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#now i really see it
jorrated4 months ago
Babygirl I've created lore for fictional characters that are so complex you wouldn't even comprehend
#*drops an excel file of all the relationships and opnions of characters from the z猫 comics*#the comics: the green parrot want more money#my brain: clearly because he had to become a dad at like fuckin 20 years old of twins#because his sister ran away from home as a kid and then just dropped the twins on him without any explanation help or communication#leaving him to deal with the emocional labor of that plus two children that he wasnt ready for and had no financial help#it would also explain the personality of still being viewed as lazy/greedy can you fucking imagine???#all of that being dropped on you one day and now you gotta be a dad#the transition into being more responsible would definetely take some time#i know the comics tecnically exist around tge same time as the movies but idc#its much more interesting to see the comics show an younger z猫 and the movies an older one#also i think it would differenciate while still keeping parallels between his sister and della#like donald is an uncle because either theres kinda this expectation of della coming back#(depends on canon i guess i like to mix stuff. comics and cartoons)#or he really is just babysitting for a while#while Jos茅 is his kids guardians theres no doubt about that#there is never an implication that he is taking care of zico n zeca for his sister#there isnt the expectation their mom is going to come back or anything#yeah#i think this way the characters 1. make more sense#2. arent literal brazilian copy paste characters of the other duck comics#petiton to make z茅 be called dad cause yeah#idk where i was going with this#but yeah#jo.speaks#cursing tw#abandonment tw
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ijaazat7 months ago
my favourite thing ever is looking at notebooks of people who are long gone. it's just, something about seeing their handwriting, seeing a physical and intimate proof that they too existed and had ideas and thoughts and had so much to say and worry about, makes me feel like I am not wasting my time. and if they could go through it and live a life, I can too. to see their minds at work, story ideas, letters, poems, all in their handwriting... head in hands
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argiopia month ago
Tumblr media
it鈥檚 about the little joys amidst the grind for survival
#my art#hornet#hollow knight#*crawls out of a gutter covered in wet leaves* sup.#i've been slowly poking at asks but it gets frustrating to have so little time to draw so i wanted to make something really quick..!#my life lately has been about the grind for survival /_\#onset of cold season means i won't be warm again for several months and i'll be usually tired and hungry#isn't it fascinating how the body responds to seasons? idk if it's from less sun or higher caloric demands from heating the body#POV you are biking to work in a downpour. it's before sunrise and cars' headlights are reflecting off the rain on your glasses#you cannot fucking see and there are branches all over the sidewalk from the wind which is strong enough to shove you around#only reason I never fell is because i've been cautious after a recent bad crash.#well now i have a raincoat and learned the lesson to bring spare pants when it's raining and i can move my knee again. luxury!#how does everyone else just keep going when it gets dark and cold all the time. i feel like a bear that should be hibernating.#can't wait to go apeass crazy during the thaw. sprint until i collapse the moment i feel a warm breeze. makes winter worth it#real self-care is using what little energy you have at the end of the day to make a meal big enough to provide several days of leftovers#*throws eggs into the rice* please you need protein for tomorrow i love you. eat well and be strong!#been falling into the habit of skipping meals because i'm too tired to cook and eat. thank you me of yesterday for not being selfish :]#I have a hot tip! if you boil a vegetable; retain the water and freeze it.#last month's accidental yam stock was this week's risotto base#don't you dare discard nutrients and flavors. you need those. they are so scarce and precious.#anyway. don't get lost in the struggle. squeeze in some art and get that creative juice out of your system.#personally i am excited for hornet to explore the arts :]#oh at least autumn is beautiful. but I moved to a place with less nature..#didn't realize how important it is to me to have large stretches of woodland. I miss my free ranging territory! suffocating in the suburbs!#well now i go to get not enough sleep. nighty night.#(huh? it's almost halloween? since when??)
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biggest-gaudiest-patronuses12 months ago
please please please do NOT give up on medicating your adhd because you have a bad experience during your first attempts.聽finding the right medication/dosage combo takes trial and error,聽but it can feel like a MIRACLE once you do.
Being medicated isn鈥檛 for everyone, but it is a powerful tool聽in our toolbox. and I am seeing way too many people聽giving up that option prematurely, because they are unware that:
there are different medication options. they do not聽all have the same side effects, and not all are amphetamines聽
dosage matters. if you are discontinuing bc of side effects, consider trying a lower dose first
some side effects will balance out after the first few weeks if you stick with it. you are looking for a longterm solution, so give it time.
a good doctor will be willing to work with you to find a regime that works
finding the right meds/dosage combo will take trial and error. and it will be worth it聽once you do.
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arowitharrowsa day ago
The duality of "If you even imply that being aro or ace condemns someone to a sad and lonely life I will fucking fight you"
"being aro and ace is the most isolating thing I will ever experience"
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annamaggs164 months ago
Y鈥檃ll you know what hits hard....
The fact that the villain of BW was all about how girls were the most expendable resource and created a whole fucking spy program that took away their basic rights and free wills and how Nat broke free of that but was always dehumanized because she was a 鈥淩ussian Spy Assassin鈥 a 鈥淲idow鈥 and yet all she ever wanted to do was good for the world. To get rid of the red in her ledger.
And she died for it. She 鈥渟acrificed鈥 herself. After everything, after breaking free, after rekindling her families, after killing the man who ruined so many women鈥檚 lives, she was only ever an expendable resource in Endgame. But in BW she was given life.
And it鈥檚 just really sad to see that it came down to one basic thing: judgement. The Russos decided Nat wasn鈥檛 worth it, that she could be an expendable resource, that she had to die so Clint could return to his wife and kids as if Nat鈥檚 family wasn鈥檛 equally important. Men prioritized their judgment, their own best interest when deciding Nat鈥檚 fate. Cate鈥檚 judgement was instead of taking a canonically deceased character and just doing a spy movie or fill it with lots of action, she gave Nat depth and moments and made her more human and alive than the Russo鈥檚 ever did.
And it fucking hits hard that men say they don鈥檛 like her character when she鈥檚 having soft moments with her sister or parents, that they only like Nat when she鈥檚 kicking ass, flirting with the Avengers, and just found it hard to connect to her during her own fucking movie. Yet they can connect to Bucky. Who went through basically the same thing (other than the reproductive organs being removed鈥攚hich can I say is fucking bullshit. Women can鈥檛 get pregnant 鈥渇or the sake of the mission and shit鈥 but men can still impregnate women??)
The very movie that point fucking blank states what it鈥檚 about. Of course you can鈥檛 fucking 鈥渃onnect鈥. You don鈥檛 understand what it鈥檚 like being a woman under an oppressive organization that only sees you as its property. It tied to human trafficking. It tied to the fact that men can get away with abusing and mistreating women. It tied to how society EXPECTS women to live their lives: as little innocent girls, as available young women, as mothers and caretakers, and as wise grandmothers. But that鈥檚 not how every woman wants to or can live their life, yet men assume that鈥檚 exactly the case and if it鈥檚 not it鈥檚 either the 鈥渕onster for not able to have kids鈥 or you don鈥檛 want to regret it later in life. And if you can鈥檛 see the fucking important themes and why they鈥檙e important, maybe you鈥檙e part of the problem.
The issue shouldn鈥檛 have been Taskmaster wasn鈥檛 straight out of the comics accurate, the issue should鈥檝e been was that a father would do that to his own daughter. Antonia was a good fucking plot twist and felt right for the story and damn did my heart break that she was relieved to be saved my Nat. Not a single once of hatred towards her, but rather fear radiating off of a few words and facial expressions towards her father. 锟
You may not always be able to connect to a story but you sure as hell can open your eyes, understand, and sympathize. It鈥檚 not that fucking hard.
I鈥檓 so fucking glad this movie was made. It鈥檚 my favorite movie and not because of the 鈥渂adass action鈥 because of the fucking realism that Cate managed to bring into the world of Marvel that is so heavily catered towards men. This is a fucking stepping stone and we best not go backwards from here on out.
And stop saying it鈥檚 鈥渄ark鈥. No. It鈥檚 fucking real. Human trafficking is still happening. We choose to ignore it in real life because it鈥檚 easier, that鈥檚 the truth. If we didn鈥檛 ignore it, it wouldn鈥檛 be happening. Marvel has plotlines they choose to ignore and Cate focused on some of them. And now that it鈥檚 out in a movie, it would be fucking ignorant of the Russo鈥檚 and Feige to ignore what she ousted for future films in the next phase.
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