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#now i kinda see what you mean

(text version below for those who need it!)

okay so like….. was anyone gonna tell me baizhu was THAT fine, or was i just supposed to wait and get laughed at for the whole cocogoat thing to find out???

#dendro heroes hype squad anyone? 🥺👉🏻👈🏻#still waiting to see if this week my charms will finally come in#I got dendro bc i love the design & cryo bc ive lowkey been a cryo main for a whiilee now lmao#Also i like some of the other elements but didnt like their symbol's design as much yfm?#I got dendro mondstadt bc of the colors & liyue cryo c: from an etsy shop that i ran into on insta that keeps selling out oof#It was so hard to even get one. Anemo sold out like day of the restock or smth. It was w i l d bruh#so yeah i was debating if to get anemo bc it was pretty but then life said nah not happening#I caved and got dendro on top of cryo bc the design is just#s o p r e t t y#And anyway i finally got to that part today bc i was a bit behind on story but im kinda glad tbh??#Bc i just got to ar34 today so that means I'll have to wait less for the next part @ ar35 than if I'd have run to do it sooner lol#Ive just been focusing a lot on getting stuff my characters need or saving up primos & catching up on quests and stuff#Really really need to get and get to liyue rank 3 so i can finally make condensed resin gdi#😭😭😭😭😭 i really need some alr#Anyway this has been brought to you by your local shitposter#Aerin.tagspeak#Aerin.txt#Genshins1mpact#So anyway yeah i had seen baizhu in pics and in someone's playthrough but.. EXPERIENCING him was whole different thing#yeah ima simp what else is new-#His snake was so cute too! (not in that way ykwim!) But then again ive always kinda liked snakes so 🐍#dendro hyyyypeeee#Iirc i got dendro and/or electro in that which vision would you have quiz so... funny how things have worked out hahaha
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#anon#answered#text#i have to actively look and see if someone sends me an ask and tumblr is trash for that 😭#the title track is what are you waiting for 2.0 😭 i can already tell#KINDA RANTING BELOW SO WARNING ITS REALLY LONG#if we get an EP loren is going to be somewhere on there which... 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪 i can forgive it as long as rosie sings more#like i said before as long as rosie is the sole person writing and producing her album then it’s going to be fkin amazing#because rosie has great taste and is obsessed with music so i already know she got bangers flowing around in that beautiful brain of hers#if yg inferences it might (definitely) be trash#because believe it or not even if an artist has credits on songs that doesn’t necessarily mean they had any part in the making of the song#all they have to do is change a word or two and now legally they have to have song credits#and this is a verified answer i got from an oscar-nominated song writer i know who had this happen with his song#and had to watch the artist who sung it pretend like she was super involved in the process for interviews#ofc you dont have to believe me because i encourage you not to believe a stranger online without checking into it yourself#BUT EYE BELIEVE rosie being her genuine undistracted herself is literally the best thing ever#and i dont think we’ll get that with yg inference#because like you said the ep could go millions ways and rosie would probably take the ep millions ways#cuz im sure shes made enough songs for like a 10 year career#but if yg doesn’t let her do anything then... 😭#all i know is soundwise no matter what its going to be good because rosie’s good#rosie’s vocals can save the worst of songs#think of bp’s shit songs and think who was the best part EXACTLY#i’ll never forget when someone said ‘how good a bp song is depends entirely on how long rosie sings on it’ and THAT WAS THE REALEST SHIT
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