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slvtty-baby2 days ago
make me show everyone how slutty you鈥檝e made me 馃ズ take pictures and videos of me doing embarrassing things, or record you touching me in my sleep and talk about sharing it online
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rottenangel11117 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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creamymoocow2 days ago
wanna be sitting between someones legs leaned back against them snuggling, warm and comfy, watching a movie or something. maybe they have a hand on my thigh, just sort of idly rubbing their thumb back and forth while we watch. i just can't help relaxing and melting into them, lax and pliant. i hardly notice that the hand rubbing my thigh moves inward until i feel their thumb brush lightly against my panty-covered pussy. i jump a little at the contact, but theyre immediately and silently pressing down on my legs with both hands to keep me still. i relax into their chest again and turn my head just a bit to look back at them, but theyre still focused on the screen even with one hand creeping higher up my plush inner thigh
my heart starts racing, breathing a bit heavier, as their other hand starts sliding up my tummy and softly gropes at my soft, squishy tits - a task made far easier by my comfortable lack of bra. despite the pressure on my thigh, my hips roll a bit trying to maximize their access to me. they pause their insistent massaging of my breasts to pull down the loose straps of my tank top and leave my chest bare and open to them before returning their hands to their respective locations
try as i might to focus on the screen, the gentlest tweaking of my nipples makes me gasp and shiver against my lovers chest, and they take advantage of my delight to push my comfy shorts aside and start rubbing their fingertips over my pussy. its embarrassing that im already so wet just from this, but its so easy for them to turn me into a needy mess. the only hint that they arent actually paying attention to the movie anymore is the way their breathing has sped up and the heartbeat i can feel quickening against me
i whimper at their touches - it feels so good, but it isn't enough, I need more. they shush me, still impassively watching the screen while they toy with me, but pulls my panties aside to touch me properly, my eager wetness coating their fingers. i can't help the raising of my hips or the moan their touch pulls from me - they simply shush me again and continue toying with me. the light rubbing of my clit and groping at my tits makes it hard to bite back the moans, but i play along and muffle them all the same - rewarded by the increase in pressure and the pulling off of my shorts and panties.
it satiates me for a little while, but their strong, gentle hands and sweet touches work me into a dripping mess almost embarrassingly quickly, and im involuntarily raising my hips for more, whining and pleading in whispers for more.
instead, everything stops. both of my lovers hands stop their toying and i feel them shuffling behind me and i pant. they raise themselves up to remove their own bottoms before forcefully moving me up into their lap, my legs spread on each side of theirs, their cock hard and hot against my leaking pussy, and their grip on my hips is firm enough to bruise, im certain of it.
the desperation and need makes it feel like my heart could burst at any second, and on instinct i start rolling my hips for any kind of contact, succeeding only in making myself crave them inside me that much more and spreading my wetness on their cock. finally, after all this time, they whisper the only words theyve said since we put the movie on in my ear, their breath on my skin giving me goosebumps.
"ride me"
their hands help me adjust and when i start sinking down onto their cock, the breathless exhale they offer - quiet, but there - is beautiful to hear in time with my own gasps and moans. when theyre completely inside me, i bend my legs back to make it easier on myself, and the minute im in a better position, their hands return to how theyd been toying with me before, one alternating between my tits and the other rubbing insistently at my engorged clit while i ride their cock, moaning and whimpering at the bliss of being filled, babbling "please"s and "more"s and "yesyesyesyes"
i can feel them getting close too, the erratic breathing and moans when my needy pussy flutters and spasms around them, the throbbing length of them inside me as my wetness leaks out from between us, coating their full, heavy balls. they rub my clit between two fingers, making me shake and before i can say it, im cumming around their thick cock, and they start thrusting up into me to take over, knowing im feeling much to good to focus on continuing to ride them. they fuck me through my orgasm and just as im starting to come down, theres a low growl and their hips slam up and im pushed down on their cock and they empty themselves into me, hot and thick and perfect
i dont move off of them - i cant - and they make no effort to pull out of me either. after a few moments of rest, catching our breath, basking in the afterglow, they press an easy and gentle kiss to my temple and wrap their arms around me. i nuzzle against them and close my eyes while the credits music plays and we doze off together
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angelic-nsfw3 days ago
I want to play with another sub, shove wireless toys in each other and have each other鈥檚 remotes, being a tease to them only for them to get revenge by setting it as high as it will go and then back to hardly anything leaving me a whiny mess on the floor begging for more and so setting theirs to max and slowly lowering it making them whine for me to make it higher again until we鈥檙e both desperate and horny and make each other cum for each other
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smutty-ki113r2 days ago
KinkTober Week 3. Day 12
NSFW||~ Drabble x afab gn!reader, includes, very heavy gun kink, throat fucking, intruder role-play, size kink, minors鈥攄ni. (1.6k)
Inspired by: Rihanna
Tumblr media
Every night you had gone to sleep peacefully, trusting in the lock on your door to keep you safe, not thinking you would need extra precautions- naive enough to believe nothing would happen to you.
Waking up in the late hours of midnight to a clatter in another room, knowing that for sure you lived alone. Stupid enough not to call the police, going straight into the danger believing it was just an animal that got in somehow. Rubbing your eyes as you walked into the kitchen, looking around for the light switch tiredly. The oven light the only source of illumination as you walked around trying not to trip on something. Passing the man who stood silently in the corner of the room.
Breathing labored through the mask, you borderline oblivious to the danger you had stepped into. Not realizing the heavy figure behind you until it was too late, a big hand slapping over your mouth, pulling you into a broad chest to restrict your movement.
鈥淒on鈥檛 scream鈥 he told you quietly, dark eyes watching you heave, still in shock. Starting to squirm when you realized what was happening, nails digging into his strong arms to try to get him to let go. Protesting into his palm through with muffled noises. 鈥淪hut the fuck up鈥 he spat, something solid pressing into your head. Urging out a whimper as he clocked the weapon further into your hair 鈥渙r else鈥
Nodding reluctantly as he brought you to the oven light, tears prickling at your eyes as you felt him breathing down your neck. 鈥淕ood鈥 he praised, you tensing strangely at the feel of him pressing a hot kiss on the back of your shoulder, for some reason it felt so nice. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e behaving鈥. Maybe it was delusion, or the change of tone, but he was really turning you on. Questioning how in the world you could be getting horny at the murderer who just broke into your house.
He turned you around to face him, looking up and your breath catching as you saw his features. Face covered by a white mask with black tracings, eyes dark and glaring at you through the holes. Tall and handsome, with a stare that made you weak at the knees.
鈥淟et鈥檚 clarify鈥 he started, pulling you close to his chest with his big hand pressing tightly at your back. 鈥淒o what I say and you live鈥. Moving his grip to your arm and grasping hard, 鈥淒on鈥檛.. and well鈥 he raised his gun and shook it. The bullets rattling and making you tremble, 鈥測ou get the point鈥.
Cocking his head and the gun down, 鈥渘ow get on your knees鈥, coaxing your legs to start to give out. Lowering yourself just like he said to come face to face with his bulge, watching him unzip and take out his cock. He was so big, thick with a reddened tip and pretty veins, slick pooling in your panties as he pumped himself in front of you. This must have been the most disturbing situation you had ever been caught in, and yet鈥ou had never been this aroused.
You wasn鈥檛 sure if it was the intimate nature of the situation or something else, perhaps the adrenaline feeding into the steady pump of blood to your heart, wanting nothing more than to indulge in a lustful act with him, to succumb to his raw desires. Held at gunpoint to suck him off and make him feel good, not caring about just how wrong this was.
Gulping as he neared his tip to your lips, 鈥渙pen wide鈥 he told you. Following his instruction and letting him in your mouth, salty with precum as he pushed into your cheek. Watching himself press gently from the side, appearing and disappearing, keeping your mouth open making you salivate. Coating his cock with drool and giving a single crude chuckle at the face you were making.
Lewd without even knowing, convinced you were being subjected to this by his will, and not that -you wanted it. Tapping his dick on your face to mess you up and dirty you. Delighted by the sight of his shaft dripping with saliva. Shoving himself back in, not giving warning before pushing to the hilt. Your nose scrunching at the loss of oxygen, thinking that you must be insane for liking this, sick in delusion at the thought.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e being so good for me鈥, his praise going straight to your cunt. Lips wrapped beautifully around the base of his length as he continued. Dark eyes watching closely as you sucked him of. 鈥淥bedient little whore鈥 he said in a groan, heat crawling to your core and tightening in a knot. Not wanting to disobey or get distracted, so all you could do was press your thighs together in longing.
Trying so hard not to gag as his tip touched your uvula, holding for a minute before releasing with a pop. You shifting in position to grab onto his thighs, squeezing affectionally to tell him to slip in again. Eager to thrust slowly into your mouth, you hallowing your cheeks to let him feel the slippery walls of your mouth. Hot and tasteful with each roll of his hips, so savory he had to weave a hand through your hair. Pulling and keeping you in place as he fucked your face. His head back and Adam鈥檚 apple bobbing beautifully as he throbbed, closer to release by the second.
Gasping as he removed himself again, going too fast for you to keep up. Struggling as he filled you time and time again, you couldn鈥檛 help but close your mouth when he let out the next round. Shaking your head no when he tried to break open your lips because your jaw hurt too much. Giving you a scoff and pressing the glock against your head.
Scared in a whimpered expression as you reluctantly opened your mouth again, inviting him in. 鈥淭hats right鈥 he urged, thrusting again to feel you clench uncomfortably around him, 鈥渇ucking take it鈥. The weapon digging into your scalp, knotting in your hair as he jerked off in your face.
Shaking at the attempt to breathe, not able to rest because if you complained you could die. Feeling him stuff your face with his big cock, the tip kissing the back of your throat while you heard the bullets clink right there next to your ear. 鈥淔uck just like that鈥 His pace picking up as handsome moans fell from his lips, saliva falling from yours and dripping on your chin.
Using your mouth as a means to get off, a hole for his amusement. His finger pressed comfortably to the trigger while his other hand grabbed the back of your head. Encouraging to get closer, to feel all of him fill up your wet sticky walls. Trying to swirl your tongue around him to get him to feel each delicate touch, a little too much because he wouldn鈥檛 stop thrusting.
The gun touched cold to your scalp, your heartbeat accelerating at the imminent danger. Pulsing harsh thumps in your head, heavy dreading feeling melting down to your cunt deliciously, trembling with anxiety and beating with arousal. Gagging as he rolled into you mercilessly, cheeks puffed as he bottomed out and shot ropes into you, giving staggered groans until you had milked all of him.
Breathing through your nose as he calmed, still with his cock inside your mouth. His release warm on your tongue and spilling from the corner of your lip. 鈥淪wallow or I shoot鈥, he said, as if it were funny. Completely serious, his eyes glued to yours as he pulled out and watched you gulp it down.
Head so heavy because you lost so much air, fucked you so hard your vision went blurry, on the verge of unconsciousness. His rough hands picking you up and holding you up, 鈥渃an鈥檛 stand?鈥 He asked, pushing his mask to the side to kiss your swollen lips in a fiery passion, 鈥渇ine鈥.
Grabbing onto your sides and walking with your body into a wall. Hoisting your legs around his and meeting chest to chest, pressing his pelvis flush against yours as he pulled your panties down and entered you with a grunt. 鈥淔uck you feel so good鈥 he moaned, giving harsh slams into the wall as he filled you up. Stuffing you so full your eyes rolled back, 鈥渟o tight鈥, he was so big compared to you that you felt his bulge each time he bottomed out.
The thought alone making you stir and fall against him as he rolled his hips into you, thudding so messily into the wall that your back ached, each thrust making a hard thump sound, rattling pretty picture frames so they came close to falling. Your throat so abused you could hardly rasp out cries of pleasure. His hand coming to rub at your cunt, flicking your clit to overstimulation as he demanded you to cum. You almost started sobbing when you saw a flash of silver near your pussy, a chill of cold to your pearl when he pleasured you with the gun.
Coaxing you to heavy release and pressing into you so nicely you curled your toes, lewd squelches hidden beneath his heavy breathing under the mask. 鈥淚 think I鈥檓- I鈥檓 gonna鈥 you whined. Your eyes flickering to see him watching you intensely as he thrusted gradually and hard, finally releasing again and filling you to the brim. Struggled gasps falling from your lips as you clamped around him, squeezing him so deliciously and milking his seed.
鈥ㄢ淒id I scare you tonight?鈥 he asked, leaning in and sliding his mask to the side again. Panting hot air in your face and mixing breath with you, kissing you passionately with his cock still plugging you 鈥淚 won鈥檛 apologize for not playing nice鈥. Laughing in between heated kisses 鈥淚 think I might just steal you instead鈥
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slvtty-babya day ago
i wanna wear cute lingerie and get so overstimulated i cry 馃ズ
tell me i鈥檓 so pretty n cute, you just can鈥檛 help yourself. hold me down when i say it鈥檚 too much, show me how small i am compared to you, tell me i have to cum just a few more times and i鈥檓 doing so good. i can be dumb n soft n desperate for you!!!
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Tumblr media
I decided to spice things up with my beautiful ass and back 馃グ
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babys-nsfw-thoughts2 days ago
wait people use edging as a punishment???? i thought we were all into it because it felt good qwq
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angelic-nsfwa day ago
Want to have a sub out in public, make them wear a short skirt and no underwear so when they get looks from passers by i notice and when we get home pin them down and tell them how people were looking at them and how much of a slut they were, I鈥檇 have to show them who they belong to by marking up their thighs with bites an hickeys making them a pathetic flustered mess before I fuck them and plant hickeys all over their neck so everyone knows who鈥檚 fuck toy they are
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strawberrybunnyyya day ago
Tumblr media
need 2 know
minors dni/okay to rb.
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iamlabyrinthh2 days ago
Tumblr media
she鈥檚 in love with the love she鈥檚 being given~
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soft-babyj2 days ago
I'm ready for you to finally play and suck on my tits.....
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If I'm feeling generous this might not be my only post tonight 馃槝
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