thebeesyndicate 12 hours ago
When the bpd and npd team up to create a delusion and you can *feel* it coming but can't stop it... you know you're fucked 馃拃
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everybodybutmen 2 days ago
Can we all confirm there鈥檚 nothing worse than tummy pain bc I wil kms
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sudscrub 12 days ago
Tumblr media
npd >>>>>>>>>> any other neurodivergence
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rejectofsociety 4 months ago
鈥淵es, mental illnesses can be stressful and cause issues in relationships with loved ones鈥 and 鈥渘o, mental illness does not make up a person鈥檚 entire personality nor does it make them inherently abusive or a bad person鈥 are two statements that can and must coexist
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avpd-thoughts 2 months ago
people with low/no empathy can be:
good people
good friends
abused, manipulated, and hurt
do not define us by our ability to feel empathy. we are so much more than our empathy levels.
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momowho34 8 months ago
Here鈥檚 to hoping that every single person with schizophrenia or a schizoaffective disorder or DID or NPD or any other ridiculously demonized mental illnesses has a wonderful day
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justanotherpanchurchqueer 20 days ago
I desperately want all these kids on Tiktok to understand that autistic justice sensitivity and moral rigidity does not mean our definition of justice and morality is GOOD. I was raised an evangelical christian and my autistic traits made me an AWESOME evangelical christian. If my mom hadn鈥檛 been鈥 not that I would probably be a Girl Defined/Trad wife type. One time I saw an article referencing the 鈥淕od Particle鈥 and I RIPPED IT UP because I had been raised to think that鈥檚 what I was supposed to do. Moral rigidity means it took me YEARS to even START deprogramming my upbringing. I have joked with my loved ones that if I was born a cis white man I probably would be Mike Pence.
Autistic people also often feel EXTREMELY disconnected from the people around us. We literally think differently and I know y鈥檃ll know that the way NT people think often feels completely irrational. You know what that can lead to? Narcissistic traits. NPD is very comorbid with autism. This is also why I beg people to understand that narcissists aren鈥檛 like鈥 subhuman monsters. They鈥檙e almost always deeply traumatized and that causes behaviors that often hurt those around them.
Autistics with justice sensitivity and moral rigidity feel like anything that breaks our moral code is a CRISIS that must be repaired. We also often think WE have the answers. This actually makes us VULNERABLE to being brainwashed into the alt right. Like it is a known thing that alt right groups recruit autistic and otherwise neurodivergent teenagers. The alt right pipeline is an autistic issue.
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mossy-aro a month ago
ppl will be like 鈥榠 support people w mental health issues!!1!!!鈥 until it鈥檚 about a societally demonised disorder. ppl will be 鈥渁llies鈥 until they鈥檙e asked to stop using psychotic as an insult, 锟紅o stop equating low empathy with being inherently evil, to stop calling anyone they don鈥檛 like a sociopathic narcissist. it鈥檚 so telling how people will immediately resort to the exact same ableist language the second they鈥檙e not talking about a 鈥榮ympathetic鈥 disorder like depression or anxiety.
if ur respect for people w mental health issues is conditional on what sort of issue they have, it鈥檚 not respect at all.
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blackjacksys222 4 months ago
"Its just a Phase"
No Mom its not :/ its a diagnosis
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aronear 4 months ago
the tag is better now but i remember an era where the aro tag was like. Full of posts that all said "to the aro reading this you aren't a cold unfeeling narcissist" and every time without fail i was like. yes i am why are you lying to me. so shout out to the aro reading this who IS a cold unfeeling narcissist we are the strongest link
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gur0-tan 7 days ago
fuck forgiving and forgetting I need to bash his face into unrecognisable mush
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everybodybutmen a month ago
I want to kill myself thank you for asking
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frogsforthefrogwar a month ago
If your advocacy for truama/abuse survivors isn't inclusive of
Survivors who are not women
Survivors who developed hypersexuality
Survivors with personality disorders
Survivors with anger issues
Survivors with did/osdd
Survivors with substance abuse issues
Then maybe you should start making an effort to make it. I'm not asking anyone to shift focus to a topic they don't understand, but you dont have to become an expert in hypersexuality or personality disorders to not actively exclude or demonize them
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npdsafe a year ago
Things that don鈥檛 make you a bad person:
Displaying 鈥渟cary鈥 symptoms of mental illness
Being diagnosed with multiple disorders
Having one or various personality disorders
Being diagnosed with NPD, BPD, HPD, or ASPD
Having very low empathy, or no empathy
Having symptoms that cause anger, emptiness, or paranoia
Having triggers or 鈥渟trange鈥 personal boundaries
Needing extra help or accommodations
Having intrusive thoughts about upsetting or scary topics
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trrashcat 3 months ago
i need you all to know鈥hen kids are raised by parents that ignore them or stifle them or criticize or neglect them鈥 personality disorders other than bpd can occur. i need you to understand that children can and do have npd as well.. narcissistic personality disorder is not.. an inherently evil or bad thing
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san1tas 4 months ago
narcissism/NPD recovery resources, because there鈥檚 like nothing good out there
Books and things to read:
Borderline, Narcissistic, and Schizoid Adaptations by Dr. Elinor Greenburg - Aimed at providers but apparently super great for self-help too
How Do You Develop Whole Object Relations as an Adult? by Dr. Elinor Greenburg - Tips on how to stop seeing yourself and other people as only either all-good or all-bad
10 Stages in the Treatment of Narcissistic Disorders by Dr. Elinor Greenburg - Goes through the stages of treating NPD
Rethinking Narcissism by Dr. Craig Malkin - A book about promoting healthy narcissism instead of unhealthy narcissism
Antisocial, Borderline, Narcissistic and Histrionic Workbook: Treatment Strategies for Cluster B Personality Disorders by Dr. Daniel Fox - what it says on the tin. May be best done guided by a therapist
Shame in patients with narcissistic personality disorder PDF - What it says on the tin.
Narcissus and the Daffodils - an essay about NPD by someone with NPD. Probably the best description I鈥檝e ever seen
Things to watch and listen to:
Recovery FOR the Narcissist by Dr. Eric Perry - A compassionate podcast to provide insight, support, and encouragement to anyone who exhibits narcissistic tendencies. Very in-depth
Early Morning Barking - A YouTube channel by someone with BPD and NPD about coping with and educating people on BPD and NPD. He also has a Recovery from NPD by Dr. Todd Grande - A video about this provider鈥檚 experience with helping people recover from NPD
Narcissism Self Help Therapy website - A daily program for people with NPD (may have some triggering aspects in Part 2 of the program)
NPD Safe carrd resources - More resources for NPD (I have not gone through all of these so I don鈥檛 know how good they are)
NPD Recovery Comics by The Ego System - A bunch of fantastic comics about recovering from NPD.
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trans-nudibranch 6 months ago
reblog if your blog is a safe place for low empathy people聽聽 i want to see how many people im safe interreacting with :]
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psychonarc 8 months ago
doing nice things for people for attention or praise is okay. it鈥檚 okay to have another motive behind what you鈥檙e doing. you still added kindness to the world. you still tried and did your best and i鈥檓 proud of you! kindness is hard and confusing when you were never exposed to it!! cheers to everyone trying to be kind in a body that rejects that very notion.
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autistic-af 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Source ~ @/livedexperienceeducator
[ID: A purple umbrella labelled "Neurodivergent Umbrella"*
Beneath the umbrella, in colourful text on a black background, it lists:
Sensory Processing
Tic Disorders
Down Syndrome
* non-exhaustive list
End ID]
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