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#now passwords and emails are gone
overly long explaination
Hey everyone. 
This is @dana-chan325
I guess I need to explain what all happened to me. Since everyone probably wondered where I am. 
Sometime around December 4th, my primary tumblr logged me out without my permission and forced me to change my password.
This normally wouldn’t be a problem.... but the email associated with my account was from a domain that no longer exists, and I was unable to retrieve my primary account or prove the account belonged to me in the first place. 
On top of that, I ended up catching Covid. Yeah, that’s right, the big virus everyone’s in a panic about. 
The only good side is I have had it now, so I don’t need to worry about getting it again. Aside from a lingering cough, all my symptoms are gone and I will get back to work soon
I was out of state when I caught it and wasn’t able to go back to my apartment for ten days. And on top of that, was unable to work. (due to me being a plauge to mankind for like ten to fourteen days) 
Reminder that I still have a 
or Patreon 
and I’m fairly active on those. (patreon even has stuff I didn’t upload to tumblr yet.)
And so you know, I’m not abandoning the post-florpus AU. all my art and stuff will defiantly be posted to this account now. 
Here’s the new post-florpus masterpost
I don’t think I’ll repost all my old art here. The Florpus AU art is still on my old account where people can see it. 
I just won’t be able to update old posts for what comes next in the saga so I am relying entirely on the word of mouth on everyone else. 
(The next arc is the “back to skool” arc btw...which you can see I listed in the masterpost where it’s gonna take place. ) 
My only regret was that I could not answer someone’s ask about GIR. 
That and all of my drafts for “rant wips” were deleted. 
The rants and analysis will still be up on my old blog. Those won’t go anywhere. 
But yeah, this blog will pretty much be like the old one. I’ll write rants, and fanfic, and draw. And reblog things from friends. 
I am so sad that my old blog just kinda lingers in cyberspace like that. I get sentimental and when a blog that I’ve had since 2012 just won’t let me back in... it’s sad...
RIP @dana-chan325 and my 2,000 followers. :’( 
Anyways... Spread the word. Direct people here and to the new masterpost. 
I also apologize to all my old Naruto Fandom buddies who will probably have no idea where I am now. 
But thanks for sticking with me guys. I’ll hope you stick around and that this goes to the tags
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redwineisredfine · 2 months ago
Tumblr: *Logs me out*
Me: Well, time to figure out what email I’m using for this account.
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xxohmeshed · 28 days ago
I used to write articles for your college pub. I also had stories that won prizes. Now, I feel stupid bcos;
1. I realized that I have everything backed up on my email but the files are all password protected. As a mf who forgets almost everything, where did I get the audacity to put passwords in them even if I know I wouldn't recall them anymore
2. My uni also printed my stories and provided a booklet that contains all my school's literary works. My stupid ass wanted to impress my twink crush who loves to read books, so gave him a copy of the booklet, not realizing that it was the only copy I have remaining. Now, the crush and the booklet are both gone
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witch-hazels-musings · 11 days ago
Sooooo I just had a MAJOR panic attack. My account logged me out and I couldn’t get back in and I’ve had it for over a year now and connect with so many people in the genshin community and had just started my own genshin blog and I thought it was all gone. I got my sister to try everything we researched it and it didn’t lead us anywhere I kept logging in after the password reset but it took me to an account I don’t even remember making with nothing on it. She even reached out to tumblr and told them about the whole ordeal. After an hour of PANICKING and crying I finally thought maybe I used a different email and tried my sisters and that’s what my account was under -_- anyway I just successfully logged in and switched emails and everything is secure now. I was so afraid to lose all the people I’ve met and posts that have brought me so much comfort in my life. Also I know this is rushed but still kinda long but I’m so tired now and really need to sleep. I hope nobody else ever has this happen to them. Write your passwords and usernames AND attached emails downnnnn
omg!! how horrifying! i’m sure you were unbelievably distressed --- i’ve been there and not knowing how to gain access to your account knowing full well that you are the person who made it and trying to figure out how to convince them that it’s you ... my lord it’s a nightmare!!
I’m so glad to hear that you figured it out!! I use Last Pass for all of my passwords and that way I only need to remember one really good one instead of a whole bunch of them >< there are just so many passwords and email links that we have now, it’s too hard to remember them all!!
“Write your passwords and usernames AND attached emails downnnnn“!!!
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dourpeep · 16 days ago
You know what really sucks?
I wasn't able to play genshin in one or two months and after a while I wanted to play again, thing is I needed to log in again, no problem. I just type in my name and password, but it won't except. Maybe I just forgot my password, it was quite a while. So I say I forgot my password and ask to make a new one, I Type in my username and should get an email, but they didn't send it to mine. It was some unknown email, I tried my phone number, still. Now that's when I realized that ALL my pogress was gone. I couldn't even get endora. It meant that I would need to begin from the start and it just didn't seem like fun, so deinstalled the game and move on, I have let it go❄
That was like 3 months ago and currently I am downloading the game again. I liked the game when I started and honestly I forgot most of the things I did so it will be like the first time.
Mihoyo support sucks tho. I wanted endora so bad...... I also lost my mini seelin too.
Let's hope they either return in the future or there will be new ones.
I excided to play again ☺️
Ahhh that sucks :CC
I do know that they're bringing back the seelies + a new purple one next update, though!! I don't know about Endora, but I have a feeling that any of the pets you can get from events will be ones you can get again in the future mmhm
But yeah, nothing sucks more than losing all your progress- It's good that you're enjoying it again despite the stuff that happened. Lemme know if you get anything good or just your progress :DD
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