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TOM HOLLAND Spider-Man: No Way Home — 2021
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no more cuts and bruises ll peter parker x reader (andrew garfield)
Tumblr media
a/n: hi lovelies! its nina, and i'm back again tonight because i'm actually in love with andrew's peter parker and andrew himself obv. the garf has me on a choke hold, what can i say? anyways i know you didn't come here for my rambling, onto our fic :)
pairings: peter parker x reader
word count: 1.4k
warnings: cuts and scrapes: nothing more
it was a wednesday night. you'd gotten home from school a few hours ago, and you'd spent your time doing homework and then taking a shower. you just got out, the bathroom circulating with steam.
you lifted your arm and wiped across the mirror to try and look at yourself. black splotches found themselves underneath your eyes. eye bags. you hadn't been sleeping lately. why? a sensible person might ask. it was because you were worried about your boyfriend just about 24 hours a day, non stop. it was just something that couldn't let you sleep. you'd even started to leave your windows out at night, in case peter ever needed you.
you sighed and grabbed the door nob, opening it and walking into your mid sized bedroom. your safe space. you loved your room for a lot of reasons. 1 because it was all yours, and was under your control. 2nd because it made you feel so warm and protected, even if there was nothing actually doing either of those things- except maybe a blanket.
you grabbed the pajamas off of your bed and changed, letting your hair out of the head wrap you'd put in earlier. suddenly you heard a strange noise. you looked, and to no surprise, there was nothing, it was probably just you. until you heard it again.
'what the hell-" you stated walking over to the window just as a figure came in as fast as lightning. the blue and red suited boy still had his mask on, and you knew exactly who it was. peter. holding your hand on your chest you walked over to him, as he slipped his mask off revealing a huge amount of fresh, new cuts on his face.
your eyes widened at the sight of it. walking towards him you mumbled,
"peter oh my god.."
"baby dont freak out okay? i'm fine." he lifted his hands up in his defense, as if he already knew that was going to come out of your mouth next.
"a hi would've been nice too" you retaliated. you couldn't stand to look at his face like this. hurt. it hurt your core to see him like that. your face flattened to one of anger, and woriedness, of fear. your eyebrows furrowed together. you were in protective mode.
standing inches away from his face, your hand landed on his shoulder, shoes creasing as you tiptoed trying to get a better look at all of these new wounds.
"jesus pete what the hell did you do? fight a gorilla?" you just crossed your arms in front of him, really trying not to be mad, which in ways you weren't but still- he'd put himself in so much danger everyday, you just wished he'd think about himself for once.
he chuckled and looked down, and then into your eyes,
"no. just some physco who was running around nyc with two knives in his hands. someone had to stop em." his arm outstretched to unwrap your arms, not liking seeing you all tense and worried. his arm then went up to your face and ran his thumb over your eyebrows, which were furrowed together in confusion. you let go of the tension, and he lifted your chin up to look at him.
"you told me you'd be more careful. more self conscious. you said you were gonna take care of yourself." you couldn't be angry at him for trying to make it safer for people, and for fighting crimes others couldn't. what you could be mad at though, is that he did whatever it took to do so. its like during his missions, he didn't care about anyone else other then the victim. himself being the last person he ever did worry about, and not even then because you were always the one pointing it out.
"i am doing that, i promise these things dont even hurt." he shrugged his shoulders, indicating they didn't. he always had to play tough guy when it came to these situations where you were concerned over him. he hated making you feel that way, he said you had better things to do with your time, but you argued that was what a relationship was, caring for each other.
"oh yeah?" you asked him sarcastically.
"yeah! pshhh, these little-" peter was interrupted by your fingers flicking the top of his head, where one of them resided.
"ow! yup that uh- that actually does really hurt." you rolled your eyes in disbelief. how could not possibly see how much he was worth? you guys eyes glued together, not letting go for anything. they were showing so may emotions at once. you were angry, but also proud, but also nervous because if this is from some civilian in town, what does that man now influence everyone else?
he’d wanted to make you happy again. somehow get your mind off his face. his hands slid down to your waist, pulling your already-close-body much closer. his lips crashed into yours, you pulling away when you felt his face cringe. you opened your eyes to see him touch his lip, realizing he has a cut.
"ah hah! i told you!"
you went to touch his cheek and he hissed quietly, not trying to have you hear it- but you did. why couldn’t he listen to you? you were always right about these things.
you once again examined his face and nodded your head.
your staring contest has finished now, and he went over to your dresser, and reached onto his drawer, pulling out some shorts he'd left for himself and leaving himself without a shirt. you couldn't lie, his abs and his cut up face did look really good. but that wasn't the principle. you knew if you told him that he'd only want them more and not try and heal them.
you perched yourself on the bed, waiting for him to come back.
when he did he smiled and grabbed your hand.
“c’mere, i wanna show you something.”
he threw one leg over the window and onto the fire escape, then the other and then helped you. you sat there with intertwining fingers just looking and listening to the big city.
"i try not and get hurt for you my love, i really do try."
"it doesn't always go well, but this is the responsibility i've been given. i have to fulfill that responsibility. and somehow, some angel made sure you're always there with me."
'what? whatcha mean by that babe?"
your hands started to swing to the loud noises of nyc, like the cars beeping, voices projecting and people being overall crazy.
"i mean, i always think of you when i'm out there. you're always the one thing that's lingering in my mind."
you chuckled, you were somewhat glad.
it was a good and bad thing. the bad thing being blatantly distracted and the good thing was he knew how'd you feel about certain information, so he decided against it.
you leaned your head onto his shoulder. it was blissfull, until you looked back up at his face. you tugged onto his hand, "c'mon. lets getcha all cleaned up."
he smiled at you, while standing up.
a/n: that was terible im so sorry im so tired rn i will be editing this tmr when im fully awake. i wanted this to be smt different, but its fine! anyways please please leave feedback down below it would mean the world to me!
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So it's been more than a week since I've watched No way home, but I'm still stuck on this scene
Tumblr media
*Andrew took of his mask*
The whole theatre:
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milkhorns · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
“So Peter, what brings you here?” ✨
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Just saw the meme on fb and I had tu draw it jsjs
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Thought I’d share an oldie. My freehand graphite drawing of Sherlock. ☺️ #sherlock #sherlockholmes #sherlockbbc #bbc #bbcsherlock #stephenstrange #thefinalproblem #art #artist #artwork #doctorstrange #london #benedictcumberbatch #draw #drawing #freehand #nowayhome #graphite #england #instaart #nofilter #pencil #pencils #portrait #pencildrawing #sketch #originalart #etsy #jjdart https://www.instagram.com/p/CYqc1mFuyyO/?utm_medium=tumblr
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😚 tobeyyyy
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margoshansons · 4 months ago
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- all this time, we always walked a very thin line. I think I've seen this film before.
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Bisexual Andrew!Peter cause why not
Tumblr media
Note: everyone’s happy and everything worked out and can travel through the dimensions at will because i said so. Also I saw someone post this idea but I can’t find them anymore so lmk if you know who!
Warning: Nothing. Tooth rotting Fluff
Peter 3 - Andrew’s Peter
Peter 1 - Tom’s Peter
Peter 2 - Tobey’s Peter
Michael - OC(???) Male MJ
Convincing Doctor Strange to allow Peter 1 to travel to another dimension, pick up an older version of himself so they can visit the other version of themselves also leaving in another universe was unsurprisingly not a small feat, but Peter 1 did not give up in the name of brotherhood.
To be fair, Doctor Strange had every right to deny Peter 1 considering the last time he had asked to travel through the dimensions, it was to ask his two counterparts for help with his MIT homework.
What they hadn’t expected as they arrived in Peter 3’s apartment was the laughter filling their ears and the boy to look like someone right out of a romance novel as he stared at another boy with metaphorical hearts in his eyes.
The last they met the boy, he had been a mess who seemed to always be on the verge of breaking down, forever having to deal with the guilt of losing the love of his life. Now however, as the boy in his room scoffed and glared at him, he looked as though he’s the happiest man to exist, a lovestruck smile on his face as he teased his companion.
They seem to be so lost in their own world that they hadn’t noticed the magical orange circle that had appeared behind them nor did the two men stepping out of it till it eventually closed behind them.
“I’m going to hit you with a frying pan,” the boy threatened, glaring at Peter 3, reminding Peter 1 the way his MJ would glare at him when he does something especially stupid.
“You’re blushing,” Peter 3 continued to tease, placing his chin on his hand as he looked up at his companion. “You’re totally blushing because I called you pretty.”
“I swear to god, Peter Parker─” The man was cut off as Peter 2 cleared his throat, making both men turn to them.
“Peters!” Peter 3 said happily, jumping from his seat to greet whom he considers as brothers with a hug.
“Sorry for barging in,” Peter 1 apologized, looking behind him to see the man watching them. “We didn’t know you were busy.”
“Oh no,” Peter 3 said. “Michael was just teaching me how to cook.”
“It’s to make sure he actually eats something,” the man spoke up, rolling the sleeves of the dress shirt he’s wearing. “So… you guys are the other Peters that my Peter told me about?”
Peter 3 turned to Michael, wiggling his eyes together. “Your Peter?”
“You know what I mean.” Michael threw a water bottle at him at which Peter 3 easily caught. “My universe’s Peter.”
“Are you guys─?” Peter 2 asked, trailing off as his lips curled into a smile at seeing the other boy with such a big smile on his face.
“Us? No─ I mean, like─ you mean together? Like us together─” Michael’s cheeks turned red as he blushed, throwing a towel at Peter 3 who began laughing like a maniac from his companion’s embarrassment.
“No,” Peter 3 answered finally after catching his breath. “We’re not together.”
Yet. The words were left unsaid but everyone in the room could hear it anyway. They weren’t together yet but it’s obvious that Peter 3 is looking forward to changing it sometime soon.
Michael turned off the stove, approaching the three men as he held his hand out to the two foreign Peters. “I don’t think we were properly introduced but my name is Michael.”
“Cool!” Peter 1 said, shaking the man’s hand. “My girlfriend's name is Michelle. Do you happen to be named Michael Jones? Or Jones-Watson?”
Peter 2 smiled, once again being reminded of the Universe’s weird way of somehow still connecting everything together despite the differences. “My girlfriend’s name is Mary Jane Watson.”
Michael raised an eyebrow, head slightly cocking to the side as though he’s studying a complicated equation, meeting the two men’s eyes.
“My name is Michael James Watson.”
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voidcap · 9 months ago
I know for a fact Tom Holland probably had a minor panic attack after hearing the No Way Home trailer got leaked thinking he somehow accidentally did it.
But then he posted “You ain’t ready!” on his Instagram story, so it seems as though we’re hopefully getting the real trailer soon.
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thunderinglava · 5 months ago
⚠️ Spider-Man: No Way Home Spoilers ⚠️
This movie is a f*cking emotional roller coaster.
Like one moment I’m vibrating in excitement and the next I’m so effing sad. I cried THRICE.
Like Matt Murdock! Daredevil!
OMG! Three Spider-Man’s! (Literally like in my theatre people were whooping)
Fuck you JJ Jameson.
Ned like omg you have magic?!
Fuck you Strange, it’s not Peters fault.
No please. Don’t make them forget. No.
MJ…Peter tell MJ and Ned.
OMG, the post-credit scene. Venom! Wanda! Yess.
Why, Marvel?
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hisfirstlove · 5 months ago
How I'm hoping Max being cured will save Gwen. Which means that Gwen won't have to restart the system. And when Peter gets back and sees that she's alive he'll immediately get her to safety. Then go to handle Harry on his own. Perhaps Max being cured gives Peter enough time to get her away. Or if Harry does end up getting her to the tower again. Peter ends up saving her this time because he corrects his mistake (as shown by him saving Michelle or he decides to save her another way). This is one way I can see the MCU bringing Gwen back. It's probably a long shot. But hey, I love them together. I think they deserve a second chance. I also find the whole "They can't be together because Gwen will be in danger. Peter can't have a love life." Yet in the same breath they have Peter marry MJ in some comics. I find that hypocritical. It doesn't make a difference, his lovers will always be in danger. But like Tobey's Peter said, they could make it work. I honestly think Gwen should be brought back. We have enough MJs already in my opinion. MJPeter has many many comics that let them be together yet there's seldom anything with GwenPeter like PLEASE let us Gwenpeter fans have this. If Steve can be with Peggy again, then Andrew and Emma's Gwenpeter should be together again too. The thing is... It is absolutely possible for the MCU to bring back Emma Stone as Gwen. Gwen can be saved via time changes. Or even be brought back as a variant. The fact that it's incredibly possible now really makes me wish that they would bring Gwen back. Gwenpeter should be endgame in at least one universe right? Let it be Andrew and Emma's versions. Also please don't argue with me about this, as I don't like shipping wars or people getting mad at me for hoping. Gwenpeter is my comfort ship.
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queenmoriarty · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
the doc smoking
nothing else
this is the post
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anonuser0 · 4 months ago
octogoblin discord
https://discord.gg/zB9GMzeE2z (now with DID safe space and channels)
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Here some Brooklyn 99 references 👌❤️
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richie-basura · 5 months ago
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bestwitchsam · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Coming #spidermannowayhome 😏
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docockswife · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Out in the cold.
Norman Osborn x Reader (Pre-Goblin)
NSFW warning, 18+ only
Harry Osborn ditches you once again in the middle of a date. This time, you decide enough is enough, and you decide it’s time for the sweet taste of revenge.
Here you are, once again stranded alone outside of the fancy restaurant your fiance Harry Osborn had decided to take you to. He had left once again because he had heard MJ and her boyfriend were having a rough time, and she needed someone to talk to. You wrapped your wool coat around your figure, sighing in content, feeling the soft fabric touch your bare skin. You had worn a nice dress, specifically because he asked you too, and yet he left you once again. You were absolutely over him leaving you for other women. The sound of your heels was loud against the pavement as you stormed down the sidewalk, before flagging down a cab. You needed a breather. You stepped into the cab, and reached into your purse to pull out a crisp hundred dollar bill, courtesy of Harry, and handed it to the driver.
“Osborn Manor please.” Your sweet voice echoed through the cab, trying to be polite to the driver, and not lash out on the poor man.
“Miss, we don’t drive just anyone there-”
“Drive. You wouldn’t like it if my fiance’s father were to hear about this would you? Now be a dear and get moving.” Your voice turned more stern, definitely showing you were serious, and not in the move. The driver just nodded, no longer speaking as he pulled into oncoming traffic. You sighed, glad to finally be sitting down, and no longer standing in those horrendous heels. Your ankles burned. You had decided you were going to head back to the manor, and grab a change of clothes, and stay at a hotel for the night. You were not in the mood to see Harry, and it was the perfect way to calm your anger, and figure out a way to say that you were absolutely done with his antics. You hummed, staring out the window, looking at how gorgeous New York was at night. The way the bright lights of buildings poised the clear sky of its natural beauty. It made you sick.
You finally arrive at the manor, thanking the driver as you gently step out of the cab, trying not to twist an ankle on the curb. You look up at the massive manor, sighing as all you could think of was how urgent your prick of a boyfriend was to run to Mary Jane’s side. You cringed at the thought, digging in your purse to find the key Harry’s father had given you to the manor. Norman had always been kind to you, the moment you met him. Harry had brought you over to meet him for dinner a few years back, and when you met with the CEO, you’d felt different. The feeling indescribable, a mixture of admiration, longing, fright, dare you say love. You always felt different around Norman than you did his son. Not in a bad way of course. You’d always come over after your morning classes while in college, and have tea with him. Those were the moments you looked forward to most. You felt yourself around the older man, you felt loved. He always made you laugh, something his son could rarely do. It was at that moment you thought. Did you love Norman Osborn? You shook the thought, finally finding your keys buried in your purse. The conclusion you had come to did seem accurate with the encounters you had with Norman. He’d always compliment your clothing choices, cook you food when you came over, his shoulders always seemed less tense when you were around, and not to mention the “pet name” he calls you. You insert your key, opening the door before walking in, shutting the door almost immediately. You took off your heels and looked around. It seemed empty. Or that's what you would have thought if the fireplace wasn’t burning, and the sound of padded feet getting louder.
“Y/n? Is that you, dear?” A voice you knew all too well associated that same “pet name” when addressing you.
“Mr. Osborn? Yes, it's me. Sorry if I disturbed you, I know it’s late.” You responded, shrugging off your coat and hanging it up on the nearest hanger. You couldn’t help but notice the look in his eyes change when he saw you. Harry didn’t look at you that way.
“Dear, I told you to call me Norman. Your my son’s fiance, I think we’re past formalities.” He smiled at you, a genuine one at that.
“Speak of him, where is Harry? I expected you both to be out later.” He added. You hesitated to come up with a response. You wanted to tell him what an asshole his son was, and that you were breaking up with him, but didn’t want to ruin the relationship you had with him. Before you could think more, your mouth just spoke.
“I’m not his fiance anymore, Norman.” You said, staring straight at him, letting him know your voice was serious.
“This is the third time he has left me stranded on a date. Third time he left me outside of a restaurant in the freezing cold to run to the aid of another woman. I’m done with his antics, Norman. I’m done being his second choice.” You said honestly. You could feel the tears in your eyes well up as you finally admitted your thoughts.
“I can’t do this anymore- I can’t be- I can’t be thrown out like a piece of trash when Harry’s highschool sweetheart decides she wants to fuck things up!” You felt the tears spill down, as Norman immediately rushed to your aid. His arms gently wrapped around you, his hand pressing against the back of your head, pulling you into a warm hug.
“You are anything but a piece of trash dear, and I’m so sorry my naive son can’t seem to appreciate someone as perfect as you.” He said gently, as you cried into his arms. This embrace. It felt.. Right. It felt like it was meant to happen. All your feelings about the older man resurfaced. You couldn’t ignore them. Norman pulled away from the hug, leaving you feeling alone once again.
“I take it you don’t want to see Harry. I.. I can call you a cab and get you a hotel for the night, while I have a conversation with him when he gets home.” He said, about to walk away, before you reach out to him, grabbing the sleeve of his coat.
“No! Wait. Don’t-“ You said, trying to gather your words. You step closer to him, looking at his eyes, getting lost in them.
“Norman.. What do you think of me?” Your words spilled out like a waterfall. You didn't mean to speak what your mind wanted to. You stood there, muscles tensed, waiting for a response. It took him a moment to figure out what he wanted to say, before he turned around and clasped both of your hands.
“Well.. I think you’re a beautiful young woman, who deserves far more than what my son has given you. I think you’re very intelligent, and have amazing potential..” He trailed off, moving a hand to your cheek. He knew what you were asking. He needed to hear you say that you liked him. The way you were staring at him, and the way your face turned a pink shade when his hand went on your cheek was very obvious to him. He liked you too, but there was an age gap, and he needed to hear you say you loved him, for his own moral compass.
“Do you..” You inched your face closer to the taller man’s, moving your hand from his arm to rest against his chest. His arms moved to wrap around your hips. He nodded his head, knowing exactly the question that you were trying to ask, without the words coming out of your mouth. You initiated it. You moved your face forward, gently pressing your lips against his own, slowly encasing his lips in a passionate kiss. Your eyes closed, entangling your fingers in his hair, trying to keep him as physically close as possible. He pushed you back against the door, nipping at your lip to try to gain access, which you happily gave him. After a few minutes of making out, you pull away, resting your forehead against Norman’s. His rough, calloused hands gripped your hips, a smile resting on his face.
“Harry never kissed me like that.” You giggle, rubbing your fingers against his scalp.
“Well, he’ll never be kissing you again, that’s my job now, my dear.” He chuckled lowly, his hand moving to yours to take off your engagement ring, and tossing it on the floor.
“You won’t be needing that either, I’ll get you a new one that will remind him of what he lost while playing a childish game with someone that doesn’t even come close to comparing to the angel he used to have.” He cooed, making you giggle more, pressing a kiss to your cheek.
“So when did you start feeling this way towards me love?” He asked, a curious tone in his voice, as you rested your head against his chest, embracing him in a hug.
“At our tea sessions. You looked at me in a way that Harry never did. Your eyes showed a kindness I never had experienced. You looked like you actually cared when I told you about my studies, my hobbies, you actually cared.” You said gently. It was true, everytime you tried talking to Harry about something that wasn’t science, or him, he seemed uninterested, but Norman had always listened, he always supported you.
“How could I not? You looked so adorable rambling about {your major in college}, I couldn’t help but fall for you either darling.” He smiled. That was also another factor. He smiled at you. A legitimate, genuine, handsome, smile. You loved it so much. You stare back up at him, and he stares back down, a loving look in his eyes once again.
“I know it’s soon but- I’ve been wanting to say it for so long. I love you Norman, so much. I’d like to be your Mrs. Osborn one day, not Harry’s..” There was a certain plea in your voice that drove Norman insane, you were talking like you knew what you were doing to him.
“I love you too, Y/N, and you’re already mine darling. You’ll be a ‘Mrs. Osborn’ one day, I promise that, but after you kissed me, you became mine in that very moment.” He smirked, a sort of growl in his voice that made your legs weak. He leaned down, this time, he initiated the kiss this time, and it was different. It was hungry, heated, intimate, perfect. His tongue slid in once again, claiming every inch as his. His hands moved to rest against your ass, making you squeal softly. A smirk formed on his lips, knowing the influence he had on your noises. He pulled away, leaving your mind blank, and your breath gone. Before you could regain your thoughts, he sweeped you up in his arms, carrying you to his room.
He kicked his door open, before setting you down for a quick moment, only to lock the door, and then back in his arms you were. He sat down on the bed, you in his lap, and his lips were immediately attached to your neck, kissing and nipping on the pulsing, making you squirm. He gripped onto your thighs, growling.
“Keep still love, I need to mark you up. Need to claim you.” He said against your neck, before attacking it once more. Soft moans and whimpers spilled from your mouth, feeling him grow against the inside of your thigh. Once he was done, he pulled back to take a look at the wicked bruise he had left on your neck, as he hummed in content.
“Look at you, all mine.” He said, a satisfied smirk resting on the corner of his lips. You gradually moved your hips against his crotch, whimpering as you could feel the pooling heat between your legs. His breath hitched, his fingers digging crescent moons into your bare thighs.
“I said. Sit. Still.” He growled, flipping your position, laying you flat on your back, a whimper escaping your lips. You reached up to tug at his shirt, trying to tell him to take it off, as he chuckled lowly.
“My, my. So demanding. Fine, only because you look so pretty under me.” He smirked, a blush heating your cheeks at the compliment. He let go of you, sitting up, and slowly, almost teasingly, took off his shirt. You sat up, running your hands along his chest, feeling the crevices and impurities on his skin. He was perfect. He smiled, watching you admire him. Your soft smile made his heart melt, he couldn’t believe he had you all to himself now. He gently laid you back down, starting to move the straps of your dress down, before stopping.
“May I?” He asked gently, wanting to make sure you were completely comfortable, and wanting to continue.
“Please.” Your soft voice echoed in his head, and he continued gently.
“If you ever want to stop, please tell me.” He cooed, moving your straps down, and then pulling off your dress, revealing your black lace bra and panties. He couldn’t help but stare. Your body was perfect, he could see the embarrassment in your eyes. You reached to cover yourself, embarrassed of your figure, but he shook his head, and reached to move both of your hands over your head, he used one hand to hold both of yours up, and the other to unclip your bra. He tossed it to the side, before starting to kiss at your neck gently. Slowly but surely he moved down, peppering wet kisses down your breast valley, on your breasts, down your stomach, before peppering multiple to your stomach.
“You’re gorgeous darling. So beautiful, I’m so blessed to be in the presence of a goddess.” His voice was like a praise, it rang through your ears, played like a tune that had been stuck in your head for days. He made you feel wanted. He slowly moved down your stomach, reaching your clothed core. He gently pulled your panties down, and then tossed them next to your bra. He kissed the inside of your thighs, watching how you writhed in place for him to give you more. He let go of your hands, and they immediately found their way to his hair, pulling gently at the strands, trying to aid him to give you what you longed for. All he did was chuckle against your thigh, before staring straight up your body right into your eyes, as he licked a stripe down the middle of your pussy, teasing, earning a whine from you.
“Look at you, all wet and needy for me. What do you want, baby? I wanna hear you say it.” His lips resting against your folds, his voice sending a vibration throughout your body.
“Wan’ you Norman- Please.. Need you.” You managed to muster out, earning another chuckle from the older man.
“Mm.. If you say so darling..” He said, a slight confidence in his voice, as he pressed his lips right back onto your folds. His mouth worked magic. Pressing his tongue against all the right places in you, his tongue flicking your clit, you were in heaven. Your fingers clasped onto his hair, as moans echoed throughout the room. Your eyes were squeezed shut, Norman making you see stars as he worked his tongue on your pussy. You could feel it. That bubbling sensation pooling inside of your stomach as your walls clenched around his tongue.
“I’m-I’m clo-se-” You stuttered out, but he didn’t stop. He kept eating you like you were his last meal on earth, and he was going to savor it. Your grip tightened on his hair, his name falling out of your mouth like a prayer, as you released, his mouth lapping everything up, helping you ride out your orgasm. He pulled away, before leaning over you, and placing another intimate kiss on your lips. You could taste yourself on his tongue, and for some reason, it was a major turn on. While you were preoccupied with the kiss, and riding down from your high, Norman had taken off his pants, and boxers. He broke the kiss, resting his forehead against yours.
“I’m going to put it in now, alright? I’ll go slow, let me know if it hurts darling.” Norman said softly, as you nodded. You couldn’t look him in the eyes when his tip rubbed against your folds, before gently pressing in. Your mouth was held agape, as your eyes were squeezed tightly shut, soft moans and whimpers exiting your mouth. You wrapped your hands around his neck, clawing at his back slightly, hissing at the pain of him stretching your walls. Once he was fully in, you could feel the tip nestled deep within your folds, a soft grunt coming from your boyfriend. You tapped on his back, letting him know that you were ready, and that he could move. His hips drew back, making you whimper. The more he pulled back, the emptier you felt. Though he stopped, and immediately slammed back into you, filling your walls back up with his length. A loud moan escaped from your mouth with the rough thrust, and you quickly drew a hand back from his back, and pressed it tightly against your mouth, spilling your noises against it, in a terrible attempt to muffle them. Norman definitely didn’t like it, growling slightly, removing both your hand from your mouth, and the one on his back, pinning them above your head once more.
“You never- You never listen. I want to hear you sweetheart. Spill those noises for me.” He grunted, a smirk plastered on his face as your mouth stayed open, your eyes wide as well. Constant noises spilt from your mouth as you felt yourself approaching your second climax, though Norman didn’t seem to be faltering one bit.
“Nor-man- Close-” You moaned out, your walls clenching around him as he plowed through your insides.
“C’mon baby.. Let go.. Cum for me..” He cooed, re-assuring you, as your second climax hit you like a truck. You came all over his cock, feeling your juices coat his length. You thought he would stop, but he just kept going, fucking you into overstimulation. Tears welled in your eyes, as his thrusts seemed as persistent as ever. His name fell like a broken prayer from your lips, it being the only thing you’re able to say, a dumb, fucked out expression on your face, as all you could do was take his cock. Your nails scratched at his wrist that was holding both of them down, and your hips bucked, trying to gain more friction. You were a mess of emotions, and the sight alone made Norman want to cum right here and now. You looked so hot, all messed up, all because of his cock.
“Look at you- All.. All fucked out because of me. My cock. I bet he never could fuck you the way I do.” His voice turned from soft, to a possessive growl. You were his. His, and his only. His thrusts seemed to falter, and you felt yourself coming close again as well. You felt him start to pull out, but you clenched onto him, not wanting him to.
“M’ on p-ill- mMH!” You moaned, and he nodded. He thrusted roughly a few more times, before filling you up to the brim with his cum. You came shortly after, the overstimulation being too much for you to handle. He laid there for a few seconds, still nestled deep inside of you, waiting for your high to come down. Your fucked out expression was absolutely adorable, and Norman couldn’t handle it. Once you had calmed down, he slowly pulled out, making you hiss. Some of his cum dribbled down your leg, and he got up to go grab wipes, but you wined when he did.
“Later.. Want to.. Cuddle.” You said softly. He smiled, he was not against being in your embrace, and he couldn’t say no to that face of yours. He walked back over, and lifted the blanket for you to shimmy your way in, before laying down next to you. He immediately pulled the blankets over the both of you, before laying on his side, and wrapping his arms around your body. He treated you like porcelain, that if any moment he hugged you just a bit too tight, you’d shatter in his arms. You nuzzled your face into his chest, humming in content at the warmness your boyfriend gave you.
“Thank you Norman.. For an amazing night. Thank you for treating me right.” You said gently, your hands tracing circles and other shapes on Norman’s back. He planted a soft kiss on your hairline, and you could feel him smiling.
“Of course my dear. You deserve all of this and more. I promise to take care of you until the end of time, darling.” That made you smile, your eyes feeling heavy.
“I’ll also have to have a chat with my son about how to treat a lady right.” He added, a chuckle in his voice.
“Oh, don’t even mention him. It’s just you… and I Norman..” You said gently, before your eyes closed, your breath becoming slower, falling into a deep sleep, comfortable against your lover’s chest.
“Indeed it is, you and I, forever and always my dear.”
Added Extra
Here you were, standing in the kitchen the very morning after, making breakfast for two, instead of three. Your legs ached, as well as the bruise on your neck had formed into a dark purple. Harry walked down the large staircase, and you were unaware of what time he had arrived home, and in all honesty, you didn’t care. He spotted you, about to say something, before noticing your bruised neck, the way you no longer wore your engagement ring, and the way your legs had a slight wobble to them, while standing in place making breakfast. He opened his mouth, about to call your name in anger, before another voice had called your name instead. His father. Norman walked over to you, wrapping his arms around your waist, and giving you a kiss on the forehead.
“Goodmorning darling, I assume you slept well?” He asked, and you responded with a nod. He stormed over, and into the kitchen.
“Dad.” Harry said angrily.
“Harry.” Norman responded, calmly, with his hands still wrapped around your waist, his head just turned to meet his son’s angry gaze.
“What are you doing with my fiance?” Harry’s face was contorted with rage, but Norman didn’t seem to care. Norman started to speak, before you put a finger to his mouth.
“Actually, Harry. I am no longer your fiance, and you and I, are over. I’m tired of being the second choice. If you didn’t realize, last night was the third time. The THIRD time, Harry Osborn, that you left me outside of a restaurant, to go to Mary Jane’s house.” You stressed, your voice tainted with anger, Harry tried to talk, but you cut him off.
“You never listen Harry, you never take any interest in what I have to say. So I found someone that did. I found someone that has always listened, supported, cared, and not put me second. So if you even think for a moment that you’re the victim of this, you’re not.” You say, sighing, as Norman rubs your sides, trying to calm you down.
“I hope you treat Mary Jane better than you did me. Because she is a very nice girl, who in all honesty, you don’t deserve.” You said, your tone clearly stating that you were done with him.
“The rings on the counter, go give it to her.” Norman said, and all Harry could do was stare angrily at his father.
“I can’t believe you, with my father too. He’s- He’s way older than you.” Harry said, smoothing back his hair in frustration.
“Yea Harry? Well guess what, your father is the only one who has cared for me the way a lover should. I’m getting tired of seeing your face, you should get a move on.” You sighed, before coming up with an idea.
“And he may be older, but the sex, was absolutely amazing.” You said, winking at Harry. A proud smirk fell onto Norman’s face, while a disgusted look fell onto Harry’s. That was enough to send him storming out the front door. Once he had left, you broke out into laughter.
“He was absolutely pissed.” You laughed, hugging Norman tightly.
“Well he’ll have to get over it, because when I marry you, you’ll be his new mother.” He laughed as well, kissing your forehead.
“Normann!! You sappy idiot.” You giggled, playfully hitting his chest.
“I’m just stating facts, my love.” He grinned.
“Also, was the sex really that good.” He teased, a smirk on his face once again.
“Norman Osborn!” You gasped, faking a shocked expression, before you couldn’t hold it in anymore, and you just broke out in laughter.
“If you really want to know, yes, yes it was.” You grinned, before the smell of smoke hit your nostrils.
“OH SHIT THE BACON-“ You laughed, pushing yourself away from him.
He was your one and only, forever and always.
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