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ash-rigby · 48 minutes ago
Tumblr media
my monster boyfriend when he—w-when he—my monster boyfriend when I—um...when he and I—when—
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teratophallia · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
A little Ghosty tease!! We are looking respectfully above his knife... I'll be disrobing him over on twitter for any other ghosty lovers out there!
i don't play dbd
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aceboynsfw · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wanna lazily makeout on the couch.
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fonstermucker · 18 hours ago
Me: big gigantic monster cocks! Dicks bigger than my arm! Super long tails and tongues!!!
Also me on two fingers:
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peachhsurprise · 3 hours ago
You going to flash us what your wearing now?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I can show you me getting dressed 😌
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ash-rigby · 23 hours ago
Your demon girlfriend has you on your back as she fucks you with her strap. She bound your hands above your head so that you wouldn’t be tempted to touch yourself. But her hands are all over you; fondling your chest, teasing your nipples, running over your stomach and thighs. She can’t get enough of feeling you tremble under her palms. You’re so cute like this, as she says. Eyes like glowing coals bore into you as she watches you awash with pleasure of her making. She only starts to touch you where you really need it when you get close and it feels like electricity. She doesn’t stop fucking you as you cum, her long forked tongue laving over a sharp-toothed, wolfish grin.
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aceboynsfw · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Do yall like my watch 😌😏
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impure-des1res · 10 hours ago
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Tumblr media
sweet dreams 😘
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unholyplumpprincess · 19 hours ago
Donna Beneviento Headcanons
Gonna be doing all the Lords and Ladies! Alcina Dimitrescu and Karl Heisenberg done!
!Minors and ageless blogs dni, this is an adult work!
Warnings: R18+/NSFT below the cut, SFW above the cut, reader is gn and ambiguous, mentions of somno and consensual drugging
• Angie serves almost like a best friend to her, so in sync that her thoughts are Angie’s. Though most people think that Angie is a projection of Donna’s voice, it’s more like her most internal thoughts without any social guidelines hindering her. Making Angie say things like when seeing someone’s cleavage. “Woah get a load of THOSE honkers.” while Donna herself would obviously Not say that aloud.
• After her parents passed, due to the trauma of it all Donna completely locked herself away- save for traveling to the other Lords’ and Ladies’ estates when needed. Agoraphobia prevents her from going pretty much anywhere else, but she did used to visit the local farmer who sheared sheep and alpacas and spun their own yarn and fabrics. And the local farmer that sold leathers.
• Donna is very anxious and quiet, non-verbal and finding it difficult to find her voice. Angie normally fills any silences that may happen, but even then sometimes she says things that have Donna scrambling to cover her mouth and shake her head, furiously blushing beneath her veil all the while.
• Donna enjoys all arts and crafts- not just doll making or sewing. But she likes knitting, coloring, painting, drawing, gardening, and even writing poetry. As far as knitting, sometimes she catches herself making baby clothes and smiling down at them. They normally end up being altered to fit a doll, but during Rose’s brief stay with her she had been delighted that some of the clothes she had made fit her. It also made it Incredibly hard for her to let her go until Mother Miranda snapped at her.
• As a lover, Donna is so gentle and giving. She speaks with her body and her hands, or Angie being her voice when she is unable. Normally Angie is more blunt than she ever would be, but if her partner finds Angie enjoyable then well, Donna’s hooked.
• Donna has spent so long alone that she’s mastered cooking. Being able to cook FOR someone is a dream come true! But that means she does a lot more baking and cooking, tending to watch you while fussing with her own fingers and clearly anxious about your reaction. You can always feel her beaming in the room when you compliment or say you especially like something.
• Donna’s love languages are physical affection and gift giving, emphasis on gift giving. She wants to make you clothes, buy you them, cook for you, feed you, sit with you, spend time with you. If you like your alone time- you may need to tell her that. She also likes her own solitude, but sometimes she forgets because she likes your presence so much.
• PET NAMES PET NAMES PET NAMES!!! Though Donna would much prefer to call you things in her native tongue and things like ‘My love’ ‘My treasure’ ‘My darling’, Angie tends to use...well...vulgar language. So your most used ones from her are ‘Hot stuff’ ‘Sweet face’ ‘Sugar tits’ and ‘Toots’.
• Despite modern technology, Donna prefers older technology. Including keeping her father’s old record player and records that she constantly plays through the house to keep noise around.
• Due to her mutation, Donna’s ability to secrete a mist that causes deep hallucinations and things like that can also cause other things. But Donna has used this against you in a good way, because when you’re in your ‘dream’ state, she can project herself to you and remove her veil and talk to you. She tells you in those catatonic states about how it’s easier because that isn’t ‘really’ her to her.
!NSFT under cut here!
• Remember what I said about her mist and how she uses it on you? Yeah. She’s also able to finally touch you in that state. And oh, oh is her mouth filthy sometimes when she’s like that. It’s her world, hers to manipulate and shift- and she uses it to her advantage to make herself more confident. Where her lips and teeth can press to you and she can murmur in your ear how long she’s waited to taste you. How she might do it when you sleep tonight and do not stir-
• In real life, Donna does not meet your eye when you are free of that state in the mornings. But you know she’s watching you, watching you rub phantom marks that do not lay on your skin despite you knowing you’d felt her touch there. But you enjoy the way she squeaks when you look at her with a coy little look and a smirk on your lips as if asking her if that’s really how she wanted to play.
• Donna also is...very talented sexually. But not from experience. She has hundreds to thousands of books in her house and a majority of them in her bedroom. A lot are on things like botanicals, foraging, dollmaking, etc. But a lot are of things like sex positions, basic sex ed, to downright raunchy and kinky things and safety behind them. You’re just basically her test dummy for all the things she’s been waiting to do.
• Talented, talented, talented hands. She can make you come undone from them alone. Very soft hands with light callouses on her fingertips and her knuckles scarred over from all her wood working and sewing. Her nails are always trimmed short, something you could simply pass as her needing short nails to work. But now? Now you know better.
• Her top kinks are: Somno, consensual drugging, breeding kink, and shibari. Somno comes from her desire to touch you, but her fear of you seeing her. Plus she just likes how...peaceful you look. Consensual drugging- same thing, but she also feels a sense of power behind it. Breeding is due to her wanting a family, ofc, and shibari is her liking artistic things. And seeing you in such a state, my, she might combust.
• She’s a huge service top. She just wants to please you and make you beg for it. She also enjoys when you’re dreaming with her, and she’s able to slink her fingers into you and brush your lips together and steal every breath and gasp you make as she raspily praises you.
• Be careful of this shy girl. She can only hold herself back so long before she must mark you and claim you as her own.
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Barbatos being overstimulated
Tumblr media
Barbatos being overstimulated
Barbatos was backed against wall, you had him pinned, one of your hands had slipped between his legs, stroking his cock. He whimpered, you had him in a hall, there was no privacy, someone could walk in! “(Y/n), please, can we go back to my room? I can’t risk being seen like this!”
You rolled your eyes and continued, increasing your pace. You could feel him throbbing in your grip. “C’mon, can’t we just have a little fun? Besides, everyone is asleep. Just keep quite and you’ll be fine.” He whines, but otherwise stayed still for you. You gave him soft praise as he thrusted into your grip. “Go on baby, cum for me.”
And he did, spilling over your hand, panting softly. You dropped to your knees infront of him, taking his cock into your mouth. He jolted, trying to push you away, you let your teeth glide across his cock as a warning and he quickly let go. “P-please! Don’t-!” You squeezed the base of his cock, pulling off him.
“You should keep it down, you don’t want to get caught right?” And with that you pulled him back into your mouth. He cried out, trying to pull back, but the wall behind him stopped him. He whimpered as your tongue swirled around the tip.
“H-honey, please, I can’t-of fuck!” His voice cracked, he was squirming, he almost shoved you away but one firm look was all it took to stop him. “(Y/n)! I c-can’t keep quite if you do this! Please!”
He sobbed as he climaxed again, his cock throbbed in your mouth, with a few more harsh sucks, he was shaking. He looked like his legs were about to give out on him. You pulled off him again, taking him back into your hand, pumping him quickly. “That was a little loud, aren’t you worried about someone coming in? I’m not stopping if anyone comes by, even Diavolo.”
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bunniewuvvie · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
lack of tits means more ass
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angelxblush · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
peachy nude 🤍🌸
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