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#noxs edits

@lunoctweek - Day 7: slow dancing
edit:i was going to draw noctis and luna dancing but then i decided to draw them dancing with their children but there wasn’t many space for the four of them so at the end i just draw the three of them (i’m sorry noctis jr.), i’m sorry if it doesn’t look good i wasn’t able to find a reference for the drawing, i’m not good at drawing small people (except for wendy) and there’s so much but still this was a good week, this week i was able to get out of my comfort zone and draw what came to mind and oh boi thanks to everyone who liked my drawings it really means a lot to me to see people liking my drawings but still like always i hope someone likes it and be prepared becauze i’m thinking on starting to draw more nyactis and lunyafreya!

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