#now that things are less crazy
quinintheclouds · 21 days ago
Dorothea Gillim really went "I want to make a show that's so funny I'd unironically watch it, but for kids. I know! I'll hire writers from Family Guy, The Onion, and SNL!"
Add some A List voice actors and let them riff a bit, and that's how you get the chaotic satirical shitposty masterpiece that is WordGirl
#wordgirl#quinpost#seriously her goal was for the comedy to be the main thing and it's so funny my guy#I mean the show is self-described as satirical and a parody... and the 4th wall is practically non existent lmao#they're just like let's make a crazy plot with amazing characters and comedy as a priority and then add some vocab#like I'm sorry but this is 10x better than family guy; y'all are getting praised for the wrong show XD#no wonder it was my favorite show as a kid.... rewatching it was such a good decision#like I knew the show was hilarious as a kid but as an adult I'm able to see SO MUCH MORE bc I get the satire now#it's so meta and self-aware#ahead of its time truly#if it came out today it'd be so big on tumblr lmao#ok but why do we treat PBS Kids shows as less than cable shows?#like they're targeted to the same age but one happens to be educational#(and free.... hmmmmmmmm)#you know how many words I learned from wordgirl that weren't even featured words? they just use them and you pick em up from context clues#one of the earliest featured words was 'cumbersome' and man I used that word so much as a kid bc of it XD#they never should've taught me flabbergasted though; i still use that one all the time hgjkl;'#i'd actually forgotten what 'stimy' meant so my rewatch actually taught me a word at age 24 sdfghj#and I read the dictionary more than once as a kid#see? it IS possible to make kids shows that DON'T talk down to kids!! It's written like it's adults watching; just that the jokes are clean#cannot recommend enough; it deserves the attention it's getting and more
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x-atan · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
mahiru sketch from ages ago that I will never finish \(^o^)/
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eijiroukiriot · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
i think...there’s something simple and familiar and earth-shatteringly important in this. there’s a million ways that this could go but only one way that it ends 
#strangers to friends to lovers...CONTEMPT on either side to friends to lovers. mild stupid teenage contempt rooted in personas...#not to sound stupid pretentious but the fact that it starts with bkg being so up his ass that he doesn't care at all about his classmates#much less shitty hair over there and kirishima not liking bkg very much either. and it ends in love#god dammit it ends in LOVE!! it ends in LOVE!!!!!!#i hope it doesn't seem self centered that i'm saying all this abt a line from a random wip of mine i forgot abt btw#it just feels like such a part of the heart of krbk. i know i'm not the first person to type that#i wasn't gonna do anything w this wip but actually i think i might mess around w it for the content creation class i'm in#have i mentioned that here? i'm in this class this semester all abt internet prosumer communities#so we're talking abt flash animators and speedrunners and chiptune producers and ofc fic writers#not that i have a lot to say abt that right now but it's pretty cool and also kinda crazy#like we've been having class over discord these first few weeks and in my 4 years of college i've never been in a room of people#more open to admitting their potentially-embarrassing interests and hobbies#people are dropping their ao3 links and everything#i think i'm. still too scared to do that honestly i've just barely been able to admit i'm into bnha#forced once again to look at how closely i consider krbk a part of my life and identity to the point that i think if i let anyone know i#like it they'll automatically assume i mean i like it That much#which. i do. you guys know#in my defense they're extremely extremely good which you guys also know#the other thing that scares me abt admitting that i like krbk or even writing it as a part of our fic unit is bc if i have to face ship dram#a in a college course i will decompose piece by piece#i'll drop out of school months away from graduation#i didn't end up posting abt it bc i didn't think it was worth making a thing out of it but in my superhero class last term there was this#girl who also liked bnha so we talked abt it once or twice throughout the class#and she ended up writing abt b/kdk for her final and i had also mentioned that kirishima was my fav#and that was a situation where it was like. i am not going to have ship discourse with a student at College#so if saying who my favs are will lead to any sort of clash in that sense i am going to tread so lightly#i would make this its own post at this point but i don't really want to make a whole post abt this#but anyway i bring this up bc for our fic unit in this class we're gonna get split into groups based on general fandom interest#but bnha fandom is so rife w ship discourse (versus like supernatural) that having people peer reviewing each other's bnha fic is risky#business
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honeymaki · 4 days ago
The idea of someone wanting me, desiring me, just straight up taking time out of their day to even think about me because they like me - is so out of this world crazy that it’s not even an idea, it’s just this weird buzzing in the back of my mind I can’t get rid of but learn to live with.
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navyinks · a year ago
Tumblr media
when your mother takes away your harp and tells you to play with your baby brothers instead, pick a dangerous activity so she doesn’t ask you a second time
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descendantofthesparrow · 2 days ago
i want to fucking *scream* and break shit
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leonardcohenofficial · a year ago
also for the hot potatoes of MASH-land who love food and love (which is, of course, the same thing), here’s alan and arlene alda on the sporkful podcast, a delightfully funny and very sweet listen
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indiefluencer · 17 days ago
I have a lot of feelings about parch and killing.
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gumioe · a month ago
tbh i kinda hate when shonen powers are ridiculously convoluted. like yea it’s fun and cool and props for the writer for being able to work with crazy shit like that but it’s also just ridiculous. like my eyes just gloss over when they start describing how the powers work and then people have to stop during fights or talk all the time so they can explain what’s going on. meh
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vmindrift · 7 months ago
Permission to Dance Online Concert [210824] - OT7 Cut
Tumblr media
I'd say it's a good day to be a Vminnie but honestly, it's just a great day to be an ARMY. Let's get to the highlights, shall we?
The looks
The setlist
The perfect four songs transition
And a few honorable mentions
[Vmin... we'll talk about shortly, lol. I have a limit of 10 photos and a handful of gifs per post to contend with]
1. The looks.
Their stylists are really taking advantage of how much time they've spent at the gym lately, I swear.
I'll share with you all that I have saved on my phone, lol:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Jin was the only one hiding that bod from us, but he was adorable so that's fine haha)
What else is there to say.
They seriously make me feel so Victorian. They show us a lot, but then leave just enough to the imagination (that single Jimin button, which truly must've been triple reinforced to not fly right off while he dances, lol), they sure have our number.
Also the damn VCRs. Made zero sense (tell me why it went from a mystery... to a youth drama... to a sitcom... to a horror show... to something? And it kept psyching us out with what song would be next? xD)—but who cares when Tae has a paperclip in his mouth.
3. The "best hits" setlist
As Tae said, BTS made a deliberate decision to not do any solos and dedicate the entire concert to group songs (they even turned Stay, a subunit, into an OT7 song), which: 1) sure is a "Read the Room" sign to solo stans; 2) such a gutsy move, the stamina it takes to do so much back to back to back, when most artists literally just swan around the stage and bob their heads; and 3) led to incredible song combinations.
The whole setlist is a testament to the strength and range of their discography. I was honestly happy as a clam, it had six (!!) of my top 10 bts songs.
[For the curious that's: Dope, Blue & Grey, Black Swan, Fake Love, Bapsae, and Spring Day, with honorable mentions going to BST & Butter]
But I'm going to talk about the 4 that to me absolutely anchored the setlist: Blue & Grey -> Black Swan -> Blood Sweat Tears -> Fake Love
2. The moody songs of my heart: B&G and Black Swan
So unexpected, but absolutely perfect and stunningly executed.
First, the choice to put Blue & Grey and Black Swan together at all is genius. The way they brought out the tonal shades of loneliness, by shifting from the personal despair of B&G to the dramatic artistic fall of Black Swan (the orchestral arrangement!s.
Second, I'll always have a soft spot for the ballet on water they executed for MMA 2020, but the sparseness of their staging of Black Swan this time... Their choreographers and set designers truly outdo themselves with every new Black Swan concept.
On a black stage, you can truly appreciate the synchronicity of the back-up dancers, the way they made wings for each of the members as their arms rippled like feathers.
And I'm sorry, I know it's been said and said, but Jimin is never as beautiful as when he is the black swan.
4. BST & Fake Love and the "shirts"
As BTS talked about us missing these songs / this song, I literally kept muttering under my breath, "Blood Sweat Tears Blood Sweat Tears." Who says prayers never come true?
Again, the choice to put these songs together was unexpected but absolutely divine. The smouldering temptation of BST making way for the devastated isolation of Fake Love, both of them linked by the same emo gothic sensuality but heightening the emotional resonance as we go.
We'll save Fake Love for my Vmin cut for.... reasons (mostly that I'm literally out of photos xD).
But I have to share this gif, don't I? (Cred not mine, as if my gif has ever been this HQ xD That's a j/ker twt by the by, but they sure make pretty gifs)
Tumblr media
We didn't get full BST (sadface, tho I'm not sure I'd have survived), but hey, what we got I love.
I'm torn between admiring the artistry here—the perfectly synchronized ticking Jimin & Jungkook do to switch center—and uh... admiring other things.
5. "Honorable mentions" performance moments
I call them honorable mention like they're not all individually iconic xD But whatever.
This transition between Dynamite to Butter?
Tumblr media
Absolutely smooth as Butter. So fun and cheeky.
Almost made up for Jimin being alone during the Vmin subunit dance
I fully expect to come back to all my links being broken xD But hopefully they're such small clips they won't get copyrighted.
And the Fire remix? We'll criminally never get but like the Dionysus trap remix, an absolutely banger.
And you know how a lot of BTS songs are synonymous with a member? (e.g. Hobi is Mic Drop, Jimin is Black Swan, etc. - them the rules) I think of Fire as Yoongi's.
Tumblr media
And the only reason I didn't lose it when they followed Young Forever up with the eternal queen Spring Day is because I'm seeing them in LA.
It's a little funny to me that as we enter the winter in reality, the metaphorical winter is finally ending.
I do want to acknowledge something: It wasn't perfect.
In contrast to the more varied set list of MOTS ON:E, this was a lot of high-octane songs back-to-back, which means we didn't get to see them all to their conclusion (my 1-min of BST, sobs), and it's a matter of preference which direction you prefer. Tae was of course limited in mobility due to a last-min injury. And most obviously, the members were clearly performing while thinking of their upcoming live reunion with ARMY in LA, and sharing how tough this concert and the wait for them has been...
[it's so bittersweet to me to remember that if things had gone to plan and Korea had loosened restrictions, last night would've already been their reunion with ARMY - which just seemed right to me, that it'd be K-ARMY who'd welcome them back, but que sera sera, we're coming from all over the world and will do our best in LA]
But ultimately? None of that matters, because as always, they and their staff left their hearts on the stage.
Truly who is doing it like BTS? The talent, the passion, the craftsmanship of it all.
The morning will come again
No darkness, no season can last forever
Maybe the cherry blossoms are blooming
And winter is ending
I miss you, I miss you
Wait a little bit, just a few more nights
I'll be there to see you
I'll come for you
I will always be here, waiting for you, BTS.
Tumblr media
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xcziel · 2 months ago
i have no idea what i'm doing and by now i don't even know if i even want to be doing it
#the stress is awful and my hair is falling out by handfuls#there's so much i don't know about and everyone assumes it's common knowledge#everyone i know either owns their place or is in an apartment#am i crazy to think that less than 24 hours is too short a time to review a house lease when you've never dealt with one before?#i don't even know what utilities are available#there's an hoa but they can't tell me what the rules are but i'm liable for any fines????#i didn't know you can't buy your own trash cans???? you have to pay monthly???#it's not just that bc i guess i know *now*#but like what other things do i not know that everyone assumes i do???#and i don't even really like this place that much - it would help if i was enthusiastic about it#but they just assume it's fait accompli bc they approved me#and yeah that has been a problem - i think the agent is pissed she doesn't have her commission yet#i mean we've seen a whole ... ten places???#i just feel very rushed and pushed: i only saw the place for 15 minutes and now they're like ok give us thousands of dollars#i read online you're supposed to do a walk-through inspection#no they want me to pay then move-in then do a little checklist of stuff in case something is already messed up#like i can't even check the water pressure or that the washer or dryer work#oh that's right i have to get my own appliances - evidently i can't even get measurements or know the hookups until i sign#so no way to judge cost or availability#i just ... i want a little more time to think
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seilon · 3 months ago
woah you ever just get hit with an overwhelming wave of loneliness after being distracted from it for a little bit because of how insanely overwhelmed you are by things
#kibumblabs#negative#like oh yeah right! We’re going into week five of school now I think and I still have zero friends#in school or anywhere within a good 400 miles#and my boyfriend doesn’t feel like a boyfriend especially because I don’t really legitimately talk to him one on one except like maybe once#a week#he claimed he’d come down here every so often too becuase of issues he caused to put us in this situation more or less#he has not mentioned it even once.#it’s been over a month now. no plan#nothing#and if I don’t mention it like uhhh hey remember I exist? i know you don’t care about seeing me irl and would like to ignore it as long as#possible but like hey buddy why lie to me and say otherwise then? what’s the point of this? it’s almost like I told you an online#relationship is something I never wanted to do again and that this exact thing would happen if it did! crazy how much of an oracle I am#they don’t even work with people who are good at communicating why the hell would you bullshit me for so long and drag me along when you#know you fucking can’t do that#haha. anyway!#I feel pretty hopefless about gaining friends. everyone has friends already because I am a transfer student so I’m amongst people that#are juniors and whatnot and thus already have friends cause they’ve been there for two years already#so no one’s interested or desperate enough to find new ones#I’ve never been more truly isolated in my entire life#all I’ve got are my fucking made up characters and 600 responsibilities to attend to at all times and that’s pretty much it! (: it’s great!#oh and my doctor just chose not to renew my most important meds I guess (she renewed one of my other ones but not this one despite me#requesting refills at the same time) so I’m going to feel like shit tomorrow and I know she doesn’t work until Monday. which is a holiday#anyway. so more or less this most likely means I will be forced off my meds for at like 3-4 days and made to just sit through the withdrawal#and feel miserable the whole time despite needing to catch up on so fucking much stuff how the fuck am I supposed to do that when I feel#like death and im lethargic as hell and depressed and dhfjfdjfjf bf ffndndndnfnnfkfkfkgkflfkdjfjgnfnfngg#fucking kill me like I actually just#have absolutely no reason for being alive right now. i really had some hope coming here like maybe I’d get new friends that actually talk to#me and stuff or whatever but it’s really just fucking bleak and I don’t feel like I belong here at all#i really may as well not exist there’s just really no point to all of this
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nizynskis · 4 months ago
Lolita hehehe
:) I’m so excited to read lolita its been on my tbr for ages. I think I’ll like it a lot
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icewindandboringhorror · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A new little arrangement of pressed flowers glued to a sheet of paper lol.. I don’t know what else to do with them/can’t make cohesive patterns really, but the colors look neat together ! :0
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manuelmueller · 3 months ago
Tagged by @weirdothinking
rules: post your lockscreen, the last song you listened to, and the last photo you saved
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
uhhh yeah this is probably not as interesting to you guys 😂
I tag @cinnamonstroll @colorsofmyseason @havesomeballs and @euro2020leftmethesame if you'd like!
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tinyplanetss · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
sometimes i read adhd articles to remind myself that im not faking it and i do, in fact, actually have adhd. this opener reflects my experience so specifically its insane (x)
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mccleans · 7 days ago
Omg sending lots of love and hugs your way and i just want to say like it is not stupid even in the slightest like i completely understand what youre saying like when youre feeling like that everything becomes a million times harder even if it is the stuff that you like but the main priority is you and looking after yourself and doing what is best for you right now i will miss you lots because on here isnt the same without but i will be thinking of you and i hope that things start to feel a bit better soon xxxx
me reading this FR
Tumblr media
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okcat · 8 months ago
not me getting my ear pierced bc of a kpop man that doesnt even have his anymore
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gretavalfleet · 7 months ago
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simptasia · a month ago
the economy over here has been fucked lately, everything is way more expensive. like, fuck, i wanna take better care of my body, i wanna eat a bagillion cucumbers like i used to but they ain’t making it easy
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