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Nothing will get me wetter than being mandhandled around my neck and thrown in a bed, roughly. **consensually**

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no thoughts head empty just having sex with iwa in the backseat of his car on the top of a cliff somewhere

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Hello, guuuys!

This Letter is special, since it’s the Birthday Present to one of my favorite people: @otomecooties! Le, I hope this next year will be AMAZING. You deserve all the happiness! Feliz Aniversário! <3


I wrote this letter based on somethings that happen in Cooties’ Helios series. Go check it out.

If you like this letter, check on my Ko-fi how to get one for you!


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Just shaved for the first time in ages now I just need someone to come and fuck me senseless

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„life is a cage and death is the key“

is such a powerful statement if you don‘t remember that it‘s from a song called „your c*m won‘t last“

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I suck and bite your neck leaving dark marks while you grind on my thigh struggling to not release and pee all over my lap as you grind needily on me. Before starting to play with your pretty parts and grind you down harder on me, and you’re not allowed to use the toilet or go anywhere else to let it out just sat there on my lap struggling to hold it as you ride my fingers.

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i just wanna be small enough to be able to be put in any position you want me in, even if it’s uncomfortable for me!!! i just wanna be your little fucktoy and i wanna be easy to pull and move around for you!!!

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#SYNOPSIS!     your first target is the ray of sunshine, hinata shōyō
#GENRE!     smut, 18+
#WORD COUNT!     5,340

#WARNINGS!     dom!reader, sub!hinata, reader has female genitalia, praising, very light degrading / dumbification, some worshipping, edging, reader gets called ‘master’, unprotected sex, metaphoric comparisons to drugs, hinata gets called ‘puppy’, oral (m receiving), creampie, solo masturbation, mention of spitting but no actual spitting

‧₊˚ author’s note is at the bottom of the piece ♡


You didn’t think that Hinata Shōyō would be so receptive to your touches. The second that your lips were on his, his hands were so stiff as they rested on the grove of your hips. It was you who had to take him by the fabric of his shirt and eliminate the space between both of your bodies. It was you who had to take his hands and let them rest on the soft curves of your ass, encouraging him to squeeze the flesh as he pleased and squeeze generously was what he did, your hips bumping into his.

His breaths were hot against your face when you parted your lips for half a second to catch your breath, chasing for oxygen while he chased after yours in an ardent urgency. Before you knew it, he was ducking his head to melt his tepid lips into yours with a fervour you had expected from him. Hinata’s fingers were digging into the flesh of your ass as you swiped your tongue across his lower lip. Electricity crackled in your veins when he parted his mouth with a breathy, guttural moan that rumbled deep in his chest. Warmth settled deep in the pit of your stomach and stirred in the heated coil that was taking its time to wound.

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Girls that get wet from eyecontact😍😍

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So it’s my birthday today 👉👈, what special suprise would you give me OwO

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I need to rub pussies with another man. Pronto

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Sloppy head and shitty 80’s slasher films is the mood for tonight 🖤🔪

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I wish Tumblr still allowed ns/fw artwork, like damn. Very murky on what is and isn’t considered too risque.

Listen, I may be a the living plushie, but I am also a lonely sad virgin.

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