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#nsft post
babys-nsfw-thoughts · a day ago
I wanna squirm under you so bad~ hold me down by my wrists and coo at how cute my wriggling is. tie me up and step back to admire you work while I whine for you to touch me. fuck me just a little too fast and watch as my hips rise trying to escape the feeling (all while I’m drooling at it uwu)
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smutty-ki113r · a day ago
🩸Ticci Toby🩸|| Tear you apart
KinkTober Week 4. Day 14
NSFW||~ One shot x afab gn!reader, includes vampire Toby, blood kink, marking, slight stalking, slight somno tw, minors—dni. (2.4k)
Inspired by: She Wants Revenge
Tumblr media
Breath racked shakily as you looked back to make sure nobody was following you, shoes carelessly splashing into murky puddles, scared of the forebroading purple sky. The sun far beneath the collared buildings of 18th century England, encasing the hurried scene in it’s milky twilight. The corset you had on pulled with each inhale you took as you tried to speed walk to the tavern, rushing even though you weren’t late, paranoid ever since the incident.
Getting goosebumps as you remembered waking up in the dead of the night to an open window and a sharp pain in your neck. Throbbing so bad you went to check and found a failed attempt at breaking skin through bite marks. You wouldn’t have believed it if it weren’t for the strange occurrences being reported by other people. It got so bad the city had enforced a curfew, one which you usually followed but tonight you needed to see him.
He was your only solace in this madness, a breath of fresh air with chestnut colored hair and freckles, a smile that could sweep you off your feet and an embrace that leveled that of a warm honey coated feel. Toby just happened to appear in town a few months ago, accidentally bumping into you and insisting on taking you out as an apology. He was so refined with his tailored green vest and pant chains, the epitome of eloquence; yet, he made you laugh till your stomach hurt; with the cutest goofy grin. Blown out of your thoughts as you arrived at the meeting point, straightening yourself out before going to see him.
It had been a long time since anyone had made you feel this way, and you didn’t think to question it in the slightest. The way his eyes seemed to glimmer with hunger and breath quickened around you, wanting to envelop you in a carnal act of love and lust. Each passing day a struggle to contain himself from ripping into you and swallowing you whole with kisses and passion.
Cheeks settling in a thick blush as he wrapped you in his chest with a laugh, smelling the delightful aroma of blood pumping through your veins as he nuzzled his chin in your neck. “I m-missed you pretty” he complimented, “you smell g-good, did you put perfume on?” You ecstatic that he noticed. Settling down and having dinner between fated lovers, the last people to leave as they closed the restaurant up. Clinging to Toby’s arm as he walked you home, convinced that he would protect you when in fact he was the threat.
Nervously making a move and interlocking your fingers with his, flinching at his body temperature. “You’re so cold” you laughed, naive and finding this as a perfect excuse to flirt, “I guess I’ll have to warm you up then”. Putting his hands in yours and rubbing to make friction in between you two.
Not wanting to leave him at the door and feeling him pull, enclosing your own hands in his. Looking down at you in a way you had never seen before, mistaking it as lust but missing the part he starved for, the blood. Smiling smugly, a gleaming flicker of wine red in his eyes, the moon light behind him creating a sickly glow to his pale skin. He had to be one of the most beautiful people you had ever seen, almost as if he shouldn’t have existed. Heart hammering against your chest as he closed the space between you in a kiss, tingling on your lips and making you want more.
Thinking you wouldn’t see him until morrow, wanting to plead for him to stay, not knowing he would be watching from the outside of your window like an undead creature of the night. Reminiscing to the night he tasted your skin for the first time, a mere appetizer, with only an inch he pulsed at the idea of more.
Bidding his days with this friendly facade as he anticipated the main meal. He wanted all of you, the savor of your body so sweet he could no longer refrain. Making sure you were asleep before unlocking the barricade on the clear glass to enter, stepping over the sill in a hush and crawling on the bed where you dreamed. Lightly enclosing your frame and towering over you, breathing heavily as he stared at your bare neck, exposed just for him.
The rise and fall of your chest illuminated by the moon, Toby inching down to take your scent in. Caught between feelings and resisting the carnal urge to feed with those hesitant kisses, scraping his fangs just barely on your skin. Deciding to satisfy it another way, with harmless presses of his lips on your neck, agonizingly slow to stir you beautifully from your sleep. Rubbing your thighs together unconciously as you squinted your eyes open, pulsing as you realized that it was him on top of you, that he was your attacker. Reason slipping into lustful thoughts as his cold lips latched to your sweet spot on your collarbone. Sucking so tastefully you couldn't stop the whimper that fell from your lips, his attention brought to your awakened state.
Caught red handed and meeting your gaze as he lapped, uncaring and continuing, hungrier as he kept your eyes on his. Telling you that he was going to have you regardless, he needed you, and you needed him. Leisurely removing layers of your nightgown as his kisses lowered into previously covered regions of your body. His hands not shy to ravage you, jerking between gentle loving touches and primal greedy squeezes, removing his clothes, ready to get hot and heavy with you.
Ripping your panties off and sliding his dick up and down your slicked cunt. Luminous eyes unmoving from yours, now fully woken and sweating as he guided your hips with his. Watching his mouth hang open in a pant, revealing the sharp canines that he tried to suck your blood with. You should have been scared, not turned on at the thought of being at his complete mercy.
Hearing him rutt against you with those delicious groans, arms bending to press his skin tight to yours. His hand weaving through your hair and pulling you close, gasping as he split you open with his cock. Feeling him push your head to the side to drive his nose to your neck, tracing your jawline with his tongue and whispering in your ear "i want to fucking tear you apart".
Bottoming out and stilling for a moment before pulling out and giving meaty slaps to your cunt again and again. Steadily embracing you in unnatural passion that made you moan as he stuffed your hole. Toby wanting to ravage you and do unseemly things to you, how you looked under him driving him wild. So desperate and needy for the sensation that his fingers itched as he dug them into your hips, raising your pelvis to meet you in a bridge position. "fffuck you're so tight". Your back arching at the sudden change of pace, with him mercilessly slamming into you from above "gonna give it to you good till you cry". The curve of his length perfect to reach your g spot that cried for attention. His tip thudding against your womb and his calloused finger brushing your clit, coaxing you to release while he stretched you out and abused your pussy.
Jerking your hips forward into him, shoulders pressed into the mattress. His cock stroking every curve and trace of your walls, vigorously invading the most intimate parts of you. Folds wrapped around him and clinging to his length with your juices each time he pulled out, impatient to take in more of him at once. Fitting back in perfectly with a squelching noise.
All your desires budding and reaping with him pounding you so hard, the bed creaking furiously in between stolen inhales and moans. Your pussy swallowing him whole with each roll of his hips, pulling for an exhilarating orgasm. A chilling finger to your heated pearl, making the contrast vibrate though your entire body as he fucked your tight cunny good. Tears slipping out of your eyes at how big he was, not wanting to stop because of how pleasurable it was, and how badly you wanted to please him. Your thighs aching from the strain, colliding against his pelvis as he fucked you, face tensing when you approached your orgasm.
Toby pressing his freezing chest against yours in a missionary and placing rushed kisses to your neck, impatient to meet your lips. His hands busy with your soft breasts, cupping and pinching at your nipples. Rolling your buds in between his fingers and then sucking, careful to only scathe you with his fangs, a chill at the bundle of nerves stirring. To feel you tightening around him made him groan shakily, “Fuck you’re so h-hot”, begging to milk him and release deep inside you “god aren’t you ashamed of squeezing me like this?”
Feeling him hold back to pull out, a whimper from your lips as you watched him struggle. Edging himself because he wanted a further excuse to keep you alive. Him sitting back and touching his cock softly, needed release so badly. You unable to stop yourself, knowing there was only one way to continue this twisted love in between you. Crawling over to him and sitting on his lap facing him, stroking his length with your hand, his eyes following your movements curiously, trying to tell you to stop. That if you continued he would have no choice, you were so appetizing he wouldn’t be able to stop from tearing into your skin and drinking you whole.
Hovering your clenching hole over him and sitting on his lap, his tip snug against your g spot. With no space in between you, his balls against your opened slit and his dick plugging up all of your hole. Adjusting to the new lotus position as you wrapped your legs around his waist, bouncing up and down and gasping right into his ear. Blood pumping so fast and deliciously he was going feral, growling and holding you closer with his hands on your back. Him hearing your pulse beat beat beat quickly as you chased your high, finding his intense lidded gaze to choke on your breath. Insane for delving into lustful urge and pleading.
“Bite me”
His cock throbbing, saliva pooling in his mouth at the thought of the intoxicating taste. A part of him reasoning that it was crazy, he didn’t want to hurt you. But it was so hard to resist, when you smelled of the most delicious essences, when your skin was so soft and tender to hold in his hands, to break into, when your blood pumped so lively though your veins. A moment of unsureness disolved when you told him “please, taste me”, his lips lining up against the bare of your neck as you brought him in, “you can have me”
Flickering his eyes at you as all insecurity faded away, ready to take you and never let you go. “Fuck” panting heatedly on your skin as his fangs grazed your untouched surface, deep inside your cunt and throbbing as he got ready to indulge. “Close your eyes”, lamentful at your fate sealed in an impulsive moment of passion. Sinking his teeth into your flesh and drawing the thick texture of your blood. A pain rooting where he sucked and crawling through your body, shocking you so intensely it sent waves of the most blinding pleasure you had ever felt. Orgasming and clamping around his cock that buried inside you as he drained you; joining together in carnal, obscene fervor.
Trembling in weakness and complete vulnerability, Toby enveloping himself in the fresh warm essence of your life, saccharine in vermillion love that he took from you. “So fucking good”, Feeding off of you and poisoning your bloodstream with his curse, pumping to your heart that tightened in adoration, you simply letting him take and take and take not only your carmine liquid but your dignity. “Been waiting so long to taste you”, still thrusting into you as he drank you like a midnight snack, grunting roughly through his nose with each powered pump of his hips.
Unlatching from your wound and kissing the area greedily, your body weak and slumping as you came down from your high, abused kindness that let him have his way with you. “You’re mine got that?” Intoxicating in bloodlust, his cock pulsing inside of you, molding every line and crevice in your hole and claiming you as his. Scarlet pouring out of you and lapped beautifully by his lips that pressed to try to make up for the blasphemy he placed upon you. “I’m sorry, but you’re just so delicious”
Blood dripping over your body like wine, red droplets falling down your chest. Toby holding onto your fucked out body to kiss your lips, drenching you in your own taste. Tongue slipping into your mouth to pass the taste he so desired, to show you just how delectable you were.
You dedicating the last bits of your energy to helping him cum, rutting desperately against him. Bodies entangled with the sticky mess of pure sin in red and white color. Heaving painfully as he intruded your walls and stretched you out, degrading you to levels far beyond any acceptable, feeling the enticing promise of his own high after such a delightful meal. Blood staining his milky fangs in the moonlight, intoxicating aftertaste still running down his throat. Your pussy begging him in so beautifully, squeezing around his fat cock that split you open ready to spill. “Fuck g-gonna cum gonna cum”
Past all the thresholds of moral correctness as the man littered your body in bite marks. Each one burning worse than the last, grateful that they took the feeling from the pain of the previous. His thrusts sloppy, paced with his lips twitching into a snarl. “C-cumming inside”, a warm liquid shooting into your hole and stuffing you. Belly full with his seed, what wasn’t in your womb pouring out of your cunt where you met.
“And to think you were just a crush” he sighed as he pressed his forehead to yours, “I know it’s wrong but you feel so right”. Your beating heart against his still one, “your fault for being so enticing, fuck a crush now I love you”
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angelic-nsfw · a day ago
I desperately want a lazy make out session rn, just holding each other close, my fingers tangled in their hair as we kiss, letting their hands roam my body as i straddle them, feeling a bulge form in their underwear as I slowly start to move my hips against it, to tired to take it off and fuck we just keep kissing, covering each other in bite marks and deep purple hickeys as we fall asleep in each others arms
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nympho-elf · a day ago
Tumblr media
good morning 🍑
onlyfans - fansly - twitter - snap: nympho_elf
cashapp: $spookyxfairy - venmo: spookyxfairy
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butchybitch · a day ago
Scream Queen
Just a little Halloween cnc story, hope you enjoy! :)
It was quite late by this point, most trick-or-treaters had gone home which is why I was surprised to hear a rather loud knock at the door. I went to answer, but when I opened the door no one was there. Some teenagers playing a prank probably. Rolling my eyes, I shut the door and went back upstairs to try and get some sleep, hoping I wouldn’t be interrupted again.
I got back into bed and took off my pants, leaving me in just my underwear and a tank top, and settled down to get some sleep.
I’m not sure how much later it was when I was woken by heavy steps down the hall from my room, but it was pitch black outside and there wasn’t any other noises except for the wind and the footsteps. I closed my eyes and buried myself further under my covers, hoping that whoever was down there would just leave. It turns out I’m not that lucky though.
The footsteps advanced further down the hall, a second pair now starting on the stairs too and I started to panic. I got up to search for something to use against whoever was in my house but it was too late, the closer person had reached my room and jumped to me, pulling me back onto my bed and pinning my wrists above my head with one hand and covering my mouth with the other.
The second person came running up the stairs and into my room, chuckling when they saw I’d been caught.
“Oh we’re going to have fun with you tonight,” the second person said as they pulled out a knife, walking towards me, “I can’t wait to see what your insides look like.”
I started to squirm once the second, taller person reached me and moved the blade down my stomach, my top having been pushed up when I had been pinned down. It wasn’t pressed down hard enough to draw blood but it still made me panic, the metal cool on my skin.
“Look at this, no pants. Wonder if they were getting ready just for us.” The first, shorter person said as they pulled at the top of my underwear. I started to squirm even more, trying to shout past the persons hand.
“Aw, that upset you?” The taller person said, laughing while they did “Maybe we can upset you even more.” They began trailing the knife back up to my chest, catching it on my top and pulling it up over my tits, revealing them to both of my assailants. The person on top of my lifted my slightly by my arms as I thought to keep my top on, but the two managed to slip it off my completely anyway.
I started crying into the persons hand, trying to pull my arms down to cover myself but I wasn’t able to move them anywhere.
“Damn those are nice.” The person with the knife said as they reached down to grope me. The other person on top of me moved their head down to my other tit that wasn’t being groped and put it in their mouth, swirling their tongue around it and then biting down hard. I screamed into their hand, which only caused them to grind against me.
“Those are almost enough to convince me not to gut you,” the shorter person snickered, “let’s see if what you’ve got down here has any chance at helping you survive too.”
And with that they started pulling down my underwear. I started to squirm more but the person with the knife started trailing it along my body again, this time causing small drops of blood to appear and making me stop moving.
Once the person had removed my underwear, the knife was moved downwards, circling around on my thighs. Slowly it was moved closer and closer to my cunt, the tip was then used to move my pussy lips aside, allowing the two to have a clear view of me.
The shorter person wasted no time in asking their friend to take over holding down my arms and covering my mouth and then quickly after undoing their belt and zip, quickly ramming their whole length into my pussy without any warning. I screamed as loud as I could, praying that someone would come help but no one did.
“I want a go at that hole after you,” the taller person said “but for now I’ll settle for their mouth.”
They began positioning themself above my face, removing their hand and quickly sitting down to muffle my screams. They took a few seconds to grind into my face before undoing their trousers and lifting themself back up. A hand was placed back over my mouth again.
“Bite and I’ll shove my knife in your holes instead.” They said before forcing my mouth opening and shoving themself into it. Both of them now had their full lengths thrusting deep in and out of me.
“God you’re so tight,” the shorter person said, “you feel so fucking good around me.” And a few minutes after they came in my cunt, fucking into me for a few seconds after to make sure their cum was stuffed into my cunt.
The person fucking my mouth soon followed after, shooting their load down my throat and telling me to swallow in all or they’d kill me. Afterwards both assailants forced me to clean them with my tongue while one held the knife to my throat.
“That felt so good,” said one of them, “I don’t think we can let you go just yet.”
“I want to try out your other holes too, I wanna know what that ass will feel like.”
I started to squirm and kick, trying to get away so they couldn’t rape me again. But it did nothing as one of them turned the knife around and hit me in the head with the wooden end of it, knocking me out and leaving me completely at their mercy.
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babys-nsfw-thoughts · 14 hours ago
concept: a discord server full of subby puppies.
a channel where you post pictures of you ears and tails (bonus points if worn)
a channel where you post pictures of your cute puppy ass and/or tits and all the other puppies flood you with compliments
a channel where you post videos of yourself humping a pillow, edging and whining for all the other puppies to edge and whine to.
a voice channel where you’re not allowed to speak just whine and bark.
and of course a main chat where we all post our dirtiest thoughts to each other just to keep us riled up and ready for our doms uwu
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Tumblr media
I sent a text to my Egyptian vibe. It’s been some months since I’ve seen her, we weren’t on the best terms. She responded with “come get it”… now when I think of her my dick gets hard in my pants…
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angelic-nsfw · 2 days ago
It sure would be a shame if I ruined your orgasm, not letting you cum, keeping you nice and needy letting me drink up those pathetic whines and desperate pleas before overstimulating you forcing you to cum again and again until you’re barely conscious
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nympho-elf · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
okay but can we pls talk about how cute and happy i look after getting peed on 😌
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softbunny00 · 2 days ago
•♡《Is this what they call doggy style...?》♡•
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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unnecessarydaddy · 2 days ago
Come have a bath with me and let me touch you and please you everywhere.
Yeah good sit on my lap and gime a kiss, daddy will start cleaning you up with the sponge, rubbing soft your skin, and your nipples, softly warming up my baby, and the only thing you have to do is nod if it feels good, or tell me if you want to stop ok?
You like how I soap your chest? Yeah I see you are getting all hard and pretty here, are they sensitive little one? You are making such cutie sounds.
Let me wash your legs ok? Yeah keep them open like that. You like when I squish your thighs? Oh... Baby... You want here? You want daddy to wash this messy part? Ok.
You like the sponge rubbing? You want me to do it against my fingers? Yeah ok... You do so good asking, yes you are so wet and messy, opening your mouth making such loud moans.
Oh love you are so small... Yeah you are so tight you are wrapping my fingers, it must feel so good to have your little holes stretched? Yeah? Why don't you help me rubbing? Good! You awesome pretty yes just get off for me... Cum little one
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needybabydollari · 19 hours ago
I want a bf who'll send my naked pics to his friends to brag about and take videos of us having sex to send them to, then get me drunk at a party with them and share me with them, they'll fuck my mouth and ass and pussy and tell me they've been waiting so long for this, and film everything so next morning I can see what was done to me while my bf fucks me again reclaiming his territory
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