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skinandbones4mea day ago
Things I'm聽doing to try and get bad again 馃槏
-Watching shows/movies with ed plots
-getting all my favorite safe foods
-doing one exercise video a day, then adding one more every week
-drinking lots of water
-going on proana tumblr everyday
-watching obesity documentaries
-watching supersize vs superskinny
drop some more ideas down in the comments please i need to loose some weight before school 馃檹
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popcornceilingfeeling2 days ago
I'm so jealous.
Jealous of the people who don't worry about food.
Jealous of the skinny girls that look great in any outfits.
Jealous of the girls that can fit into "one size fits all" or "Asian size" clothes.
Jealous of the girls who sit down and don't have to worry about if their stomach is pouring out.
I'm fed up with waiting. This is my time now to become one of those girls.
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twaumabitch2 days ago
i remember a little while ago, my mom bought Nutella.
she hid it in some drawer, I鈥檓 not sure where. but apparently, one day, there was less. and she pulled me into the kitchen, and she sat down, and she told me i was going to gain weight. and i was unhealthy. so i asked her why, and she said 鈥渂ecause you ate so much of my Nutella.鈥 and i said 鈥渨e had Nutella? you didn鈥檛 tell me.鈥 and she said 鈥測eah. and this is why. because you ate all of it. so i had to hide it from you.鈥 and it was confusing, but i think about it sometimes. and i think about she compares my weight to my friends鈥. and how she recently texted my dad about how i was 鈥渦nhealthy.鈥 鈥渙bese.鈥 鈥渨orried about my recent weight gain.鈥 because she鈥檚 鈥渨orried people won鈥檛 like me.- i won鈥檛 have friends or opportunities.鈥
Ah, she鈥檚 just texted me about how she鈥檚 upset i didn鈥檛 eat dinner. isn鈥檛 that so very ironic?
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ich-b1n-niemanda day ago
tw!! thinspo,ed
Thinspo <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
there's no such thing as too thin<3~
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itastethinspoa day ago
50 excuses for people to use to avoid eating, you can add your own to the list as well if you want, Some of them are the common ana ones but I've tried to think of some more that are new and original. (Not my idea scroll to see)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1. I'm not hungry, so there's no point eating
2. I don't feel well I have a stomachache/period pains/feel sick/diaherrea, etc.
3. My dentist told me I can't eat anything for at least 2 hours.
4. I can't eat that, I have an allergy/gluten/dairy intolerance
5. I can't eat that, I'm vegan/vegetarian
6. I already ate
7. I would but I'm going out for a meal with friends later and I don't want to spoil my appetite.
8. I'm fasting for lent/Ramadan (This one probably will only work if it actually is lent/Ramadan and you are religious)
9. I don't like -insert food here-
10. Sorry, -insert food here- really doesn't agree with me when I eat it, so I think I should stay away from it.
11. I have a fear of public eating
12. I have a lot of work to do, I'll get something later.
13. I've just taken some medication which I can't eat food with.
14. I've already planned to eat with family/friends/a friend.
15. I forgot my lunch, but it's okay, I'm not that hungry anyway.
16. I forgot my money, but it's okay, I'm not that hungry anyway.
17. Just change the subject quickly.
18. Cut them off and tell them you've got to go.
19. I can't stand greasy food/fast food/Italian/Chinese/Indian
20. I don't really feel in the mood for -insert food here-, I might have -insert another food- at home instead.
21. I went to a buffet at lunch, so I don't think I really want dinner.
22. I have a really bad hangover, I don't think I can stomach any food at the moment.
23. I got food poisoning from that once, I don't think I'll ever be able to stomach it again.
24. I actually found out I'm allergic to -insert ingredient-, So I don't think its the best idea.
25. I've got to go soon, I'll probably grab a bite to eat later.
26. I have a sore throat/burnt my mouth, so it's really painful to eat, I think I'll just stick with soup.
27. No thanks, maybe later (They might actually save you it for later though, so you may need to be prepared for that)
28. Sorry I don't like spicy food.
29. I'm not a big fan of anything sweet to be honest.
30. I'm going to a birthday party today and there is going to be food there.
31. You know what, I was so hungry this morning I had a massive breakfast, I had -insert foods here- and now its lunch time I don't feel hungry at all!
32. I'm having a blood test this morning, so I was told not to eat anything until then.
33. Urghhh! I better not, for some reason it goes straight to my head (If someone offers you a drink)
34. I would, but I promised -insert name- I'd go with him/her to -insert restaurant here-
35. I'll have something at my next break (At work or school), I'm not really hungry at the moment.
36. I have really bad toothache, I literally can only eat liquids like soup.
37. I've got really bad acid reflux at the moment.
38. I would but -insert name- is cooking me dinner tonight.
39. When they offer it to you just give them a reallg disgust face and pretend to gag like its your most hated food ever.
40. No thanks, I hate any meals that are packaged. I prefer homemade things.
41. Ewww no, have you seen all the shit they put in that!?! Your basically just eating additives!
42. My doctor told me to stick to a low protein/dairy/vitamin_/fat/carb, etc. diet because apparently I'm having too much.
43. (at breakfast time) It's waaay too early to be eating right now. I'll have something later.
44. It's kind of cold, I might just have some tea/coffee/soup to warm myself up.
45. I've already had that today, I don't really feel like eating it again.
46. I'll make my own lunch at home
47. I might just have a snack/drink for now and then have something later.
48. I'm so tired! I think I'll have a nap then eat something later.
49. I've had my wisdom teeth removed/braces tightened and its SO painful to eat!
50. I had a massive argument with my parents/boyfriend/girlfriend, So I'm going on a hunger strike until they/he/she feels bad and apologises.
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sadlonelyandtired2 days ago
馃挄avocado - rich in l-carnitine than can metabolize fat cells
馃挄blueberry - contains soluble fiber to help you feel full longer
馃挄almonds - contains zinc and vitamin B to help curb cravings for sugar
馃挄green tea - contains an antioxidant that boosts metabolism
馃挄grapefruit - known to help boost metabolism
馃挄orange - high fiber helps to curb appetite
馃挄apple - contains pectin which limits the amount of fat your body absorbs
馃挄salmon - protein to help build muscle for efficient fat burning
馃挄oatmeal - contains soluble fiber that can also help you feel fuller longer
馃挄pine nuts - contains compounds that suppress the appetite by working against the hunger hormone
馃挄sweet potato - low in calorie but high fiber
馃挄eggs - contains healthy fats and good cholesterol, good source lean protein that can help burn fat throughout the day
馃挄lentil - high in fiber, helps you feel full for a long time
馃挄asparagus - natural diuretic can help rid the body of excess water
馃挄Greek yoghurt - contains higher amount of protein and less sugar than regular yoghurt
馃挄tomatoes - contains a fat burning compound
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miyahertz2 days ago
I'm excited to reach a point where people who usually dance around calling me fat and act like they can't see it, actually comment on my weightloss like "So you could see it all along, huh?"
This happened last time I lost weight and i just find it interesting when people basically admit you looked terrible before.
(Sorry if this is a bit of a downer, just thoughts and stuff)
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pinkpalemooniea day ago
things to buy instead of snacks:
cute clothes
make up 馃尭
body care products
premium subscriptions for your favourite apps
video games 馃幃
spa visit
art supplies 馃帹
stationery 鉁掞笍
things to spoil your pet with
gifts for people you love 馃挄
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violetlbsbloga day ago
At this point I think I just love sabotaging myself, everytime I see results and start feeling happy i find a way to ruin it for myself. Like damn bitch you rly hate yourself that much.
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sadlonelyandtireda day ago
Another list of why I do this
馃collar bones
馃hip bones
馃no double chin
馃to feel weightless
馃so I can put my fingers around my arm
馃so my thighs will look good even when I sit
馃big thigh gap
馃watching my clothes get bigger
馃the jealous stares
馃being asked how I did it
馃people being concerned
馃to show myself that I can do it and that all this hard work is/was so worth it
馃being the smallest person in the room
馃being able to fit anywhere
馃so I can wear whatever I want
馃so my body will look good no matter angle
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glumbbluva day ago
Tumblr media
started to lose some inches around my inner thighs :> they don鈥檛 touch when i stand with my feet together!!!
my boobs did get bigger from birth control tho :/
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