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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
No, I don’t take criticism (well)
With a special thanks to @silvernsteel and @battlehigh​
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I tried again this week to reduce my retail hours to the way that they need to be (shifts being 7 hours max) but they scheduled me to have three 12 hour shifts in the next two weeks. Three!!! Twelve hour fucking shifts!!! To just stand there and do one meaningless task the entire time, jesus fuck I’m not going through with that. they have zero reasons to reject my availability when I’ve done everything right. they’re just. such bitter people.
So. Wish me luck, I’m gonna talk to them abt it Friday. again. and see what happens 😓
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frill got me excited about my comic and characters again so.... keep an eye out for potential content on the horizon
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Bruce, about Robin!Dick, recounting the other night's patrol: So I hear Robin gasp, say "oh no" and then start crying. Immediately I'm on the verge of a heart attack.
Clark: Understandable.
Bruce: I ask him what's wrong and he tells me he found a cat that must have been hit by a car.
Clark: Oh no! poor kid, I hate he had to see that.
Bruce: Me too. I told him to take a minute to calm down and then meet back up with me, we'd call it an early night.
Bruce: Then I don't hear from him for a little while and when I finally do, he nearly shatters my ear drums with a squeal. Once again I nearly have a heart attack before it registers that was a happy sound. I ask him what's going on.... And he tells me he heard some meowing from the alley nearby the other cat he'd found.
Clark: Oh no.
Bruce: Don't get ahead of me. He tells me he went to investigate, "like a good detective should..."
Clark: [stifles a chuckle]
Bruce: And that's when a hear a LOT of meowing over the comms. He'd found a whole litter of kittens behind a dumpster, looking pathetic as can be. [He looks completely unimpressed as Clark "awws"] I tell him I'm on my way and not to touch them, they could be sick and they could get him sick too.
Bruce: By the time I get there, Robin is covered in kittens, and he's named them all after pies.
Clark, laughing: called it.
Bruce: So we have seven cats now.
Clark: Wait, what?! You kept them all?!
Bruce: Clark, would you have been able to say no to that? To Robin, covered in kittens, already attached, and pleading with his biggest puppy eyes?
Clark:.... Okay, yeah, that's not possible.
Clark:.... So... What are these little pies' names?
Bruce: *sigh* ...Key Lime, Lemon Meringue, Pumpkin Spice, Apple Cheddar, Cherry Crumb, Bourbon Pecan, and Chocolate Mousse.
Clark: oh my God.
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Secret Identities - Part 2 (Marc Spector, Steven Grant, and Jake Lockley x reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: The Avengers, your team of superheroes, has been called in to handle an invasion in New York, and you’re bringing your superhero boyfriend, Moon Knight, with you.
Part 2 to Secret Identities.
Action/adventure, Cameo-fest
Pairings: Marc Spector x reader, Steven Grant x reader, Jake Lockley x reader
Warnings and A/N: I did my best to accurately represent DID, I put very little effort into creating a plot and a lot of effort into writing dialogue
It was only you, Marc, and the agent - whose name you had never learned and didn’t care to learn - on the quinjet. You held Marc’s hand the entire time. There was no denying the anxious fluttering in your stomach as your two lives continued converging. Each second brought Marc closer to the Avengers, and you’d be lying if you said that didn’t scare the shit out of you.
You read through the briefing notes, getting occasional comments from the agent now piloting the quinjet. Rogue artificial intelligence, not Ultron level, but dangerous nonetheless. SWORD suspected some alien involvement, but that wasn’t the concern right now. The immediate issue was an army of robots hidden underground waiting to be activated.
At some point you started to fall asleep against Marc’s shoulder. He gingerly shifted you into a laying position resting your head on his thigh in a familiar comfortable position. His hand settles in your hair and strokes the curves of your face, soothing you into sleep. You hardly sleep for an hour before Marc shakes you awake.
“Something’s happening.”
“We need to drop you in,” the agent called back. “The activation happened earlier than our intelligence suggested. Most of the team is already on the ground. Everyone else is on their way. Don’t forget your comm links.”
You sit up and rifle through your bag, pulling out a familiar costume and stripping off your clothes. Marc blinks at you a few times like he’s surprised at your lack of modesty. He knows you well enough that he really shouldn’t be.
“We can’t all summon our suits,” you tease and toss him an ear piece, even as his eyes begin to glow with white moonlight.
“Tell her she looks amazing!” Steven gushes.
“Keep it in your pants,” Jake snaps back.
You reach for a parachute, but Marc’s white gloved hand stops you.
“I can fly you in,” he offers through the mask. 
“You told me no flying last month!” You protest.
“I didn’t know you were an Avenger last month.”
“Bad call, mate.”
“Oh, so you thought I was fragile before?” You tease, not really mad at the man.
His mask peels away so he can tilt his head and shoot you an amused glare.
“You’re in range!” The agent calls back.
You turn and plant a kiss on Marc’s lips, then punch a button. The door opens slowly with a cold rush of air. You wrap your arms around his strong body, take a deep breath, and together you jump from the plane into free fall. His cape catches like a parachute part way down, guiding you through the clouds lower and lower until the skyline is in view.
Smoke rises from burning buildings, the wreckage of a city that has again become a battle ground.
“Shit,” Marc whispers. “We’re gonna have to stop having technology free dates.”
“Yeah,” you reply, only half paying attention, too busy scanning the ground for your fellow Avengers. It’s pure chaos on the ground, a complete and utter disaster, but then, through the smoke… “There!”
You point Marc in the direction of a bright flash of blue and white, and he angles you toward the ground. The comm link in your ear begins to crackle and finally beeps a connection. You were right.
“-end up here? We’re supposed to be on vacation!” The voice of Bucky Barnes fills your ear at the same moment the bright red, white, and blue wings of Sam Wilson reappear. “Sam, what the fuck is in the sky?”
That would be Marc.
“Good morning, Captain America,” you smile down at the small figures of your friends on the ground.
“Oh thank god,” Sam replies. “Buck and I are a-” he grunts, “A bit outnumbered. We have to hold this street, or it will interfere with the wizards’ spell.”
You’re streaking toward the fight below, finally able to see the action for real. They are more than a bit outnumbered, the two men surrounded by humanoid robots armed to the teeth with every bit of weapons technology available. You drop to the ground at Bucky’s side, Marc landing next to you.
“You’re late,” Bucky calls. “Who’s the mummy?”
Marc shoots him a glare.
“Marc, don’t glare at Bucky Barnes! That’s-”
“I know who Bucky Barnes is Steven,” he answers silently.
Yeah, he knew Bucky Barnes. Well, Steven knew. At some point in their childhood, Steven realized he shared part of a name with Steven Grant Rogers and harbored a small fascination with the former Captain America ever since.
“That’s Moon Knight!” Sam’s wing decapitates a robot as he turns to look Marc up and down. “Read your briefing packets, Buck.”
Bucky rolls his eyes and returns to the fight. You draw two long knives, gifts from King T’Challa, and make short work of any robot that approaches. Marc hurls crescent darts, each finding their target. But he doesn’t let Steven front. Not yet at least.
Occasionally, he glances back at you, checking to make sure you’re alright. You are doing the same to him. You have never fought at his side before, but already you know that you would do it again and again.
“The sorcerers - not wizards, Sam - are working some spell in that building,” Bucky gestures vaguely behind him. “They can shut the whole AI down, but we have to keep these things out.”
“Androids!” Sam shouts as he jumps over one and buries his shield in it’s neck. “Androids controlled by aliens who can be stopped by wizards. The big three!”
“The big three?” Marc turns to Captain America.
“Don’t ask!” You and Bucky shout at the same time.
The four of you stand no chance of holding this street. Of course this couldn’t be a time-efficient spell, and the robots just keep coming, an endless supply of mindless soldiers puppeteered by some unknown force. A piece of shrapnel slashes your face, distracting you from the fight for a split second. It’s enough for a blow to land at your midsection, knocking the breath from you.
You pull the gun from your waist, SWORD issue with some advanced technology you don’t care to understand, and shoot. It’s not your preferred weapon, but it is necessary. Marc is by your side in an instant. He grabs you around the waist and wraps you in the white fabric of his cape. 
It’s just the two of you in this little cocoon. The rest of the world is forgotten as his mask falls away for a moment. The expression on his face is pure horror, lips pressed in a tight line, eyes murderous. His gaze is focused on the blood dripping down your cheek.
“I’m fine,” you insist and run your fingers across his nose and brow that is furrowed deeply, trying to soothe away those worry lines.
“I need Jake,” he breathes, a confession he rarely makes. “We need Jake.”
Jake will do anything to protect Marc and Steven and anything to protect you. It’s probably why you had never actually seen Jake suited up for a fight. He is the ‘whatever it takes’ part of the system, and all three of them are still afraid to show you that side.
“Okay,” you grip his upper arms. “It’s okay.”
His eyes flicker for a second, then his suit shifts, darkens to a midnight black that is more like tactical armor than Marc’s mummy wrappings. A bright white crescent moon shines on his chest; it matches the bright white of his cape. He tilts his head with a little smirk, and just like that Jake Lockley has joined the fray.
“Cap? Cap?” Someone is shouting through coms. “We’re coming to you. Do you copy?”
The voice is crackly, so you can’t make out exactly who it is.
You turn back to the fight, watching with bit of admiration and a lot of attraction as Jake expertly dispatches android after android.
“Did he change outfits mid fight?” Bucky punches a robot beside you.
“Sort of.”
You kick a robot across the head, stabbing one of your vibranium knives into it’s chest and immediately lashing out toward another. You glance up, and the world seems to slow around you. The battle is forgotten as you can only stare at Jake. He is fighting desperately, holding his own except...
Except behind him. A metallic arm is raising a heavy blade for a killing blow, metal arching toward his neck. You’re trying to scream his name. You are screaming his name, but it’s too late. You stab the android in front of you, but you will never make it. Jake’s suit will protect him from a lot, heal just about anything, but not decapitation.
Red flashes across your view, a bright flash hurtling through the air. A stick strikes the robot through the forehead, and the metal being collapses in a dead heap. Jake whips his head around as he realizes what almost happened. A figure in dark red drops from a nearby fire escape, grabs the stick from the robots sparking brain, and nods to you. He jumps into the fight at Jake’s side, the two men working together with an impressive synchrony for two strangers.
“How did you see that?” Jake shouts.
“I heard it,” Matt Murdock replies as he dispatches another android.
A few more minutes and the fighting finally stops. Another wave of robots is undoubtedly assembling nearby, but for now the team has a moment to breathe.
Jake’s mask falls away as he studies Daredevil. His eyes linger on the upper half of Matt’s face, noticing how his eyes are completely obscured by the dark red of his mask. You sprint to Jake’s side, wanting to reach for his hand, hold him, kiss him, feel that he is alive, but you restrain yourself. Your relationship is a secret, and for now you want to keep it that way.
“So this is the boyfriend?” Matt asks.
Your relationship is not a secret.
“How-” you start to question how Matt could possibly know that you had a boyfriend, let alone that this was him.
“You started smelling different a few months ago,” he explains. “It’s him. His scent is all over you.”
“Is there a better way to say that then ‘his scent is all over you’? Tone down the creepy… vibes? Vibes? Is that the word?” 
“Give up on the modern slang, Buck,” Sam makes a face and pats his partners’ shoulder mockingly.
You plant a kiss to Jake’s cheek, and he brushes his hand across your fingers to tell you that he is okay. You watch him and Daredevil with interest, hoping Jake might find a friend in the hero who protected his city with the same ferocity and passion as Jake protected Steven, Marc, and you.
“What’s up with the little horns, el diablo?” Jake asks. “What are you the hero of? Hell?”
“Hell’s Kitchen, and it’s Daredevil actually.”
Jake shoots you a glance then shifts his gaze back to Matt. A smile fills his features, a genuine one, and a second later the same expression appears on Matt’s face. You let out a heavy sigh of relief as they slip into easy conversation and you turn back to Sam and Bucky.
“You and Moon Knight, huh?” Sam frowns. “Guess Spidey was right.”
As if summoned by his name, the mysterious masked hero drops from the sky.
“Hey you guys! There’s another group heading our way.”
He starts to turn to Cap, notices Jake and does a double take to stare at the white costumed man, everyone else forgotten. Jake looks at him completely unimpressed.
“Oh my god, you’re Moon Knight!” Spider-Man’s voice has a youthfulness that always surprises you. “I love you! I wanted a cape because of you, but I gave up the idea pretty quick. I mean not in New York right? Handsy people. It would never have lasted. Wow! Mr. Knight, you are so cool.”
“Mr. Knight,” Steven tries out the name “I like that.”
“I hate it,” Marc replies.
“Well that seems like your problem don’t it? I’m keeping it. You can be Moon Knight. I’ll be Mr. Knight.”
“Marc, right?” Spidey asks, and you can practically see the mischief forming in the boys’ mind at his well-meaning mistake.
“I’m Jake.”
“Sorry! Jake-”
Jake’s expression changes, the suit shifting with him.
“Oops, Steven now,” Steven grins.
“O-Okay, Steven,” Spider-Man tries to keep up.
The suit changes as Marc fronts.
“Marc again,” he teases, messing with the young hero.
“Oh,” that catches Spidey off guard. “Nice to meet you, Marc.”
“Actually, Jake now.”
“Leave him alone, you three,” you glower at Jake but have to fight back a laugh.
You thanked any god you could think of that Spider-Man had been there with his goofy remarks and joking attitude to make it easier for Marc, Steven, and Jake to show off this particular skill set.
“Sorry, love.”
That’s Steven.
He adjusts his white suit jacket and grins at Spider-Man, ““You know, the cape is actually really overrated, kid.”
“I’m Spider-Man,” he lowers his voice and puts extra emphasis on the ‘man.’
“More like Spider-Kid,” Jake mutters.
Steven ignores his alter and nods conspiratorially to Spider-Man. He gives him a thumbs up like they just shared a secret.
“Figure out how to really punch criminals yet?” Daredevil snarks, tossing an arm across Spider-Man’s shoulders affectionately.
“I’m not beating the shit out of people,” he protests.
“It’s more efficient.”
“Whatever you say ‘really good lawyer.’”
You observe their interaction with some interest. Had Matt defended whoever was in the Spider-Man suit? No time for that now though, you realize as a mechanical whirring fills the air. You take a defensive stance at Steven’s side, Bucky to your right. Cap and Spidey leap into the air. Matt stands beside Steven.
Sam looks down at his makeshift team then out at the approaching mechanical army. They’re not much, but they’ll do.
A/N: I left this open for a part 3. Not sure if I’ll write it, but I do think a 3rd part to wrap it all up and let the system meet some other Avengers would be fun! Let me know if you want added to my general Moon Knight tag list!
Tag List: @love-on-the-murder-scene @bookfrog242 @irethepotato @graciexmarvel @simonsbluee @nagemasstuff @whovian378 @cringingmemeries @eerievixen @velyssaraptor
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Touya Todoroki x f!reader x Shoto Todoroki
Tumblr media
tags/tw: stepcest, oral (m.&f. receive), tatted&pierced!Touya, degradation, praise, bites/marking, reader gets picked up, divorced!Rei, Touya never left home, they're both a little possessive, they're brothers but their focus is on you
a/n: 7.7k, a comm for @kailali! Thank you so much for the creative freedom you gave me with this fic, I really had such a good time writing it and I love the way it turned out. Don't forget to slide me the link for the art when it's done i would love to see it 💞
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It had been a long day.
You sigh and let your bag fall to the entry floor as you toe off your shoes. As the only quirkless member of the Todoroki family you never had a shot at hero work, but that never meant you had no interest in the hero industry. You finally made it into your preferred field a few months ago, a new hire at your stepmother’s ex’s agency in their crisis management department. Whenever a hero or sidekick makes a mistake or a villain causes too much damage before they’re apprehended, you’re behind the scenes doing as much as you can to fix the lives of those affected.
All in all… paperwork is a bitch.
An irritated puff expels through your nose as you nearly trip over an extra pair of shoes in the foyer, but your irritation dispels when you lay eyes on a worn pair of charcoal converse. You sigh.
“Touya?” you call out as you pad down the hall.
“Living room.” His voice is tired, a sleep laden rasp in his throat.
You sweep through the open kitchen, drop your keys on the counter, and make your way to the living room. You lean in the doorway when you catch sight of him sprawled out on your couch, half under one of the softer throws your stepmom got you for Christmas a couple years ago. The light from the tv bathes him in a silver sheen, highlighting his jet-black hair and glinting off the triple helix on his ear, the gift you’d gotten him for his last birthday.
Touya shifts a little more upright as you come into his line of sight and reaches for the lamp on the side table. The soft yellow light helps, makes him look warmer. The picturesque tattoos of burning hemlock dancing up his forearms and disappearing under his shirt look more lively, and you can see the smile on his face as he looks at you.
But he still looks tired.
“Long day?”
You scoff and then laugh a little, your shoulders sagging as you slouch over to the couch. He opens the blanket in invitation and you crawl in beside him, sighing as he wraps an arm around you, your head dropping onto his shoulder.
“Yeah,” you mumble softly, sighing again as he kisses the top of your head. You return the kiss with one to the side of his neck, your lips pressing to the inky vines winding down his throat. “You?”
“Yeah,” he mutters. His voice is a comfortable rumble against your back. “Somethin’ like that.”
Touya uses your apartment as a personal hideout, ever since you leased the place. At his age he's expected to be living on his own by now, but Rei has a soft spot for her eldest son and won't push him out of the nest. Since he promised you he wouldn't argue with your father, he ends up at your place more often than not. Your dad is the type to be optimistic, encouraging, and stern, and Touya doesn't have the best track record with nurturing authority types—or authority figures in general really—given how strict Endeavor was when it came to raising his children.
He squints at the screen as if just noticing it was on. "Movie's comin' on. Wanna watch it with me?"
"Sure. I think I wanted to see this one, but let me change first."
A short trip to your room is enough to shed your office clothes and slip into a tank top and sleep shorts before you're back in his arms, wiggling until you're comfortable and he’s grumbling at you to settle the fuck down.
It may seem odd from the outside looking in to be this close, but it's always been this way with your step-siblings. Natuso and Fuyumi were the middle children, working hard on their futures when your parents hit it off, so it made sense that the eldest and youngest were the ones who latched onto you the hardest.
Shoto was polite in the beginning—earnest, really—and before long he was looking to you for approval even after he graduated from Yuuei. Touya saw you as another little sibling to look after, in his own way. From the moment you’d moved in, it felt like he was doing his best to make sure there was a place in their family where you fit. You always got the sense it was because he felt like an outlier himself. You were just happy to be accepted, and you adored them both, all of them of course.
Barely halfway through the movie, Touya shifts and his hand slides around to your stomach to hold you more comfortably. It makes you warm, dangerously so.
You’d be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t enjoy how touchy-feely Touya always is, and he always seems to be seeking physical comfort from you. He holds your hand when he walks you to the store, always needs a hug before he leaves, and if he doesn't get a kiss on his cheek before he’s out the door, he will pout at you (aka lots of snark and rolled eyes) until you give in.
“You’re shifting a lot tonight, doll. You good?” Touya hums behind you, sounding distracted and you realize you’d been rubbing yourself back against his—
“Sorry!” you whisper, face flaming.
“Don’t worry about it.” After a minute he mutters under his breath about how warm you are. “Don’t tell me you’re my real sister after all, 's like you're on fire.”
“We can take the blanket off—”
“Nah, ‘m fuckin’ freezing, feels good. My hands are cold, can I?”
“You fucker!” you yelp as he pushes his palms under your shirt, his hands like ice on your skin. His smirk is almost tangible behind you as he reprimands you for squirming when he’s doing his best to battle the sudden chill.
“Keep still, would ya?”
You try to kick his shins but he outmaneuvers you, pinning your legs under his own. He chuckles under his breath as the two of you scuffle for a couple moments, tugging you closer until you give up with an exaggerated huff.
“You good now? You’re missing the movie.”
You grumble as you settle, but your heart still races.
During your half-hearted wrestling attempt it had been easy to miss, but now that you’re relaxed into him again you’re becoming aware of the way Touya is heating up behind you. His palm is nearly searing the skin on your navel now, but you’re too distracted by what’s unmistakably digging into your back at the moment.
You know you’re not supposed to get a flutter of anticipation, but it shudders up your spine anyways. Every now and then his hips rock forward like he can’t help himself, and every time they do, that telltale heat building hot and impatient beneath your skin grows.
His fingers are playing with your waistband like they have so many times before. You’re holding your breath as he dips a little lower than usual and you find yourself wondering, telling yourself you’re not hoping for it…but is this the night he’s finally going to cross the line he’s spent so much time dancing around?
You’ve always known. This dance has been happening for a while. You’ve noticed the way he looks at you, and holds you too close, and you feel guilty knowing just how much you enjoy the attention. He always seems to hold himself back though, neither one of you truly acknowledging the heightening desire that builds in the dark.
Your gasp feels loud when his hand firmly slides into your panties—long fingers toying with the apex of your mound, a breath away from the bundle of nerves that feels like a live current desperate for a trigger—but it’s barely more than a tense inhale.
Touya’s lips are almost on your ear, his breath hot as his words push both of you towards an uncharted precipice.
“This okay?”
You know that this is the moment to turn back. If you say something now, he’ll remove his hand and go back to watching the movie.
Your heart pounds rapidly as you think, but something heated and needy coils tight in you. If you deny him now, would he ever have the courage to come after you again? Displeasure rises bitterly at the thought of him distancing himself from you. You want him. Maybe you’ve always wanted him.
“Mhm,” you manage, breathing just a little too hard to be casual, and you feel his grin against your neck.
“That’s my girl.”
Hot pleasure sparks beneath your skin at his words, but it’s nothing compared to the electric shock as his fingers slip between your embarrassingly wet folds.
“That’s my slut,” Touya groans sharply, his tone low and laced with thinly veiled desire. “Do you know how wet you are? I always knew you were a needy little thing.”
You whine as he parts your folds, tracing over your hole and up to your clit. It’s almost twitching with the desire to be touched, white hot and wanting. “Touya, please.”
“Can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to hear that,” he mumbles, tongue pressing to your neck, kissing and biting at the sensitive skin there as he obliges you. You moan breathily and uncontrolled as he circles the bud delicately, again and again. “You sound so good sayin’ my name like that, doll.”
He’s rocking his hips into you steadily now, grinding against your back.
Heat and frustration is building steadily as your step-sibling continues to play with you, and you realize that he is quite literally playing with you—switching between the way he touches your clit, moving from circling it gently to tapping it, rolling it between his fingers.
Touya knows to be thorough, to find out exactly what you like, to make this unforgettable. He’s listening and paying close attention to the way you react to his every touch. Every now and then slender fingers slide down and he presses a digit or two into your soaked cunt, now dripping obscenely, curling them lazily as he searches for what makes your body sing.
Even with his lazy movements, you can feel something coiling tight inside you. Whatever this is between you, it's been too long coming, your hips jerking as pleasure threatens to undo you. But before you can be taken apart, Touya slips his fingers from your waistband.
You whine at the loss, whipping your head towards him only for him to grasp your chin and pull you closer, his tongue prying your lips apart and delving inside. His fingers are still slick from your juices, gripping your chin tighter as he shifts you under him, supporting his weight on one arm as he kisses you like this is his last chance to.
You don’t have the coherency to tell him it’s not, dizzy with want by the time he pulls back. His sapphire eyes darken when you wrap a leg around his hips to instinctively keep him close, his lips glistening in the flickering light of the tv.
“Tell me you want this.” He stares down at you intently, holding your gaze as he waits for your admission.
There’s no point in denying it anymore. Of course you do.
“I want you.”
Touya grabs at your thigh curled around him and pushes it off, smirking at your pout as he sits back on the couch. “‘S cute, but don’t make that face. Strip all that off, and c’mere.”
You all but scramble as he pats his lap, pulling your shirt over your head and bra following quickly, equal parts pleased and embarrassed when you see the way his gaze is locked on you, trailing down your exposed skin. As you slip the last of your clothing down your legs and step out of it you look at him, confused when he just sits there watching you.
“Aren’t you gonna…” you trail off, eyebrows furrowing.
Touya perks an eyebrow at you. “Didn’t I say c’mere? We were watchin’ a movie, weren’t we?”
His voice is too light, and you know that tone. He’s up to something, but big brother Touya is always up to something. And he always gets his way. So instead of questioning him again, you do what he wants and you settle into his lap, only making a small noise of complaint when he faces you away from him.
He clicks his teeth. “Don’t be a brat now, you were being such a good girl earlier.”
“You’re not being fair,” you mumble, squirming. “Why’m I the only one naked?”
“Cause you’re prettier than me.” He’s teasing and you know it.
Your protest is cut off as he yanks you back against his chest and cups your breasts, slender fingers pulling at your nipples and rolling them.
“My cute little whore has such a dirty mouth,” Touya purrs in your ear. “Just sit still. Lemme touch.”
You try, you really do. He kneads at your breasts, smoothes his hands down your body, exploring you languidly. It’s impossible.
“Touya—” you break off with a squeak as he bites your shoulder in reprimand. “Hey!”
Touya laves his tongue over the stinging mark and coos. “Aw did that hurt?”
“A little…”
“Want my cock to make it better?”
You suck in a breath. It comes out of his mouth like a sweet invitation, but there’s just enough insecurity in his cocky tone for you to hear (that only you could hear) that you know he’s uncertain of your answer. His heart is pounding against your back, further betraying his underlying anxiety.
Not one to torture your loved ones, you squirm back on him. “Make it better, Touya. Make me feel better.”
“Say it,” he demands, turning your head to look at him.
Blue eyes glare down at you desperately, searching for any hint that you’re playing him. You’re quick to douse the flames of doubt.
“Fuck me,” you whine. “I want your cock.”
“Shit,” Touya breathes, flopping back against the couch, hiking you further up his lap so he can reach the button of his jeans and pop it open.
You moan at the feeling of something warm and hard sliding between your thighs as he shifts you back into place, before spreading your legs over his own.
"Eyes on the movie, doll," Touya rasps, teasing your slit with the head of his cock. "You wanted to watch it, remember?"
You wanted the chance to see him, the disappointment welling in your chest evaporating as quickly as it appears at the feel of him pushing the head in and out of your soaking heat.
"What about you?" Your last word cuts off in a gasp as he pushes into you fully, his girth spreading you open.
"Was never watchin’ the movie," he breathes, a groan hitching in his throat as the walls of your cunt squeezes him in a vice grip.
It feels different, and not just taboo different.
"Touya, what's that?" You moan as something—several cool to the touch somethings—rub against the front wall of your pussy, making your toes curl as pleasure bolts from nerve to nerve.
“I’ll show you later,” he groans impatiently, his hands fumbling on your hips to hold you still. “J-just, fuck— Lay back, would you?”
You comply, and Touya sinks lower on the couch, his feet on the floor to give him the leverage to fuck into you, each stroke slow and languid. Pleasure courses through your veins, hot and sticky, your eyes pinching closed as you focus on the feel of him.
He’s so long and wonderfully girthy—just enough to feel stretched, the fat head of his cock touching deep every time he sinks into you—but you can’t get over the scrape of those…god, what are those?
You can’t think, your moans splitting the thick air of the living room, legs quivering under his touch as he smooths his palms along your spread thighs. You’re both lost in a loop of exhilaration and long awaited satisfaction, your hips jerking into his every time he sinks in deep and grinds.
His teeth meet your shoulder again, digging into the same grooves he left behind before. Your thoughts are sluggish beyond the haze of pleasure but it feels like he’s marking you, leaving something of himself behind. The thought chases away the sharp sting, winds a sudden coil in your gut, and you suck in a breath as something white flashes behind your eyelids.
“Yeah, I feel it,” Touya moans behind you—moans, and the sound of it has you clenching around him hard, forcing a choked groan from his lips. “Fuck yeah, doll. Keep squeezin’ my cock like that. Perfect little slut, touch yourself for me.”
With shaky hands you begin to circle your own clit, lightly, the added stimulation threatening to unravel you right now, but you don’t want this to end. Not yet. It feels so good; whines and broken iterations of his name are all you feel capable of.
“Tell me how it feels.” There’s a desperate edge in his voice now, tight with desire and something else, something that sets you alight from head to toe.
“It feels so good! So warm, ‘m gonna—” It’s a borderline sob now, with you feeling as if you’re dangling on the edge of something dangerous. You’re almost scared of the blooming sparks in your belly, but you wretchedly race towards them anyways.
Touya’s thrusts grow a little frenzied, the wet sounds of his cock sliding in and out of you loud in your ears. He’s panting, his groans ragged, barely holding on himself.
“Tell me you love me.”
His voice is rough, but so impossibly tender—needy. Your mind short circuits at the sound, pleasure igniting in your belly and your hand reaches back to tangle in his hair as you fall apart.
Touya groans, one hand tight on your hip as you spasm around his cock, his other reaching around to replace yours, gently circling your clit to help you ride out your orgasm.
“Touya! I love you, Touya—oh, god!”
Touya stiffens and shudders as pleasure melts the base of his spine, zipping up along it, pressing his forehead to your shoulder as he spills inside you with a low whimper. “F-fuck—”
You both sag into the couch, chests heaving as you wind down from your respective highs. You squirm at the feeling of him softening in you before he grumbles something unintelligible and pulls you down onto your side with him.
His heart races against your back as he pushes a pillow into place—letting you use his arm as one yourself—and you wonder if he can feel the way yours is threatening to beat out of your chest.
He’s still pressed stubbornly close to you, the rough edge of his jeans pressing into the back of your thighs as he tries to stay buried in your pussy for as long as he can, but he still remains silent behind you, his breath hot on your neck.
“I love you, Touya.”
You say it again, softly this time. You want him to hear it when you’re not swimming in pleasure; you want him to hear just how much you mean it.
Touya hums, a low contented sound. “Always knew ya did.”
He sounds like he always does, snarky, but there’s a warmth in his voice that betrays his happiness.
“So what now?”
“Now we finish your damn movie, and then you need a shower. You’re kinda a mess right now,” he purrs devilishly in your ear, making you shiver even as a new bolt of heat strikes down your spine.
“And then?” You moan as he finally slips out of you, cheeks heating at the feel of his cum spilling out between your thighs.
Touya reaches a hand between your legs, lazily sliding his fingers through the mess. “And then I fuck you the way I really wanted to. I need to see the face you make when I make you cum. Hope you know I’m not usually this sweet ‘nd gentle, right? Think you can take it?”
“So you were just being nice to me?” you tease gently, pushing your ass back towards him. “Do you think I’m that delicate?”
“You better not be.”
“Try me.”
A low groan pulls from his throat and Touya bundles you off the couch. You scramble to your feet before you can fall, and turn to look at him.
Your breath catches in your throat at the sight of him, sapphire eyes dark and blown, desire etched into the hard lines on his face. His jeans are low on his hips and he tugs his shirt over his head and tosses it onto the couch.
Your eyes trace over the garden of ink on his torso, a swirling mass of flames and flowers that you’ve spent plenty of time admiring in the past. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, used to Touya lounging around the house in the warmer months in nothing but a pair of shorts, but with the darky, needy look in his eyes as he prowls towards you… It’s different now. He’s not stripping to get comfortable.
Anticipation thrills up your spine.
“Shower, now,” Touya rasps, herding you down the hallways towards your room. “And I better not catch you whinin’ cause I ain’t stoppin’ ‘til I’m through with you.”
Tumblr media
Sunlight pours through the small gap of your bedroom blinds, but that’s not what wakes you. You’re far too used to it for that. You’re not sure what it is exactly that has you blinking awake.
Maybe it has something to do with the arm wrapped around your waist, or the thigh curled over your own. It could be the mild soreness between your legs, or possibly the stinging sensation of multiple bite marks across your body, courtesy of the perpetrator currently lightly snoring into your shoulder.
You gently turn over, detangling yourself from his limbs as quietly as possible. Touya has always been a somewhat heavy sleeper, so it’s not like it’s hard; but he really isn't a good morning person, so the last thing you want to do is wake him.
He mumbles something and flips onto his stomach, not waking for a moment.
You gaze at him for a moment, eyes soft. His hair is a mess, inky strands sprawled across the section of his face not buried in the pillow. After smoothing the wayward tresses covering his eyes, you sit up slowly, your gaze drawn to the ink twisting up his back. Your fingers trace the lines with quiet reverence.
It really is beautiful; you know it took Touya a long time to get it all done. The hemlock on his forearms drooping and smoking from the surrounding flame turn to vines as they spread out up his biceps, shoulders, and throat. You know on his front the vines swirl throughout a meadow of baby’s breath and gladioli down his collarbone and chest, but on his back they weave around a breathtaking lotus that’s shedding its petals one by one, the ones that fall gathering in a pile at the dip of his spine.
“Ya done starin’?”
You jump as he rolls onto his side to smirk at you, eyes droopy and tired. Touya chuckles at your expression and tugs you to his chest, giving a low groan as he tries to get comfortable again.
“Touya, wait—”
“Just go back to sleep, alright? It’s still fuckin’ early,” he mumbles gruffly, closing his eyes.
But your eyes are wide open, filled with panic. “I said wait, Touya!” you hiss desperately, struggling in his hold to sit back up.
You can feel the heat of mortification storming across your body as you maintain eye contact with the youngest Todoroki, who’s standing silently in the doorway of your bedroom.
His two-tone eyes are unreadable, but you know your younger brother well enough by now to know that the slight pull of his eyebrows means he’s shocked, that the miniscule purse of his lips means he’s upset.
Not that you can blame him. Walking in on your step-sister naked in bed with your older brother is not exactly prime model behavior.
“S-shoto,” you whisper, pitched and panicked. “I, uh…”
Oh, god, there’s no good way to explain this. You’re frozen, too petrified to even shield your body from his hard stare. You’re covered in bites and bruises, hair a mess and you can almost feel your relationship with Shoto shattering to dust when Touya groans dramatically and shoves his face in the pillow.
“Seriously, Shoto, your timing is fuckin’ awful. It’s too goddamn early for this. Try again later.”
Shoto glares at his brother and you can only gape at him as he drops his bag in the doorway and sits on the edge of your bed, right by your side. “You’re too impatient, nii-san. We agreed that we were going to wait.”
“Plans change.” Touya’s words are still muffled into the pillow, resiliently clinging to the notion that sleep is not yet lost. “Snooze ‘nd you lose.”
“Wait, what?”
Shoto doesn’t answer your question, a pout forming on his lips as he traces the teeth marks on your shoulder with a gentle touch. He doesn’t miss the slight wince of your expression; Touya had marked that same spot several times over last night.
“He was so rough with you,” Shoto says softly. “I would have been gentle.”
Touya snorts and raises his head. “Fuck off, I was gentle. …the first time.”
Shoto rolls his eyes. “Kinda hard to believe when she’s covered in teeth marks.”
You’re too busy reeling to take much notice of their bickering.
It’s Shoto; straight-laced, kind, upstanding Shoto. The Todoroki family’s shining star. Why isn’t he telling you how sick this is, and demanding to know what you were thinking crossing the bounds of family in such a forbidden manner?
Shoto notices your rising agitation and murmurs something soothing, trying to catch your attention by cradling your face in his palms. His eyebrows furrow gently at the sight of your quickly welling tears.
“We love you.” He says it simply, like that’s all there is to know.
Touya sits up swiftly since he obviously isn’t going to get to go back to sleep, and croons at you as he kisses the back of your neck, “Want us to prove it, doll?”
Shoto glares at his brother over your shoulder, unimpressed. “You already got to be with her.”
“And I’m gonna have her again. If you want her at all you’re gonna learn how to fuckin’ share, little brother.”
Why didn’t you see it all before?
Shoto has always clung to you. He was almost as desperate for your attention as Touya right from the start. He always insisted you help him study, even when you were certain he knew the material already; he would ask you to cook dinner with him on his nights.
When he graduated he insisted you visit him every weekend so you wouldn’t drift apart; it was him who suggested his father’s agency for your internship, where he debuted as a hero a few years ago. He even wrote your recommendation letter. He would always swing by in the morning with your coffee order, and without fail walked you to your car every night.
His love just wasn’t as obvious, at least not to you. His hugs were quick, like he didn’t want to be touched; his kisses might as well have been ghostlike, like he couldn’t handle being that close. You always thought he was just copying his big brother, but out of obligation, not desire.
“You love me?” You whisper the words looking at Shoto, but the question is for both of them.
"Of course—"
“Don’t be stupid, doll,” Touya mumbles, cutting him off and sucking another bruise into a miraculously unmarked portion of your neck. “‘Course we do.”
Shoto quietly brushes a stray tear from the apple of your cheeks, his lips following soon after. They’re warm, soft against your skin.
He smiles.
“You weren’t around when we were growing up, so it’s not obvious to you how much we’ve changed for the better since you joined our family. I can’t imagine the person I’d be right now if it weren’t for the way I feel about you.”
Shoto pulls back, his smile still warming his face, but smaller, calmer. “Especially Touya. I think if it weren’t for you, he would have left us a long time ago. Our father wasn’t…well, you brought him back.”
You stiffen in surprise, and Touya grumbles under his breath, trying to cover his embarrassment with coarseness. “Brat. Don’t go spoutin’ that shit now.”
Shoto makes a low huff of amusement before tugging you out of the eldest’s arms, ignoring Touya’s growl of protest.
“Let me have you to myself for just a minute,” Shoto breathes.
And then he’s kissing you. His touch is so sweet and he’s so warm that you can’t help but melt into him. No part of him is shying away from you now as he pushes himself between your legs, strong arms guiding you back down to the bed.
He’s unyielding as his tongue traces the seam of your lips, a heady desperation fueling him that you can’t help but get swept up in, parting your lips for him with a breathy moan. Shoto hums, his tongue meeting yours tentatively until your fingers curl into the collar of his shirt and tug him closer, and he crumbles. The kiss grows wet, fervent, your head swimming as he refuses to relent, content to taste you even as your legs curl around his waist, spelling your impatience.
“Calm down,” he mumbles against your lips, giving you a small break as he nips gently at your neck, his tongue soothing the bite marks decorating your throat. “There’s no need to rush any of this.”
“I don’t want to wait.” You gasp as his lips move lower, sucking and kissing at your collarbone, down the valley of your breasts, down your navel. Sparks follow the trail he’s making, down to where he stops, his eyes staring in disapproval of more bites scattered across the insides of your thighs.
His eyes are sharp as they look to you then Touya when your head falls back onto your pillows, covering your face in embarrassment.
“Is there no part of her you left untouched?”
Shoto glares at him, but Touya stares back, both smug and aroused.
“You’re an animal.”
“She liked it.”
“Oh my god, stop talking!” you whine, forearms still covering your face. Excitement and arousal is making your body hot and you’re desperate for Shoto to keep going, but you know they could bicker forever. You’ve seen it plenty of times.
His mismatched eyes soften as they flash back to you, and he leans to pull your arms down. When he’s satisfied you’re watching him he continues, pressing his lips to the juncture where your thighs meet your mound.
Your chest feels tight with anticipation as his fingers grope at your thighs, kneading the plush flesh before sliding around to cup your ass. You moan when he inhales the scent of your growing arousal before his tongue peeks out to part your folds, flattening and dragging up through your slit. As he reaches the bundle of nerves at the top, he retreats, blowing on the nub lightly. Shoto’s head swims at the sound of your whine, so he does it again, desperate to hear you make that sound again.
Shoto’s fingers dig into the swell of your ass as he groans and pulls you closer, his tongue delving into your dripping cunt and lapping at your juices. You’re propped on your forearms, watching him with hazy eyes as he tastes you, your chest heaving at the assault of sensations.
He’s gentler than Touya, but that doesn’t make it any less intense. Your fingers grip the sheets tightly as he slurps at your cunt, his tongue blistering on your slit as he draws it up to flick over your swollen clit. You keen when he seals his lips around it and sucks, the touch hot and wet.
The sloppy sounds of him savoring you make your body ignite, your arousal spilling onto the sheets even though you haven’t cum. You’re desperate to, but Shoto’s movements are slow and deliberate—you can tell he’s nowhere near finished.
Teal and brown eyes are not quite closed but far-seeing, as if he’s lost in something—in you. The sight of it tightens something in you, has your shaking fingers reaching for him until they tangle in the crimson strands of his left side. Shoto’s groan devolves into a whine as you tug him closer, the vibrations of his noises making your eyes roll back. The younger Todoroki doesn’t resist your grasp, he leans into it, his tongue moving deeper, more desperate.
You make a noise of approval, your hips jumping when his fingers slip into you, prodding at your walls until your legs snap closed around his cheeks. He looks drunk cushioned between your thighs, the wet sounds and his moans melding together and making your mind melt.
“Fuckin’ shit,” Touya rasps beside you, on his knees now as his fingers form a tight ring around the head of his cock.
Your head turns to him, moaning when he shuffles towards you and presses the head of his cock against your lips.
“Open up, doll. You’re killin’ me, sound so good like that.”
With a soft whimper, you part your lips and he feeds his cock into your mouth with a relieved sigh. As he pushes deeper you drag your tongue over each metal bar on the underside of his cock, gentle with the balled ends, counting five as they push deeper.
Last night in the shower Touya finally let you have a look, grinning at your wide eyed expression as you carefully brushed your fingers along his Jacob's ladder. He’d hissed under his breath as you nudged the last set, the lorum at the base of his shaft.
“Easy, that one’s new.”
That’s what you’re reaching for now as his fingers thread through your hair, his groans rough as he pulls you deeper onto his cock, your tongue swirling at the furthermost metal beads. You preen as he curses at the wet touch of your tongue ghosting the edge of his balls.
Touya pulls out slowly before thrusting back into your mouth; you’re trying your best not to gag, swallowing rapidly as his head touches the back of your throat.
“That’s a good slut,” Touya hisses, holding your head flush to his pelvis. His cock throbs at the feel of your throat closing around him, his head tossing back. “Pay attention to me.”
You whimper around Touya’s cock as Shoto gives a harsh suck on your clit, uncharacteristic of his attentions so far, and your watery gaze flicks downward to see Shoto leveling a heated stare at his brother again.
Touya takes notice, a lopsided grin spreading across his face as leers back at his little brother. “What, don’t like me calling it like it is? She really is a good little whore for me, you know. You should’ve heard the way she screamed for me last night.”
You moan around his length as one of Touya’s hands closes around your neglected breasts, his fingers pulling at the hardened nubs to hear the desperate sounds you make as he rocks in and out of your mouth.
“You shouldn’t call her that,” Shoto mumbles, his eyes glazed as he watches you writhe under his brother’s touch. His chin and cheeks are smeared with your arousal. The beginning beads of sweat have his hair sticking to his forehead.
Touya shrugs.
“She seems fine with it. Hasn’t complained.” He eases out of your throat and watches you inhale sharply, taking in the much needed oxygen.
The younger one sits up and slides off the bed, a smile tugging at his lips at your whine of protest. Shoto pulls his shirt over his head, ruffling his hair and dropping it to your floor before popping the button of his jeans, hooking his thumbs in the waistband to push them off.
“Don’t worry, sweetheart. I’ve only just started,” Shoto breathes, returning to the bed with a new fire in his eyes.
You inhale shakily at the sight of him exposed, the rippling muscle a sharp contrast to Touya’s lean figure. The eldest is healthy, and in no way out of shape, but Shoto’s strict training regimen has his body in peak physical condition.
There’s clean white and pink scars littering his chest from his escapades as a hero, but it does nothing to take away from his beauty. As he steps closer to you, your eyes trail downward to his pelvis where his cock bobs between his legs looking painfully hard, the pretty pink tip drooling. Your eyes widen; it looks heavy, thick, unable to bear its own weight and leaning to the left. At the base is a well-kept patch of hair that matches his split coloration just like the rest of his body hair.
As if sensing your trepidation at his brother’s size, Touya narrows his eyes and rests back on his haunches so you can take a moment to get adjusted. Shoto pulls you to the edge of the bed, spreading your thighs and standing between them as his hungry stare roves over your glistening cunt before snapping up to meet your gaze. He slides his length between your dripping folds and takes in a harsh breath at the feel of you.
His voice is soft, a light tremble to it the only tell of his nerves. “Do you want me to use a—”
“No,” you mumble shyly, fighting the urge to cover your face as his cheeks pinken at your immediate denial. “I wanna feel you, Sho’.”
“Okay,” he returns, sounding dazed. “Okay.”
Shoto drags the thick head of his cock through your juices again, lubricating himself fully before pressing himself against your fluttering hole, completely focused on the way you respond as he eases himself into your warmth.
You moan loudly at the immediate stretch, head thrown back as he slowly enters you. His eyebrows furrow at your tight heat, and he groans lowly in his chest as he coaches himself internally not to just hilt himself in you.
A strangled sound works its way up both your throats as he drags his hips back and pushes in again, trying to work himself deeper.
“Sho,” you gasp, fingers digging into the sheets as he sinks another inch into you, your eyes screwing shut. He’s so thick you don’t understand it. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s overwhelming, fighting the urge to let your eyes roll back into your head.
“You’re so beautiful,” Shoto chokes out, gripping your thighs tightly to ground himself. “So tight, so perfect. Feels like you’re made for me.”
“Holy fuck.” The words come from Touya, and you barely register the slick sound as the eldest slowly works his fist over his cock. Sapphire eyes lock on to where your drooling cunt is struggling to accommodate even two thirds of his younger brother’s cock.
You can feel yourself getting more desperate, wanting to ground yourself to something, but there’s nothing to hold onto.
Touya eyes the way your chest heaves, goosebumps rising on his skin at the hiccuping mewls you keep making. With an amused huff, he drops his cock and shifts closer until he’s sitting at your side. Shoto glares at him as he gets closer gripping your thighs possessively, but the heat falls short, the feeling of your slick walls too much.
“Just keep going,” Touya mutters gruffly, staring down at your trembling figure as opposed to making eye contact with his little brother. “You should be doin’ this yourself, but as much as I like watchin’ her squirm, she likes it when I touch her.”
His slender fingers trace over your mound before his thumb presses into your throbbing clit.
“F-fuck!” you warble out as heat strikes low in your belly, and Shoto echoes you with a groan as your cunt flutters around him as if trying to suck him deeper.
“There’s that dirty mouth,” Touya coos, voice dripping with playful condescension. He rubs slow, soothing circles around your clit, his eyes almost predatory with hunger. “That feel better? Bet you’re soaking now. Want him to just shove it in you, hmm?”
“Y-yes, yes!” you whine, teary eyes flickering from Touya to Shoto, desperate, pleading. “Want more, Shoto, please. Deeper!”
Shoto shakes at the pure need in your tone, his thighs tensing as his cock throbs. “Shit, sweetheart. Are you sure?”
“You heard her.” Touya retracts his hand, sucking the traces of your arousal off his fingers as he retreats further onto the bed.
Shoto barely hears him, adjusting his grip so that he’s holding your hips as he firmly fucks himself deeper. The gape of your lips, the tears clinging to your lashes: that’s all he can see as he’s finally seated in your pussy. It feels like the heat of you is going to melt him. He groans as you wrap your thighs around his waist and leans down to capture your lips.
You’re taking him like it’s nothing now, your tits pressed against his chest as you arch into him, hips bucking into his as he fucks you slow. His kiss is hot, quick, desperate, but he has to fuck you slow or he’s going to lose it. His body tingles with pleasure as your moans spill into his throat, your nails raking down his back as you ground yourself.
Shoto’s mind swims as you mewl his name against his lips over and over. His head feels full of cotton as his thrusts begin to get a little sharper, jostling the bed. His grip on your hips tightens as he pulls you steadily back into each thrust, pupils blowing out at the way your cries get more desperate, your back arching as your walls clamp and spasm around him. There’s a gush of slick coating his pelvis and the tops of his thighs now, but Shoto doesn’t stop; his hands slip under your back, grasping you tightly as he pulls you up off the bed completely.
You sink deeper onto his cock with a high squeal, and Shoto cups your ass to hold you up a little, widening his stance so he can fuck into you steadily. You whimper at the overstimulation, your teeth finding his collarbone as Shoto mumbles breathlessly.
"A little more, sweetheart. Just a little more, you're doing so good."
Touya snorts. "Now who's an animal?"
Shoto whines and turns, sitting back onto the bed and laying back, raising your hips so he can watch his length pumping into you. Your release is shining between your thighs, everywhere really, sticking to his thighs and matting the red and white of his pubic hair.
When your moans cut off, Shoto looks up to see your lips pressed to Touya's. The elder brother has his fingers between your legs again, rubbing on your clit as he curls your fist around his cock, guiding your hand to stroke it with his own.
The tension in Shoto's gut stretches thin when he picks up Touya's low rasp, biting out between the gaps of his rough kisses.
"C'mon doll, squeeze him for me— You want a break, you gotta make him cum. You wanna make him cum, don't'cha?"
"Yeah, wanna feel him cum," you whimper, tearing your lips from Touya's to stare down at Shoto with pleading eyes. "Want your cum Sho', please."
"S-shit, sweetheart."
Shoto half sits up in his aim to reach for you, his finger’s curling around the back of your neck and pulling you back down with him as he licks into your mouth. His other arm wraps around your hips, holding you down onto him as he grinds his cock into you, moaning shamelessly down your throat at the way your walls are milking him.
“Oh fuck, oh shit—” Shoto breaks from your lips with a low cry, clutching you to his chest; white dots his vision as he gives in, his cock jerking as he unravels, several spurts of hot cum shooting deep into your pussy. “Oh god, you feel so good. You did so good.”
A jolt runs up his spine when Shoto realizes your hips are moving, grinding down on his slowly softening cock.
“So close,” you slur into his chest. “‘M so close, Sho’. ‘M right there.”
“Keep going, sweetheart,” Shoto breathes, trying not to moan at the jolt of overstimulation on his spent cock.
It’s sensitive, but it’s bearable, especially when it’s rewarded as your fluttering walls clamp down hard, your thighs quaking around his own. Your whine is loud even as it muffles into his shoulder, your nails digging into his chest as ride out your orgasm with little jerks of your hips. Shoto can barely comprehend the feeling swelling up inside him as you babble about how good his cock feels, how good he’s making you feel; amazement, pride, and no short amount of giddiness sits warm in his chest.
Shoto rubs a soothing palm up and down your back, mumbling sweet nothings as you relax into his chest, only to groan softly as your hips raise enough for his cock to slip out with a wet sound. His head pops up at the feel of something brushing between his legs, only to see Touya standing above you both, his hands on your hips.
Goosebumps rise on Shoto’s skin as he feels Touya’s hand brush over the tops of his thighs as his elder brother angles his cock towards your quivering, spent pussy.
You moan weakly, but don’t shy away from his touch.
“She looks so worn out, poor thing,” Touya coos, his voice filled with a sympathy that doesn’t match the wicked gleam in his eyes. “But this slutty pussy should be able to take more than this. Don't worry, doll. You'll get used to it soon."
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andejoe · 6 months ago
Three humans on working on the same ship was mildly concerning for most species. More than ten was rare unless you had a good pack bond. So the ship which had at minimum 90% human crew felt like a death sentence to Mhuun.
She was assigned here because of her research into human interactions back in her schooling days. She’d published several articles about how they interact with each other and the galaxy around them. That didn’t mean she wanted to be on a ship full of them.
Mhuun had said nothing when she found out her assignment. It would have been out of her place to go against the directors. Which is why she was here now, desiderate for help, frozen in fear, as the emergency alarm she pulled blared overhead.
The first human to show up worked nearby in the engineering department. He had the common sense to not approach the six legged beast in front of her.
“Moon, don’t move. You’re gonna be fine, just stay calm,” Sayf assured her.
Fine? Staring down at the creature known for its excellent senses and unrelenting pursuance of its prey, she did not feel fine.
“Armando Cirillo to Corridor 58 please,” Sayd said into the ship wide comm system.
Mhuun wished she could blend into her surroundings, but her sister got that gene, not her. She wished Sayd would do something to save her, but also didn’t want him to leave.
Thankfully, Armando arrived quickly.
“Min min! There you are!” Armando sounded relieved.
The beast turned to face Armando. It hissed at him. Mhuun felt faint.
“Now Minerva, that’s not how we talk to people.” Armando scolded the creature, and stepped forward. “If you come with me now, we can go get you some dinner.”
Minerva leapt at Armando. Mhuun thought Armando was going to die, but Minerva settled into his arms, wrapping their split tails around his forearm.
“Sorry about that Mhuun. I was running late to get Min min here her dinner. She got out of my room. I promise it won’t happen again,” Armando apologized.
Now that the beast was semi secured, Mhuun relaxed. When she relaxed, she remembered that humans have a desire to pack bond with deadly creatures and she had never quite understood why. She could hardly pass up the opportunity to expand her research. Maybe if she published a paper or two on the subject, she could get transferred off this deathship.
“You can’t keep letting your pets get out man. You know it freaks people out. Remember Safira’s panic attack when your weird spider thing got out?” Sayd reminded him.
“How could I forget? I mourned the loss of Bones for a week,” Armando replied.
“Armando, would be willing to speak to me about your desire for these ‘pets’?” Mhuun glanced at Minerva. “After putting that one away of course.”
“Uh, sure. I guess. You’re not freaked out?” Armando asked.
“Terrified, but it’s a well documented fact that humans bond with deadly things. I trust you can control it, so long as you keep all your ‘pets’ far away from me,” Mhuun answered.
“Ok, then yeah. Let me go feed Min min and I’ll meet you at the rec hall to talk,” Armando agreed.
Maybe there was hope for Mhuun after all.
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swirlysmile · 21 days ago
Hi! I've been thinking about this idea so if you like you can write about it🤗: reader ejects during a practice for the mission and has to spend the night at the infirmary just in case, worried trying to hide it hangman goes to see her and ends up staying (not dating yet, they go back and forth with silly fights but already have feelings for the other), reader tries to play it cool like it was nothing but maybe he tries to make her laugh to cheer her up if you want?
changed it up a little, forgive me 🥲 still stuck to the general idea, so hope you like it!!
Tumblr media
word count: 2k
warnings; mentions of ejections, dangerous situations, some swearing, slightly OOC hangman
Eject, Eject
You wish you weren’t here right now, but you also felt incredibly blessed to not have a WSO with you. 
Right now, your plane was rapidly descending. Engine recovery measures were failing, and at this point you were too far in to give up. 
“Left engine failure,” you speak, trying to keep a level tone. You knew that if you panicked, everybody else would. 
Murmurs of instructions were being blasted in your ears through the comms, but none of them really hit until Maverick said “If you eject any later, you’ll die!” 
You’re already almost to 500 feet, making ejection more dangerous than it would have been if you’d listened the first time.
That cleared your conscience enough to make you notice what a low altitude you were at. 
The jet was screaming at you to pull up- and your co-workers were screaming at you to eject. 
You finally got it in your head that there was no saving this plane, so you reached down to grasp the handles and pulled upwards.  
You manage to open your eyes just in time to see the main event- your F-18 drop into the mountainside. The ringing in your ears tells you that it didn’t sound as cool as it looked.
You’re sure that your slightly limp body floating down from the sky missed the mark too.
The other pilots are celebrating from their huddle by the radio after Maverick confirms he saw a parachute.
You’re barely conscious after your landing. You're close enough to the ruins of your F-18 that the fumes are really starting to get to your head, and the wreckage doesn’t smell very good. 
Your vision goes a little dark, then you hear the sounds of a sweet sweet rescue helicopter. 
After that, you’re out.
There's sounds of beeping, a few monitors hooked up to you, and a whole lot of headache. Other than that, you feel great, Nothing broken, and hopefully nothing of note. 
“They’re keeping you in for the night to monitor you,” Maverick says and you can’t help but groan. 
They haven’t found anything wrong, what could change in a night? 
Apparently lots, but that’s besides the point.
You’re passed out again for maybe fifteen minutes, the click of the door opening awakening you. 
“Bagman,” you deadpan, and he gives a mock two finger salute. 
“Dammit, you’re not dead. Thought I was going to slide into the number one spot.” 
“Alive and well, thanks for your concern.” 
Hangman is happy that Coyote isn’t present, or he’d expect some ‘Oh, he was concerned alright’ comment, exposing him in his lies. He walks over to one of the chairs by the springy hospital bed and happily takes a seat.
“What’s new?” 
“These lovely tubes, the soothing beeps, and this military issued bed that’s actually a little comfortable.” 
He grins at that last one, knowing the pain of springy bunk beds all too well. Honestly though, he’s just glad you’re alive, and he’s a man on a mission, a mission to get you out of here as soon as possible. Maverick didn’t tell him much, so he had no idea how long you’d be in the hospital.
“I don’t know, it looks a little small,” 
“You say that as if the gymnastic mats we get are any bigger.” You scoff jokingly, and he grins again.
Normally, Hangman is all talk and it’s hard to enjoy being with someone like that. His mere -measly- little presence is enough to make you roll your eyes, especially when he says something that’s completely dicked. Now, he’s letting his ego deflate a little, and he’s convincing himself that it’s because he’s caught you in a moment of weakness. Hangman has already won, what more does he need to do? 
Coyote would disagree.
He’s shaking his head a little, eyes closed. 
“Ah man, you kill me. You really do.” 
“Still a dick, even on your deathbed.”
“We both know you’d be worse, Seresin.” 
He can’t even argue, because he most definitely would be worse. He’s imagining what he’d do in that situation, and he’d probably be happy that he beat a fellow pilot to inevitable demise. If he can win at anything, he’ll take it.
He’s smiling, that stupid cocky little smile that he always does, but maybe less arrogance written on his face than usual. It’s replaced by a bit of joy. 
“So, why’d you come?” You say, and his head starts to spin. He’s trying to think of excuses, but it doesn’t really work so he just settles on telling you the truth. “I don’t know, I was worried I guess.” 
You roll your eyes at that one. 
“I am honored that you in all your glory, Lieutenant, would worry about me.”
“You’re high ranking in my heart,” He says, and that makes your face go a little red. You blame it on the fact that you tried to hold the laughter in. He can’t help but laugh with you, partially at his own stupidity, and partially out of happiness. He did complete his ‘mission’ after all. You’re grinning, and clutching your chest while trying to regain your breath. 
“Feeling better already?” He questions
“Definitely. Just being around you has cured me of all my ailments.” 
“Laughter is the best medicine,” 
You’re expecting him to leave at any moment now- thinking he came in just to push your buttons a little bit to your surprise, he stays. He keeps talking to
you- and it’s one of those rare cases where you actually enjoy talking to Jake.
Who knew that all it would take to make Hangman a pleasant presence is a near death experience? 
“I was scared,” you admit, and Hangman’s eyes widened a little bit. You weren’t expecting to tell him that- you weren’t expecting to tell anyone that, but after a few hours of talking it just spilled out. It wasn’t unlike much of the other word vomit you’d shared. “It’d take one crazy son of a bitch not to be scared.” Jake says, and you smile meekly. It’s almost as if he’s admitting something himself. 
The hospital staff practically has to kick him out because now he’s just talking to you about nothing in particular, and the weirdest part about it is he can’t stop- maybe he’s setting the scene, telling you about how your friends were worried (but he was completely cool, calm, and collected) when your engine failed. Maybe he’s telling you about the celebration when Mav announced the sight of a parachute- or he’s just telling you about how the rest of training went. 
He’s being honest, telling you about how he felt throughout the day, but he leaves out his feelings on the engine malfunction. 
It feels oddly vulnerable and new to him, and he’s not sure he’ll ever tell anyone how scared and helpless he felt.
When he leaves though, he leaves you with a wave and a small smile, and your heart rate begins to go a little faster- the monitor exposing you.
“Hey hey hey! You about gave me a heart attack yesterday,” Phoenix says, greeting you in all of your un-hospitalized glory. You give her a grin as the rest of your fellow pilots come up to say hi. 
One person hangs back, Hangman. 
He’s thinking he already talked to you enough. He spent hours in the hospital, and he’s hoping that you aren’t going to say anything. He’d be in for some mocking ‘jokes’ from Bradshaw if that were the case. His little charade is ongoing until you pop up next to him and make an off handed comment about his appearance, something like “Couldn’t get enough of me, huh?” and then the teasing begins.  
He’s geared up, getting ready to fly the course for this super special mission when Coyote pops up next to him. Hangman is internally groaning. If anybody is going to say some ego-bruising, self-image shattering comment, it’s Coyote. Then he just stares at Jake- “Man, you’re whipped.” 
Jake stares back incredulously. Whipped isn’t a word he would even think could be used to describe him, but he stays silent.
“Man, I knew it!” He says, and he’s hitting Jake on the back. 
“No way in hell am I ‘whipped’” He says, adding in finger quotes for that extra bit of emphasis. 
“You can tell yourself that all you want, Hang. We all know it’s true, and it’s a matter of time before you realize. Before she realizes.” Rooster adds, walking into the room. 
“Shut up Bradshaw.” 
Hangman rolls his eyes, finishes zipping up his flight suit, and leaves. 
Maverick immediately knows something is up. Hangman’s usual instinct to fly fast hasn’t kicked in- he’s actually doing pretty well, as far as not “crashing” into walls goes. He’s about halfway through the course when it finally hits him, and he can’t control his flying as well as usual. His head is a bit cloudy, and he isn’t focusing on the track in his nav system. 
He almost goes headfirst into one of the canyon walls, narrowly avoiding it by pulling up into “SAM territory”. 
“Hangman, you’re dead.” He hears, and he curses. He knows that Maverick is going to scold him, and frankly, he isn’t in the mood. The worst part about it all though? Bradshaw did better than him.
“Why are you dead?” 
“I don’t know, sir.” He says, answering semi-honestly. He’s not going to expose himself to the rest of the class, but he also isn’t entirely sure why he ‘died’. 
“That’s not good enough. Why are you dead?” 
“I pulled up to avoid hitting a wall.”
“Why were you going to hit the wall in the first place?” 
“I don’t know, sir.” 
Maverick just sighs, pinches the bridge of his nose and stops talking. The room is eerily silent until he tells the next pilots to get moving, and says “Seresin, come here.” 
You can't make out what Maverick says, other than a whisper of “What’s got you so distracted, kid?” 
You’re watching them intently when Hangman finally sits back down, and Maverick turns his attention back to the simulated course on screen. 
When the last group of failures gets back, everyone’s gone in the air and Captain Mitchell is not having any of it. 
“I suggest all of you get over whatever is distracting you and learn to fly the damn course! Dismissed.”
When you leave base, your head is pounding. Getting yelled at is never fun, and in light of recent events, it makes it worse. Not that you’re not used to yelling- The Navy is a whole lot of yelling. You, logically, know Maverick means well, but damn that was harsh, especially since the spiel was directed at Hangman. 
He washes his face, and body, with cold water but the shower does little to ease his racing mind. Then, he gets the bright idea to get it out of his system in the form of a confession. 
You hear the pounding on the door of your military-issued housing and you groan. The door opens with a loud screech, and you’re surprised to find Jake Seresin standing outside, hair still wet. 
“Seresin, what can I do for you?” You say with a smile, and sure, if this had been 3 days earlier you definitely would have told home to go home, or get lost. The turn around shocked even you, all because of a hospital visit. 
“Hear me out on this one, I really like you a lot and I think that’s why I came to the hospital. I was really scared, and I tried not to tell you about how I felt but…” At this point, you’re zoned out. His lips keep moving, and you keep staring at them. “When are you going to kiss me?” He hears, cutting through his rant. It takes you a moment to realize you’ve said it aloud, but you definitely notice when Jake's eyes are wide open, glued to your lips too.
It’s the first time in a long time that he’s felt nervous about kissing someone, so he’s glad when you tug the collar of his shirt and pull him towards you. 
“Fina-fucking-ly” you say, and he laughs a little bit, chasing your lips again.
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fosterspalaceofstories · a month ago
Office | Bucky Barnes
Fandom: MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Pairing: Bucky Barnes × Reader, Bucky Barnes × Female reader, Bucky Barnes x you, (Female with Female parts.)
Warnings: Smut! 18+, Drinking (F!Receiving) Penetration sex, oral, fingering, intercourse in a office . Bucky Dom! Soft Bucky Dom!, Light Cum play! Light Nipple play! BRIEF Smacking/Slapping! Fast burn Fic! Explicit language and Explicit Details! MINORS DO NOT INTERACT 18+. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MEDIA THAT IS CONSUMED!
Word Count: 2000+
Note: please read at your own discretion, viewers be advised and you have been warned. Please enjoy, like and comment.
Tumblr media
Walking into your office at SHIELD. It’s the end of a mission with Bucky Barnes as he’s been your partner for the past 6 months.
The both of you finally got home after pulling off Barnes' kidnapping from the tower, working in Spain and then most of Europe for the last couple of months.
Then within the final weeks, Barnes and yourself took out the suspect and made contact with home-base, the Avengers and came home.
It’s silent between you two probably because the both of you are thinking about the last couple months and how you guys probably won’t see each other again. Bucky and you bonded and now it’s time for a new chapter of not being with each other…it’s weird, especially after you spend so much time with someone who was just a stranger to you in the first place.
Sighing as you sat down at your desk for a moment before walking to a small tray that had alcohol on it.
You broke the silence
"What's on your mind?" You asked
"….You" Bucky whispers loud enough for you to hear as you casually handed him glass of bourbon
"Me? Why’s that?"
"…We spent months together, Now I’m expected back at the tower in the morning, and I feel weird. I got to know you and now we’re never gonna talk again" Bucky says and chuckles softly to himself.
"That was stupid, sorry." He adds on quickly and you shake your head in silence as Bucky sat in a chair in front of your desk.
"It’s okay… I feel the same way, Barnes. It was a good few months. You having my six and Vice Versa.We make a good team" You admitted, downing some bourbon letting the burn in your throat and then pour yourself another cup before looking at him.
"We sure as hell do, I never meet anyone who…whose like you"Bucky says and you giggle softly
"Same for you. I’m gonna miss you, waking me up with your burnt food.” you say, causing Bucky to laugh as you leaned into him as you took a sip of drink, letting it burn on its way down again. Bucky doing the same as he looks at you, making eye contact.
Bucky leaning into you as you lean in more. No words needed to be said, this needed to happen now when it should have a long time ago.
Kissing him as he kiss back roughly, biting on your bottom lip and you sucked on his top lip. The short hair man pulling you in closer with your chair.
Breaking free softly as you smile, sitting on his lap see you went back to kissing him, Bucky grip your hips tightly.
Bucky lifts you up out of just pure body strength he has as he places you on a clear spot on your desk before pushing everything off, not caring. He slowly put all the blinds down in your office, so no light was shining and the only light would be the desk lamp.
Hitting your comm system to your secretary. "Mrs. Mendez , you can go home and take the day off tomorrow, since there not much happening tomorrow. Get some rest and make sure everyone else goes home now.” You say in a professional tone. "Oh my god. Thank you Ma’am. I get to finally spend time with my kid and I will get right on that!!" Mendez says, causing you to smile. "Yep! and thank you, Enjoy the day off." You say as Bucky ended comm before unplugging it. So it won’t be turned on during the little adventure the two of you are about to have.
Leaning back on your desk as you chuckled, feeling Bucky hands run down your body. Bucky undoing the buttons to your shirt, kissing your lips softly as you kiss back.
Bucky struggling with the buttons, as he just ripped the shirt open and buttons scattered as he saw you in a red bra with black lace.
Your hands going to his shirt as you took it off of him and leaving him shirtless. Bucky may be on the older side but got a six pack from hell.
Feeling the man kiss your breasts gently and your chest down to your stomach as he took your bra off and revealing your perky breasts
"God, you are beautiful" he says, making you blush red from the comment.
" Mhm Thank you." you say as you unbutton your pants and pulled them down
Seeing matching underwear with your bra.
"This makes me want you even more now" Bucky growls as he pinch and pull at your nipples with his fingers as you to bit your lip
"Are you sure? If at any time say no please if you're not comfortable and I will stop" He clarifies with you, making you feel safe and comfortable with just with that. Kissing him again with a you nod.
"I’m sure" you say and Bucky nods as you feel your core heating up as he stares at you for a moment as he pushes you down to the desk, kicking everything off with loud noises.
"Sexy" Whispers Bucky causing you to go red again as felt fingers rub your clit gently as the pace slowly sped up.
Watching your face contort to pleasure, as he began rubbing faster and at a steady pace.
"I-okay…fuck" You moan out as your ran your hands through Bucky hair
Feeling something poking at your entrance, his fingers, two of them. Feeling then slips in with ease as you moan.
"Fuck!" Feeling the sensation of the rubbing on your clit and between his cool metal fingers thrusting in and out of you fast.
"Oh my god, Fuck me I like that" Moaning loudly as you felt Bucky now sucking and pull on one of your breasts while his fingers slammed into you.
Clutching around his fingers as your breathing got heavy and Bucky watched your face contort as you kiss, moaning into the kiss.
"Cum baby, let it out ."Bucky whispers in your ear as his forehead touches yours and his hand gently runs through your hair.
Moaning as he put another finger in causing you to grip the desk
Everything was building up, tension, everything got bundled up in one giant ball in your lower abdomen. This feeling was a different high than you felt before from any other man and you love it.
"Ah—…I’m-Im…" You whine out as bite Bucky lip and he stared at you with stern eyes filled with lust. "Cum for me babygirl, you can do it. Want me to go faster?" He asked, encouraging you to reach climax to cum.
Bucky moving his finger faster, making you grip the table, arching your back. Moaning loudly as you came around his fingers and Bucky smiled at you. "Such a good girl." He says as you saw sticky substance around his fingers and he immediately took his fingers.
Grabbing your chin and opening your mouth as he shove them in
"How do you taste?" He questioned
"G-good" you answered shyly, Bucky kissing your lips, as tastes some of your cum. “You do taste good” he says as he shoved his finger back in you, before pulling them up and licking his fingers
"…No, You taste delicious" He says as he smirk. Relaxing into your desk as you felt peaceful and your body was relaxed and you were in a daze of post climax.
"Do you want to continue?" He asks and you nod vigorously in response. Smacking your pussy making you jump in pleasure with a smile on your face.
Sitting up as you began undoing his button to his pants and he watched you.
"Someone needy" he says and you smirked
"Very, I’ve waiting for you to fuck me with your cock for months" you say and that was just enough to throw Bucky over the edge.
Bucky throwing his pants and underwear down as he positions himself at your entrance as he pushes into you, causing you to scream out.
Your forehead meeting his shoulder has pulled you closer, half off your ass hanging off the desk as he supported you. Closing your eyes as Bucky hands interwoven with yours before he pushed you down and started thrusting in you
Bucky picking up the speed as pleasure consumed you. Bucky giving you kisses, hickeys on your neck while he thrust harder and his hands on the back of your thighs as he held your legs up. Watching your grip and grab at the table's edge and watching moans escape your pretty little mouth
Smiling up at him as he began pounding into you, making you scream as he lets out guttural moans and groans into your ear. Bucky grabbing your waist as he lifted you up, slamming into an empty wall, making you scream as he pinned you against the wall and shoved his cock back at you, showing no mercy making you scream in pleasure.
"Oh my god" you screamed out as your partner while he attacked your lips, sucking and biting on them.
Bucky Barnes pounded you into your office wall. The pleasure, sensations, you felt once before moments earlier came back as you gripped him with closing of your eyes, arching your back. You tried your best to keep stable against the wall.
“F-fuck I’m close” you moaned out as your moans got louder. "Me too" he lustfully groans out before taking a hand off the wall and rubbing at your clit causing you to jump and scream in pleasure.
“OH MY GOD! FUCK! BUCKY!” You screamed out as you clenched around his cock. Bucky slammed into one more time as the both of you came, Bucky came inside of you. Feeling hot warm liquid inside of you. Bucky sweaty and your sweaty forehead meet together as he plants a lazy but passionate kiss on your lips.
“Fuck that was amazing" you breathlessly let out and now only loud breathing could be heard. Your legs shaky as Bucky slowly brought you away from the wall.
"Thank you" you whispered and he smiled “No need to say thank you" he says and you chuckled as you pulled him in again, kissing him.
The brown hair man placing you on the couch you had in the corner of your office where you take naps and it was extra seating.
Slowly laying down, Bucky laid next to you, smiling as you made room for him on the couch, by getting on top of him.
Closing your eyes as Bucky did the same. Slowly drifting off together to sleep.
Waking up as you covered in an blanket you had and still naked but cleaned up down there. Sighing as you slowly around your office, it’s clean and no signs of Bucky, his clothes gone. Sighing as you wrapped yourself in your blanket. Seeing a water bottle, pain relief and birth control from your desk out and set for you. Smiling softly as your head pounding right now but that’s okay. Grabbing the water as you coat your throat with it before downing the pills.
Sighing as you went to pick up your clothes, dropping the blanket and not hearing Bucky come in until he grabbed your waist behind you.
“Hmm this is a lovely sight to see” He says and you laughed , slowly getting up from bending down.
“I got you coffee and food but I don’t know, I like this too” he says and smacks your bare ass causing you to laugh. Grabbing the coffee he put on the desk as you took a sip and Bucky slowly pushed towards the table, your ass still turned to him, your breasts against your desk.
“Only if your down for round 2” he asked, You smirk looking back at him
“…I’m down”
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killsaki · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
SELFISH — megumi puts his friends first.. and his feelings for them last.
Tumblr media
megumi fushiguro x f!reader
2k+ words | minors dni
CW/TW — comm piece, megumi is an idiot, supposed to be hurt/comfort, handjob, oral f!receiving hinted.
Tumblr media
megumi is, if anything, a good friend.
sure he gets annoyed easily, and doesn’t think he’s all that enjoyable to be around, though he does know that he’s definitely better company than some others. he can’t cook all that well, and he’s not a man of too many words, but for his friends..
he would lose his sanity. he would take on any opponent, even if he knew he couldn’t win. so naturally if he’d sacrifice his life, he’d sacrifice something as little as the possibility of romance.
“fushiguro!” his pink haired friends greets him from where he’d stopped in his doorway. and like always, as his eyes drift, he finds you there standing shoulder to shoulder with him.
megumi doesn’t answer back, just moves his gaze back to itadori, waiting for him to go on with whatever conversation he was about to start. it was almost every other night now that your entire class of four would pour its way into the taller man's room and force him to watch whatever movie the three of you agreed on.
and don’t be mislead, megumi didn’t hate movies, but he didn’t particularly care to give his opinions when it was nights like this because yuji and nobara usually ended up arguing too loudly for anyone to be able to hear key plot points and megumi was the kind of guy who likes to finish things he starts, whenever he’s interested that is.
which is the opposite of what he is in these films you all agree on. and that makes it all the easier for him to fall asleep, or at least pretend to, halfway through. that way when the credits start to roll and yuji turns to him saying that it’s his turn to pick now, all of you will make your way out of the room so as not to wake him. only tonight, it seems he’s not the only one to have fallen asleep. he notes as the bulkier of the two guys pushes himself from the bed and yet the weight beside him remains.
“wake her up?” he can hear yuji request in a hushed tone.
“hell no, you do it.” that voice he can recognize instantly as nobara and he can feel his brows furrow involuntarily.
“but she might hit me again!”
“and that’ll be your problem not mine.”
“rude!” yuji tuts, and then they both pause and megumi can feel their eyes on him. “can’t we just leave them like this?”
and at that, he can feel all the functions in his body stop. his thoughts, his breathing, his blood flow, you name it- it’s completely halted in the body of fushiguro megumi the moment yuji even hints that you should be left in bed with him.
“i mean.. it’s not like fushiguro is some kind of creep.” the brunette adds on, not at all helping the tension that only he seems to feel.
in an instant, he no longer feels their eyes on him, the loss followed by the sound of their footsteps headed towards the door. he wants to sit up, to tell yuji he shouldn’t leave you alone with another man, especially unconscious; no matter who the guy is. but then he’d have to pretend he’d just woken up and he’s not as good at acting when it comes to anything but closing his eyes.
“if it was you it’d be another story.”
the door creaks open and with four more steps it clicks shut behind them. functionality returns to poor fushiguro, his organs start to do their jobs once more which makes all his blood rush to his brain as it starts to panic. you’re close enough to him that he can feel your body heat, he can hear you breathing just under the sound of his oscillating fan, he can feel each twitch your feet make.
and as much as he’d dreamed about the intimacy that would come with laying next to you. sleeping mere inches from one another, the possibility of waking up with your limbs tangled, unconscious bodies finding your way to one another. the way your lips would feel breathing light with slumber against his neck as he holds you into his chest—
but those dreams only occurred after dreams of him, with burning cheeks, expressing his feelings- his old feelings- for you. and he’d tossed every single one of them out the window the moment you had started to gush about the particular person you’d come to have your own feelings for.
he remembers the feeling in his chest as you listen off everything he lacked, and how all of those attributes described his best friend perfectly. how you fawned over strength, his smile, the way he makes you feel at home. he remembers the ache of mentally forcing himself to suppress the feelings he’d only just come to recognize. and the burden this new one weighs, the red of jealousy he’s never felt before. a fire he cannot dampen, because if you felt so strongly for him, there’s no way itadori would be able to resist returning your affection.
he wishes it was nobara who had fallen asleep beside him so he could just shove her off the bed and not have to worry about a hole drilling into his chest as the sound of your arms moving against his comforter grew closer to his chest.
he could wake you up, tell you that you’d fallen asleep. he could watch as you laugh and apologize before rubbing your eyes and making your exit.
but… what if megumi was selfish? what if megumi pressed his lips to your own? the lips he can see are slightly parted to allow puffs of air to pass through, what if he was to kiss you so delicately there’s no way it would wake you? what if megumi caressed your body against his own and when you awoke, he could feign ignorance and laugh awkwardly alongside you? who would know he’d done something so harmless? stolen nothing but a sweet moment for himself.
but alas, fushiguro is not a man of greed. he would much sooner cut off his own hand than to put it on you in a way you did not agree to.
if he avoids touching you, and just went off to sleep, just as you knew he would before you crawled into his bed and dozed off along with him, then there is nothing wrong being done. he will take the gift that is your body’s weight next to his and do just that, keeping in mind who’s arm you will go back to being latched on to when the sun rises.
just as he manages to tread the edge of unconsciousness- “hey.” it’s hushed and sweet, but the word alone alerts him of warmth that nearly makes him jump. your hair tickles his bicep as you drag your fingertips over his chest. “i know you’re awake now, your heartbeat has changed.”
“yeah.” he whispers back, trying to blink the heaviness of sleep from his lashes. it’s silent for what feels like eternity as megumi fights off the pull of sleep to soak in the way you’d found yourself cuddled into his side unprompted.. though it’s outlined with a green of guilt.
”can i kiss you?” your words are louder this time, as if to make sure he’d hear them. and he does, but the next second passes and his face is burning red with the thought of you mistaking him for yuji. that the question wasn’t meant for him but you’re able to hear the race of his heart regardless.
“i’m not itadori.” comes blurted out, louder than he’d intended it.
“yeah, me neither.” you sigh out what he could’ve mistook for a laugh.
“we shouldn’t.” he responds, but doesn’t attempt to remove you from his side. the heat in his cheeks sparks all the way up to the tips of his ears and he’s sure if there was any light in the room that he’d visibly be red all over.
“do you not like me?” you whisper in a way that makes his heart aches, because the gods know that he does.
and in a way, he always has. even when the two of you had first met, you were insufferable in just the right way; just enough to be tolerable. and you were strong, in all the ways that he wasn’t. that tolerance turned admiration and that developed into spiraling feelings that he can barely keep a leash on. the only reason he hasn’t- only reason he won’t is because he sees how much light you put in itadori’s already sparkling eyes and there’s nothing he cares about more than the happiness of the people he holds in his heart.
“you can’t say that you don’t.”
“yes i can.” he quickly retorts, his free arm coming to cover his eyes.
“you make it so obvious.” you shake your head, pushing yourself up on your forearm to look down at him.
“don’t know what you mean.” he clears his throat.
“why are you being like that?” you ask, annoyance starting to build in your voice.
your name falls off megumi’s tongue coolly, but you can feel it’s supposed to be a warning. not that it clears up any confusion. your hand wraps around the arm covering his face, tugging it off and attempting to force him into looking into your eyes.
“because i don’t want to kiss you.” his shoulder shrugs underneath you.
your throat is as dry as his, all you can do is blink at the blank expression looking back at you.
“you know, when i told you that i liked you i thought that would lead to you admitting your feelings back- not the cold shoulder you gave me.” you shake your head, corners of your mouth tugged up in disbelief. he opens his mouth, closing it immediately when you start to speak again. “nobara told me to,” you push yourself out of his hold. “she said you liked me, yuji said the same- and i believed them! but ever since i came to you, since i’ve told you how i felt, you’ve treated me so.. differently.”
you wipe your eyes with one hand, leaning back on the other.
you can feel the bed shift as megumi mimics your position, and the warmth from his palm when he tugs your elbow this time- freeing your face for him to view. light spills in from the glass door at the end of his bed, and the soft look on his features ease the throb in your chest.
“can i kiss you?” he asks, though his lips are on your own before you have a chance to answer. not that you can find a reason to complain, when he allows you to deepen the kiss, a hand cupping his cheek when you straddle his lap. your fingers take their time gliding down his throat to plant themselves on his chest, making him shiver under you in the process. his own hands roam your body, moving from wrapping around your waist to gripping and guiding them as much as you allow.
there aren’t many words exchanged, as the two of you strip one another- only glances, nods and more greedy, teeth riddled kisses. its not until you’re above him in nothing but underwear that you make eye contact, just catching your breath to soak in that this is more than another wet dream for you both.
“we don’t have to.” he whispers, eyes breaking away from yours to glance down at your lips. it makes the heat in your stomach swirl, your heartbeat that much faster.
“scared?” you scoff out a light laugh, words coming out breathy. but it gets you what you want.
“you wish.” he mumbles before his hips push up against yours, half hard cock pressing your arousal soaken underwear deeper against your cunt pulling a sound of uncomfort mixed with pleasure from your throat.
you inch yourself back with a hiss, reaching your hand past his waist band before he can question it- wrapping your hand around him to force the same sound out of him. you don’t even bother to pull him fully from his briefs before you start to toy with his cock, the shudder of his breath lights a fire you can’t help but fuel with each twist of your wrist over the head of him.
his forehead falls to yours, lips quiver against your own, breath huffing hot over your face with each sound- it takes all you can not to give into your own need. the throb between you legs only aches more with each whine of your name, your free hand coming to the back of his neck to stable yourself. but you force your focus on tangling one first into his hair, and how the veins on his shaft as you stroke him with the other.
his hips buck up into your hands, slotting your mouth against his as you work harder at his throbbing length. even with your lips against his it does little to silence the noises he can’t help but let out. your hand feels so much better than his, so much better than he imagined, and you’re as giving as he knows you to be- asking for nothing in return and making him feel like this, it wasn’t right.
yet he can’t find it in him not to soak up the feeling of you simply touching him, let alone your tongue gliding along his lips or the sound of you asking for his release. it makes him start to chase your hand each time you start to move it the slightest inch away until he’s twitching under your touch and coating the fingers he’s day dreamed about in white.
he kisses you again and again, softly, as you both catch your breath- him more than you. and once he recovers, you’re flipped onto your back. his mouth attaches to the skin just behind your ear, carefully sucking every inch he can reach until you start to squirm beneath him. it’s only then you look down to find him between your thighs.
lithe hands pull your ruined panties from your body, making you pant just from the sight. megumi was a man of greed, everyone who knew him knew that. but the sounds you make when he breaths against your cunt… you continue to bring out sides of him he’s never seen.
Tumblr media
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sebastianstangirl01 · 2 months ago
Hold On
Title: Hold On
Pairing: Jake ‘Hangman’ Seresin x Reader
Warning: Minor Character Death, Blood, Description of Injuries, Sadness
Summary: When a mission goes wrong killing Y/N’s RIO and dear friend she has to try to cope with the loss and Jake is there to help her through it.
Y/N’s call sign is Ace
Tumblr media
Black smoke filled the air and dirt came floating down through the sky, Y/N groggily opened her eyes and found herself laying flat on the hard sandy ground. She tried to move but it felt like she was being held under water with a cinder block, her limbs felt heavy and her head was spinning. Desperately trying to remember why she was in the situation she was in Y/N painfully pushed herself into a sitting position.
“Fuck.” Y/N groaned holding her wrist that erupted in pain when she used it to push up, it was already swollen and her hand was turning purple meaning that it was probably dislocated and loosing blood flow.
She gritted her teeth and quickly snapped her wrist back into place letting a whimper escape her lips before the pain dialed down a little. Y/N felt around her body and checked for other injuries, she concluded that she had a few broken ribs, dislocated shoulder, and a few nasty gashes across her body including on her forehead that was currently gushing blood down her face.
“Angel!” Y/N croaked out before pushing herself to her feet with much difficulty as her memories came back to her.
Y/N and Angel had successfully completed their mission and were now heading back to base, this particular mission only needed one wingman who happened to be Hangman; Y/N’s boyfriend of 2 years.
“You ladies ready to head home?” Hangman asked over the comms as he was already almost back to the ship
“More than ready, what about you Angel?” Y/N asked hearing her RIO sigh from her seat.
“I just want to take a shower, these suits are sweaty as fuck.” Angel said and Y/N chuckled
Before much else could be said an alarm started sounding making Y/N jump and look down to see a bogey rapidly approaching.
“Holy shit! Bogey approaching from 6:00, where the fuck did they come from?!” Angel exclaimed spinning around in her seat to try to get an eye of the approaching plane
“They came out of no where, hold on I’m going to pull up and see if we can get behind them.” Y/N warned before jerking the plane up causing both her and Angel to fly back against their seats
“Ace their right on our tail.” Angel warned
“Fuck. Hangman a little help!” Y/N exclaimed doing her best to evade the plane
“I’m coming, I’m going supersonic. Be there in 45 seconds.” Hangman said
Suddenly an alarm started blaring and Y/N looked down at the radar and her eyes widened in alarm.
“They’ve got us on missile lock! Ace you’ve got to get us out of this!” Angel said panic seeping into her tone
“I’m trying.” Y/N grunted
“Swing right! Swing right!” Angel exclaimed and Y/N did just that, watching as the missile flew right past them “Holy shit! They’ve got us on another lock!”
“Hangman where are you?” Y/N exclaimed as she zigzagged through the air
“15 seconds, hold on!” Hangman exclaimed
Y/N was about to respond before she felt the plane jerk as something rammed into the side of the plane.
“We’re hit! We’re hit!” Angel exclaimed
“We’re hit in the right engine. Shutting it down now.” Y/N said as she shut down the engine causing the plane to go into a spin, she jerked the joystick up but it seemed like it was almost impossible to get back under control. “I can’t get control. Shit!”
The plane jerked again as another missile was shot hitting the plane again.
“The left engine is down! Left engine is down!” Angel exclaimed making Y/N curse
“Ace, Angel you’ve got to eject now!” Maverick exclaimed over the comms
“Ace eject! Eject now! You can’t save the plane!” Hangman exclaimed over the comms
“Fuck!” Y/N exclaimed as she was slammed back against her seat. “Angel! Eject! Eject now!”
Before Y/N could grab the ejection handle another missile was fired, this time it hit directly in the middle of the plane causing it to explode and break in half.
“Angel!” Y/N exclaimed when she felt the wind blowing and taking her breath away, she finally found the strength to pull her ejection handle and was ejected from the plane hitting her head on some debris as she saw the plane crash into the mountainside before everything went black
Everything came rushing back to Y/N making her stumble catching herself on a tree stump, she looked around and found her piece of the plane up in flames a few yards away from her but wasn’t able to spot Angel.
“Angel! Angel!” Y/N exclaimed as she unclipped her parachute and started walking around. “Angel!”
Y/N could vaguely hear the sound of a helicopter approaching but the only thing she could focus on was finding her friend as she stumbled around the rocky ground.
“Angel!” Y/N yelled before she caught sight of smoke around 20 yards away. “Angel!”
Y/N carefully made her way down the small hill before jogging the best she could towards the back part of the plane as she looked around she couldn’t find Angels parachute causing her heart to drop.
“No. No!” Y/N yelled sprinting forwards before skidding to a stop as she had seen the body of her beloved friend in the flames. “No!”
Y/N dropped to her knees and grabbed as much dirt as she could desperately throwing it onto the flames like it would make a difference.
Angel was long gone before Y/N was even able to find her.
“I’m sorry.” Y/N cried in defeat. “I’m so sorry.”
“Ace! Ace! Y/N!” The voice that belonged to Hangman yelled as it got closer
Y/N turned around to see her boyfriend sprinting towards her along with Maverick and a med team behind them.
“Baby.” Hangman mumbled as he dropped down to his knees beside her and grabbed her face. “Oh baby.”
“It happened so fast. We were about to eject together but a missile hit us, split us right down the middle.” Y/N mumbled as tears rolled down her cheeks. “She didn’t have a chance.”
Hangman and Maverick shared mortified looks at what Y/N and Angel had gone through as Hangman held her tightly to his body.
“Ace we’re going to get you out of here ok? Your banged up pretty good.” Maverick said gently as he crouched down beside her, knowing what she was going through too well
“It should be me.” Y/N mumbled making Hangman hold her a little tighter making Y/N wince
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry baby.” Hangman stuttered loosening his grip a little
“Can we get in here guys?” One of the medics asked causing Maverick to stand up. “Hangman.”
“Work around me, I’m staying right here.” Hangman said giving the man a glare, who swallowed but nodded
Y/N winced as they pushed down on her sides making Hangman shoot them a deadly glare as they more carefully checked her out.
“She needs X-rays and a head CT and stitches. We need to get her to the hospital now.” The medic said and Hangman nodded gently scooping Y/N into his arms since the area was too rocky to bring a gurney and Y/N obviously wasn’t in walking condition.
“Don’t leave her here. She has a family.” Y/N said not taking her eyes off the burning plane
“We’ll send a recovery team to come get her, right now we need to get you taken care of.” Maverick said swallowing down his feelings, he knew that if he was in Y/N’s position he would have fought all he could to stay with Goose until someone took him home so Carole could bury her husband. He and Y/N were a lot alike, which is why he knew his words would go over well.
“We can’t just leave her here! She’s a person, she isn’t just a piece of rubble left to be collected!” Y/N exclaimed started to get herself worked up
“I know. I know.” Maverick said grabbing her hand
Y/N could feel her breathing starting to get heavier as she gripped on to Hangman’s suit, the pilot noticed and pulled her closer to his body.
“Baby? What’s happening to her?” Hangman asked as Y/N was taken from his arms and laid back onto the ground, Maverick came over and placed a hand on Hangman’s shoulder seeing the panic on his face
“She’s having a panic attack, with her broken ribs there’s a good chance that she can puncture her lung if she doesn’t calm down. I’m going to have to sedate her.” The medic said as he rummaged through the medical bag
Hangman knelt down next to Y/N and held her hand trying to help calm her down.
“I’m here. I’m right here.” Hangman said as Y/N felt a prick in her neck before it all went black
──────── 🛫 ────────
The first thing that Y/N felt when she woke up was pain, there was a lingering pain in her shoulder, head, and rib cage. It was more of an annoying pain than an actually painful one. As she became more aware of her surroundings she realized she was in a hospital room.
There was the unmistakable smell of cleaners and the lights were brutal when first opening your eyes, as her eyes adjusted she saw a mass of blonde hair laying on her bed and that’s when she realized that there was a hand resting on her leg.
Looking closer she noticed that it was Jake he looked exhausted, his face was all pale and his hair was messy which is very different from his normally styled look. Y/N smiled down at him but felt too weak to move to try to wake him, so she just decided to let him sleep.
“Glad to see your back to the land of the living.” A voice said, Y/N looked at the doorway and saw that it was Maverick standing there with 2 cups of coffee in his hands and a small smile on his face
“Hey.” Y/N grinned softly
“How are you feeling?” Maverick asked making his way further into the room sitting the coffees down on the small table before taking a seat in the chair on the other side of her bed
“Like shit. But I guess that’s normal right?” Y/N chuckled and Maverick gave her a sympathetic smile making Y/N swallow. “How uh, how did you do it?”
“Do what?” Maverick asked with furrowed brows
“Get over loosing Goose? Move on?” Y/N asked making Maverick give her a small smile
“I don’t know if I ever really have gotten over his death. There’s some days when something great will happen and the first thing I want to do is call Goose and tell him all about it. Then I remember and it’s like it was that day all over again.” Maverick said clearing his throat. “Angel loved you Y/N. You guys were best friends and she trusted you more than anyone because she knew how great you are. Yes, something horrible happened. Something that no matter how many times you look over it or try to change it you just can’t, this wasn’t your fault there is absolutely nothing anyone could have done that wouldn’t have resulted in this. I’m not saying that it’s going to be easy or that you can ever fully move on from something like this, but eventually it will start to get easier. Living without them, it’ll get easier over time. But you have something that I didn’t.”
“What’s that?” Y/N asked wiping her eyes
“You have so many people who love and care about you. Everyone has been here at least once to check up on you, Hangman here hasn’t left your side me and Rooster had to practically drag him away to use the bathroom.” Maverick said making Y/N chuckle before wincing at the pain in her ribs. “You’ve got a great support system, don’t shut us out we’re all here for you. Whatever you need.”
“Thanks Mav. I really appreciate that.” Y/N smiled squeezing his hand
It was then that they noticed Hangman starting to stir as his grip tightened on Y/N’s leg a little bit, to reassure himself that she’s still there.
“I’ll give you guys some privacy.” Maverick said gently patting your head before walking out of the room
Hangman groaned as his eyes opened and landed on Y/N making him jump when he saw she was awake.
“You’re awake. Thank god.” Hangman sighed in relief immediately leaning up to peck Y/N on the lips. “I thought I lost you.”
“Never.” Y/N smiled softly before giving him another kiss. “What’s the verdict? How bad off am I?”
“You’ve got 4 broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder, fractured wrist, concussion, and 10 stitches on your head and side. You were so lucky.” Hangman said cupping her face
“What about Angel? Were they able to recover her?” Y/N asked the question she had been dreading
“Y/N baby. There wasn’t much left by the time they were able to put the flames out, her helmet and dog tags were about it. I’m so sorry.” Hangman said and Y/N nodded biting her lip
“Her family?” Y/N asked
“They were notified immediately and her husband and parents are on their way down. They were told what happened and immediately asked if you were ok. They don’t blame you, they know it wasn’t your fault and that there was nothing you could’ve done.” Hangman said and Y/N nodded
“I don’t think I would have been able to handle it if they hated me.” Y/N said choking on a sob making Hangman frown and rub her cheeks
“No one could ever in a million years hate you. I couldn’t imagine what you are going through right now but I am going to be here with you through it all. I love you so much baby and if I had lost you out there I’d probably have killed myself because you are all I have, you are my life.” Hangman said tearing up making Y/N grab his hand and pull him into bed with her, Hangman carefully climbed into bed and pulled Y/N into his arms
“I love you so much. I’m not going anywhere, I think I proved that I’m one hard bitch to kill.” Y/N said and Hangman chuckled kissing her forehead
“Yes you are.” Hangman said holding her tightly, thanking god that he was able to hold her in his arms now and forever.
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silver-pieces · 3 months ago
you will beg
Tumblr media
Pairing: dom!Wanda x (afab) fem!reader
Word Count: 4.3k
Synopsis: Wanda intimidates you, but you desperately need her help.
Warnings: 18+, MINORS DO NOT READ OR INTERACT, smut (fingering), spanking, dom/sub, injury & falling, reader is kept in a cell
A/N: Day Two of Marvel Girlfriend May!! ❤ Did I mention these are meant to be drabbles? Someone please for the love of Wanda STOP ME. I don’t even know how this became 4.3k. Please reblog if you enjoy this story!
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Series Masterlist > part two
Tumblr media
"What are you doing?”
You freeze at the sound of her voice.
Wanda, The Avengers Wanda, stands at the door with her arms crossed, eyebrows raised expectantly.
You slowly lower the shield back down. “Sorry,” you blurt out, “got lost?”
“You shouldn’t be back here.”
You nod, trying to hide the shakiness in your voice. “I’ll just go.”
She doesn’t move from the doorway, and you’re subjected to her disapproving glare as you edge past.
Turning your back on her feels foolish, but you don’t have much choice. Your heart beating wildly in your chest, you take a step towards the sounds of the party.
A sudden force encloses around your neck. You choke before coming to a standstill, and it immediately dissipates - the red tendrils of her magic evaporating in front of your face like smoke.
You feel her presence behind you. “Don’t let me catch you snooping again.” The words a softly spoken threat that sends a shiver down your spine.
Tumblr media
The encounter with Wanda leaves you shaken. You find yourself avoiding her whenever possible, and on the rare occasion you are forced to be in her presence, you hide behind the others.
It’s difficult being around her, and not just because of that first awkward encounter. There’s something about the sight of her commanding, attractive form, that leaves your knees weak. Her voice, low and lilting, like it could send you into a trance if you stopped and listened for too long. And those eyes... they draw you in until you can’t help but make eye contact again.
She’s always looking at you when you do. Catching you in the act.
It tugs something in your chest.
In the privacy of your own room, you’ve started getting yourself off to the thought of her. Imagining her pinning you against a wall, or stripping you down, or bending you over the nearest table and making you see stars until you beg for mercy.
She’s come to haunt your dreams too. Most often, it’s simply her eyes, meeting yours from across a crowded room, a sense of longing you can’t quite latch onto, and a red sunrise casting everything else in shadow behind her.
A part of you wants to confront her, to accuse her of using her powers to manipulate your mind, but you can’t bring yourself to admit to her, let alone everyone else, how much you dream of her.
“Are you with us, agent?”
You blink.
Steve Rogers is in your vision, wearing a patient smile.
“I’m here,” you say with an affirmative nod. No more thoughts of Wanda, you tell yourself. This is your very first mission as a part of the Avengers - you can’t give any of them a reason to doubt you now.
“Glad to hear it.” He steps back as another agent hands him the shield, which he braces to the side. “As I was saying, the target is to be neutralised with extreme caution. We believe he has some kind of biotechnology that allows him to...”
Your gaze is drawn to the shield by a force that feels beyond your control. There, in the polished vibranium reflection, is the familiar stern, heart-shaped face of Wanda, her dark gaze locked on Steve as he continues the briefing.
Your mouth goes dry, and you try to look away before she catches you, you really do.
Her eyes flick to yours before you can.
Tumblr media
You are still thinking about those eyes by the time you’re infiltrating the target’s hideout.
The place was supposed to be abandoned, but a fully-fledged team of fighters are waiting for you when you arrive.
“We can take them!” you insist over comms. Two more men appear through another door as if in response.
“Agent, wait for backup, that is an order,” Steve growls back. You see him across the warehouse, pursuing the target across the high platforms. To your left, Natasha is silently fending off a group of them. Sam flies beneath the platform you’re on, and ices the two guys coming for you.
You wave at him as he flies by, thankful for the brief reprieve.
“You’re welcome!” he calls through the comms, and you think you hear him chuckle.
Turning your mind back to the mission, you touch your comms. “Steve? Steve I can - ”
A zap of electricity rings out.
It takes you a second to understand that the bolt struck you.
You look down, and theres a tear in your pants, and smoke. Blood begins to seep through.
“Shhhhhhit - ”
Your legs start to give. You reach for the rail - and miss. The platform gives way, or you fall off the side, you’re not really sure. One second you’re on solid ground and the next, the machinery on the floor of the warehouse is rushing up at you.
You hear the rushing wind of Sam’s wings as he flies for you, his yelling over the comms in your ear - 
Tumblr media
“Jeez, who died?”
Wanda glances over at Tony as he strolls through the kitchen. He has his hands in his pockets, which he only seems to do when he wants something from her.
“Nobody,” she responds, tucking her hair behind her ear. “I got bored. I am... running out of things to watch.”
He looks pointedly at the mess before her. She’s been setting pieces of newspaper on fire and levitating them over the bin so the ashes fall in.
She glares at him.
He decides not to push it. “How are your people skills? Bruce needs you for something.”
Her... people skills? “Why?”
“Uh, well, apparently the newbie got zapped, fell into a vat of chemicals, and now she’s conducting electricity strong enough to give Point Break a run for his money.” He counts all these points out on his hand.
Wanda stiffens. “What happened? Is she - is she okay?”
He nods. “She is fine. It’s everybody else who’s gettin’ hurt. Bruce is trying to help, but - ”
She’s already grabbing her jacket, breezing past him without moment’s hesitation.
Of course you would get into trouble on your first mission - you’ve never been like the rest of them. Sure, Wanda herself was quiet and shy upon joining, but you are fucking fragile.
And what exactly are they expecting her to do? It’s like you need a full-time babysitter.
“Where is she?” she demands as she enters the lab.
Bruce is hunched over a screen, and he just points in the direction of the containment cells. “I’ll be there in just a second.”
She barely hears him, because there you are, limping as you pace around in the white cell, looking angry as hell. Your uniform is looking worse for wear, you’ve got a bandage on your leg, and electricity runs down your arms and crackles between your fingers.
And there, in her chest, is that familiar pull she feels whenever she catches sight of you. She has never denied it - ever since that first day, her attraction has only grown to the point where her entire being demands it. Being with you feels like an inevitability. But you’re never around, and she has a feeling it’s because you’re afraid of her. Perhaps you’re right to be.
Bruce’s face appears in the reflection next to Wanda’s. “She’s unstable. Traumatised. Angry with everyone for keeping her locked up.” 
She takes in the tension in your stance, the pain shining through in your eyes. “I know the feeling.”
“Yeah, well, she won’t even talk to me.” He adjusts his glasses. “And we can’t get close to her without risking serious harm.”
“You want me to get in there with her.”
He sighs. “I believe you’re strong enough to withstand her. And if she won’t talk to you, then maybe,” he shrugs, “you can subdue her? Help her control it?”
A thrill races through her. A twisted image flashes through her head - making you submit to her. It’s what she’s wanted ever since she met you. The way she always catches you looking at her tells her you want the exact same thing.
In the cell, you curl your hand into a fist. The electricity crackling in your hand zaps out suddenly, hitting the walls and harmlessly dissipating. You glare at the scorch mark.
“Okay.” Wanda looks to Bruce. “Put me in there.”
Tumblr media
You would like to wake up from this dream now.
The last thing you remember is falling. Then, white walls and people in lab suits running tests. After waking up, you had tensed for a moment - just a moment - and electricity had shot from your hands like a beam.
It’s for your own good, being locked in here, but that doesn’t change how you feel. Trapped.
The rational agent side of your brain must still be trying to wake up. The rest of you can’t stand this. Any of it.
You’ve seen the containment cells in action, and you know zapping it won’t do anything, but you’re buzzing with energy beneath your skin, and it wants out. So you lash out in the only way you can, over and over.
The sound of the door opening makes you jump. You turn, electricity crackling in the palm of your hands, before your bravado suddenly falters.
Wanda steps into the room, a red glow in her eyes. “Don’t. Move.” The door slides shut behind her.
What is she doing here? You take in her casual clothes, her hands twisting as they harness her magic.
“I just want to talk.”
Electricity shoots from your fingers, hitting the wall beside you. “Talk?” You glare at the woman who has intimidated you so much over the past few weeks. “Just let me out of here, so I can get a decent fucking night’s sleep. Maybe then I’ll be in the mood.”
She tilts her head at you. “That’s not going to happen until you get this under control.”
You curl your hands into fists. The buzzing beneath your skin rises. “I can’t.”
She takes another step forward. “Yes, you can.”
But the crackling of your fists is taking over. “Get back.”
“Just breathe. Control it.”
You inhale sharply, and meet her gaze, the strange red glow of her eyes so different to the darkness you’re used to. “Wanda - ” The electricity releases from your fists and into the cell. White light darts up the walls, flooding the room in blinding light. It’s channelling through your hands and you’re helpless to stop it.
Red magic pulls taut around your wrists, bringing them together in front of you, and instantly the lighting stops. She’s holding your wrists in her magic, glaring at you with her red gaze. “Remember your training, agent - ” she snarls.
Another burst of energy releases from you, this time from your chest. You scream and struggle against the restraints. “Let me out!”
A force pushes you to your knees, and then down, further, until she’s pressing your face to the ground. Your hands are yanked behind your back and held in place behind you.
Forced down, to submit beneath her, your struggles slow into sobs, and at some point the electricity just... calms. The buzzing is still there, but for the first time since you woke up, it feels tempered.
Finally you relax.
“If you won’t control it,” Wanda snarls from above you, “then I will.” Her restraints pulse against your skin.
You manage to peer up at her. “I think it worked,” you breathe.
She blinks, and falls back. Her magic fades, allowing you to sit up. You clench your thighs together, embarrassed to find yourself wet. You know what it was even if you don’t want to admit it. Wanda, exerting her control over you. God.
“Bruce wants a blood test.”
You nod, unable to meet her gaze anymore than you already have today.
Tumblr media
Wanda can’t stop herself from coming to check on you the next day.
“You’re here early,” Bruce comments in a knowing tone, which she promptly ignores.
“Has she been good?” she asks as she peers at you through the cell window.
You’re wearing a different clothes now, sitting with your head back against the wall and your eyes shut. A tendril of electricity runs down your arm and across your knuckles.
“Her control over the electricity was pretty good after you left, but it’s been getting unstable again this morning. She still won’t talk about it, and now she’s refusing to eat.”
A muscle tenses in Wanda’s jaw. “I think I need to talk to her alone.”
There’s a pregnant pause as Bruce stares at her, taking in what she’s saying. “Alone? Like, you want me to leave the room, alone?”
She nods. “If I want to get through to her, I need some privacy.”
He blinks, adjusting his glasses. “Well, okay then.” He grabs the tablet and gestures to it. “I can run my blood samples from the room next door, and still monitor her vitals. But just let me know when you’re done.”
“Of course,” she smiles patiently at him.
She watches until he leaves the room, and then turns her attention back on you.
You only open your eyes when she opens the door to your cell and steps inside. “Bruce tells me you haven’t been eating.” She tilts her head at you. “Why?”
There’s a spark in your eyes that looks like excitement, but you quickly hide it with a glare. “I’m not hungry.”
“Oh? And when was the last time you ate?” She pins you with a knowing look.
Electricity zaps from your hands.
Instantly she summons her magic, pulling your wrists out in front of you. You make a cute gasp as your arms are yanked forward, pulling you off the wall.
“Do I need to take control again?”
You glare harder. Your hands curl into fists, and you almost seem to willingly summon more electricity.
Well fuck. Wanda is only too happy to oblige.
She pulls you forward by your wrists, onto your stomach on the floor. You fight uselessly, electricity zapping in short bursts.
“Hm. This seemed to work last time.”
“Then why isn’t it now?” you grit out.
“You tell me.” She raises you up by the throat until you’re floating off the ground in front of her. “Tell me how your powers work.”
“I don’t know!” You strain beneath her grip.
“Yes you do. Don’t think about it - just feel.”
"Control!” You gasp. “I gave you control. You made me... you made me submit.”
Satisfaction. Wanda forces herself to temper down the feeling. She knew it - knew she was the cause. But to hear you say it...
“Then submit.”
“No,” you whimper. “I can’t. The buzzing...”
“Do I have to make you? Is that what you want?”
You shut your mouth, refusing to answer. 
It’s enough. “Very well.” She tilts her head at you and pulls you closer. “If I cross a line, you tell me, okay?”
You say nothing at first. And then, so quiet she barely hears it, “Okay.”
Immediately, she uses her magic to set you back on the ground, so you’re standing before her with your wrists still bound. She takes you by the arm and leads you to the bunk you’ve been sleeping on, where she sits on the edge. “Over my lap.”
You stare at her. “You can’t be serious.”
In response, her eyes flare with red magic, and you find yourself pulled over her lap.
You feel a pulse between your legs as your wrists are restrained behind you. “I don’t think - ”
“You will learn that disobedience gets you punished.” She spanks you.
You squeak in shock. “What was that?”
She chuckles, and the sound is low and deadly. “That was my hand, over your pants. You must be sensitive there, huh?”
You make no response.
“Here is the deal,” she says, smoothing her palm over your backside. “You tell me you submit to my control, and I will stop immediately. You don’t, and I keep going.”
You snarl at her, and your electricity flares up for a fleeting second, before - 
She quashes it with another thoroughly hard spank. “You lose control of your powers too much, and I will be spanking your bare skin instead.”
“What? No!”
But she spanks you again, and your protests become squeaks and cries of shock. The sting only grows as she begins her assault on your backside. You’ve never been treated like this before, and your mind struggles to catch up.
You don’t want to submit - you don’t. And deep down, there’s a part of you that feels like your submission needs to be earned. Her willingness to take on that challenge is strangely exciting.
But your behind is getting sore as she goes on. Her magic never loosens from your wrists, and when you move too much she holds you down with more of her magic - on your neck, your ankles, the small of your back. Always forcing you into the position she wants.
It’s making you impossibly turned on, and it doesn’t help that she keeps saying things to you that make your mind go blank.
“I want to hear you say the words.” She spanks you three more times. “And you will beg me to let you say them to me.” Spank spank spank.
Yes, your mind tells you, teetering on the edge of pain and bliss. “No!” you cry out, and suddenly you’re summoning all of the electricity you can. It crackles in the air around you, and you don’t hesitate before lashing out.
It barely touches her, but it definitely provokes her. She pulls your wrists tighter and spanks you harder until you start to apologise, a rush of "I'm sorry! I'm sorry - please!" over and over until her hand stills on the hem of your clothes.
"I told you what would happen if you lost control of your powers, didn't I?"
"No - I am in control of them!"
She pulls your clothes down, exposing your backside. "I am in control."
Fuck, if that doesn’t make your pussy pulse with need.
Her palm wanders over your backside, inspecting you. Your skin feels hot beneath her touch, and you reflexively clench your thighs, hoping to hide the wetness between your legs from her sight. Shame fills you at the thought.
The next spank is the first on your bare skin. It stings. It has you reassessing. How much more can you take? Every spank adds to the heat of your backside, and adds to the wetness forming between your legs.
The next one lands, and you feel your resolve fraying. “Wait!”
She stops.
You take a breath, and force yourself to say the words. “I submit.”
You think you hear her breath catch. Her hand gently strokes over your skin, the touch soothing. “Good.” She sounds almost surprised.
“Can you let me up now?”
“Soon,” she says, her voice a lot softer now. Her hand wanders, and you swallow as she gets closer to your wetness. “I think you will need this again, won’t you?”
She’s right. The buzzing beneath your skin has calmed, but you can sense that it will come back again soon.
Her magic tightens around your wrist when you don’t respond. “Answer me.”
“Yes!” you gasp.
She strokes your head. “Good. Then you will submit to my punishments from now on.”
Outrage washes over you, followed swiftly by humiliation. Because she’s right, and you can’t deny that you want her. “Fine.”
She pinches you, causing heat to bloom on your already-hot skin. “Without the attitude.”
“Ah! God!” you cry out. “Yes, you can punish me! I agree to it!”
She lets go. “Prove it.”
“I’m going to give you ten spanks now - more if you argue. And after each one, I want you say the words, ‘you are in charge of my punishments.’ Am I clear?”
“But you said - ”
She cuts you off with another spank, making your asscheek smart with sudden heat. “None of these spanks count as part of the ten, unless you say the words.”
You huff. “I don’t want to.”
“Fine!” She spanks you again.
“Fuck,” you hiss. You can’t take this...
She lifts her hand to go again.
“You are - ” you grit out - “you are... in charge of my punishments.”
Spank. “That’s one.”
“You are in charge of my punishments.”
Spank. “Two.”
It goes on. You make it all the way up to five before you break, and the words are forced out between sobs.
“Do you want me to stop?” Wanda asks gently, soothing her palm over your very sore skin. “Is this the line?”
A burst of gratefulness fills you. “Keep going,” you whimper. The tears feel good, actually, like a release you didn’t realise you needed.
She does.
The words become blurred, blurted out on autopilot.
On eight, the words become, “You are in charge of me.” instead. Your pussy is dripping.
As you finish taking your punishment, saying the words obediently, she gently starts to stroke you, starting on the crown of your head, all the way along your back, and over the curves of your soreness. “Shh...”
“Do the others have to know?” you murmur.
“No. Not unless you want them to.”
You instantly shake your head.
“Then it will be our little secret, solnyshko.”
“Thank you.”
She hums in response. Her hand wanders closer to your wetness, and you find yourself holding your breath as she lightly skims her fingers over your folds. “You need release,” she observes.
If you were thinking straight, you would probably protest or try to hide in humiliation. But she has broken down your defences, made you fall apart in her lap, and you can do nothing but murmur in agreement, not wanting to lie to her.
“Spread your legs.”
You obey immediately.
“How is the buzzing?” she asks, and pushes her finger inside you.
“Gone,” you gasp. Your legs try to close on instinct as your walls clench around her, but the inner side of your legs hits an invisible force, keeping them open.
“Be good,” she patiently reprimands.
She begins working her finger in and out of your pussy, forcing the occasional whimper and moan from you as the pressure increases. Then, she inserts a second finger, and a third.
Your pleasure begins to crest. The shaking of your thighs is on full display for her with the way she’s holding your legs apart.
Her fingers slow, and she growls. “You don’t come without my permission.”
“Oh God, please,” you groan, already there.
“Hold it.”
Your entire world is focused on the sensation of her hand between your legs, and the hot touch of her magic entwined around your wrists and between your thighs. Your vision nothing but stars. “Wanda, I really can’t.”
“Not. Yet.” Her magic restraints pulse, and suddenly you feel a warm sensation on your clit. Like a warm tongue, or a collection of bristles that spark against your nerves. Her magic.
You shudder and moan loudly at the erotic sensation.
“Fuck,” Wanda hisses, “my fingers are so far inside your pussy, taking me so well. You are so tight and wet. Fuck.”
“Wanda!” you cry out.
“Do it. Come.”
You crest instantly, wetness spilling out onto her hand and thighs shaking with pleasure. Electricity sparks between your bound hands, provoking her to bind your wrists even tighter.
She works you through your orgasm, sending you higher and higher into bliss. “That’s it, let it all out.”
Finally the pleasure calms, and you relax, enjoying the way she has reduced you to a limp mess.
Then she pulls you up into her arms, letting you lean against her body and rest your face into the crook of her neck.
“Wanda,” you sigh.
She shushes you, stroking circles on the small of your back. Her long hair brushes over your face, silky and beautiful, and you breathe in her scent.
Tumblr media
The kitchen looks just how you remember it, except much more crowded than normal. You smile half-heartedly as the team cheers at you when you enter.
“There she is, our trooper!” Steve claps you on the shoulder. “You gave us quite the scare there.”
You shrug. “You know how I like to be dramatic.” A glass is shoved in your hand, and you’re pulled over to the centre of the room, where handshakes and quips are exchanged with a few of the other Avengers. Bruce, Sam, Tony, and Nat you know, but Thor and Carol Danvers are also here, and Clint, and Vision, and Peter, and more, and it’s getting far too crowded for your liking.
A little spark of electricity jets from your hand. It’s tiny, nothing more than a burst of light.
Nervous laughter comes from all around you as the others brush it off, but as you flex your hand, you catch Wanda staring at you from across the room.
Flashes of memories from the past week spent in that cell go through your mind. Wanda has dominated you in so many different ways by now. The spankings, which she calls ‘maintenance punishments’, occurred daily while you were in there, but still there were some days where you refused to co-operate afterwards, and she came back inside the cell with a gleam in her eye that promised swift retribution. Your skin prickles at the thought.
“I should go, get some air,” you say to the others, your eyes not straying from hers.
She pushes off the wall and heads out the back entrance.
You barely hear the others as you push through the room to follow.
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v-pet · a year ago
when i move out and get a job again. im going to be so powerful. buying things for people i love is like breathing to me, it comes so naturally and it gives me LIFE.... must give presents...........
#i bought something for net and i am so excited to give it to them.... aaaauuuuuuu#hopefully they dont somehow end up with the same thing b4 i can give this to them but . we'll cross that bridge when we get there LOL#besides.. having two of these probably wouldnt be the end of the world anyway LOL#anywhay back 2 da post#i dont thiiiink gift giving is my 'main love language display' or however you'd word that#i think i probably mostly show my love with words and Doing Stuff For You fhsjfhsh idk i was talking about this the other day#how in my mind a lot of those things overlap to the point i cant really pin my spectrum of love expressions down to one neat little categor#anyway anyway getting distracted#but yeah... im definitely the type of person who will just come home and be like. hey. i saw this at the store and i thot youd like it#i have Not Been Doing That Lately since i dont have a paycheck anymore BUT when i start getting an income again... hoo boy#anyway hi i wrote this post at like 3:30am and put it in my drafts for later . so if i sound sleep deprived thats why ✌#ohhh quick tangent again.. i have one more commission to do (for my dad) and one gift art to do#or that gift may be swapped out for another commission hfsjfsj directions unclear for now . we are going 2 talk about it later#but anyway after i finish those. i SHOULD. MAYBE. be able to make a commissi9ns post to share around HFJSDHSJ#THAT BEING SAID THO.. you can find my comm info in my pinned post if you wanna get in on it early ;D#but yeah i took a break from new comms and i need to get back into it so i can save up to MOVE..#also i am almost definitely visiting for a weekend or a couple days or something Before Then#so i will need an extra couple hundred from my initial estimates hehe :3c very very excited....#okay god i am falling asleep at my phone . into my drafts you go. a little timecapsule for you tomorrow
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make-me-imagine · a month ago
Take the Chance
Prompt: "I've never met anyone that has made me feel this way." Requested by: @gatefleet (one of your mystery prompt requests)
Plot: Bucky finally gets tired of hiding his feelings for Y/n + A bit of pining Bucky.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x GN!Reader
Warnings: None!
Words: 1.1k
General Taglist: @criminaly-supernatural, @caswinchester2000, @imaginesfire, @rexit-mo MCU/Bucky Taglist: @aquariuslavenderhoney, @trashywritestrash, @resplendentlady, @marvelouslyme96, @supersourlemon13, @mochamoff, @simsiddy, @peter-parkers-cullen-nerd, @flourishandblotts-inc, @cosplayingwitch
Tumblr media
Bucky didn't realize how long he had been staring. Watching you as you worked, trying to get information for your recent mission. He was supposed to be oblivious, blending in, an ordinary face in the crowd. But he couldn't pull his eyes away from you.
The way you smiled and joked with the target, weaseling your way into his good graces, waiting for him to make a mistake. It was like torture to Bucky, he knew your smiles weren't genuine, the laughs weren't real, but he hated watching you with someone else.
When you smiled and laughed with Bucky, it made his heart swell, his palm sweat, and dare he say, gave him butterflies. But watching you act that way with someone else, fake or not, left a bad taste in his mouth, and a hollow feeling in his gut.
He could imagine you acting this way with someone else, genuinely, being with someone who isn't him. That thought alone made his heart ache. But he had no real right to feel that way, and he knew it. You weren't together, you weren't a couple. You had no idea Bucky felt this way about you, and that was his fault.
In the past, he would have had the confidence to walk up to you and tell you, but now, it seemed harder, almost impossible at times. Even with someone like you. Someone he knew inside and out. He could be happy with you. He could be comfortable, and safe. But did he deserve it yet?
"Bucky. BUCKY."
Bucky almost jumped at the loud voice in his ear. "What?" He asked with an aggravated whisper.
"Damn man, did you hear anything I said?" Sam's voice came through the comm again, obviously annoyed.
"No, I was busy."
"Yeah, busy burning holes into Y/n's head."
Bucky felt a chill run up his spine, and his ears heat up. Looking around with just his eyes, he finally spotted Sam across the building on an upper floor, leaning against the rail, looking down at him. He could clearly see the smirk on his face.
"I'm making sure he doesn't make us." Another lie.
"Yeah, right. You better hope he doesn't see the way you're staring, or he will make us."
"Shut up." Buck grumbled.
"Get up here man. You can stare at Y/n later."
Bucky rolled his eyes as he moved towards the stairs. Allowing himself to look back at you, he felt a small jolt run through him as his eyes met yours. You were watching him. Did you turn your ear comms back on? You didn't here that right? No, you took your comms off entirely, just in case. He felt a wave of relief wash over him.
As the target was distracted by a server, you spared a small smile, and a nod at Bucky. Returning the gesture, he let out a deep breath as he made his way to Sam.
He couldn't keep doing this. Thinking of you like this, wanting you to be his, but knowing you aren't. He needed to do something. He needed to take the chance.
--------- --------- ---------
"Are you alright Bucky?"
Bucky looked over at you, as your voice broke him from his thoughts. You were looking at him with a concerned look.
He cleared his throat "Uhm, yeah, why?"
"You've been super quiet ever since we got back from the mission."
Bucky looked ahead of you, he had decided to walk you to your car, with the determined though to ask you on a date before you left. But now, as your car grew closer and closer, he felt his confidence begin to falter.
"Uh, yeah, I just...got a lot on my mind."
"Anything I can help with?" You offered with a soft smile, making Bucky's heart palpitate.
You were now standing near your car, and you purposefully slowed down, hoping Bucky would open up a bit. You heard him take in a sharp breath as he stepped in front of you, facing you and leaning his arm on your car.
"I-I, uh."
You saw him shake his head a bit in frustration. You stepped closer, and leaned against your car. "Buck, what's going on?"
A small smile crossed his face as he let out a soft laugh. "I used to be good at this you know."
"Good at what?" You asked softly, your own heart picking up pace.
He met your eyes cautiously, and still held a soft smile on his face. He was clearly nervous as he spoke. "Asking people on dates."
You felt your heart leap, as your neck and ears felt hot. You bit your lip a bit as you repressed a grin. "You're trying to ask me on a date?"
"Trying, being the operative word, yeah." He lowered his head a bit as an almost embarrassed smile crossed his face. "I've been wanting to ask you for a while. I just- I've never met anyone that has made me feel this way. So I guess it scared me, in a way."
Your heart swelled in your chest as he spoke. "I'd love too."
Bucky's head shot up, "You would?"
You giggled softly. "Of course I would."
It seemed to Bucky, that for the first time, he was seeing how you looked at him. He was always so preoccupied with looking at you, thinking of you, how he felt about you, that he never really paid attention to how you looked at him. But now, it hit him, that the way you were looking at him, a smile on your face, eyes lit up. That you were looking at him, the same way he looks at you.
A smile stretched along is face as he spoke softly. "Great. I- uh, tomorrow?"
"Tomorrow's good."
"Alright. I'll text you the time okay?"
"Is that your subtle way of saying you didn't think past this point?"
He let out a laugh. "Yeah, maybe" he nodded.
You giggled. "Alright, text me. I'll be ready."
Bucky stepped back as you unlocked your car. He pulled the door open for you, and as you began to get in, you stopped and looked back at him. He stared at you expectantly, waiting for you to say something.
As you quickly leaned forward, and pressed a soft kiss to his cheek, he felt his body freeze for a moment. "See you tomorrow."
Coming back to his senses, he closed the door as you settled in your seat.
Bucky smiled and waved at you as you began to leave. His heart was beating so heavily in his chest it was almost hard to breath. His thoughts were so preoccupied, he didn't realize that he had probably one of the biggest smiles on his face in years.
"Tomorrow." He whispered softly to himself.
Suddenly realization began to seep in. Tomorrow. And he had nothing planned. You were right, he didn't think past this point.
Thinking abut the possibilities, he realized he didn't know the area well enough, he'd have to do research. Or, he could ask Sam. No, maybe not. He'd think of something. Something amazing, he'd sweep you off your feet.
xx End xx
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probieeddie · 4 months ago
5x11 meta - buck, eddie, and the bar scene
i just keep coming back to that moment in the bar when eddie notices buck, but buck doesn’t notice eddie, because for the life of me, i can’t think of a single other time that’s happened
we see eddie from buck’s point of view constantly, because buck always notices him. literally, eddie’s very first scene is a shot of buck noticing him, and it never stops
Tumblr media Tumblr media
it happens again during the tsunami
Tumblr media Tumblr media
and, most recently, in wrapped in red, just before eddie tells them he’s leaving the 118
Tumblr media Tumblr media
this happens several other times in the show, but notably does not happen again before the bar scene. interestingly the only episodes i can think of that don’t quite fit this pattern are eddie begins and buck begins, but in both of those, the audience becomes aware of eddie’s presence at the exact same time as buck does
there are plenty of moments where eddie looks at buck and buck isn’t looking back, and vice versa, but buck always knows when eddie is there
so this moment, when eddie sees buck but buck doesn’t see him feels extremely significant to me
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i specifically want to draw attention to the fact that, not only does buck not notice eddie in his vicinity, he also has his eyes closed for the entirety of the time the camera is focused on his face
buck has always seen eddie, literally and metaphorically, but this time he can’t
so what does this mean? maybe nothing, but i think this scene was more than just a way to show how isolated eddie feels right now. i think it’s also the apex of the distance between him and buck, and the absolute rock bottom of their relationship, and i’ll explain why
[the rest under the cut because this got long]
earlier in the episode, buck tries to get to eddie to talk to him, but eddie refuses and tells buck to move on. in the very next scene, buck asks bobby if he knew eddie wasn’t coming back which bobby confirms. when hen tries to reassure him that he will be back, buck responds with this:
"I don’t know. I had dinner with Eddie last night, and he seemed […] different."
at this point, buck appears to have given up on the idea that eddie is coming back, and maybe even on eddie himself. from here until the last scene of the episode, buck won’t talk to or about eddie again. notably, we don’t even see buck’s reaction to eddie on the comms during the truck rescue
so then we get to the bar scene, AKA: grocery store fight 2.0
i swear I'm going to explain
why is it grocery store 2.0? it isn’t a big blowout fight, but like the grocery store scene, it’s a complete breakdown of communication between buck and eddie that will lead to significant consequences for both of them (buck’s kiss with lucy, and eddie’s blow up at bobby)
let’s compare and contrast:
buck shows up at the grocery store, intending to apologize and re-establish communication with the 118
eddie shows up at the bar, presumably intending to spend time with the 118. now, it’s entirely possible that eddie has seen the 118 since the christmas party, but as far as the audience is concerned, this is the first time, and therefore also eddie’s attempt to reestablish communication with the 118 (and, given his earlier conversation with josh, and what we know he’ll ask for later, it’s not unlikely that he also intended to take back what he said to buck about moving on)
next, in the grocery store scene, eddie, who has always been level headed with buck, yells. buck quickly becomes defensive and the fight escalates, but it’s clear neither of them is hearing what the other is saying. the conversation is cut off by the cars in the parking lot before there can be any resolution
in the bar scene, buck, who we’ve established has always seen eddie, has his eyes closed. eddie, initially hopeful, notices buck and the others having a seemingly great time without him and quickly becomes dejected and leaves, ending the "conversation" before there can be any resolution
on the surface, this seems pretty different, but underneath, it’s exactly the same
to explain that, though, we need to talk about the last time eddie’s mentioned in the episode: when ravi mentions that eddie was at the bar, and buck says
"I texted him. I just… thought he was a no-show."
to which ravi replies that he saw eddie in the parking lot, and eddie blew him off. buck says that’s "weird" and wonders aloud what’s going on
this exchange is vital because it changes the bar scene from a one sided breakdown of communication to a two-sided one.
presumably, when eddie sees buck laughing in the bar, he comes to the conclusion that buck has indeed moved on, and is fine without him, which is a conclusion the audience might come to at this point as well, because of the conversation he had with bobby and hen earlier. eddie takes this as a rejection and leaves. the audience, however, doesn’t, and it quickly becomes apparent that everything buck’s displaying on the surface is just that – a facade, concealing how wrong everything is underneath. it’s not until the scene with ravi at the end, though, that the misunderstanding is confirmed, because despite having "moved on" (not really) buck is the one that invited eddie to the bar, and buck, just like he did at the beginning of the episode, still wants to know "what’s going on [with eddie]"
we get less, overall, of buck’s side of this silent conversation, but i think there are a few things we can infer. first, buck more than likely texted eddie after the call with the truck bomb. second, eddie almost certainly never responded. had eddie said he was coming, then not shown up without a word, buck would have worried, and at the very least, mentioned his concerns to someone. on the other hand, had eddie said he wasn’t coming, buck wouldn’t have had to make an assumption about eddie being a no show; he would have known.
on buck’s side of things, then, this is a reinforcement of what eddie said earlier, that he’s moved on, and buck should too. we know this to be incorrect, because just a few scenes later, eddie will indicate to christopher unambiguously that he hasn’t moved on, and doesn’t want to
returning to our grocery scene comparison, what we end up with is:
in the grocery store scene, eddie says [i miss you and im hurting without you] but buck hears [you left and now you can’t come back]
in the bar scene, buck says [i want you to be here, but you told me to move on so i won’t push too hard] and eddie hears [i moved on, just like you said. i’m fine without you]
in the grocery store scene, buck says [i miss you and i need to you to understand that i only wanted to come home] and eddie hears [my job is more important to me than my relationship with you]
in the bar scene eddie says [i want to be here with you, but i don’t belong here anymore and you’re fine without me] and buck hears [i’ve moved on, just like i said. i’m fine without you]
not so different after all, huh?
so this leaves us at the end of the episode, with buck and eddie farther apart than they’ve ever been, and, most likely, the farthest apart they’ll ever be again
[spoilers for 5x13 ahead]
because the next time buck and eddie have a real conversation after the grocery store fight, they come back together stronger than ever. and based on interviews and promos,  the next time buck and eddie have a real conversation after the bar scene is going to be when eddie breaks down and buck is in the room
they’ve been stretching buck and eddie like a rubber band all season, and the bar scene in 5x11 is the farthest apart they can go without breaking apart completely or snapping back together
eddie was always soft with buck, but after he uncharacteristically yells in the grocery store scene, he becomes infinitely softer, starting with ‘i forgive you’ and culminating in, you know, all of season four
buck has always seen eddie, so it stands to reason that now, after uncharacteristically closing his eyes (moving on), he’ll be able to see eddie more than ever, which is to say, he’ll see everything eddie’s been trying to hide. it’ll be explosive and emotional, and might even result in an actual fight, but everything that happens from here on out will be part of what brings them back together, not what pushed them apart
this, finally, is the resolution not only of the miscommunication from the bar scene, but also of the conversation on the balcony in which eddie says
"Or you don’t know her the way he does. When you think of your sister, you see this person you’ve always looked up to. The woman who’s taken care of you. But maybe that’s not who she is right now. This time, maybe she’s the one who needs taking care of."
and funny thing about the balcony scene?
buck couldn’t see eddie properly then, either
Tumblr media
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mandelirious · 3 months ago
din x reader; a late night comm call
word count: 1.6k
warnings: this is just pure filth so as always, minors DNI; smut, dirty talk galore
a/n: based off this thot i had months ago and needed to get out of my head. comments and reblogs are much appreciated!!
Three days. Din had only been gone for three days, but you were a little embarrassed at how much you missed him already. He’d been absent for a lot longer before and you’d been just fine. Things were different now. There was something between the two of you, new and fragile. You hadn’t talked about it yet, both too scared to put any pressure on this recent happiness in case it showed cracks. You were still discovering each other, relearning how to move in this new space where you were allowed to touch each other, to fall asleep with his solid warmth covering your back. It had been a week of perfection–of Din’s laugh ringing through the Razor Crest like you’d never heard it before, of soft kisses and urgent hands. 
He was hunting again and everything felt much colder and emptier without his presence in the ship. For how quiet he was, Din still managed to take up space like no one you’d ever met before. That was something you had noticed very early in your partnership. Back then you’d thought it was just the shining beskar and the many weapons he kept attached to his person, or even the way he stood–hands on his belt like he was daring someone to make the first move. Now you knew better. It was all of those things. But more than that, it was the energy that surrounded him. To those that didn’t know him, it was the intimidation written in the line of his broad shoulders that made them take a step back. You didn’t feel that intimidation anymore. You knew how his hands felt rubbing comfortingly across your skin, how his voice dipped in concern for those he cared about, the gruff sound of his laugh in your ear. His presence hadn’t gotten any smaller as you’d gotten to know him, but now it only made you want to be closer; to bask in the intensity and unshakable strength that defined the man under the armor.
You wished, not for the first time, that he hadn’t gone on this hunt and left you alone with your thoughts. Sure, it had only been a few days, but you needed less time than that for the doubts to come creeping in. Alone, puttering around in an empty ship, you wondered if the Mandalorian that returned would be the same one that left you with a sweet kiss in the dark of early morning. Three days was plenty of time for him to reconsider the line that had been crossed. 
Incessant beeping woke you up from a fitful sleep. It took a few moments before you could recognize the noise as coming from the communicator Din had given you and scramble to answer. Your groggy mind was already running through disaster scenarios. He could be hurt or in trouble, you might have to remember how to get the old ship moving and headed to his location. The sound of Din’s voice saying your name makes you halt. He sounds a little off in a way you can’t quite pinpoint, but at least he’s ok. You let him know you’re there and ask if he’s alright, trying to calm the initial frantic pounding of your heart.
“I miss you.” 
The words make you freeze. His voice is deep, gravely in that way it gets when he goes days without speaking to anyone. But there’s more. You can pick up on it now: the heavy breathing, the pitch of his voice. He says your name again, breathy and needy and you know he’s touching himself. All of your previous insecurity is pushed away by the heat now rushing through your body as you lay back on the cot.
“I miss you too.”
“How much?”
“Fuck.” You let your head drop back, eyes closing as you try to picture what he looks like on the other end of the comm. He’s probably in the middle of nowhere, maybe on the outskirts of some forgotten village. You wonder if he’s taken off the armor, hidden away in his little tent with his large hands roaming over his own skin. Or maybe he’s outside leaning against a tree, still in full armor that’s pushed aside just enough to get a hand around himself. Your own hand starts to wander as you imagine it. A little gasp escapes as your fingers brush over your nipples and tease them into firm buds. Din doesn’t miss the noise.
“Are you touching yourself?” His voice is already shaky. How long had he been doing this before he called you? “Tell me what you’re thinking about.”
You shudder and one hand moves lower to tease at the seam of your underwear. “I’m thinking about you.” The hitch you hear in his breath gives you enough courage to keep going. “Thinking about how it feels when you touch me, when you kiss my neck…” Your hand slid low enough to put light pressure on your clit and you sighed at the zing of pleasure it brought.
“I’ve been thinking about you all day. Almost came back just to hear those little noises you make when I stretch you open.”
It already felt like you were on fire. His words were pushing you closer at an impossible speed. Din had not been this vocal with you before and you wondered if this sudden switch was due to your distance or to his own desperation. Whatever it was, you needed more. 
“Fuck, Din.” Your other hand left your breasts to run a finger over your already soaked folds. “I’m so wet…” The finger dipped inside, automatically crooking to hit that perfect spot as you whined desperately. 
You could hear his groan crackling over the comm where it was laying next to your ear, tossed there so both of your hands were free. 
“That’s it, baby. Fuck yourself on your fingers for me.” 
You added another finger that slipped easily into the warm wetness of your aching cunt, a moan escaping your lips. It wasn’t the stretch you wanted, but you knew your body well. With Din’s voice in your ear, wrecked and urging you on, it almost felt like he was there with you. The perfect stretch and slide of his cock was all you could think about as you worked yourself closer. 
“I want to hear it. Want to hear how wet you are.” He was close, that much was evident in the shake of his voice. All shyness was erased from your mind by the building pleasure. This was something you wanted to give him. You needed to hear him come undone, miles away, and know that it was because of you. The pressure on your clit vanished as you reached up and grabbed the comm with slick fingers and turned the volume all the way up, dropping it between your legs. 
Your fingers moved with new urgency now, setting a relentless pace that you knew Din would approve of. The wet sound of your fingers pumping into your soaked pussy filled the air around you and you could tell the moment when Din heard it too. 
“Just like that, mesh’la. Fuck, you’re doing so good for me.”
You thrilled at the praise that was now loudly filtering up from between your thighs. With the volume up this high, you could hear every grunt, every heavy breath. You could probably even hear the sound of skin against skin as he fisted himself if it wasn’t for the constant string Mando’a leaving his lips. You were near the edge, cresting higher and higher as your fingers worked in a familiar rhythm. Hearing his voice, deep and broken as you pictured him over you–driving into you and filling you so completely. It was all you could do to hold on, to draw out the pleasure to another level. You could hear your own voice joining Din’s, barely aware of what you were saying. Curses and praises were tumbling from your mouth as you told him how good it felt, how much you wanted him with you–in you. 
Din sounded shattered through the comm. “I’m almost there. Come with me, baby…picture me filling you up until you’re dripping with my cum.”
That sent you flying over the edge with a groan that was nearing a scream. You barely registered Din following with a moan of your name, lost to the waves of bliss just kept coming, even as your fingers slowed. Din’s voice was what finally brought you down. He was saying your name softly as you relaxed back onto the cot. Your body felt boneless and sated. It took effort to reach back down and grab the comm to answer him.
“Mesh’la,” You felt warm all over again for a different reason. It was gentleness you could pick out in his tone, the care, “Was that okay?”
You laughed, breathless and happy and a little bit in love. “That was perfect, Din. Unexpected, but perfect.” 
He answered with a sigh of relief. It was incredible that he could feel bashful or uncertain at all after the way he’d just wrecked you. But a moment later, the confidence was back. “Maybe you should keep the comm on you. I have a feeling I’ll miss you again tomorrow.”
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nightwings-circus · 3 months ago
The cat and the bird
Jason Todd x Fem! Reader
Synapses: a patrol leaves Jason frustrated and on edge, and Alley-cat (y/n) has to help him cheer up, one way or another.
Warnings:Smut!!! 18+, light(?) Gun play, penetration, caught in the act, some light fluff after if you squint. Pet names.
Tumblr media
“Alley-Cat have you seen anything?” Bruce’s voice came from over the comm as you and Jason ran side by side across the rooftops of Gotham. The two of you had got the east patrol, with Dick, Cass and Damian on the North, Tim and Steph on the west, and Bruce on the south.
“Nothing so far B, quiet as can be.” Jason smiled as you spoke, your voice confident as you spoke, ringing in his ears in such a beautiful way.
“Red hood are you keeping up? We need you on top game on the field.” Jason winced at the words, gritting his teeth and glaring up at the sky.
“Just fine Bat. Thanks.” He growled the words and turned his comm off, stalking over to the corner of the rooftop and sitting on the edge. you followed him over and took your place beside him, looking up at the night sky of Gotham.
You were happy to be patrolling with Jason, he had gotten injured on the field a couple weeks before and Bruce had been on his case ever since. It was a sore spot for Jason (no pun intended) and he hated that everyone felt the need to watch out for him because of it.
“You know how many times Bruce has gotten injured? If I said that to him that even once he would’ve had my fucking head,” he grumbled as he removed his helmet, leaving a mess of black curls to fall into his handsome face. He of course had on a red domino mask, but his features were still his. You could get lost in them for hours.
You kissed his shoulder softly, making him smirk before you bit him softly on the neck. You could feel him twitch slightly at the sensation, sending a heat into your stomach.
“Forget about him right now Jaybird,” you cooed into his ear, biting his neck again and earning a soft moan from him. He grabbed his mask and stood up, his jaw clenched as he spoke.
“Alleyway beside the building, now.” His voice was hoarse and thick, and so fucking sexy.You both made your way into the abandoned alley and before long he had you pinned against the wall, kissing you roughly as he held you in place.
Despite not being together, you and Jason had always flirted and were always so touchy with eachother. you teased eachother relentlessly, almost to the breaking point for both of you, and apparently with all the recent frustration, and everything going on with Bruce, you had finally found that point. Not that you would be complaining about it.
He held you in place as he kissed you, trailing them down your neck and unzipping your suit to reveal your chest. His hands held you firmly at the waist, your back pressed against the cool brick as you moaned softly against his touch.
You both stripped, your clothes laying on the hard pavement underneath you with Jason’s shirt and jacket. Jason was painfully hard, his massive cock leaking little beads of precum as he unzipped his pants and pulled them down slowly, grabbing a gun from his holster and unloading it before slowly pressing it to your chest.
“You look so pretty kitten,” jay hummed in your ear as he pressed the cold silver metal to your chest, making you drip with arousal. He trailed the barrel across your skin, passing over your collarbones and up your neck till finally he had it on your temple. His eyes were blown out in lust, glued to you as you moaned slightly at the gun.
Jason smirked at you and slowly pressed the gun against your lips, and you parted them, licking the underside of the barrel slowly before sucking on the tip of it. The bigger man groaned and immediately he was grinding against you again.
“Please kitten I need you so bad,” he moaned as he watched you suck on the tip of his gun, and you nodded your head. He slipped in, your arousal granting him easy access into your dripping heat and earning a deep moan as he started to thrust into you.
He was a lot bigger then you even expected, you felt so full and like you would break at any second, and then he thrust himself deeper, and fuck did you see stars for a second. You wrapped your legs around him, clinging to his muscular shoulders, your heat clenching around him.
He buried himself in you, thrusting deeper and deeper every time, moaning and growling into your ear like he was in heat, like he was starving for you. Your body shook with pleasure, the feeling of him so intense it made your head spin.
“You take me so well baby,” he groans and thrusts harder, earning a high pitched moan from you. You felt his cock twitch at the noise, his pace picking up even more then you thought possible. He put his gun in your mouth again, the metal was cold on your tongue.
“Look so pretty sucking on my gun kitten,” he moans, the sound making the heat in your stomach pool. You were so close you could taste it, your head spinning and your pussy tightening around Jason’s huge manhood. You could barely get words out, only whimpers and soft moans of curse words and Jason’s name left your lips. Soon you came, your nerves lighting up as your whole body shook. Your mind went blank and you could hear Jason moan, thrusting into you even harder.
Jason came soon after, filling you as he angled his hips to go deep inside of you, cumming with a loud moan of your name, dropping the gun beside you as he did.
“What the fuck do you think you two are doing?” A rough yell came from above you, making you jump away from eachother, quickly grabbing your clothes and getting dressed to cover up before Bruce jumped into the alleyway.
“Hey B, fancy seeing you here,” Jason said sarcastically, letting out a little chuckle. Bruce was fuming, you could see it even under the cowl.
“Car.Now.” His jaw clenched and the two of you made your way to the bat car, Bruce following very close behind.
“Jay I think we’re in trouble,” you whispered softly to the handsome vigilante as you both got into the back seat with Damian and Tim. Dick was sitting in the backseat and immediately turned to Jason.
“That’s like ten times better then anything Ive got in trouble for,” he grinned at both of you.
“Does everyone fucking know?” Jason looked to both the younger brothers, who promptly looked anywhere but at him. You groaned, but once Bruce got in the car everything turned silent and everyone stared straight ahead. The ride back to the Manor was silent, and you thought of earlier in the day when Cass and Steph offered you a ride back to the manor after patrol, which you had denied. You instead opted to go in the car as to not trouble the girls, and right about now you were regretting it.
The only thing you didn’t regret was the feeling of Jason holding your hand, his thumb rubbing your skin softly the whole way back. You smiled softly and turned to him to see him looking at you too, and it took everything in you not to lean in and kiss your beautiful vigilante right then and there.
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