pacific Time like wtf y'all 💀
🪴 cancer rising culture is looking hella photogenic its like the camera wants to have your babies omg, also very good genes in the family smartasses😌
🪴 capricorn moon culture is overthinking and then becoming cynical af but sometimes you don't even realize you are like you're just "keeping it real." like no sarah. he texted you because he likes you not because he wants something from you 💀
🪴 virgo placements culture is feelings happy af when someone told you that they don't usually open up but with you it's different:)
🪴 capricorn moon culture is *chefs kiss* amazing self-awareness and fluctuating between extreme self hatred or immense ego never in between💀
🪴 mars in 10th house culture is telling someone "respectfully, i think you're wrong can you shut up for a second thank you" and thinks that you're just being straightforward i- HAHAHAHAHAH
🪴 aquarius moon culture is lowkey needing a lot of words of affirmation tho. like tell em if you appreciate them y'all its been hard
🪴 fire venus culture is always needing the "spark" in the relationship. the "magic element". deadass i swear to god if you don't sweep me off my feet with roses and chocolate right now boy, i'm heading out💀
🪴 7th house stellium culture is deep thinking about how you should phrase that one idea into something they can't use against you hmmmm what can it be
🪴 pisces placements culture is telling you friend when they're being rational smth like "bro i'm at a bad place rn can you just hype me up instead of making sense thank you"
🪴 libra placements culture is CRYING a waterfall when you're drunk and still look pretty as fuck like how?? how does that work what in the witchcraft
🪴 venus in the 10th house is being so rational when they shouldn't be??😀 actually are hella forgiving, more than you'd like to think tbh
🪴 leo and aries placements culture is teaching your friends how to let out emotions like "ok so my emotional outlet is just screaming and throwing shits around. first, you pick up the nearest thing around you..." 💀
🪴 venus-mars aspects culture is having the utmost potential to hoe around but you end up falling in love with all of em bye💀💀💀
🪴 mercury placements culture is being so organized deep down but also a hot mess. the type to show up to their driving test but thinks they're gonna be provided a car istg💀
🪴 mercury in the 9th house culture is being original af??? they love educated people too like omg you like to write poems? marry me rn
🪴 mercury-venus culture is falling in love with the hot nerds in their basement coding and investing in stocks instead of partying🥰
🪴 aries/capricorn placements culture is screaming at your s/o "how could you forget that? its like you don't listen how could you forget what my favourite colour is???
🪴 cancer moon culture is POSSESIVE possesive literally textbook possesive but your pride be too big to show it😌
🪴 pisces placements culture is falling for sense of humour.
🪴 leo moon culture is actually so forgiving?? lol if you know what to say they will eventually stop holding grudges and let you out tbh
🪴 libra placements culture is generally being super private abt their relationship at the start tho.. literally only starting to open up once they think its legit fr
🪴 double fire sun and moon cultire is your ride or die. will go to the moon and back for u😋
🪴 earth in the 2H culture is literally putting so much effort into securing the bag omg financial stability >
🪴 earth moons culture is lowkey wanting to settle down eventually and have a family tho🥺
Ahhh this one i wrote in 2 whole days and it was so fun writing this BAHAHAHA, i hope you guys like this babies<3 also, gimme a OWA OWA IN THE COMMENT⚠️🥳🥳
Tumblr media
saint jenx🪐
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dreamgrlarchive · 9 months ago
2021 Fabulosity Reset
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Happy New Year favs!!! The New Year is a time of awakening, evolving, and improving and this post is to help you all get a reset on your life. 2020 was a rough year in general but this year can be a turn around for you personally if you start designing your dream life and stay committed.
Create Your 2021 Vision Board
Take the time out to map out everything you want in the upcoming months. EVERYTHING! Make it as pretty as possible. This can include things like a dream car, a new job at your favorite store, closer relationships with loved ones, and a polished cohesive appearance. Start with a positive, attracting thought process. Doubtful thinking will not aid in whatever it is you’re trying to attract. Take magazine clippings and print out inspo photos. Write out affirmations and speak as if. Write in future tense as if you’ve already obtained everything you’re asking the universe for. Take a picture of your new pretty vision board and look at it everyday, on your phone and in person.
Dream Girl Journey by Me
Law Of Attraction Tips by Isabel Palacios
Leveled Up Mindset by The Luxe Feminine
LOA by @babyphat05
Return To Self by @thevirgodoll
My Process
Scripting Affirmations
Clipping Photos
Make Board
Take Picture of Board
Daily Reminders/Affirmations
Tumblr media
Diet and Health
What are your health concerns? Go to the doctor and find out where you stand physically. Do your research on nutrition and vitamins (and their purposes). Doctors are very helpful in this regard because the ready to go vitamins may not be anything that serves you and as humans we all need different properties (different demographics, genders, races, weight, height, conditions, etc.) Create a strict vitamin regimen and get any shots/treatments that are necessary. Drink more water/non-processed beverages. Eat more clean food and meat. It’s unrealistic to say “I’m not drinking any pop, or eating any fast food.” These are pleasures to some, and living in luxury means enjoying all life’s pleasures. However, too much of a good thing is *say it with me* a bad thing! Moderate moderate moderate!!! Let moderation be your best friend this year and your health will thank you!
What I Eat in a Day by Briana Monique
Work Towards Your Goal Physique
Stop telling yourself the body you want is unrealistic!!! Chances are it’s attainable, but by working for it. Having a beautiful figure aides in pretty privilege and getting more out of life. When you wake up confident in your skin, life is much easier and opulence is more plausible. Having a nice body also sends the signal you have your life together. You have goals, you’re active and healthy, you care about your appearance, etc. You don’t even have to get a gym membership. Invest in supplies that will help your individual goals. I have a waist sweat band, a stretch band, and ankle weights because my main goals were toned legs, small waist, and flat stomach. Everyone’s journey will be different but it’s good to incorporate multiple facets of life into your body image goals. For example, not only do I do yoga, but I do cardio, and I drink protein shakes and have a weekly carb goal. (ps. if you want more noticeable curves, FOCUS ON PROTEIN. if being leaner is the goal, focus on reduced carbs and lean meats)
Burn Belly Fat by Chloe Ting
Ultimate Workout by Love Your Natural
Workouts by @angeldiscovery
Pretty Girl Smarts
A smart girl is a beautiful girl. Read books on self help, finances, nutrition. It’s such a wonderful feeling to be the one people ask about everything, because they know you’ll know something. Take a class, any class that suits you. I took a fashion class last year and learned a lot. I loved the experience. If you’re in traditional school, set high goals and accomplish them. Once you do, reward yourself. Take immaculate notes and study hard to retain all the info you’re learning. If you’re in high school and know what you want to be your career, start educating yourself on it NOW! Keep a career notebook and research on the field and topic. Find out more about international events and cultures. This will help keep you well versed. Teach yourself another language. Start reading your dictionary and thesaurus. A leveled up woman is intelligent and comes off as such. Learning is enriching. Education is a privilege that we all should be taking advantage of.
TED Talks
Khan Academy
Asap Science
Psych 2 Go
Stay Organized
GET A NEW PLANNER! Plan out your weeks and months regularly. Being overbooked is mentally taxing and avoidable by organizing every commitment you make. I recommend The Happy Planner, or Erin Condren. You could even create your own using a pretty journal, a calendar, and planner stickers. I recommend this regardless of your lifestyle. You can plan out time for pampering and you time. No matter how busy you are you can block schedule your days to keep from overworking yourself. Clean your phone out. Delete any unused apps, clutter contacts and useless screenshots. Organize your photos by category if you have too many. Make physical notes of any important texts and delete your text threads. Deep clean your home/room and throw away everything causing clutter. Sort out your clothes. I personally sort by season, then goodwill, sell, and throw away.
My Planner and Accessories
@angeldiscovery’s Angel Planner
Planner Set Up by Belinda Selene
Tumblr media
Dream Girl Mentality
Find your confidence. Tell yourself regularly how beautiful, kind, intelligent, and fashionable you are. Never ever let your crown slip. Stay unfazed by the opinions of others. People are gonna look at you crazy for having the audacity to love yourself and want a beautiful life and to them; say nothing. Embrace your individuality. Be charismatic and like able but never sway from your true personality. People will be enamored with your social skills. Maintain yourself frequently, pamper yourself, spoil yourself and love yourself. Set goals and be ambitious this year! Keep said goals to yourself. Not only because of the evil eye, but when you talk to people about what you want, their opinions can sway your mindset. This destroys the law of attraction. Start whatever you’ve been wanting to start, but have made excuses for this far. The world is at your fingertips, literally so get what you want out of it.
Confidence Tips
Charisma Tips by @thevirgodoll
Applying Pressure by @thescorpiosfinest
What Makes a Muse
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Maintaining Yourself
Keep everything highly maintained. No matter your financial situation, this is possible. Invest in cute loungewear, activewear, ensembles, and nightwear. You deserve to look great at all times. Get your nails done every 2-3 weeks. Mani and pedi. Maintain it at home with a mani kit. You’ll need a file, cuticle pusher and oil. Keep your body soft and smooth. Develop a strict self care regimen. Create a skin care routine tailored to your concerns and stick with it, twice daily. Get your brows and lashes done and keep them up at home by handling your lashes carefully. Get full body waxes once or twice a month. The smallest details make the hugest difference in a woman’s looks. These include things like white teeth, groomed brows, shaped nails, clean clothing, moisturized skin and posture. Get those six together and watch how different you feel.
My Self Care Routine
Loving Your Appearance by @angeldiscovery
Quarantine Self Care by Maya Galore
0-100 Glow Up by Ashley Devonna
Summer Glow by Ashley Devonna
Establish Your Style
A woman with a sense of self has a distinctive look. She’s recognizable by a particular set of aesthetics. Reevaluate your closet. Are you happy in these pieces? Do they make you feel powerful and confident? Do the clothes wear you? If so, get rid. Will it be extra and glitzy? Or preppy? Or minimalistic? What’s your dream lifestyle? Are you a real life supermodel or CEO? Any style you like most is attainable at any budget. Once you’ve developed your style create a signature color scheme. This doesn’t mean you can never wear anything outside of it, but what colors are you going to want to be instantly recognizable in? What textures and patterns are you into? These are the questions costume designers ask themselves to develop an assigned character sense of style and their personality too. For example, when you look at Samantha from SATC, you can tell what her personality is without watching the show. Very alpha, sexy, mature and bougie. Often times style is executed through accessories and supporting pieces. You can make two totally different look with the same shirt and pants with different jewelry, belts, handbags, etc. You can create scrapbooks, mood boards, Pinterest boards, etc. to help you along your way.
Example Aesthetic Board
Example Style Outline
Dionne’s Outfits in Clueless by ModernGurlz
Monica Colby Style Analysis by Clever & Chic
Rebuilding My Wardrobe by Coco Chinelo
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
New Signature Look
Finally let’s develop your signature touches on your look. Every woman I know who has life figured out has trademark factors in her appearance. This often coincides heavily with your aesthetic. These include handbags, scent, jewelry, hair, nails, a color scheme and makeup. My signature is medium length pink/nude gel nails, white toes, a silk pressed blowout, Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, hoop earrings, long lashes and glossy pink lips. I’m consistent with it. I’ve had a manager tell me “wow, you always have those hoops on, that’s so cute!” This is the goal. You want to be instantly recognizable by these attributes. Women often have a piece of jewelry they never take off that serves as their signature piece. Your signature look can be anything you want as long as you can be consistent with it.
My Aesthetic
My Style Breakdown by Anaya Ivy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I know last year was difficult, but we honestly are all so blessed to be here and able to continue our journeys. Every day is an opportunity to craft the life you want. Use this post and all the resources linked to get closer to your inner dream girl. My asks are always open if you need anything from me personally, it’s my pleasure!
-xoxo, DreamGrlArchive
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ramp-it-up · 16 days ago
Sorry, Not Sorry
Tumblr media
​​Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Summary: Is someone going to be sorry they were a brat? Maybe. Maybe not.
1Kinktober Kink: Public Sex
Word Count 3K
Warnings: 18+ Only, Minors DNI. RPF. SMUT! Read at your own risk, going commando, driving while fingering, orgasm denial, bratty behavior, jealousy, Daddy kink, conflict, cowgirl, creampie, explicit sex, public sex act, fluff. Not Beta’d. All errors my own.
A/N: This is for the 6th DAY of #rampitup1Kinktober! TYSM for following me! 🧡 Dividers by @firefly-graphics
I Do NOT Consent to my work being reposted, translated or presented on any other blog or site other than by myself.
Tumblr media
It was a perfect autumn evening.
Chris was the ceremonial grand marshal of the Autumn Festival Parade leading to the opening night of AutumnFest. He asked you to spend the evening enjoying the festivities.
Although you doubted that you would have much alone time, you agreed, because it was for a good cause. You expected to hang around the periphery all night and watch him sign autographs, and it was cool, because you got to go home with him.
You both came out of your closets wearing the same red flannel. You laughed. It was the one that you loved taking off of him and that you’d stolen so much that he just purchased an identical one only to be flabbergasted when you stole that one too. You kept both in rotation as he wore the other one.
“It’s not just that it’s your shirt, it’s that it smells like you.”
Chris just grinned and shook his head when you told him that. Inside, he was happy that you stole his shirts. You looked good in them. And nothing else.
“Okay, since you are wearing a matching shirt tonight, I get to pick out the rest of your wardrobe, Including underwear and shoes.”
He shot that damn eyebrow up at you and you couldn’t help but be intrigued. Even at 40, Chris was still a hound dog and you had to stay ready.
Chris went back into your closet with a short blue jean skirt, that was frayed at the bottom and that your mom had told you was too short the last time she saw you in it.
He had your brown cowboy boots in the other hand, the ones you got on that one trip to Nashville, and also the ones that he fucked you in all weekend. It was your turn to raise your eyebrow.
“Alright.” You smiled at him. “You forgot the underwear.”
Chris grinned back at you. “No I didn’t.”
Your mouth dropped open.
“But, but, there are going to be a ton of people there, especially to see you.”
Chris shrugged. “Maybe.” He moved toward you.
“And it’s going to be cool…”
“I’ll keep you warm...
Chris moved to unbutton the shirt, slowly undoing each button and slipping it off your shoulders as his pool blue eyes stared into yours.
“We don’t have time Chris, you’ve got to be there in an hour… it takes 20 minutes to get there and they will need to get you set up and…”
“Don’t have time for what?”
Chris pulled you flush against him and snaked his arms around you. He lowered his head to your shoulder and brushed his lips against it, making your nipples pebble and unhooked your La Perla bra. He held it up and threw it back in the closet.
He stepped back and admired you with hard nipples and eyes soft for him. He shook his head, bit his lip, and sighed. He picked up the flannel and handed it to you.
“Now you can put on the shirt and the skirt. And the boots. And that’s all. No makeup either.”
You shook your head as you shrugged the shirt on and buttoned it up, allowing him to get a look of you in it. You chuckled as his jaw clenched.
“I can’t believe you. You’re going to have me out here looking like who shot john....”
“Believe it. You look gorgeous. And be ready to be bent over as soon as we get back in this house.”
Chris slapped your ass as you turned to get the skirt and boots. You were already a little excited at going commando at his insistence, but the promise of more later just added to the vibe between you.
Tumblr media
During the ride there, you tried to be cool, scrolling your phone when you got started. You didn’t want to get Chris worked up. But he, it seems, had other plans. Chris stole looks at you as he drove.
The light of dusk and your skin was everything, and your eyes shone in the passing streetlamps and headlights. He saw that you were looking at pictures of him, the ones you called thirst traps, and chuckled. He saw you bite your lip and guessed that you were getting wet for him.
It was going to be a good night, he decided.
After a few minutes of watching you watch him, Chris pulled your left thigh toward him as he drove with one hand.
You sat up straight as he spread your legs and started sliding his hand up toward your heat. You drew in a breath and he glanced at you and smirked. When he reached your cunt, he swiped his three middle fingers up and down your wet folds, until you were wantonly opening your legs for him and moaning quietly.
“Chris….shit… Chris!”
Your mouth was open, one hand on the window and one hand on the center console, mouth open and pelvis rocking into his fingers, trying to chase your high. When you arched your back and closed your eyes, Chris took his hand away.
“Now don’t get carried away. Save some for later.”
He wiped his fingers on his jeans, then smelled them and smiled.
“I hate you.”
You shook your head, crossed your legs and arms and turned away from him, looking out of the window.
“Deal with it. You’ll be singing, no screaming, a different tune later.”
You rolled your eyes at him and mumbled.
“Whatever.” You pouted.
“Remember Baby Girl. Brats don’t get to cum.”
Chris’s baritone rumbled through the car. And through you. You looked at him.
“Fix that face.”
His eyes were on the road, but he knew you all too well.
You straightened up and fixed your face and demeanor, still a little salty, but a lot turned on by Chris’s dom demeanor.
Tonight was going to be more fun than you thought.
Chris parked the car and came around to open the door. He leaned down, taking in your legs in the skirt and then smiled at you.
“Now, be a good girl, and let’s have a great night.”
He reached for your hand and you stepped out of the car. You kissed him on the cheek and looked up at him through your lashes.
“Ok, Daddy.” You smiled sweetly.
He shook his head.
“Oh, you’re gonna be the death of me.”
He chuckled as he led you by the hand to the designated VIP spot.
Just as you predicted, you were shunted to the side as he got the star treatment. You looked on and smiled as he stole a couple of glances at you, but then he went into work mode. He was a professional, so he didn’t need to be flirting with you.
A tall, dark, and handsome man came up and started speaking to you.
“Hello? I’m Will Stapleton. I’m one of the event sponsors and organizers. I run a small media company and I just want to say I’m a fan.”
You were shocked and smiled at him. This didn’t happen often.
“I’m sorry?”
You didn’t know what to say.
“I am!”
He laughed. He had the cutest dimples.
“I read your Blerd Culture article and I fell in love.”
You just stared.
“Not literally. I mean, I know you are taken. Very taken.”
You both laughed and you looked over at Chris. He glanced over, but he was still talking.
“But what you said about freeing our minds about what nerdom is was so freeing to me…”
You started geeking out with Will about nerds as Chris mounted the lead float.
Tumblr media
As the parade kicked off, you got to walk alongside the float while Chris sat on top, with ceremonial sash, waving at the crowd.
You watched him wave at hyped up little boys dressed as Captain America and hot to trot moms who were on the verge of flashing him their boobs. It was too funny.
Chris waved at you too, then wiped his mouth and winked. You knew that your scent was probably still on his fingers, so you just grinned at him. Then Will came up beside you and handed you a hot chocolate.
You thanked him and started talking to him about black fandom and media. A quarter mile down Main Street and you looked back at Chris who was looking stormy, staring at you menacingly.
You almost tripped when you realized he was pissed, and why. You looked back up at him and saw that he was smiling and waving again, but you knew that was acting. Now you were mad.
You continued your conversation with Will until the end of the parade route, just a little over a mile and a half more to the fairground. You’d be damned if you would be rude just because Chris was jealous.
When the parade was over, you were saying goodbye to Will and about to exchange information for another article when you felt Chris behind you.
“I promised this young lady that we would have a date night the rest of the night, but you can send my agent your contact info and I’ll make sure she gets in touch.”
Again, Chris’s voice boomed through you. It was Cap all the way, no trace of Boston. Oh yeah. He was pissed.
You didn’t look back, but Will smiled at Chris, who was very near and towering above you, so you guessed he was giving the poor man a fake smile.
“No doubt. Enjoy. Y’all have a good night.”
Chris cut you off.
“Oh, I will. You have a good night too.”
When Will turned to go, Chris grabbed your hand and started walking.
“Did you have fun?”
Judging by his tone, you knew this was a trick question.
“As a matter of fact. I did.”
You raised your chin and answered Chris honestly.
“It was good conversation about something that interests me.”
Chris stopped. He looked hurt.
“You and I don’t have good conversation about what interests you?”
You sighed. “Why are you like this?” You shook your head.
“This isn’t about you. I know it’s hard to believe, but I was just having a conversation with a nice guy.”
‘I’m like this because you drive me fucking insane! You didn’t see that guy checking you out as you walked? Before he gave you that hot chocolate, he was looking at your ass in that skirt. And every chance he got when you were not looking.”
“What? Are you serious?”
“I’m not fucking lying, y/n.”
Chris kept walking, at a faster pace now.
“It took everything in me to not jump off the float and pound his fucking face into the ground.”
You didn’t know where you were going, certainly not back to the car. You were almost running to keep up with Chris. Then he stopped at the edge of a field. There was a flatbed truck with hay in the back idling there.
Chris stood there staring at it.
“I rented out the entire hayride for us, but if you’d rather go back and talk to Will….”
You sighed and kicked at a rock on the ground. You wanted to try and salvage the night.
“No. Let’s go.”
Chris just stood there. Who is the brat now, you thought, but you stayed quiet.
He climbed on and reached down for you, easily lifting you up. You wanted to stay in his embrace but he let you go and sit down on some blankets in the middle of the hay.
You sat down beside him and the truck started moving slowly toward the dark road which seemed to stretch forever in the night.
As the wind picked up, you tried to snuggle closer to Chris, but he wasn’t having it. You sighed again and looked up at the stars.
“Oooh! There is Orion! Remember when you first showed it to me?”
Chris looked up, blue eyes gleaming.
“Yeah.” He looked up at it wistfully.
“You leaned over me, showing me where it was located and that was when we first kissed.”
Chris couldn’t help but smile. “Yeah.”
“And then later on, you told me that I could touch America’s Ass because it wouldn’t bite.”
You looked at each other and then burst out laughing.
“I hate you.”
This time it was Chris as you climbed on his lap. He leaned back on a haystack.
“Deal with it,” you said. “You’ll be moaning a different tune later.”
Chris rolled his eyes at you. “Whatever.”
Then he pouted those pretty lips at you.
You couldn’t help but lick them and then bite them, and when Chris opened his mouth in response, swipe your tongue in to meet his and kiss him as you ground your bare pussy against his jean-clad crotch.
You pulled away, breathless.
“Remember Daddy. Brat’s don’t get to cum.”
Chris chuckled into your neck, which he seemed determined to mark up.
“I’d like to see you try that…”
He was unbuttoning the shirt now and sucking the tops of your breasts. You didn’t care that anyone could see you if they were on this road with you. There were headlights in the distance.
You had more to grind on now that you could feel Chris rock hard in his jeans. The flannel was down around your shoulders as your head was thrown back and Chris began to play with your breasts, alternating teasing each of them with his mouth as the headlights got closer.
When the car passed, you heard a honk and a yell, “GET A ROOM, FUCKING KIDS!”
Chris’ face was buried between the valley of your breasts, so they didn’t recognize him.
“Fuck, Chris.. They saw…”
“I don’t give a fuck.”
Chris looked up and slipped his hand between you, plunging the three fingers that played with you earlier inside you. The stretch was unanticipated, but welcome, and made you want his dick. Your heat was a stark contrast to the cool air slipping past you two on the back of the truck.
His thumb circled your clit until it was hard and plucky, then he withdrew his hand to quickly unzip his jeans and bring out his cock. You planted your knees on either side of him to get ready and when he brought it out, he played in your slick with his tip, making you moan and mumble.
“Oh my god. Give it to me. Chris. Please.”
“You want it?” Chris strummed your clit with his dick.
You nodded. “Yes. Please. Yes. Please please please.”
Chris took your thighs in his hands and spread them apart, causing you to slide down his dick quickly and hard.
“Owwwwwoooohhhhhh!” You moaned in pleasure pain while Chris groaned.
“Ahhhhhhhh Yeah.” Chris slapped your ass with both hands, then grabbed it. ”Bounce.”
You obeyed, bouncing on his dick in the back of a flatbed truck filled with hay going 30 miles per hour on a country road. It was amazing.
“Fuck, I can feel you creaming up my dick. Shit. Does it feel good?”
Chris was still palming your ass and lunging for your tits.
“Yes, Daddy, yes yes yesssss.”
The thrill was building as you saw more headlights approaching.
“Mmmmmmph… I could be close right now. But you said I was a brat. Better stop now, because I don’t get to cum… right?”
Your head snapped up and you looked him in the eyes.
“Okay.” Chris lay back with his hands behind his head on the hay. “Stop.”
You tried to slow down, but you looked at Chris’s face, mouth open, eyes closing in ecstasy, and you got wetter. So your hips moved faster.
You tried to stop, by putting your hand on his chest to steady you, but then you just felt his pecs and your clit started pounding. So you stated bouncing harder on his dick.
And then, just as the car passed, you moved your hand to the base of his cock in his jeans to pull it out, but instead went up his happy trail to his nipple and twisted. Chris’ mouth opened wider while his cock twitched. So your hips swiveled to milk him better.
“Your so f-fucking hot …..fuck...while you’re trying n-not to let me cummmmm.”
Chris closed his eyes and gulped then opened them again.
It was at that point that you succeeded in stopping, chest heaving with the need for oxygen.
Chris moved his hands to his sides and sat up, coming face to face with you and giving you a filthy kiss. He breathed into your mouth.
“Makes me wanna shoot my load inside you and make you walk back to the car with it dripping down your legs.”
And he grabbed your thighs and reversed positions. All of a sudden, he was on top, blowing your back out in the hay while your legs were wrapped around his back.
“NOW the question is. Do YOU get to cum…”
“Fuck, fuck, please, I’m sorry Daddy! Daddy I’m sorry. Please please pleasepleaseplea…
Another car passed and they must have had a great view of a great ass pumping away in the night. Because Chris was putting in work.
“You better be lucky….”
Chris grunted.
“That we don’t have time for…me to properly teach you a….fuck… a fucking lesson, Baby Girl.”
Chris reached between you and hastily and roughly flicked your clit. It felt amazing.
The truck turned back on the far side of the field where you started.
Chris sped up and when you said, “Fuck! Daddyyyyyy!” He released ropes of cum in your cunt as you climaxed on his cock.
Chris slumped down on you as the truck started slowing down. You held him for a second and kissed his sweaty forehead. Then, as the truck stopped, Chris rolled off you, put himself back together and zipped up as you pulled your skirt down and buttoned up your shirt.
You two popped up, hay in hair and ridiculous smiles on your faces. Luckily, no one was close enough around. You looked at each other and laughed, brushing hay off each other and giggling.
Chris paid the driver several bills, the extra “for the blanket,” and winked as he wrapped it around you. You would have to walk back with him dripping down your legs, but no one would know but you and him.
You smiled at him and kissed him on the cheek as you walked to the car, two brats in love.
Tumblr media
Feedback is a joy forever. 😏
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mcytwheeze · 6 months ago
Nonsexual Acts of Intimacy Prompts pt. 1
Creators Involved: Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, Karl Jacobs, Quackity, Wilbur Soot, Awesamdude
Warning(s): Implied Nudity (Dream, George), Mention of an Injury (Karl)
Note(s): x
Taking a bath together
It had been a long day for the both of you.
Work just never seemed to get less stressful for you, and Clay had been involved with another cancel attempt.
You had already flopped face-first onto the bed, but Clay had other ideas.
He entered the bathroom adjoining the bedroom, turning the knobs above the bathtub, watching the water begin to fill the porcelain tub.
Using his hand, he makes sure that the water gets warm enough while balancing the water not being scalding.
When the tub is adequately full, he gets in bed next to you.
"Come with me, baby. We're gonna take a bath.", he keeps his voice soft.
"That means I have to get up.", you groan.
He chuckles, taking your hand and helping you sit up.
"You're not gonna make me carry you, are you?", he raises an eyebrow.
You say nothing, the smirk on your face the only answer he needs.
He picks you up, seemingly effortlessly, and he sets you down just outside the bath.
As you sink into the water, you let out a happy sigh.
"Feels good?", Clay laughs as he positions himself behind you.
"Feels really good.", you smile.
He presses play on his phone, letting music play while the two of you enjoy the warm water together after a hard day.
Washing each other's hair
It was an early morning for both of you, but George had promised Dream he would stream with him.
You knew you wouldn't be able to sleep with George's tendency to scream, plus with his bed being in frame, you wouldn't want to be there anyway.
"Morning, love.", his voice is huskier and deeper than normal.
"Morning, Georgie.", you reply.
He grunts at the nickname, making you laugh.
"We gotta get up.", he groans.
Both of you are slow to leave the bed, but once the cold air hits the pair of you, you're quick to rush to the shower.
When you both climb in, you quickly crank the hot knob.
"Fuck, y/n.", George whines as the shower sprays him in the face.
You just laugh at him which makes him pout.
"You first or me first?", you ask him.
"You can go first.", that's true love right there, letting you have the hot water.
He quickly shampoos and conditions your hair, making sure to get every soap bubble out.
You return the favor, his hair naturally curling like always when wet.
"This isn't a secret anymore cause Clay got you to wet your hair on stream.", you pout.
"It's okay. You still get to see it all the time.", he comforts you, leaning forward and kissing your lips.
"I know. I'm the luckiest person in the world.", you smile at him.
Back scratches
You hear Sap's streaming door open, and before you can say anything, he's falling on top of you.
You let out a small "oof" when he lands, his head resting on your chest.
"Well, hi.", you greet him, your voice slightly muffled.
"Hi.", he grunts back.
You smile as he squirms a bit until he finds the perfect position to lay in.
"Did the stream go okay?", you ask him, subconsciously dragging your nails up and down his back.
"Mhmm.", he hums, his eyes squeezed shut.
You continue scratching his back, the only noise in the room the sound of your nails dragging along his shirt.
"You gonna tell me about it?", you tease.
"Shh. I'm enjoying my scratches.", he lazily drapes his hand over your mouth, effectively shushing you.
You roll your eyes, but you happily continue scratching his back, enjoying the quiet.
Patching up a wound
"Oh my gosh, Karl. It's just a splinter.", you sigh as he carries you down the hallway to the bathroom.
You had been helping him decorate something for Mr. Beast and had stepped on an exposed piece of wood, embedding a tiny sliver of wood in your foot.
"And you shouldn't be walking it on.", he replies, carefully setting you down on the bathroom counter.
He fills the sink with warm water, still looking a little jumpy.
"Put your foot in there for a few minutes.", he points at the sink.
You give him a questioning look.
"It'll bring it to the surface so it's easier to get out. Trust me.", he promises.
You lower your foot into the water, letting it soak for about five minutes.
"I'm going to take it out, okay? I know it's going to hurt.", he warns you, holding a pair of tweezers between his thumb and pointer finger.
You nod, tilting your head to look at the ceiling.
He takes your hand in his empty one, letting you have it for support.
You feel a slight pinch as he begins his work, and you squeeze his hand.
He manages to get the sliver out pretty quickly, and he gives you a soft kiss when it's out.
"Band-Aid, anddddd we're done!", he cheers when the Band-Aid is placed over the site.
"You're the best nurse around.", you praise, giving him another kiss.
Wearing each other's clothes
You climb out of bed, various parts of your body popping and cracking from the movement after a long night of sleep.
Tapping on the screen of your phone, you check the temperature outside.
It’s chilly outside which is the perfect weather for sweats.
A noise in the kitchen catches your attention.
Alex is up and functioning already to your surprise.
You rummage through your drawers, finding a pair of black sweats to slip on.
As you look in your closet for a sweatshirt, you realize your sweatshirts are all in the wash.
You ponder for a moment on what to do when your eyes land on Alex’s closet.
More specifically, Alex’s closet full of hoodies.
You take one of his plain ones, slipping it over the top half of your body.
“y/n, I’m-”, he goes silent when his eyes land on you.
“You’re what?”, you laugh.
He takes short strides towards you, combing his eyes up and down your body.
“You look so sexy in my clothes, baby.”, he blurts before slapping a hand over his mouth.
You laugh at him as he blushes a dark red.
“Well, I’m just being honest.”, he shrugs, playing off his embarrassment.
“Thank you, handsome.”, you compliment him back.
“Anyway, I’m going to go record with Bad, but there’s food in the kitchen.”, he presses a quick kiss to your cheek before disappearing to his office.
You make a mental note to wear his clothes more often.
Sharing a bed
“Please come to bed?”, you whisper in Wilbur’s ear.
He had been on a call with Phil for Phil’s stream.
“In a minute, darling.”, he whispers under his breath so his mic won’t pick it up.
You let out a soft sigh, careful to direct it away from his microphone.
“Phil, I’m really sorry. I forgot I have something to do. Talk soon.”, he ends the call without even waiting for Phil to give him any sort of empathy.
You watch as he wordlessly takes your hand and heads for the bedroom.
“I’m sorry for making you get off, but you’ve just been so busy lately. I’ve been kind of worried for your health because your sleeping schedule has been a little crazy lately and-”, he presses his hand against your cheek.
“I’m not upset. I agree. I need to take some time for myself. And for you. For us.”, he whispers.
Both of you go through your nightly routines pretty quickly, wanting nothing more to just be in each other’s arms in bed.
When you finally get in bed, you feel all the weight of the day disappear.
Wilbur plops into bed, carelessly throwing the covers over himself.
“Come here, love.”, he mumbles, opening his arms for you.
“Thank you for getting off stream, Will. I know you didn’t want to.”, you whisper, kissing the base of his neck where you can reach.
“I’ll do anything for time with you.”
Adjusting accessories like jewelry, tie, etc.
“Sam! Can you help me?”, you call for him.
He quickly finishes tying the shoelace of his brown dress shoes, entering your shared bedroom.
“Can you put this necklace on me? I can’t get the clasp right.”, you admit as you hand him the gold chain.
There’s a small heart on the end.
Sam recognizes the necklace; he got it for you the second time you had gone on a date.
He makes sure nothing’s in the way for him to catch on the necklace before lifting his arms into the air.
He lowers his arms so the necklace is around your neck.
Effortlessly snapping the clasp shut where it belongs, you turn around and give him a “thank you” kiss.
“Oh my gosh, Sam. Your tie.”, you laugh at how lopsided it is.
“I tried, okay? It’s been a while since I’ve had to wear a tie.”, he admits, making a face.
You fix the tie so the knot is tighter so his tie won’t keep getting longer.
“Remind me again why we decided to go to this wedding?”, Sam sighs as he checks his hair in the mirror behind the pair of you.
“The cake, babe. The cake.”
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humansofnewyork · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
“I’m trying to be on Broadway, but for some reason I can’t get away from toys. My very first job was at a little toy store in Brooklyn called Zak’s Fun House. For five Christmases in a row I was ‘Kingsley The Talking Bear’ at King’s Plaza Mall. Then In 2001 Toys 'R’ Us opened up their flagship store in Times Square. This place was legendary: four stories tall, full-sized Ferris wheel. And they were advertising a position called ‘toy demonstrator.’ My God, it was a dream job; $15.80 an hour to walk around and make people happy. Thousands of people applied, but somehow I get chosen. And on my very first day I’m playing with Bart Simpson on a skateboard. But believe it or not, there was an even better job available. I think they were trying to copy the famous toy soldier at FAO Schwarz. Because they had these characters walking around: a toy scientist, a toy princess, a toy king. And that was the job I really wanted! So I didn’t even ask permission. I invented my own character. The next day I come in with a black suit, a black shirt, pinky ring. I’m thinking: We’re in Times Square. People are coming in from out of town. ‘How ya doin’?’ ‘Fuhgeddaboudit!’ But I hadn’t been on the floor for ten minutes when I get pulled into the office. The manager says: ‘What’s this?’ I tell him: ‘Vinny! The New Yorker, of Toys!’ He tells me: ‘Too much, too much. You’re scaring the kids. You look like a Soprano.’ So that night I drive over to my mother’s house. I bring her this old tuxedo from my closet, and she sews giraffe print all over it. I come in the next day and everyone loves it. And after that it was nothing but magic tricks, singing songs, and joking with people. Best job I’ve ever had in my life. But after four years they decide I’m getting paid too much, and they made me a manager. By then I had a family. I couldn’t say no. So I did that for ten years before they closed down the store. It was tough to see the place close. But I couldn’t cry about it for long, cause I needed a job. One morning I get a call from an old coworker. He tells me: ‘FAO Schwarz is opening up a new location. You could be a manager.’ ‘That’s fantastic,’ I said. ‘But I’m not managing a thing.’”
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lushtans · 4 months ago
‘tis your throne | jjk
➳ pairing: rich!jungkook x f!reader
➳ genre: established relationship, pwp, smut, explicit.
➳ summary: you thought that it’s your seat. but no, according to jungkook, ‘tis your throne.
— masterlist
➳ rating & word count: 18+ ; ~4K
➳ warnings: language, explicit sexual content, dom!jungkook, sub!reader, nipple play, oral sex (f! & m! receiving), fingering, dirty talking, rough sex, pet names, unprotected sex (be safe people!!), over stimulation, multiple orgasms (f! receiving), big d*ck!jungkook, squirting, cream-pie — this is a work of fiction and doesn’t represent jungkook in any way!
➳ taglist: join my perma tag!
➳ a/n: hi, i’m back after decades lmao! since jungkook has been ‘no more buttons’ lately; I wrote another impulsive pwp! thank you so much @starlightauroras-main for beta reading and editing! ily so much uwu (≧▽≦)!! a big thanks to @jaeism for making me this beautiful banner ily mwah mwah ♥!!
Tumblr media
Jungkook steps out of the elevator, sighing out of relief. He’s finally home after another hectic day; and even though he’s exhausted, his steps are fast, taking him to the door of his luxury condo. A familiar rush of happiness makes his heart thrum in his chest. He can’t wait to see a very special certain someone. He can’t wait to get lost in the feeling of his love, the light of his life.
Tumblr media
“Sweetheart?” Jungkook’s searching voice snaps you back to reality. Pleasantly surprised, you step back from the mirror. He’s home already? Admiring your figure in the beautiful, lace lingerie one last time, you head towards the closet, your heels clicking against the tiled floor.
“Baby? Aren’t you home?” His honeyed voice wraps you up in a comforting daze.
You hurriedly put on a dress shirt to cover yourself, finally gathering yourself and answering him, “Coming!”
Running fingers through your messy and untamed hair, you close the bedroom door behind you. You walk out in the spacious living space, excitement bubbling up in your chest. You spot him on the couch, a glass of his old faithful scotch on the table in front of him as he frowns at his laptop screen.
After hesitating for a bit, you take a seat right beside him. A soft smile curves Jungkook’s mouth upwards, his right hand automatically taking a hold of your thigh. You wrap your arms around his waist in return, resting your chin on his shoulder. Moments of comfortable silence stretches, and you enquire, your eyes fixed on him, “What is it?”
He shakes his head in response, squeezing your thigh gently. “It’s nothing love. Don’t worry.”
Not convinced at all, you hold his chin firmly, making his gaze shift to you instead. “Are you sure?”
With a heavy sigh, he closes the laptop wearily. Knowing very well that he’s stressed, you run your fingers through his hair, massaging his scalp in hopes of helping him. Jungkook melts under your touch, turning around to bury his face in the softness of your chest. You drop a chaste kiss on his forehead, feeling complete.
“What would I do without you, y/n?” he hums, pulling away slightly to look into your eyes fondly.
You peck his lips, touching your foreheads together. “Probably you’ll age faster with all the stress and be lonely.”
You suppress your giggle, earning an eye roll from him. Settling you on his lap, he slaps your butt teasingly. “You had to go there, didn’t you?” You barely manage to hold your laugh, struggling to keep silent. But, Jungkook seems to be far away from the conversation suddenly, his eyes now drinking you in slowly.
“Fuck.” He curses under his breath, his fingers gently tracing the border of your panties over the shirt. “Why are you wearing this today?”
You shrug. “I was just trying on random stuff the whole evening. After wearing this, I didn’t really feel like discarding them… so I just kept it on.”
He nods thoughtfully, bunching up the shirt around your waist to grab you. “Good thing that you kept this on. Can’t wait until all of these will be showcased on our bedroom floor.” His voice is husky and playful, and you feel his bulge growing against your core, your teeth instinctively sinking on the soft flesh of your lower lip.
Jungkook cups your cheek, pulling you closer to capture your lips in a slow, languid kiss. He nibbles on your lower lip, coaxing you to open up to him. You let out a gasp and his tongue finds yours, a pleasant shiver running down your spine as he caresses your sides. A moan escapes you when he starts grinding his hips with yours, a low growl vibrating in his throat.
Out of breath, you pull away first, your pupils dilated from wild desire. He tucks a stray lock of hair behind your ear, throwing you a devilish grin. Unsure of what he’s about to do, you lean into his touch, purring.
“Jungkook!” You screech, suddenly turned upside down as he throws you over his shoulder swiftly, carrying you to the bedroom. A rough slap across your right ass cheek makes you whimper, and you can swear that there’s a self-satisfied smirk on his face.
Tumblr media
Once inside, he gently places you down.
Just as you’re about to go off on him, he pushes you up against the wall to your surprise, his teeth scraping against the sensitive skin of your neck.
“Oh!” You mewl out, losing all your power to his ministrations. He nibbles on your earlobe, his gaze locking with yours.
“You’ll remember only me once I’m done with you, love. Just me and how I make you feel.” The determined tone of his voice and hunger evident in his honey brown orbs are proof of just how serious he is about his plans.
“Is that so?” You make sure to flutter your eyelashes in the end, the words rolling smoothly off your tongue.
Jungkook is sure he has seen every shade of the very wide range of your smiles, but the smug grin painted on your lips right now is something else entirely. He looks at you transfixed, unable to act on his sinful thoughts. You are more than capable, though.
You push him away, walking slowly towards the luxurious king-size bed. Your hips sway to an enchanting melody only your mind knows. With a graceful twirl, you fall on the sheets, inviting Jungkook with your index finger and irresistible, lustful eyes. He lazily strides up to the bed, sizing you up and down. Just a moment later, he’s towering over you, waiting for the next move.
A teasing spectacle begins to unwind — you start undressing yourself, your every motion frustratingly slow. You kick your heels off, while your fingers pull your dress shirt up to peel off the tights, spreading your legs slightly with feet pressed against Jungkook’s chest. His strong hands, ludicrously eager to touch you, move the sheer material down delicately, letting it fall on the floor. His mouth instantly glues to the bare skin of your ankle, peppering tender kisses up your leg without breaking eye contact.
Like a tulip blooming beneath the warm sunlight, you gently caress your bare thighs under his gaze, the elevation of your breaths making him smile. You can feel your skin tingling for his touch, the urge to have him almost too much to bear. He leans down to nuzzle your inner thighs, a jolt of electricity spreading goosebumps over your skin.
You finally divest yourself of your sheer white dress shirt, noticing the newfound hunger in Jungkook’s gaze scanning your barely clothed silhouette. The smirk crossing your face matches his as you pull down the straps of your bra, letting your breasts jump out of the cups. His pants suddenly become unbearably tight. Soon it becomes apparent that there’s a certain rush required...
Impatient, he peels off your lace thong, the delicate material flying away somewhere in the room. He leans in to kiss you, your legs automatically curling around his waist.
“I can’t believe that I get to see this piece of art whenever I want.” Jungkook whispers between hard, long kisses, his hands massaging your breasts. You gasp, pulling on his purple strands of hair as he starts to trail kisses down your jaw and neck. Wet heat gathers in your core, his mouth sucking on your collarbones.
“You’re so goddamn gorgeous, y/n.” His hot breath fans over your erected nipples. You moan wantonly, throwing back your head in pleasure when he finally wraps his lip around a sensitive bud, his tongue eagerly licking on it. His left hand occupies itself with your other breast, rolling and pinching the nipple. He groans, biting you softly when you pull a bit too hard onto his hair, a strangled whimper leaving you.
You try to buck up your hips against his, seeking friction between you two. Jungkook stops immediately, looking up to see your current state — a writhing mess. With a gentle bite on your nipple, he leaves your chest, a questioning look in his eyes. “What do you want me to do, baby?”
You whine in protest, trying to pull him down on you. But he’s much stronger – only giving you a sly grin. Desperate for his touch, you grab his hand, guiding it between your legs, just where you want it. But he takes his hand away, demanding, “Tell me, y/n. Tell me what you want.”
With a shaky breath, you whisper, “I need you to touch my clit, please.”
As a coy smile plays on his lips, he lets his finger trail down your belly, approaching your slit. Jungkook stops right before the swollen nub, chuckling at your whine. “Please.” You lift your ass, hoping that his hand will slide down as a result. But, he pushes your hips down, his voice low, “Behave, sweets.”
Watching your puppy dog eyes, he sighs. You know his weak spots. With one last look, he nestles himself between the warm cocoon of your thighs. You clutch onto the bedsheet, knowing very well what’s about to happen. “So eager for me.” The heated words puff against your core and you squirm.
He gently thumbs the sensitive bundle of nerves, coaxing a soft whimper from you. Increasing the pressure on it sometimes, he enjoys the sounds you make in response. He gently nips your inner thigh, one of your hands flying to his long hair. Jungkook kisses your clit before starting to suck on it. “Please… That’s… ” You choke out, his adept tongue stimulating you further.
“That’s what?” You can feel his smile against your skin. Inhaling sharply, you say, “That feels so good.” His teeth drag on the nub, making you scream, “Jungkook!”
Jungkook knows he looks just as wrecked as you, his eyes fixed on your hazy ones and his hair tousled from your tugging.
In a massive surge of desire, he extracts himself from you to get rid of the problematic fabrics on his body. With his hungry gaze on you, he flings both his underwear and pants off. Your smile widens at the bold initiative; and you sit up to reach for his shirt, unbuttoning it. Your eyes fall on his erection, the glorious size of it bobbing lazily. Gingerly, you let your hand skim the lines of his chiseled abs, inching closer to his cock.
“Later.” Jungkook whispers, grabbing your wrist before it can reach him. He pushes you down on the bed, towering over your small form. It seems like he’s back to admiring your naked body, his eyes roaming all over you.
“You’re all fucking mine.” The material of his shirt slid off his shoulders with a tug, leaving both of you in the raw.
Every time he sees you naked feels like the first time, even though he’s known every inch of your body by heart – touched it, licked it, kissed it, sucked it, memorized it. Nevertheless, he can’t get enough. His jaw drops every single time he’s met with your mesmeric curves.
So he just stands there, like the fool he is for you, examining you with his wild brown eyes as if he is comparing you with a fantasy, holding his urge on a leash. You stare back at him, your eyes alight with similar fascination and tenderness – now slightly overshadowed by something more primal.
In the blink of an eye you are all over each other again, rolling around the bed with lips melting in a fervent kiss and curious fingers uncovering one another’s mysteries. The cold weather outside seems a distant world away as the heat between you magnifies with every shared breath.
Jungkook’s greedy lips quickly follow down your neck, placing open-mouthed kisses along the way. The sweet distinctive trace of vanilla on your blazing skin befuddles all his senses, but he doesn’t allow that weakness to hinder his primary mission.
“Jungkook…” A sharp moan escapes your mouth at the sensation of his tongue closing around the soft spot behind your ear. His hands take care of your shaking body, his rock hard cock resting against your navel.
The journey soon continues; his hands slowly heading towards your core, driving you absolutely insane with even the tiniest movement. He’s partially stunned by how responsive you are to his touch, how your body reacts just the way he wants it to.
He dips his index finger into your warmth, groaning as he feels your juices coating him. “Fuck. You’re dripping wet, sweets.”
He doesn’t even have to send a proper request – you open yourself willingly, spreading your legs wide. But Jungkook just smirks roguishly in response, shaking his head.
“I have another idea.” He kisses you one last time and flips you two over, leaving you flabbergasted and gawking at his manhood standing tall for special attention. “Come here.”
You do as you are told, using your elbows to straighten up before straddling him. He bites his lip in silent frustration when your soaked folds wet his member, gliding up his length. The hiss he let out disappears into your mouth when you throw yourself at him with a passionate, all-consuming kiss. His hands grab your hips possessively, forcing you to move forward.
“Closer.” He mutters, kissing your jaw.
Unaware of his intentions, you blink confusedly. But that sly smile dancing on his face quickly reminds you how good of a player Jeon Jungkook is. And always such a giver.
You kiss the tip of his nose and rise up, moving all the way up, until you’re settled directly above his mouth.
“Is this my seat?” Your voice is nothing but a whisper, dripping with anticipation.
“'tis your throne, love.”
Jungkook doesn’t offer you a chance to answer – he lowers your hips, guiding your entrance straight onto his mouth. You teeter at the contact, hands reaching blindly for the bed frame, while his firm grip on your body keeps you in place.
He gives you no chance to recover – his tongue begins teasing your clit, every flick deliberate and exhilarating, setting your body on fire. Your hips roll to the rhythm of his skillful ministrations, begging for more friction.
The bed frame serves its purpose perfectly, your knuckles turning numb from the pressure of gripping for steadiness. You bite your cheek, trying to muffle the moans escaping your mouth. But how can you stay silent when he’s sucking you so good? You are about to let the whole neighborhood know that you’re riding Jeon Jungkook’s face.
His mouth doubles the effort, driving you higher and higher. As pleasure rips through you, you feel how exposed you are without his steadying arms wrapped around you. You instinctively reach for your breasts, squeezing them as hard as you can, floating through the orgasm with frenzied moans spilling out your lips.
Jungkook takes in every nuance of you – the way your body flexes on him, eyes half shut by the ecstatic feeling, your breasts aquiver, beads of sweat rolling down your skin and that sweet, sweet taste. You are spectacular and he is determined to keep you on the high wave.
Much to your surprise, Jungkook continues lashing at your clit after you fall apart. The overwhelming heat keeps on spurring you, making your knees quiver.
“Jungkook!” You yelp, not sure if it’s a cry of relish or call for help. It doesn’t stop him, though. His tongue sweeps your cunt relentlessly while his thumb rubs your oversensitive clit.
But you have to get his attention. “Jungkook, wait!”
He stops, utterly concerned, holding your shaking thighs. Before he manages to ask what’s wrong, you speak up again, your velvet voice faltering as you beam with satisfaction.
“I have an idea.”
Jungkook loosens up the grip on you and watches with piqued interest as you spin around just to nestle on top of him, with your cute bum landing right in front of his face. You send him a sultry look over your shoulder, take his cock in your soft hands and give him a few powerful strokes.
“Sweetheart, you don’t have to–”
The sentence is cut in the middle when your tongue twirls around his tip, pulling his length deep in your mouth. His hands land on your ass, seeking for something to grip tight as your excellent work sends a visceral thrill through his whole body. He can’t see you, but he can feel you struggling to take him all in. But you’re no quitter – a paralyzing warmth takes over his body a few moments later. His hips buck up slightly to meet your mouth, your head moving sluggishly up and down his throbbing cock. For a split second, you completely blow his mind.
In an instant, Jungkook gathers himself and gently brings you closer in one swift movement. His mouth dives into your pussy again, eliciting a strangled moan as you squirm on top of him.
When he slips two fingers to join his tongue, you stop dead in your tracks, falling forward, choking on his cock that hits your throat. He can feel every muscle on your body tensing at the additional friction. You moan loudly around his length, sending vibrations through him. He groans, his tongue ravishing your slit. The pace of his fingers slow down ever so slightly, in rhythm with your pulsating cunt.
Riding out the high, you want to return the favor. Jungkook will cum with you too. Porn made it all look so easy and nonchalant, but it’s truly arduous. How are you supposed to pay all your attention to sucking his girth, When you’re already so close to your 2nd orgasm? He knows how to draw out the pleasure from you.
As your body breaks out in exhilarating shivers, you set your furious focus on his cock. Your head bobs up and down, tongue and hand working his length up tirelessly in an unsteady, yet powerful manner. Your dedication is greeted with a few muffled moans and an additional digit teasing your entrance as a reward. It’s definitely not a race, but feeling his tongue and fingers plunging deep into your core, you finally realize Jungkook obviously plans to completely demolish you. And you are slowly giving in.
The air fills with obscene slippery sounds and quiet humming on both sides – the obvious proof of immense pleasure building up. Despite your ecstasy-fueled exhaustion, you keep your pace, tongue and fingers working earnestly to push him over the edge. Your moans and whimpers get louder soon, your walls squeezing him as you feel his cock throbbing in your mouth.
Maybe it’s a race after all. Maybe the fervor of your movements match your dedication to each other.
You sense the release is close. You feel it deep inside your core, as Jungkook’s dynamic licking and rubbing paralyzes you with blissful shivers. Your mouth stills around his member, your whole body trembling as you cum again. In a flash, you collapse on him with absolute pleasure, unable to move for a long while, basking in the afterglow. Jungkook slows down, gently licking each drop you offered, prolonging the pleasure.
When you finally have the power to extract your mouth from his cock and sit up, you notice that he’s still rock hard. Your saliva makes the veins glisten, and you almost feel bad for failing to make him cum.
“Sweets? Are you okay?” His hand rubs your back soothingly, concern laced with his voice. You nod, slowly turning around to finally meet his gaze, his frown melting into a soft smile. One blink and you’re on your back again, his body covering yours as he peppers your face with kisses.
“Jungkook!” You mewl, his chin slick from your essence. He grunts in response, his cock sliding along your slit. “I want you.” He states, his tip right on your entrance, waiting for your confirmation.
“Fuck me, then. Take me now.”
Without any hesitation, he enters you with a hefty push, filling you up in a way you’ve never experienced before. Maybe it’s because you’re overly sensitive, or maybe because you just tried something new with him… you don’t know. You hear the hitch of his breath once he hits the hilt, a desperate moan escaping you.
You are perfectly accustomed to his size somehow. But you didn’t expect this all-consuming, almost agonizing feeling of fullness before even he is pounding you. A series of vehement whimpers escape your mouth without your permission. Your chest heaves as you struggle to control your breathing.
Jungkook immediately notices the unconcealable shift in your demeanor. He cups your cheek, slowly pulling out of you.
“Baby, is everything all right?” He whispers, his voice full of concern. “Do you want me to stop?”
You instinctively grab his hand and lock your body on him with an inaudible cry, every word a torture. “I want you inside.”
He nods, relieved, pulling you as close as it is humanly possible. Your head lolls back, resting comfortably on the pillow so you can glance at him between the fits of passion. You two exchange a blithe smile, reflecting the dizzying sensation of each other’s presence. Jungkook’s lips brushes over your forehead in a sweet kiss just as he begins moving inside of you.
He starts off slow, pulling in and out as gently as he can, keeping you cradled in his protective arms. Your previous remark proves to be right – you are insanely tight and lubricated, your scent and unrestrained moans only adding to his arousal. He knows he won’t last long.
“Harder, please.” You whimper, your nails digging into his back, sure to leave marks that’ll be visible for the upcoming days. He willingly complies, deepening his thrusts, setting a merciless pace. The sound of slapping flesh punctuated by your heavy breathing and pleasure vocalizes in the most indecent way.
Everything is Jungkook – he invades all your senses, emptying your mind, leaving nothing but his name. You can feel the thunder of your heart pounding against your chest; his hands mindlessly roaming over your curves as you remain trapped in his strong embrace. His fingers sneak up to your clit, rubbing you with expert precision while his cock keeps on ravishing you. You are mere seconds away from yet another orgasm, unable to communicate in any form other than shameless moaning.
His deafening groans get more desperate, thrusts slower and rigid, his fingers pleasuring you frantically.
You double over the edge soon, screaming out his name in pure pleasure. Jungkook ruts his hips harder, getting closer to his release. But, on the other hand, something carnal starts building up in your body, your vision blacking out as suddenly you feel a flow of warm liquid running down your thighs. Jungkook curses, “Fuck baby. Fuck! Look at you squirting, a freaking goddess.”
You could only purr in response, your addled brain unable to register anything else. He growls out loud, the feeling of your inner walls clenching around him along with the hot liquid of your squirt on his stomach too much to handle. With a final sloppy thrust, he chokes out a groan of your name, thick ropes of his cum spilling inside you. Completely spent, he falls over your body, your bodies a tangled mess of each other.
Tumblr media
Once you both have recovered and cleaned up the mess; Jungkook pulls you into his arms, sighing contentedly. You draw random patterns on his chest with your finger while he strokes your hair. The comfortable domestic silence prolongs, until Jungkook speaks up again.
“Was I too hard on you today?” He tilts your chin, his eyes gentle. For a moment you lose yourself in the warmth of his eyes…
“Not at all, I – enjoyed it.” You smile softly, lowering your head. He touches his forehead with yours, his lips just a breath away from you.
“I love you. So fucking much.” He squeezes you in his arms, kissing you gently on the lips. You hum appreciatively, sighing.
“I love you too, Jungkook.” You two share an endearing, personal smile that’s reserved for each other. Burying your face in his chest, you listen to his steadying heartbeat and slowly drift off to a peaceful sleep.
Tumblr media
the end ♥
author’s notes: 💌
Tumblr media
thank you so much for reading bubs! hopefully you enjoyed this shenanigan of mine hehe 🙈! reblogs are highly appreciated 🥺💕! also leave your feedback if you want to 🥺❣️uwu! I’ve never written pwps this long before so lemme know! I hope I did it correctly ✨
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Tumblr media
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astaroth1357 · 8 months ago
I don’t know if this’ll make the cut, but brothers with an MC wearing their (the brothers) clothes, and I’m talking full ensemble not just a random jacket or accessory (you can delete if you’re not comfortable of course)
So when left with the question of whether this was a full on clothing theft or a cosplay of some kind, I'm going with theft because that's just funnier to me. Just a little MC marching around in Beel's tent of an outfit… Hilarious. 🤭
MC Steals the Brothers’ Outfits
It started out like any other morning, Lucifer woke up early in bed - as he always does - but when he rolled onto his side to stir the MC, he found their side of the bed empty… 
Normally, he’d have thrown up the alarm in an instant, but his mind was still groggy as he tried to recall what happened the night before… He could have sworn the MC slept over… unless…
MC: “Good morning, love.”
Their voice was enough to get him sitting up again and he uh… well he was not prepared for what he saw. The MC was sitting with their legs crossed at his desk, attempting to imitate his “I’m-in-Complete-Control-Here” energy as much as they possibly could, but with an added detail…
They were wearing his clothes. His favorite suit to be specific which was tailored to his much bigger frame, resulting in a frankly ridiculously ill-fitting look on their smaller human body...
MC: *picks up a poisoned apple off the desk, continuing their very best Lucifer-impression*  “You should get up, love. We have an early meeting today and we can’t keep Lord Diavolo waiting.”
The MC appeared to polish the apple with his sleeve for a moment before taking a bite, looking pleased with themselves before their eyes widened in complete horror. It only took a split second for them to spit the unchewed hunk of apple into a nearby waste basket and toss the apple away in panic.
MC: “Ah FUCK!! I forgot I can’t eat these!!! SHIT!!”
Their panic only grew as Lucifer could no longer hold in his laughter, the booming volume of which is enough to wake up all his brothers throughout the House.
MC: “Lucifer, don’t just sit there laughing!! Bring me some water or something!!! LUCIFER!!!”
Look, Mammon always gets up late so not being able to find, like, any of his normal clothes was a serious problem! He’d already dug through half his closest and still couldn’t find anything!!
He had a photoshoot that he had to get to in less than hour and he still needed to take a shower, get dressed, get his stuff together, then bolt halfway across town before-
MC: *literally kicks open his door Kuzco-style* “Yo, yo, yo!! What’s up, Mammon??”
First off, the sudden loud bang of his door hitting the wall nearly scared him out of his skin, but before he could even yell at the MC for their weird entrance his brain had to process what they were wearing….
Good news! He found his missing clothes, the MC had thrown them on while he was sleeping - sunglasses and all - and now stood before him with a toothy grin on their face.
MC: “What's the problem, Mams? Lucifer got your tongu-EEEK!”
Apparently, they weren't expecting Mammon to literally lunge at them and capture them in a tight hug, practically lifting them off their feet with a laugh.
Mammon: “What'cha think your doin', MC?? I'm gonna need those back ya know?”
MC: *laughs loud and bright, throwing their arms around his neck* “I know, I know... But I wanted to surprise you!” *stops laughing suddenly and blinks* “Huh…”
Mammon watched the MC experimentally lift his glasses off their nose then put them back down, repeating the action several times before snickering.
Mammon: *frowns* “What's so funny?”
MC: “Nothing really but… Mammon, do you wear these just to make everything look like gold?”
Mammon actually had to pause before responding, pulling the MC closer with a devilish grin.
Mammon: “Nah… I ‘cause got all the gold I need right here~”
MC: *chuckles and nuzzles his cheek* “Nice save...”
Mammon: *his cheeks flush and he frowns* “I dunno what your talkin’ about... But could ya go put on a t-shirt or somethin’? They’re paying me big for this shoot and I really gotta go!”
Another convention, another cosplay far too complex to ever hope to peel out of… Though Levi would never regret wearing his five piece Lord of Shadow cosplay, it’s a heavy thing and certainly not something he can change out of in a bathroom stall…
When he finally got back to the House, he wasn’t looking to do anything but drag his tired body back to his room and change into some more manageable clothes… but… well…
When Levi opened his door, he saw the MC sitting alone at his computer desk playing a game by themselves. That was all well and good but… WHY IN DIAVOLO’S BLACK HELL ARE THEY WEARING HIS CLOTHES???
When they heard the door, the MC whipped their head back and they both stared at each other in an awkward silence… His clothes didn’t even fit them right!-or maybe they did?? His mind was panicking because they had the collar of his shirt covering their mouth and it looked so moe it was actually ridiculous!
Levi: ……….
MC: ………….
MC: …. “I can explain.”
Levi: ……. “Y-yea?”
MC: “I was having trouble on this one level and you wouldn’t pick up the phone… so I thought ‘What would Levi do?’... and it escalated…”
Levi: “You think??”
Levi felt like he could die right there, but he wasn’t entirely sure if it was from embarrassment or happiness… On the one hand, the MC was  literally trying to be him in order to get better at video games - which was flatteringly adorable… And on the other, the MC is pretty much cosplaying as him, right in front of him… and looked so damn cute doing it too… 
MC: “Is this weird…? This is weird. I’m sorry, I’ll go change-”
Levi: NO-agh! *he throws a hand over his own mouth, surprised by how loud he just shouted* … “U-uh… no it’s fine…”
MC: “Okay...?”
MC: “But could you put your phone down? I think you’ve been taking pictures for the past two minutes…”
Levi looked down at his hand and sure enough he unconsciously pulled out his phone in camera mode and has been spamming the “Capture” button long enough to have his thumb cramping...
Levi: “Oh.” *stops for a moment, then seems to second guess himself*
Levi: “Uh… just one more?”
When you share a house with Mammon, you grow accustomed to not being able to find things from time to time, but an entire outfit?? 
When he woke up one morning to find that he couldn't find any of his normal clothes, he blamed Mammon right off the bat… 
I guess in hindsight, what would Mammon want with his jacket? But anger doesn't always jump to the most rational conclusion, you know?
After searching for "long enough," Satan stormed out of his bedroom on a warpath. He didn't stop his march until he was banging on Mammon’s door with a closed fist!
Satan: “Mammon!! What did you do with my clothes you useless, money-grubbing asshole!?”
When he didn’t get a reply, likely because Mammon was hiding in his closet or something, he was about to kick the door in when he felt a tap on his shoulder...
When he turned his head, much to his surprise, he found his missing clothes!... They were on the MC - right down to the single sleeve - and the MC met his eyes with a mischievous grin…
They had a book in their hands he recalled seeing once at the library: "101 Ways to Prank Your Partner," open like they'd been reading down the hallway.
MC: … Page 47.
They winked at him before bolting back down the hallway in a fit of giggles and oooh, it was on now.
Satan spent the morning chasing the MC through the House, both laughing and dashing around in reckless abandon. He really needed his clothes back and he wouldn’t mind an extra hour or two with the MC when he got them… 😏
Asmo isn’t exactly a morning person… Though he forces himself awake so he can perform his wake-up routine, by the time he comes to the table it’s a hit-or-miss on how irritable he’s going to be...
Of course, his favorite outfit suddenly disappearing from his massive closet did not help his mood in the slightest!
Who would take his clothes?? Well, that’s not even a question - surely plenty of his devoted, adoring stans would kill to even have his scarf, so maybe the better question was, “How??” Lucifer keeps all the doors and windows magically sealed at night! (He would know, having been locked out on numerous occasions)
Asmo was tearing through his closet, wracking his brain for any place he might have left his beloved outfit, before he heard someone clear their throat by his bedroom door.
What greeted him was a lovely look at the MC wearing the missing clothing in question, even with all the grace and style he would himself!
Asmo: *jaw-drops* “MC???”
MC: *smirks at his delight and winks at him* “Looking for something?”
They strutted into the room with the confidence of a mock fashion model and took a silly vogue pose in front of the closet, barely holding in a fit of laughter from their actions.
MC: “… Or just at me?”
Asmo, of course, snatched them right up in his arms with a delighted squeal.
Asmo: “Oh. My. Diavolo!! MC, you look just gorgeous!!!- Because you look like me, of course.” 🤭
MC: *laughs and cups his cheeks to pull him closer* “Who wouldn't want to be you, Asmo?”
Asmo: “So true… But you’re already perfect, my love~” 😘
And he went on to prove that to them all morning long...
Beel didn't even get the chance to notice his clothes were missing. He had a tournament the night before and was sleeping even harder than Belphie that morning...
What woke him up was the smell of food: scrambled shadowhawk eggs, hellboar bacon, pancakes with nightshade syrup…. 
Beel's stomach had him sitting up long before his eyes ever opened, drawn in by his nose alone.
MC: “Beeeeel. Wake up!”
Beel's eyes dragged open at their request and what he found had his mouth watering... The MC had brought him a dining cart with a complete breakfast spread, brimming with portions only Beel could ever finish, but for once he wasn’t looking at the food.
The MC, for whatever reason, had decided to put on his clothes… And keep in mind that Beel's built like an ox compared to almost anybody. They were absolutely swimming under all that fabric (thank the Devil for his suspenders…) 
MC: “Congratulations!!!”
They throw their arms up excitedly, making the unzipped jacket balloon out like a parachute behind them… It's a remarkably cute image.
Beel: *blinks* “Oh.” *he gets a little pink, still very confused* “What did I do exactly…?”
MC: “You won the championship last night, remember? Or did you forget already??”
The MC takes a step to the side and begins pointing at the plates on the cart.
MC: “I thought we'd celebrate with some breakfast! I brought you eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast, cereal-”
As they continued their list, Beel's hand naturally reached out towards the cart eagerly, before something finally clicked in his head. WHY were they wearing his clothes??
Beel: “Wait. MC, why are you wearing-...?”
MC *holds their hand up* “Hold on!”
MC: “-oatmeal, muffins, banana bread, annnd…” *they get onto the bed and plop down onto his lap with a grin*
MC: “Me! Congratulations, Beel!!”
They lean up to peck his cheek while his arms automatically wind around their waist. The combination of their scents already bringing out a different sort of hunger in him…
Let’s say if this is his reward, he'll never lose a game again. 😏
Belphie was in the middle of his afterschool nap in the library. The day was exhausting, so he didn’t even bother changing uniforms… The couches there were comfortable and the space was quiet, really nothing should have woken him up...
But somehow, for whatever reason, something did. A tug… Something was chasing away his dreams by tugging on the cow pillow in his arms.
MC: “Beeelllppphie….”
The tugging did not cease and he half growled in response, still keeping his eyes firmly closed.
Belphie: “What now...?”
MC: “I need this…” *they tug on the corner of the pillow a little harder* “Can you let go please…?”
What kind of question is that?? No one takes away his favorite pillow!
Belphie: *hugs the pillow tighter* “Go away, I'm trying to nap…”
MC: “Noooo please…! I need it for something right now…!!”
They started really pulling on his pillow now and he only held on tighter in annoyance. Since they wouldn’t leave him alone, he finally opened his eyes.
Belphie: “MC! Why are… you..?”
His voice trailed off as he finally saw the MC standing there in his usual outfit. His cardigan was so long over their arms that they had to grasp his pillow through its sleeves...
While his drowsy mind tried to catch up, the MC snatched the pillow from his grasp with one swift yank.
MC: *grins* “Mine now!”
They turned to bolt out of the library, but Belphie snatched them by the waist and dragged them back to the couch with him.
Belphie: “Fine, but then I get a new pillow.” 😏
The MC yelped as he flopped on top of them, pulling them close like a body pillow and resting his head into the crook of their neck to enjoy the soothing smell of their scent mixed with his.
MC: “W-wait Belphie…!” *tries to wiggle out from under his surprisingly heavy deadweight* “I was just playing around…! Please don't fall asleep on me!!”
Belphie: *yawns and settles in, already drifting off* “Too late… G'night, MC…”
MC: “Belphie!!!” 😫
They could complain all they liked, he wasn’t going to let them go for a few hours. Cute or not, MC, nobody takes his pillow!
3K notes · View notes
sinner-as-saint · 6 months ago
Just A Little Too Much.
(Dark) Mob!Steve Rogers x Innocent!Reader AU
Run-through: You met Steve after your parents got divorced. He was your mom’s ‘special friend’, and you soon began living at his place, along with your mom. You were just 18 and a half then, and Steve became the only man you looked up to after you learnt that your father was sent to prison for unknown reasons. Soon, Steve became the only family you had after your mother started going away on even more trips for work, then came the time where she stopped coming home altogether. But that was alright, because you had Steve. You were his Princess, and he often told you that you needed no one else but him. He would do anything for you, he loved you - perhaps just a little too much. 
Themes: innocent!reader, manipulation, dark!steve, smut, fluff
Tumblr media
You woke up from your nap with a faint smile on, feeling a pair of lips leaving soft, warm kisses all over your cheek. 
You immediately felt so warm just knowing he was here; his powerful scent wrapping around you, making you feel safe. 
“Wake up, Princess.” He murmured. “It’s your birthday, you can’t be napping.” He said it like it was the most ridiculous thing one could do. 
You heard Steve’s voice, and felt his beard trail after his lips all over your face. You opened your eyes, giggling and realizing that you had fallen asleep on the couch in your bedroom. You looked up to find Steve above you, his strong arm placed on the back of the couch as he bent over slightly to look down at you with his pretty blue eyes. He was dressed in one of his many expensive, well-tailored suits which gave away that he had just finished some call or video conference regarding work. 
“Hi Stevie.” 
His soft gaze roamed your body. “Hi Princess. Come on wake up, you don’t wanna sleep all day.” 
You smiled up at him. “Yes I do.” You said, making him raise his eyebrows at you; smirking. “It’s my birthday, I can nap all day if I want to.” You did make a fair point, he had to admit. 
His smirk morphed into a gentle, calming smile as he reached out to caress your cheek softly. “But I miss you.” 
You shrugged, lazily. “Sounds like a personal problem to me.” 
His lips parted in fake surprise. “Is that so?” 
The moment you saw his hands reaching out towards you, you knew he was planning to tickle you till you ran out of breath and begged him to stop. So you shot up and slipped from his grasp, running away as fast as you could; giggling uncontrollably. 
Steve chased you, chuckling each time you escaped his grasp. “Come here, Princess. You can’t run from me, you know that.” He chased you around the room, watched you as you jumped over the coffee table, the pouf and just as you were about to run into the walk-in closet Steve managed to grab your hand and tackled you down on the bed. 
He had you trapped, giggling and squirming under him. He was a happy man as he looked down at you, pinning your wrists down on the bed above your head, his face so close to yours that he was certain you and him were sharing the same breath. You were the most beautiful thing he had ever laid eyes on. 
You eventually stopped fighting and squirming. You looked up at him and smiled as big as you could. You stared up at him and saw the man who was your everything. 
Steve was your everything. Your family was… absent. Steve said none of them cared about you as much as he did. Steve also said that your father was not a good man, and that’s why he was locked up in jail. You never asked why, or what he did to deserve such punishment, but Steve said that it wasn’t important for you to know so you let it go. Your mom was not here either, she was always out of the country, working. Steve said your mom made work her priority over you, but that was okay too because you had Steve. And he was all you need. 
Steve looked down at you, admiring how pretty his Princess was. When he first saw you around four years ago, he knew he had to protect you forever. You were too precious, too innocent for this world. He couldn’t just stand there and watch this world corrupt you in any way, so he kept you close. He did what he had to in order to keep you under his roof and protection all the time. He made sure you’d never have to worry about anything, ever. 
“Hi Princess.” He murmured again, still on top of you. You gave him a smile which always melted his heart ever since day one. You owned him, and you probably had no idea about all the things he was willing to do for you. 
“Hi Stevie.” To you, he had always been Stevie - your best friend, your family, your protector - your everything. You don’t know where everyone went, or why everyone gradually disappeared from your life once you met Steve. But you had him, and he was all you needed. 
“Happy Birthday.” He whispered, wishing you for the fifth time since this morning when you woke up in his arms. Steve leaned down to kiss the side of your mouth. 
You relished his touch. Steve always made you feel good just by being there, and having all his attention on you was all you ever wanted. You giggled as he kissed his way down your neck. “Thank you.” 
He hummed as he kissed along the neckline of the dress you were wearing. “Did you like your gift, Princess?” Steve asked, kissing along the top of your breasts. 
You let out a quiet gasp of pleasure as you felt him gently nip at your skin. You nodded, “I did. Thank you, Stevie.” You whispered, getting lost in the way he made you feel. You thought of the gift he had given you this morning, it was currently parked in the twelve-car garage of the house, sitting there with a pretty, red bow on top of it. It was your shiny, new dream car. 
“We can go on a drive later, if you want.” He murmured against your skin, one of his hands releasing your wrists, lowering to undo the buttons at the front of your dress. 
You shivered as you felt the warm, slow touches of his lips and fingertips all at the same time. He was always so gentle with you and always so mean to others. He always said that was because you were his precious Princess and other people meant nothing to him. 
A drive with Stevie sounded amazing. Only, he’s always working these days. Would he even have the time? “We could. But then what about work?” 
He froze for a moment, hearing the hint of sadness and uncertainty in your tone. He hated it. He hated that he had been so engrossed in work this past week that you noticed he wasn’t spending enough time with you. 
Steve pulled away and looked up at you. “I’ve been too busy with work lately, haven’t I?” He asked, knowing the answer. The little, sad nod you gave him made his heart hurt. “Aww…” he cooed, reaching up to kiss your nose, “I’m sorry, Princess.” He murmured against your skin and pulled away to look into your eyes again. “How about this, you have me all to yourself for the whole day today and the upcoming week? Sounds good?” 
He didn’t care about how much that would affect the many people who worked for him, all he knew was that his Princess needed him and he would do anything to make her happy. 
You smiled brightly. “Perfect!” 
He chuckled before leaning in to kiss your lips. Slow and gentle at first, before growing more and more needy for you. He pressed his body against yours, allowing you to feel the urgency of his need. You gasped into the heated kiss as you felt his hardness in between your legs. Steve shoved his tongue past your lips, tasting you, stroking the inside of your mouth. You whined when you felt him roll his hips against yours. 
You felt warm, burning with need just as much as he was. And he knew. 
You shivered in pleasure as you felt him kiss his way down your body again, unbuttoning your dress with impatience, his need overpowering his entire being. He needed you, needed to taste you and have you come undone on his tongue, he needed your taste embedded in his brain, not wanting to risk ever forgetting it. 
Steve kissed down the middle of your breasts, down till your belly button and stopped at the waistband of your light pink, lace panties, which matched the bra and the dress you wore. Wanting to tease you just a little, he stuck his tongue out and licked along the edge of your underwear before licking up and down your wet, clothed core. 
He watched you squirm on the bed. Smirking devilishly, he kissed along your inner thigh just to mess with you a little more. He could tell you were slowly giving into the haze of pleasure which washed over you even though he had barely touched you yet. 
“Stevie…” you whispered, closing your eyes and tipping your head back as he nibbled along the soft skin on your inner thigh. “Please…” 
He had to give in. His cock twitched in his pants, straining against the zipper at the sound of your soft moans and pleas. 
He pulled your underwear away from your skin and to the side, exposing your dripping wet folds to his hungry eyes. He could tell just by the look of it that your sensitive clit was throbbing. He hummed in satisfaction, “Prettiest little cunt I’ve ever seen…” He whispered more so to himself, reminding himself - not that he would ever forget - that you were his. “Spread your legs for me, Princess.” 
You did, just like you did everything he asked. You parted your legs then supported yourself up on your elbows, watching him. Steve once mentioned that he liked it when you watched him as he pleasured you. 
You let out a moan the moment his mouth touched you. His lips moved along your wet folds as his tongue teased your entrance. His beard scratched your sensitive skin, as your arousal spread all over his mouth. 
“You taste so sweet, Princess.” You watched how Steve closed his eyes, savouring your taste. You were a moaning mess in no time, your whole body electrified at his touch. “Like strawberries and honey.” He moaned at your taste alone, humping against the bed discreetly. He could always fuck you later, but right now was strictly about you. 
Steve moved his hand which was caressing up and down your thigh towards your core. He pushed his two fingers past your entrance and pumped them in and out of you slowly, gradually increasing his pace. He felt your walls clench around his fingers as you moaned louder and louder with each stroke of his fingers against your walls. His mouth moved to your throbbing clit, teasing you further until you felt like you were losing your mind. 
“Stevie…” You struggled to hold back your moans. 
Steve took one look at you and he knew you wouldn’t last much longer. You never could last long under his touch anyways. But he was always more than happy to pleasure his Princess. 
“Are you gonna cum for me, Princess? You can’t hold back from cumming all over my tongue, can you baby?” 
His husky voice made your body throb even more, along with his warm breath fanning your damp skin. You whined in response, dropping down on the bed - your upper body having no strength to hold you up any longer. Steve chuckled. 
“It’s okay, Princess. Cum for me.” He whispered and placed his mouth back on your clit while his fingers pumped in and out of your relentlessly. He noticed the way your legs were shaking slightly. You couldn’t hold the pressure in between your legs anymore so you let go and came violently around his fingers and mouth. 
You moaned out loud, squirming as you came, and Steve lapped up everything you had to offer. He licked each and every drop of your cum as it spilled out of you before kissing his way up your body again. He reached your lips and kissed you deeply. 
You giggled into the kiss. It made Steve smile, he always found it adorable how you were always so giggly after he made you cum. 
Steve pulled away after a while, looking down at your swollen lips and the shine in your eyes. “Want me to order your favorites for your special day? Strawberry and chocolate donuts?” He asked. Those damn donuts were your kryptonite. He often wondered if you loved them more than you loved him. 
You gave it a thought. “Nope.” 
Your answer worried him. And he opened his mouth to ask you why but you spoke up before he could. “Let’s make some cupcakes instead. With strawberry and chocolate icing.” You had missed him so much and you desperately wanted to spend time with him, and what was better than baking together in the kitchen? 
Steve smiled, almost reading your mind. He knew exactly why you had proposed so. He felt a little guilty but quickly pushed those thoughts aside. Then he remembered… 
He leaned down to whisper in your ear, “Princess,” it sounded like a warning. “You remember what happened the last time we tried to bake something, right?” His voice sent shivers dancing down your back. 
Of course you remembered. It involved a lot of kisses, chocolate ganache and eventually ended with Steve fucking you right there on the kitchen floor. Your face felt really as that memory resurfaced in your head. 
You nodded. “I promise that won’t happen again, Stevie.” You were the one to blame for that, since it was you who kept teasing him in the first place. 
He hummed in your ear, the sound making your body throb again. “We’ll see about that.” He pulled away and stared down at you. “Okay, come on. Let’s go make some cupcakes for my Princess.” 
You jumped out of bed the moment he got off you. He pulled you close again, buttoning your dress for you while you looked up at him like he hung the moon. 
By the time you made it to the kitchen, Steve had already removed his suit jacket and tie. The black button down shirt was doing things to you but he didn’t need to know that yet. It should be illegal for a man to look that good. While you took out all the appliances and utensils you needed for the cupcakes and icing, Steve’s phone vibrated on the counter. 
He grabbed his phone and took a look at who the caller was. You noticed the frown on his face. 
“Who is it Stevie? Is it work?” 
The discontent in your tone didn’t go by unnoticed. But this phone call had to be dealt with. “No, Princess.” Steve stepped closer and kissed your forehead. “It’s… an old friend. I’ll be back in just a minute, okay?” He kissed your lips briefly and left the kitchen. 
You pouted for a moment but then shook it off. 
Steve went as far away from the open kitchen as he could, just to get out of your hearing range. He had to cross the entire living room to answer the call. Bitterly. 
“What?” He spat at the caller. And he was immediately greeted by a sobbing woman. 
“Just let me talk to her, at least please. She’s my-,” 
Steve cut the crying woman off, like he always did. “She’s your nothing! Nothing, you hear me? She’s mine. Only mine. It’s not my fault you’re a terrible mother who doesn’t care about her daughter’s well-being.” 
He heard more sobbing on the phone. “I didn’t do anything, I just-,” 
He cut her off once again. “Stop lying! You tried to take her away from me!” 
The woman raised her voice. “Because I realized that you’re crazy! I regret the day I met you, the day I let you in my life, in her life. You were a big mistake, and now you won’t even let me talk to my daughter?!” Her anger could be heard despite the tears. “You won’t even let me come home, I can’t even step out of this damn place because your men are everywhere!” 
Steve chuckled. Your mother was abroad, not allowed to come anywhere close to you because… because he didn’t like the thought of having to share your love or attention. You were his. You had him, you didn’t need anyone else. 
“You’re in a luxurious house, with everything one can ever need in it. What are you complaining about? You could’ve been dead, you know? I could have had you killed instead if I wanted to, but I didn’t. You should thank me for that.” 
He received a series of swear words as a reply, which only made him smirk wider. 
“It’s her birthday, Steve. Let me talk to her. I won’t tell her anything about this, please.” The woman begged. 
Steve scoffed. “She doesn’t need you. She has me. Now, don’t ever call here again or I’ll make sure you don’t live to see another day.” He ended the call right in the woman’s face. He carelessly tossed his phone on one of the couches as he walked back into the kitchen. 
You were taking out all the ingredients, weighing them on the scale carefully. You had somehow managed to get some flour on your cheek in the process. Steve smiled, his heart melting at the sight of you. So precious, all his. 
He walked over to where you stood and wrapped his arms around your waist, lowering his head to kiss your exposed shoulder. “Hi Princess.” He murmured, softly. 
You smiled. “Hi.” 
“I love you more than anything, Princess. You know that, right?” He placed another kiss on your skin. 
You turned your head to the side a little, smiling, “I know, you tell me everyday. I love you too, Stevie.” 
Midway through, while your cupcakes were in the oven and Steve was getting the icing ready, he noticed a slight frown on your face as you sat on the counter not far from him. 
“What is it, Princess?” He placed the bowl down and stared at you, giving you his undivided attention as always. 
“Hmm?” You looked up at him, “Oh, nothing.” You lied. And he caught it immediately. You were never a good liar. 
Steve walked over to you, stepping in between your legs and placing his hands on your thighs, caressing your skin gently. “Don’t lie to me, Princess. Tell me what you’re thinking about.” 
You looked down at your lap, his hands inching higher and higher up your thigh. You wondered if you should bring it up, because it always upset him. But before you could stop yourself, you were blurting out the words, “I was wondering why my mom didn’t call me today. She did last year. You think she forgot my birthday?” 
Steve was upset for a moment, before being clouded by jealousy and possessiveness. He tried smiling to hide it. “You don’t need her. If she cared, she’d be here right now. Don’t you agree, Princess?” 
You nodded, lowering your eyes, but Steve could tell you didn’t agree. 
“Princess, look at me.” He spoke, you looked up. “You don’t need anyone. You have me, right?” 
You nodded again, more firmly. “I know, Stevie but-,” 
You didn’t get a chance to finish your sentence. Steve slid his hand into your hair and tugged on it gently to make sure he had your attention. “Because what, huh? Is my love not enough for you? Am I not enough?” His tone was gentle but bitter. His eyes were glossier than before. Anger, jealousy, it all ate him up on the inside. 
You stared into his eyes, your own watering a little. Oh no, you didn’t want to upset him. “You’re my everything, Stevie.” 
Those words shook his entire being, and he released your hair immediately. He looked down for a moment, sighing loudly. He placed his hands on either side of you on the counter, pressing his forehead to your chest. “You’re mine, Princess.” He whispered as your fingers slid into his hair, massaging his scalp to calm him down. It was working. “You’re mine and you don’t need anyone else.” He whispered. “We don’t need anyone.” 
You spoke up immediately, “I know. I don’t need anyone. I have you.” You felt him kiss his way up your neck soon after. 
“But you’re still thinking about your mother, are you not?” He sounded bitter. “She doesn’t care about you, Princess. She never has, neither did your father. They never cared or loved you like I do.” He said softly, but his jealousy was hard to ignore. 
“I know, Stevie.” 
You couldn’t see his face but you knew he was in a bad mood. He eventually said so himself, “You upset me, Princess.” He murmured then resumed kissing your skin. “I do all this for you, buy you what you want, do everything to keep you happy but it seems I’m not enough.” He whispered against your skin and you shivered at his tone. 
“No Stevie, that’s not-,” 
He shut you up by placing his mouth on yours. He kissed you with all he had in him, pouring out all his emotions - the good and the bad. His hands gripped your hips as he kissed you hard and fiercely, not caring that he was biting your lips carelessly. 
You couldn’t help but gasp into the kiss when he swiftly slid you off the counter and set you down on your feet. Steve pulled away and stared into your eyes with love and anger. “I’m all you need, Princess. Why can’t you just accept that?” 
Before you could say something, he turned you around so your front pressed against the edge of the counter and your back to his torso. You gripped the counter as he grabbed your dress on either side and pulled it up until it bunched around your waist. You felt his mouth at the side of your neck; licking and biting and kissing - making your heart race and that intensified when you heard the sound of him unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants.
“I’m gonna show you that I’m enough.” He whispered into your ear. “That I’m all you need, because no one is going to love you as much as I do, Princess.” The sincerity and certainly in his voice sent tingles down your spine. 
You felt him lower your underwear until it reached your ankles. Your heart fluttered and raced all at the same time. You could feel him, pressing against you. His hands on either side of your waist as you pressed the palms of your hands against the cold counter. 
You waited for a moment. Then you felt the tip of his cock press against your folds, slowly rubbing up and down; parting the lips at your entrance. “You’re all mine, Princess.” Steve moaned under his breath as he pushed himself slowly inside of you.
Your grip on the counter grew tighter as you steadied yourself for his thrust, knowing it was coming sooner than you thought. Steadily, Steve filled you up; stretching you all the way like he always did. And he had you whimpering in no time. 
“You belong to me.” He murmured, pushing his face into the crook of your neck. Your mind was foggy as he started rocking into you. Slowly at first, then gradually building up his pace. “Say it.” He demanded. “Tell me you belong to me.” 
You felt all of him. Each time he filled you up entirely, the tip of his cock brushed against your most sensitive spot, and you moaned out loud each time; your walls clenching around him. 
“I’m yours…” you whispered. Your mind was hazy, by him slamming into you. His thrust was animalistic, and rough. Each time he slammed into you, your front crashed against the counter, achingly. But the pleasure his body brought you made up for that.
“Louder.” He growled. “I didn’t hear you.” He taunted, pulling his face away. His hand flew to your hair and he grabbed a fistful of it, and tugged on it; tipping your head back. “I said louder, Princess.” His voice sounded menacing. 
You whimpered as he pounded into your core. His pelvic bone smacking against your ass each time he thrust into you. “I… I’m yours, Stevie” You said, louder like he wanted. 
The sounds of your skin slapping against one another was downright obscene, and the grunts leaving his mouth was even more sinful. You couldn’t see him, yet you knew he looked absolutely, devilishly handsome with his head thrown back, eyes closed, his lips parted as occasional groans escaped his lips. You could imagine him with the frown of pleasure he always had whenever he fucked you. 
“You better remember that, Princess.” He growled into your ear. “You are mine. I love you, and I am the only one you’re allowed to love back. You hear me?” 
You nodded, moaning as he reached every single sensitive spot inside you. You felt a familiar warmth taking over you, and a pressure building in your lower region. You knew you couldn’t hold it any longer. 
And when your walls clenched violently around him, Steve knew you were close as well.
“You’re gonna cum for me, Princess?” he cooed, his voice laced with lust and desire. Seeing you didn’t reply, he tugged on your hair and tilted your head back a little more. He leaned in to kiss your parted lips before pulling away a few inches to spit into your mouth, then leaned in to kiss your swollen lips again. You moaned wantonly as he did. 
“Cum for me.” He slammed his cock harder into you, and your eyes watered. He felt agonizingly good. It didn’t take much for you to come undone after that. Gushing out around his cock, walls pulsating around him; you came, hard.
He did too. With a few strokes against your walls, he came right after you. “All fucking mine.” His warm load shooting inside you, leaving behind his presence as your body shook against the counter.
Carefully, he pulled out. And smiled, satisfied, as he watched how his cum trickled out of you and past your folds. He adjusted his pants and zipped it up. He pulled your underwear up, then finally fixed your dress. 
He leaned in to kiss your cheek. Your back was still against his torso, and his arms were around you. Unable to trust your own body, your hands gripped the counter still. He nuzzled your neck, kissed your skin and moved his lips to your ear. 
“Now tell me, Princess, do you need anyone else? Anyone at all?” He mumbled. 
You shook your head, still hazy. “No, Stevie. You’re all I need. You’re my everything.” You replied, repeating the same words he constantly told you. “I love you.” 
Steve smiled against your skin. “I love you more, Princess.” He added, “Perhaps a little too much.” He meant what he said. 
He didn’t care how many times he’d have to remind you. He would do it as many times as it took, all for you to realize that you belonged to him. There was no one else. No other love, no one else to turn to, nowhere to run. Just him. 
“Now come on, we have cupcakes to ice.” He kissed your cheek before pulling your trembling body away from the counter. 
You smiled up at him. Your Stevie… How could you ever bother about whether anyone else remembered your birthday or not? Stevie was here for you, and he was all you ever needed. He was your everything. You loved him. Only him. 
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princesslily · 5 months ago
Levelling up is not only physical ❗❗❗
I see so many people who get caught up in what I call the "level up labyrinth" which basically includes makeup, femininity, 'manifest' repeat
It's like a perpetual state of just focusing on false physicality and "manifesting" the rest
Also don't get me wrong I believe strongly in manifestation but a lot of people use it as an excuse to believe they are doing something meaningful while they sit on their ass all day and say it's coming in divine time.
I and so many others believe that looks play maybe 20% or slightly over in the grande scheme of levelling up. You will not suddenly be on a yatch having fun with millionaires or in a party in Paris just cause you look cute, yet you don't have a formal educational background, don't have basic social skills, don't know how to treat people, have an overly entitled mindset and your only hobby is beating your face and picking dresses.
I love individuals who have depth, personality and drive. People who add a bit of themselves in everything not just desperately playing to an ideal that some "life coach" on YouTube who doesn't show their face gave you or what you think will give you validation, if you think like that book a therapy session quick.
Lets start with the reason for this post
What to do in your level up besides sit and look pretty
☁️ Educate yourself ☁️
You can learn something from anything, whether it's attending a wine tasting event, going to an art exhibit or a polo match
You will always have something to take from the experience
On a larger scale, consider getting some sort of degree or certification as it will help a lot in terms of the respect you get, places you will be accepted into and genuine skill you will acquire.
If you can't get a degree or something like that, take a course in something you're passionate about. Learn a language, learn jewellery making even learning to make jam will be ok.
The more you know the more things you have in your arsenal
Learning to ride horses, play polo, play chess and tennis are also good to know
Even if you aren't in school you should have a little study regimen cause learning never ends, you are always on the climax of finding something life altering !
Tumblr media
☁️ Social skills ☁️
Do you know how to engage in a friendly banter in a way it stays enjoyable and you remain memorable? Do you know how to host a gathering at your home in a way you will impress those who come?
The world is full of opportunities for those who have something to offer. I used to be one of those emotional people who would think that people suck and I'm the main character so me sitting in my room on my phone is an extravagant action for the universe, which was such a stupid philosophy, but later my mother had to give me a speech about how I'm not an island and how being a hermit is not ok.
With that she made me slightly more sociable and made me go outside more, forcibly taught be how to use a fork and knife properly, how to set a table and host guests and a very long and in-depth talk about how to handle people in a kind manner.
This helped me a lot as much as I'm embarrassed to admit it😂 Please if you don't know how to use a fork and knife and host properly, go watch a YouTube video now and I recommend learning the European way of doing it cause that's just the start.
Etiquette lessons and courses are also recommend for atleast once in your life
There's so much on YouTube and in books on how to effectively communicate and perhaps manipulate.
The Art of Seduction
The Laws of Human nature
The Art of War
The 48 Laws of Power
How to Win Friends and Gain Influence
Etc, the list is really never-ending, it's just about if you are going to go and do the research
I hope I'm not coming off Anna Beyish in this segment 😭
Tumblr media
☁️ Looks ☁️
I know if the intro I said that only focusing on looks alone is not the best thing to do but you can't deny it's a useful part
I have noticed with people who obsess on their looks as their 100% personality trait they begin to go into IG baddie territory where they want to conceal their natural appearance and every imperfection they have, which I'm pretty sure isn't the goal for the people here reading this.
With your makeup, develope a short routine (Less than an hour everyday) where you might conceal little things you don't like but in the end with makeup the goal is to highlight your features not to undermine and cover them.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
All six looks are amazing and the people who did them are talented, but pick which one, top or bottom, who you would like to represent and who you think would be taken seriously and approached more (in a respectful manner) in a live setting .
Same with dressing, nails and hair
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'm a big advocate for natural and subtle beauty and as much as some of you will disagree, it's the truth.
Natural well taken care of blown out hair will always be ahead of a bodywave install wig
A toned physique will always be ahead of the bbl lipo body
A well curated collection of clothes founded by collecting quality basics will always be ahead of 3 closets full of fashion nova deals
Stop trying to chase for unattainable standards which you hold yourself by (no one forced you at gun point to tell you to look like Kim K or Paris Hilton it's just you who probably needs to get off the internet and walk outside and look at the real world) and start taking care of yourself.
☁️ Stop claiming your manifesting and go do something productive ☁️
You want a significant other but won't go outside but I bet you will talk to a candle about it (and let's not leave out the fact that you probably aren't even mentally ready for a relationship you just want someone to be a bum with so you don't feel alone)
You are manifesting your dream body but you are sitting watching TV (and let's not even talk about how certain bodies are impossible for certain people because of genetics and your skeletal structure)
You want to get money but you are just breathing doing nothing hoping the universe will convert your carbon dioxide into cash ( someone: air is energy and if I focus enough I can put the energy of my divine breath into manifesting money 😩😩😩🔮🔮🔮🔮stay woke guys) 🙄
If you wanted something you would get up and get it not say it's coming to you because you wrote it down.
True manifestation works hand in hand with action, manifestation is also a very tedious process that is so much more than giving yourself a headache by trying to stress your brain saying you are channeling something.
Manifesting should be the last option after you have gone and done something about what you want to achieve.
☁️Fitness and health☁️
People love to spend their money on unnecessary makeup, hygiene products and anything they can get their hands on but will not pay for a gym membership.
A healthy body is a happy body ( good health causes the creation of hormones and reactions that raise optimism )
We can not deny a healthy weight, balanced diet and moderate exercise is the best for you
I see glorifying obesity as the same as glorifying being underweight and anorexic, they are both different sides of the same coin that can only be bypassed is someone has a disease or condition that makes them that way.
Look at the risks for both
And please don't take this as me being fatphobic I'm just saying it how it is
Think about it
Anyways that's all for now
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random couple tiktok pranks you would do to your haikyuu boyfriend || part 2
— with Tanaka, Lev, Oikawa, Akaashi, Ushijima, and Kita
[ part 1 ]
A/N: since u guys loved the first part sm, here’s another set of boys with different tiktok pranks! a lot were heavily inspired by 1/2 of my fav gay couple, @/olsennchris on tiktok!
©️ all rights reserved to katsushimaa. do NOT plagiarize or repost anywhere.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
aggressively dance next to your bf without any music for his reaction
would immediately light up
“hell yes, baby! work it! you’re so hot and i’m so lucky to have someone who can move it like that!”
no matter what he was doing, he’d drop it to watch you and cheer you on
so extra that he even clapped and whistled and yelled out praises, making you kinda flustered
this man’s just so in love with you 🥺
after giving you ample amount of compliments, he’d even dance with you
“look at us GO. ugh, we’re the best, aren’t we?”
you laughed out loud as he suddenly grabbed you by the waist and twirled you around the room, even though there wasn’t any music
he later realized that and started to hum along to something, and you syncronized with him
the two of you ended up laughing, humming, and dancing with each other because no matter what happens, Tanaka would always give you a good time
Tumblr media
keep sighing loudly until your bf notices
it took you five sighs for lev to look away from the show the two of you were watching
“is there something wrong, baby?” he asked, cat-like eyes blinking at you in confusion
you sighed again, causing a bead of sweat to drip from his forehead
“whatever i did, i’m sorry,” he panicked, sitting up to grab you by the shoulders. “do you want food? it’s my treat.”
though you wanted nothing but to laugh, you pushed through and exhaled
“coffee? boba? milkshake?” Lev trailed off before shaking his head
without any warning, he stood up and brought you along with him, wrapping you in his arms before running out of the room
“hell, i’m getting you everything. let’s go.”
you couldn’t stop yourself from laughing anymore and even after you told him it was a prank, he shook his head and still bought you everything you ever wanted
Lev watched you as you happily hugged all the things he got you. “hopefully, all these would keep you from ever scaring me like that ever again.”
Tumblr media
ask your bf to unfollow a hot girl on instagram
without any question, he handed you his phone, but ofc he was slyly narrowing his eyes at you
“i know you’re obsessed with me, but what’s up? did i do something?” Oikawa asked, in which you responded with the roll of your eyes
ignoring his first sentence, you said, “nothing, she’s just too hot.”
he didn’t even look over your shoulder as you feigned to unfollow someone, his eyes solely trained on you
“what? are you upset about this?” you asked, handing his phone back
“no, i just didn’t know that we could do this,” he replied, paying no attention to his phone. “i’ve been meaning to ask you to unfollow someone, too.”
like him, you narrowed your eyes. “it’s kageyama, isn’t it?”
Oikawa scoffed and grabbed your phone away from you. “i could care less about that weasel.” after a few swipes on your phone, he shoved it to you angrily. “i’m talking about him!”
you burst out laughing after you saw a very familiar guy with his shirt off. “you want me to unfollow Iwa-chan?”
after calming your boyfriend down by telling him that he didn’t have anything to worry about, that you never even looked at his best friend’s page and that you were just pranking him, he huffed
“why did you even have to do that? you know i only have eyes for you, cutie.”
Tumblr media
have someone text you while filming a tiktok with your bf asking, “is he gone yet?”
he only agreed to film a tiktok with you bc you said it was for relationship advice and a lot of people needed help
in the middle of his scripted message, the text from Konoha arrived, just as planned
Akaashi didn’t even stutter. he countinued smoothly, but you did notice him glancing briefly at it
after the tiktok, he excused himself before you could even say anything
you knew he saw something bc Akaashi’s the most observant man you knew. you were kinda hurt that he didn’t even react
a call from his laptop distracted you, and you walked over to see it was Bokuto. before you could answer it, it disappeared
the messages popped open and since it was connect to his phone, you could see all the messages
and you saw him texting Bokuto about the mysterious person who messaged you in the middle of the tiktok
y/n would never do this to me, so someone must be messing with her. you down to hunt them down? the text message to Bokuto said
you ran to the bathroom to hear him speaking in hush tones, and you cut him off by barging in, a smirk on your face. “i thought you didn’t care”
Akaashi furrowed your eyebrows. “how could i not? that person sounded like a stalker, but i didn’t wanna worry you. don’t worry, i’ll handle it for you, princess.”
after laughing, you finally told him the truth and with that, he stomped over to wherever Konoha is 💀
Tumblr media
super glue a jar and ask your bf to open it
he gave you an approving huff as you handed him the jar, happy that you asked him to do this for you
stifling your smile was hard when a frown slowly grew on his lips when the jar didn’t even budge
Ushijima rolled up his sleeves and tried again. when nothing happened he said, “huh.”
“nevermind, i’ll just eat something different!” you giggled, patting his shoulder before leaving him alone
you thought it was over until you came back to the kitchen hours later to find your boyfriend still trying to open the jar
when he couldn’t, he put it on the table and just glared at it
it was too much for you now, so you let yourself laugh out loud. “honey, that was just a prank! you didn’t have to keep trying.”
you slipped up next to him, grabbing his red hands and giving them kisses
“oh,” he frowned, but he couldn’t help but lean on you. “i just wanted to be helpful to you, love.”
Tumblr media
tell your bf you want to return your ex’s hoodie:
“oh?” was his only reply
“yeah,” you continued, wanting a solid reaction from him. “just wanted to let you know.”
you tried to walk away for dramatics, but he wrapped his hand around your wrist. “wait.”
Kita’s gaze was planted on the floor when you looked at him. “i aready gave it back.”
you blinked. “what?”
his head was bowed down as he explained, “when we got together, i was cleaning out your closet when i noticed a hoodie that wasn’t yours. the next time i saw your ex, i gave it back.”
unable to help yourself, you reached out to cup his cheeks, an amused smile on your face. “Kita, darling, it was a prank! i was never going to do it. i didn’t expect that from you though.”
it was then you noticed that your usually calm boyfriend was tense the whole time as he just released a relieved sigh. “oh, a prank?”
after you nodded, he smiled ever so lightly. “good because i never actually returned it. i would never invade your privacy and do something like that.”
you laughed as you hugged your precious boyfriend. “why did you say that then?”
Kita hugged you tighter, planting a kiss on top of yohr head. “i didn’t want you to meet with your ex. i may not show it that much, but i can be jealous too, you know.”
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his to claim | bucky barnes
Tumblr media
[Warnings] dark!alpha!bucky barnes x omega!reader, a/b/o dynamics, werewolf au, fury!reader, monica is a fury too, sam wilson x monica, virgin!innocent!reader, hint of ddlg dynamic, noncon sex, noncon marking, soulmates au, oral sex (female recieving), kidnapping
A/N: enjoy this long (long for me at least) one-shot! 
In which you befriend a lonely Alpha.
taglist: @cherienymphe @lovelynerdytraveler @buckysbunny @hollandsdream @micki-smiles @buckybarnesplumwhore @arts-ismything​ @saharzek @what-is-your-wish @brattypeony @hermayone @buckysugar @mischiefmanaged011​ @visintaes​  @watercoolerpaint​ @disaster-rose​ @slutforsebstan
main masterlist
word count: 5.8k 
Sam knew Bucky was in one of his moods. One of his moods where he’d disappear for five days, not give a clue to where he was going, and return covered in blood. Although Bucky’s closest friend and Beta to his pack, Sam, was getting married this week, Bucky was stuck in his ways. Bucky knew that a wedding meant that another pack would be invading his land, filling the pack house with strangers, and two packs meant there would be two Alphas. Although he respected Alpha Fury, Bucky wasn’t the type to get along nicely with others, especially other Alphas. 
It was one in the morning when the white wolf passed through the tree line, the packhouse coming into view. The three-story cabin fit many of the high-ranking families and was the center of most pack activities. Meetings, gatherings, and celebrations for the Winter’s Shield pack were all held here. 
Bucky shifted, each one of his bones cracking roughly back into place as if they’d forgotten they were half-human. As he expected, there was a pair of shorts waiting for him on the porch. Nat always hated when he’d show up naked in the middle of the night. This is my house, he’d say. Save it for your mate, she’d say back. Bucky would always scoff at that. Not many Alphas make it to their thirties without a mate and Bucky was quite willing to keep his single streak going. 
The house was heated, comforting him after losing the warmth of his coat. Still, he was covered in elk blood and could use a shower along with a twelve-hour nap. He walked towards the winding stairs, only to hear rumbling in the kitchen, and deciding to investigate. He was the only night owl around here, or at least that’s what he thought. 
He could already smell that there were foreigners around and prayed this week would go by fast. Flicking on the kitchen light, he found you sitting on the island counter. You looked up from your carton of chocolate ice cream with wide eyes. He expected you to freak out at the sight of him but it seemed you were more embarrassed on your behalf rather than frightened. 
“Sorry … I was just gonna have one bowl and then that turned into two. And then  …” You emphasized the spoon that was sitting in the mostly eaten carton. Omega, his wolf said. There was a strange omega sitting on his kitchen counter in oversized pajamas and hair rollers. His eyes fell to something sitting behind her which she instantly pushed further behind her back in panic, “There’s a little left if you want some.”
“Who are you?” Bucky asked, a little more harshly than he intended. 
“Y/N,” You answered, a bit flustered, “I’m Monica’s sister … also her maid of honor. I know there isn’t usually a maid of honor in our wedding ceremonies but there’s always a maid of honor in the movies. I’m gonna throw her such a cool bachelorette party, Natasha said we could have it in the living room-”
Bucky felt suffocated by your excitement. Feeling overwhelmed by the bright lights and whatever his wolf was feeling for you, he said, “Stop,” He raised a hand, confused by your comfortableness with the situation. You talked to him, an Alpha, so casually and you didn’t seem at all frightened by his bloody appearance,  “Do you know who I am?”’
“Alpha Barnes,” You hopped down from the counter, making sure to keep whatever you were hiding behind your back, “Sam said you’d be back at some point. They made a bet on whether or not you’d get back before or after my dad left. Everyone said you’d skip the wedding.” 
Alpha Fury’s second daughter. An Omega. An annoying, little, ice-cream stealing Omega. 
“Well here I am,” Bucky stepped closer to you and was surprised when you didn’t even blink at that. An omega raised by an Alpha, you were something Bucky had never encountered, “Why are you raiding my kitchen so late at night, Omega.”
There was a flash of sadness in your eyes, “I had a nightmare … ice cream always makes me feel better. You ever get nightmares, Alpha Barnes?” Bucky’s brows furrowed. 
“No,” Bucky spoke coldy, confused about what was pulling him closer to you. 
“Nuh-uh, no way,” Bucky thought you were challenging him but there was an innocent smile on your face, “My Dad said you’ve fought in lots of battles, challenged a lot of other Alphas, you must see a lot of terrible stuff. You never even get a little bit scared?”
Bucky ignored your pressing question, the look on his face frustrated, “What’s behind your back?”
“Uhm … what’s behind yours?” You tried distracting him but Bucky knew there was nothing behind him. 
“Show me,” He commanded, knowing that Omega inside of you wouldn’t want to disobey him. 
You huffed. 
Stupid alphas, Bucky heard your voice but your lips didn’t move. 
You pulled an old, stuffed bear from behind your back, “It’s Mr. Cuddlebear …. he also helps with the nightmares,” In his eyes, you were definitely too old to have a stuffed animal but his wolf found it endearing. He hated that, “You never got scared even when you were a little? No monsters under the bed? Boogeyman in the closet?”
“It’s late,” Bucky changed the subject, “I’m sure we have a long week ahead of us. I’d take … that-”
“Mr. Cuddlebear,” You interrupted, reminding him of your teddy bear’s name. 
“Go to bed, little wolf.”
Stupid Alpha voice. 
You rolled your eyes as your feet began to move before your brain began to register, “Goodnight, Alpha Barnes,” You left the kitchen, carrying the teddy bear with you, “Sleep tight, don’t let the vampires bite.” He heard your little giggle as you climbed up the stairs. 
Bucky placed his hands on the counter, staring at the ice cream. Did he ever have nightmares? No one had ever asked him that before. 
Tumblr media
Bucky cleaned up nice, you thought as you looked at him across the room. No one expected him to even come, let alone put on a nice suit jacket. The rehearsal dinner was loud with both Winter’s Shield and the Daystar pack mingling together for the first time. Sam seemed to be having the time of his life, your father was being much lighter than usual, and Monica was …. well, Monica. 
You were talking with a bunch of people, giving out the sugar cookies you’d made when you made eye contact with him. He drank from his glass of wine and you noticed he was standing with Sam and Monica. She was in the prettiest yellow dress and you could tell Sam was happy to find a mate so beautiful. 
You’d looked away, focusing on meeting everyone when Monica started to walk towards you. 
“Stay away from him, please,” She stepped in front of you.
“Stay away from who?”
“Alpha Barnes,” She spoke lowly. 
“He’ll be your Alpha soon, you know.”
“You don’t think I know that?”
“I already met him, Monica,” You smiled, “He was nice to me in like a weird, cold way.”
She shook her head, your words seeming to worry her more, “That’s what I’m worried about,” She grabbed your hand, leading you away to one of the tables in the corner. You had a plate of sugar cookies in your hands, some you’d made especially for the party to give out, “You have a tendency to make people like you but you don’t want him to like you, trust me. All that stuff Daddy taught us still stands, it doesn’t matter that we know him now. So just sit here, and do nothing, please.”
“But what about my cookies? I have to give them out!” You whined as she fenced you in, forcing you to sit down.
“I’ll do it,” She smiled, taking the plate from your hands, “You’ve socialized enough I think so just … relax.”
“But-” She was already walking away. You loved your sister, she was your best friend, but she was still a Beta. She had no idea what it was like to be you, surrounded by jerks who thought they were better than you. Maybe that’s why you liked talking with people so much, to prove that maybe you were more fragile than them but you weren’t invisible. Right now, you felt invisible. 
You could only watch everyone have fun without you for so long and you got out of the seat about ten minutes later. You left the large white tent, where it was much cooler, and you didn’t mind being alone as much. 
You told yourself to cheer up, trying not to frown. A week from now, you’ll be home, you’ll be on house arrest again but without Monica. You were going to savor this small vacation no matter the obstacles. 
Bucky found you outside sitting in the grass as you stared up at the moon. He got that feeling again, his wolf wanting to be closer to yours, and wished he felt differently. You looked back at him as you felt him approaching, and you heard Monica’s voice in your head telling you to stay away. 
“Did you try my cookies?” Your lips pulled into a smile that, like everything about you, confused him. 
“I didn’t … I watched Sam eat six of them though,” The tall Alpha responded, sticking his hands into his pants pocket. 
“Watching your perfect, Alpha-physique?”
Bucky actually felt the need to smile though he kept himself controlled, “Something of that nature, yes.”
“Awe, a few cookies won’t hurt,” You stood up from the ground, dusting off your dress. Bucky noticed your mary jane’s and the little butterfly clips in your curls, “Let me guess, you only prey on innocent animals.”
The Alpha smirked, “I’ll make sure to try your cookies next time, little wolf.”
“Sadly, there won’t be a next time,” You stepped past him and he followed after you, as you walked towards the tree line, “My father will probably find me a mate that lives across the country so he doesn’t have to deal with me.”
“Ah, that’s right,” Both Monica and Fury wanted to make it clear to him that you were practically claimed. You didn’t know yet but Peter Parker of the Stark pack was waiting for you. Fury was planning a quick, summer wedding, “I can’t imagine the poor fool who will have to deal with your kitchen raids and Mr. Cuddlebear.”
You grinned, “You remembered his name?” Bucky remembered and he’d been watching you ever since that late night, “I thought you might laugh at me, Monica does.”
Bucky was quiet for a long moment and, as you looked at him, it seemed that his mind was racing with thoughts, “I’ve had nightmares before,” He stated and you waited for him to elaborate. 
“What happened in them?” You prodded softly. 
Another long pause, “When was the last time you shifted?”
You figured that’s all you were going to get out of him. You thought for a moment, “I can’t even remember. Not since the winter solstice at least.”
“Let’s go on a run,” Bucky said, not waiting for you to agree. He picked up his pace, walking past the tree line and expecting you to follow. You hurried after him, your heart suddenly beginning to pound in your chest. 
“Alpha Bucky, Monica will kill me. Literally. She threw a hairdryer at me once,” You said, sounding panicked, though you got deeper and deeper into the woods, “And what about my dress?”
He turned around suddenly and you almost ran into his broad chest, “Take it off,” He ordered. Your hand instinctively reached up to the strap and you panicked, “Go behind a tree, I mean.”
“But Monica-”
“You’re an adult, right?”
You shrugged, “I try to be-”
“Then you can decide. Besides that, I’ll be Monica’s Alpha soon enough.”
You imagined her throwing a fit but you still conceded, walking to find a tree to hide behind, “It might take me a second, I think I’m a shy shifter.”
“Take your time, little wolf,” His words were more comforting than you expected. 
You stripped from your clothes behind the tree, trying not to imagine what Monica would think of you. An unmated female getting naked in the forest with an unmated male in the middle of the forest? There were all types of moral codes you had to be breaking. 
Standing in the cold, you shut your eyes tightly. Monica taught you the counting method when you were younger. You tried to tune out the rest of your thoughts, focusing on the nature around you, as you counted down from ten over and over again. It was instinct after that, the Moon Goddess taking over and unleashing your inner wolf. You didn’t feel the pain as your bones molded into their new positions and you became the second version of yourself. 
When you stepped from behind the tree, the white wolf was towering over your small, grey figure. 
His head tilted down towards you and you could already tell his wolf wanted to be more friendly with you than his human self. He smelled you, biting at your neck but you were even more playful in wolf form. You walked between his legs, confusing him, until you ran in the opposite direction. He chased after you and you didn’t expect to outrun him but you planned to give him a run for his money. 
Tumblr media
He couldn’t sleep with you so close by. He tried going on another run to clear his head but his mind was full with you. He’d lived a long life yet this feeling in his soul was brand new. Never had Bucky desired anyone to be anything but a casual fling. His wolf wanted more than to just conquer you which was territory Bucky found hard to navigate. What would it say for his legacy if he took an Omega as his mate? How empty would he feel if he let you go tomorrow? What relationships would he throw away in order to claim you as his?
Covered in sweat, he pulled the sheets from his body, sitting up in his bed. 
Nightmare, his wolf echoed in his mind. Bucky rubbed his temples. That wasn’t a nightmare to him, he was just an overthinking mess. He was going to ignore that feeling until he sensed something was truly wrong. 
She dreams of pain and suffering.  
Go to her. 
Bucky stood up from his bed, filing out of his room, and down the long hallways of the packhouse. He pressed his ear to your door, his hand lightly touching the doorknob. He heard soft whimpers from the inside and, for a moment, he resisted you. He would turn around and try to go back to sleep. Instead, his wolf took control. 
Bucky opened the door, your whimpering continuing and you stirred although it wasn’t because of him. He closed the door gently, moving towards your bed, crossing a boundary that he was sure would be frowned upon. Your cheeks were stained with tears and you seemed to be grabbing Mr. Cuddlebear for dear life. 
He sat carefully at the edge of the bed, reaching out to touch you, “Y/N,” He whispered, trying to suppress the anger that he felt over the pain you were in. 
“No, no,” You whispered over and over again. 
“Little wolf,” He whispered again, his hand on your arm. The Alpha’s touch startled you out of your sleep and your eyes were wide with fear as you came back to consciousness. You weren’t sure why he was in your room or why your nightmares were getting so bad, “It’s just a bad dream-”
You sat up from your position and wrapped your arms around the Alpha. He seemed to freeze at your touch but you hugged him tighter for comfort. He wrapped his arms around you, his hand tentatively rubbing at your back and you heavily breathed against his chest. 
“I’m sorry, I just … you were crying.”
“I-I woke you up?”
“No,” Bucky lied, “I was just walking by and I heard you.”
“Alpha Bucky?”
“Everything’s going to change tomorrow. My wolf, she senses something bad coming, and she’s scared.”
Bucky stiffened again, his wolf beginning to worry.  “Something bad? What do you mean?”
“I don’t know but the dreams are getting worse.”
“What do you see in your dreams?”
“I’m … I’m walking in his field, there’s so much sunshine and flowers a-and I’m walking towards the sun. I’m walking and walking and I’m happy and then I just start to sink into the ground. And I’m drowning and it feels like someone is holding me, pulling down further and further. I can’t breathe and there’s just this darkness a-and I-I-”
“Hey, hey,” He shushed you, sensing you were about to hyperventilate,  “It’s okay. Nothing is going to take you away. No one, do you understand?”
He felt you nodding and he grabbed you tighter, deciding he was going to hold you for as long as you needed him to. 
Tumblr media
“I didn’t tell you because of this reason-”
The pen in Bucky’s hand snapped in half and his fists balled up tightly, “Sam, today is your wedding, I understand that but this is my territory. I decide who comes in and out of it. That’s final.”
“They’re already here-”
“Then send them away. Fury is trying to push me and this is the final straw.”
“He’s already married the first daughter off, he’s just trying to do the same with Y/N. And he knows that this is a chance for three alphas to sit down and discuss what we’re going to do about the rogue situation.”
Feeling that he was drawing blood from clenching his fist so hard, he moved them under his desk.  “I can handle problems that concern my own pack. Tony is even more arrogant than Fury, we’ll never agree.”
“You have to at least try, Alpha,” Sam sighed, “You haven’t found one woman you’d consider having little Buckys with. Maybe Stark will bring someone that will pique your interest?”
Bucky ignored him, “When Stark arrives-” Sam let out a triumphant cheer, “-Bring him and Fury to my office. I won’t need you here, I’m sure you’ll have much to prepare for this evening.”
“You won't regret this.”
Tumblr media
Bucky followed Peter’s line of sight. There you were, standing in a beautiful periwinkle dress, waiting for your sister to walk down the aisle and join an anxious Sam. The birds were singing, a violin was being played, and everyone was collectively ready to celebrate the joyous moment. Everyone except Bucky.
Of course, Peter wanted to look at you, a beautiful creature, an unmated female, he'd be lucky to call you his mate. He was young like you, he'd be able to get all your references, keep up with your energetic ramblings, you'd get to go far away from your father and you'd be so happy. You'd forget all about Monica. You’d forget all about the week you spend in Winter’s Shield. 
The wedding went off without a hitch and Bucky watched you have the time of your life. Peter targeted you, of course, that was the entire reason was her, to woo you and it was working. You were dancing together, laughing when Peter made a silly misstep.
Bucky shooed away every Stark girl who tried to approach him, even denying a Beta, until he was standing alone in the corner. 
The festivities calmed down late into the night, you had to say goodbye to Peter, Monica was whisked away to a “private cabin” and everyone else returned to their rooms. Your father reminded you to pack your things as you’d be leaving early in the morning. 
Looking at Mr. Cuddlebear sitting on your bed, you were reminded of the events of last night. You didn’t expect so much kindness from the cold Alpha but, as Monica warned you, he seemed to like you. You still thought she was being dramatic with her warning and that she would grow to like her new Alpha. 
You never did really get to thank him and he also never tried your cookies. You had an amazing idea and late-night baking always led to amazing things. 
Tumblr media
Bucky was pacing the length of his room when there was a knock at his door. His wolf knew instantly that it was with you like the Moon Goddess had answered his prayers. He was fighting every natural urge in his body and he planned to hide away until everyone was gone tomorrow. Now, he had no idea what he was going to do. 
When Bucky opened the door, you were standing with a plate of cookies and a glass of milk, and a kind smile on your face, “A thank you for last night,” You offered, “I figured you’d like a plain chocolate chip cookie. I’m not sure though-”
“Come in,” Bucky said quickly, closing the door behind you. You noted that he was still wearing his dress pants though he was only wearing a sleeveless undershirt at his top. Though you’d seen him shirtless before, this time felt more intimate. 
“Try one,” You insisted, “Please.”
Bucky was hesitant, his diet not usually including such human pleasures, but he was quite surprised with the first bite. You seemed nervous, expecting a good reaction which Bucky found adorable, “They’re good,” Bucky nodded, “I mean, they’re great. Here, come sit down.”
As you took a seat on the edge of the giant bed, Bucky grabbed the glass and plate from your hands, moving to set it on the nightstand, “Your room is … big.”
You grew a bit nervous as the bed dipped beside you and Bucky took a seat. You always felt his strong energy, even last night, but now it was a bit overpowering. You blamed it on the approaching full moon and tried to ignore it, “You don’t like it?”
“No, no, I like it. It’s … simple,” Bucky tried his best to register your mood. Were you nervous? That was the last feeling he expected to feel from you. You were always rambling or talking about something you were annoyingly passionate about. 
“What’s wrong?” Bucky asked, his head turned to you. 
You didn’t answer him, “What do you know about the Stark pack?”
Bucky’s hands folded together and his jaw clenched as reality set in, “I sense you know of your father’s plans.”
“I had a suspicion,” You sighed.
“And … you’re unhappy with his decision?” 
You were quiet for a moment, “What if it isn’t a good idea?”
“I’m sure … I’m sure your father wouldn’t lead you astray. The man infuriates me but he’s usually quite wise …”
“You’re right …” You said, staring back at the Alpha who seemed to be experiencing a whirlwind of emotions behind his eyes, “My nightmares, they just make me nervous for the future-”
“You could stay,” Bucky stated quickly, sure of himself. His hand touched your thigh and your eyes began to widen, “With me, I mean. And, of course, Monica would be here too.”
You swallowed the lump in your throat, “You don’t mean … I’m an Omega, Alpha Bucky.”
A thin smile pulled at his lips, “I’ve noticed that, yes. Believe me, my offer does not come from a place of ignorance. I’ve been thinking about this, I promise, and it could be good for both of us. You could stay near your sister and I could …”
It took everything in you to push away from that bed, “My Dad would be livid. Beyond livid, actually. And Peter. The treaty. It would throw everything off balance, Alpha Bucky.” He stood, his shadow draping over you as you took a hesitant step back. 
“Who needs balance if there is a connection here. My wolf feels yours, they’re drawn to each other, I know you can sense that.”
“Listen, little wolf, please,” He insisted, stepping closer, “I’ve never been sure before, not in my entire life. This, I am sure about.”
You shook your head, “Well, I am not,” Bucky’s eyes seemed to darken, “I like you and there’s a connection, yes, but as my father’s daughter, I have responsibilities. I respect him too much to go behind his back. You have to understand that.” 
“You came here tonight. That night in the forest. You didn’t know it but you called me to your room last night. What am I supposed to make of your advances-”
“Advances? I thought you were a friend-”
“Stop,” He commanded, leaving your body frigid from the power of his voice, “Don’t move.”
He took your face into his hands and you whimpered, “Bucky, I gave you the wrong impression.”
“No, you may not know it yet but this is what your wolf wants. We’re animals, underneath it all, and there’s only so much we can control our own desires,” You pushed against his chest when he smashed his lips on yours. You bit down on your bottom lip, wishing your feet would push you further away from him. When he pulled away, he was grinning, blood on his lips, “Biting, huh? I’m happy to play along with your game.”
You opened your mouth but he was too quick, “Don’t scream, little wolf. The screaming is the next part.”
His hands move to your waist, pulling you into his muscular body. He kissed you again, kissing the sides of your mouth and chin.  Your hands pulled into small fists as he held you, his touch sending foreign feelings through your body. You felt an overwhelming warmth, more than his body heat, but the warmth of the bond his own wolf felt for yours. His mouth met with your neck and that's when your lips parted and moans escaped your lips. 
“Please,” Was all you could manage. “Please stop.”
Your mouth was saying one thing but it was clear to him that you enjoyed his touch, “Don’t think of me like the bad guy, Omega. When I’m your Alpha, I won’t be like Fury. I’ll let you be who you are, you won’t be just an object to pawn off for power. You’ll be my Omega but you’ll stand beside me, not behind. You’ll be happy with me. I can take the nightmares aways, remember?”
“No, no,” You resisted, knowing deep down that he was that darkness in your dream. You were right to be scared but you hadn’t suspected that you should be scared of me, “M-My father will challenge you a-and you’ll lose any respect you once had.”
He grabbed you roughly by your chin, his forehead pressed against yours as he held your body, “I’ve never cared much for puritanical pack society … why should I care now, Omega?”
You sniffled, “Because you care about me?”
“You’re young, little wolf. I don’t expect you to fully understand but it's because I care that I have to do this. It will only hurt for a little while, okay?” He wasn’t asking for permission and as he pulled his face from yours, his eyes went black, and you were already screaming as his sharp canines protruded from his mouth. 
He pulled your head to the side, sinking his teeth into your shoulder. As you collapsed, he kept you in his arms, and you both went down to your knees. It was an indescribable pain, paralyzing, until it wasn’t. Your vision blurred as it felt like the strongest drug rushed through your body. It was not the way you imagined you’d be marked, you surely weren’t in love, and the man who’d claimed you was unhinged. 
As you slipped into the darkness, you heard someone screaming your name. You felt a little hope that you’d be saved but you couldn’t hold on longer. 
Tumblr media
You grabbed your shoulder instantly as your eyes shot open, roughly pulling yourself from slumber. You winced, your hand running over the bandaged skin, as you realized the magnitude of the situation. Taking a moment to look around your surroundings, you found that you were somewhere that you didn’t recognize. 
It was a small, one-room cabin, the living room, kitchen and the bed you were on were all in the same room. A tear slipped down your face as you threw your legs over the side of the bed. Your legs were bare, your bridesmaid dress gone, and a large t-shirt was the only thing that you were wearing. He’d undressed you all the way and had no problem with it, probably due to the fact that he’d bonded you together for life. 
He’d even made sure to bring Mr. Cuddlebear along though you weren’t sure anything could calm you now. 
As you were about to push yourself off the bed, the cabin door opened, and a shirtless, freshly-shifted Bucky appeared. He took one look at you and his jaw clenched. 
“W-Where are we?”
“Couple miles off of my territory,” He stated, shutting the door and walking to the kitchen. As he turned his back, you got up from the bed, moving cautiously towards the fireplace which was closer to the door, “So no one can bother us.”
“My Father, where is he? How did you … without him knowing …” 
He reached into the cabinet, grabbing a glass to fill with tap water. You were eyeing the door, wondering if he was just pretending to be distracted by his task, “Oh, he knew,” Bucky chuckled, “He was livid, like you said, but he couldn’t do anything. He can’t touch you anymore now that you’re bitten. No one can.”
Your face fell, “But-” Bucky turned around and it hit you. The bite reshaped your chemistry and now any Alpha wouldn’t be able to get near you until you were fully mated. Alpha Fury wasn’t coming for you. 
But Monica-
“Monica isn’t coming either, little wolf. Remember, I’m her Alpha now too,” Bucky moved forward, the glass in hand, “You should drink, you lost a good amount of blood.”
You stepped to the side, moving away as he approached, “You knew you’d only hurt me, even when I thought you were my friend.”
His lips pressed into a thin line as he moved closer, “I know that’s how you feel now-” You climbed onto the couch and over it as he moved closer, “Y/N, come here. Now.” You eyed the door, now closer to it than he was. 
“You’re a monster.”
“Little mate, if you continue to not listen to me, I’m going to come over there, throw you over my shoulder, and tie you down to that bed for the next few days because that's just the type of mood I’m in right now.”
“I’ll never. Be. Your mate-”
 The sound of breaking glass made you jump and you watched the cup crumble in his grasp. Almost falling, you made a sprint for the door. As soon as you’d gotten it open, a hand was above you, slamming it closed. He grabbed you by the waist, pulling you back towards the bed. 
He pushed you down onto it, making sure not to put any pressure on your bite, before climbing on top of you. He pinned down your kicking legs, saying, “You’ll hurt yourself, little mate,” He tried to console you, shushing you as you began to whimper, “Please don’t fight it anymore…” But you panicked even more as he lifted your shirt. 
He gripped your thighs tightly, pulling your exposed sex to his mouth. One hand you could barely move because of the bite, the other gripped the comforter tightly, as he kissed between your thighs. Of course you’d never been touched so Bucky would be as gentle as he could manage. He also knew that your new bite would heighten every feeling he gave you and it wasn’t long before you’d be a mewling mess. 
You thought that maybe you’d gone into heat, that’s why his touch felt so good, but you were very wrong. You could only imagine what it would feel like when your body craved to be pregnant. He cooled your fire, and within thirty seconds you were already having your first orgasm. He kept his mouth on you as you rode out the pleasure, not letting you take any breaks as he began to kiss up your body, moving the shirt further and further up your body. 
He kissed over your mark which sent waves of pleasure through you, making him growl, “You’re mine, little mate,” Then he kissed your lips as you moaned against them. As he positioned himself between your legs, you knew what was coming. 
“Bucky, please. I-I’m scared.”
“It’ll hurt just for a little while,” He assured you, reaching above you to grab Mr. Cuddlebear, “Hold on to your bear, little wolf.”
You held the stuffed bear tightly against your chest as he positioned himself at your entrance. You could feel how big he was even as you tried to avoid eye contact with him. Looking away didn’t last long as he grabbed your chin, making sure he could see your face as he slid each inch inside of you. He stretched you open, taking the air from your lungs, as you tried to adjust to the feeling. 
“That’s it, I’ve got you,” He grunted, leaning down to kiss your chin. He’d slowly pull in and out of you, letting you get used to him. He kissed over your mark again, easing the pain, and turning your whimpers into moans, “Good girl, my good girl.”
“Please,” You started to wish for him to push you over the edge, to give you another orgasm, not for him to let you go. He kissed you, using his hand to rub your sensitive bulb as he pushed in and out of you, “Please, please - ah!”
Your back arched and your senses were delighted as an orgasm ripped through you. He didn’t slow, speeding up his pace, as he went back to kissing over your bite. He reached below you, pulling you further down onto his member. He was animalistic, every natural instinct in his body telling him to pleasure you until you couldn’t walk anymore and to round your belly. 
You came again, this time at the same time as him, your bodies melting together as he released within you. As he laid against you, catching his breath, you could see the setting sun shining through the window. He wasn’t anything like you feared and maybe that's why you trusted him so easily.
“You’ll be happy with me one day, I promise,” He kissed your wet cheeks. 
Part of you hoped you could trust him again because, after all, that mark was forever.
Tumblr media
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kitashinsvks · 11 months ago
he makes you feel insecure
he accidentally makes you feel insecure
Pairings: Suna x Reader, Kita x Reader
Warnings: Mentions of insecurity, kinda angsty, happy ending
A/N: One of my longest so far, this wasn’t requested. I just wanted more Suna and Kita content
request here !!
hmyi masterlist
Tumblr media
- You and Suna’s personalities contrasted
- You were bubbly while he was more passive.
- The both of you know that Suna tends to be sharp tongued, especially when something pisses him off.
- He had a bad day due to Atsumu calling him out for lazing around practice
- You tried to make him feel better but it didn’t turn out so well
“Rin, you should eat.” You said, placing a tray of snacks in front of him. The team’s practice dragged on and Suna was drained by the time that practice was over.
Suna grumbled, sitting up before narrowing his eyes on what you were wearing.
“Is that my hoodie?” Suna asked, you smiled a bit and nodded at him.
“Yeah, why?” You plopped a chip on your tongue, savoring the salty taste as you chewed.
“Well, don’t you have your own?” He asked, no hint of amusement in his tone at all, causing you to stop midchew. You nodded, swallowing the chip and biting back a frown.
“Then why don’t you wear your own clothes? I’m not paying for the hoodies for you, (Y/N).” You looked at him, trying to find signs that he was only saying that as a prank, but as you look at his fox like eyes, you see no signs of him kidding.
“I’m sorry if it bothers yo-” “Yes, it bothers me. I’ve been looking for my hoodies only to see you parading them around as if it were yours.” You take note of the tears building up in your eyes as you looked away and nodded at him.
“I’ll wash them and return it to you tomorrow in the morning, Rin.” You said, fighting the lump that built up in your throat. You could feel Suna nod at your statement as he pulled out his phone and began scrolling. You took out yours as well before sending a quick text to your friend to ask her to call you. Without question, your friend did. Your ringtone blasting, effectively breaking the tensed silence.
“I’m sorry, Rin. (friend) needs me for something. I have to go.”
“Wait, (Y/N).” he stopped you as you stood up and gathered your things.
“Yeah?” “Can I have that hoodie back?” You wanted to laugh bitterly at that, but you stopped yourself. Nodding, you took off the hoodie and placed it on his table.
“Be safe on your way out, (Y/N).” You give him a smile and thanks before closing the door shut as you left.
When you got home, you sought out every hoodie that belonged to Suna before folding them up and placing them in a bag after ensuring that it was clean.
His word rung through your head as you finally let a few tears slip.
You opened your closet and pulled your own hoodies, once you were done. You let yourself fall asleep, not noticing the texts that Suna was sending you.
The next day, you walked to your lockers and saw Suna already waiting for you. Once he felt your presence, he looked up from his phone and pocketed it before giving you a hug.
“Sorry for being kind of an asshole yesterday, baby.” He said as you hugged back, swallowing the lump in your throat.
“Oh, right. Here are your hoodies, Rin. I cleaned them before folding it.” You said, giving Suna the bag. He gave you a conflicted look. He was about to say something before he was cut off by the morning bell.
“Better go to your class, Rin.” You said before pecking his cheek and walking to your class.
Suna felt like there was something off about you. He shook his head at the thought. ‘If it bothers them, they would tell me.’ He thought before heading to his class.
You managed to get used to not asking your boyfriend for his hoodies, it was hard, but you managed. Even though you wanted nothing more but to inhale the cologne that left his hoodie whenever you wore them. Suna, on the other hand felt like there was something wrong especially when you stopped bugging him.
He noticed you went out shopping more with your friends. Your closet intaking more and more articles of long sleeves, he thought it was a good thing before he noticed that his hoodies stopped feeling warm after a while.  
Suna, who was supposed to be over the moon after his hoodies have been returned to him, felt like there was something missing whenever he pulled his hoodies over his figure.
Your scent. It was your scent that was missing.
Suna then noticed that after you returned his missing hoodies, you stopped asking for his ever since. He thought of anything that he could’ve done for you to stop approaching him, then his mind went back to what he said when he was in a bad mood.
Suna almost beat himself up mentally for not noticing how much his words affected you, he had to make this right.
“Hey, baby.” He said opening your room’s door before plopping himself next to you on the bed, you gave him a smile and a peck on the cheek before scrolling through your phone.
Suna peered at your phone to see you on a shopping application, scrolling through various clothing, his heart feeling heavy when you pressed on a hoodie design.
“Hey.” He called out, you looked up from your phone, silently asking to continue his statement.
“It seems a bit cold in your room, do you want my hoodie?” He asked, you were tempted to say yes but his words once more evaded your thoughts.
“Ah, no thank you.” You smiled at the offer even though you were having a battle inside your mind for being stubborn. “I have my own.” You said before reaching out to the foot of your bed where a hoodie rested, for nights where your blanket wasn’t enough.
“Oh.. yeah.” Suna awkwardly said, his heart dropping at the blatant rejection.
“Are you sure you don’t want mine? It’s your favorite hoodie.” He attempted once more. You shook your head before your started to pull your hoodie over your figure.
“No thank you, it’s yours.” You said, before you knew it you were wrapped around in Suna’s arms.
“Rin… What?”
“I didn’t mean it.” He mumbled. Your eyes pricked, knowing exactly what he was talking about.
“I just really had a bad day that day, I’m so sorry for saying those words to you. I miss the scent you leave on my hoodies. I want it back.” He said, tightening his hug on your body. You ran your fingers comfortingly on his back knowing how hard this must’ve been for him to let out, especially knowing that he tends to not show off any emotions.
“Aw, Rin.” You sighed, he grunted in response, burying his face on your chest, trying to memorize the comforting scent that he was too foolish to let go of.
“I’m sorry too.”
“You have nothing to apologize for. Don’t say you’re sorry.” His voice mumbled out. You pulled his face from your chest to face you, his eyes filled with guilt as you smiled at him.
“If it makes you feel any better. I forgive you.” You smiled.
“Take my hoodie.”
“I’m going to feel better if you take my hoodie and forget the stupidity I said before.” You laughed before letting him pull off your hoodie before he replaced it with his.
His scent overfilled your senses as you pulled on the collar to sniff it.
Suna’s heart swelled up at the sight, before plopping himself beside you and cuddling against you.
“Yes, Rin?”
“Let’s go to sleep.”
Tumblr media
- We all know he is a straightforward captain
- Not only as a captain but also as a person
- You’re no exemption to his cold ways and you’re aware of that
- He often forgets that you do not have the same mindset he does
- So that leads to a string of misunderstandings
- Bb doesn’t really know why he offended you
It was a tensed practice. The team was feeling pressured due to Kita’s unwavering presence. Atsumu and Osamu kept yelling at each other. Suna was just filming the whole thing, unbothered. No matter what Kita said, his voice was overpowered over Atsumu and Osamu’s argument.
Their manager, Rui, had managed to quiet the twins down. The team finally letting out a breath that they held. Kita showed her his thanks as the team went back to practice properly. The tension was still there.
You came in, having a small skip to your step. Smiling as you went inside the gym with a bag of snacks to give to the team. You were a second-year manager, having been convinced by Suna to join the volleyball team. You were glad you did because you have somehow managed to catch the attention of the cold-logic captain.
Not noticing the tension in the room, you placed the snacks down and you went to the place beside your senior manager and talked about the events you missed while you were out.
After a practice set was done, Rui walked out of the gym to gather retrieve the jerseys that were washed. You walked over to Kita to relay some good news on your part.
“You’re late.” His cold voice started. Your smile dropped a bit at his tone before apologizing.
“I’m so-”
“How are you supposed to fully take charge of the team as a manager if you can’t even make it into practices on time.” By now, everyone was listening to the exchange. Atsumu was looking at you worriedly as you shook your head slight, smile still on your face.
“Look, Shin. It’s not as if I wanted to be late-”
“But you were.” He cut you off, you swallowed and nodded your head. He was right. However, it wasn’t your fault that the teacher asked you to stay back in order to relay news that you were one of the students who climbed up in the academic ranks. Unable to contain your excitement to the news, you thought of buying the team some food to brighten up their day as well. Being selfless was one of the traits that made Kita fall for you.
“If you could just let me explain then maybe you-”
“(L/N)-san. Whatever reason you have is inexcusable. You should know that as a manager you are expected to be courteous in these types of assemblies.” He stated, still with a straight face.
You are no exemption to Kita’s cold logic.
“Kita-san, I don’t think (L/N)-san wanted to be late.” Akagi tried helping you out.
Kita looked back at him with piercing eyes, the latter letting out a shiver. “However, they are still late. Am I correct?” Akagi hesitantly nodded, shooting you an apologetic look. You smiled in thanks for his defense.
Kita turned to look back at you, “We do not need a manager who thinks that they have all the time in the world and show up late to practice.” He started, your smile dropping at his words.
“How are the third years supposed to leave when they know they are about to leave the team in the hands of an incompetent manager.”
“Oi, Kita.” Aran warned, Kita turned to face him. “You’re going too far.”
“I have not said anything that are not based on observations.” He stated, before looking at you once more.
“You are nowhere Rui’s level of duty.” And with that, you blinked the tears you didn’t know you were holding. The action shocking everyone in the room as they did not expect Kita to say such words to his (S/O).
“I get it, Kita. You need not remind me and I apologize for dragging the team down.” You said as loud as your voice can muster. At this point, the whole team wants to desperately console you, but you surprised them both with a smile.
“I guess you are right, Kita-san.” You started. “Maybe this job is not meant for me, I apologize for not being like Rui.” You bowed before making your way out the door, momentarily stopping to face Suna. “I apologize for not meeting your team’s expectations, Rinta.” And with that you left the gym.
The gym was quiet. No one wanting to make a sound. No one knowing how to approach what just unfolded in front of their eyes.
Everyone eyed each other awkwardly, Suna stood up from his place and looked at Kita who was cleaning a volleyball with a blank look on his face.
“Well, I’m done with practice.” Suna called out, zipping his practice bag.
“Practice isn’t over, we still have 2 hours!” Ginjima said, looking nervously between the captain and his teammate.
“Yeah, well. If I see my best friend crying due to the insensitivity of their boyfriend, I think it is my responsibility as a best friend to check up on them.” Suna said, Kita’s head perking up at his words.
“Practice will still be practice tomorrow, but (Y/N)’s wellbeing is my priority right now.” With those words, Osamu stood up and packed up as well, deciding to side with Suna on this.
“See ya.”
 Ever since that incident, you have avoided Kita like the plague. Which was made easy due to your year difference.
Osamu and Atsumu updates you on his wellbeing, even though you don’t ask. They know that you still care about their captain.
Your phone is filled with countless unread messages from Kita who asked about how you are and if you and him can talk. You did not reply to a single one, leaving him on delivered since the past few days.
It doesn’t mean that he did not try to talk to you, because he did. It was only because Suna and the twins never left your side so he did not get the proper timing.
“Are you really sure about this, (Y/N)?” Atsumu asked as you signed the resignation form of your managerial responsibilities.
“I think it would be for the best, my own boyfriend did say that I’m not competent enough to manage you.” You smiled bitterly as flashbacks from that day evaded your mind.
Suna and the twins frowned at your statement, the four of you walking to the coach’s office.
“Text us if you need up to pick you up, (Y/N)-chan.” Osamu said, ruffling your hair a bit. You scoffed at his actions.
“We’re in school, as if I’ll get lost.” You joked as you bid the three of them goodbye and knocking on the coach’s door.
“Pardon me for intruding-” Your words were cut off as you realized the coach was not alone and was with Kita, reviewing different reports.
“Ah, what brings you here, (Y/N)?” The sound of your name made Kita perk up, looking at you with longing despite his deadpanned expression.
“I can come back at a better time, sir.” You said, the coach shook his head before gesturing to the documents on your hand.
“I came to drop off my resignation paper, I’m sorry, sir.” Kita’s eyes widened at those words and he uncharacteristically dragged you out of the room with a small goodbye to the coach, your papers in Kita’s hands.
“You are not leaving the team, (Y/N).” Kita plainly stated. You scoffed, trying to retrieve back your documents.
“I don’t think you have a right to say what I can or cannot do, Kita-san.”
He looked down on the ground before sighing and looking back at you. Next thing you knew he had his arms wrapped around you, you wanted to struggle. But you know you don’t want to lie to yourself and say you do not miss your boyfriend’s presence.
You sighed, arms hanging by limply at your sides, itching to hug Kita back.
“I’ve been a terrible boyfriend.” You almost wanted to laugh at that. You tried pulling away from his hug, but you noticed his grip tightening and his arms slightly shaking, as if you would disappear if you pulled away from his grasp.
“I’ve said some things that I am not proud of.” He started, “I broke my promise to you and hurt you with my words.”
“Kita-san, it’s okay.”
“It’s not okay, love.” Your heart swooned at his pet name.
“I shouldn’t have said those words, I wasn’t thinking.”
“Well, Kita-”
“Since when did you call me Kita, It’s Shin to you.” He cut you off, earning a short laugh from you, before your voice turned somber.
“I know you don’t mean it, but like as you said. Those came from observations. And you’re right. I do not deserve to be the manager.”
He pulled away slightly, “I cannot express how sorry I am to have made you doubt your capabilities like that.” He placed his chin on top of your head, you felt tears building up once more as you blinked them away, Kita felt your slight shaking, he pulled away before placing his thumbs under your eyes.
“I’m sorry, love. Hurting you was my last intention.” He said before pressing a soft kiss on your forehead, you gripped the hands that caressed your face before giving him a small smile.
“It’s fine, Shinsuke.”
“Please stay.”
You give him a nod as his eyes softened, a small smile on his face as he leaned down to give you a soft kiss.
“I missed you.” You smiled as you pulled away.
“As have I, my love.” Kita responded.
“Not to ruin your moment, but it’s time for practice.” Atsumu’s voice interrupted your moment, followed by a sharp thwack on his head, courtesy of Aran.
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payperhearts · 2 months ago
𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒌 𝒇𝒓𝒐𝒎 𝒉𝒐𝒎𝒆
Tumblr media
pairing: ceo!andy x employee!reader
summary: andy loves teasing you, and during quarantine he would definitely take advantage of working from home and online meetings.
this fic was written for @navybrat817 and @stargazingfangirl18  ’s shameless hoes for chris 2021 writing challenge. happy early birthday to both of you, i loved, loved, loved writing this! thank you for hosting this challenge <333
character: andy barber; trope: ceo au; kink: cockwarming; dialogue prompt: "i thought i told you to stay still"
warnings: smut, 18+ minors dni, cockwarming, unprotected sex, slight nipple play, slight daddy kink.
word count: 1.5k+
Tumblr media
The situation that you were in right now wasn't anything new to you, but there wasn't much you could do except to take what your boss gave you. 
You were very aware of the fact that the CEO of the Barber & Co. was a little shit, well, he wasn't to you most of the time, but when it came to teasing, he just thrived off of your suffering. 
It had all started the moment you had stepped out of the shower with just a towel draped around your body, you weren't expecting Andy to be up by then, but he was. He had been waiting for the sound of the shower to cease and for you to step out. He could be a little needy in the mornings, and you didn't mind that, but when you graced him with the sight of your practically naked form, hidden just by a towel, he wasn't just needy anymore, he was hungry. You had avoided him as you prepared breakfast for both of you, avoided him while you got ready for your work from home meetings for the day, but he managed to convince you to give him a fraction of your time, and that is how you ended up where you were. 
"Your meeting, Andy," you whined, "we don't have too long."
"We have enough time, baby," he said as he lazily sucked on your nipple, grazing his teeth along your sensitive skin as he pulled away. He grazed his beard against your chest while switching to the other breast, knowing the effect it had on you, and no doubt, it sent you keening, making him smirk in return. He took his time with your breasts; sucking, nipping, biting and marking them, till the reminder on his phone went off. 
"Sorry, sweetheart, it's time for my meeting," Andy said, pulling away abruptly, and the way you whined told him that he had you right where he wanted.
"But you can't do that to me, daddy," you pleaded, "I've been a good girl the whole time!"
You missed how his lips quirked up into a smug smirk as you watched him get off the bed. He walked to his closet and pulled out a crisp, white shirt, putting it on and then grabbed a tie to complete his look. When he turned around, he chuckled softly seeing your pouty lips and the need swirling in your eyes. 
"What's so funny?" you asked with a huff, folding your arms across your naked chest.
"Nothing, honey, you look cute when you're needy," he said.
"I wasn't the one who was needy, I told you we didn't have a lot of time," you argued.
"Yep, you weren't the one who was needy, but you are the one who is needy," Andy said, giving you one of his lopsided smiles, as he switched on his laptop and settled on the couch. You understood now, he was getting back at you for not giving him the attention he demanded all morning, and he was going to give you the same treatment you gave him. 
You stared at him in disbelief, not because he had decided not to wear any pants, but because he had started it all just for his revenge. Come on, with people working from home during quarantine, there had to be something seriously wrong with those who actually bothered to put on pants, besides, Andrew Barber looked equally good in just his boxers. 
"Okay, okay," he said, feeling your gaze burning into him, "you've been a good girl, and you deserve a reward for that too, come here, sweet girl." 
Without wasting another second, you crawled across the bed and padded across the floor to your boyfriend, desperate for a release. 
"Take off your panties," Andy said while he got out of his boxers himself, and spread his legs across the couch with his back against the armrest, "good, now come sit on daddy's cock."
You eagerly straddled him as soon as he finished speaking, and he lined himself with your entrance before you sank down on him, making both of you groan in unison. You leaned your head against his chest while you adjusted to his size, and felt him press a kiss to your temple.
"You're going to keep daddy warm throughout the meeting," he cooed, and your head snapped up, "don't move or it will be too obvious for people to guess what we're doing."
"But-," you started, but your protest was cut short by him. 
"No buts and ifs, Y/N, I'm running late for my meeting," Andy spoke, not paying any attention to you as he typed away on his laptop. 
He was unbelievable, he couldn't do that to you after giving you hope. So deciding to take matters in your hands, you lifted your hips up, only to grind down on him, making him grunt in response. It happened all so quickly that you couldn't register when his expression turned into a stern one, and he gripped your thighs painfully hard. 
"I thought I told you to stay still," he said, "you know what happens when you don't listen to daddy, sweetheart."
Yes, you knew, he would edge you for hours before letting you come, and you were too desperate to let that happen, and you just whimpered in response. 
Andy balanced the laptop on your thighs, and without sparing you a glance joined his meeting. You should've seen this coming, he loved teasing you during office hours, and it had all started when he filed for the divorce from Laurie, and you had decided to go check on him as a friend outside of work. Well, to say the least, one thing led to another, and he was fucking you on his desk that evening. Since then, the christening of the desk became a regular practice, so did the fingering under the conference tables. Your dirty deeds didn't stop right there, Andy would even make you wear vibrating panties when you were supposed to give a presentation, and would switch it on at a time where you would've forgotten you were even wearing those. God, if he didn't admire how you maintained your composure in public. When the quarantine started, you thought all that teasing would stop for a while, but Andy was creative enough to come up with ways to keep himself entertained.
You glanced at the clock hanging on the wall opposite from you, his meeting was to continue for another hour, and you were getting impatient. It was boring to listen to the head of marketing rambling about marketing strategies. As an employee, you weren't supposed to know the information being discussed there, but then again, you weren't supposed to fuck your boss either, so.
With every passing second, your patience wore off bit by bit, and you couldn't move, because the laptop was sitting on your thighs, but just like your boyfriend, you were quite creative as well. You clenched your muscles around him, hoping to give him a taste of his own medicine, and the second you did so, his blue eyes snapped up to look at you. His gaze sent shivers down your spine and you didn't dare to do it again, for your own good, so just like that, you succumbed to your suffering. 
You would think Andy was enjoying himself, but honestly, it was taking everything in him to not throw his laptop away and pound into you. He was distracted, and could you really blame him when everytime he looked at the screen, he saw your nipples staring back at him?
By the time the meeting was over, you were pathetic, your wetness dripping down his cock and down on to the couch. Andy was no better, with him buried to the hilt inside you for an hour and unable to do anything, he lost his composure the second his meeting ended. He slammed his laptop shut, not caring if he cracked the screen, and carried you to the bed.
"You were such a good girl for daddy today, sweetheart, you've made him happy," he grunted into your ear before he began pounding into you relentlessly. You didn't mind that, in fact that was what you needed after being denied for so long, and given how sensitive you were, you were already close.
"I-I am close, Andy," you said, your voice sounding absolutely wrecked, and that only made his cock twitch inside you.
"Let go, pretty girl, let go for daddy," he said, his hand reaching your clit to aid you. Three more thrusts from him were all it took for you to finish with a whine, with your toes curling and your eyes rolling to the back of your head. But that didn't stop Andy, he was still pounding into you for a minute or so till he reached his high as well. He pulled away slightly to kiss you softly while his seed painted your walls. You both were panting heavily as you kissed, your breaths intermingling with the other's and once your breathing was back to normal, he gently pulled out of you. You were too exhausted to care about what he was doing, but he returned to bed with a warm, damp washcloth.
"Take the day off, you deserve some rest," Andy said as he cleaned you.
"I can't I n-," you started but he cut you off.
"Shh, I can talk to anyone who has a problem," he said, kissing your cheek. Well, dating the CEO definitely had its perks.
Tumblr media
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dmb-fngrl · 2 months ago
Animal Hybrids Pt. 2
TW: Slight NSFW, 18+
Includes: Iida, Kaminari, Mirio, Shinsou
Tumblr media
another wolf hybrid
Iida does a better job of keeping his instincts in check than Bakugou, but...
just barely
if you listen closely, you can hear a faint growl whenever someone else gets a bit too close to you for his liking
dating Iida is an all-or-nothing thing
he's a loyal boi™ and he expects loyalty from his partner in return
but he always emphasizes that it's your choice to date him, and if you ever want to break up, then he'll respect your decision to do so
of course you don't want to, but he's a bit insecure
reassurance cuddles!!!!
he's the big spoon tbh
also loves marking you
he get super embarrassed about it when he looks at you after sex and sees the absolute mess of hickies he's left, most of which can't be hidden by your uniform
a small part of him is proud, though, that everyone can see you're his
he, like other wolf/dog hybrids, has a knot
the first time you had sex you cried because he shoved his knot all the way in without warning
he's learned since then
he has a breeding kink too, but it's usually kept under wraps until his rut hits
during his rut, he's not satisfied until your eyes are crossed and you can't say anything except his name and "please"
"Oh, come on love. If you want me to f*ck you full of pups, you have to use your words."
Tumblr media
I can't think of anything except the words "electric fox"
he barks when he's happy, and you can see his ears and tail droop visibly when he's sad
he's really playful
courting behavior of foxes includes play-fighting, so whenever you're free, he's tugging you away to spar
you always want to pet it
he can't hold off with the scenting
it seems like every other minute of the day, he's rubbing himself up against you, making you smell just like him
he has a den in his closet, just like Monoma
if you can't find Kaminari, he's probably in his den
also he wraps his tail around himself when he sleeps and it's PRECIOUS
he practically jumps you every time he sees you during his mating season
you always end up doing it wherever is the most secluded
alley sex, bathroom sex, and lots and lots of car sex has been had for this reason
foxes also have knots, though, so if you can, try and convince Kaminari to have sex at home so you're not stuck in a Starbucks bathroom for upwards of 3 hours
Tumblr media
ngl I went back and forth on this on for a while
but I finally decided
Mirio is a dog hybrid
particularly a golden retriever
because isn't he already?
he gets really excited when you come home
he'll talk your ear off, asking about your day, new people you met, and most of all "Why were you gone so long?"
you just went to the store for bread
but he loves you
he makes sure to tell you every day
he showers you in compliments, and honestly doesn't expect any in return
tell him anyway
even if he doesn't know it, he needs to hear how good of a boyfriend he is
just like Midoriya, he whines if you tease him in bed
if you do it too much, though, he will overpower you and tease the heck out of you to make up for it
he also has a knot
so every time you have sex, it's like a 4 hour affair solely because he can't pull out until his knot goes down
has an amazing tongue
I will say nothing more
Tumblr media
can't get the idea of cat Shinsou out of my head
he sleeps in patches of sunlight or really wherever it's warm
(he particularly likes your lap for this reason)
he has to decide that he can trust you before he'll let himself be comfortable around you
he has a nest that he also likes to sleep in
you guys take naps together
honestly, you probably spend more time with your boyfriend when he's unconscious than when he's awake
he says he doesn't like you petting his ears, but....
he loves it
don't tell him I said so, but he will actively seek you out when he wants pets
he doesn't like having his tail touched
he has almost bitten you before
don't try it
he licks you literally all the time
like, you'll just be hanging out and suddenly he'll lick your cheek
you know how some girls just, like, casually bite their partners?
it's like that
he has a barbed penis
you expected it to hurt the first time you had sex with him
but instead it felt...weirdly good?
it's just the right amount of drag when he pulls out to thrust back in again
he also likes playing with your kitty, if you know what I mean 😏
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